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  • Five-minute bites of background about the Court and Constitution — provides unbiased information and context for fully understanding the Supreme Court and ongoing disputes related to democracy and constitutional law. Learn to appreciate the complexity of constitutional questions, and make more informed decisions as voters and active citizens.

  • I podcast su economia, libertà e politica dell'Istituto Bruno Leoni

  • Due ospiti in disaccordo su un tema specifico saranno i protagonisti di ogni puntata: un dibattito serrato e informale in cui Andrea Scanzi, Luca Sommi e Marco Travaglio di volta in volta cercheranno di trovare nei due protagonisti i punti di disaccordo (o accordo) riguardo al tema in questione.

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  • Podcast dei Giovani Democratici di Torino, giovanile del Pd. Ci trovate su Instagram, Facebook e YouTube.

  • Il tuo appuntamento settimanale con le voci della libertà: ogni mercoledì Emanuela e Aurora vi aggiorneranno con la loro esuberanza sulle novità del mondo dal punto di vista liberale.

  • I am hear to talk about what going on in the world and uk and to get others opinions and to also help others And talk about LGBTQ to give my advice and opinions too

  • Ultimo, Il capitano, è il racconto in prima persona del capitano Ultimo, l'uomo che ha arrestato Totò Riina, il capo dei capi di Cosa Nostra, e che poi ha indagato sugli affari economici di tutte le mafie sul ciclo dei rifiuti e del cemento: montagne di denaro illegale che piegano l'economia agli interessi criminali. Abbonati a Dplay Plus e guarda in esclusiva il documentario "Ultimo - Il capitano" >

  • Spanish Project
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  • Exploring financial matters for Italian residents. Everything changes when you move to Italy, so make sure you keep up to date with the latest information. Investment, taxes, financial planning opportunities; believe it or not you can achieve tax efficiency in the bel paese. In each episode, Andrew Lawford explores a different topic, interviewing experts who understand Italy from a foreigner's point of view. Also visit us at:

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  • Welcome to “Spilling Chai” with Anushay & Friends. You may know Anushay Hossain as the Bangladeshi-American cable news commentator who debates toxic masculinity with Tucker Carlson on Fox News or maybe you’ve read her articles on CNN about toxic white supremacy.

    While Anushay may be a pro at giving her opinion and analysis on the headlines, something you don’t get to hear her do is ask the questions and talk about something other than the news.

    This podcast, “Spilling Chai” is about conversations. Anushay wants to feel inspired, and radio is such a great medium to have really in-depth conversations and to take the time to have them.

    In this show, Anushay is going to be talking to brilliant writers, passionate activists, and amazing artists and she wants you to join us!

    “Spilling Chai” is also a PSA on behalf of all Brown people that in most of Asia and the Middle East, chai is not a latte. Instead, it’s the best kind of tea and on this podcast, we are all about spilling it.

    So pour your cup and pull up a seat!

  • Climate change represents an unprecedented global challenge. This new podcast hosted by Sarah Ladislaw of the CSIS Energy Security and Climate Change Program features conversations with global experts to discuss their Theories of Change, and what they think are the most necessary near-term steps and longer-term strategies to ensure a manageable climate for future generations.

  • America faces the greatest challenges our nation has ever confronted.  Extreme wealth inequality, a crippling health and economic crisis, a looming climate catastrophe, and untended wounds from our past keep our democracy in shackles.  Listen in with your hosts Richard Dien Winfield and Chris Tidwell in the pursuit of an America Unchained. 

  • Humanize. Educate. Elevate. Conversations on the re-entry process of people who have experienced incarceration. Author and scholar Michelle Alexander said that, "The system of mass incarceration is based on the prison label, not prison time." Learn what barriers people who have paid their debt to society face when they come out of prison and return to their communities. We all have a role to play to promote a more just society, one that is not forever punishing. You too can offer "second chances" to individuals who come out of prison. As one of our podcast guests said, "we are not monsters, we are humans who want to do the right thing and contribute to society." Become and agent of change! Start by educating yourself about the formerly incarcerated and the impact that mass incarceration has on families and communities. Subscribe on all major podcast apps. The One in Four production team is comprised of enthusiastic and talented individuals: Bea Spadacini, Host, Producer and Writer; Tim Nicholson, Visual Artist and Co-Producer; Michael Balasia, Sound Engineer. Senior Advisors: Tara Libert, David Sampe, and Kadija Clifton.

  • Un podcast per raccontare la politica sul territorio, per creare uno spazio virtuale per dare voce a chi ha ancora il coraggio e la forza di dire qualcosa.

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  • Cuntrasts mussa films documentars curts da 25 minutas cun in spectrum tematic vast e varià. Ils Cuntrasts reflecteschan e preschentan temas, midadas, svilups e moviments ord il mintgadi rumantsch. L’emissiun documentescha la cultura rumantscha e grischuna ed accentuescha la dimensiun istorica.

  • 950 miles an hour. That’s fast. But it’s not nearly as fast as Ed Rush flew in his combat career as a decorated F-18 pilot which included over 50 combat missions and 2 tours to Iraq. While in the Marines, Ed served as the one of the country’s leading instructors on aerial dog fighting and recently worked as a key player in the development of the new F-35 Joint Strike Fighter.

    After 2 combat tours to Iraq, Ed left full-time active duty to speak, write, and share a message that will change the world. He’s a 5-Time #1 Best Selling Author and Amazon’s #1 Business Author. Ed’s clients range from small startups to multi-million dollar – multi-national organizations and include CEOs, founders, political leaders, sports teams, national universities, and Hollywood stars.

  • Join Tara Setmayer - CNN Political Commentator, ABC News Political Contributor and former GOP communications director on Capitol Hill - for a common sense perspective on everything from news of the day and politics to culture and sports. Guests include newsmakers, entertainers, and provocateurs.