• HOLLA 🌻

    Yup thats right sisters! Grab your almond latte’ and join us for coffee on the couch.
    Get set for an exciting in conversation episode featuring a lady who runs her own Graphic Design and Creative Agency, Coco Studio Designs!

    Meet Coralie de Robillard, your new inspo sister!

    She is so on brand that she rocked up to my apartment wearing the exact colours consistently featured across her instagram feed.

    Tune in for tips on personal branding and a little insight into Coco’s unique lifestyle, as well as gain tips on building a business and hustling during Isolation.

    Coco is a beautiful soul and the amazing name behind my website!!! (Insert happy dance here)
    I had so much fun working on a few projects together that I really wanted to share her advice and happiness on the podcast!

    So here it is…. Are you ready?!

    Enjoy everyone, have a lovely day xx

    P.S. Special thanks to my beautiful local coffee shop, Short, Black and Sides for this mornings coffee fix.

    How can you connect with Coco?

    Podcast: Coco Studio Chats

    Instagram: @coralie.d.r

    Website: www.cocostudiodesigns.com

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  • Good morning beautiful people, 

    I'm so grateful to be sharing the morning with you. 

    I hope you are all finding ways to keep active, stay connected and enjoy some down time. 

    In this episode I give you a sneaky peak into my morning mediation. 

    As I spoke about in my last episode, meditation plays key role in my mindset, self awareness and positive attitude. 

    Welcome to my meditation.


    Georgia xx 

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    Georgia louise Perry 

    Coco Studio Designs

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  • Manglende episoder?

    Klik her for at forny feed.

  • Put the kettle on, jump into your pj's and get ready for tonights episode! 

    The next 10 minutes will fill your ears with happiness, joy and just good vibes. 

    This extra dose of sparkle is dedicated to YOU. 

    B.Y.O pen and paper to create your own bucket list. 

    Three key take aways 

    1. CONNECT 

    2. CLEAN 

    3. EDUCATE 

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    ENJOY xx 

  • I believe everyone has a story. 

    So here is mine. 

    This episode is full of truth bombs and there is no holding back. 

    With everything that is currently happening in the world I want this episode to give you happiness, inspiration and light. 

    What were once my challenges are now my biggest lessons in life. 


    If you want something so badly you will APPLY yourself! 

    So dream big and drop the self doubt. 

    Grab yourself a pen and paper and SHARE with me your key take aways! 

    Oh and don't forget to order yourself a coffee... you are in for a treat!

    Happy Wednesday everyone. 

    Love and light, 

    Go and kick some goals. 

    Georgia xx

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  • This is a double episode week!!! 

    Join me for an inconversion episode with the incredible passion driven entrepreneur Zac White! 

    Zac was one of the OG Neverland Boys who was paid to TRAVEL THE WORLD. 

    His travel bug originally flourished after a trip to Rottnest Island.  

    Hear the secrets to traveling, living your ideal life and the power of saying NO. 


    Big Love, 

    G xx 











  • Tuesday night spontaneous special.
    You asked so we recorded.
    Tune in to find out how we met and what our first impressions of each other were.
    We hope you enjoy this episode as much as we enjoyed recording it!!
    Happy Tuesday everyone!
    Go and KICK some GOALS. 


  • Today’s in conversation episode will give you an insight into the world of entrepreneurship and start up business. Mandurah creatives, Ollie Bazzani & Nic Bevan are the Co – founders of Scott’s Garage and have jumped on the podcast to share their advice, experiences and challenges around BUSINESS.
    Learn how to follow trends, step outside your comfort zone and create your own unique pathway. Tune in to find out how these two entrepreneurs have changed the dynamic of Mandurah’s entertainment scene.

    So how did this dynamic duo meet?
    The powerful duo Ollie and Nic originally met through a mutual friend. Nic and his friend Andrew were looking to expand their business and thought Ollie was the perfect addition to their team.
    By nature, Nic and Ollie are ACTION takers and are not afraid to take a risk and this attitude has played a big role in their success.
    “Going into business with a friend is great but it is extremely important to separate friendship and business.”
    “Life isn’t perfect, and we can put challenges aside when we are not working and can go out on the weekend and have a great time as friends.”
    “At the end of the day you need to give good service and always consider the customer when making decisions together.”
    “Understanding everyone’s perspective, your business partner, your client as well as your own ideas and thoughts is important.”

