• I met Joan through Suzy Orr – see her episode – another powerful woman who runs the Unique Ladies networking groups.

    Joan is the CEO of trybooking, an international company based in the Lake District – how cool is that? What a fabulous place to run your company from!

    It’s a super simple-to-use event and ticket booking company – sort of similar to Eventbrite and such, but so much easier to use. And … it has one thing that’s huge for me, a Human Being at the end of the phone!

    I’m not the world’s best at using this type of program, and wading through generic how-to docs rarely answers my question. Imagine my delight when I began using trybooking, got in a muddle and discovered there was actually a phone number to call! And then, the phone was answered immediately, and the voice on the other end was a lovely Lancashire lady who asked how she could help me … listened to my problem … and spent the next hour helping me set up my account, the event, the home page, the ticketing, and everything.

    Of course, I was hooked.

    And that is Joan’s forte. She’s a power-full woman who believes in human beings, customer care, and really helping people. And not just her customers but her staff too. We had a really good chat about teamwork, being part of the team and – and I love this – Delegating Up!

    Joan talks about how delegation works best when the staff feel able to delegate up to the boss, where they can take their problem to the boss and know they’ll be heard, listened to and helped. Never put down or belittled. We talked too about how getting all the team involved in finding solutions to challenges really does work, and how listening to and encouraging staff to find new and creative ways to do things can really push the company forward. It inspires the staff too, makes them better and enlarges their skillset. And morale takes off! Not just for the staff but for the managers too.

    I love chatting with Joan, she’s had an amazing life which she shares with us here. And so many creative ways of doing business. One of the roles she loves best is being Entrepreneur in Residence at Lancaster University. It’s a great programme to help business students, and the teaching staff. Look it up, it’s very interesting.

    Contact Joan at …

    Trybooking and LinkedIn

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  • My Power-Full Woman this time is Rita Mendes, an amazing marketing lady who lives in Lisbon, Portugal.Rita is a woman on a mission: to bring the human and authentic side to marketing – just precisely what I was looking for a few months back. I needed help with marketing but what I was finding didn’t fit my drivers at all.Then I saw this little video on LinkedIn – this young woman talking about marketing from the heart, from what drives you to do your business, not from money-profit motives.Rita founded Heartentic to do just that, to do marketing from the Heart. She believes that people buy WHY you do something, what you love, your values, not the thing that you do.So we talked. She told me, that's why you need to share your purpose with the world – so you can build your tribe of people that believe in the same things you believe. Because if not, you're just one more brand out there in the market. Generic doesn’t spin, but you do.That really struck me. I buy because I like the person doing the selling, because I feel a connection with them, because they inspire me. I’ll bet you do too.Rita talks about her WHY, what drives her, how she started Heartentic, what it’s about. And what she’s about because, as she says, we want to know Rita.So, if you are ready to humanise your marketing, give Rita a call. It's time to attract your ideal audience by being yourself, and saying goodbye to just being one more brand out there. Contact Rita through …LinkedIn linkedin.com/in/rita-m-mendesOr email [email protected] And never miss an episode! Subscribe to the Badass Wisdom podcast and Power-Full Women

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  • There’s something you probably don’t know about me:

    My passion is helping people tell their story.A

    nd I’m not just talking about the pretty and amazing moments. I’m including the bad bits. The challenges. The things that you somehow try to hide and forget.

    But you know, those are the ones that truly made you who you are today. And you’re thinking about that moment right now, aren’t you?

    So, my question to you today is:

    Why aren’t you sharing that with the world?· I

    s it because you think it makes you look weak?·

    Because people may see you’re not perfect?·

    Because it makes you look unprofessional?

    But, you know what? It makes you… HUMAN!

    And that’s how people connect with you.

    How cool is that?

    I know you’re ready for this. That’s why I know my upcoming 6-week group programme – Tell Your Story – is perfect for you.

    It begins 6 June

    Book Your Place at https://www.trybooking.co.uk/CJALTo know more go to https://www.elensentier.com/tell-your-story

    And there’s an Exclusive follow-up programme for all the participants.

