• 01:03:59

    Is ‘Wellness’ Just Another Word For Diet? And Coachella Madness

    After Work Drinks starstarstarstarstar

    ‘Intuitive eating’ is the new buzzphrase taking over the wellness industry, but unlike other fad diets, this philosophy is something we can actually get behind. Off the back of our new attempt at body neutrality, we talk about our relationships with food, dieting and body image growing up, plus the effect Instagram has and the world’s ridiculous notion that overweight automatically equals unhealthy. Plus, it’s Coachella mania, complete with a Jordyn Woods/Kardashian run in and The Daily Mail’s gross reporting on Tammy Hembrow. And finally, Grace is upset that an AWD Book Club movement started without her.

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    You can email us on afterworkdrinkspodcast@gmail.com


    Read: A Little Life by Hanya Yanagihara, Conversations with Friends by Sally Rooney, The Secret History by Donna Tartt

    Everything you know about obesity is wrong

    The key to glorifying a questionable diet? Be a tech bro and call it ‘biohacking.’

    Listen: Don’t Salt my Game by Laura Thomas

    Watch: Game of Thrones (then put your theories in our FB group!)

    Read: The State of Affairs By Esther Perel

    Read: The Secret History by Donna Tartt

  • 00:42:45

    Is Marriage Irrelevant? And Meeting Kendall Jenner

    After Work Drinks starstarstarstarstar

    We're in an era where women value their independence even more than ever - but we're still collectively as obsessed with marriage as we ever have been. Why? Izzy and Grace discuss the role of marriage in 2019 - is it even relevant anymore? What's the point? Are we just doing it for Instagram? Plus, a full debrief on meeting Kendall Jenner - and why there's still no mania like Kardashian mania.

    To stay up to date and for all our recommendations, follow @afterworkdrinkspodcast on Instagram. To have your say on our topics, join our private Facebook group, 'After Work Drinks Podcast'.

    A Little Life by Hanya Yanagihara
    Giovanni's Room by James Baldwin
    Nick Cave's The Red Hand Files
    American Crime Story: The Assassination of Gianni Versace
    'How To Fail' podcast with Dolly Alderton
    The State of Affairs by Esther Perel
    Marriage: An Investigation on 'The Cut'

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  • 01:03:12

    Why Are We All So Damn Impatient?

    After Work Drinks starstarstarstarstar

    With the rise of the 'attention economy' and food, shopping, men and, well, literally everything a mere button away - we've all become impatient psychopaths. Or at least that's how Isabelle and Grace feel anyway. How much of patience has to do with being in control? And how is our lack of it affecting everything from our relationships to our mental health? Plus, Jacinda Ardern's response to the Christchurch terror attack proves that when women stop trying to lead like men, we excel. And let's talk 'The Ick' - fundamental part of dating? Or another sign that we're the generation who simply can't stick things out?


    Movies: Colette, Us

    Podcasts: The Daily - One Family's Story of Survival and Loss in NZ

    Lupita Nyong'o on Goop
    Here’s the thing with Alec Baldwin Jeffrey Toobin and Susan Orlean

    The Cut on Tuesdays - How Rukmini Callimachi Gets It Done

    A Little Life by Hanya Yanagihara

    The People Vs OJ Simpson by Jeffrey Toobin

    bell hooks interviews Lil Kim for Paper

    ‘What Happens When Women Stop Leading Like Men’ by Tina Brown for the New York Times

    'The Ick” Is Bullshit & We’ve Gotta Stop Using It As A Reason To Break Up' by Melissa Mason for Pedestrian TV

    'Can a Control Freak Self-Teach Patience? I’m Trying' by Leandra Medine for Man Repeller

  • 01:05:43

    Is Ambition Overrated?

    After Work Drinks starstarstarstarstar

    Isabelle is back from Africa where she had an obnoxiously luxe few weeks (and met a racist named Lindy). We talk Elizabeth Holmes - the scandal everyone can't seem to get enough of. And in the wake of another ambition-gone-wrong tale, we question: Is ambition overrated? And are we working ourselves to death out of fear not doing so is going to let the feminist side down? Plus, a deep-dive on the Madeline McCann documentary.

