• Janey interviews Dr Aric Sigman author of the groundbreaking book 'Alcohol Nation' on the role of alcohol in the lives of teenagers, don't miss this even if you aren't a parent!  Some revealing insights from a leading scientist. Watch this space as Janey has also recorded interviews with Aric on preventing mental health issues and body image and self esteem 
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  • Janey interviews Sober club member Sue Reed who shares her ups and downs at six months sober.  She talks about how she has grown and become almost like a different person, found her talent for writing and finally felt able to address some old trauma.
    Heres the post Sue wrote that inspired me to interview her
    We have teamed up for this episode with Sea Arch Drinks and Janey speaks to Sarah Yates the founder  Here's the lovely recipe for the Rhubarb Blush mocktail ( Sarah mentioned
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  • Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) can offer some amazingly effective tools for changing unwanted behaviours. Janey interviews Jo Wilson and Andy Coley, award winning NLP trainers.
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  • Janey talks about how different people are coping during lockdown or 'self(care) isolation and invites you to get in touch if you are stuggling. Janey is offering low cost donation only coaching till the end of April
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    In this episode Janey interviews Neil Shah, chief De-stressing officer from the Stress Management Society.  Neil has been sober for 18 months and shares his battle with depression, even attempted suicide and how he now works tirelessly to encourage people to reduce stress and anxiety. Neil believes in the KISS approach (Keep it stupidly simple) Find lots of free resources at their website.
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  • Happy 'odd' Easter, Janey talks about healing your 'inner world' and not beating yourself up for not feeling productive during lockdown. 
    The interview was recorded a few weeks back so does not make reference to COVID-19 Alex Norword Hill is The Sober Sommelier and has a fascinating story and knowledge of pairing food and drink sans the booze.  Alex is also the founder of Cordus Drinks. 
    Janey mentions the interview with Dr Sarah Myhill too on boosting immunity, listen at
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  • A bonus show solely featuring Clare Pooley author of The Sober Diaries on her debut novel The Authenticity Project.  Clare and Janey discuss how bizarre it is to feel 'shame' when you quit booze and how amazing it is to feel authentic again.  Clare talks about the therapeutic benefits of writing her novel and how relevant the themes of kindness and community are right now.   Buy the book Here  (

  • Janey has teamed up with alcohol free mocktail brand Sipling and there is a competition to win a cases of taster drinks   Enter here (
    Janey's main guest is Shaa Wasmund MBE one of the UK's most influential entrepreneurs,  Shaa is the auhtor of several best selling books including How to Fix your Sh*t  Shaa talks about her background growing up with an alcoholic father and how early childhood trauma led her to being so driven, and to avoid alcohol at all costs.  Shaa offers tips for navigating lockdown and visioning your dream career or business moving forward
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  • Janey talks corona virus survival and interviews Dr David Hamilton a former Biochemist who became fascinated by the power of the Placebo effect.  David explains how we can use the power of our mind to boost immunity - so needed right now! 
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  • As everything is changing so rapidly in the UK Janey brings us the full interview she recorded 10 days ago with Dr Gemma Newman on The Corona Virus, NB  there may be references to ‘life as normal’ because this was before some countries went into ‘lockdown’ mode but Gemma talks about boosting immunity which is always important and a reminder that fear lowers immunity.
    For this episode we have teamed up with Boucha Kombucha and there is a short interview with the founder Bryony and a chance to win a case of Boucha worth £39
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  • On this week’s episode Janey talks about trusting your intuition during the current panic over the Coronvirus in the UK 
    Janey’s guest is Helena Cavan the founder of The Milestone Detox, a boutique detxx retreat in Gloucestershire.  She talks about boosting immunity and surprisingly focuses on how much water we should all be drinking, especially if we have ditched the booze.
    You can get Helena’s daily water meditations at
    Hot News!  The Sobriety Rocks retreat at Inner Guidance is sold out and we will add other dates, please register your interest.  There are still LOTS OF SPACES on our wellbeing break at Champneys Tring
    June 13-14 Selfcare in Sobriety
    Read the testimonials !
    There are still a handful of places left too on our afternoon workshop Relax and Manifest at Hello Love in Bloomsbury on Sat July 11th See click on events
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  • Ailsa Frank is the author of Cut the crap and feel amazing and has recorded a whole host of hypnosis downloads to help people with additions, anxiety, confidence et al.  Janey talks to Ailsa about how hypnosis works and the importance of self-care and how to change behaviours 

