• Cohosts of the Survivor Historians Podcast, Jay Fischer and Mario Lanza, return to the Jack Vita Show to discuss the Los Angeles Dodgers, Seattle Mariners and a tight MLB playoff chase in both the National and American League, with less than two weeks remaining in the regular season. Having grown up in Southern California, Jay is a lifelong Dodgers fan. The Dodgers recently clinched another National League West division title, their tenth over the last eleven years. Los Angeles will likely have the no. 2 seed in the NL Playoffs, which will include a bye from the NL Wild Card Series. Jay assesses the Dodgers' chances of returning to the World Series. What might the Dodgers' pitching rotation look like in the postseason? Jay, Mario and Jack put the Milwaukee Brewers under the microscope. The Brew Crew is close to winning its third NL Central division title over the past six years. The club has only missed the playoffs once during that stretch. Milwaukee has long flown under the radar, but the Brewers have been one of the most consistently successful teams in the sport, without a large payroll, and without ever really "rebuilding". Will the Brewers be a dangerous dark horse team, come October? Mario is our resident Seattle sports guy. He visited the show three weeks ago, when the Mariners were in first place. In the time since, Scott Servais' club has cooled off, and is fighting for a playoff spot. Mario discusses what has gone wrong for Seattle in recent weeks, George Kirby's recent comments that caused a stir in the media, and how he projects the team will finish out the regular season. Fittingly, the Dodgers and Mariners played each other over the weekend, as did Jay's Detroit Lions and Mario's Seattle Seahawks. Along the way Jay, Mario and Jack discuss Shohei Ohtani's future, SpongeBob SquarePants, frozen custard, the city of Milwaukee, Reuben sandwiches, and much more! You can subscribe to the The Survivor Historians Podcast on Apple Podcasts and follow Mario (@MarioJLanza) and Jay (@Jay_Fischer) on Twitter.

  • Top news breaker and longtime USA Today national baseball writer Bob Nightengale returns to the Jack Vita Show to discuss the latest happenings from around the world of baseball. Bob reported Sunday that the Los Angeles Angels are open to trading Mike Trout, if Trout tells the front office that he wants out. Bob explains and provides further information. Could the Angels possibly lose Trout and Shohei Ohtani this winter? Bob weighs in on the Angels' chances of re-signing Ohtani, and details what has gone wrong for the Halos since the trade deadline. Did Ohtani's torn UCL injury increase or decrease the Angels' chances of re-signing the 2021 AL MVP? Bob also shares the latest on Cody Bellinger's looming free agency. A month and a half ago, he told the Jack Vita Show that there was "zero chance" the Cubs re-signed Bellinger. Has that changed in the time since we last spoke? What teams can we expect to be in play for Bellinger this winter, and what is the price tag going to look like for a Bellinger contract? Bob and Jack discuss Bellinger's incredible impact on the Cubs in 2023, along with the recent call-up of top outfield prospect Pete Crow-Armstrong. What will the Cubs' outfield look like moving into the future? Bob and Jack whip the ball around the horn, breaking down the NL Wild Card race, the collapse of the Texas Rangers, why the Cleveland Guardians and San Diego Padres were such huge disappointments this season, Terry Francona and Craig Counsell's futures, a potential price tag on Aaron Nola's next contract, and much more! You can follow Bob on Twitter (@BNightengale) and check out his latest story at USA Today, where he sat down with Mark McGwire and reflected on the 1998 home run chase.

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  • Longtime MLB analyst, broadcaster and insider Orestes Destrade returns to the Jack Vita Show, to weigh in on the Chicago Cubs' surprising and incredible run, the Tampa Bay Rays playing without Wander Franco, Shohei Ohtani's future, the best Japanese baseball players coming over to the United States to play in Major League Baseball, and more.


    Orestes has contributed to the Jack Vita Show for three years now, and is always a welcomed guest. He was on-air talent at ESPN for five years, appearing on ESPN's award-winning baseball show, Baseball Tonight, and providing color commentary services for ESPN's broadcasts of the Little League World Series and World Baseball Classic. For the past 12 seasons, Orestes worked as a broadcaster, covering the Tampa Bay Rays for Fox Sports and Bally Sports. During that time, he co-hosted the Rays' pregame and postgame show, Rays Live. Orestes currently hosts a weekly sports radio program, called "The O Zone", in Florida markets.


    Orestes played four Major League seasons and was a star in Japan. In 1990 he was named the Japan Series MVP, while playing for the Seibu Lions. He led the Pacific League in home runs three different times, and led the league twice in RBI. He received Best Nine Award honors three different times. Needless to say, Orestes is well-connected and in-tune with what's happening in Japanese baseball.


    Over the past two years, Japanese stars Seiya Suzuki, Mastaka Yoshida and Kodai Senga have taken their talents over to America. What is Orestes' assessment of each player?