    Both boys are inspired by and extremely grateful for their parents, upbringing and early exposure to small business.

    I hope you enjoy their episode as much as I enjoyed chatting to the boys.
    Don’t forget to share this episode with your tribe and leave us a review so we can continue educating and inspiring others.
    Big love always!
    Georgia Perry

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  • WE ARE LIVE! 🔥 🔥 🔥
    In this exclusive episode Jules and myself will reveal the reasons why we are so PASSIONATE about this program. We hope you are excited to add an extra dose of clarity and purpose in your life and BOOST your confidence. Because WE know you are AMAZING and can do incredible things in this world.
    We will ONLY be RELEASING 70 tickets to our launch event that will go live at the end of the week.
    Take a listen, spread the love and remember go and KICK some goals.
    Georgia and Jules!

  • Hello happy humans!
    Welcome back to another episode of Kicking Goals with Georgia Perry.
    Today’s episode is all about two lovely ladies who decided to turn their café dream into reality.
    Today I am joined by the beautiful Kaylie Fernandez and Brodie Jones, the boss babes behind the café Sonder Coffee in VIC PARK.  
    Tune in to find out the truth bombs about starting a business and get ready to step outside your comfort zone.
    The girls reveal the roles that different people play in their lives as well as the importance of bouncing ideas off people that are outside the café circle.
    These two ladies are pure joy, happiness and reflect a true authentic friendship.
    Sip your almond latte, sit back and enjoy.
    See you all at Sonder Coffee soon xx

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  • Welcome back amazing people to another episode of Kicking Goals with Georgia Perry.
    I am your happy host Georgia and today’s guest is an earth angel who is a beam of light.
    Her energy is pure, organic and she truly speaks from the heart.
    Fiona Marie is an Alignment Coach, a Lululemon Key Leader and definelty a lady who is well respected in the Health and Wellness Industry.
    This episode is bursting with love, alignment and good times.
    There was no episode structure or template required for this episode because we were excited to see the wonderful way our conversation would flow.
    With that in mind we had the intent to educate, inspire and motivate you.
    Fiona is vulnerable and shares some life changing experiences that have allowed her to grow as a person, improve the relationships around her and switched her attitude to life.

    Episode recommendations:

    Thank you for joining us today for our in conversation episode with Fiona Marie.
    Have a happy day and remember GO and KICK some GOALS.

  • Stay Ahead of the Game with Stephanie Bellairs
    Steph has been a BOSS girl since the age of 23.
    She really is leading the way in the hair and beauty industry.
    You may have previously known her brand as Head Graffiti but in true Steph style she took the leap to rebrand her hair salon, in order to stay ahead of the game.
    Steph has an inspiring spin to leadership and really leads her team from the front by living and breathing everything she teachers.
    She is a lady full of love, passion and confidence. She goes above and beyond to set a great example for her team of leading hair stylists and four beautiful children.
    This lady is on a mission and 2020 is her year to spread her magic by educating and mentoring up and coming stylists all over Western Australia.
    This episode is the perfect dose of education, inspiration and motivation.
    If you enjoy this episode don’t forget to leave a five star review so we can continue spreading our light and love across Australia. Have a fabulous day and remember GO and KICK some GOALS. Xx

  • Welcome back beautiful humans to another episode of Kicking Goals with Georgia Perry.
    HAPPY 2020, I love saying that!  
    I am your happy host Georgia and I am here to give you the tools, inspiration and motivation so you can redesign your life.
    I can feel the positive vibes flowing through my body when I think 2020!
    Today’s episode we say thank you & goodbye to 2019 and welcome in the new year.

    Today’s guest is the beautiful Celeste Baker the Founder & Design of Aqua Activewear. Celeste reveals what she learnt in 2019 from a personal and business perspective as well as what new habits and goals she is going to introduce in 2020.
    This episode is perfect for those who have a burning desire to start a side hustle or are looking for a good dose of inspiration from someone who once had a dream and then decided to take action one step at a time!
    Get ready to step outside your comfort zone, create magic and spread your sparkle.

