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  • Kōrero with artists and awesome people in the NZ music space.

  • Catch up on the best of Fletch, Vaughan & Megan or Bree & Clint shows, with the ZM 'Best Of' Podcast!

  • Produced at PlainsFM.
    John started listening to Blues nearly 60 years ago. His interest steadily grew to encompass Jazz and African music and he now has a massive collection of music that he wants to share.

    Reading about and listening to the musical journey of African Americans led to finding out about the repressive social structure within which they existed and still do to an extent to this day.

    Despite all this jazz has flourished and spread throughout the world, as has blues and given so many people so much pleasure.

    Jazz and Blues with John airs every second Monday at 7pm and repeats every second Saturday night at 11.

  • The Tap In Tour Podcast follows our Hosts Jackiie LA and the trapLA DJ's across the country on a Virtual Tour where they Tap In with Emerging Artist criss crossing the Nation!

  • Warren Voight takes you on a musical journey across eras and genres, playing tracks from the famous and the not-so-famous and exploring the connections between the artists and their music. Swing, blues, rock, pop and much much more, all on 360 Degrees 'Round Wazrock.

  • Welcome to Radio Show, 'The Sounds You Hear'.

    This show's goal is to be eclectic and all about genre hopping and melding different sounds in a flow to tell a story about the new music I hear. This could be anything from brand new hip hop releases to classic soul I've heard for the first time, edits and remixes, house and afro beats, jazz, funky breaks and music that I play in my dj sets or that doesn't quite fit into a genre but that I dig or something brand new that just needs to be played.

    I hope you really enjoy the show and if you do, help spread the word, this music needs to be heard, shared, liked, commented on and most of all sought out and purchased.

    Dj Mr Lob

  • We believe that, with minimal gear and a bit of knowledge, DIY musicians can get pro quality recordings.
    Our mission is to provide that knowledge

  • Meet John Redman - I'm a lover of all music genres, but since my childhood I have retained a greater feeling for easy listening jazz after being introduced to it by my mother. I have a large collection of music on CD covering music by big bands, smaller groups, solo artists and vocalists, and I introduce these into my programme of "Easy Jazz" on Radio Kidnappers.

    As a musician, vocalist, and broadcaster, I enjoy playing, performing, and bringing to air great music that has wonderful melody lines and superb lyrics.

    I warmly invite you to join me every Friday morning for a feast of the very best jazz. And for the benefit of nocturnal wide-awake jazz enthusiasts in New Zealand, the programme is repeated at 3am Sundays (NZ time). This may also suit overseas listeners who can then listen at a time more convenient to them (eg Saturday afternoon in the UK, Saturday morning in the USA).

    I would love to hear any feedback or suggestions from listeners, feel free to ring me during the show on a Friday morning if you would like to request a song.

    John R.

  • The ‘MattCast’ All Electronic Music Hour An hour of modern & classic synthpop, darkwave, EBM, and industrial and just about anything electronic

    Meet Matt Willis. He is an American recording artist and live musician. His affinity for all types of electronic music will no doubt add variety to the listener and will satisfy the palette of every synthesizer enthusiast out there.

  • Carlos Antonio Vélez es uno de los periodistas deportivos más reconocidos del país y en su audiocolumna diaria opina sobre el acontecer deportivo del fútbol colombiano y del mundo

  • The Crossing The Break Podcast discusses the nuts and bolts of teaching clarinet at the beginning and intermediate levels. We will cover aspects of playing clarinet including tone, embouchure, hand position, tonguing, technique, range, fingerings, tuning and other clarinet-specific items. These ideas can be applied to beginning clarinet class, beginning band, intermediate or advanced clarinetists, and in an individual or group setting.

    The host of this podcast is Tamarie Sayger. A 1999 music education graduate of WTAMU, Mrs. Sayger held band director positions in Plano and Odessa, TX for 5 years. As a private clarinet instructor in Texas for 16 years, she has taught hundreds of students from grade 6-12 in classes, sectionals, and individual lessons. She has presented at district in-services and co-presented at the Texas Bandmasters Association convention. Her website,, provides resources for clarinet teachers around the country. Tamarie Sayger is also a core contributor for, primarily on the subjects of clarinet and private lessons. Her podcast, Crossing The Break, can be found on iTunes.

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  • Kati Brien is a multi-instrumentalist and jazz virtuoso. Nick Angel is an award winning novelist. Actors from all over the world read literary short stories set to sublime, original soundscapes. We recommend wearing headphones to improve your experience. More info at

  • Go back in time every Monday night to the greatest decade of the 20th century – the 1980s! The 80's at 8 features all the best songs of the 1980's. Not only will you hear great music but you’ll also learn interesting trivia about each song.

    Twitter: @AdamClaydon - feel free to comment about The 80's at 8 on Twitter using #The80sat8!

  • The Native American Flute Music podcast is hosted by Bill Webb. Bill Webb is a composer, performer and singer of original music featuring Native American flute and world instruments. The Native American Flute Podcast includes music from dozens of his published albums from the first release, 'Native American Flute' in 2003 to 'Medicine' released in 2017. New albums will be played on the weekly podcasts as they are released along with the many previous albums. Native American Flute guest artists and flute makers will be featured in some podcasts.

  • Toy Beats is a DJ, Producer and Podcaster from the UK.

    Rising from the dust of the 90's Free Party and Rave scene he has seen and played it all. Starting his DJ career at 17 years of age playing to crowds of party people in quarry's, forests and disused airfields. In more recent years he's picked up residencies at Rough Trade, After Dark and Various clubs and UK festivals.

    Toy Beats has been releasing his own material since 2017, with remixes and tracks on the likes of Scour Records, Breakbeat Paradise Recordings and Cuttin' It Fine Records. He's on the rise in the industry with stellar reviews from some of the scenes most popular online blogs.

    Toy Beats shows take you on a funky bass infused journey through Hip Hop, Breaks, House and Drum and Bass all cut up with his precision turntable trickery, samples and edits.

    Because of his side passion for all things house and disco the ‘Disco Data Podcast’ delves into the latest pics in Nu-Disco & House Music. Sometimes with interviews from leading artists in the scene.

    Before you go please head over on the links below to follow Toy Beats on Facebook and Instagram to keep up to date with releases and other news...

    If your feeling really pumped by all the Podcasts and Free Remixes why not hit the "Buy Me A Coffee" link on the Soundcloud page and support the artist for all the hard work!

    Peace and Love all.


  • Justin Gray, the Director of Every Nation Music, sits down with worship leaders and pastors from around the world to discuss the connection between worship music and discipleship.

  • For New Zealand Music Month 2020, OAR FM asked some of Dunedin’s most-loved musicians to nominate and share five favourite NZ tracks. They were free to interpret the “five favourites” brief in any way they wished.