• In the conclusion of our "Summer Abroad" world cinema series, comedian and writer Sean O'Connor (Solar Opposites, Norm Macdonald Live) returns to discuss the 1962 Italian road comedy IL SORPASSO starring Vittorio Gassman and Jean-Louis Trintignant. Dino Risi directed this primo example of commedia all'italiana, a genre of socially astute, highly successful comedies that coincided with Italy's economic boom of the 1960s. Gassman gives an indelible performance as Bruno, a smooth-talking alpha male who manhandles a mild-mannered stranger, Roberto (Trintignant) into having the best day of his life. Hitch a ride with our discussion of IL SORPASSO, with a few pit stop diversions into Al Pacino, Austin Butler, Letterboxd, Bottoms, Ava DuVernay, Willy Wonka, the "art of the steal" and much, much more!

    IL SORPASSO is available to stream with subscription to The Criterion Channel.

  • Our "Summer Abroad" international film series continues with director Oz Rodríguez (Miguel Wants to Fight, SNL) joining to discuss Alfonso Cuarón's Mexican road picture, Y TU MAMÁ TAMBIÉN starring Diego Luna, Gael García Bernal and Maribel Verdú. Cuarón and his brother Carlos scripted this unconventional coming-of-age story of two teenage boys on a road trip, while vying for the affection of a newly single traveling companion in her late twenties. Layered against the backdrop of Mexico's class disparity and late-millennium political upheaval, Y TU MAMÁ TAMBIÉN was an unqualified world cinema smash upon release in 2001, but how has its frank and sexy subject matter matured in the past two decades? Join Mama's discussion of MAMA along with diversions into Oppenheimer, Andor, Pablo Larraín, Looking, directing fight scenes, natural wine, Great Expectations, circumcision and much, much more!

    MIGUEL WANTS TO FIGHT is available to stream on Hulu.

    Y TU MAMÁ TAMBIÉN is available for streaming rental and on Blu-ray from The Criterion Collection.

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  • Our "Summer Abroad" international film series continues with writer Jordan Morris (Bubble; Jordan, Jesse, Go!) joining to discuss the French thriller LA PISCINE (THE SWIMMING POOL) starring Alain Delon, Romy Schneider, Maurice Ronet and Jane Birkin. Jacques Deray directed this sexually-charged slow-burner in which a couple's vacation at a stylish Saint-Tropez villa is disturbed by the arrival of an ex-lover and his daughter. As unease builds within this tanned and toned quartet, sex and violence become the obvious outlets for their growing resentments. A box office hit and style landmark upon release, LA PISCINE experienced a resurgence in popularity with American audiences after its 2021 re-release. In this spoiler-filled discussion, we venture to the deep end of THE SWIMMING POOL, but not before a few diversions into school dances, pool noodles, Luca Guadagnino, David Hockney, boba, Boba Fett, the O.J. Simpson freeway chase and much, much more!

    Go to orphanbooksinc.com/shop for signed copies of Jordan's graphic novel BUBBLE, or attend AN AFTERNOON WITH AUTHORS at Dynasty Typewriter August 26th at 4pm. (Net proceeds go towards the Entertainment Community Fund)

    LA PISCINE is available to stream with subscription to The Criterion Channel.

  • Our "Summer Abroad" world cinema tour continues with writer, actor, and director Kate Freund joining to discuss Bong Joon-ho's thriller MOTHER starring Kim Hye-ja, Won Bin, Jin Goo and Yoon Je-moon. This 2009 South Korean film follows an unnamed Mother who is fiercely protective of her intellectually disabled adult son, Do-joon. When Do-joon is accused of murder, Mother will stop at nothing to clear him of the charges. A twisty and tragic portrait of unconditional love turned lethal, MOTHER could be Bong's most severely underseen genre-defying modern masterwork. Listen along as we pay tribute to MOTHER, along with diversions into Ghostbusters, All That Jazz, Shaw Brothers, Wesley Snipes, Klute, Baahubali 2, James Cameron, Elizabeth Taylor and much, much more!

    MOTHER is currently available to stream on Tubi and Amazon Prime.

