• 2x SEASONS. Exploring stories that are firmly rooted in our past to magically dream about the futures we want to create for ourselves. Made with the support of NZ On Air.

  • KAWEKŌRERO is a dynamic news programme driven by the latest content evolving from social media and the world, dissected and debated by our elite team of Māori journalists. 


  • The programme takes a look at what makes Dunedin the nation's heritage capital. The wonderful stock of historic buildings will be explored, as well as early European settlement, Maori life in past centuries and tales of gold. Thanks to the Southern Heritage Trust

  • Real people having real kōrero ( chats ) about topics that mean a lot to us. We are Mental health Advocates, political freedom fighters and Proud Māori who speak up about our people.

  • Kia ora, you’ve joined the 'Ideas that Grow’ podcast - brought to you by Rural Leaders. In this series we’ll be drawing on the insights from innovative rural leaders, to help plant ideas that grow, so our regions can flourish. Ideas That Grow is presented in association with Farmer's Weekly. All guests are arranged by Rural Leaders, whose mission is to grow world class leaders through the Nuffield NZ Farming Scholarship and Kellogg Rural Leadership programme.

  • Kīwaha/Give it a go …a chance to learn a few super simple sayings in te reo Maori that you can use in your everyday conversations

  • The philosophy of Te Ahi Kaa is to reflect the diversity of Māori in the past, present and future. He hōtaka tēnei i roto i nga reo e rua, ko te reo Māori me te reo ingarangi. Nau mai ki nga kōrero o te ao Māori.

  • In Ōtepoti Dunedin we usually celebrate the Māori New Year through a diverse citywide programme of community events – the Dunedin Puaka Matariki Festival. This year, we will come together virtually, online and on-air, from 13th to the 20th of July.

  • A Māori Language Class for intermediate-level learners, presented by Pānia Papa. These classes are exclusive, they do not follow on from the previous class. To begin with, the viewers get a topic to watch and listen to. A language skill is then chosen (listening, reading, talking, writing), as a class activity. Several group activities will enforce that skill. There’s conversation, playing games, drama, story writing, song composition. The tutor will summarise all facets of the language that were covered in each class, to finish off the session.

    On Demand video available globally.

  • Pānia Papa returns for a second series. This innovative, Māori language series, opens its Whare to everyone who wants to speak a bit of Te Reo. Especially beneficial for those who lack the confidence to kōrero. Learning is fun and easy with lots of casual conversation.

  • Te Wāhi Ngaro is hosted by the Venerable Michael Tamihere, the Reverend Canon Christopher Douglas-Huriwai, and the Reverend Zhane Whelan.

  • This show is a safe space that touches on deeper human connections, guided by Māoritanga. Stories, inspiration, empowerment, environment topics and knowledge that will help uplift and encourage a more positive outlook on our lives and future.

  • 2x SEASONS. Matangireia is a series of conversations examining the political legacies of Māori politicians. Made with the support of NZ On Air.

  • The TAIHOA E HOA - NATIVES BE WOKE project broadcast will be available over live Radio, downloadable as a podcast and watchable as a Vlog. This will be a permanent record available through the web.

    The project not only shines a spotlight on wahine Māori but also highlights and acknowledges our indigenous sisters of the pacific.

    The unique perspectives indigenous females bring to the arts have not yet been delivered in this type of media format and as a first, this project is especially significant in the region of Dunedin and Otago.

    During these 8 episodes, we will highlight the ongoing issues for women and girls within arts and culture spaces, examine the barriers to engaging and discuss the ways we can break down these barriers.

    Through the use of social media and Vlog we also hope to engage a younger audience in conversations about these issues.

    Many thanks to our sponsors Suffrage 125 Community Fund and OAR FM (Otago Access Radio) for making this VLOG broadcast project possible ♥

  • Join Leo as he tackles a new topic each episode – covering a wide range of topics and issues that young people face every day.

    Speaking up for your rights, Engagement with Politics, Mental Health, Celebrating Achievements, Maori

  • Even the keenest language learner doesn't feel like studying ALL the time. Chill out and enjoy your te reo between classes by listening to our short and fun original stories. Enjoy the results of all those hours in the books, have a wee giggle at our quirky storylines, refresh the ol' motivation levels, cement your knowledge in context and keep making easy, natural progress toward your fluency goals. Worried you can't keep up? Just download the Lingogo App from the Apple or Google app stores and you can follow along with English translations. It's free and so is all our Māori content! Go to www.lingogoapp.com to get started and to check out our other languages.

  • Each week guests share influencing factors that contributed to te ira tangata (improved quality of life) in their lives, whanau and mahi, including how they learned to handle lifes challenges.

  • This podcast is dedicated to helping you to learn everyday Māori you can use in everyday situations.

    Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.

  • Helping New Learners Move From Confusion To Clarity In Te Reo Māori

  • Welcome to Lean in Voices, a New Zealand podcast where women come together to connect over shared experiences, build each other up, and cheer each other on. Lean In Voices is presented by Lean In New Zealand which provides a support network for Lean In Circles across the country.In each episode our hosts, Grace Crawford and Jenny Smith, interview women from our local community to discuss the challenges women are facing at work and home, and to have a good yarn. Lean In is a global community that's dedicated to supporting women by helping them achieve their ambitions and creating an equal world. Check out Lean In online - https://www.leanin-newzealand.com/.