• Janey speaks to Sober Club member Darren and looks at the weeks news, including a review of Professor David Nutts new book Drink? The New Science of Alcohol & your health.  She also chats with nutritionist and author of Eat Dance Shine, Michele Kaye about how making freshly squeezed juices and smoothies can get nutrients straight to your cells, so beneficial for the early stages of sobriety.  Janey and Michele are hosting a talk on Tues Feb 4th 7pm in Herts Let Talk Detox and get the buzz without the booze
    Get your tickets here ( the price includes a freshly squeezed organic juice and smoothie
    The Champney's retreat was a huge success! Another will be announced soon, we think it will be June and if you want to book onto the next retreat at Inner Guidance in Suffolk, WATCH THIS SPACE! 
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