• Mikkel and David are joined by Tim Marlow, CEO of the Design Museum and former Director of the Royal Academy of Arts in London, to talk about everything that surrounds the race on it's journey through France.

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  • Mikkel and David are joined by Tim Marlow, CEO of the Design Museum and former Director of the Royal Academy of Arts in London, to discuss the culture surrounding the route of the Tour de France. From artists to cathedrals to wine...

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  • David and Mikkel spent a morning with the Australian-British celebrated chef, John Torode. A keen cyclist who David met six years ago while out riding. They talk about the connection between food and cycling, and John's life in London in the 1990's till now. The morning started with laps of Regent Park on Brompton's before heading to Saville Row for a video call with Mikkel in Copenhagen.


  • Mikkel and David are joined by Tim Marlow, the CEO of the Design Museum, and former Director of the Royal Academy of Arts in London. This is an introduction and explanation to the four upcoming episodes that will offer a different point of view to the Tour de France. Every Monday morning, starting on June 28th, you will be taken on a journey into France and the geography, history, art, food, wine, music and people that surround and form the culture of the regions the race passes through.


  • Mikkel and David are joined by Tim Marlow, the CEO of the Design Museum, and former Director of the Royal Academy of Arts in London. This is an introduction and explanation to the four upcoming episodes that will offer a different point of view to the Tour de France. Every Monday morning, starting on June 28th, you will be taken on a journey into France and the geography, history, art, food, wine, music and people that surround and form the culture of the regions the race passes through.


  • Gloria is the Founder and CEO of Thousand Helmets. Gloria launched the concept on Kickstarter in 2015, a recreational cyclist herself she could see there was a need to create a helmet that wasn't just safe but also had style. After losing a friend in a bicycle accident Gloria decided to create a helmet people would want to wear, with a mission to save a thousand lives. Mikkel and David talk to Gloria about her journey on and off the bike to where she is today and how the collaboration between CHPT3 and Thousand came about and what it means.


  • What we wear and how we dress is important. We live in a fast fashion world, where it's considered normal for the lifecycle of the clothes we buy to deteriorate from the moment they leave the shop. What about if that's when the journey began? Maybe it's time we remembered that clothes are important, how we look after them defines how we take care of ourselves. Lucinda (aka Lulu) O'Connor founded Clothes Doctor, a company created to look after our clothes: repairing or washing, most importantly, it's about caring.


  • In this episode we go to the old town of Girona to meet Kasia Niewiadoma; one of the world's best cyclists. Kasia is 26 years old from Poland and has been racing since she was 14 years old. She rides for the Canyon-SRAM team and has won some of the most prestigious races that exist for women.

    Kasia is known in the cycling scene for being one of the most exciting competitors - her handling of a bike is next level, her attitude is inspiring. For Kasia cycling has always been about play: the freedom of escape and speed, the opportunity for adventure, and discovering new people. We talk about how she came into cycling, what it’s like to race at her level and what cycling gives her apart from crossing a finish line first. We also talk about how cycling can be more welcoming to women. Kasia knows cycling from the inside out and gives us her insight on what needs to change to make cycling more equal between men and women.

    Find Kasia here on IG.

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  • Lachlan Morton is one of the most interesting characters in professional cycling. He is better known for his championing of an alternative style of biking, one that involves breaking free from the shackles of what's expected. Only 28yrs old yet already an icon within the world of cycling. I was his team mate when he first entered the World Tour back in 2012, we became friends immediately even though I was 35 and he was 20, I saw so much of my 20yr old self in him and have always followed him from afar since our paths separated. Mikkel, on the other hand, only knew Lachlan from his film "Thereabouts" - a film Lachlan and his brother Gus made in 2014 as an antidote to the professional racing life - that film reignited a passion for cycling that Mikkel had lost. It's become a movement since, and without knowing it Lachlan and Gus created what is now a zeitgeist.

    Find Lachlan here on IG.
    His film Thereabouts here.