    On Michael Jackson by Margo Jefferson

    Adele by Leila Slimani

    Everything I Know About Love by Dolly Alderton

    The Argument podcast

    To Live and Die In LA podcast (2019)

    Us (2019) by Jordan Peele

    'The Ending of 'Us' Explained' by Grace O'Neill for ELLE.com.au

    New York Times' The Daily Podcast: 'How New Zealand Banned Assault Rifles in 7 Days'

    Pandora Sykes' for The Times: 'Is an Obsession With Achievement Holding You Back?'

    The Ambition Collision by Lisa Miller for The Cut


    The Dropout podcast (2019)

    The Inventor: Out For Blood in Silicon Valley (2019) by Alex Gibney and HBO

    'The Disappearance of Madeleine McCann' (2019) on Netflix

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  • 01:06:43

    How Do We Deal With ‘Leaving Neverland’?

    After Work Drinks starstarstarstarstar

    Surprise! It’s an early edition of After Work Drinks this week because let’s be honest, there’s nothing we’re going to want to talk about more than the Michael Jackson documentary (and shocking allegations of abuse in Leaving Neverland). Unlike R. Kelly’s ‘Ignition’, it feels futile and impossible to try and ban or remove Michael Jackson’s music so, if we believe Wade and James, how do we move forward? And why, after all we’ve learned from #MeToo, are we still seeing the credibility of victims be viciously undermined? Plus, on a lighter note, we have a few good watches, reads and listens to ingest and Zadie Smith’s tip for productivity.

    This episode deals with heavy issues including childhood sexual abuse. While we made the conscious decision not to discuss the allegations in any graphic detail, the topic may be distressing for some listeners. If you feel you need help, the below resources are helpful:
    Lifeline: 13 11 14
    1800 RESPECT: 1800 737 732
    ChildWise: 1300 244 539


    Calypso by David Sedaris

    The White Album by Joan Didion

    Russian Doll on Netflix

    Exposed: The Case of Keli Lane on ABC

    Esther Perel in the New Yorker

    ‘Where Should We Begin?’ by Esther Perel season three on Audible

    Difficult Women by Roxanne Gay

    The Cut on Tuesdays

    The OA - Netflix

    Zadie Smith on The Toure Show

    Leaving Neverland by Dan Reed and HBO

    'Reckoning with the Real Michael Jackson' The New York Times' The Daily

    The Michael Jackson accusers: ‘The abuse didn’t feel strange, because he was like a god’ by Hadley Freeman in The Guardian

    ‘Why Oprah’s ‘Neverland’ special was so important’ by Taylor Weatherby for Billboard

  • 00:50:33

    On *That* Jordyn Woods Interview – And Why Do People Hate Amber Heard?

    After Work Drinks starstarstarstarstar

    This episode our long awaited debrief of ~the~ celebrity interview of 2019 is here (It's irony people! That was obviously the Biebers). Grace is still espousing Konspiracy theories – but overall we’re just kind of bored of all this Kardashian business. Is 2019 the year we official stop karing about them altogether? Plus, Johnny Depp is suing Amber Heard for $70 million and it has, strangely, ignited some more girl-on-girl hatred toward Amber Heard. Why does she still inspire so much fury? And what does it say about feminism that we still can't make sense of the Depp/Heard allegations in 2019?
    Younger (watch at your own risk)

    Happy Face podcast

    Who the Hell is Hamish? podcast

    Madeleine McCann docoseries coming to Netflix, here's the Nine podcast (disclaimer: I haven't listened to more than 20 mins):

    Drown by Junot Diaz
    Amsterdam by Ian McEwan
    Pamela Adlon on NPR’s ‘Fresh Air’ podcast
    Louis CK on Marc Maron’s ‘WTF’ podcast

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  • 00:46:59

    An Oscars Red Carpet Debrief And Why Everyone’s So Mad About ‘Greenbook’

    After Work Drinks starstarstarstarstar

    We’re reuninted and boy does it feel good! Grace tells an unnecessarily long anecdote about her flight back to Australia and Isabelle brags about her upcoming trip to Botswanna – we break down Meghan Markle’s strangely #sponcon New York baby shower, and catch up on the latest Jordyn Woods drama, including her highly anticipated tell all interview. But most importantly, we’re talking OSCARS – dresses we loved, dresses we hated, that Bradley Cooper/Lady Gaga performance and Rami and Lucy’s adorable PDA. On a more serious note, we deep dive on the Green Book controversy – warranted criticism or much ado about nothing?

