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  • This podcast highlights the awesome research work being done by Africans. It is a gallant attempt to place Africa on the map with regards to research and intellectual breakthroughs. It’s goal is to place the limelight on African researchers, while bringing science to the layperson serving as an inspiration to young upcoming scientists.

  • Why 5 Minutes of Intercourse?

    As a long-time human-sexuality professor—aka., an old human-sexuality professor, I have gained tidbits over the years guaranteed to capture students’ attention. One of these tidbits is the four fs.

    The four fs are the four basic drives behind your every feeling, action, or thought. No matter your culture, gender, orientation, age, or time in which you are living in history, we all have these drives in common.

    You probably guessed each of these drives begins with the letter f, but do you know what these drives are?

    Answer: Feeding, Fighting, Fleeing, and Sex.

    (Hey! I thought all the drives were supposed to begin with the letter f?)

    Your survival is based upon your: 1) drive to eat, 2) assertive and aggressive tendencies, 3) fears and ability to escape danger, and 4) sexual drives. Since the four fs are the bases of our existence, you might assume people are without biases, discussing, analyzing, and studying them throughout their lifetimes. However, this appears to be the case for only three of the four fs.

    Care to guess which f is least likely to be addressed within authentic, real, and objective conversations?

    Without shame, judgment, or taboos, 5 Minutes of Intercourse is an opportunity for you to think openly and objectively about sex. Using science as a lens, this channel playfully examines fundamental aspects of human sexuality, including gender, orientation, anatomy, physiology, fantasies, behaviors, paraphilias, and consent.

    My hope is these examinations combined with your thoughts will allow you to expand your topics of authentic conversations with others to include the fourth f, sex.

    Sex “Education”

    Whom do you use for answers to your most private questions about sex? Lovers, friends, doctors, family, clergy—or Google? Google processes over 3.5 billion search queries per day—many of which, performed under cloak of anonymity, are about sex.

    So, what kinds of sex questions are asked on Google—are they about extramarital affairs, pornography, fetishes…? Some are—but most are simple and basic. “How big should my penis be?” “Is it healthy for my vagina to smell like vinegar?” “How can I make my boyfriend climax more quickly?” “Why is sex painful?” “What exactly is an orgasm?”

    These searches clearly show we have tremendous interests in our sexuality—as we should. However, the accuracy of the answers provided by friends, family—and even Google, remains to be seen.

    I have built 5 Minutes of Intercourse upon a promise. I promise if you visit weekly, then you will not need (as many) clandestine excursions on Google because 5 Minutes of Intercourse provides unbiased and scientifically-based answers to many of the questions you likely have about sexuality.

    Sexual Literacy

    5 Minutes of Intercourse is forever exploring sexually literacy. Sexual literacy is the core of our sexuality—it drives our biological goals (e.g., pregnancy and pleasure), psychological goals (e.g., love and self-esteem), and sociological goals (e.g., marriage and status) to be formed, fully explored, and successfully achieved.

    Despite barriers standing in the way of our natural explorations of sexual literacy, 5 Minutes of Intercourse will allow you to (1) question why general beliefs about sex are often inaccurate, (2) test your levels of sexual knowledge, and (3) introspect upon definitions of sexuality, sexual development, and sexual health.

    Always looking forward to our intercourse,

    Dr. Don

  • Stories from rural communities in sub-Saharan Africa, where some of the most vulnerable people on earth are turning to nature for solutions to a changing climate. And it’s working!

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  • Pengalaman, makanan, rekreasi, hobi. Apa saja yang sekiranya pantas untu sampaikan.

  • In today’s episode your host Cyndi and Maya will be talking about theories surrounding global warming and the government!

  • Have you ever felt overwhelmed by all the conflicting advice constantly hurled at moms, or heck, even the assumption that being a woman means you’ll become a mom one day? If you audibly groaned while reading that question, then Undefining Motherhood is the podcast for you, friend. In a world quick to comment on everything from the timing of motherhood to the ‘right’ way to do it, it’s no wonder we often feel overwhelmed, judged, guilty, and shamed.
    Hosted by Katy Huie Harrison, mom to two littles and four angel babies, along with co-host Sarah Creel, aunt and hopeful future mama, this podcast unravels all the conflicting advice and validates the tricky experience of being a woman, future mother, or mother. With PhDs and over a decade spent unraveling how cultural narratives shape the experiences of being a mother (Katy) and being a woman in a marginalized position (Sarah), we’re here to shred the rule books and the relentless tide of expectations they bring.
    That, friend, is exactly why we’re here. We’re pushing back against the social commentary that complicates moms’ experiences. In this safe space, the complexities of motherhood find a candid, unfiltered voice. We bring decades of research, years of experience, fun tidbits of history, and some serious feminism to our conversations about how, and why, we need to undefine motherhood. No dogmas, rule books, parenting styles, or mom overwhelm here. Just solidarity from two friends who get how hard it is and are working tirelessly to make life better for you.
    We’re undefining motherhood--one conversation at a time.
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  • Monthly interviews with select authors from each issue of the Southern Medical Journal.

  • "Tiny Tots Defying the Odds" is a podcast that sheds light on the personal and medical experiences of the SCBU/NICU (Special Care Baby Unit/Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) and neonatal care. Hosted by Danielle Vassell, this podcast features heartfelt and informative conversations with former patients and parents of preemies. It provides an intimate look at the challenges and triumphs of those who have faced the NICU journey.

    "Tiny Tots Defying the Odds" is an online platform with a mission to raise awareness of premature babies not only in the UK but also worldwide. The podcast is a key part of this mission, aiming to offer support, education, and inspiration to families and individuals impacted by premature birth.

    By sharing the personal stories of preemies and their families, "Tiny Tots Defying the Odds" will provide a source of hope and guidance to those facing similar challenges, and it will contribute to the greater awareness and understanding of premature birth and neonatal care in the UK and around the world

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  • The Podcast is based on meeting and discussing research, functioning, and operations with leading experts and young promising scientists. This is a ONE TAKE natural recorded episodes, Zero time for editing.

  • Welcome to MedVet - a podcast about medicine, vet science and everything in between. I’m Simeon, a resident at Ipswich Hospital. And I’m Esther, a final year vet student. Each episode explores a topic of interest that is important and relevant to both our disciplines. We hope you enjoy listening and learn something along the way!

  • Wildlifepedia aim to educate and raise awareness about various species of animals, their habitats, behaviors, conservation efforts, and other related topics presented in an artistic tapestry.

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  • Welcome to Hidden In The Shadows, a paranormal podcast hosted by a married couple that explores the mysteries lurking in the shadows, including ghosts, aliens, ancient lore, local legends, and haunted locations. Each hour-long episode delves into captivating paranormal topics, drawing from their own firsthand experiences. New episodes premiere every week.

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  • "We pursue knowledge to expose toxic conditioning, propaganda and global lies, inspiring you to gain critical thinking for a meaningful reality rooted in universal truths and empowering awareness."
    Our mission is to explore conscious minds, by uncovering the intracaies of Social Science, Society and Culture, plus Spirituality.
    Episodes Released Weekly Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays
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  • A journey that will take you through the world of Science and Tech

  • Listen to Medscape InDiscussion: Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis, a podcast series where thought leaders and clinical experts share their diverse insights and practical ideas for optimizing patient care. Relevant disclosures can be found with the episode show notes on Medscape ( The topics and discussions are planned, produced, and reviewed independently of advertisers. This podcast is intended only for US healthcare professionals.