• In this episode of Femcasters, our guest Lucia Harper walks us through the do's and dont's of being an unforgettable guest on podcasts and broadcasts. Lucia Harper is a Communications Strategist & Comedy Fitness Trainer training important speakers to be enjoyable and memorable. She founded On Purpose Fun, the world's premiere Speaker Production Agency. She is also the co-founder of Not Stupid Networking and Presentello. 

    Being a guest on a podcast or broadcast is an amazing way to elevate your brand and grow your audience. 

    If you are looking to be a dynamic guest on podcasts and present yourself like a star this episode is jam-packed with tips and actionable tools. Lucia walks you through exercises on how to:

    ·        Be Energetic,

    ·        Practice like a pro and,

    ·        Be clear on your purpose.

    If you are an author, entrepreneur, or driven by passion, understanding your brand and using your voice on a media tour is essential. We can often be paralyzed when we are called to speak on various stages. Lucia talks to Corinna and Jules about the nuts and bolts of the art of being an unforgettable guest.

    Lucia talks about variety, authenticity, and the ability to connect with an audience.

    It can be as simple as brushing your teeth, standing up when you speak, and warming up your jaws.

    Lucia, a dear friend of the Femcasters disarms Jules and Corinna with her vibrant approach to performing as she creates laughter wherever she goes.

    Topics include:

    Pre-Production- The marriage between guest and host. It is essential to set the stage for a press junket by starting the relationship prior to the recording. This can be done by email or chat. The structure is essential when understanding the vision of the stage you grace.

    Understanding Your Audience: Make sure that you understand your audience and listen to the podcast or broadcast you are inhibiting.

    The Importance of a 1 Pager: This is the calling card that describes your expertise and will give your host a snapshot of why you should be on their shows.

    To Learn More About Lucia Harper Check Out Her Links:

    Lucia's Website: onpurpose.fun

    Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/lucia-harper/

    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/onpurposefun/

    Twitter: Lucia Harper🇨🇦 Comedy Fitness Trainer (@OnPurposeFun) / Twitter

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  • In this week's episode you'll meet one of our dear friends, Rick Sedler. Rick is the CEO and Founder of RMS Media Group, a company that markets to the elite upper class. His publications are in the luxury lifestyle market, a category he helped to define. In this conversation we dig into what it takes to market to a hyper-segmented population of individuals, establishing credibility and connecting with decision makers through relationship-driven sales. You'll learn that the power of relationships and establishing a genuine connection over common interests can be the key to unlocking the success of your dreams.

    About Rick Sedler, CEO & Founder of RMS Media Group

    Rick is a publisher, a media pro, and an expert storyteller. He was instrumental in the growth of The Robb Report Magazine, eventually leading them from the Chief seat. He was later recruited by Elite Traveler as the founding publisher. Elite Traveler has become the #1 luxury travel magazine that’s distributed exclusively on private jets. Today he serves as the CEO and founder of RMS Media group, managing the company’s owned and operated publishing operations which includes Northshore, Ocean Home and Luxury Pools and Outdoor Living magazines as well as their luxury media consulting and branding businesses.

    Company & Rick's Social Links:

    Company: rmsmg.com

    LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/rick-sedler-4882486/

    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ricksedler/

    Twitter: https://twitter.com/ricksedler

    Tiktok: https://tiktok/ricksedler

    Podcasts Mentioned:

    Armchair Historians with Anne Marie Cannon

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  • In this week's episode Jules & Corinna connect with a maven of social audio, Dayo Akinrinade to talk about the power of using one's voice to connect with other people in real time on social audio applications. They discuss the power of mentorship and how social audio has revolutionized connection as people seek guidance while others offer support. The two-sided exchange offered within social audio is nothing short of revolutionary!

    About Dayo Akinrinade, Founder & CEO of Wisdom

    Dayo started as an IT Management Consultant at Accenture and DeloitteThen, driven by the lack of diversity in London’s tech ecosystem, she joined the founding team of OneTech, London’s largest diversity in startups programme, backed by the JP Morgan Chase Foundation.Subsequently, after spotting a gap in the market, she went on to found Africlick, a cultural dating app targeting 1 billion Africans globally. Africlick has been mentioned on BBC Africa, BBC London Radio and Huffpost.Dayo holds a B.Sc. in Computer Science from the University of Manchester and a M.Sc. in Technology from University College London.Dayo was named 2021 Women In Dating Powerbook, celebrating the 20 most inspirational and influential women in the dating industryDayo was named in the Financial Times Top 100 Most Influential Ethnic Minority Leaders in Tech. 

