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  • On The Horse Ownership Experience, discover everything you’ve wanted to know about horse racing ownership. Join Billy Koch, Founder and Managing Partner of the Little Red Feather Racing Club and Racing Analyst, Michelle Yu as they discuss the secrets to becoming an owner in the Sport of Kings. OWN IT!

  • Life is a journey.

    There are some really high highs and some really low lows.

    But it’s in the very hardest of places where the real decision is made: will we walk out our days with hopelessness or relentlessly pursue God despite our setbacks?

    Jonathan shares his real-life story of love, life, and loss with refreshing vulnerability and engaging candor.

    Join Jonathan on The Journey as he helps you make better sense of yours.

    The Journey with Jonathan Pitts is a part of the Christian Parenting Podcast Network. To find practical and spiritual advice to help you grow into the parent you want to be visit

  • Welcome to Authentic Birth. This podcast is here for you if you are parents to be or new parents and you want to make the best decisions for you, your family and your babies. Each pregnancy, labour, baby delivery and post partum is unique; this podcast aims to guide you towards making enlightened choices about your baby's journey into this world. From my heart, Magz xx

  • Community Voices producer Jonathan Platt has an organization called Story Chain, which brings families together through the reading of children’s books. And through this work, he’s come upon a lot of children’s books that are great to read aloud. In this podcast, he’s going to recommend some of them.

  • Tips and Scripts for Families on Roads Less Traveled.
    It's for parents and clinicians wondering "What To Say When." It’s thoughts from the best of both worlds- the place where office couch wisdom meets living room couch experience. Race. Gender. Adoption. Child Psychology.

    I look forward sharing this with you!

  • Become the Confident Parent your kids Crave You to Be + Learn Parenting Strategies for Epic Transformation in your toddler, child or teens behavior + Parenting Resources from infants to teens + Resources for YOU the parent to become the confident leader you are meant to be + Turn behavior problems into No-Problem + Strengthen your relationship with your kids + Improve the Trust and Respect between Parent and Child!

    Hey Parents!
    I’m Jaci Finneman, Parent Strategist and Coach.
    And, after 30 years and over 40,000 hours of experience working with children and families; ranging from the severe behaviors that required out-of-home placement to the ”she just doesn’t listen to me” behaviors - there IS a solution.

    Join me on this journey of behavioral strategies so that you can feel empowered as a parent again and reclaim your family’s peace!

    I will help YOU respond to your kid’s misbehavior without yelling at your kids and without feeling like you have to give in to their demands to keep the peace.

    I’ll teach you how to discover the root cause of your child’s behavior so that you understand why your kiddo is behaving the way they are and why you are responding to them the way you are (with anger or worry or guilt),
    I’ll teach you how to prepare for ”the worst”. It is true that we can’t possibly be prepared for every behavior challenge that comes our way BUT there are plenty of behaviors our kids display every day that we can prepare for and then respond to them instead of reacting.
    And finally,
    I teach you how to change the conversation with your kids so that your kids trust you, they learn they truly can come to you for encouragement, advice, direction or support as they grow up.

    Your kids will learn that you won’t rescue them from their problems, instead, they know and believe that you will guide them in dealing with and overcoming their challenges, whether the challenge is a mental health diagnosis, learning disability, health issue, or a common developmental stage your kiddo is going through.

    No-Problem Parenting teaches and supports you in Becoming the Confident Leader your kids crave you to be!

    Hugs and High Fives Parents!
    You Got This! No-Problem!

  • 分享五彩繽紛的故事,給孩子歡樂的童年。
    Sharing colorful stories; providing happy times.

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  • Our kids learn so much at home through life’s everyday moments. Join Hillary Einboden - mom of two, teacher, and homeschool coach - as she explores the rich learning opportunities that form a vital part of daily family life.

  • The Divorce Resource Guy Podcast is a show to help coach people going through a divorce and give them the information they need to put themselves in the best position to succeed. Jason Levoy a/k/a The Divorce Resource Guy, a former divorce attorney turned divorce coach, talks with expert guests about various topics dealing with divorce, but from an attorney's point of view.

  • Listen and enjoy vibrant stories of all genres from the comfort of your home.
    Stories for all ages! 📚📚📚😍😍

  • Mister Matt shares tons of children's stories that are loved by his own kids as well as kids around the world, now showcasing over 50 original stories featuring Bubba the Giraffe!Podcast Merch! https://mister-matts-storytime.printify.meBubba Goes to Bed Hungry on Facebook (@mistermattsstorytime) and Instagram (@Mister_Matts_Storytime) Support this podcast:

  • Welcome to a podcast where we'd be diving into topics on keeping, breeding and overall new insight on keeping monitor lizards.

  • Join us as we discuss learning about money at home; approaching conversations about money with your child and hear expert advice on how to tackle financial education. We will also be introducing our very exciting Money Heroes website, activities, storybooks and board games as they launch and provide you with fun and engaging ideas on how to develop your child’s money management skills! 

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  • Меня зовут Василий Сикорский. Я отец двоих детей, предприниматель. 15 лет работаю в детском образовании. В рамках подкаста мы с гостями обсуждаем сложные практические вопросы разностороннего развития детей. Как выстраивать отношения с детьми? Как помочь найти "свое"? Как научить брать ответственность? Как найти и развить свои сильные стороны?

    Мои гости - это родители. Разные родители - в большинстве своем предприниматели, тренера, учителя, лидеры образовательных организаций.

    Быть хорошим родителем - задача не из легких. Быть родителем, живя полноценную собственную жизнь, еще сложнее.

    Цель подкаста - разобраться в многообразии возможностей, которые окружают наших детей, найти работающие принципы и инструменты, которые позволят родителям растить счастливых детей в современном мире.

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  • Bear老師有20年的語文教學經歷。希望小朋友能跟Bear老師一起聽故事學語言,了解不同文化,發展良好品格。有什麼想法,都歡迎留言給Bear老師,也歡迎社會各界洽談合作項目。請訂閱Bear老師的播客,每7~10天更新,讓我們一起學習成長。如果需要「各集逐字稿PDF」或進一步了解英語小知識,請追蹤Bear老師的ⒻⒷ或🅘🅖。
    📧:[email protected]
    ⒻⒷ:Bear老師的中英雙語故事 (

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  • 'โบว์' ผู้เชี่ยวชาญด้านการเล่นเพื่อเสริมพัฒนาการเด็กเล็กวัย แรกเกิด - 5 ขวบ จะมาแชร์เรื่องราวที่จะทำให้คุณพ่อคุณแม่เข้าใจพัฒนาการและแนวทางการเล่น เพื่อเสริมพัฒนาการของเด็กๆให้เจริญเติบโตอย่างเหมาะสมตามวัย

  • Puppy and dog training principles that will help solve your dog’s behavior problems before they start, or fix them after they have, even if it wasn’t your idea to get a dog in the first place!

  • 品客黛兒PinkDale是一位期待透過創作訴說愛與生命的美好;透過創作療癒人心、釋放壓力,也透過創作帶出勇氣與盼望的藝術家。





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  • Bullfrogs and Lizards is about the adventures of Lucy and Larry Lizard, and Betty and Bill Bullfrog and their friends. They live in a former gold mining town in north western Victoria, Australia in the early 20th century. Their world is a simple but amazing place, full of horses, greasy piglets, carts, thieving magpies, fire and flood. Come along and join us exploring the world of Bullfrogs and Lizards.

  • Kids poems| kids stories| kids yoga| kids mind game| and many more...