    Orestes has a lot of thoughts on Shohei Ohtani's injury and future, including a potential dark horse team to keep an eye on during the Ohtani sweepstakes this winter. How will Ohtani's torn UCL impact his looming free agency and the dollar amount he will receive in his next contract? Will it better or worsen the chances that he re-signs with the Angels, or have little to no impact?


    The Chicago Cubs have taken the league by storm. Entering play June 8, the Cubs were 26-36, ten games under .500 and 7.5 games back of a playoff spot. In the time since, the club is a remarkable 48-28, and now has a very good chance of making the playoffs for the first time in a full, 162-game season, since 2018. What has been the key to the Cubs' incredible turnaround? Is there a case to be made for Cody Bellinger to be the National League MVP?


    Later on, Orestes and Jack throw the ball around the horn, and take a look at other news from around the league, including the Los Angeles Angels dumping a handful of players on waivers, the Cleveland Guardians being highly active at the waiver deadline, the Guardians' chances of catching the Minnesota Twins in the AL Central race, the latest on the Wander Franco saga, and much more!


    Tune in to hear Orestes' weekly radio program, The O Zone!

  • Writer, published author, creator of the Funny 115 and lifelong Seattle sports fan Mario Lanza returns to the Jack Vita Show at the perfect time: the Seattle Mariners are in sole possession of first place in the American League West! Entering July 20, the Mariners were 47-48, 10 games back of the Texas Rangers for first place in the AL West. In a little over a month, the M's have not only caught up with the Rangers, but surpassed them in the division race. The race is far from, over though. With five weeks remaining in the regular season, the AL West is shaping up to be a three-team race, with the Houston Astros also in the mix. The Astros have won the division five of the last six years, and eliminated the Mariners from contention in the American League Division Series last October. Will the Mariners finally top the Astros, and win their first division title since 2001? Mario weighs in. Mario and Jack also discuss the total collapse of the Rangers, who are now 33-37 since June 6. The Rangers entered June 7 with a 40-20 record. Shohei Ohtani suffered a torn UCL recently, which will likely require Tommy John surgery, and could spell the end of his pitching days. Mario and Jack react. Last week, Chicago White Sox owner Jerry Reinsdorf did the unthinkable: he fired somebody! Vice president Kenny Williams and general manager Rick Hahn were relieved of their duties, in the middle of an abysmal White Sox season. Jack shares why he was surprised by the move, and what it means for the organization going forward. In other news, the New York Yankees continue to struggle, Mario and Jack share their thoughts on the new rules and recent changes that have come to Major League Baseball, and Mario discusses his new project, "Mario Stories", in addition to his other work, covering Survivor, movies and Saturday Night Live. Mario has written about CBS' hit reality competition show, Survivor, for over 20 years now. He has a website, The Funny 115, where he counts down the funniest moments in the show's history. He cohosts a Survivor podcast, The Survivor Historians, where he provides historical context to the show's early seasons. He has a book, When It Was Worth Playing For: My Experiences Writing About the TV Show "Survivor", available for purchase on Amazon. In addition to covering Survivor, Mario has a movie podcast called Staff Picks, which Jack was a guest on earlier this year, discussing one of his favorite films, Moneyball. Most recently, Mario has been working on a writing project called "Mario Stories", where he tells unforgettable stories from his childhood, including one in which his father put a bounty on an opposing player in a youth football game. You can follow Mario on Twitter (@MarioJLanza).

  • Tim Hagerty has been the play-by-play voice for the El Paso Chihuahuas, the San Diego Padres' Triple-A affiliate team, since their inaugural season in 2014. He has been calling Triple-A games for the Padres since 2008. Tim visits the Jack Vita Show to discuss the Padres' struggles in 2023, the National League Wild Card race, the Hall of Fame candidacy of recently retired Cole Hamels (who signed a minor league contract with the Padres in February), his new book, what makes minor league baseball special, and the greatest minor league baseball stories, many of which very few people know about. First things first, Jack welcomes Tim to the show to dissect the National League Wild Card race and discuss the chances of the Padres turning it around and sneaking into the playoffs in the final weeks of the season. At the time of recording, the Padres are 60-66, 5.5 games back of the third National League Wild Card, currently owned by the San Francisco Giants. The Philadelphia Phillies, Chicago Cubs, Arizona Diamondbacks, San Francisco Giants, Cincinnati Reds, Miami Marlins and Padres are all in the hunt for the three NL Wild Cards. Cole Hamels inked a minor league contract with the Padres in February. He had hoped to pitch at Triple-A El Paso, before returning to the big leagues this summer. Hamels was unable to complete his comeback attempt. Dealing with pain and undisclosed injuries, Hamels remained in Peoria, Arizona at the Padres' spring training complex, until he announced his retirement earlier this month. Hamels is a World Series MVP, a World Series champion and a four-time All-Star. Is he a Hall of Famer? Tim and Jack examine his Hall of Fame case and compare it to that of other pitchers from his era. Later on, Tim shares some of the greatest stories from minor league baseball. How about the time that a player once got traded for a plate of beans? Or the time that a wild bull ran out onto the field? Wouldn't you like to hear about the 200-mile home run? Tim recently released a book, Tales from the Dugout: 1,001 Humorous, Inspirational and Wild Anecdotes from Minor League Baseball. Tim gives us a little taste of the crazy stories you can read about in his book, in a fun episode of the Jack Vita Show! You can purchase it on Amazon here. Padres' playoff chances, NL Wild Card race (0:00 - 21:00)Cole Hamels' retirement and Hall of Fame case (21:00 - 41:30)Tim's broadcasting career, best minor league baseball stories (41:30 - END) Purchase Tim's book, Tales from the Dugout: 1,001 Humorous, Inspirational and Wild Anecdotes from Minor League Baseball, on Amazon! You can find it here. You can also follow him on Twitter (@tdhagerty)!