    Wisdom Socials


    Dayo’s Socials

    https://twitter.com/DayoAKKhttps://www.instagram.com/dayo.akk/ https://www.linkedin.com/in/dayo-akinrinade-6102762/

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  • This week, we take you on a journey to Ghana in Africa so you can get a taste of what it's like to be a bold and fearless media queen in a country where corruption, sexism, and bigotry against homosexuality is the norm. Nana Aba Anamoah is a Femcaster in her own right with millions of engaged followers on Instagram, a career in TV and radio broadcasting that spans decades, and a leader who prizes mentorship because she truly loves helping people succeed. Nana Aba has a strong voice, and she isn't afraid to use it. She speaks with clarity of mind and truth in her heart to raise the voices of her people. She protects and serves the LGBTQIA+ community in Ghana, where it is literally illegal to be gay, and consistently supports the journey of those that are less fortunate than herself.

    Nana Aba is fearless. She is bold. She is beautiful. And she has a heart of gold. We invite you in this conversation to think about what it would be like to spend a day in her shoes, of the sacrifices she's made, of what it would be like to say goodbye to anonymity and live a life in the limelight. We love Nana Aba and we know you will too.

    About Our Guest: Nana Aba Anamoah, General Manager of GH One TV + Star 105.3 FM, Founder of the not-for-profit: Hearts Wide Open

    Nana Aba Anamoah is one of the most prominent journalists in Ghana. She is the Radio and Television Personality of the year; an award she has won for the second time in 3 years. Other awards include TV News reporter of the year, Current Affairs presenter of the year, Ghanaian woman of the year (Media Category), and Social Media Personality of the year. Nana Aba has become the leading voice on many issues on social media in Ghana with a staggering following of over 3 million on instagram alone.

    Nana Aba is currently General Manager of GHOne TV and Starr 103.5 FM. She is the founder of the new charity, Hearts Wide Open, a Not for Profit Organisation registered in Ghana, whose mission is simply to spread joy. From jobs to school fees, funding for life changing medical emergencies and more, residents of Ghana can apply directly on their website if they need help of just about any kind.

    Guest Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thenanaaba/

    Guest Website: https://heartswideopen.ngo

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  • In this interview Corinna & Jules connect with Dr. Laura Berman and discover that by following breadcrumbs of joy, and listening to your body you too can tap into your power, discover your Full Body Yes -- and become the Trailblazer you aspire to be.

    Dr. Laura has graced stages, microphones and television for over a decade as the trailblazer for having necessary conversations in the most difficult times of our lives. For decades she has pushed the envelope in speaking her truth.  She has been a regular contributor to the Oprah Winfrey show, opening millions of peoples' eyes to topics like sex, relationships and love.

    More About Dr. Laura Berman:

    Berman is an assistant clinical professor of obstetrics and gynecology and psychiatry at the Feinberg School of Medicine at Northwestern University.

    She is the author of the books It's Not Him: It's You and The Book of Love: Every Couple’s Guide to Emotional and Sexual Intimacy, and the New York Times best-selling books Real Sex for Real Women: Intimacy, Pleasure, & Sexual Wellbeing and For Women Only: A Revolutionary Guide to Overcoming Sexual Dysfunction and Reclaiming Your Sex Life as well as Secrets of the Sexually Satisfied Woman: 10 Keys to Unlocking Ultimate Pleasure and The Passion Prescription. She is a weekly columnist for the Chicago Sun-Times and has appeared on Fox News and CNN and in The New York Times, USA Today, and major women's magazines.

    Berman is also a member of the American Association of Sex Educators Counselors and Therapists, the Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality, the National Association of Social Workers, the International Society for the Study of Women's Sexual Health, and the American Urologic Society.