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  • We thought we knew Taylor Phinney.
    It turns out we didn't know Taylor Phinney.

    Taylor used to race bikes, he was one of the best the USA has ever produced, yet he abruptly pulled the pin on his professional career in 2019 as a 29yr old. He hasn't stopped riding bikes, in fact he's discovered a style of cycling that is about as far removed from racing as is possible, and in the process he's found himself.

    Mikkel B. Rasmussen and David Millar interview Taylor separately: Mikkel from Copenhagen and David atop a hill, next to a chapel, near Girona while on a mountain bike ride.

    Find Taylor on Instagram here: @taylorphinney
    Find Taylor on Twitter here: @taylorphinney
    Find Taylor's art here: @manifestbutter

  • We interview the modern voice of cycling, Mr Ned Boulting, in many ways this was an opportunity for us to learn more about him. In the words of David, 'Ned got me into the TV business, and funnily enough I was one of his first interviews when he entered the fray of professional cycling, he asked me about the "the yellow jumper" - over the years our relationship has transformed from being separated by a barrier to sitting side-by-side; at times sharing a microphone trying to tell the same story. I think it's important to learn about him because he's easily as interesting, if not more, than the people he's so passionate talking to and about.'

    Ned founded, edits and publishes the first ever cycling bible, it's called The Road Book - FIND IT HERE

    Find Ned's numerous excellent books on the above website - but first listen to this extract from How I Won The Yellow Jumper HERE ON YOUTUBE

    Ned on Twitter: @nedboulting
    Ned on Instagram: @ned_boulting

  • This episode is about Mikkel and I, how cycling introduced the two of us and the off-bike friendship it's created. I interview Mikkel about his life and work: it's a conversation we would never have in normal circumstances. Mikkel talks about cycling, economics, design, and anthropology, and ultimately; what being human means.

    We did this in Copenhagen at the HQ of the company Mikkel co-founded, ReD Associates - thank you to Thomas Hughes, Ian Dull and Martin Gronemann for putting up with my interrupting their day to interview them. ReD is a company like no other, and that was the other reason I wanted us to do this episode, because personally I wanted to understand more about what they do. It filled me with hope, and in this crazy time we're living in that's important, because without hope there is no optimism.

    I recommend everybody reads Mikkel's book: The Moment of Clarity.

    I mentioned I'd list some Scottish inventions - here are the ones relevant to this podcast: pedal bicycle, tarmac roads, pneumatic tyres. Find more here.

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  • We speak to Stuart O'Grady, Rolf Sørensen, and Steve Smith. A winner, a contender, and a sponsor; all of them fans (through love and hate) of Paris Roubaix.

    Mikkel and I were supposed to be riding it as amateurs in 2020, it seems mad to think we should even care about that right now, yet we do and so we thought we'd investigate why.

  • This is a special edition of OFF BIKE, in the words of David:

    What is Wheels For Heroes? I’ll try and explain from my perspective…

    Bicycles have always represented fun to me. When I was a kid they gave me the freedom I needed. As I got older that freedom led to adventure, and as I got stronger the bicycle introduced me to speed, eventually it led me to racing. I’ve spent the majority of my life racing. I stopped in 2014.

    In 2015 I went to a big lunch in London and I met Will Butler-Adams, the CEO of Brompton, he asked me, “You’re the Tour de France racer, right?” He told me he worked at Brompton, and I said, “You’re the folding bike guys, right?”

    He had an idea: there were all these MAMILS out there whom looked down upon Brompton, because it was… well, it’s wasn’t a road bike, and it folded.

    I was one of those people - it wasn’t until Will convinced me to borrow a Brompton for a few days that I got it. It was the first bicycle that was more than fun, it served a purpose, it’s designed to be utilitarian, to improve your life, to make things simpler, to make things better.

    So back to Wheels For Heroes. Brompton wants to help our key workers, the people whom have such an important purpose right now, they’re going to supply bikes to help them get to their jobs, and they’re going to make a loss doing it, this isn’t a marketing exercise because I know Brompton so well, they’re an engineering company first, and if they do something it’s to solve a problem.