    Let’s get Your Story on the road ✍️🦋😎

  • Jules is a wildlife artist whose picture I just love. And her whole connection with Nature is amazing too, that’s how she can paint such living pictures. Jules said to me before we started the show, “I had a very close encounter with a beautiful big Buzzard this morning who flew right down in front of me and almost hovered over me, looking at me…. just breath-taking.” That showed me so much about Jules, and about how we connect. Jules is all about being connected – and she’s a successful artist and business woman too. A power-full example of how to live-with the natural world and our modern one at the same time. She shares her “Weekly Wildlife Wisdom” Live on Instagram each week, telling us about – and showing us! – the energetic and unique wisdom each species brings to the World, and how we can learn from that how to better balance our lives. Jules is an animal communicator, tunes in deeply with animals individually and collectively. Her ancestors are predominantly Scottish with a hint of Irish and Welsh and that’s always called to her heart, so she feels a deep into the Celtic wisdom that knows nature and animals are our elders. Read her book “The Purpose of Species – Animal Messages for Humanity in 2012 and Beyond” for more, it’s on Amazon under her pen name of Julie Lines. Heads-Up – Jules and I are going to be doing a collaboration webinar, maybe a whole series, beginning in the early summer. Watch out for it here on my Badass Wisdom YouTube channel! Connect with Jules at …https://www.juleschabeaux.com/https://www.facebook.com/juleschabeauxhttps://www.instagram.com/juleschabeauxartist/ Never miss an episode! Subscribe to Badass Wisdom and Power-Full Women.And connect with me athttps://www.linkedin.com/in/elensentier/https://www.facebook.com/elensentierhttps://www.instagram.com/elensentier009/

  • Robyn Harris and I talking Wild Inside. This time, we're talking about jobs ...

    About if we need to do everything ourselves. Or perhaps it's best to do what makes our own hearts sing and offer jobs we're less good at to others who really enjoy doing them. It's about sharing. About doing what we each do well.

    We talk about how animals do this. Wolves are super good at it. In a pack each wolf has her or his own job and they have them because that's what they're good at, not because they're ordered to. Other animals work the same way. They have jobs and they enjoy doing them. We can learn so much from the way animals work.

    We also talk about how animals show us when we drop our energy, when we become calm. We've seen how horses will lie down and completely relax I took the retreat participants to visit with my colleagues' rescue horses. When we came, the retreaters were very excited, then we went to visit my friend's stone circle. The horses were stand around watching, all except one who lay down. The retreaters tuned into the circle and their energies slowed down, they became calm and, as they did, all the horses lay down around them.

    It's what James French teaches, to calm ourselves and so create a calm atmosphere around us. The horses showed us we'd done that. And we learned from them.

    We learned too that we can lower our energy, become calm, that stress and anxiety fall away then, we find we can see clearer, get our perspective back.

    We can learn so much by watching and noticing animals. It's part of allowing the wild inside us to speak to us, and learn from that.

    Join us next month for more Wild Insides.

  • As Oscar Wilde said: Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken …That’s so true! But being your real self can be really hard. So many things get in our way. And too often, nothing like enough support! Are you really You?Are you living your Heart and Core values?Does the idea of doing so come with a whole load of “Ye-ess … but …”I did for me for many years until I found a good Co-Pilot to hep me. And support me!I really couldn’t manage on my own. I know that goes for many others too.How about you?Are you still struggling away on your own? As I was co-piloted I now offer that to others – contact me https://calendly.com/elensentier/15min Let’s get Your show on the road 😊 Follow my Soul in Business podcast & Power-Full Women YouTube for regular solo and guest podcasts that can help you Be a Shit Creek Survivor.

  • I met Suzy Orr in 2022 … and she completely hooked me into networking! I’d realised it’s importance but the meetings I’d been to before often left me feeling I was missing something. Then I found Suzy, and Unique Ladies. She’s brought together a truly unique group of lovely, supportive women and I’ve learned so much from them … and been so supported by them. It’s the generosity and sharing that has blown my mind and set my heart on fire.

    Suzy is a multi-award winning networker, Chief Unique Lady, mother, serial divorcee (I so love that!) and after 30 years in IT & Telecoms (which was VERY male dominated) and being the first and only woman on the Board at Rochdale AFC. She’s a fierce campaigner of Women's Empowerment.

