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  • Welcome to The Autism Consultant podcast! I'm Molly Johnson, a former autism teacher now consulting autism parents to guide you through the difficulties that come with having a child on the spectrum. I'm here to provide you with practical tips and strategies to use at home to help your child with reach their highest potential.
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  • Our own lives and those of our canine companions are intertwined. They’re friends and family; family sent from the animal kingdom to teach us, make us better and take us closer to nature.

    In this Podcast, with the help of special guests and other family members [human and canine], Nicky Campbell explores their world in our world and how they make the world an infinitely better place. A house is not a home without a hound.

  • Productivity, Parenting, and Education for Moms with Adult ADHD

    Are you overwhelmed by the never-ending to do list of motherhood? Are you burnt out and barely keeping your head above water? Are you confused and frustrated by how all the other moms make it look so easy? And somehow you're still floundering despite trying even harder...

    Your purse is as overflowing as your mind, you never feel like a good enough mom, and you don't dare have anyone over to visit to witness your messy home. You just want the best for your kids, but you can't figure out how to manage the chaos, both in your mind and in your house.

    Oh, I've been there, mama. Some days, I'm still there. Parenting with ADHD is hard!

    We want to be structured for our kids, yet we can't seem to stay consistent even for ourselves. But I'm letting go of everyone else's perception of a "good mom" and stepping into loving who I am a little more each day. Will you join me?

    Whether you have ADHD like I do, or think you might, here is your permission slip to let go of the pinterest worthy visions of organization and structure fit for everyone else. Let's do life like our brains do life: creatively, lovingly, and with all your might. Moms with ADHD have a superpower of always trying their best, even when it doesn't pan out.

    How do I know? I have known about my ADD for over twenty years, and I want to share all of this hard-earned ADHD knowledge with you, making your adjustment a lot easier and faster than mine was.

    What does Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder look like in women? We'll dive into emotional regulation, motivation, executive function, hormones, medication, and natural treatments. Women with ADHD share their diagnosis stories with us, whether inattentive, hyperactive or combined, from childhood through adult diagnoses. We also talk about ADHD's so-called friends like depression, anxiety, addiction, disordered eating, other learning differences, and what I've learned through therapy and CBT.

    Science is my jam and learning about how our brains work through the lens of scientific research helps us understand who we are. ADHD is not just for little boys; it looks different in girls.

    Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is a neurological medical condition, not an excuse for lazy, stupid, unmotivated people to not live up to our potential. Let's agree to throw that thought in the trash.

    Once we understand how our brains work, we can dive into the practical strategies like structuring our day, minimalism, money, nurturing our relationships, daily rhythms, using a planner, and improving our sleep. I want to help you build your version of a joyful family life.

    We talk about everything from ADHD to Zebras, because that is how Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder works: to us, our thoughts are clearly connected, but non-linear to everyone else. I want you to love being a zebra in a world full of horses. We were born as unique, gorgeous creatures, not meant to blend in with the usual nor mundane.

    When we embrace who we are and how our brains work, we can figure out how to live out lives successfully and in turn, lead our families well.

    At the end of the day, we just want to be good moms. Spoiler alert: you are already a great mom.

    If you're ready to see that with your own two eyes, hit play and listen in as we love ourselves a little more each day of our ADHD lives. ADHD does NOT mean you're doomed to be a hot mess, mama!

    You CAN rewrite your story from shame spiral to success story, and I'll be right here beside you to cheer you on!

    With love, Patricia Sung, a fellow mama with ADHD

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  • The Vetpodcast. Current animal health issues discussed by veterinary professionals from around the world. From pet nutrition to looking after zoo animals to blood testing spiders to the mental toll being endured by members of the veterinary profession there is sure to be something of interest for those in the veterinary industry and pet owners alike. Find out more about us at

  • Motherness is a podcast dedicated to sharing mindful and empowering interviews with modern mothers and professional experts, brought to you by Skye Ross. Together, we’re shining a light on the realness of raising babies and life postpartum, from the first newborn moments to the months following and the years beyond. Motherness is an honest and empowering resource to help educate and inform parents through these diverse stories of motherhood.

  • Do you wish you knew how to homeschool and integrate all of the different ages of your kids? Have you been searching for a place where you can learn the homeschooling basics without being overwhelmed? Are you also an entrepreneur mama at heart?