    Beautiful Boy (2018) directed by Felix Van Groeningen

    If Beale Street Could Talk (2018) directed by Barry Jenkins

    NPR’s Fresh Air podcast with dream hampton

    Vanity Fair’s In The Limelight podcast ‘Up Up Away’

    Vanity Fair’s ‘The Truth About Green Book’

    The New York Times’ The Daily podcast: “What Hollywood Keeps Getting Wrong About Race”

  • 00:40:41

    Dissecting The Kardashian Konspiracy Theories And BTS At London Fashion Week

    After Work Drinks starstarstarstarstar

    In our first international episode, Grace gives us all the London Fashion Week goss, while Izzy fills her in on everything that’s been happening in the real world, AKA with the Kardashians, since she’s been gone. From reports that Tristan Thompson cheated on Khloe Kardashian with Kylie Jenner's best friend, Jordyn Woods, to rumours Kim Kardashian is secretly helping brands rip off her designer clothing, it’s all go in Calabasas RN. Plus, our fave book of the year is being turned into a movie (love you, Reese Witherspoon) and our first (very brief) podcast guest.

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    Younger on Netflix

    ‘Khloé Kardashian 'Furious' After Tristan Thompson Allegedly Cheated with Jordyn Woods’by Melody Chiu for People

    ‘Is Kim Kardashian Secretly Working With Fashion Nova? Here's What She Said’ by Channing Hargrove for Refinery 29

    ‘‘They can sell anything’: how the Kardashians changed fashion’ by Sirin Kale for The Guardian

‘Normal People’ by Sally Rooney

  • 00:54:58

    Meet Mr. And Mrs. Bieber - Plus, Making Sense Of Liam Neeson's Insane Race Comments

    After Work Drinks starstarstarstarstar

    Grace is back from Tasmania and wasn't - as far as we know - possessed by a ghost and/or demon. Isabelle gives a thorough debrief of 'Abducted in Plain Sight' - the most batshit insane true documentary in the history of true crime documentaries; we talk about *that* Hailey Bieber/Justin Bieber profile and have a moment of silence for poor, poor Meghan Markle in the wake of Thomas' latest exploit. Plus, a deep-dive on Liam Neeson - does his insane admission about wanting to commit a racist attack 40 years ago (probably should have kept that one to yourself) fundamentally make him 'racist'? Or is sparking uncomfortable conversations about internalised racism and bias?

    You can email us on afterworkdrinkspodcast@gmail.com, follow us on Instagram at @afterworkdrinkspodcast or join our private Facebook group, 'After Work Drinks Podcast.'

    Reading list:

    Thing of Beauty, The Tragedy of Supermodel Gia by Stephen Fried

    The New York Times' The Daily - 'Democrats Wanted Zero Tolerance for Misconduct. Then Came Virginia' 

    Sex Education (2019) on Netflix

    Abducted in Plain Sight (2019) on Netflix

    'Becoming' by Michelle Obama

    'Who The Hell is Hamish?' podcast by The Australian

    'Justin and Hailey Bieber Open Up About Their Passionate, Not-Always-Easy but Absolutely All-In Romance' by Rob Haskell for Vogue 

    Meghan Markle's Best Friends Break Their Silence: "We Want to Speak the Truth' by People

    'Revealed: The handwritten letter showing true tragedy of Meghan's rift with father she says has 'broken her heart into a million pieces' - and why he feels forced to make the 'devastating' missive public' by The Daily Mail

    'Liam Neeson interview: Rape, race and how I learnt revenge doesn't work' by Clemence Michallon for The Independent

  • 00:45:57

    Leave Influencers Alone! Plus, Let's Stop Shipping Lady Gaga And Bradley Cooper

    After Work Drinks starstarstarstarstar

    In less than 5 days we broke our true crime ban for an incredibly binge-able, but harrowing new podcast series. Izzy has fallen in love with her first book of 2019 - plus, we break down the internet's intense Bradley Cooper/Lady Gaga shipping. Yes, it's fun to indulge in tabloid fodder - but is all this obsessing over two (married) people's faux relationship kinda... wrong? Plus, why we need to stop dissing influencers (because according to data we all secretly want to be one). And, speaking of influencers, introducing two new ones: we’ve started an Instagram! Follow us please, @afterworkdrinkspodcast

