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  • TOKYO VEG LIFEのNatsukiがお送りするトークショー。日々を楽しく、ポジティブに、全てのいのちに優しく暮らすライフスタイルのヒントやインスピレーションをお届けします。

  • Podcast Hosted by @mizukawasumire

  • The Ikonns Podcast is hosted by Alex and Mimi Ikonn. We are here to help you create and live your dream life. Join us as we discuss life and business insights with each other and our special guests. Covering topics such as life purpose, building a life that you love, relationships, entrepreneurship, spirituality, health, parenting and much more.

    New episodes every Tuesday and Thursday.

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  • 【本番組は医師・歯科医師・薬剤師など医療関係者の方々への情報提供を目的としたものです。一般の方へ情報を提供するものではありませんのでご了承ください。】昭和29年に放送をスタートした「医学講座」は、全国の臨床医のみなさまへ最新の学術情報をお届けする番組です。専門家による最新の情報を、先生方の日常診療にお役立てください。

  • 無料で電子書籍プレゼント中→①【真面目男子が確実に彼女を作る21のモテ作法】 ②【元カノと復縁したい男が人生すべて成功する超実践的7ステップ】  ●著者紹介:永峰あや(精神保健福祉士(国家資格)、産業カウンセラー、ポジティブ心理学プラクティショナー) 2万人以上の恋愛や人間関係の相談に乗り、「目当ての女性にどう声をかけたらいいですか?」という恋愛未経験者の悩みから、遠距離恋愛、不倫、同性愛、略奪愛、複数の異性との交際、国際恋愛等々、あらゆる恋愛の悩みを解決してきた恋愛指南のプロ 。 自身が女性であること、そして男性だけでなく女性からの相談も多いことを活かし、女性目線から行なう男性への恋愛&婚活アドバイスが好評を博している。 また、失恋、離婚といったトランジション(人生の転機)に見舞われた人にも、「終わり⇒喪失⇒始まり」のプロセスを経て自己再生するコーチングを実践。数多くの人たちの内面をポジティブに変化させ、人生を好転させている。 現在、ジェンダー、権威、固定概念にとらわれない「その人らしい愛し方・生き方」を創る、男性向けオンラインコミュニティ「ラブアカ〜僕らの恋愛アカデミア〜」を運営。恋愛やコミュニケーションが苦手な男性たちが次々と「相手のことを思いやり、必然的にモテるようになる」というトランスフォーメーションを起こしている。 座右の銘は「ただ生きるのではなく、よく生きる」。

  • Pregnant people get bombarded with all sorts of advice: a lot of it unsolicited, outdated, or just plain wrong. On Birthful, working doula and former journalist Adriana Lozada talks pregnancy, birth and postpartum with top experts and new parents. Every episode distills the overload of pregnancy information down to the most relevant and useful stuff.

    Adriana Lozada is a mom, author, speaker, birth doula, postpartum educator, and healthy-sleep consultant. Visit

    Please note: Adriana has years of experience but she's not a doctor, and does not expect anyone to treat the show like medical advice. Please always consult with your care provider. This show does not dispense medical advice.

  • Older feeds new feeds at This podcast is for nuclear medicine professionals and PET professionals This is one of the worlds longest running medical podcasts. Please email suggestions for topics, offers of interviews, bouquets and brickbats.

  • アラサー女子代表のんちゃん&ヒジリコが、大人の恋愛と性について真面目にぶっちゃける情報エンターテイメント! 番組の感想・質問・相談はこちらから→ himi2nohanazono@gmail.com更新情報 LINE@→【】たくさんのご意見お待ちしています♡

  • 大学生ゲイ「づんた」と「コーギー」のpodcastブログです。若気の至りです。

  • 食事療法や自然治療によってあなたの健康や病気の悩み相談に回答します!

  • Doctors, medical professionals and researchers from the Medical University of South Carolina will be featured weekly in a series of radio interviews on South Carolina Public Radio called Health Focus. Award winning public broadcaster Bobbi Conner will host this series of health and medical features, covering a wide array of topics.

  • The action of love isn’t to pull love from the field into 3D, but to observe what’s happening in 3D without attachment or judgment. Observation of polarity defuses right/wrong & returns particles to wave form so that we can create a new 3rd-dimensional reality.* Programs: what they are & how they work chemically, vibrationally, contractually & karmically* Emotions: what they are & how they work chemically & vibrationally* Waves: what they are & how they collapse into particles* How energy is confirmed through thoughts & images* Karma: how it works in this & multiple lifetimes* Soul contracts: types, how they work to complete karma, embody programs & release self-limiting beliefs* How to raise your vibration* How to change your molecules of emotion* How to align your physical body, the "x"

  • Hi there! My name is Emily Hayden and I am an IFBB Bikini Pro, fitness and lifestyle influencer and YouTuber. This podcast will help me as much as (I hope) it will help you by bringing awareness into key areas of fitness, nutrition, personal development, and both interpersonal and intrapersonal relationships so we can FULLY EVOLVE into living our best life.

  • A podcast about a couple of fat Fukuoka dudes trying to get by.

  • The Soul Awakening Podcast is repeatedly on the "Top 10" charts nationally and internationally within the “Spirituality” category in iTunes, has listeners in over 85 countries, and has reached over 147,000 downloads since its start last year. Kat Fowler is an international teacher, speaker and writer on spirituality and meditation, based in New York City. She is also an Advanced Energy Therapist, an Akashic Records reader, a Reiki Master Teacher and the host of The Soul Awakening Podcast. In her podcast, Kat shares tools to assist you along your own personal spiritual journey and path to healing. This show is a combination of solo-casts, along with guest interviews with experts, such as psychologists, holistic healers, Chinese medicine doctors, yogis, shamans, astrologers, sound healers, channelers, nutritionists, conscious media experts, trauma survivors, holistic beauty experts, Ayurvedic doctors, best-selling authors, hypnotherapists, neurologists and many more. Each episode aims to be inspirational, insightful, educational and transformative to your personal healing and spiritual journey. For more information on the podcast and it’s guests, visit For Kat Fowler’s full biography, visit Find Kat on instagram and facebook @katfowler, and the show @soulawakeningpodcast

  • Are you obsessed with self growth? In this no-frills show, our host -Almog. talks with people who've gone through radical self growth, experts who facilitate such growth in others and shares lessons from his life.

    Even if you're all about personal development, stagnation happens. You find yourself stuck in a plateau, not growing, not living up to your own potential. It happens. Listening to people who've achieved what you want can go a long way to help in your journey. In Unstagnate, we focus on inspiring personal zero-to-hero stories and unconventional self growth ideas, strategies and tactics.

  • Información actualizada de reumatología y afines para profesionales de la salud. Este contenido está diseñado solo para profesionales de salud. Si eres paciente o estás interesado en información de reumatología, te invitamos a nuestro canal Reumatología ONLINE.
    **El propósito de este podcast es informar y educar. El contenido de este podcast no constituye consejería médica y su propósito no es funcionar como un sustito del juicio médico, cuidado o tratamiento médicos. Las opiniones expresadas son solamente las de los participantes. Las personas de la audiencia deben tener en cuenta que los profesionales médicos en el área pueden tener opiniones diferentes y en ningún momento el contenido de este canal deberá ser utilizado como base del tratamiento médico propio o para el tratamiento médico de otros en reemplazo del manejo por un profesional del área.**

  • Featuring interviews and roundtable discussions with leading clinical investigators and practicing oncologists, this series bridges the gap between research and patient care by providing medical oncologists and gastroenterologists specializing in liver disease with access to the latest research developments and expert perspectives on up-to-date management strategies for hepatocellular carcinoma.