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.NET Rocks! is an Internet Audio Talk Show for Microsoft .NET Developers.


Xamarin MVVM apps with Gill Cleeren  

What's the right way to make a Xamarin app? While at NDC in London, Carl and Richard sat down with Gill Cleeren to talk about using the MVVM pattern as part of an overall mobile development stack. As Gill describes, MVVM brings consistency to the plumbing of the mobile app so that you can focus on the important (hard) stuff, getting the UI right, and trying to get as much common code as possible. In the end, the views end up being more device/OS specific, while the model and view-model can be shared. The tooling is complicated, but it is possible to get going fast with mobile development!

Ditching the Hourly Crusade with Jonathan Stark  

Ready to get off the hourly treadmill? Carl and Richard talk to Jonathan Stark about ditching the hourly crusade. Jon talks about the fact that software development really isn't an hourly business - you don't provide value every hour with software, the value only comes when it's finished. The conversation focuses on value - what value does this software bring to the organization? If you don't know that, how can you be successful? But once you do know, pricing is different, and so is focus for you. Provide value to your customer, not an hourly rate!

Azure Functions with Yochay Kiriaty  

What can Azure functions do for you? Carl and Richard talk to Yochay Kiriaty about his work creating Azure Functions as part of the App Service Platform for Azure. Azure Functions get you focused on just building code, there is no virtual machine, no operating system and a minimal hosting environment. But that doesn't mean that they're simple. Yochay talks about the need to architect effectively for Azure Functions - you can get yourself in a corner where Azure Functions can't save you. But if you keep your Azure Functions lean and stateless, this is the most dynamic, fastest scaling cloud service you can imagine!

Hypersonic Vehicles Geek Out  

How fast can you go through the air? Time for a Geek Out! Richard chats with Carl about the challenges of flying in the hypersonic regime - above Mach 5! Lots of experiments were done in the early days of the space race, and died down after Apollo 11. But toward the end of the cold war there was a resurgence that has continued to this day - developing engines and materials to keep flying faster. Most of the technology is focused on military weapons, but there could be a path to space when more of the problems get solved!

Enterprise Angular and Azure with John Papa  

Is Angular ready for the enterprise? Carl and Richard talk to John Papa about the latest version of Angular and it's applicability in every day enterprise development. John discusses how the fast-moving updates of open source projects are a challenge for enterprise developers and the solutions available - you don't have to always use the latest bits! The role of the cloud (specifically Azure) is also explored, and John talks about Azure Functions as a great way to build server-side elements of your application quickly and painlessly, without a lot of ceremony and provisioning. And if you think that's cool, you want to come to AngularMix, Oct 10-12 at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida!

Deploying Apps using Chef with Robb Schiefer  

How do you deploy software? Carl and Richard talk to Robb Schiefer about his experiences using Chef to do application deployment. Chef comes from the open source Linux world, and is free to use with a pay option when you get to certain enterprise features. The Windows support is pretty good, and it works closely with PowerShell and Desired State Configuration to automate deployment of Windows and Microsoft services. Robb digs into the testing component of Chef as well, with tools that allow you to test all sorts of options around your deployments so you can get them as robust as possible. Whether your on-premise, in the cloud, virtualized or containerized, Chef can help!

Serverless Azure with Jeff Hollan  

Azure with no servers? Carl and Richard talk to Jeff Hollan about Azure's Serverless offerings. The idea is to stop worrying about virtual machines and operating systems and focus on the stuff you really need. Jeff talks about Logic Apps, which provide workflow and connectors between your code and a ton of other services, some coming from Azure and many coming from other service providers. Credentials for the services are kept in the Azure Key Vault rather than your code (or in the heads of your users), and there's some great instrumentation to understand what's going on. Is Serverless the future of the Cloud?

The Evolution of Software Development Careers with Erik Dietrich  

How are software careers changing? Carl and Richard talk to Erik Dietrich about his new book, Developer Hegemony. Erik digs into the struggles that many developers have with the typical large enterprise, where software developers are treated more like cogs in the system, with limited amounts of information and flexibility. Leaving the company and contracting back increases your wages and flexibility, although now you are responsible for all the things that make your job your job - things like accounting, marketing, health insurance and so on. This leads to a more DevOps-like conversation that points to a future that is very software driven! It's a great time to be a developer!

Comparing SPA Frameworks with Brian Noyes  

Angular or Aurelia? Carl and Richard talk to Brian Noyes about his experience building Single Page Application (SPA) style web sites using Angular and Aurelia. No, not both at the same time, but separately. Angular is all the rage these days, but Brian talks about the confusion around Angular caused by the breaking changes from 1.x to 2.x, the skipping of 3 and now settling on Angular 4. The discussion also digs into convention-over-configuration, Brian identifying Aurelia as a convention-driven framework, which leads to less code, but you have to understand how it wants to work. Lots of links in the show notes for tools and opinion pieces, take a look!

DevOps Readiness Assessment with Jez Humble and Nicole Forsgren  

Where is your DevOps at? Carl and Richard talk to Jez Humble and Nicole Forsgren about DORA, that is the DevOps Readiness Assessment. DORA helps you understand where your organization is at in the spectrum of DevOps, from low to medium to high. The conversation digs into what it takes to improve operational capability, focusing on understanding exactly how your organization delivers software so you can improve it. Along the way there are challenges, it is never easy to change an organization, but that's what it takes to actually improve software delivery. The goods news is that DevOps can work in any kind of organization: Big or small, startup or heavily regulated industry, it doesn't matter!