    Laura and her sister, the urologist, Jennifer Berman co-authored For Women Only: A Revolutionary Guide for Reclaiming your Sex Life. 

    In 2016 she published Quantum Love: Use Your Body's Atomic Energy to Create the Relationship You Desire.

    In 2021, she started her podcast 'The Language of Love'

    Visit Her Website: https://drlauraberman.com

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  • Meet podcasting legends, life partners, and transformation coaching team Mieke and JC Doornick (a.k.a Chicken and Dragon) as we discuss getting started podcasting with very basic tools, and a simple desire to have your voice heard. Mieke (Chicken) provides commentary on the power of podcasting to connect with niche audiences, and how perfectionism can hold you back. JC (Dragon) brings balance to the equation, discussing the importance of delegation, and how not being perfect can still result in growth. While in a perfect world, content and quality are both important, focusing on content, message, and consistency are more important over the long term.

    Together we have a deep conversation about the mental health of podcasters and of the general public. Mieke shares her knowledge about acute stress, PTSD, the Pandemic, and how isolation is causing anxiety, creating a greater need to build and maintaining connection with one another. We learn how JC conquered his anxiety of public speaking with what Mieke points out is essentially "exposure therapy".

    We even get a peek behind the curtain of the healthy relationship that Mieke and JC built, from the cute stories of how they became known as Chicken and Dragon to their daily commitments to spend personal time together, conversing and connecting as they begin and end each day technology-free. 

    Dr. JC Doornick “Dragon” comes from a fascinating life and family history full of pioneers in the entertainment industry and professional athletes. Later in life becoming a servant to the people as a Doctor of Chiropractic and Cofounder of a worldwide Humanitarian relief organization serving the third world with health, education, housing and food.

    Dragon frequently takes the stage and speaks to live audiences upwards of 11,000. With their two sons and adopted daughter “Duckie” they travel the world creating memories and seeking adventure and experiences. The Dragon represents that version of yourself you don’t believe is possible and the RISE UP WITH DRAGON PODCAST is all about unlocking and freeing people from their programmed mental prisons and back on track dreaming big. You can look forward to bigger and better things including the world’s greatest story ever told in the release of his upcoming book.

    Mieke Doornick, “Mee-kah”, aka (Chicken 🐔) is a master’s level student at Northwestern University and is currently working towards her qualification as a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC). Mieke holds a BA degree in Drama from The South African School of Motion Picture Medium (AFDA) in South Africa and trained as a professional actor and voice-over artist at both The New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts (NYCDA) in New York and The British American Drama Academy (BADA) in London. After graduating, Mieke moved to South Korea where she became the head of the English department at Dongducheon Sincheon Elementary School. She taught both English and Performing Arts to students in grades one through six.

    She strives to establish a sincere and dependable environment for the clients she serves by encouraging a trusting, personalized, and collaborative space. She applies a strengths-based, person-centered approach embedded in a psychodynamic framework, but also has a substantial interest in Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) – a form of therapy which concentrates on acceptance, emotional regulation, and strengthening skills to cope with challenging situations. She is a member of both the American Counseling Association (ACA) and The Association for Creativity in Counseling (ACC).

    For the past three years, Mieke has practiced as a certified health and transformation coach, and together with her husband, is currently expanding their health coaching company to Singapore and Hong Kong.

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  • 5 Free Tools to Market And Build Your Business.

    They say, “The Best Things In Life Are Free”

    You know your Femcasters Love Freebies. Here are our 5 tips on how to elevate your brand (and your podcast) for FREE! If you like free tools and resources to enhance your business, please reach out to Femcasters or join the Femcasters community (FOR FREE)!

    And you can also refer to Part 1 and Part 2 of The Femcaster Freebies here:

    5 Freebies in 5 Minutes | Femcasters

    5 Freebies In 5 Minutes, Part 2 | Femcasters

    Freebie Number 1.


    Link Tree is your one stop shop to get all your URL’s and your websites on one platform.

    Link Tree is an amazing resource. And we love it because it is FREE! Link Tree allows you to customize this URL and add all the links you want your social media followers onto one site. Sign up for Link Tree, add your links, customize it with your favorite colors and then upload it to all your social accounts. (Including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and Pinterest).