    Quotes from Celeste:
    “You have to go through the failures so you can learn and understand what success is.”
    “You can create magic, but it is the behind the scenes that you need to be open with.”
    “Stop perfecting things and just go for it.”
    “Don’t overthink it, just go out and do it.”
    “Go for things and don’t let fear hold you back.”

    Episode recommendations

    It is inspiring to see Aussie’s connecting together to look for creative ways of how we as a country can raise funds to help those in need.
    The Relief Run is an amazing global running collective that has raised over $250, 000 for Red Cross Australia. If you are looking to get involved with the virtual running event it will take place on the 18th and 19th of January and is $50 to enter.
    You can visit http://www.reliefrun.com.au for more information.

    Thank you everyone for joining us today.
    I love receiving all your wonderful feedback.
    So feel free to connect with me on the gram I’m always up for a chit chat.
    That’s all from us have fab day and remember GO and KICK some GOALS.

  • Happy Wednesday Happy Humans!

    Today I had coffee on the couch with Imogen Van haagen the proud Founder and Managing Director of 20Fit Australia.
    Immy has an incredible journey that is built on the three values of love, empowerment and integrity. Although, it wasn’t always this way. Being one of thirteen and in a family who was constantly moving schools and states, Immy found it difficult to fit in and believe that she was worthy. Immy would often lie to family members and make choices she regretted.

    After completing the Land Mark personal development course Immy was able to pin point the time at school where she was put down by others and began the journey of self doubt and negative self worth. This mind frame continued throughout high school. Through the course she then began to rewire her mind to believe she is enough, she can achieve great things and she can create the future of her dreams.
    Immy is now inspiring and mentoring others to do the same.
    She has also opened up her own business and started a beautiful family.
    Immy is inspired by anyone who is making a difference in this world and contributing to people and their lives without having a dollar sign attached.

    This episode gave me spine tingles and an opportunity to reflect and share strategies I implement daily to continue building positive self talk and removing that inner mean girl.
    Tune into todays episode to find out why movement, nourishment and connection are so important.




    Thanks for tuning in to todays episode, if you enjoyed this chat please leave us a five star review so we can continue sharing the love and light with the community.

    Have a fabulous day and remember… GO and Kick some Goals.

    Love G xx

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  • The ultimate self love episode that every woman needs to hear.

    Introducing Kathi Taite… the Bald Warrior.
    Where did we meet? SONDER COFFEE of course!
    If you haven’t seen it on my gram then think earthy vibes with fronts’n coffee. You just never know who you will meet in a coffee shop!

    This episode will touch your heart and fuel your body with self- love and body acceptance.

    Kathi Taite or otherwise known as the Bald Warrior started experiencing hair loss from the age of 9.

    As you can imagine Kathi has been through tough times but has come out the other side and is now using her story and challenges to inspire you to do more of what you love, express your gifts and forget any external pressures. The right things will come into your life when you are open to it. So start dreaming, start believing and remember YOU ARE ENOUGH. Go and KICK those GOALS.

    Enjoy this episode because I sure did!

    Love always,
    Georgia xx

  • Monday coffee on the couch with Mandurah business chick Eloise Pickard!!
    El is a Mum on a mission to create positive change in the community.
    From the 9-5 office job to a side hustle queen. El has successfully built a well-known fitness brand called EPIC by El.
    This episode is dedicated to the young Mums and active go getters who are looking for an extra dose of energy and sparkle. El shares her advice and motivation around starting a side hustle and balancing family time. We also had a special appearance from little Arlo half way through the episode.
    I really enjoyed connecting with El and I know you will too.

    Do us a favour and share this episode with your tribe so we can help inspire others in the community.
    Have a fabulous day and remember go and KICK some GOALS!  

    Love Georgia xx

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  • Happy Thursday happy humans!

    Todays episode is your daily dose of inspo provided by Matt Bruce, an influential male who is challenging the status quo. Matt was in the Army for 10 years, was a telecommunications engineer who built wireless autonomous equipment.
    Matt has been through his own experience of PTSD and is now using his journey to help millions overcome the dark times and create a path of light, positively and ofcourse HAPPINESS.