    Her original one network is now a franchise of 10, with successful IWD (International Women’s Days) and Christmas events under her belt, that are now regular events (and on my calendar!). Suzy is the busy woman who gets things done, but before she does anything, she loves to walk her dog Daisy Doodle, then when she's finished doing, she's usually flying off somewhere exotic as Travel is her other passion.

    So come and meet Suzy Orr … she really is Suzy Orrsome!!

    To contact Suzy – and join Unique ladies – go to …






    As Lao Tzu said: nature does not hurry yet everything is accomplished … We can do that too. Follow Nature’s example – and we feel so, so good when we do. It gives us perspective. Helps us get our priorities right. Gives us back some work/life balance. Spending and giving time to be with Nature lifts the stress off you, the frustrations, fears and worries. Giving yourself time is one of the biggest gifts you can give yourself Y So take some time out … give yourself some Me-Time … take yourself to somewhere you love, where you can be quiet and uninterrupted. Turn your phone off just for this time. Maybe take a snack and a drink with you. Go on this journey … Be still for a moment, and fully present with Nature, in the moment with your Wild Self and with the natural world of which you’re a part. Follow my Soul in Business podcast & Power-Full Women YouTube for regular solo and guest podcasts that can help you Be a Shit Creek Survivor.

  • Dr Lotte Valentin is an amazing woman. She’s Director of Center for Integrative Medicine and works in Integrative Medicine and Family Health Care in Phoenix, AZ USA. Her focus is on healing the patient and finding the true cause of their symptoms and illness.She asked me to guest on her podcast and here it is.I love how Dr Lotte is able to draw me out, help me to speak my truth – that’s such an amazing quality!Between us, we talk about medicine, healing, astrophysics, quantum, and magic – lots of magic – and how they all fit together, how the only real separation between them all is in our own minds.That’s a revelation !!!

  • More Badass WILD with Elen Sentier & Robyn Harriswww.elensentier.com & https://www.equenergy.com/How connected do you feel right now?Do you ever think about how much fear may rule your life?How Fear can disconnect you?Robyn and I explore Fear. And how Nature works with connection.Nature doesn't work by finding one single thing to cure all ... Nature works by synergy! The natural world uses the whole plant to help you ... not just one bit of it.Nature and Science agree with us that Mess is Good, and Synergy is the way to work!As usually happens, our chat takes us all around the universe, connecting up Nature, gardening, stars, getting sick, skin care, soil care, and even having babies ... 😃If you enjoy this, if synergy, working as a whole and being connected, rings bells for you then why not give me a call? https://calendly.com/elensentier/15min Let's explore how Badass Wild Synergy can transform · Stress to Peace· Frustration to Satisfaction· Anger to Serenity· Fear to Assurance· Apathy to Excitement And put soul into your life and your business!

  • Georgia is a multi-book author, speaker and book writing coach, who empowers and encourages her clients to step up and stand out so that they can be heard, understood, and ultimately believed, through the written and spoken word.Her work focuses on showing you how to write and publish a book to provide you with your legacy, your marketing tool and speaking gigs.Her two latest books are: Rule It! How To Step Up & Stand Out On Video, Stage & Page published in March 2020. It is the follow-up book to The Rule Breakers Guide published in July 2019.Georgia is uniquely positioned as a book writing coach and speaker bringing energy, confidence, and wisdom which stems from her 25-year career as a musician, producer, performance poet, playwright and author, in the showbiz world.She has received publicity in leading media outlets such as BBC Radio, Glamour, and Thrive Global as well as online sites and magazines including Finance Monthly, Honest Mums, Female First, Soul & Spirit, and Working Mums.I've worked with Georgia and I cannot recommend her too highly, she opened many doors for me ... and she can do that for you too. Contact her at www.georgiavarjas.comFollow the Soul in Business podcast & Power-Full Women YouTube for regular solo and guest podcasts that can help you Be a Shit Creek Survivor.