    Don't have too many links. It will confuse people.

    Femcaster Tip:

    Make sure you're discerning with the links. Too many links on Link Tree will confuse your audience. Keep it concise and make it powerful. 

    Freebie Number 2:


     It is very possible to get caught up in the minutia of building a business. It is very possible that you can get so wrapped up in analytics you forget about the vision of your business.

    However, SEOs are a vital part in the health of your online presence.

    Moz Rankings- What is Moz Rankings?

    Moz Ranking checks your website's number of quality links (backlinks), how SEO-friendly your website presents to GOOGLE . Moz Rank is calculated by a logarithmic scale between 1 and 10 . The higher the quality of the incoming links, the higher the Moz Rank.


    Freebie Number 3:


    Who does not love a dynamic hashtag? Who does not enjoy a strategic plan using hashtag?


    Hashtag-Generator.com takes the guesswork out of hashtags. However, remember, this key #hashtagtip:

    You do not want to use hashtags with 7 BILLION follows. It serves your brand and mission to use hashtags with followings of 1k-5k. This is the sweet spot in our estimation. When your following is too large your message gets lost in all the other posts with this hashtag.


    Freebie Number 4:


    Chartable's podcast analytics and attribution tools help publishers grow and help brands & agencies understand their spend. Chartable is the gold standard in understanding your global ranking. It also offers you a real-time reflection of your audience and reviews.

    Analytics and market positioning are a necessary components of building a strong brand. Understanding your numbers brings clarity to what is working and what is not working. Harnessing your “numbers” gives you the ability to make tweaks to your podcast and deliver content that your audience will devour.

     Freebie Number 5:


    PodMatch is like MATCH.COM for podcasters. PodMatch is a vibrant community of Podcast hosts and prospective guests. It is an engaged platform that allows prospective guests to pitch their story, service, or product. Authors, speakers, broadcasters, and entrepreneurs are plentiful. The best part about PodMatch is that it is, yes, free.

    è Caveat: In order to complete a profile on Podmatch you must have 7 podcast episodes published and have a viable RSS feed for at least 30 days.


    We love hearing your free tips you have found that are an asset to your brand. Please share them with us and if we use your tip in an upcoming Freebie episode we will send you some coveted Femcaster/Mancaster swag.

    Email us: [email protected]

    Send us a DM on Instagram: @femcasters

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  • This week, join Corinna & Jules as they connect with a B2B podcasting badass, Adam Sinkus of The Winning Tactics. They discuss how finding your authentic voice, practicing it, and varying your story with your audience in mind can keep your story fresh, engage your audience, and create an authentic story that will resonate with your audience, no matter the method you use to get it out into the world.

    About Adam Sinkus, The Winning Tactics:

    Adam brings his over 10 years of business and marketing skills to build engaging conversations about the many advantages of building an authentic brand through podcasting. He brings his passion for marketing and messaging front and center helping businesses reach their audience with genuine messaging that converts.

    Guest's Website: Thewinningtactics.com

    Connect with Adam Sinkus: https://www.linkedin.com/in/adamsinkus/

    Time Stamps:

    00:00 Introduction

    03:50 Monetizing your podcast - mirroring your business purpose with your podcast

    04:40 Selecting guests based on your goals

    05:20 The "F" word that Jules hates

    07:10 What makes your voice unique

    08:30 What is Adam's personal brand?

    11:34 Why aren't there more women on the production side of podcasts?

    15:30 The importance of story and authenticity, empowering one's true talents

    18:40 Finding your inspiration and bringing your authentic voice forward (finding your why, practice your story, connecting with your audience. Layer it together / tell differently and keep it fresh)

    24:42 Brene Brown and the importance of being vulnerable

    26:20 The secret to conducting great interviews with your guests

    27:53 Adam's favorite podcasts - and his commitment to learning by listening

    30:15 Corinna's commitment to listen to Femcaster community member podcasts - and what she's learned from listening to them - including Bailey Bouwman's Cloth Diaper Podcast

    31:43 Irina Hehovsov's Single Parent Success Stories podcast and how her storytelling method kept Adam glued to it for 3 episodes, even though it isn't typical of the shows he likes

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  • This podcast is re-broadcast by permission from Halfass to Badass, Hosted by Satori Mateu. Julie Lokun, host of Femcasters, opens the show with a heartfelt original introduction.

