• Amy has sailed her boat up from her office job through the rain to top and tail the pod this week - where our subject is PERIODS, AND PEACHES, for Series 2 pod DON'T PREACH* *do, please do.

    This week Miriam speaks to Lucy Peach, Period Preacher and Folk Pop Singer. Sitting on the floor of the Brighthelm Centre in the Doghouse venue at Brighton Fringe the two chat as Lucy does her make-up before the show, ‘My Greatest Period Ever.’

    Covering topics from ‘the party before you go out partying is the best bit’ through to Period, channeling your fury, the Music Industry and being a woman this is a tight 30 mins from a woman about to do her day job on stage!

    Lucy Peach is gaining notoriety of the best kind - as a open and brilliant source of info and guidance on how to harness the power of the period. Looking at the hormonal changes throughout a cycle enables us to understand why we feel how we feel.

    Watch Lucy’s TedX talk here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S2c17e5naow
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  • EP TWENTY ONE! SERIES TWO! SEASON TWO! TAKE YOUR PICK! We’re back after a short break where we did some life stuff. So we’re calling this S2 Don’t Speak.

    This week Miriam looks back to an interview from February 2019 when she spoke with Rachel Healy the Co-Artistic Director, Adelaide Festival. Rachel has held many big positions in Theatre across Australia, from Belvoir St Theatre, Sydney Opera House, and now AF. Miriam was offered an interview by the team at the Festival and went in looking to discover how a woman running a huge event takes it in her stride and serves to inspire and support more women coming through in a very male dominated environment. We talk about parenting, sharing the parenting in a cis het relationship, seeing women working in theatre and having their back, travel all around the globe, watching new companies come through alongside the already well-know, and how Australian theatre is doing in terms of pushing for further intersectional work on the fancy, leading stages.

    Amy and Miriam talk (maybe a wee bit too much) about Drag Race s11 and have a wee ketchup. It’s good to be back!

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  • This week, Amy speaks to a pair of local heroes in Edinburgh theatre: Director Flavia D’Alvia and playwright Jen McGregor. Hear them discuss the highs, lows and hard work they each put into their plays, and the obstacles they’ve had to overcome in order to get where they are today.

    Fancy context: Miriam and Amy meet one morning and are ready to talk about literally two ends of the performance scale - drag race's iconic Katya LIVE and Local Hero. There are opinions, lols, and apologies for all the slurping. Between that, there's the above interview. Enjoy!

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  • We’re back - the spring equinox has happened and the quail and the frogs** and the humans are celebrating - in the northern hemisphere at least.

    Don’t Speak 18. This week Miriam speaks with Victoria Falconer of Fringe Wives Club, Midnight Marauders and East End Cabaret fame, also Musical Director to Courtney Act’s C4 Christmas Show, Jonny Woo’s Un-Royal Variety, 'Once' Sydney 2019 to name but afew.
    The pair get stuck into it outside on a sunny day in Adelaide, while the fringe festival rumbles on around them. Vicky is a musician, director, performer, singer, actor and much much more and the pair get stuck into the politics surrounding one’s place as a performer to explain and breakdown the issues presented on stage - prolific and magnificent Vicky is as wise as she is thoughtful and the discussion covers the minoritised* , the campaigner, the take it while you got energy world of showbiz.

    Amy and Miriam are reunited proper at home in Edinburgh ahead of a week of theatre in Scotland. Amy’s hair is long and red and cool, and she has news!

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  • Welcome to Don't Speak LIVE at Adelaide Fringe with Double Denim AKA Laura Frew and Michelle Brasier hosted by Miriam Attwood and Jane Howard.

    On Sunday 24 Feb this group of phenomenal women huddled round a chair at Adelaide Fringe Club to discuss some big shit. Staying on stage when life is messed up, IRL V stage life, comedy, women, roles in performance and within a festival, how we make our own modes of recognition, ENYA and many many jokes and lolz.


    Find Double Denim @lafrew1 @michellebrasier on le twitter + instaz
    Jane Howard on Kill Your Darlings, Guardian Oz, and more!
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  • ‘Traits of a VERY good friend with Stef Smith’

    This week Miriam sits down with her pal Stef. (Look. I can’t edit my friend - I’m sorry, so this is the pretty much unedited chat between two old but VERY YOUNG AND HOT pals.)