  • Sally is on a mission to help new or struggling business owners find a way to ditch the misconception that branding is a “nice to have” and put it as a core part of their business growth strategy. And to do this she’s about each of us telling our story …

    We each have a story and Sally shares some of hers here on this podcast. It’s amazing where she’s come from and all of her story has built Sally into the powerhouse brand coach she is now. Hearing Sally’s story helps us connect with her. Stories from her nursing career on a cancer ward for many years and working closely with her patients, getting to know them, and how that was such a privilege. Her family, the love they share, and how they too are a vital part of her story. And Sally’s belief in herself, how she’s grown that, how it all comes together now in her Purpose and how that purpose is what gets her out of bed in the morning!

    Connect with Sally Inkster through her website: www.sallyinkster.com

    There you’ll find her Dazzle! courses, be able to book 1-2-1 work with her, and read her blog.

  • Gwyn ap Nudd is one of our ancestral British gods and where I live, in Shropshire, is one of his places. Gwyn leads the Wild Hunt. One of his jobs is to collect up lost souls and steer them over the river into the peaceful, healing, Islands of the West.

    I live in the Stretton Hills, an ancient caldera of ex-volcanoes from about 560 million years ago! Fortunately, all the volcanoes have gone to sleep but they’ve left us these beautiful pointy hills and my front window looks out across the valley to one of them, the Caradoc. It's one of Gwyn’s strongholds. Looking out from the cave at the top, I can see my front door!

    Gwyn is part of our local legend too, Wild Edric. Edric was a real person – he very nearly beat back William the Conqueror! – and he married a fairy wife. Now he’s said to lead the Wild Hunt as Gwyn’s representative.

    This story is about the Wild Hunt …

    If you'd like to know more go to my website and Facebook page. And follow my Soul in Business podcast and Power-Full Women Channel for regular solo and guest podcasts that can help you Be a Shit Creek Survivor.

  • Victoria is the founder of The Victoria Bennion Podcast Booking Agency. The agency is based in the United Kingdom and serves clients all over the world.

    Victoria, a trained journalist, marketer and social media manager and, for almost twenty years she helped expert business owners, coaches and authors reach their goals. Then she experienced the phenomenal impact of podcasts and it became her sole focus, so she took a book marketing course, learned the value of adding podcast guesting to your book marketing mix.

    She and her team have booked hundreds of podcast interviews, helping authors, coaches and business owners establish their authority, build their platforms and share their messages with the world. And she’s done this for me too!

    Victoria is a co-author of The Most Amazing Marketing Book Ever with Mark Schaefer and Friends (pub. June 2023) which includes 350 strategies to help your business to grow.

    Victoria lives in Dorset, England with her husband, two children, two rabbits, a cat and her parents. (It’s a full house.) She’s a lifelong lover of books and proud to be a reader for the prestigious Bridport Prize writing competition.

    If you’d like to work with Victoria get in touch with her through her website https://victoriabennion.com/ I can’t recommend working with Victoria too highly 😊

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  • I’m a wild woman badass coach who encourages you to find the wild (and often badass) person inside who sparks up your energy.

    Robyn is a wild woman and wellbeing alchemist! Brings out the wild and transformational person you are inside.

    Together we love inspiring the fire in others, and making the connections between wild nature all around us and ourselves. We love fun, thinking out-of-the-box, paradoxes that seem impossible but are a natural part of the natural world, and we love kindling the fire of connection in everyone.

    We’re both businesswomen too, solopreneurs running our own businesses and making a living, we find the wildness inside brings out our creativity … and we want to share that with you.

    Spurring people into new and transformative viewpoints that invite and enable them to step into a whole new way of being, liberating them and shifting their wellbeing to a new level, is out passion and joy.

    We’ll tell stories, share things that happen to us, show how being wild changes our own lives and businesses and wellbeing for the better. And we’d like to share yours too is you will trust us with them.

    We all need to Connect … with each other, with wild nature, and with the Wild Inside.

    Subscribe on YouTube – let’s get together every month and share our wild insides 😊

    Contact: Elen at www.elensentier.com and Robyn at https://equenergy.com

    And both of us on our LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram channels

    Looking forward to playing and sharing with you …

  • Are Men from Mars? Are women from Venus? Fascinating stuff that I got thrust into looking at recently. I went to a networking meeting and found myself in the middle of it at one point. It was really fascinating and brought up a whole load of ideas and insights I really want to share them with you. i'd love to hear what you feel about the whole subject. For me it's light years away from being simple. How do you feel about it? Have you had a similar experience? How do you handle difficult situations like this? What do you feel about the differences and similarities between males and females? See me on LinkedIn and Facebook and my website Follow my Soul in Business podcast & Power-Full Women YouTube Vlogs for regular solo and guest podcasts that can help you Be a Shit Creek Survivor.