  • Earlier this year, emergency room nurse Amanda Clark-Stoner appeared on the first season of Peacock's reality competition show, The Traitors. Amanda visits the Jack Vita Show to discuss her time competing on The Traitors and share her incredible life story of overcoming drug addiction and depression and turning to Jesus Christ. Amanda placed 12th on The Traitors. Despite having strong relationships with the cast, as a faithful, she mysteriously had to leave the show in episode 6, for reasons unknown to the audience. The show did not reveal why Amanda was forced to leave the show. In this episode of the Jack Vita Show, she sets the record straight, detailing how she was eliminated from contention, after testing positive for COVID-19. How did Amanda contract COVID on The Traitors? Were there quarantining protocols in place? Did other cast members contract COVID? Amanda sets the record straight on her elimination. Amanda also reflects on her time on The Traitors. What was her strategy, and how would she have continued to play, had she not been forced out? Who did she bond most with and have an alliance with, and what did she think of the celebrities that came in to the mansion? Who from the cast is she still close with now? Is there anything about the show's format and presentation that Amanda would change about it, moving forward? Amanda was conceived when her parents were 17, and she was adopted and raised by her maternal grandparents. After struggling with serious health issues, Amanda's grandfather committed suicide when Amanda was 11 years-old. This traumatic event, combined with the abandonment she experienced as a young child, and the bullying she was enduring at school, sent Amanda into a dark depression, which led to drug and alcohol abuse. Amanda overdosed more than once as a teenager, and at the age of 15, she was arrested. Amanda tells the unbelievable story of how God intervened in her life and pulled her off the path she was on, as she got clean and gave her life to Jesus Christ. In the time since, Jesus has transformed her heart and her life. Amanda tells her story on the Jack Vita Show! Amanda's time on The Traitors (0:00 - 1:01:30)Amanda's story of overcoming drug and alcohol abuse (1:01:30 - END)

  • Rhett Bollinger covers the Los Angeles Angels for MLB.com and is a proud USC alum. He returns to the Jack Vita Show this week to discuss a wide variety of topics, including the Angels' immediate struggles following the trade deadline, and the murky future of the Pac-12 Conference. First, Rhett and Jack talk all things Pac-12. A week ago, it was announced that Arizona, Arizona State, Colorado and Utah would all be joining the Big 12, with Oregon and Washington entering the Big Ten. Last summer, USC and UCLA shockingly announced that 2023-24 would be their final year in the Pac-12, with both southern California schools heading to the Big Ten. Conference realignment is in full force. The Big Ten, Big 12 and Pac-12 are going to look quite a bit different after this year. Rhett breaks it all down and explains what exactly happened to the Pac-12. Now only four teams remain in the Pac-12: Stanford, Cal, Oregon State and Washington State. What will happen to the remaining schools? Rhett and Jack open the show talking Pac-12, then pivot over to some baseball news, before returning to Pac-12 talk. Along the way, Rhett and Jack discuss MLB TV deals, the Tim Anderson vs. Jose Ramirez fight, the Cleveland Guardians' lingering struggles, and more! Jack and Rhett also take a look at the new Big 12 and Big Ten. At first glance, the new Big 12 appears to be the NCAA's premier men's basketball league. Then, Rhett and Jack put the Angels under the microscope. Two weeks ago, the club was riding high, having won nine of their last ten games. The Angels opted to buy at the trade deadline, adding Lucas Giolito, Reynaldo Lopez, Randal Grichuk and CJ Cron to aid them in their playoff chase. The Angels enter the weekend on a cold spell. Prior to taking back-to-back games from the San Francisco Giants, the Halos lost seven straight, a streak in which they dropped all four games of a home series to the division rival Seattle Mariners. Rhett checks the pulse of the Angels and details what has gone wrong for the club in the time since the deadline. Can the club recover, and still make the postseason? If the Angels miss the playoffs for the eighth-straight season, will the club still be able to re-sign Shohei Ohtani? Rhett weighs in on the Angels' decision not to trade Ohtani, and assesses the upcoming free agent market for the current American League MVP frontrunner. How many teams does Rhett believe will realistically be in play for Shohei, and which teams are they? Rhett also sizes up the teams in contention for Ohtani's services, and shares which team(s) he believes has the best shot at signing him. Later, Rhett and Jack discuss the hottest team in baseball: the Seattle Mariners. Rhett also predicts which team will win the American League West, and the American League as a whole. It's a jam-packed episode you won't want to miss! You can follow Rhett (@RhettBollinger) on Twitter and check out his work at MLB.com. Subscribe to his newsletter for Angels news delivered to your inbox! Pac-12 Fallout, MLB TV deals, Tim Anderson vs. Jose Ramirez (0:00 - 30:10)Angels' struggles, Ohtani's future (30:10 - 52:05)Mariners, AL West predictions (52:05 - END)