    Please donate, or at least consider how you can help our key workers."


  • Alec is a shining light in the urban cycling scene, although road bike orientated he couldn't be more far removed from the World Tour. He's a criterium racing specialist, DJ, cycling coach, entrepreneur, he also won the Brompton World Championships for CHPT3 as a bit of fun. His team, Tekkerz CC (Cycling Charisma), is introducing a new concept to UK cycling, one that is much needed. Beyond all of this he is one of the loveliest people you could know, generous and kind. He may exist on the edge of the cycling scene, yet he couldn't be more encouraging to welcome you in.

    Find Alec on Instagram here: @alec_pedalerFind Tekkerz on Instagram here: @tekkerzccRead about Alec and Tekkerz here and here

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  • Hélène is the Founder and CEO of WILD AI - an AI-powered App designed specifically for women and their physiology. Her accomplished background in business and science combined with her love for sport put her in a unique position to change an industry that is, like many others, male biased. Although women make up nearly half of the population, a recent paper on "Sex Bias in Neuroscience and Biomedical Research" shows that 80% of the animals used in research are male. "These findings cannot be applied to women who are impacted daily by the 500 menstrual cycles they'll experience over 40 years. More so, a 22 year old taking the pill has different nutritional needs, physiology and digestion than a 47 year old perimenopausal woman."

    Go check out WILD AI here.Also, you'll find some amazing opportunities to support WILD AI here.Twitter: @Helene_wild_aiInstagram: @helene_wild_aiHélène talking about boosting the immune system: WILD AI x ROAD x FITTER

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  • David Millar and Mikkel B Rasmussen relaunch the OFF BIKE podcast. Ironically it is happening when we're forbidden by the law to ride our bikes, our respective countries of Spain and Denmark have us on lockdown during the Coronavirus pandemic. Being literally off bike was never the plan when we created this, yet here we are, we discuss our current situations and what we make of it all, and we try to explain why we've been absent and what we have planned. Previous episodes include:

    #1 - Sir Paul Smith (Designer) #2 - Phil Gilbert Jr (Head of Design at IBM)#3 - Tim Marlow (Director of the Royal Academy of Arts in London

    David Millar - David, ex professional racing cyclist, is one of the founding partners in CHPT3, a company created to serve and supply the third space in our life, the time that exists beyond our family and work. It's origins lay in cycling and that is where it is currently focussed. David has written two books, Racing Through the Dark and The Racer, as well as numerous articles and essays. He was the principal consultant to Stephen Frears during the production of The Program, and helped Finlay Pretsell make feature documentary, Time Trial. During the summer months he will mainly be found alongside Ned Boulting commentating on bike races for British television.

    Mikkel B Rasmussen - Mikkel, one of the founding partners of ReD Associates, is a specialist at applying human science to business problems. As the director of ReD Associates Europe, he works closely with the top management of some of Europe's most forward looking companies, including Adidas, Lego, and Novo Nordisk. In his practice at ReD, Mikkel has pioneered new thinking on how to make social science methodology practical, creative and effective in business. He is the co author of the book "The Moment of Clarity - How to Use Human Science to Solve Your Hardest Business Problems" published by Harvard Business Press in 2014 as well as numerous articles and essays. Mikkel holds a Master in Economics from Maastricht University and Master of Applied Social Science from University of Roskilde.

  • In 2012, Phil was asked to rejuvenate the legendary IBM design program, spearheading a broader transformation of how the company’s teams understand and solve complex problems. The program has established a modern standard for the role of the arts in business — adding formally-trained designers into IBM at an unprecedented scale, and reskilling its global workforce in design thinking and agile practices. This transformation has been documented in the New York Times, Fortune and in the documentary film "The Loop", produced by InVision as a part of its Design Disruptors series.