  • Our month-long "Summer Abroad" world cinema series kicks off with writer and actor Conner Shin (Harley Quinn) joining to discuss Hayao Miyazaki's 1984 post-apocalyptic anime fantasy NAUSICAÄ OF THE VALLEY OF THE WIND featuring the voices of Sumi Shimamoto, Gorō Naya, Youji Matsuda and Hisako Kyoda. NAUSICAÄ tells the story of a bug-loving teenage princess who resides in the peaceful Valley of the Wind, but regularly traverses the Toxic Jungle to communicate with large mutant insects called the Ohm. When the kingdom of Tolmekia threatens to destory the Ohm through the use of a nuclear bomb-like device known as the Giant Warriror, the princess desperately attempts to broker peace between humans and nature. NAUSICAÄ was Miyazaki's notoriously troubled introduction to a global audience, originally shown in Western markets in a severely butchered form. But as Miyazaki's reputation as an anime auteur has grown outside of Japan, so has interest in NAUSICAÄ, which is now considered an essential early work of a cinamatic titan. Join us as we talk NAUSICAÄ, along with diversions into And Just Like That..., Dune, Top Gun, Elemental, Oppenheimer, Mike White, Turning Red and much, much more!

    NAUSICAÄ OF THE VALLEY OF THE WIND is currently available to stream on Max.

  • Actor and writer Amy Heidt joins to discuss Greta Gerwig's blockbuster comedy BARBIE starring Margot Robbie, Ryan Gosling, America Ferrera and Kate McKinnon. Gerwig's satiric take of Mattel's flagship doll finds Barbie (Robbie) in an existential crisis, venturing outside of the idyllic and matriarchal Barbieland and into the real world for answers to womanhood's complexities. Meanwhile, Ken (Gosling) discovers the patriarchal structure of the real world and threatens to forever transform Barbieland with his forbidden knowledge. As half of summer 2023's fabled "Barbenheimer Weekend," BARBIE opened to enthusiastic reviews and a record-breaking box office take, all but cementing the launch of a Mattel cinematic universe. Join us for a spirited discussion of this worldwide phenomenon that also includes diversions into The Wizard of Oz, Oppenheimer, Sex Education, Ben Shapiro, Sound of Freedom, Little Women, Jeff Daniels, Death on the Nile and much much more!

    BARBIE is currently in theaters.

  • Writer and comedian Nick Wiger (Doughboys, Get Played) joins to discuss Christopher Nolan's biopic OPPENHEIMER starring Cillian Murphy, Emily Blunt, Matt Damon and Robert Downey Jr. One of 2023's most highly-anticipated films, OPPENHEIMER chronicles the life and times of the father of the atomic bomb, J. Robert Oppenheimer, from his early days at Cambridge, to his spearheading the Manhattan Project at Los Alamos, the fateful Trinity test, to facing scrutiny at the peak of Cold War paranoia. Written and directed by Nolan in his road-tested non-linear style, OPPENHEIMER is an epic of uncommon intimacy and intelligence positioned as a summer blockbuster- not to mention half of the phenomenally successful "Barbenheimer Weekend" at the box office. Join our discussion of OPPENHEIMER along with diversions into incel inventors, moviegoing cosplay, the WGA/SAG strike and much, much more!

  • Screenwriter Van Robichaux (Fist Fight, Brooklyn 99) joins to discuss Steven Spielberg's 2001 science fiction film A.I. ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE starring Haley Joel Osment, Jude Law, Frances O'Connor and William Hurt. Originally developed by Stanley Kubrick and handed to Spielberg, A.I. is a fascinating mix of two major filmmakers' disparate sensibilities, combining fairy tale fancy with dystopian sci-fi. Osment earned praise for his intense portrayal of David, a sophisticated robot boy programmed with the single-minded desire to love. Unfurling as a futuristic variation on Pinocchio, A.I. confounded some critics and audiences upon release, but has since gained pockets of appreciation as a brilliantly atmospheric and philosophical entry in Spielberg's illustrious filmography. As the emergence of AI technology makes today's headlines, join us as we revisit this strange and singular film along with diversions into the WGA/SAG-AFTRA dual strike, Chappie, Hubie Halloween, Star Trek, Jack and Jill, and much, much more!

  • Anne and Ryan discuss Celine Song's 2023 drama PAST LIVES starring Greta Lee, Teo Yoo and John Magaro. Song wrote and directed this tender story of two childhood sweethearts, Nora (Lee) and Hae Sung (Yoo) from Seoul, South Korea reuniting as adults in New York City, much to the discomfort of Nora's husband, Arthur (Magaro). PAST LIVES is an intimate romance of epic scope, exploring the immigrant experience, and the human bonds that persist through our lifetime(s). Join Anne and Ryan for a wide-ranging discussion of PAST LIVES that also finds room for diversions into The Bear, Baggus, hit man movies, the MTV Movie Awards and much, much more!