    Have you ever had someone believe in you and see something that others maybe didn’t? Have you ever had someone do something special for you, and inspire you to pay it forward? Today’s guest will share real-life obstacles and struggles and how she overcame them. Corinna Bellizzi is the host of the Care More Be Better and Femcasters podcasts and focuses on social impact, sustainability, and elevating the voices of women. She has also been a very successful executive in the natural products industry for years.

    In this episode you will learn:

    What can YOU do to contribute? How you can use your past experiences to move forward and make an impact in other people’s lives. How to discover what your dream client is looking for What happens when you live in alignment with your values and take a stand against what’s not... How to deal with insomnia. Corinna has a mission to reach a global audience and inspire them to act and engage. Inspire them to be more complete and whole. If you want to be a part of that visit: https://caremorebebetter.com/  or listen to her show https://podcasts.apple.com/tr/podcast/care-more-be-better-social-impact-sustainability-regeneration/id1548757282

    Time Stamps:

    00:00 Introduction To The Episode by Julie Lokun

    04:45 What is a halfass? What is a badass?

    08:20 The formative challenges I faced, and the power of one person’s belief in me

    12:15 Roots in natural products; identifying the opportunity of Nordic Naturals in the early days

    22:00 Getting inspired – identifying what gives you energy

    24:00 Mental health and the power of podcasting

    26:00 The values + focus connection and its importance in laying a foundation for success

    28:00 What gives you clarity? Asking the right questions.

    32:51 What to eliminate from your path to clear a path for goal achievement

    40:10 Balancing life and business – Schedule time to “do nothing”

    44:15 Solving the “Busy Brain” insomnia problem of over-achievers with a powerful mantra

    About the Halfass to Badass Podcast and Satori Mateu

    Satori Mateu went from wanting to commit suicide and thinking his own life was just over - to living life, fully embracing the adventure. He has become a world champion in karate, a successful business owner, a two time number one bestselling author. An international speaker, a coach, a proud father and an amazing husband. Satori has helped elevate the performance and revenue for Olympic gold medalists, famous entrepreneurs like Tony Robbins and companies like Mercedes-Benz bank of America and many more. He is also a podcaster and has a show called Halfass To Badass: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/halfass-to-badass-podcast/id1454358776

    Satori’s New Book, Unshakeable Wealth is a top-rated on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Unshakeable-Wealth-Business-Without-Apologies/dp/1942707835/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=unshakeable+wealth&qid=1630450898&sr=8-1

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  • Meet the co-founder and CEO of Loomly, Thibaud Clément, who built Loomly as a romantic gesture for his wife, Noemie. Together they created a social media management tool with creators in mind. Loomly became the chosen platform for Corinna & Jules for Femcasters and their other podcasts too! In this episode you hear their perspectives on why this particular tool stands out for creators, and why they chose not to go with Sprout Social, Hubspot or other platforms. You're invited to think about what you use Social Media for, and how to get the most out of your efforts on each platform, no matter your focus.

    About Thibaud Clément:

    Thibaud Clement is the Co-Founder of Loomly. Together with his spouse and business partner, Noemie, Clement has launched four successful e-commerce, agency and technology businesses. A self-taught programmer, Clement initially developed Loomly’s collaborative marketing software as an in-house solution to help his team streamline digital content creation and publishing.

    Encouraged by feedback from clients and peers, Loomly grew into a standalone entity in 2016. The distributed company, which has operated with a fully remote staff since its founding, currently serves thousands of marketing teams worldwide, consistently achieving a triple-digit annual revenue growth rate.

    After graduating from Grenoble Ecole de Management, France and the University of Ottawa, Canada, in 2011, Clément traveled around the world for one year to study innovative business models and published a book about entrepreneurship and business, “Se Lancer Sans Attendre.” He is a frequent guest on podcasts focused on marketing, e-commerce and the future of work, in addition to being a regular contributor to numerous industry publications.