    Do you know there’s a way for you to combine homeschooling while making money from home? However, you literally have no idea how to do that or where to start? Lastly, do you know how critical it is for you to instill entrepreneurship into your kids but you don’t know which mentors to trust, what to teach or how to get them started in a fun, easy and exciting way?

    You’re in the right place!

    Aloha, I’m Kawai Ah Quin and this is the Homeschooling Entrepreneur Mom podcast!

    In this podcast you will learn entrepreneurship for moms, my business basics and money mindset hacks! I'll teach you simple and easy entrepreneurship for your kids! Yes! I’m also going to teach you homeschooling basics and how to make money fun for the entire family!

    I know what it’s like to want to integrate the two. I have five kiddos that I’ve been homeschooling for almost a decade! I’m a registered nurse turned full-time entrepreneur because I was tired of missing out on memorable moments & I wanted more time for adventures. I know what it takes to show up for yourself and your family, while integrating school, business & fun!

    In this podcast you will learn about entrepreneurship, building a business from home, money basics and business basics. You’re gonna learn kid entrepreneurship, making work fun for them, driving motivation and creativity for kids. Lastly, I will tell you everything I know about homeschooling! So that you can get organized, manage your time, unschool and make field trips unforgettable!

    Grab your whiteboard, favorite mama juice and throw your hair in a mom bun it’s time to get to work!

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  • In this family created comedy by Emmy nominated screenwriter/actor Rob Tinkler & his kids (Snoopy In Space, Cyberchase, Cat In The Hat Knows a Lot About That), two children come from the future to visit their lazy and flawed future father to try and "fix" all of his faults before they are born!

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  • Hear from successful Australian solo mums that have embraced motherhood on their own terms by having a child without a partner. This could be via sperm donor, egg and sperm donor or adoption. Listen to their amazing journeys and what they went through to make their motherhood dreams come true when Plan A didn't work out.

  • In each weekly episode, Bible teachers, David and Mary Nelson, will study and discuss an event from the Bible and then exchange ideas for creative teaching.

  • Story Salad is a fun and wacky improv storytelling show. Join Matt from playschool and one of his super storyteller friends as they are given three words to make up a story about it, ON THE SPOT! What do a teddy, the colour orange and a castle have in common? No idea! How about a toilet, guitar and a cat? No clue, but we’ll find out very soon because Matt and his friend only have three minutes to whip them up into a Story Salad.

  • This podcast is a podcast created by dog people for dog people. We want to focus on getting the best training content out there for pet owners, dog sport fanciers, and anyone interested in dogs/dog training.

  • We moved our family to Fiji from Canada in 2020 to pursue our dream of creating the most innovative company in the South Pacific by 2030. This is our story.

