• Born just outside Edmonton, Erin Holowach and her husband Travis are the minds behind ComFree, which is a name well-known by anyone involved in Edmonton real estate in the early 2000's. Nowadays, Erin and Travis run its spiritual successor, homeFree, and are bringing fully supported private sales back to the real estate market.

    In 2009, in an attempt to take ComFree to the national level, the pair entered into a merger- which unfortunately had disastrous results. Other shareholders had different plans for the company, bringing an end to ComFree and leaving Erin and Travis reeling.

    Over the next 12 years, in search of a new business plan, Erin and Travis became full-time entrepreneurs. As it turns out, real estate was their specialty: they were involved in quite a few startups, investments and mergers, culminating in the creation of homeFree. In Erin's own words from her biography, she also "Continues to be involved in multiple entrepreneurs’ organizations, leadership summits and business coaching, helping other leaders and entrepreneurs grow and operate their business to their fullest potential."

    To learn more about Erin, follow her on LinkedIn or Facebook. Also, if you're considering buying or selling a property anytime soon, check out homeFree for all your real estate needs.

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  • Joanna Griffiths is the Founder and President of Knix and Kt by Knix the direct-to-consumer intimate apparel brands reinventing intimates for real life. Since launching the company in 2013, Joanna has built Knix into one of the fastest-growing intimate apparel brands globally. Through a focus on impact work and product innovation the brand is on a mission to empower people to be unapologetically free. 

    Joanna holds multiple patents and helped invent the leakproof underwear category which is pacing to become a billion dollar category and has changed the lives of millions of people around the world. 

    Joanna broke the Canadian record for the largest publicly disclosed sale of a private company by a female founder when Swedish health and hygiene Giant Essity purchased 80% of Knix valuing the company at just over half a billion dollars. Always one to push for greater change when asked about the record Joanna said she “hopes it is a title she holds for a short period of time and can’t wait to cheer on whoever holds it next.”  

    Joanna's long list of accolades includes being named Waterstone's Most Admired CEO and an AdWeek Women Trailblazer. Recently she was named the national winner for EY’s Entrepreneur of the Year Award and will go on to represent Canada for the global title in June. Joanna holds an MBA with Distinction from INSEAD, sits on the board of Futurpreneur Canada and released her first book “Life After Birth” via globally renowned publisher Rizzoli in 2021. 

    For more on Joanna and Knix, visit their website, or follow Joanna on Instagram and Twitter.

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  • Dr. John Demartini is a polymath and a world-renowned human behavior expert. His work has been described by students as the "most comprehensive body of work", "an extensive library of wisdom".

    Dr. John Demartini's mission and vision is to share knowledge and wisdom that empowers you to become a master of your own life and destiny.

    He's an internationally published author, a global educator and the founder of the Demartini Method, a revolutionary tool in modern psychology.

    His education curriculum ranges from corporate empowerment programs, financial empowerment strategies, self-development programs, relationship solutions and social transformation programs. His teachings start at the core of the issue, addressing the human factor and range out to a multitude of powerful tools that have proven the test of time. He has studied over 30,000 books across all the defined academic disciplines and has synthesized the wisdom of the ages which he shares on stage in over 100 countries.

    His teachings are the synthesis of knowledge and wisdom from the greatest minds through history and his curriculum is designed to help you empower and inspire all 7 areas of your life.

    For more on Dr. Demartini, including information on how to purchase Dr. Demartini's courses, click here to visit his website.

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  • Come and listen to a story about how a group of talented experts have developed a credit card sized kit that can save people who are having a heart attack.

    About half of adult Canadians have at least one risk factor for a heart attack; diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, smoking, family history over the age of 55. One third of those of Canadians who have a heart attack will die before they get to medical attention. James Stewart, an engineer, says he’s had “friends and relatives who have died of a heart attack. So that's been my motivation right from the beginning. I've used to carry ASA and nitroglycerin in a baggie and I've carried this in my emergency kit for a long time. And it wasn't until somebody who came with me on one of these snowmobiling excursions actually mentioned to me, ‘What are those pills you have in your emergency kit?’. And I said, ‘Well, that's ASA and Nitroglycerin’. And the fellow was studying nursing at Grant McEwen College, and he told me that, ‘Hey, those nitroglycerin pills, they will have expired. And I said, ‘Well, what do you mean?’ He said, ‘Well, nitroglycerin reacts with air and light and layers itself on plastic and metal. So those pills you're packing probably hold no potency’."