  • Writer Emily Strachan joins to discuss Nancy Meyers's 2009 romantic comedy, IT'S COMPLICATED starring Meryl Streep, Alec Baldwin, Steve Martin and John Krasinski. Set in sunny Santa Barbara, IT'S COMPLICATED features Streep as a successful bakery owner pursuing a fling with her now re-married ex-husband, played by Baldwin. A rare and upbeat portrait of sex in middle age, the film was one of Meyers's biggest commercial hits upon release, but how do the movie's sexual politics and famously bright style fare in 2023? Listen in as we attempt to simplify IT'S COMPLICATED, taking diversions into home renovation, French films festivals, Home Again, Damage, potty training, and much, much more!

    IT'S COMPLICATED is available to stream with subscription to Netflix, Peacock Premium, or Starz.

  • Director Chris VanArtsdalen (The Birthday Boys) joins to discuss Wes Anderson's newest, ASTEROID CITY starring Jason Schwartzman, Scarlett Johansson, Tom Hanks, Jeffrey Wright, Tilda Swinton, Bryan Cranston, Edward Norton, Adrien Brody and many more. Anderson uses a nesting play-within-a-show-within-a-movie structure to tell the story of a Junior Stargazing event gone awry in a remote desert town. ASTEROID CITY has opened to mostly positive reviews and promising box office returns, but some critics have contended that Anderson's distinct style has worn out its welcome in this, his 11th feature film. Hitch a ride with Mama Needs a Movie as we take a trip into the heart of ASTEROID CITY with some detours into Adrien Brody's SNL hosting, staying up late, InAPPropriate Comedy, Trumbo, Bane impressions and much, much more!

    ASTEROID CITY is now available to stream on Peacock.

  • In this preview of Mama Needs a Movie's Patreon-exclusive spinoff, ATTENTION MUST BE PAID (patreon.com/MNAM), Anne and Ryan show some love to under-seen cinematic gems like 2017's LOVE AFTER LOVE starring Andie MacDowell, Chris O'Dowd and James Adomian. Russell Harbaugh's directorial debut follows Suzanne (MacDowell), a mother of two adult sons, trying to move on after the death of her husband. Unfurling its lived-in character dynamics with unusual patience, the film creates a indelible portrait of a complicated family, featuring roundly excellent performances and a cozy analog vibe from its 16mm cinematography. LOVE AFTER LOVE is a recent American indie of consequence and a film toward which more attention must be paid.

    LOVE AFTER LOVE is available to stream with ads on Tubi.

  • Writer, producer and cinephile Andrew Grissom returns to the podcast to discuss Nicole Holofcener's newest comedy YOU HURT MY FEELINGS starring Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Tobias Menzies, Michaela Watkins and Arian Moayed. The plot concerns a New York writer Beth (Louis-Dreyfus), who overhears her therapist husband (Menzies) trashing her latest work in progress. YOU HURT MY FEELINGS debuted to positive reviews, critics citing it as one of Holofcener's strongest recent works as writer and director- but will its touchy themes cut too close to home for our podcast conversation? Listen to see if we hurt each other's feelings as we discuss this film, plus diversions into AMC snacks, The French Connection, Planet of the Apes, The Last Duel, Paterson, Regarding Henry, Voyage of the Rock Aliens, and much, much more!

  • Actor and writer Allan McLeod (You're the Worst) returns to discuss the third film in Paul Schrader's "Man in a Room" trilogy, MASTER GARDENER starring Joel Edgerton, Sigourney Weaver, and Quintessa Swindell. Written and directed by Schrader, MASTER GARDENER focuses on Narvel Roth (Edgerton), the resident horticulturist of a lavish estate. When the garden's wealthy owner Norma (Weaver) enlists Narvel to mentor her grand-niece Maya (Swindell), complications threaten to expose Narvel's past as a murderous white supremicist. Following 2017's FIRST REFORMED, (discussed with McLeod on a previous MNAM episode), and THE CARD COUNTER from 2021, MASTER GARDENER finds Schrader in his comfort zone: a simple room with a lone man writing a journal at a desk. Hear us tend to MASTER GARDENER along with some diversions into LA transit, prison life, Pete Davidson, the Alamo Drafthouse, Huntington Gardens, and much, much more!