    Time Stamps:

    00:00 Introduction


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  • Join Julie Lokun as she shares her favorite freebies of the week. These are go-to freebies that support your personal and professional development -- and your podcasting or broadcasting journey.

    Time Stamps:

    00:00 Introduction

    01:00 Score.org, matching you with a mentor (for free!)

    01:53 PitchPodcasts.com, matching you with podcasts so you can have a rich guesting experience

    02:35 Descript.com, video or audio editing tool for transcription (freemium and premium versions)

    03:25 ListenNotes.com, check details on podcasts, how they rank globally, lists and analytics

    04:30 GigSalad.com, build a profile to build your guest speaker journey (keynotes, etc.)

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  • Meet the Podcasting LEGEND, Chris Krimitsos. You'll hear how he got the Podfest community up and running, as Jules & Corinna dig into his history. You'll discover how Podfest Expo is now one of the largest events in the universe of podcasting, integrating international communities with both their in-person and virtual events. They discuss the state of podcasting today, the fact that a lot of money is being dumped into podcasting now, how podcasters can ensure they don't podfade, the challenge of competing with celebrity hosted shows, and how you can stand the test of time in the world of podcasting. You'll learn the secrets behind community development, what Chris has personally found to be most effective, and how you should never overlook the talent that is right under your nose -- in the very community you have worked to develop.

    About Chris Krimitsos:

    Chris Krimitsos holds the Guinness World Records™ title for the largest attendance for a virtual podcasting conference in one week, and is a leading expert on podcasting and on-demand audio. His international conference, PodFest, is the longest-running continuous in-person podcasting event in the world and attracts thousands of attendees from over 50 countries each year. Running parallel with that event, Chris also successfully birthed VidFest, as part of his efforts to build the home for all creators.

    With two decades and over 2,000 live events under his belt, Chris has worked with the world’s most influential voices in marketing, audio, and technology. Those experiences inspired his best-selling book, Start Ugly, which has quickly become the go-to guide for entrepreneurs and influencers who are beginning their creative journey.

    He’s not just an educator though. His penchant for being an on-demand innovator is seen in Chris’ own Kid-Friendly Podcast Network having garnered over a million podcast downloads. As a podcast consultant and coach, he has helped ventures such as the Women’s Meditation Network grow to millions of monthly downloads.

    As the go-to authority, Chris is the person to be contacted when the experts need to understand how the on-demand audio space will continue to evolve.

    Website: http://chriskrimitsos.com/

    Podfest: https://podfestexpo.com/

    Time Stamps:

    00:00 Femcasters_Chris Krimitsos

    04:30 Mathew Passey, The Podcast Consultant - Introduction to Podfest 2021

    07:00 Even Celebrities Podfade - and Why Consistency Wins

    08:10 Social Audio -- Are These Platforms Useful for Podcasters?

    10:49 Slow & Steady Wins The Race and The Power of Word of Mouth

    15:23 In-Person Connections & Virtual Options In The Age of COVID, Improving Access

    17:27 The Problem of Cyber-bullying In Podcasting

    25:32 Fostering Community & Leveraging Engagement

    27:00 The Power of The Singular Tense and "You / Your" Language Use

    28:30 The Importance of An Embedded Call To Action

    32:58 Finding Talent Within Your Community

    37:42 Chris Krimitsos' Favorites At IHOP

    39:56 Jerry's Story

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  • Join Corinna & Jules as they connect with their community on Clubhouse for a Q & A about expanding your voice and reaching new audiences. They connect with Kim, a children’s author who seeks ideas for how her book can get exposure in more of the right places. They offer thoughts on how she might even use TikTok and YouTube to expand her brand and make a name for herself. They also connect with a political leader, Tamara, who seeks to change the state of politics in Georgia, and other podcasters with topics that range from bacon to sex in a single show. This episode may surprise you. It may delight you. It may put a smile on your face and spur new ideas into being.

    Join Our Community of Femcasters (and our fellow Femcaster, Dr. G!)

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  • Have you been wondering if the topic of your show is too narrow, too small, or too niche? Podcasts with incredibly narrow topics often thrive. These “super niche” shows activate a community and compel real engagement in a way that podcasts with a broader audience simply can’t. 