    Stef Smith is a playwright whose work includes Swallow, Human Animals, A Doll's House, Roadkill, Girl In The Machine, Enough to name but a few current and prolifically touring plays. In this week's Don't Speak we cover our experiences at Queen Margaret University Edinburgh, Stef’s work so far and to come - namely Ibsen’s A Doll’s House which is coming to the Citz Theatre Glasgow this year. Also covered with increasing speed (as the two chatterers had a very strong coffee to kick off): wine in theatre and women’s relationship with the hallowed drink, Nora, Cher, Bandersnatch, cats, OITNB, writing processes, aquariums, Love Actually ‘stupid wonderful film’ - social media, Red Dead Redemption as an iconic cultural experience, and the two women's friendship. We really hope you enjoy listening as it’s bloody amazing to watch one's friends soar in their chosen field of work.

    Love you Stef! This week’s podcast is not sponsored by Hobnobs or sudafed. BUT WE’D WELCOME THAT.

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    More info on Citizens Theatre’s A Doll’s House www.citz.co.uk/whatson/info/nora-a-dolls-house
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  • BONUS EP! Miriam & film-maker Hope Dickson Leach spoke for sooooo long that we made a wee bonus ep with chats about TV and Film recorded at Hope’s house in early Jan. Recommendations and conversations about how fabulous a recent Ben Wishaw red carpet appearance was. Expect Dumpling, A Star is Born, The Favourite, Mama Mia 2, Dr Who (it’s a kids show) Drag Queens’ appearing in many films AND whether or not you should do a celebrity profile if you’re a celebrity.

    A big catch up intro with Miriam & Amy covering Glee, Cool Runnings, The Fyre Festival Scam, not being a dick and a colonialist capitalist arsewipe, Caroline Or Change, Tony Kushner, Now 33, Amy’s new mash up of Slam Dunk The Funk by F*ve and MJ?

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  • This week, Miriam speaks to Hope Dickson Leach, writer, director, film-maker and campaigner based in Edinburgh - working around the globe. We drank hot chocolate.

    Hope talks about what home means, the industry, her latest feature film The Levelling, parenting and its links to her work with the industry group campaigning for better awareness of, and support for, parents and carers - Raising Film. It's literally what most humans will do at some point in their life.

    There is also a meander into and through both of our favourite books of 2018 and some excellent literary recommends. Miriam has a cold. STILL. Sorry.

    Two women in the arts speak to brilliant women and have meandering conversations. Come join our sneaky wee cult.

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    Raising Film www.raisingfilms.com/
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  • This week Miriam speaks to Harrie Hayes! Harrie is a British actor with a penchant for comedy (she is very funny) who is one fifth of zazU, actual Queens on Horrible Histories, advertisers’ dream go to face and much more besides.

    We talk about the journey from AM DRAM to DRAM DRAM and her plans for writing and making her own show. We did talk for 20 minutes on Brexit but we edited that out as we do care about your earholes. This Don’t Speak was recorded in the Tudor Mansion (not at all a helpful reference) that is The Southbank Centre in London’s second floor, which Miriam for some reason thought was be deadly quiet. It was not. Which is why it sounds a little like we’re in a public swimming pool.

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  • This week, Amy speaks to Oral O'loughlin, the Outgoing Artistic Director of the Traverse Theatre. They chat about her seven-year tenure at the helm of Edinburgh's new writing theatre, her final show Mouthpiece and, why it took Amy seven years to interview her.
    Mim and Amy are wrestling with software and will make 2019 a year to remember.
    Also - wee disclaimer - on the outro we mention Orla's new role is part - time, it's not, but she will still be directing. Hurrah.

  • This week Amy meets Annie George. Annie is an award-winning writer, theatremaker and occasional filmmaker, based in Edinburgh. Amy and Annie cover much ground in their 55 minute chat, from Obama, lies in politics, to 90s Scottish Theatre to today’s landscape. All with a keen awareness of Annie’s gaze - being one of few prolific South Asian makers on the scene. Her recent production Twa will be back out on the road in 2019.

    Miriam and Amy #mulletstyle manage to keep it brief up top but it’s all business at the back with a long natter to end the pod - ignoring the fact that there is some SHADE as Amy wraps her chat with Annie. Winky emoji.

    Info Annie's website anniegeorge.net
    Twitter @msanniegeorge
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  • Singer Songwriter all round wonder woman Kathryn Joseph joins Miriam for a chat about many things that have happened in the last 24 hours. Kathryn is an award winning artist who has been featured on all the radio stations that know what's good for them AND won a SAY (Scottish Album of the Year) Award for her first album. Kathryn also talks a little about 'process' and collaborating with other artists and what she would do if she met Bjork. If you're a fan of strictly, this'll feel fun and familiar, if you're not, erm, the TV dancing competition does feature heavily.