  • This weeks episode features a short clip from Janeys interview with Dr Gemma Newman, the Plant power doctor on the Corona Virus, as the world is talking about this we wanted to bring you a medical doctors take on boosting immunity.  You can listen to the full interview at or at Uk health Radio (Janeys show is the Spotlight show)
    Janey’s main guest is Sharon Walters – aka London Artist, she creates hand assembled collages exploring black identity and mainstream beauty standards and has had her own journey with ditching the booze. We talk about creativity and focusing on manifesting our goals and dreams
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  • February is the month of 'lurve'...but we put a spin on it and talk about self love, self-care and kindness.  Author of ten books and a  former scientist David Hamilton is fascinated by how the brain works and how we can change our habits and behaviours and improve our emotional wellbeing
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  • Catherine Gray found herself in a prison cell and at rock bottom...she now knows there is a 'spectrum' and advises everyone not to wait till it gets bad! Janey Lee Grace and Catherine discuss her best selling book The Unexpected Joy of being Sober, talking alcohol and self care, relationships, sober sex and just how happy life can be without the booze 

  • Clare Pooley quit the booze and documented her experiences in the popular blog Mummy was a Secret Drinker, this led to the release of her best selling book The Sober Diaries,  

  • Alcohol is the only drug you have to justify not taking! Janey quit for dry January 2018 and never looked back...but bizarrely there is so much shame attached to not drinking, it can take a while to adjust.  Janey discusses the importance of self-care and reminds you that it can be hard but its so worth while. Her biggest surprise was to find that she wasn't in fact 'giving anything up' she was gaining a whole lot, She found, as the title of  Catherine Gray's (a forthcoming guest!) excellent book says , The Unexpected Joy of Being Sober

  • Laura Willoughby from the online Mindful drinking community @clubspda has some great strategies to support you on your path.  There's also a #soberselfcare tip.  We've love to hear yours too, follow @janeyleegrace and share your self care fave using the hastag #staydrytilljuly on instagram.   As this is new and 'billy no mates' please listen for free on itunes and rate us! Thank you!  For blogs and info go to

  • Janey was a guest on Lee Davy's Strive podcast a couple of weeks back, and now she interviews Lee on his fascinating work in Poker (yep a big career change after working on the railway) Lee came from a small town in Wales and now lives half the time in LA  He has some strong ideas around 'the truth about alcohol'  Lee now runs 1000dayssober and the Strive podcast.
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    In The Sober Club we have been focusing on ditching limiting beliefs, Janey talks about looking at what stories you tell yourself that it might be time to reframe! 

  • Janey looks at the importance of emotional wellbeing and speaks to mindset coach and law of attraction Fiona Drake.  Fiona also offers workshops based on Louise Hay's You can Heal your life principles.
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  • Janey interviews author and hypnotherapist Glenn Harrold and introduces their new co-authored audio hypnosis Quit the Alcohol Habit 
    Glenn Harrold is an author, musician and experienced clinical hypnotherapist who has helped thousands of clients over a wide range of stress related problems. He has combined his hypnotherapy skills with an extensive recording knowledge to produce a uniquely effective series of high quality hypnosis recordings that have sold over 10 million and are well established as the UK's best selling self-help audio titles of all time.
    Quit the Alcohol Habit ( features a track with Janey Lee Grace offers inspirational tips and ideas for a sober toolkit and then you can experience Glenn's highly acclaimed meditation techniques guiding you into a deep state of mental and physical relaxation
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    I loved the Sobriety Rocks retreat, it felt as if I gave myself a warm caring hug. It was really thoughtfully planned from the informative sessions on sobriety and self care, to the beautiful relaxations, yoga and meditations. Meeting others on their sober journey and sharing this experience with them made it a memorable and life changing experience. I would do it all again in a heartbeat. Thanks Janey and Inner Guidance for this amazing weekend S H Derby
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