    In this episode we introduce you to Bailey Bauman, host and creator of the Cloth Diaper Podcast, which has recorded 96 episodes to date. Bailey Bouwman has successfully cultivated an audience of 2.3K subscribers on YouTube and a Podcaster with a VERY ENGAGED audience of 300 listeners or more. With audiences that span from her native Canada to the Far East, Bailey reaches passionate people from all over the globe. Through her podcasting and vlogging efforts, Bailey has become a “go-to” within the cloth diapering community. She is deeply involved in the formation of a new industry association that will likely emerge in 2022 and which seeks to bring cloth diapering back into the mainstream. 

    Corinna Bellizzi interviews Bailey Bauman as they discuss how and why cultivating an engaged audience is so important, the types of tools they use to market to these audiences, and the importance of “merch” or branded merchandise to cultivate a deeper connection with inspired audience members, guests, and affiliates. Topics discussed include:

    About Bailey Bouwman

    Bailey Bouwman is the co-founder of the Cloth Diaper Association. She admits that nobody talks about diapering until they are full into “the diaper situation” and she’s made it her mission to ensure cloth diaper use re-enters the mainstream. She invites you to waste less, spend less, and embrace cloth diapering.

    Bailey Bouwman’s Website

    Cloth Diaper Podcast – YouTube

    Other Podcasts Mentioned

    Care More Be Better: https://caremorebebetter.com

    Motorcycles & Misfits: https://motorcyclesandmisfits.wordpress.com/

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  • In this bonus episode you’ll receive 5 freebies in 5 minutes from Julie Lokun. The quick links and details are provided below:

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  • If you’ve ever wondered how to turn your stress from its negative, fear-mongering monster into something more productive that can actually help you succeed, then this episode is for you. With Dr. G in the interview seat, Jules & Corinna ask questions about how we manage through change, the power of empathy, why choice and setting boundaries are critical to success, and even what it takes to prepare for big PR moments on stage or on TV. You’ll hear how Dr. G does it all, even as a single mom of 4 boys, medical doctor, and media personality.

    About Deborah Gilboa, MDPopularly known as “Dr. G”, Deborah Gilboa, MD is a practicing physician, resilience expert, on-camera personality, author and parent. Considered a go-to media expert on creating resilience in your community, your team, even your own family, Dr G travels the world speaking at conferences, businesses and universities. She is a regular contributor on The Doctors, The TODAY Show, Good Morning America, Today Show, The Rachael Ray Show, and Pittsburgh Today Live. Dr. G is quoted regularly in online and print publications including Today.com, The Washington Post, The New York Times, Real Simple, and the Wall Street Journal. Author of “Teach Resilience” (and three other titles), Dr. G has the strategies to recruit, retain and rewire employees for resilience.

    Time Stamps:

    00:00 Introductions

    03:30 Tackling change and stress with choice and resilience

    06:35 The power of empathy

    08:30 On setting boundaries and priorities

    10:00 Preparing for big PR moments in media

    12:45 Guesting vs. Hosting

    14:00 Turning the tables: Why femcasters?

    15:15 Sexism in broadcasting and the medical profession

    17:00 The power of humor, humility, and modesty (especially when in a position of power)

    18:45 Two tips from Dr. G (on reaching your audience, accountability and prioritization)

    21:00 Where to find Dr. G

    Website: http://askdrg.com/ Social: @askdrg

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  • In this session, you will be a fly on the wall of an interactive Clubhouse room run by Corinna & Jules in the Impact Podcasts Club. You’ll get to experience a couple of fun surprises – as Julie Lokun shares a surprise for a new podcast that she helped to launch as you meet Rod Desch, host of the Cultural Chameleon Podcast — and Julie Rock who acted as voice-artist for a very special introduction to this new podcast show.

    The active discussion includes tips and tools to ensure you enjoy more success guesting on other podcasts, getting guests on your own, and even ideas for ensuring a more successful book launch. Enjoy — and stay tuned for mor Q&A sessions soon!

    Time Stamps:

    03:30 Do I need a virtual assistant (VA) to guest on a bunch of shows? Tools in lieu of a VA: podchaser.com, audry.io, guestio.io, pitchpodcasts.com

    08:44 A surprise for Rod Desch and Cultural Chameleon Podcast

    13:30 She Podcasts Live, and getting started podcasting, caremorebebetter.com, beyond6seconds.net

    16:10 What exactly is a podcast?