    Miriam is on absolutely nuts form. Apologies.

    This is our second episode from the John Lewis cafe Glasgow.

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  • BONUS EP. A wee follow up to the chat with Apphia Campbell about how to, when to, and sensible thoughts about running a showbiz theatre life. Amy & Miriam will work to do this from here on out when our interviews run over. Let us know what you think! Amy Trash Taylor Theatre Editor - The Skinny Scotland XMiriam Attwood - Recently heard spraffing on Guilty Feminist XA day late (let's be honest we're a thursday podcast)Twitter @dontspeakpodTwitter @apphiacampbellQuestions.... postcard to Don't Speak. Lewk, if Gwen Stefani answers we're all winning ;)

  • This week Miriam speaks to Apphia Campbell, writer, performer, actor, brilliant woman. We talk about the themes that emerge from Apphia’s work - plays Woke and Black is the Colour of My Voice. References we wander to and forth from are Michaela Coel writer and creator of Chewing Gum and about her headline TV Festival Lecture 2018, Netflix’s Kalief Browder Documentary and Gary Younge’s Another Day in the Death of America.

    It’s not all doom and gloom, “change is happening - which is why Apphia feels all is so disrupted” - paraphrased direct quote there. But expect to come away with a reading list!

    We spoke for so long we are going to make a bonus ep next week to cover when the conversation developed into showbizniz management rather than Civil Rights Movements and their place in theatres.

    Apphia’s website apphiacampbell.com/
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  • This week we are joined by List Editor Arusa Qureshi. Arusa is a writer, critic and editor based in Edinburgh and the current brains at the helm of the Scottish Arts and Culture Mag. We talk about being a boss lady, countering people’s expectations and ignoring their judgement. Amy bangs the table quite a lot.

    Miriam successfully broke wavelab (where you make a podcast) so she quickly recorded new jingles which will definitely come back to haunt her. There was also wine - and as Miriam hilariously points out this is the first ever threeway, or as Amy called it, a TrashWood interview with everyone on mic.

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  • This week Miriam speaks to dancer, choreographer, ermerging talent Mele Broomes in Glasgow where Mele is based.

    We talk about Mele's recent work VOID and everything that came with, funding, dancing, new ideas, everyday racism and much much more. Of the voices in the UK scene Mele is one to listen to and a ever growing body of work to look out for in our opinion! But obvs we're right.

    Miriam and Amy talk after the interview about being an ally. Miriam then in post edited out a big long rant. It's not long before that gets heard we imagine...

    For more info on Mele's work head to

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  • Our second ever SPECIAL LIVE BONUS EP recorded live in conversation at Fringe Central at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. Join Miriam and Amy with dancer, choreographer, trailblazer, Yami Rowdy Lofvenberg and contemporary dancer, director and soul soother Elena Wangurra from Hot Brown Honey alongside writer, theatre maker and performer Molly Taylor. Follow @dontspeakpod @mollyhopetaylor @hotbrownhoney

  • The usual drivel from Trash and Attwood - Miriam had time to read a book and Amy some horror films so things are returning to 'less mad' after the biggest month of the year in the LIVE calendar - the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

    This week, Miriam sits down with Crystal Stacey from Hot Brown Honey. Hailing from Broom, Australia, Crystal is an aerialist and dancer. They talk aerial, mad skills, that time Miriam killed a woman, creating work and circus school life - also about some very peachy nectarines.

  • Don't Speak with founder, producer & consultant at AtelierCulturati.com, Shivani Saini.

    Miriam spent a quick 20 minutes with Shivani on the final Sunday of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in the Summerhall Press Office. Shivani is in Edinburgh producing Huff, an incredible piece of new writing (new to Edinburgh, originally performed in 2012) by Cliff Cardinal. The show had just received a five star review in The Observer and Guardian online and Miriam took her chance to capture some time with incredible woman, creator, supporter, producer, maker Shivani about the piece and what it means to be in Edinburgh at the Fringe.

    Miriam and Amy are both very tired. Could you tell?

  • We are joined by rabble-rouser, anarchist neo-cabaret star and singer Yana Alana - IRL Sarah Ward. Miriam saw Yana Alana - Between The Cracks - at the fringe and her mind was blown so they sat down together the following weekend for a chat. Amy and Miriam are into their first weekend of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe and Miriam is maybe too honest about how a play made her feel - actual feelings.

    An arts pr. A culture journalist. A relatively new podcast. No words spoken until one of them hits record. Join Miriam Attwood and Amy (Trash) Taylor, as they talk rubbish to each other, and interview amazing women.