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  • CATALYST is about pivotal moments that shape business and the global economy. We tap into the expertise of Temple University’s Fox School of Business faculty and business community to dig deep into today’s most pressing questions, like: What is the future of work? Will the WTO stop working? Who is winning the global AI race? We decode topics from philosophical and practical standpoints so you, the workforce, can spark change in your field.

  • Join me and my inspirational guests on The Sonya Morton Firth Show. I will be delving deep into the minds of Entrepreneurs, Disruptors, Mavericks, Leaders and people that want to change the world by telling their amazing stories.

  • „Ant Agile Sofos“ tai pirmasis Lietuviškas Podcast įrašų ciklas nagrinėjantis Agile metodiką. Jo sumanytojai bei laidų vedėjai tai trys Agile Coach‘ais dirbantys ir ilgametę patirtį šioje srityje sukaupę Agile metodikos entuziastai.

    Laidų metu mes tarpusavyje bei su įvairiausiais laidos svečiais nagrinėjame Agile temas iš įvairiausių kampų. Čia diskutuojame, dalinamės savo žiniomis bei patirtimi, mokome ir stengiamės įkvėpti vis daugiau žmonių ir organizacijų rinktis Agile ir teisingai įgyvendinti šią metodiką savo kompanijose. Mūsų tikslas – jog Agile atneštų kuo daugiau naudos kuo didesniam ratui įmonių Lietuvoje.

    Kviečiame jungtis, klausyti, užduoti klausimus ir dalintis savo komentarais Agile temose bei įkvėpti vis daugiau žmonių pabandyti šį veiklos organizavimo būdą.

  • Pradedame naują, dar nebandytą, turinio projektą - Socialaus Marketingo podcast'ą. Tikimės, kad patiks, bus įdomu ir naudinga.

  • Olyasha Novozhylova is a model, blogger, and Influencer. The founder and creator of NotBasicBlonde, a fashion and lifestyle blog dedicated to inspiring young women to create an extraordinary style. 

    On the NotBasicBlonde Podcast, Olyasha will share the latest breaking news about fashion, beauty, wellness, travel, her lifestyle, and not basic tips and tricks on how to become a successful an Influencer.  

  • Šioje tinklalaidėje Tomas Lukaševičius kalbina IT specialistus, IT įmonių vadovus ir psichologus apie tai, ką daryti, kai supranti, kad nori keisti karjerą, o labiausiai viliojanti sritis - IT.
    Projektą įgyvendina VšĮ „Integracijos centras“
    Projekto informaciniai partneriai: Asociacija „Aktyvus jaunimas“

  • A podcast from Payfactors that talks through the art and science of compensation management.

  • The Truth About Estate Planning (TAEP) podcast is an ongoing discussion about all things “estate planning.” Most think estate planning is just about assets-who gets what when. TAEP will explore much more than that. In fact, TAEP is designed to expand your thinking—it’s the home of the 24 Hour Thinker™!

    Presented in the familiar “radio show” format, TAEP is hosted by Rick Randall, Chairman and CEO of the National Network of Estate Planning Attorneys and founder of the Indianapolis law firm of Randall, Gentry & Pike. TAEP will feature segments on new planning approaches, planning pitfalls and what you’d expect--legal technical developments and strategies.

    TAEP will address broader “estate planning” topics from NextGen Estate Planning® to PROActive Elder Law™. We’ll investigate building and leaving your legacy, assisting loved ones from aging parents to parenting young toddlers through discussion of strategies and available resources most never know about. Topics will include controlling your own health care, grieving, promoting family values, how to maximize your inheritance and more.

    Featuring guest presenters who’ve invested their lives and careers in putting together effective ways to address these issues, TAEP will connect you with their often little known, and in many cases quite contrarian, approaches.

    The goal is to help you learn everything you need to create, maintain and implement your plan, an Empowered Estate Plan® designed to work throughout the “Lifespan Circle”. From industry leaders to practitioners in the trenches to the popular “Randall’s Rants” segments, TAEP helps you think yourself “rich!”

  • Being Planful is the show for FP&A leaders, and planning experts. We will bring you discussions with thought leaders, planning experts from across industries, and folks just like you to discuss how you too can break free of the low-value work and become the strategic advisor you aspire to be.