    18:35 What makes a show clean or explicit? What’s the deal with swearing?

    23:15 Why should you podcast and how do you monetize?

    30:10 How to get more listeners and the power of cross guesting

    36:00 Surprise for Corinna from Julie Lokun

    38:45 Launching a podcast when you’re doubting your voice

    Podcasts episodes referenced:

    Go Beyond First Impressions with Carolyn Kiel of Beyond 6 Seconds at She Podcasts Live – Femcasters

    Be Vulnerable And Love Your Message with Dr. Sherrie Campbell – Femcasters

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  • This week, Corinna Bellizzi introduces Carolyn Kiel of the Beyond 6 Seconds Podcast. They talk about why Carolyn began her podcasting journey almost 4 years ago — because she wanted to tell the story beyond the first impression of the first 6 seconds. Her belief is that when you dig deeper, you reveal the truth.

    They discuss their podcasting journeys and how each works to peek behind the veil of social media to tell compelling stories. They also share key takeaways from She Podcasts Live, where they recorded this show in person in October 2021.  

    About Carolyn Kiel: Carolyn Kiel is a full-time instructional designer of corporate training initiatives. In her free time she hosts the Beyond 6 Seconds podcast, where she has interviewed more than 100 entrepreneurs, creatives and CEOs about the big challenges they’ve faced, and how these experiences have shaped their lives and identities.

    Introductory Note: This is an in-person interview that I recorded when I was in Arizona for She Podcasts Live in October. I enjoyed living in the moment, connecting with other vibrant and incredible women. It was an incredible experience, and one I’m most thankful for. She Podcasts Live inspired me to work to build a stronger community of podcasters that collaborate and support one another. We’re doing this with our fellow Femcasters because we believe that it is only through collaboration that we can crash through that glass ceiling and change the world.

    So I hope you’ll listen to this episode with that lens and think about what you can do to help elevate the voices of others around you.

    Beyond 6 Seconds Podcast: 

    Website: www.beyond6seconds.net Facebook Group: Beyond 6 SecondsTwitter: @Beyond6SInstagram: @beyond6secondsYouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEZsA0foAXVdeac9Zx4sKEg  

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  • Join Corinna & Jules as they discuss overcoming your fear of speaking. Learn how tools like Clubhouse and Wisdom applications (or other social audio) can help. You’ll hear how they each conquered their fear of speaking by keeping the message in focus, practicing in front of audiences, and remembering it’s not about you. It’s about the message. They talk about the power of preparation and why you shouldn’t be afraid to learn by doing, practicing through events at a library, an open mic night, or even through volunteering to be the MC at a local event.

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  • Corinna & Jules connect with the best-selling author and nationally recognized psychologist, Dr. Sherrie Campbell to talk about the importance of being vulnerable and loving your message. 

    Guest Bio: 

    Dr. Sherrie Campbell is a practicing psychologist, best-selling author, and nationally recognized psychologist who helps people navigate the emotional challenges around breaking ties with toxic family members. A regular guest on TV and radio shows, she blogs for the Huffington Post, is a weekly contributor for Entrepreneur. She earned her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology in 2003, where she specialized in psychotherapy with adults and teenagers. She works with individuals, couples, groups, and families.

    Dr. Sherrie’s website: https://drsherriecampbell.com/

    Dr. Sherrie’s Podcast – Cutting Toxic Family Ties: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/sherapy-sessions-cutting-toxic-family-ties/id1591691842

    Time Stamps

    00:00 Introduction

    05:00 Why neediness (and trauma vomiting) doesn’t work

    09:40 Recording audio and why a mirror or camera can help (links to neuro-biology)

    14:22 Loving your message and the people who need it (your audience)

    18:00 Living an authentic life, even in the limelight

    22:33 Corinna & Jules: On connecting through vulnerability

    24:55 Tips summary from the show

    27:00 Leading with your authentic self and going with the flow

    30:45 What’s coming next? Updates from the Femcasters community and future guests

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