  • Last month, 25 year-old sports reporter Haley Jordan was crowned Miss Indiana USA 2023. She will compete in the Miss USA pageant in Reno, Nevada later this fall, which will ultimately feed into the Miss Universe pageant in November. Haley has been a longtime friend of the Jack Vita Show! She first appeared on the podcast back in early 2021, helping Jack break down the divisional round of the NFL playoffs. The following month, she joined Jack to discuss Super Bowl 55, one day after the big game. In the time since we last checked in with Haley, her career has taken off as a sports reporter. For two years, she covered Indiana University athletics for Hoosiers Now on Sports Illustrated/FanNation. Since August 2022, Haley has provided color analyst and sideline reporter services to volleyball and men's and women's basketball broadcasts on ESPN+. She currently is the pregame show host and in-game emcee for the Indianapolis Indians Triple-A baseball team, a minor league affiliate of the Pittsburgh Pirates. She recently accepted a position as a full-time high school teacher, teaching sports broadcasting to students. In 2017, Haley was named Miss Indiana, and competed in the Miss America pageant. In 2020, she lost her mother to brain cancer. After losing her mom, she thought she'd never compete in another pageant. Through her grief journey, she decided to get back on the saddle, and finished second in the 2022 Miss Indiana USA pageant. A year later, she took the crown. Haley returns to the Jack Vita Show to discuss her mental health journey, her Miss Indiana USA story, overcoming grief, her Christian faith, her career, and her love for sports and CBS' hit show, Survivor! Find out what adventure Haley wants to embark on next, after completing her time as Miss Indiana USA (and hopefully, Miss USA and Miss Universe)! You can support Haley on her path to Miss USA and follow her on Instagram (@tvhaleyjordan and @missinusa) and Twitter (@HaleyJordanTV)

  • Top news breaker and longtime USA Today national baseball writer Bob Nightengale returns to the Jack Vita Show, just days before the 2023 MLB trade deadline. Wednesday night, the Los Angeles Angels made a statement, trading five players for Chicago White Sox All-Star starting pitcher Lucas Giolito and bullpen arm Reynaldo Lopez. The Angels have made themselves clear: they are not trading Shohei Ohtani, and have every intention to compete for a playoff spot in the season's second half, as well as re-sign Ohtani when he becomes a free agent this winter. Bob provides insight into the Angels' thought process and decisions, adding that the Angels "never" were going to trade Ohtani. Bob and Jack break down the trade from both the Angels and White Sox' perspectives, and discuss what players the White Sox might deal in the coming days, leading up to the trade deadline. They also talk potential free agent destinations for Ohtani. Bob believes there will really only be four teams realistically in play for the 2021 American League MVP. Later, Bob and Jack weigh in on the Cubs. Will the Cubs sell Marcus Stroman, Cody Bellinger and others at the deadline? Both Stroman and Bellinger will be free agents upon the conclusion of the season. Bob gives an estimate as to what type of deal Bellinger will be in the market for this winter, and shares whether he believes the Cubs will retain him or not. What other moves might be made over the next week? Who might the San Diego Padres and New York Mets sell, after each team's disappointing first half, despite having record payrolls? Who might the St. Louis Cardinals be willing to move? Are there any other big deals that could be in the works, that we might be overlooking at this time? Would the Padres trade Juan Soto, one year after acquiring him in a blockbuster deal with the Washington Nationals? Which teams do Bob and Jack expect to be the most aggressive at the deadline? Bob and Jack have you covered. All this, and much more! You can follow Bob on Twitter (@BNightengale) and check out his work at USA Today.

