• **Trigger Warning: Mentions of sexual assault and rape**

    What's the craic, lads! Happy Wednesday!

    This week Emma tells the horrific story of the rape and murder of 29 year old Jill Meagher. Jill was an Irish woman who lived and worked in Australia and was brutally attacked by serial rapist and scumbag of the fucking century, Adrian Ernest Bayley. Bayley was out on parole when he murdered Jill because the parole system was a joke.

    We also talk about guilt and good soup

    Have a great week and look after yourselves 

    Link for Tom Meagher's Organisation:

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  • **TRIGGER WARNING**: Mentions of rape and torture

    Friends! Happy Wednesday! This week Emma tells the HORRIFIC story of the scumbag murderers John Shaw and Geoffrey Evans. Evan's and Shaw were serial rapists and killers who came to Ireland in 1976 from England. Their plan was to rape and murder one woman per week. Unfortunately they succeeded at this vile plan twice, murdering Elizabeth Plunkett and Mary Duffy.

    Also poor ould Sarah Jane has come down with the 'Rona :( We had to record the episode over Zoom so the sound quality isn't the best. Apologies in advance!

    Have a lovely week and look after yourselves

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  • Lads! The amazing Colin put together a very special episode of all the best moments of 2021!

    We hope you all have a lovely Christmas and are looking after yourselves!

    See you in 2022!

  • Lads! Happy Wednesday!

    This week tells the story of the horrific and sad murder of Philomena Gillane. There was no real justice reached for Philomena and it is so desperately unfair.

    We also talk about childhood trauma and have several moans about everything.

    Have a lovely week!


  • Hello one and all! We are back and this week we have a special treat!

    Episode 70 is a story we originally did on Patreon and we are putting it up here for you guys. Emma tells the story of the serial killer Dennis Nilsen. The story is incredibly graphic and very upsetting so please proceed with caution, lads.

    We also talk about Sarah Jane's waxing incident. #traumatised

    Have a good week and look after yourselves

  • Hello friends! This week Emma tells the horrific and deeply frustrating story of the murder of 43 year old Adrian Murphy. Adrian's two murderers used Grindr to lure Adrian to his inevitable death.

    We also talk about PDA's and how ye's need to STOP immediately and how we are both VERY old.

    Have a lovely week, lads. Be good to each other!

    References for this weeks episode:

  • On this episode we are joined by Dr. Brian Hanley to discuss Republicans and Crime. We look at the law and order situations in Ireland before the revolutionary period and how the War of Independence meant that the Royal Irish Constabulary and Dublin Metropolitan Police were unable to maintain law and order as the war progressed. As police barracks were abandoned or destroyed the Republican Movement aimed to fill the gap with the Irish Republican Police. We look at the rise of armed crime, particularly bank robberies, and how long before relatively normal conditions returned to the country.

  • On this episode of the Irish History Show we were joined by Gerard Shannon to discuss Seán Russell, the former Chief of Staff of the IRA. Russell continues to be a deeply controversial and divisive figure to the present day and his statue in Fairview Park, near Dublin's city centre, has been frequently vandalised, and at one stage decapitated.

    Russell joined the Irish Volunteers in 1913 and fought in the Easter Rising. After being interned in Frongoch, he fought in the War of Independence, rising to become IRA Director of Munitions in 1920. He fought with the Anti - Treaty IRA in the Civil War and was interned by the new Irish government. He remained with IRA after his release and became Quarter Master General.

    It was his actions during the Second World War that would lead to his continuing notoriety. As chief of staff he oversaw the ill fated bombing campaign in British cities in 1939. In 1940, following a tour of the United States, he travelled to Genoa and then onto Berlin where he held discussions with German military intelligence and received explosives training with the Abwehr.

    As he was travelling back to Ireland aboard a German U - Boat he suffered a burst stomach ulcer and died.

    Gerard Shannon is a historian from Skerries in Co. Dublin and a graduate of the School of History and Geography in DCU. He is currently working on a biography of the IRA Chief of Staff during the Civil War, Liam Lynch for Merrion Press. You can find his website at

    Gerard has written two articles on Russell for the Irish Story website which are available here:

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  • If you had a particular gift, how would you use it?Would you use it to become a world famous celebrity and take all the plaudits that would come with this fame?Or would you squander it as society would tell you not only is it a skill not worth having, but you yourself don’t deserve the success that comes with this skill because of the blood that runs through your veins?What if this skill gave you the opportunity to inspire others, at their weakest, to rise up and be counted as human beings?Would you accept this challenge?What type of things could you inspire?Well its an Irishman from Boston who answers these questions for us.This is his story.Music written, preformed and produced by the brilliant Ryhan O’Halloran See for privacy and opt-out information.

  • A famous Olympic coach charged with child sexual abuse never stood trial. Instead, he vanished.

    Reporter Mark Horgan travels across Ireland, the UK and the US on his trail.


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