    For this work, in 2018 Phil was inducted into the New York Foundation for the Arts' Hall of Fame. He is also co-chair of IBM's Global Women's Executive Committee, advocating for greater gender diversity and inclusion. Phil’s career includes 30 years as a start-up entrepreneur, and he speaks regularly on topics of corporate culture and large scale transformation. He graduated as a Pe-et (top ten) senior from the University of Oklahoma in 1978 and lives in Austin, Texas.

    Phil is also a cyclist, and he rode with David and Mikkel in Girona, October 2019, where this interview took place.

    Phil can be found on Twitter @philgilbertsrCheck out IBM Design hereListen to Phil on the Change Lab: Conversations on Transformation and Creativity podcast hereDocumentary "The Loop" by InVision can be watched hereBusiness by Design article in Fortune.Read this article about IBM's research into quantum computing.Peredur ap Gwynedd, the OFF BIKE composer can be found on IG @perryguitar666

    Last but not least, David's CHPT3 can be found here, while Mikkel's ReD Associates is here.

  • Tim Marlow has studied art for most of his life, a scholar, writer, broadcaster, lecturer, and historian, currently he is the Artistic Director of the Royal Academy of Arts in London, he has held that position (a position that didn't exist previously) since 2014. 2020 will see him beginning a new chapter, that of CEO of the Design Museum.

    Mikkel B. Rasmussen and David Millar visited the Royal Academy of Arts where they also had the great privilege of an impromptu walk through the Anthony Gormley exhibition, check out the trailer here. Randomly they bumped into Kenton Cool and discussed Mother's Pride, have a look at this video in order to visualise what that particular discussion was referring to. Find out more about The Royal Academy here. And learn about The Design Museum here.

    Mikkel and David spoke to Tim about his relationship with art and also their common denominator, cycling. By the end of the meeting a new Tour de France had been created, one that will take place in 2020, and will be known as the CTdF, as in the Cultural Tour de France, you'll have to listen to learn more.

    Thank you Peredur ap Gwynedd for the OFF BIKE music, follow him on IG @perryguitar666

    Find out more about David's CHPT3, the company and brand he founded in 2015 here, or follow it on IG @CHPT3 - David can be found on Twitter and IG @millarmind

    Find out more about Mikkel's ReD Associates here, the firm he co-founded that uses human science to put people back at the centre of business decisions - Mikkel can be found on IG @themikkelman

  • Although our interviewees are recognised as being both successful and accomplished in their chosen fields it wasn't always that way, their early careers involved a cross-section of jobs and experiences, a process known as sampling. We will delve deeper into this phenomena while also exploring their connection to cycling, as ultimately it is the bike that is the primary connector to the people we speak to in the OFF BIKE podcast. This, the first episode and it is with the icon that is, Sir Paul Smith, David Millar interviewed him, and in his own words:

    "I've known Paul personally since the early 2000's, we've had many interesting conversations over the years, he's offered me support while I was a racer, and advice as the founder of my new company, CHPT3. His generosity of spirit and simple kindness has always taken me aback, yet there's something else I wanted to delve deeper into, his spectrum of abilities and range of interests is mind boggling and I don't believe is truly appreciated by the wider public. The trajectory he has taken to arrive where he is today is a lesson to us all, especially in these days of quick gratification and impatience to succeed motivated too often by greed. His life has been a journey of learning fuelled by an insatiable curiosity, and somehow through it all he has kept an even keel, the love of his life and wife, Pauline, being his partner in the truest sense of the word. Anyway, I won't ramble on, I hope it all comes across in the interview."

    The Paul Smith website is here and within the site you'll find "Paul Smith's Cycling Scrapbook" with the foreword written by David Millar, it can be found here.

    Check out Paul on Instagram: his personal account is @paulsmith and the company is @paulsmithdesign

    David Millar's CHPT3 is here. Have a look around and learn a bit more about the next chapter.

    Mikkel Rasmussen's ReD Associates is here. Check it out and learn a bit more about the fascinating world of business anthropology that they specialise in.