  • 35 year-old sales executive and licensed NBA agent Robert "Bam" Nieves recently competed on Peacock's Emmy Award-nominated reality competition show, The Traitors. Four years ago, he appeared on the Netflix dating show, Dating Around. Prior to his time on reality television, he played running back for the Syracuse Orangemen football team from 2006 through 2010. Now, Bam visits the Jack Vita Show for the first time to discuss his time on The Traitors, his football career, his love for sports, his life and his Christian faith. Bam suffered an unfortunate fate on The Traitors, as he was the second contestant murdered from the castle and the third player eliminated, in Episode 3. Bam had a close bond with Christian de la Torre, who proved to be a traitor, in every sense of the word. Christian played a critical role in the murder of Bam. Bam tells his side of the story on the Jack Vita Show. What was his plan, what went wrong for him, and what might have he done differently, if given a do-over? What were Bam's thoughts on the celebrities and reality television veterans that he competed alongside, such as Rachel Reilly Villegas, Brandi Glanville, Kyle Cooke, Ryan Lochte, Arie Ludendyk Jr., Cody Calafiore and Stephenie LaGrossa Kendrick? What about his fellow newbies? Who did Bam click with, and who has he since developed good friendships with, since competing on The Traitors, in Scotland? Bam provides a peak behind the curtain, and shares some information about what didn't make the air. Find out why Bam was convinced early on that Cody was a traitor. Bam shares his casting story and tells all on The Traitors. Word on the street is that The Traitors Season 2 will be all celebrities. What are Bam's thoughts on the potential format? And what athletes would Bam like to see compete on Season 2? Later on, Bam and Jack talk some sports. Bam reflects on his football career and time playing at Syracuse University, where he was teammates with future Super Bowl champion and two-time All Pro defensive end Chandler Jones. Bam has a great story of the first time he met two-time All-Pro running back LeSean McCoy, in high school! Bam and Jack discuss how the NFL and NBA have changed over the last 20 years. Jack details why his interest in both leagues has waned, as he has shifted more of his focus to college football and college basketball. Meanwhile, Bam defends the current state of the NBA. After all, he is a licensed NBA agent! Bam also discusses his work as an agent, and how he has helped bring talented athletes over from Africa, to the United States. Along the way, Jack and Bam debate the legacy of players that switch teams, and rehash the old Peyton Manning vs. Tom Brady conversation. They also weigh in on what they believe Shohei Ohtani's future holds, as the MLB trade deadline quickly approaches, with Ohtani in the final year of his contract with the Los Angeles Angels. Lastly, Bam discusses his Christian faith and how he made attending church each Sunday a part of his weekly routine, and the impact it has since had on his life! You can follow Bam on Instagram (@robert_bam_nieves)! The Traitors (0:00 - 1:13:15)Bam's football career, LeSean McCoy story, NBA, NFL and MLB talk (1:13:15 - 1:43:30)Bam's sports agency, philanthropy and Christian faith (1:43:30 - END)

  • PHNX Arizona Diamondbacks beat writer Jesse Friedman visits the Jack Vita Show to talk 2023 MLB All-Star Game starters.

    Thursday evening, Major League Baseball announced the 18 starting position players for this year's All-Star Game in Seattle, scheduled to be played July 11 at T-Mobile Park. Voted on by the fans, Jesse and Jack run through this year's All-Star starters and share their thoughts on the fans did with the voting. Which selections did Jack and Jesse agree with, and who would they have had start instead? Who got snubbed? Jack and Jesse take you through their selections for each American League and National League position. They also take a look at the National League through the season's first half, discussing the most pleasant and disappointing surprises from teams in the season's first three months.

  • Earlier this year, Michael Davidson of Oneida, Kentucky, made his reality television debut, appearing on season one of Peacock's The Traitors. Michael visits the Jack Vita Show to discuss his time on The Traitors, along with his Survivor and Big Brother fandom, and share his incredible life story of overcoming terrible childhood trauma and going from an atheist to a born-again Christian.


    Michael's parents were drug dealers, and when he was a small child, both of his parents were murdered in the middle of the night. Michael was raised by his grandmother, and due to her own health difficulties, Michael had to grow up quickly from a young age, so that he could help take care of her. Michael spent most of his childhood and early adult years feeling angry, and with good reason. He had been forced to overcome challenges at a young age that most Americans will never face. Unhappy, angry, and turned-off by the church caused by negative interactions with so-called "Christians", Michael was an atheist for much of his life. Then, in 2011, he visited a church with a friend, which led to an encounter with Jesus Christ that forever changed his life. Michael experienced a transformation of heart, as he went from an atheist to a born-again Christian. His newfound faith brought purpose, meaning, direction, peace and joy to his life.


    From an early age, Michael was a big fan of reality television, particularly competition shows such as Survivor and Big Brother. His love for these shows was a temporary escape from his difficult circumstances. In fact, he even found inspiration from CBS icons Stephenie LaGrossa Kendrick, Cirie Fields and Rachel Reilly — all of whom he would compete with and against on The Traitors. Michael discusses his Survivor and Big Brother fandom. How did Michael start watching, and who were some of his favorite Survivor contestants? What were some of his favorite seasons? What did he think of Stephenie and Cirie when he watched them from afar as a viewer, and did his view of either of them change in any way when he met them on The Traitors? What was it like meeting them for the first time? Find out how Cirie inspired Michael to apply for reality television. Hear about his in-game relationship with Stephenie, Cirie and Rachel. Would he have ever turned on any of them? Where did Michael's loyalties in the castle lie?