    Matt lives his life by the attitude:
    “There are two steps you can take in life, you can take steps towards the person you want to be or steps away from the person you want to be.”

    During this episode Matt shares the importance of setting your day up with structure, positivity and flow. As well as the power of being open to personal development.

    What does life look like for Matt now?
    Think Breath Work Coach and Head of Mindfulness at Happiness Co.  I know right SUPER ZEN!

    Enjoy and don’t forget to share this episode with your tribe.
    Have a fabulous day and go and KICK some GOALS.

    Love always,
    Georgia xx

    When activewear stylists reunite… I bet you are thinking sport spice sisters, power walking along the coast wearing visors, coffees in hands while rocking the new release Lorna jane activewear sets. Well todays episode is a little different.
    Think burgers, balance and boss babe BILZ.
    Who would have thought two years down the track we would be recording an episode educating, inspiring and motivating the community to take positive action around FOOD. This episode is full of raw treats, so order that açai bowl or whiz up that green smoothie because this episode is about to leave you hangry for more.
    Nutritionalist Katie Bilz peels back the banana layers and reveals the life changing news she received as a teen.
    “Doctors were surprised I wasn’t in a coma.” - KB
    After receiving different nutritional information about what to eat and what not to eat, Katie decided to start doing her own research and trialing different diets to see how food reacted with her body.
    From vegan, to vegetarian, to paleo, to high carb, low carb and everything in between you bet ya Katie has tried it all. Fast forwarding a decade, Katie is living her best life with the attitude, “Consistency Over Perfection.”
    Katie shares her daily intake of food, helpful tips around meal planning and how to develop a positive mindset around food.

    If you enjoy this episode then please help us share the love by adding it to your Instagram story and leave us a five star review.
    We hope you have a fabulous Thursday, nourish your body so you can be the happiest and healthiest version of you.
    Love Georgia xx

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    Nutrition essential tool @kaltwellness
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    Restaurant @rawkitchenfreo
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  • I hope you are ready for Monday motivation because boy oh boy do I have a cracker of an episode ready for you!
    Today I am joined for coffee on the couch with the beautiful Jessica Stout - Psychologist in training.

    Jessica shares the importance and power of being your real and authentic self. As well as five categories that contribute to developing a fun, energising and purposeful morning routine.

    This episode is the perfect dose of inspo and will give you the tools to create positive change and action in your life.

    Episode recommendations:

    For more energy and sparkle you can find Jess on instagram @jessica_sienna_stout 🌻.

    Thank you to todays sponsor, Diverse Electrical Contractors for making todays episode possible.

    If you found value in this episode or know someone who you believe would benefit from hearing it then pass it on and share it on your social media platforms.

    I am your happy host Georgia Perry and you can find me on Instagram @georgia.louise.perry 💫.
    Have a fabulous day and GO and KICK some GOALS.

  • FIND YOUR HAPPY with Julian Pace!
    I see no value in waiting or scheduling this episode because I feel like I would be doing a disservice to those that need to hear the light from JULIAN PACE.  
    This episode with Jules left me with spine tingles, a new zest for life and allowed me to reconnect with a dear friend.
    I won’t give to much away but Julian Pace is most definitely one of the most influential figures on this planet.
    Tune in to hear positive messages from the LIGHT.

  • Yo yo yo your girl is back! 💁🏼‍♀️💋
    After a big ten weeks away hustling hard kicking my own goals I’m finally back fully recharged and ready to capture more inspiring stories.
    You all know I’m all things fun, fitness and fashion so I try to keep my poddy happy, girly and with a dash of sparkle.
    Today I’m firing the questions at BOSS man Brad Davis. Yep thats right 2018 Entrepreneur of the Year, Perth Business Coach and Gym Owner. Sooo be prepared for a whole lot of laughter, knowledge bombs and good vibes! Ohhh and this poddy has a twist… unplanned of course but hey personal growth happens outside your comfort zone right ?!?!
    This zippy 24 minute poddy will give you the tools and motivation to start taking action to amplify your personal life.
    Hear our top six podcast recommendations as well as a sneaky product release from BDPT.
    See you on the other side!
    Sorry one last thing... if you LOVE it please let the world know about it.
    GP xx