  • Do you wish you could hear God’s voice amidst the chaos?Are you struggling to find stillness & quiet time in the busyness of momlife?Do you want to read the bible but find it hard to stay consistent with your child’s unpredictable schedule?Are thoughts and should’s keeping you from being present daily (& sometimes, moment by moment)?I’ve been you, and sometimes, I still am you. But mama, I am here to show you that it is possible to trust God & find time to feel peace in His presence, even as a busy mom.Through this podcast, God’s presence will refresh, surround & transform us as we listen for His voice and follow Him, making use of those tiny cracks in our day.My mission is to journey alongside you as we grow in our faith (leaving nothing out) by being present with God’s word, practicing prayer, pursuing fellowship & sharing powerful testimonies!If you want to learn how to invite God’s peace into your heart, motherhood, and mind, I know this podcast will speak to you. Welcome to a sisterhood of women who are fiercely in love with The Lord & who are committed to openly growing in their faith (with no judgment as we remember how to converse with other adult human beings)!!Aloha Mama! My name is Paige Amber Bacani!!I am blessed to be a lover of Jesus, wife, mama & mentor!!However, I wasn’t always this way…For years I lived life as my own God. I came to know The Lord intimately at a very young age, but as the years passed and were filled with my parents divorce, blended families, lots of moving, abusive relationships, disordered eating, body dysmorphia, and a plethora of my own bad decisions; I became numb to God’s presence, deaf to His voice, and blind to His leading.I also became tormented by spirits of perfectionism, control & criticism…if you can relate, you know how exhausting these vicious cycles are. I was being crushed by the weight of the world that I had created for myself. But I was still not ready to give up my false sense of freedom…I wasn’t ready because I didn’t trust The Lord or His unconditional love for me. I thought I had to earn it & I knew that I hadn’t done that!! I didn’t know the worth that He had placed inside of me. I thought I had to prove myself worthy & I knew that I wasn’t! I didn’t trust that He had plans to prosper me and not to harm me, plans to give me a hope and a future. I thought I had to plan, provide for & protect myself!Ultimately, I realized that my mistrust & misunderstanding of God’s character stemmed from the fact that I had no real relationship with Him. I rarely spent time with Him outside of church, except for the occasional emergency prayer!By the grace of God, I finally ran out of strength. My capacity to cope with the war raging inside of me was spent. I couldn’t imagine one more day of living in the unknown & acting like I had it all figured out! So one morning, sitting in my car (that was out of gas), after yet another night of drinking to the point of blackout, I surrendered and told The Lord, “if you really want me, you can have me, I am done doing this life thing on my own” and I have never been the same. The best way I can describe what The Lord has done in & through my life is that, I was one way & now I am completely different. I want that for you..& I understand where you are…Becoming a mom only amplifies our trials. Yet, when we don’t know how to lean on the Lord, we lean even deeper into perfectionism, control & criticism. We run from discipline and say that ‘no time’ or ‘inconsistency’ keeps us from reading His Word & building deeper trust. It’s time to prioritize our relationship with the One who created us, with the One who faithfully puts air in our lungs, with the only One whose presence will bring us the true & lasting peace that our busy mama hearts ache for!! I know it’s hard, but it is so worth it. This is me, five years after fully re-surrendering my life to our God!! I stand in humbled awe at what The Lord has done with my simple surrender & I smile with eager excitement for what is to come for you & for me!My heart is eager with expectant anticipation at how The Lord will move in and through our individual lives & stories, because I trust that He will.”Blessed is she who has believed that the Lord would fulfill His promises to her!” (Luke 1:45)Slip on your shoes, strap on your little one(s) & lets go for a walk, we have a date with The Lord!!All my love,Your Sister, Paige!!If you have been looking for a wholesome community of women who love The Lord & who intentionally encourage one another, please join us on Facebook!!Facebook | you have any questions you would like answered personally, or maybe even on this podcast, please email me!!Email | [email protected] you are ready to: Grow closer to God & find fulfillment as an overwhelmed wife & mama, please use the link below to pick a time that works best for your schedule & we will seek The Lord together as we learn to: Trust God & feel peace in His presence, through taking practical steps!!Unabridged Faith Coaching Session | you want to connect on social you can find me on instagram!!Instagram | paigeamberbacani

  • For many people when a relationship breaks down it can often seem easier to stay than to go.
    Frequently raised questions include concerns about money, the family home and what will happen if there are children.
    Every individual break-up is unique and even though the internet has a lot of information available, where to turn to and who to trust are big decisions. has been created as self-help one stop shop to help answer what you need to know and who to contact if you're separating. It provides free advice and access to specialist family lawyers and other supporting services you may need as you embark on this roller-coaster journey.
    The podcast, SplittingUp.Pod goes a step further, sharing real client stories with follow up expert advice discussing the issues that matter to you the most.

  • A weekly podcast on parenting teens and launching them into the world with Dr. Ken Wilgus, author of the book "Feeding The Mouth That Bites You" and hosted by Ashley Parrish and Jessica Pfeiffer.

  • On this podcast, parents will receive weekly Biblically based parenting advice with the goal of equipping parents to train up a child in the way they should go. Discipleship isn’t a program, it’s a lifestyle. Now Let’s do this!

  • A trivia challenge for kids and adults. Listen and play along in the car on a road trip, at home on cleaning day, or any time you want to have an entertaining conversation while you test your trivia knowledge. Fun for the whole family!

  • Dexter (David Mitchell) I am a father of one adorable three year old star wars baby girl. I also have a lot of fun performing on stage here in the Bay. People's stories and characters are what interest me, I decided to extend my repertoire and venture into radio. Introducing Dexter to the world
    If you're not having fun, think again, you soon will be.

  • Welcome to the Backstage Banter Podcast hosted by the ARISE KIDS TV team.
    This podcast is designed for kids to explore the depths of their creativity and imagination with the team as they discuss some of life biggest questions... and some of the questions nobody is asking!
    These are recorded inbetween filming our ARISE KIDS TV show and in these inbetween moments the mind can sometimes wonder... we hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

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