    Stewart did some research and learned that this was all true. He needed to invent a packaging that would be stable so as to ensure that the medication remains stable for a long period of time.Stewart called up his friend, a renowned oncologist, Dr. John Mackey and the idea resonated with him too. Together, Stewart and Mackey came up with the idea of a heart attack card called SmHeartCard. It is a credit-card sized pill holder designed to save the lives of people who are having a heart attack. It holds 4ASA (81mg) and 3 Nitroglycerin (0.3 mg) pills, the standard medications given for the initial treatment of heart attack and angina.With the help of Dr. Neil Davies, a pharmacist who did the testing of the heart attack card, they proved that the pills can be stored safely for six months in the heart attack card.

    Learn more about the SMHeartCard at the Festival of Health on May 25. Mackey will discuss his work on the project during the Rapid Fire Presentations from 1 to 2:30 p.m.

    Register here for your free ticket

    Edmonton Clinic Health Academy 10 a.m. - 4 p.m.

    North Campus, University of Alberta

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  • Trigger Warning: This episode talks in depth about suicide.

    Kyle has lived in the Edmonton area his entire life and has been dedicated to working with youth for over 30 years. Kyle has been with YOUCAN Youth Services since 2002. In that time, YOUCAN Youth Services has grown from a one-person office, to being a leading organization in youth work and transitional youth employment programming. Kyle loves working for YOUCAN Youth Services because it is an organization that works very hard at assisting young people to get out and stay out of harm’s way. Kyle is proud that our agency helps youth build lifelong skills that enable them to maintain safe and healthy lifestyles leading them to economic independence. Kyle loves his family, his friends, hockey, U2, and of course every youth that walks through the doors of YOUCAN Youth Services.

    In this week's episode, Kyle shares the heart-wrenching story of losing his son, Luke, to suicide two years ago. His is an incredibly vulnerable, honest, important perspective in which we can learn about grief literacy, the process of grieving, the community's rally of support, and how every aspect of Kyle's life will be forever changed. We please ask that you give space for this story as it's an incredibly important one that we can all learn from and at its core, it's one of the most emotional episodes of The Inner Circle to date.

    Kyle is the host and creator of The Relentless Podcast, which can be streamed anywhere you listen to podcasts.

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  • After many calls to coaches across Western Canada to give Tyler a chance to play Junior A, he reached out to an old Bronco Trevor Posch and told him to put in a good word with Coach Darcy for him.

    Fast forward a couple days and Tyler packed his vehicle and made the 6-hour trek to Humboldt from Leduc. Darcy was the only coach that gave him a chance.

    Tyler instantly knew this team was special. A group of good hockey players and also good people thanks to Darcy and his team of coaches and staff. Being able to live with Paul and Nancy Jefferson made things that much better. A welcoming home that feels like a 2nd home to Tyler now. A few months later brought his new billet brother and ex-teammate Parker Tobin into the Jefferson home with him. A special bond in that home they had. This podcast shares the story of the spirit of the team, how the crash has affected all aspects of Tyler's life, and how it sparked a need in him to share his mental struggles and be an advocate for mental health.

    Now, Tyler is in his 4th and final semester of school for Television Broadcasting. Tyler doesn’t know where his future will take him, but seems to have found a passion for mental health advocacy. He has recently moved to Calgary with his girlfriend Katrina and plans to continue to take things one day at a time.

    He's also been hard at work at advocacy, public speaking, and clothing ventures; Not Alone Co., Tyler's collective, has one ultimate goal: to help initiate those tough, meaningful conversations around something that gets far too overlooked - your mental health. At Not Alone, they aim to create a space of acceptance, support and awareness and created comfy loungewear to represent that. 