  • I think of her as a Wellbeing Alchemist! She brings a new and transformative perspective that invites – and enables – people to step into a whole new way of being, liberates them and shifts their wellbeing to a new level. Her passion and joy is in supporting other passionate and deeply caring people to start falling in love with Who They Really Are. She enables them to rediscover their sense of clarity, energy and fun, and without getting swamped by overwhelm or feeling like it has to be hard work. Indeed, Robyn is all about Fun with a capital “F”. She also has a deep inner knowing and connection that really enables people to open up with her – and that’s invaluable.

    Use these links to get in touch with Robyn …

    · website: https://equenergy.com

    · Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Equenergy

    · FB group: www.facebook.com/groups/wildwisdomwellbeing/ go here for Robyn’s “Ask me anything …” session once a month.

    · Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/equenergy/

    · LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/robyn-harris-19730843/

    · LinkedIn business: https://www.linkedin.com/company/equenergy/

    For Robyn’s new Introduction to MetaConsciousness® - In person and the online event – go to https://www.equenergy.com/OnlineMetaCourse

    And for all Robyn’s events

    For the other two we talk about in the vlog and podcast …

    · In-Joy Your Life - in person & online

    · Have we been getting wellbeing all wrong?!

    go to https://www.equenergy.com/news-and-events/

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  • Do you like to be recognized? Just about all of us do. It’s nice isn’t it, makes you feel valued, noticed.

    I had a lovely recognition experience last night at the writers’ group I’m a member of. There were 10 of us, all different genres, including poets, and they all liked it, all said immediately they wanted to read more, wanted to know what happened. And three said that although they wouldn’t normally read that genre they loved it too and wanted to know more.

    Now, I’m not just crowing because people like my stuff. That’s good. Great in fact. Makes me feel fantastic. I’m talking about it because we ALL need encouragement. Every one of us.

    But how often do we get it? And … how often do we GIVE it ???

    What do you feel about this?

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  • Do you feel “jiggles” inside when things around you, in your life, your relationships, your work, need changing? When you get them, do you write them off?

    We all get these feelings. Know we need to do something. Need to Change. And change is often scary!

    So we can procrastinate, look away, the moon’s in the wrong quarter – you know all that! And I’m a real expert at it some of the time … that’s why I’m good at helping you out of that place, stop you dragging your feet, postponing things, dawdling and shilly-shallying 😊

    I get the jiggles – I've got them right now. Let me tell you about it ... and why it's a really Good Thing!

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  • Dr. Valentin is the Director of Center for Integrative Medicine and works in Integrative Medicine and Family Health Care in Phoenix, AZ USA. Her focus is on healing the patient and finding the true cause of their symptoms and illness.

    Dr. Valentin specializes in integrative medicine utilizing her training in Nutrition, IV Therapy, Botanical Medicine, Acupuncture, Homeopathy and Pharmaceuticals. She is also trained in Bioidentical Hormone Replacement for women and works with hormone replacement therapy for men.

    Dr Lotte Valentin is one of the most wonderfully integrated women I’ve met. Her work crosses boundaries and integrates them. She is an author, regular guest on The Shift Network, evidential psychic medium, medical medium, ancestral healer and international keynote speaker!

    Dr. Lotte is also the host of her own podcast Dr. Lotte: Science with Soul, which is currently ranked in the top 10% GLOBALLY out of 2.8 million podcasts. She developed this podcast to help people create a path to healing their own life physically, emotionally and spiritually, and bridge the gap between science and soul. I met her by being her guest in 2023, we gelled, clicked, became friends. Now she is a guest on my podcast. Later in 2023 we intend to do a webinar together.

    You can contact Dr Lotte, and register for these great FREE events, at https://drlotte.com/new-page-4

    · Ancestral Healing Summit by The Shift Network: 30 Jan –3 Feb 2023

    · Live Your Most Evolved Life: 29 Jan – 5 Feb 2023

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