    After growing up watching reality television, what was it like for Michael to finally get a chance to compete on a show, now as a full-grown adult and father in his mid-30s? Michael shares his casting story, and discusses his time on The Traitors. Michael gives his take on how the game played out while he was still in contention, and after. Michael was banished from the castle in the fourth episode, making him the sixth person eliminated from the show. He also shares some fun stories that didn't make the air, one of which involves U.S. Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte. Michael answers questions about the show's production, such as, Did the contestants actually live in the castle?


    After appearing on The Traitors, Michael competed on an episode of Let's Make a Deal in April.


    The first hour of today's show focuses on Michael's reality TV fandom and firsthand experiences on The Traitors. Later on, Michael tells his incredible life and faith story (1:03:50 - END). Hear about how Jesus Christ changed Michael's life, and how he survived childhood trauma.

  • 18 years ago, Brooke Stephens — then Brooke Struck — embarked on a journey of a lifetime, when she traveled to the jungles of Guatemala to compete on the 11th season of Survivor, Survivor: Guatemala. At the time, Brooke was a law student at Pepperdine University. Now, she practices family law in the Sacramento area and is a mother of three. We catch up with Brooke and chat about her life since appearing on reality television in 2005. Brooke has not done very many interviews in recent years, so we were very thankful that she made time for the Jack Vita Show! Brooke discusses her time on Survivor, her casting story, her take on her own season as a viewer, her thoughts on playing against returning players Stephenie LaGrossa Kendrick and Bobby Jon Drinkard, stories from the Mayan Empire and more! Who was calling the shots on the original Nakum tribe? What would have happened, had there been no tribe swap? Who would have been voted out at the next Nakum tribal council, and how would the rest of the game have played out? What was Brooke's pre-jury trip like? But before Brooke answers these questions, she and Jack have a visit from a special, surprise guest. Later on, Brooke talks about life after the show, her career in law and what it is like being a pastor's wife. Brooke opens up about her Christian faith, which helped guide her family through the loss of her father when she was just 11 years-old. Brooke shares her testimony and discusses why Jesus Christ is at the center of her life (1:21:00 - END). Along the way, there is plenty of Survivor discussion, fun and laughs, including the story of when Brooke and Jack met up in Phoenix, Arizona earlier this year! It's an episode you will not want to miss. If you need a lawyer in the state of California, check out Brooke's law firm, Merus Law.

  • Senior golf correspondent (and former Bachelorette contestant) Garrett Powell returns to the Jack Vita Show to break down the recent merger between the LIV Tour and the PGA Tour, preview the 2023 US Open, and talk golf. Garrett appeared on Hannah Brown's season of The Bachelorette, The Bachelorette Season 15, in 2019. He is a golf pro based in Birmingham, Alabama that first appeared on the Jack Vita Show two years ago. We check in with Garrett for the first time in over a year, as he makes his seventh appearance on the Jack Vita Show. Last week, the PGA Tour announced its merger with the LIV Tour, a decision that sent shockwaves throughout the sport of golf. PGA Tour commissioner Jay Monahan spent the last two years reminding golf fans of the LIV Tour's controversial ties to Saudi Arabia. It is a Saudi-backed Tour. So, what changed? How and why did Monahan arrive at the decision to merge the LIV Tour with the PGA Tour, and what does this mean for the future of professional golf? Garrett breaks it all down and shares his take. The 2023 US Open (for golf) begins Thursday at the Los Angeles Country Club. Garrett previews the US Open, and shares his winner pick. Along the way, he and Jack discuss golf equipment, the importance of getting fitted clubs, Netflix's new golf series 'Full Swing' and its brilliant marketing strategy for the sport of golf, the growth of golf in recent years, and much more! You can follow Garrett on Instagram (@rgarrettp) and visit Pebblehurst.com for fittings and lessons.

  • MLB.com writer Manny Randhawa recently visited the Jack Vita Show to discuss a plethora of topics, including the Colorado Rockies' lingering struggles, Kris Bryant's performance in the second year of his seven-year contract with the team, and the surging Arizona Diamondbacks, who now have a 3.5-game lead over the Los Angeles Dodgers in the National League West. Among topics discussed was Manny's incredible faith story. Manny grew up with an abusive father that is a malignant narcissist. From a young age, he was taught by his father that there is no God. Manny grew up an atheist, despite attending church and a Christian school. His parents placed him in a Christian school, believing that it would keep him from being involved with the wrong crowd and getting into trouble. Manny says that he has had two heart surgeries: the first, a physical one when he was a young child. The second was a spiritual one, where God replaced Manny's heart of stone and gave him a heart of flesh. In this episode of the Jack Vita Show, we focus solely on Manny's incredible testimony and faith story. How does one go from being an atheist to a born-again Christian? Logically, how does one go from believing there is no God to not only believing in God, but dedicating his life to serving Jesus Christ? Manny shares his amazing story with Jack, as they discuss faith, apologetics, what attracts people to atheism, and much more along the way. It's an episode you won't want to miss! Follow Manny on Twitter (@MannyOnMLB) and buy his book, The Blake Street Bombers, on Amazon. The Blake Street Bombers chronicles the Colorado Rockies' lineups of the mid 1990s, which featured sluggers Dante Bichette, Ellis Burks, Vinny Castilla, Andres Galarraga and Larry Walker.