    The team at Not Alone is devoted to ensuring that a community and culture of individuals is created in order to facilitate a space of vulnerability, courage, bravery and ultimately acceptance. This is something we want to be about you. You matter. We care about you. And we are here to remind you that you are never alone in all that you are struggling through. 

    Click here to visit the Not Alone website.

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  • Meg is the CEO of Unsilenced. She is a survivor of Chrysalis and Intermountain Children's Hospital, where she spent a combined total of 3 1/2 years of her life. After graduating from Carroll College with a Bachelors in psychology, and has spent the last 15 years dedicating her life to philanthropy, Board development and recruitment, and helping nonprofits develop and expand to further their impact. She brings an extensive background in nonprofit management, Board development, and fund development. She is currently the Vice President, Trustee and Managing Director at the Gochnauer Foundation. In addition, she is actively involved with and serves on the Board of Directors at the Lalich Center For Cults and Coercion, and The Shea Center in San Juan Capistrano, CA.


    Previous Boards she has served on include: The Wooden Floor (Santa Ana, CA), Carroll College Anthrozoology Program (Helena, MT), Art With Impact (San Francisco, CA), and Equest (Wylie, TX). Meg now resides in San Juan Capistrano, CA with her husband and four children.

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  • "I spent much of my life tutoring and mentoring children in French. When I became a mother of two young boys, I began putting together plans on how I wanted them to learn French from birth onwards. This ignited a spark in me to offer it to other families who were seeking extra support within their children’s education.

    I was brought up in Edmonton, Alberta learning both English and French in tandem, since birth. I attended french schooling my entire life. I took what I learned in grade school, and put it towards achieving my Bachelor of Arts degree from the Campus St.Jean/University of Alberta. Following, I earned my professional diploma in Public Relations. Any program that involved extensive writing, I signed up for it. Language Arts has always been a deep rooted passion of mine.

    I am so humbled by the amazing community of teachers, instructors, parents, and students that have entrusted me with their educational experiences! I continue to learn from our community, to keep optimizing what we offer. I look forward to continuing to grow our amazing Tutor Teach community."

    Lara Courtepatte offers genuine connection alongside helping students through these unprecedented times that have caused some academic and social setbacks through her company, TutorTeach. With over 100 instructors, they have an enormous range of classes to offer from grade 10 math to sewing skills to help students excel at whatever subject with which they're struggling. The company came to be very naturally, and it's all thanks (or no thanks) to the teacher Lara had in grade 6 that changed her forever. Listen to the full story in this week's episode of The Inner Circle! For more info on TutorTeach, visit tutorteach.ca.

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  • Marty Forbes is an incredibly accomplished media personality; a 52 year veteran of marketing, media, and digital consulting, Marty has countless stories from his career, his life, and memories that come along with the name Forbes. His accomplishments and wise words make for a memorable instalment of The Inner Circle. Join us in relishing the greatness that is Marty Forbes!

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  • Heather Chauvin is an author, speaker, life coach, mother, and all-around incredible human with a powerful message for this week's podcast. Heather goes into detail about her stage 4 cancer diagnosis, how it caused a powerful revelation in her, and how to unlock that potential within yourself without first having to receive devastating news. From Heather's own words:

    "I tried desperately to make sure my kids were happy and kept telling myself, “It’s only a phase - this will get better with time,” all while continuing to pour from an empty cup at the expense of myself.

    The internal pressure I felt spilled out into my whole life. I was a tense and exhausted mom, partner, businesswoman, and friend.

    In the end, spinning my wheels almost killed me.

    A year after my youngest son was born I was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer, and the illusion of control I held so tightly to came crashing down.

    In the blink of an eye I saw just how far away I was from living a life I actually wanted. I knew I couldn’t keep living the same way if I wanted to experience real joy and fulfillment.

    As the chemo dripped into my body, I decided that I didn’t just want to survive. I wanted to FEEL ALIVE.

    I consciously began to reparent myself and say no to my old excuses. What happened next blew me away.