  • Jacob Zander & Footsouls are proud to present to you: The Feel Your Soul Show. Every TUESDAY Jacob will be diving into the stories of entrepreneurs, musicians, artists, and other highly motivated people who are on a mission to create something bigger than themselves. We hope this inspires you to take the risk and start pursuing what you have always wanted to do so at the end of each episode, we will be including our listeners to see how they are creating something bigger than themselves and feeling their soul. APPLY FOR THE LISTENER PORTION:

  • Hosted by Danielle Reed of Moody's Financial Institutions team, Focus on Finance helps you keep on top of developments within the banking, insurance and asset management sectors — from the impact of tech disrupters and cyber risk to the ongoing effects of ESG and lower-for-longer interest rates. Published by Moody's Investors Service.

  • How can you grow your influence and have a bigger impact on the world?

  • Divya Parekh shares her experience working with women, corporate leaders, achievers, and entrepreneurs on her radio show, Beyond Confidence…Live the Life You Want! She aspires to help you step beyond your current circumstances and move beyond. You will learn solid strategies, tactics, and goals that you can apply to your situation and experience the success you desire! Each show will supply you with more insight and specific ideas on how to propel your career, business, and life forward.

    Beyond Confidence is broadcast live Monday's at 8 PM ET.

    Beyond Confidence TV Show is viewed on Talk 4 TV (

    Beyond Confidence Radio Show is broadcast on W4WN Radio ( part of Talk 4 Radio ( on the Talk 4 Media Network (

    The podcast is also available on Talk 4 Podcasting (

  • Channel the mindset warrior in you with InnerSpartan Unleashed, a podcast with a mission to help you achieve your best life.

  • Welcome to Vox Markets Originals.

    This channel features a range of interviews across four series: Business Lives, Industry Experts, Moving Averages and Spotlight.

    If you wish to suggest a guest to appear on the Podcast, please email:

  • Creating Markets tells the behind-the-scenes stories of the people, trends, and ideas that are driving private sector investment in developing countries, reshaping economies, creating jobs, and addressing development challenges.

    It is produced by the International Finance Corporation (IFC), a sister organization of the World Bank, and a member of the World Bank Group.

  • A podcast which dives into the programmatic industry's highest profile topics using common sense and knowledge from The Programmatic Advisory. We are a group of expert consultants with one goal – to transform marketing via the application of data and technology.

  • We offer holiday properties for sale in some of the planet's finest locations, with budget-friendly holiday home ownership packages to ensure that you receive a healthy return on your investment.

    At Halcyon Developments Group Ltd, we represent quality and choice - for exceptional investment properties in Europe and America.

  • Listen in on Jane Street’s Ron Minsky as he has conversations with engineers who are working on everything from clock synchronization to reliable multicast, build systems to reconfigurable hardware. Get a peek at how Jane Street approaches problems, and how those ideas relate to tech more broadly. You can find transcripts along with related links on our website at

  • Tinklalaidė Dreamers and Humans skirta ketinantiems pradėti savo svajonių veiklą arba jau pradėjusiems, tačiau stokojantiems palaikymo ar įkvėpimo. Taip pat - besidomintiems asmeninio prekės ženklo įvaizdžiu, komunikacija, viešinimu.
    Susikūrę darbo vietas, realizuojantys save arba būdami laisvai samdomi (freelanceriai) gyvename ne tik Instagramo vertą kasdienybę, tačiau susiduriame ir su pasauliui nematomais vidiniais iššūkiais, kompleksais, perfekcionizmu, atidėliojimu, savivertės nuopoliais.
    Šie klausimai aktualūs mums visiems. Tad laidose kalbėsime ne tik apie verslą, savirealizaciją, bet ir apie sąmoningą gyvenimą, įrankius, galiausiai - palaikysime vieni kitus.
    Laidos autorė - Julija Brodskė - keliaujanti įvaizdžio ir komunikacijos konsultantė, mokymų vedėja, išsikėlusi tikslą įkvėpti svajotojus, kurie veikia.
    Kviečiu bendrauti ir šiose vietose: