The Filip & Fredrik podcast

The Filip & Fredrik podcast

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Averaging an IQ of 103, comedians and best friends Filip & Fredrik take an agonizingly prejudiced glance at the wonders of our time. Every Thursday.


120. ”Waitress Of The Day”  

Fredrik’s dad posts an Instagram photo that leads Filip and Fredrik to think he’s finally lost it. What is the photo? It’s a cliffhanger you won’t want to miss! Filip’s daughter tells a lie that exposes him to a threat. Also, the duo analyzes the “We Are The World” video and Filip has a controversial observation about it that might be a game-changer. Fredrik’s dad is a “scheduler” and only has one bowel movement a week. It’s all on an all new Filip and Fredrik Podcast!

119. ”Suicide Of A Spanish Teacher”  

Fredrik reunites with Filip in Los Angeles and observes his friend’s behavior in his natural habitat. Fredrik tells the tale of when he was most scared in life, when he and Filip visited Steve Sipek’s tiger sanctuary in Florida. Filip tells a heartbreaking story of a Spanish teacher with bad breath. Fredrik thinks it’s the most telling moment of the year! Also, Filip leaves his credit card tabs open at bars all over Los Angeles. All this and more on an all new Filip and Fredrik Podcast!

118. "The Serum Incident"  

Filip has an encounter with the LAPD that might never be forgotten by either side. Filip is using anti-aging serum. Benicio Del Toro wears his bags well. The duo discusses the life of medium talent, Ned Doheny. Fredrik talks about a new documentary on tickling. Also, Fredrik tells the tale of Ron Howard, Gary Sinise, and Mel Gibson on the set of Ransom.

117. "The Dill Man"  

It’s a Filip and Fredrik podcast first. The pre and post US Election Show! In part 1, recorded on Monday, has Filip officially lost touch with his Swedish roots? Has he become too LA? Based by his winter explorer outfit many back home would say yes. But it goes deeper than that. You be the judge! Filip and Fredrik discuss the Tarzan of Sweden, The Dill Man and importance of us all to have less purpose in life. And, in Part Two, the duo discuss the results of the US Presidential Election and what comedians should learn from the outcome. Don’t miss this double-header! It’s all here and more on an all new Filip and Fredrik Podcast.

116. "The Involuntary Aladdin Sane"  

From their home bases in Los Angeles and Sweden Filip and Fredrik are back! It’s been an odd week for Filip and there is a lot to process. First, Filip is called “señor” by a white cab driver and seems to like it but ponders the origins of its usage. Could “patient zero” of this phenomenon be none other than Antonio Banderas? Fredrik helps Filip track it down. Does Antonio Banderas hate Pedro Almodóvar? Did he plan his move to become an international movie star? Filip and Fredrik have the answers. Filip feels superior for disliking Halloween and recounts a story that just might become the next Filip and Fredrik film. All this and more on and all new Filip and Fredrik Podcast!

115. "The Man Who Saw Through Japan"  

It’s been a long wait but Filip and Fredrik are back! Fredrik feels we are living in a “Burger Bubble”. But what does it all mean? Filip reviews the documentary “Ants On A Shrimp” and its delight of fish semen. Plus, the duo prove that Japanese culture is fooling the rest of the world. Fredrik is using a meditation app but doesn’t like the return on his effort. Filip cries to no avail with his new mental coach. All this and much more on an all new Filip and Fredrik Podcast!

114. "The Claw"  

This week on an all new Filip and Fredrik podcast…. Technology has definitely dampened the restaurant experience for Fredrik Wikingsson. From x-rays at the dentist to getting drunk at Chernobyl the dynamic duo know radiation. Filip is way more impressed with the Las Vegas Sphinx than the real one. Plus, Filip and Fredrik recount a story that will make you think twice about masturbating after you’re exposed to radiation! Filip believes tourist attractions should focus on great failures in human history not the successes.

113. "Designated Driver"  

Most feel the antics of famous people are the acts of spoiled children. But Filip and Fredrik explain why celebrities like Kiefer Sutherland and Britney Spears should be cherished. The art of film editing can take years to master. To be the best you need to study the best. Or do you? Fredrik Wikingsson learned the craft where most would dismiss! Filip’s sister and her friends enjoy Porn Thursday’s. In this porn saturated world Filip and Fredrik remember a simpler time when you could “use” the same picture for three years. Fredrik is moved by Kiefer Sutherland’s vomiting on “Designated Survivor.” Plus, a big announcement!

112. "You Had To Be There"  

They’ve traveled the world for many, many years but Filip and Fredrik remember every detail of their trip to LA and New York together 20 years ago. The Standard Hotel’s upside-down sign, Tom Ford’s leather jacket, sack-bag chairs, cheap gin, and sodium free water are just some of the memories they can’t forget. Fredrik recalls an “interview” with legendary TV producer Steven Bochco. Plus, the duo gets drunk and make out in front of the writers of Friends. Filip and Fredrik go clubbing thanks to an ingenious plan. After all these years Fredrik learns that you have to keep on humming!

111. "Jimmy Just Ate His Hand!"  