    I started noticing a shift in my children’s behavior. I saw greater success in my business. My health began to improve. My relationships grew more connected.

    Don’t make the same mistake I did. Don’t wait for an unexpected diagnosis to wake you up to making the changes in your life you’ve put on the backburner.

    You are WORTHY of feeling good, NOW."

    For more info on Heather and where to find her book, courses, and much more, visit her website.

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  • Stylist Carla Buchberger, a longtime friend of the podcast, joins the Inner Circle once again to chat about all things fashion. From trends, to body types, to sizing and more, Carla deep-dives into how to make a great, sensible outfit, and what makes a closet truly functional.

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  • Keri Marie Irvine is a gold sheep. Growing up in Newport Beach with its picture perfect beaches, weather, and people, she always felt like she didn’t exactly fit in, but she was no black sheep. “A gold sheep is someone who stands out, but also sparkles,” Wilson explains. It was with that idea that she launched GOLDSHEEP, her line of stylish athleisurewear. Each piece in GOLDSHEEP’s collection of leggings, sports bras, windbreakers, and other activewear is inspired by pop culture, life, photography or art, and has its own story to tell. 

    Made to order from their warehouse in Costa Mesa, GOLDSHEEP has been carried in over 1,000 brick and mortar stores, including Bloomingdale’s, Nordstrom, Bandier and Soul Cycle with collaborators including Cindy Crawford, Kaley Cuoco, Saturday Night Live and Bravo. They’ve also produced products for major brands like Pepsi, MGM Hotel, SBE Group, SLS Hotels, Disney, Taco Bell, Casamigos, WWE and Peloton. Wilson got her start in fashion in Paris and New York, following in her father’s footsteps who helped launch Quiksilver and drawing inspiration from her grandmother as the ultimate gold sheep. “I’m inspired to make people feel happy and stand out in a room,” says Wilson. “All things bright ignite my soul.”

    On the horizon, she looks forward to moving her headquarters back to a new location near Newport Beach where she’ll build out the ultimate GOLDSHEEP experience. She’s also launching a men’s and baby’s line with more to come. A go-getter who pursues her dreams, Wilson embodies what it means to be a dynamic woman. 

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  • Jason Gregor is a sports talk radio host on TSN 1260 in Edmonton weekdays from 2-6 p.m. He began his radio career in 2001 after graduating with honours from NAIT’s Radio and Television Arts program, and he has hosted his own sports talk show since 2003. In 2005, he started his own broadcasting company, Just A Game Productions, and he operates every aspect of his show: on-air, sales, marketing and promotions.

    In addition to his daily talk show he is the lead columnist on OilersNation.com.

    Besides being an avid sports enthusiast, Jason is very passionate about philanthropy and community involvement. Over the past eight years he has raised over $2 million on his radio show for charities including, The MS Bike Tour, Santas Anonymous, The Christmas Bureau, Alzheimer’s Faceoff, Operation Friendship Seniors Society, Adopt-A-Teen and many more.

    He founded The Gregor Foundation in 2014. The Foundation provides high school boys, who can’t afford it, a brand new suit, shirt, ties and shoes for their graduation.

    Jason was named a Paul Harris Fellow by Rotary International in 2014 and was named one of Edmonton’s Top 40 under 40 in 2011. He was listed as Edmonton’s favorite sports host by Vue Magazine in 2011-2019 and he was the reader’s choice for top radio talk show host in the Edmonton Journal in 2014-2018.

    In this episode, Jason details his relationship with his father, how a book changed his outlook, his relationship with his own children, and more.

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  • A paradox - something that makes sense but doesn’t make sense - is the only way to describe how living a messy, challenging life makes it a better one. Choices born of naivety, insecurity, and the awful-beautiful-unthinking way a young adult navigates the world is how it went for me. A need to feel loved, a fast engagement, and back-to-back pregnancies are what happened; addiction, disability, and death are what made it interesting. We don’t plan for messy - we plan for perfection, but the messiness of the human experience is where the gold is. Messy is what sets you up for humility, empathy, connection, and gratitude. Messy is what allows you to arrive in new spaces & places with a sense of purpose and preparedness. Messy is what has made my life hard and meaningful and scary and worth living. See? Paradox at its finest. 