    Listen to our episode on FIRST REFORMED with Allan here: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/mama-needs-a-movie/id1605912846?i=1000571213883

  • Comedian Nina Nguyen joins to discuss FAST X, the tenth installment in the Fast and Furious franchise starring Vin Diesel, Michelle Rodriguez, Tyrese Gibson, Ludacris, John Cena, Nathalie Emmanuel, Sung Kang, Brie Larson, and many, many more. Director Louis Leterrier picks up the saga of Dominic Toretto and his crew of expert car thieves as they face off against Dante Reyes (Jason Mamoa), the vengeful son of a drug lord they killed five movies ago. Don't miss our furious discussion of FAST X where we also find time for some pit stops into Super Mario Land, Aquaman, Sucker Punch, Pete Davidson's necklaces, and much, much more!

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  • Writer, actor and comedian Lesley Tsina joins to discuss the new film adaptation of Judy Blume's ARE YOU THERE, GOD? IT'S ME, MARGARET starring Abby Ryder Fortson, Rachel McAdams, Kathy Bates, and Benny Safdie. Director Kelly Fremon Craig adapted and directed Blume's coming of age classic about an 11-year-old girl wrestling with puberty and religion in the suburbs of New Jersey. ARE YOU THERE GOD? IT'S ME MARGARET has received critical acclaim for its superb kid performances and tender portrayal of adolescent friendship, but has struggled to find a huge audience at the box office. In this episode, we ask and answer many questions about MARGARET, and take diversions into summer camp, mimes, Mandy Patinkin, WGA picket signs, Zoom magic and much, much more!

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  • Actor Matt Jones (Breaking Bad, Mom) joins to discuss the psychological thriller SLEEPING WITH THE ENEMY starring Julia Roberts, Patrick Bergin and Kevin Anderson. Director Joseph Ruben helmed this 1991 film with Roberts as a young woman trapped in an abusive marriage to a violent and domineering husband. After faking her own death, she attempts to start her life anew in a small town, but how long before her psychotic ex catches up with her? Upon release, SLEEPING WITH THE ENEMY broke the box office record for biggest opening of a film with a female lead and bolstered the extremely popular psychological thriller genre of the early '90s. But how have the film's scares- not to mention its relationship dynamics- aged since the film came out? Listen as MNAM faces the ENEMY, taking diversions into Alfred Hitchcock, The Goonies, Ace Ventura, Wilford Brimley, Succession, The Invisible Man, The Shining, Superman III and much, much more!

    SLEEPING WITH THE ENEMY is available to stream on Paramount+.

  • Comedian and actor Josh Fadem (Better Call Saul) joins to discuss the 1948 film noir HOLLOW TRIUMPH (aka THE SCAR) starring Paul Henreid and Joan Bennett. Credited to director Steve Sekely, but mostly directed by Henried himself, HOLLOW TRIUMPH follows John Müller, a criminal whose casino heist goes awry, forcing him into hiding. When mistaken for a local psychoanalyst, Müller assumes the doppelgänger doctor's identity, down to a prominent facial scar. But can Müller survive long with both the law and his underworld contacts closing in? Shot by pioneer noir cinematographer John Alcott, HOLLOW TRIUMPH is an all too underseen B-movie gem, showcasing Henreid's elegant authority as both actor and director. With noir aficionado Fadem to guide us, MNAM ventures deep into the shadows to examine this downbeat thriller along with diversions into Babylon, Top Gun: Maverick, Barbara Stanwyck, Douglas Sirk, Jules Dassin, Psycho, Mel Gibson, Humphrey Bogart, Dead Ringers, and much, much more!

    HOLLOW TRIUMPH is currently available to stream on Pluto TV, Tubi, or with subscription to Amazon Prime.

  • Comedian and writer Sean O'Connor (Solar Opposites, Norm Macdonald Live) joins to discuss the new release AIR starring Matt Damon, Viola Davis, Ben Affleck, Jason Bateman, Matthew Maher, Chris Messina and Chris Tucker. Affleck directed this true story of marketing intrigue set in 1984, back when Nike found themselves an underdog in the growing basketball shoe market. In a risky gambit, the company courts a promising draft pick, then-20 year old Michael Jordan, vowing to build the revolutionary Air Jordan line around him. But first Nike must convince Jordan's mother, Deloris, that they can offer something their successful competitors, Converse and Adidas, cannot. Affleck's corporate comedy opened to mostly glowing reviews for its cracking script, and game performances by Damon and Davis, but can a talky movie about a selling shoes have legs with modern audiences? Take a step into this episode of MNAM as we talk AIR, plus wander off court for diversions into Babylon, Batman, Kevin Smith, Species, Under Siege, Moneyball, Funny Pages, His Girl Friday, and much, much more!

    AIR is available to stream on Prime Video.