  • Senior writer for MLB Pipeline and MLB.com Jim Callis visits the Jack Vita Show, just in time for the Sweet 16 stage of the 2023 NCAA Division I Baseball Tournament. Since 1988, Jim has covered college baseball and minor league prospects. He has become the go-to guy as it relates to MLB Draft and prospect analysis. After graduating from the University of Georgia with a degree in journalism, he began working for Baseball America, where he eventually became the executive editor. Jim also worked for STATS, Inc., and in 2013, he joined MLB.com. In addition to working for MLB.com, Jim also contributes to MLB Network and Marquee Sports Network's Road to Wrigley show. Jim has served as color commentator on college baseball games that have aired on MLB Network. Next month, he will be an on-air analyst for MLB Network's presentation of the 2023 MLB Draft. Jim discusses his career and shares wisdom for young people that want to break into the sports media industry (0:00 - 18:55). Jack and Jim discuss the first weekend of the NCAA Tournament, and Jim weighs in on who the top players to watch for the remainder of the Tournament will be. Plus, who would Jim take with the no. 1 overall pick in the 2023 MLB Draft: LSU outfielder Dylan Crews, LSU pitcher Paul Skenes, Tennessee pitcher Chase Dollander, or someone else? Which pitcher in this draft class does Jim think might be the greatest pitching prospect of all-time (18:55 - 39:30)? With the MLB Draft Combine coming up soon, Jim shares his thoughts on the new combine. What kind of impact does it have on the Draft? Can it help players move up, or hurt them? What benefits do the Combine provide to players and teams alike? Then, Jim weighs in on the new MLB Draft Lottery (39:30 - 53:05). Lastly, Jim and the rest of his team at MLB Pipeline recently completed their updated Top 100 MLB prospects rankings, pertaining to minor league players. Jim talks the updated rankings, and which prospects have impressed him and disappointed him the most in recent years (53:05 - END). You can follow Jim on Twitter (@JimCallisMLB), check out his work at MLB Pipeline, and catch him on Marquee Sports Network's Road to Wrigley, along with Elise Menaker and Lance Brozdowski.

  • MLB.com reporter Manny Randhawa visits the Jack Vita Show for a lively discussion about the Colorado Rockies, the latest news from around Major League Baseball, and his Christian faith. Manny has written for MLB.com as a national baseball writer and Colorado Rockies beat reporter since 2016. In his first visit to the Jack Vita Show, he weighs in on the Rockies' 2023 season and general direction. What exactly is the Rockies' plan, and where are they going? Why have they found themselves in last place in the National League West, just a few years removed from possessing a strong infield nucleus of Nolan Arenado, DJ LeMahieu and Trevor Story? Just over a year ago, the Rockies signed former National League MVP and four-time All-Star Kris Bryant to a seven-year, $182 million contract. Through his first 50 games in his second season with his new team, Bryant is slashing .263/.346/.719 with five home runs and 17 RBI. It's early, but Bryant hasn't played up to what many expected him to, especially with Coors Field as his home park. Manny weighs in on the Bryant signing, his contract and early struggles. Plus, shortstop Dansby Swanson signed virtually the same seven-year deal with the Chicago Cubs, that Bryant signed with the Rockies. If you were the Cubs, which contract would you rather have? Jack poses this question. Manny and Jack take a close look at the National League West, which the Arizona Diamondbacks now lead, as they are tied with the Los Angeles Dodgers. Can the D-Backs win the division? Back in 2018, the Diamondbacks and Rockies were both competing for an NL West division title in the final month of the season. Five years later, one team finds itself in first place, while the other is in last place. Manny and Jack break down the division and discuss the San Francisco Giants and San Diego Padres as well (0:00 - 1:03:00). Later on, Manny opens up about his faith journey, in which he transformed from an atheist to a born again Christian. What led Manny on his path to Jesus Christ, and how has his life changed in the time since he first became a Christian? He also discusses growing up with an abusive father, undergoing heart surgery, and much more (1:03:00 - END)! Follow Manny on Twitter (@MannyOnMLB) and buy his book, The Blake Street Bombers, on Amazon. The Blake Street Bombers chronicles the Colorado Rockies' lineups of the mid 1990s, which featured sluggers Dante Bichette, Ellis Burks, Vinny Castilla, Andres Galarraga and Larry Walker.