    Contact Information

    email: [email protected]

    Website: https://www.kelloinclusive.org/

    Instagram: @kelloinclusive

    Personal Instagram: @mskatie__j

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  • Cheryll Watson is a proud, born and raised Edmontonian from the northside community of Beverly. She has built her career as a business executive, bringing 20 years of experience in strategic business transformation, innovation, and advocacy in both the private and public sectors. Her career began at IBM in the late 1990s. She went on to spend 15 years with Silicon Valley headquartered Intuit, a Fortune 500 firm. Intuit’s relentless focus on the customer and their commitment to developing world-class leaders gave her the opportunity to gain the skills and practices required to lead in large and complex organizations.


    Most recently, Cheryll has led growth in the economic and innovation ecosystems of Edmonton and Alberta. Recognizing the need to catalyze our future economic prosperity, she joined the Edmonton Economic Development Corporation and founded Innovate Edmonton. Her team’s mandate focused on collaborating to create the best possible environment for technology innovation, assisting with securing venture funding and supporting local startup companies to grow and scale.


    She is an active and engaged community leader committed to serving her city. Most recently she was named the Chair of the Building Stronger Futures Capital Campaign for the Terra Centre for Teen Parents and is a founding member of the Downtown Recovery Coalition. Throughout her career Cheryll has served on a variety of boards, including Co-Chairing the Startup Genome Global Senior Advisory Policy Forum, as a mentor in the University of Alberta Venture Mentoring Service and as Fundraising Chair for the Zebra Child Protection Centre.


    Cheryll, her husband Geoff, and their four adult children actively contribute to causes and issues that have directly impacted their family’s lives, or will in the future, including mental health, child poverty issues, and environmental causes.

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  • When Kyrylo & Yana Kubenko and their two children left their home in February 2022, they left family, friends, the land they loved, and most of their belongings. The war in Ukraine has led them on a long, arduous journey that has brought them to first to Edmonton, and now Calgary, where they share their story of stress, heartache, fear of the unknown, and kind acts of the members of the community of Canada that have done everything they can to assist and welcome the family. Let's hold space for this incredibly brave family who still holds worry in their hearts every day for their home, for the loved ones they left behind, and for the Ukrainian soldiers who have lost their lives thus far.

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  • Carol Todd has impacted the world as an educator, an advocate, a parent and a leader for social change in speaking openly about the bullying, cyberbullying, exploitation and the mental health challenges that Amanda went through. In 2012, Carol’s daughter Amanda took her own life at the age of 15, following the posting of a YouTube video that detailed the sextortion and exploitation she endured via an international predator and then the severe harassment that came from her peers (online and offline). From this place of tragedy, Carol has found that by sharing Amanda’s story, she could help others.

    In memory of her daughter who took her life in response to cyberbullying and online exploitation, Carol founded the Amanda Todd Legacy Society to create further awareness surrounding these important issues that many young people are facing around the world. She currently speaks internationally about her experience, as well as her daughter’s struggles with bullying, cyber abuse, online victimization, and mental health, to empower youth and adults with strategies and resources to address these social issues.

    “Making a difference by sharing Amanda’s tragic story is important to me as her mother and encourages me, through her voice to prevent others from going through what Amanda went did.”

    Carol has become a voice of global change and advocacy and is driven by her passion and leadership to change the mindset behind negative behaviours and the challenging barriers of stigma by sharing Amanda’s story. 



    The Amanda Todd Legacy is a non-profit society that focuses on awareness and the well-being of all individuals. The Legacy has a strong focus on prevention and awareness related to bullying, cyberabuse, digital safety and exploitation. Resources encouraged mental health and wellness are also shared on the Legacy website.

    Campaigns of awareness and outreach to both young people and adults are of primary importance. We have presented globally to public schools, colleges, universities, community events, conferences with attendees in focus areas of which may include law enforcement, social work, psychology and mental health with an overall goal of empowerment, safety and wellness. 