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    Recommendations/reading material:

    How to Fail with Elizabeth Day and Raven Smith


    ‘Broken Harts’ podcast


    ‘The Trial of Henry Kissinger’ by Christopher Hitchens


    ‘Fear in the Trump White House’ by Bob Woodward


    Normal People by Sally Rooney


    ‘Why It’s Incredibly Important We Acknowledge Ted Bundy Was A Babe’ by Melissa Mason for Pedestrian.TV


    Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga on stage in Las Vegas


    ‘What is the Future of the Fashion Editor as a Career?’ by Jessica Schiffer for Fashionista


    ‘How Millennials Became The Burnout Generation’ by Anne Helen Petersen for BuzzFeed News


    ‘Rising Instagram Stars Are Posting Fake Sponsored Content’ by Taylor Lorenz for The Atlantic


  • 00:58:23

    Have We Finally Reached Peak True Crime? And Are Selfies Turning Us All Into Vain Narcissists?

    After Work Drinks starstarstarstarstar

    Something's in the water because we've both developed a love for the great outdoors: Grace went rock climbing (and then Angelina Jolie copied her) and Isabelle literally went CAMPING. In other news, Prince George has gone missing and been replaced by a boy named Archie. Why the concept of 'pet faves' will help remedy a bad day and we discuss vanity in the Instagram era - are selfies making us (even more) self-obsessed? Plus, off the back of this newfound Ted Bundy mania (he’s actually not that hot, okay?), we deep dive on true crime - has our obsession officially gone too far?

    You can email us on afterworkdrinkspodcast@gmail.com, follow us on Instagram at @isabelletruman and @grceoneill or join our private Facebook group, 'After Work Drinks Podcast.'


    Love Stories with Dolly Alderton and Stanley Tucci


    ‘Lullaby’ by Leila Slimani

    ‘Ordinary Things That Bring Me Extraordinary Joy’ by T.Wise for Man Repeller

    ‘What is Prince George Hiding?’ by Kelly Conaboy for The Cut

    ‘The State of “Vanity” in the Selfie Era’ by Emma Bracy for Man Repeller

    ‘Conversations with a Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes’

    ‘How a True-Crime Podcast Became a Mental-Health Support Group’ by Andrea Marks for The Atlantic

  • 00:50:40

    Why 'Fuck All Men' Will Never Work And The Millennial Motherhood Question

    After Work Drinks starstarstarstarstar

    Your long weekend is SORTED courtesy of our copious amount of reading/podcast/TV show recommendations. Grace makes a surprise cameo in the Fyre festival and Isabelle finds a podcast that has actually turned her $$ situation around.
    Another shocking murder has women in Australia angry - but the 'fuck all men' rhetoric isn't going to get us anywhere. Plus, we do a deep dive on the perennial millennial motherhood question: With 2 in 3 millennial women having fertility fears, how do we negotiate motherhood in an era where our biology hasn't caught up with society?


    Where Should We Begin with Esther Perel


    Anthony Bourdain WTF with Marc Maron


    The Clinton Affair


    Interiors accounts (surely someone cares?) RUDE


    The Favourite


    Green Book


    The Pineapple Project


    ‘Fyre’ (Netflix’s documentary on the Fyre Festival)


    ‘Dirty John’


    ‘Men of Australia, it's time to pick your side’ by Clementine Ford for Sydney Morning Herald


    ‘#MeToo movement: what so many men are missing’ by David Roberts for Vox


    ‘The #MeToo Moment: I’m a Straight Man. Now What?’ by Daniel Victor for the New York Times


    The millennial motherhood trap by Stephanie Boland for Prospect Magazine


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  • 00:43:45

    When Did Everyone Start Getting Botox And Filler? Plus, Making Sense Of R. Kelly

    After Work Drinks starstarstarstarstar

    James Hottie Middleton has made his secret Instagram account private - but we're mainly interested in who he's following (and potentially thirsting over). We've heard rumours about R. Kelly for decades, so why has it taken us so long to take them seriously? Plus, Botox and Filler Nation - Australia is now the country with the most cosmetic surgery operations per capita IN THE WORLD. When did we all decide that plastic surgery was the norm, and why are there so few meaningful conversations about it?