  • Rhett Bollinger has covered the Los Angeles Angels on MLB.com since 2019. This week, he joins us on the Jack Vita Show to discuss the latest news and stories from around Major League Baseball. Perhaps the best story of the week is the rapid emergence of Angels outfielder Mickey Moniak. In 2016, the Philadelphia Phillies made Moniak the no. 1 overall pick in the MLB Amateur Draft. Moniak made his Major League debut in 2020, appearing in eight games in the COVID-shortened season. He played in 21 games in 2021. Over 29 games between 2020 and 2021, Moniak struggled to find success, slashing just .128/.241/.432 with one home run and three RBI in 55 plate appearances. Moniak spent the majority of the 2022 season in the minors, and at the trade deadline, the Phillies gave up on their former top prospect, sending him to the Angels in a swap for starting pitcher Noah Syndergaard. Moniak impressed in the Cactus League this spring. Had the Angels not signed veteran outfielder Brett Phillips to a Major League deal, Moniak may have cracked the club's Opening Day roster. Moniak was recently called up to the Angels' big league team. Through his first ten games, Moniak is slashing a remarkable .419/.438/1.373 with four home runs and seven RBI. Phillips was recently designated for assignment, and it appears Moniak is here to stay in the big leagues, at least for the time being. Rhett and Jack discuss Moniak's hot start, and Jack shares a Moniak story from spring training. The Angels are off to a strong 28-23 start. The club hasn't posted a winning season since 2015, and hasn't made a postseason appearance since 2015. Rhett and Jack talk about why this year feels different, though. Is this the Angels' best team since winning the American League West in 2014? They also discuss the impact of manager Phil Nevin, and why he appears to be a better fit to manage this Angels team than Joe Maddon. Shohei Ohtani is in the final year of his contract with the Angels. Is there a realistic possibility that he could get traded before this summer's trade deadline? Where will Ohtani sign when he hits the open market? Do the Angels have a good chance of keeping the 2021 American League MVP? Rhett weighs in. Later, Jack shares his idea to stop tanking in professional sports. Plus, what if MLB split its league into two leagues and started using relegation? All this, and much more, in the latest episode of the Jack Vita Show! Prior to covering the Angels, Rhett was MLB.com's Minnesota Twins beat reporter from 2011 through 2018. He attended USC, and in this episode, he shares his best Will Ferrell story. You can follow Rhett (@RhettBollinger) on Twitter and check out his work at MLB.com.

  • Longtime play-by-play broadcaster Dave Sims visits the Jack Vita Show for the first time!


    Since 2007, Dave has served as the Seattle Mariners' lead television play-by-play broadcaster, while also calling some of the team's games on the radio. He contributes to MLB Network as an analyst, and cohosts the Sirius XM radio program Basketball and Beyond with Coach K. Dave has called NFL, college football, NBA and college basketball games, while hosting various studio shows and radio shows, throughout the years.


    In this episode of the Jack Vita Show, Dave and Jack have a conversation about the Mariners' slow start to the season. Should fans be concerned about reigning American League Rookie of the Year Julio Rodriguez (slashing just .211/.278/.664 through 41 games)? How good can the Mariners be if Julio and Jarred Kelenic can play at peak performance at the same time? Has George Kirby overtaken Luis Castillo and become the team's ace? With the Houston Astros also off to a relatively slow start, is the American League West division in play for the Mariners this season? What is Dave's read on the Astros, Los Angeles Angels and Texas Rangers?


    Dave tells fun stories about his career in sports. Which athlete was he the most star-struck by? And which current major league players will make great broadcasters, upon the conclusion of their playing careers?


    Dave grew up in Philadelphia around Italians, a fan of Italian food and mob movies. What is Dave's all-time favorite mob movie? All this, and plenty more, in the latest episode of the Jack Vita Show!

  • 'Survivor: Guatemala' winner Danni Boatwright returns to the Jack Vita Show, two weeks removed from her first appearance.

    Last time, Danni answered questions about her time on Survivor: Guatemala and Survivor: Winners at War, discussing her time on reality television and her sports media and hosting career. This time around, Danni and Jack talk sports!

    First things first, Danni has some stories from the weekend, as does Jack. Danni had an eventful weekend at her son's youth baseball tournament, including a confrontation with an opposing coach. Jack enjoyed watching friend of the show and Houston Astros starting pitcher JP France pick up his first career victory in his second Major League start, Friday night in Chicago. Danni and Jack exchange stories from the weekend (0:00 - 25:50).

    Then, Danni and Jack talk Ben Zobrist, position players pitching, an uptick in injuries to pitchers this season, the NFL Draft, the Draft combine, favorite baseball players, best baseball movies, the Kansas Jayhawks' latest get from the transfer portal, and much more (25:50 - END)!