Mobile Games using Xamarin Forms and Azure Service Fabric with Jon Peppers  

You can make a game in Xamarin Forms? Yes! Carl and Richard talk to Jonathan Peppers about his latest work on NBA Life, a role-playing game for iOS and Android built with Xamarin Forms. Jonathan talks about the process they went through to decide on this particular architecture for the game, having done prototyping with Unity and Xamarin Native. The conversation also digs into the back end using Azure Service Fabric and it's Actor Model support - yes, everything is an actor! Lots of discussion around testing, deployment, crash handling and dealing with app stores. Building mobile games isn't always a pure native experience - you have choices!

Antibiotic Geek Out  

Most of us have taken antibiotics at some point in our lives, but how do they work? Time for a Geek Out! Richard talks through some fundamental cell biology to be able to set the stage for what antibiotics are, where they come from and how they work. Why do antibiotics work on some illnesses and not others? Why are some bacteria becoming antibiotic-resistant and what can be done about it? What's the alternative to antibiotics? As with most Geek Out subjects, the answers are complex, but worth it!

C# 7 and Visual Studio 2017 with Kathleen Dollard  

C# 7 and Visual Studio 2017 are shipped - now what? Carl and Richard talk to Kathleen Dollard about her experiences working with folks that are trying to dig into the latest version of Microsoft development tools. Kathleen talks about the various approaches she's taken to teaching both C# and effective use of Visual Studio, there are so many little things to know, it's hard to take it all in. The conversation dives deep into understanding async and await so that you actually get real benefit from them - it's not a simple thing to do right!

DevOps Pipelines with Donovan Brown  

The whirlwind of DevOps is back! Carl and Richard talk to Donovan Brown about his on-going mission to get everyone into a DevOps practice - in fact, he talks about getting to a place where continuous delivery and monitoring are just the way you make software. Donovan talks about a session he has been giving where he creates four different delivery pipelines in an hour, with different programming languages, platforms, testing and deployment tools. And if he can make four in an hour, there's really no reason anyone can't build one pipeline in an afternoon. The conversation ranges over a spectrum of DevOps topics, including testing and monitoring - it's easier than ever to rub some DevOps on it!

Multi-tenant Apps Using cloudscribe with Joe Audette  

What does it take to build great multi-tenant apps on the cloud? Carl and Richard talk to Joe Audette about his set of open source tools called cloudscribe to make multi-tenant apps easier to implement. The conversation starts out with managing IdentityServer, the great open source library for handling single-sign-on across multiple applications. Cloudscribe helps you manage the sites, users, roles and claims for IdentityServer. But there's more to multi-tenancy than just authentication and authorization, and Joe dives into the other elements of the suite to get your multi-tenant app running right!

MVVM Cross with Martijn van Dijk  

MVVMCross has grown up! Carl and Richard chat with Martjin van Dijk about his work on MVVMCross. Past guest Stuart Lodge started MVVMCross way back in 2012 when it was focused on building MVVM apps in Silverlight, but today the focus is on Xamarin. Martjin talks about how MVVMCross works with Xamarin forms to make it easier to build, test and debug mobile apps, bringing inversion of control and dependency injection as part of the library. The conversation also turns to navigation being moved to the viewmodel, rather than the view, so you write less code. MVVMCross can be a key part of your mobile app development strategy!

VSTS Analytics with Steven Borg  

What can analytics around development do for you? Carl and Richard talk to Steven Borg about his work with Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS), especially around understanding developer productivity. The conversation starts out with a comment around Team Foundation Server and VSTS, the former being the on-premise version of the latter. But why run your own infrastructure when you don't have to? Then Steven dives into different kinds of analysis, looking for the best quality code. Can analysis tell you who should do a code review? Have a listen!

Chaiscript with Jason Turner  

Scripting with C++? Of course! Carl and Richard talk to Jason Turner about ChaiScript, his open source project that simplifies adding C++ as a scripting language to any application, but especially other C++ applications. The conversation turns to how C++ has evolved and some amazing tools available today to help you understand what C++ is doing, right down to the CPU level! Check out the links in the show notes for some of the cool tools that Jason and his associates have built!

Visual Studio for Mac with Mikayla Hutchinson  

Visual Studio on a Mac! Carl and Richard talk to Mikayla Hutchinson who's been with Xamarin since the very beginning, about her work on the preview of Visual Studio for Mac. The product comes from MonoDevelop, which is Xamarin's IDE that runs in Windows, Mac and Linux. Mikayla talks about how Visual Studio for Mac focuses on both the client side of mobile devices and Mac OS as well as the cloud - there are templates included that will generate a basic app for iOS, Android and the back end layer in Azure. It's still in preview, but Visual Studio for Mac looks great!

Beyond Legacy Code with David Bernstein  

How do you manage legacy code? Carl and Richard talk to David Bernstein about his book Beyond Legacy Code. The conversation starts out talking about what legacy code is - and David brings up the idea that code is legacy if you don't have confidence in it. Now how do you get confidence? This is where the rewrite behavior comes from: You're naturally more confident in your own code. But is it a good idea? David talks about nine practices that are most effective at getting your application under control and out of legacy!

Brownfield DevOps with Damian Brady  

How do you bring a DevOps practice to an existing application? While at NDC London, Carl and Richard talk to Damian Brady about his experiences working with teams trying to get better at building, deploying, instrumenting and maintaining existing applications. Often the processes put in place when an application is first developed stay the same - new techniques are applied to new apps. But it doesn't have to be like that! Damian talks about engaging everyone involved in the app, including management, development, QA, data folks, operations and more to work toward a better, more reliable application. And the results are worth it!

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