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  • For the past 20 years, the Deloitte Fast 50 has celebrated business owners who’ve not only survived, but thrived. In this series, our host Madison Reidy talks to some of NZ’s most notable entrepreneurs about how they achieved success, and what to do when the going gets tough.

  • Are you a data professional and want to build your career around data, analytics and technology? Then this is the podcast for you. Eva Murray and Helena Schwenk, Technology Evangelists at Exasol, are here to bring you fresh insights and stories from the world of data, every Tuesday. If you want to explore the topics we discuss in more detail, sign up for our weekly newsletter.

  • Hosted by Daniel Hutchins, Principal Architect with Cisco Australia, the Cisco ANZ Podcast Series explores the 5G ecosystem, business models, and Service Provider technologies. It brings together the best minds from Cisco locally and globally to talk about 5G.

    Episode One will focus on opportunities for monetisation for Service Providers. Episode Two will focus on optimisation and look at the technology stacks involved in 5G deployment and where Cisco’s technology can help Service Providers. Episode Three will focus on Partnerships and look in detail at industry verticals and explore what they need from 5G to succeed.

  • The reality…today it’s our fight with - ME/cfs, tomorrow it could be you. Our bodies fall ill, we lose control and it’s NOT our fault. Mental strength is a ‘work in progress’. We learn two things from life courage and fear, but does this mean we are prepared to fail or to win? This is a journey of self-discovery, sharing real life struggles, the highs and the lows, as I recreate a future that includes the new ME and inspires sustainable living. But is a business mentor the right decision or is it a myriad, a magic wand-only time will tell. My Revival is my way forward to Unlocking our Visibility!

  • Aotearoa is experiencing an unprecedented 'brain gain' as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. Coming Home talks to some of the highly-skilled New Zealanders who’ve returned in 2020, as well as economists and demographers, to find out who these people are, what brought them back and what their arrival means means for the country. The current influx of returnees heralds game changing economic and social opportunities, but how do we ensure we maximise what's on offer and keep these industry leaders on our shores?

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  • For LEADERS here to EXPAND. Join global speaker, high-level coach & transformational live event leader Jacqui Sive as we explore what it means to be a LIGHT LEADER.

  • Efficiency means having the ability to live the way you want to live and give yourself and others the time you want to give them. Let's talk about how to do more, make time, prioritise better, be more decisive and increase our life efficiency. We'll be talking through common issues, innovative solutions, and how you can take your best next step.

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  • I was $300,000 in debt including student loans and mortgages, living a lifestyle way above my means. Three years later my family had paid off all of it including our house! Now that I'm 100% DEBT FREE (that's right no credit cards, car payments or debt of any kind), I'm on a mission to build a community of people who are ready to crush their money goals. This isn't your regular finance show - we're here to have fun and learn about life any money together. Welcome!

  • The Super Creative podcast delivers candid conversations with inspiring women who are thriving in creative business. We talk about creativity, strategy, productivity, marketing, success, failure, fulfilment, health, happiness, and everything-in-between. This is a behind the scenes look at the clever women who make a living being creative, and how they do it.

  • Hosted by Kei Maye, a digital content creator and creative coach, the Creative Champs podcast serves as an informal but straight talking resource to help you kickstart your creative careers and stay sane doing it.Champs - in short - gives you all the creative advice you don't get in uni. Almost like a VIP backstage pass, but without the famous people.Stories, lessons learned, resources & tips all bundled up into sweet, digestible chunks; So whether you're a freelancer, creative entrepreneur or work within the visual arts sector - this podcast has all the tools needed to give you a head start.

  • Welcome to the Typism podcast. I’m your host Dominique Falla and I founded Typism in 2013 as a way to help my students, and creatives like you build a thriving community, share inspirational work, and create a sustainable business from your love of lettering.

    This podcast brings together some of the best lettering artists from around the world to share their creative journey with you. We go deep on topics related to the creative mindset, building your profile as a lettering artist, and the business of lettering.

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  • Press 2 for more information is a podcast from ThoughtWorks aiming to illuminate the ‘who’ behind our Australian technologists - the people behind our tech strategies, tools and insights - a little of their story, their day to day work, and aspirations for their craft as ThoughtWorkers.

  • 28 days to a bigger, more successful podcast! Hosted by David Hooper of Build A Big Podcast, 28-Day Podcast Jumpstart teach you how to grow your podcast, better connect with listeners, and spread your message through podcasting.

  • Stephen Barfoot talks to some of the most interesting and successful people in Auckland real estate. Barfoot & Thompson was founded in 1923 by Stephen's grandfather Val Barfoot and is the leading real estate company in Auckland, New Zealand. Located on one of the most beautiful natural coastlines in the world, Auckland is known as the "City of Sails" due to the residents of this city owning more boats per capita than any other city worldwide.

  • Join Sim and Sonya, two millennial investors who are extremely passionate about all things investing and personal finance as we break down the intimidating and not-so-well-taught world of investing and growing wealth, minus the jargon.

  • Playful conversations with business owners and creatives, that will help you amplify your impact in business. In each episode we're talking all things storytelling, communications and creativity in business, while picking the brains of fellow business owners to deliver practical goodness on owning, running and marketing businesses. Being creatives and videographers ourselves, we're super passionate about sharing our real life truths and tools, in order to help others. So from our Ford Transit van straight to your ears, we present the Play Creative Podcast.

  • Welcome to the Purpose Gathering Podcast, created for all the mompreneurs out there feeling torn between raising a thriving family and building a business they love. We will cover topics pertaining to parenting, self-care, marriage and of course business. Each week you can expect me to show up as my authentic self, providing you with mindset strategies and practical tips for living your best life as a purpose filled mama. CONNECT -

  • A Tamil podcast on a mission to teach MBA concepts to the common man in a language he understands.

    This podcast is for Students, Entrepreneurs and Businessmen. We discuss various marketing tips - insights, business news, case studies, and CEO talks.

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  • Are you a sales professional or small-business person with a revenue goal?Selling techniques constantly evolve and this “daily sales techniques” audio program will teach you the most current strategies integrated from the best sales professionals in today’s market - the 21st Century market. Evolutionary Sales: 21st Century Psychology & Ethical Sales Techniques will expose you to a new sales skill every day that you can use immediately to increase your success. Evolutionary Sales integrates ethical approaches with 21st century psychology techniques summarized from the teachings of leaders in the field such as Anthony “Tony” Robbins, Jim Rohn, Dan Kennedy, Jay Abrahams, Jason D. McClain and more. Your sales would predictably explode if we stopped there--but we will take you even further.Guided by Jason D. McClain, a leading-edge thinker and your guide in the 21st century marketplace, you will gain practices, techniques and mindsets that will set you apart from the competition and make your explosive success, not just possible, but predictable.Would you like to drive your prospects to close faster? Would you like to achieve your sales goals with a greater sense of ethics, while maintaining your spiritual principles, and feeling better about the entire process? Would you like to enjoy all of that while becoming even more prosperous? Then Evolutionary Sales: 21st Century Psychology & Ethical Sales Techniques is required listening for you as a sales professional or small-business person.