    Reading material:
    The Guardian: 'Why Has Holiday Reading Become a Competitive Sport'?

    Film: Cold War (2018) by Paweł Pawlikowski

    Vanity Fair's 'In The Limelight' podcast 'A Royal Holiday'

    Buzzfeed: 'Inside the Pied Piper of R&B's Cult' https://www.buzzfeednews.com/article/jimderogatis/parents-told-police-r-kelly-is-keeping-women-in-a-cult

    Lifetime's 'Surviving R. Kelly' (2019)

    The New Yorker: 'R. Kelly and The Complexities of Race in the Me Too Era'

    The Guardian: ‘Is America developing a ‘crack-like’ addiction to Botox beauty?

    The Atlantic: ‘No More Stigma Against Plastic Surgery, Please’

    The Cut: ‘Plastic Surgery: What Happens Before And After’

    Man Repeller: ‘I’m 28 Years Old And I Think I Want Botox’

    Refinery 29: ‘Is Botox Anti-Feminist?’

  • 01:05:08

    On New Year’s Resolutions And Money - The Last Great Taboo

    After Work Drinks starstarstarstarstar

    We're back! For our first episode of 2019, we talk about New Year's resolutions - or lack thereof in Grace's case. Are they pointless or worth investing in? We break down the Golden Globes red carpet (which Fiji Water Girl undoubtedly won) and the latest buzz phrase, 'financial infidelity,' gets us on a money tangent. Why are we so afraid to discuss our finances with our friends? And is having a robust savings account a feminist act?


    ‘12 Things To Stop Doing in 2017’ by Grace O’Neill for ELLE Australia https://www.google.com.au/amp/s/www.elle.com.au/amp/culture/12-things-to-stop-doing-in-2017-8314

    'The Life to Come' by Michelle de Kretser

    'Financially Fearless' by Alexa von Tobel

  • 00:53:36

    Yael Stone's Geoffrey Rush Allegations & Tackling The 'Disease To Please'

    After Work Drinks starstarstarstarstar

    Merry Christmas to everyone except MP Andrew Broad who ruined our week and the phrase 'G'Day Mate' forever with his embarrassing sexting scandal. On a more serious note, we unpack Australian actress Yael Stone's sexual harassment allegations against Geoffrey Rush, and look at why #MeToo hasn't taken off in Australia. Plus, what Oprah says goes - how to tackle our inherent desire to be people pleasers.

    We’re taking a break for the next two weeks, but you can still get updates via our Facebook group, ‘After Work Drinks Podcast.’


    ‘We Deserve A Better Class Of Horny Text From Our Elected Representatives’ by James Hennessy for Pedestrian TV

    Izzy’s story on Ariana Grande grieving Mac Miller

    Grace’s story on Meghan Markle (we’ll stop plugging ourselves/each other now, sorry)

    ‘The Cost of Telling a #MeToo Story in Australia’ by Bari Weiss for the New York Times

    Yael Stone on ABC’s 7:30 with Leigh Sales

    ‘Help: I’m a People-Pleaser, and I Hate It’ by Allison P. Davis for The Cut

    ‘Gwyneth x Oprah: Power, Perception & Soul Purpose’ by Goop

    ‘The Magic of Not Giving a F***’ - Sarah Knight for TED Talks

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  • 00:47:36

    On Grace Millane And The Cycles That Lead To Violence

    After Work Drinks starstarstarstarstar

    We released this week’s episode a day early because of the latest update in the tragic story behind Grace Millane’s death: that the 26-year-old man who murdered her in New Zealand on December 1st was known as ‘creepy’ years before this happened. Senseless, violent acts like this stem from an inherent sexism engrained over years and it’s important that we address the patterns of behaviour at the root of the cause - not just whenever an innocent young woman loses her life. We had intended to cover more topics in this episode but ended up dedicating our entire discussion to Grace. It’s our most emotional recording to date as we discuss the cycles that lead to violence and the disgusting everyday acts of sexism women are expected to put up with.

    You can email us on afterworkdrinkspodcast@gmail.com, join our private Facebook group, 'After Work Drinks Podcast', or follow us on Instagram: @isabelletruman and @grceoneill.