Filip and Fredrik are back! The duo both agree that Jimmy Fallon’s interview of Donald Trump signifies the lowest point in American entertainment history. Could Jimmy Fallon stage the world’s biggest comeback after eating his own hand? Filip goes on the most prestigious show in Sweden. If you need a hug Fredrik Wikingsson has one for you…just not for Filip. Why? Filip has an idea for a documentary to find out if Fredrik has any feelings for him. Fredrik gives his review of the movie “Snowden”. Plus, Bishop Desmond Tutu is not dead! It's all here on an all new Filip & Fredrik Podcast!

110. ”We’ll Meet Again…"  

Charisma, you either have it or you don’t. Filip’s recounts the time his dad tried to make a charismatic entrance and it ended up being one of the most painful memories of his life. Fredrik lets a flight attendant think he has freed a man on death row and he enjoyed being mistaken for someone who “has made a difference”. This makes the duo question their path. Should they have chosen a different life? Hear their conclusion on an all new Filip and Fredrik Podcast!

109. "The Locomotive"  

He ruled the 90's. Now hear the legend of Leif "The Locomotive" Ohlsson on an all new Filip and Fredrik podcast! Plus, a discussion about "institutionalized athletes". Filip watches Serena Williams hold a teddy bear and is sad. Fredrik goes to a county fair and witnesses the fall of a giant. And, Filip and Fredrik's horse comes to a tragic end. But their sorrow might be a little ... misplaced! All this and more on an all new Filip and Fredrik podcast!

108. ”A Heartbreaking Story About An Umbrella"  

Filip and Fredrik discuss the death of Gene Wilder. Plus, Filip has some criticisms of Malcolm Gladwell along with some free career advice. The guys debate how to talk to a celebrity. Also, how important is it to have enthusiasm? They discuss why Balkan Airlines is the only way to fly. Fredrik tells the greatest anecdote ever told! All this and more on an all new Filip and Fredrik Podcast!

107. X-Rated Hide & Seek  

We all have goals. None quite as unique as Filip Hammar’s though. In fact, his might just require a kidnap/intervention to fix. But it’s all part of the plan! Filip gets “The Call” from the great Swedish director Tomas Alfredson. Has he finally been called up to the majors? Is it his “Are you sitting down?” moment? Find out! Fredrik might be one of the greatest “contextualizers” of all time. Plus, move over “Eyes Wide Shut”, there’s a grown-up version of Hide and Seek you’ve got to try. All this and more on an all new Filip and Fredrik Podcast!

106. "Greg's Story"  

In the immigrationline at the Newark Airport Filip and Fredrik talks about travellers and the worlds Bocellis and storys over the tables and something about a genocide. Behold the brand new Filip and Fredrik Podcast The train that's PICKING up speed...

105. "Vodka?" "Whiskey!"  

Fredrik loves his coffe. Filip is looking for a new vice. Fredrik is bamazed by the fourth referee. And Filip is Bewildered by the hairdresser. They find the greatest untold story about over- and underachievers They find the living proof for the saying "the sum of all vices are constant" and Filip misses out on a Merci. And embryos to four new films see the light of day.

104. "Oh, And One More Thing..."  

Is Filip ready for a Ted Talk or would it become legendary in its pointlessness? Are Fredrik’s stories more Ted Talk material? Filip tells the story of Smokey Robinson’s Marvin Gaye intervention in Hawaii; Fredrik loves Bernie Sanders for still using a VCR; Filip proves why John Hinckley no longer a threat; the mayor of Gothenburg has a flammable face and much more on an all new Filip and Fredrik Podcast!

103. ”The Way I Wear My Ice-Cream"  

The Dynamic Duo are both in California. Fredrik is taking a road-trip down the Pacific Coast Highway with wildfires nearby. It begs the question; which celebrity is most likely to never leave their home with a fire raging towards them? Who came up with the three level burn scale and which celebrity would become the first person to obtain a coveted “fourth degree burn” and survive? Also, they discuss why it’s important to stick to your lifestyle or upgrade it. Plus, Glen Hysen stuns all of Sweden in 1988 with an unprecedented six “wasp” rating! Fredrik people watches Alan Alda eating ice cream. And Filip spent his childhood summers sleeping on Gregory Peck’s bed. Find out why on an all new Filip and Fredrik Podcast!

102.  "Netflix Presents: Loser's Table"  

It’s a complete reversal on the Filip and Fredrik Podcast. Fredrik is in LA. Filip is in Sweden, but, with seemingly the entire country away on vacation, he’s lonely and depressed. Also, is Cameron Crowe Crow over-rated? Fredrik wants his thoughts to have extra meaning when he stares out onto the ocean. Filip see’s Bono talking loudly into his phone while power-walking and thinks it’s sad! Plus, what’s on the horizon for the tag-team? Could a discussion about the most successful losers in history push the duo to produce “Loser’s Table” for Netflix? Will it be a drama, or maybe even a musical? Find out on an all new Filip and Fredrik Podcast!

101. In Bed With Daddy  

Fredrik is vacationing in Brentwood, California, and it brings up a discussion of the OJ Simpson trial; also the worst idea Bob Dylan ever had that featured termites. Plus, Filip tests his ability to write his memoir without notes and recounts watching France play Germany with his dad at the Euro semi-final.

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