    Tinder is not the problem, violent men are the problem by Sinead Corcoran

    Rest in Peace, Grace Millane by Lizzie Marvelly

  • 00:50:40

    Priyanka And Nick Jonas’ Batsh*t Wedding, Chris Dawson’s Arrest & Gaslighting

    After Work Drinks starstarstarstarstar

    Good afternoon to everyone except Chris Dawson! In this episode, we discuss Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas’ insanely OTT wedding extravaganza (#SponCon?) and do a deep-dive into gaslighting and emotional abuse off the back of Mel B’s tell-all book. And, of course, we discuss the arrest of Chris Dawson, who has finally been charged with the murder of his wife, Lyn, 37 years later. We love you, Hedley.

    You can email us on afterworkdrinkspodcast@gmail.com, join our private Facebook group, 'After Work Drinks Podcast', or follow us on Instagram: @isabelletruman and @grceoneill.


    The Teacher’s Pet

    Anthony Bourdain - Kitchen Confidential

    Butterbeer Tears on Vanity Fair’s In the Limelight podcast

    Gwyneth Paltrow Wants to Convert You by Elisa Lipsky-Karasz

    When Priyanka Met Nick: A Love Story

    Mel B: ‘I got used to lying. I didn’t want anyone to find out’ by Simon Hattenstone

    Mel B and her daughter Phoenix reveal how her toxic marriage nearly broke them both

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  • 01:04:24

    ‘The Whole Lena Dunham Thing’ and Why Every Woman Should Be Talking About Emotional Labour

    After Work Drinks starstarstarstarstar

    In this episode, Izzy and Grace drill-down on Lena Dunham: Is she the self-absorbed narcissist the media insists on painting her as? Or is she a victim of a sexist culture that holds women to a higher account than men? Plus, a deep dive on the concept of ‘emotional labour’ in the wake of Gemma Hartley’s new book ‘Fed Up’. Plus Plus, Izzy has found Gossip Girl 2.0 (kinda) and how Grace lost her mind on Black Friday.

    You can email us on afterworkdrinks@gmail.com, join our Facebook closed group ‘After Work Drinks Podcast’ and follow us on Instagram at @isabelletruman and @grceoneill.


    Yeah, I’m Not for Everyone.’ Lena Dunham comes to terms with herself

    Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard

    ‘Fed Up: Navigating and redefining emotional labour for good’ by Gemma Hartley

    Why Women Still Can’t Have It All by Anne-Marie Slaughter

  • 00:48:42

    On The Overrated Instagram Lifestyle & Why It’s Not Your Fault You’re Addicted To Your Phone

    After Work Drinks starstarstarstarstar

    Hailey Baldwin – sorry, Bieber – may have officially changed her name, but the real news is that she got caught stalking a Selena Gomez fan account. Plus, we’re collectively obsessed with reading up on how successful start their days, but is the ‘aspirational’ lifestyle totally overrated? Finally, we tackle the topic of phone addiction: has Screen Time ruined our lives? Plus, why it’s probably not your fault that you're addicted to your iPhone.

    You can email us on afterworkdrinks@gmail.com and follow us on Instagram at @isabelletruman and @grceoneill.
    The Sinner Season Two
    My Dad Wrote a Porno 
    'Boys Will Be Boys' by Clementine Ford
    Four hours' sleep, yoga at dawn – are today's influencers really living their best lives? - Hadley Freeman
    Man Repeller's Leandra Medine: ‘I’m in bed by 8.30pm’
    Save Me, I’m a Screen Zombie - Jo Ellison
    Former Facebook executive Chamath Palihapitiya on social media addiction 
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  • 00:46:23

    Victoria’s Secret: The Good, The Bad And The Controversial

    After Work Drinks starstarstarstarstar

    Isabelle is back from NYC and literally will not stop talking about the Victoria’s Secret show (she went, FYI) so we’re doing a whole special on it! From being backstage with Bella Hadid to scoring a ticket to the after, after party – Izzy shares all the insider goss. And yes, before you say it, we do discuss the controversy this year – warranted or not? Plus, a Very Important E-Mail was received this week, and Grace introduces a FUN one-off segment.

    You can email us on afterworkdrinks@gmail.com and follow us on Instagram at @isabelletruman and @grceoneill.


    Personal History by Katherine Graham

    Inside the 2018 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

    Victoria’s Secret is trying to change with the times. Or is it?

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