    October 10th is also World Mental Health Day globally and the date that Amanda died by suicide. Each year on this date, a campaign driven by the Legacy entitled ‘Light Up Purple’ whereby landmarks across the world are asked to shine a purple light on mental health awareness lives on each year since her death.

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  • The question shouldn’t be, 'Am I an alcoholic'? Instead, ask yourself, 'Does alcohol negatively impact my life'?

    For Heather Novak, the answer became very clear. She then had a desire for more clarity within. 

    Giving up alcohol allowed for so much more growth & became one of the best decisions Heather has ever made. 

    "I promised myself that I would have all the honest conversations I didn’t want to have with myself & others because those are the ones that matter. I decided to no longer hide my words because hiding them hide me. I decided I was no longer a slave to my fears & the opinions of others. I decided that I would live with honesty, an open heart and mind, along with the willingness to heal. Allowing always MORE LOVE."

    Trigger warning: this episode contains anecdotes of child neglect, alcoholism, and childhood trauma.

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  • Jennifer Bergman is an Event Producer and Designer with over 15 years experience producing events of all types and sizes. She is the President of Jennifer Bergman Weddings and Events, an Edmonton-based firm that has planned over 400 events (and counting!), both locally and abroad.

    The firm currently produces over $2 Million in events per year - from intimate elopements to large multi-day weddings, baby showers to 90th birthdays, new product launches to corporate anniversaries – theyhave planned events all over Alberta and B.C., as well as internationally, including Cabo, Jamaica, Scottsdale, Palm Springs and South Beach.

    Their work has been published in National and International magazines and blogs, and they have been honoured with numerous awards and nominations, including: a Canadian Special Events Award for Best Wedding; Wedding Planners Institute of Canada Best Destination Wedding, Edmonton Event Awards Best Wedding and Best Startup Event, to name a few.

    Jennifer has a Bachelor of Commerce specializing in Marketing from the Alberta School of Business and is a Certified Wedding Coordinator through The Wedding Planners Institute of Canada. Prior to launching her company in 2008, she gained crucial event planning experience organizing large, multi-day conventions, and honed her creative and design skills working on national advertising campaigns.

    Jennifer has served on the Board of Directors for the Alberta School of Business Alumni Association, andwas on the founding board of the International Live Events Association (ILEA), Edmonton Chapter. She has shared her event planning skills with the Stollery Womens Network, helping to raise funds and awareness for the Stollery Children's Hospital Foundation. Presently, Jennifer is a board member of Food for Thought Edmonton – a non-profit program that provides meals for hungry schoolchildren. 

    Jennifer enjoys travelling and staying active with her husband Sean and their two children, Aila and Meyer.


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  • Stacy T. Sims, MSC, PHD, is a forward-thinking international exercise physiologist and nutrition scientist who aims to revolutionize exercise nutrition and performance for women.

    She has directed research programs at Stanford, AUT University, and the University of Waikato, focusing on female athlete health and performance and pushing the dogma to improve research on all women.

    With the unique opportunities, Silicon Valley has to offer, during her tenure at Stanford, she had the opportunity to translate earlier research into consumer products and a science-based layperson's book (ROAR) written to explain sex differences in training and nutrition across the lifespan. Both the consumer products and the book challenged the existing dogma for women in exercise, nutrition, and health. This paradigm shift is the focus of her famous "Women Are Not Small Men” TEDx talk.

    Her contributions to the international research environment and the sports nutrition industry has established a new niche in sports nutrition; and established her reputation as the expert in sex differences in training, nutrition, and health. As a direct result, she has been named:

    One of the top 50 visionaries of the running industry (2015) by DMSE Sports.One of the top 40 women changing the paradigm of her field (2017) by Outside Magazine. One of the top four visionaries in the outdoor sports industry (2017) by Outside Magazine - Genius Issue (no electronic version but here is the proof).One of the top four individuals changing the landscape in triathlon nutrition (2017) by Triathlete Magazine

    Dr. Sims has published over 70 peer-reviewed papers, several books and is a regularly featured speaker at professional and academic conferences, including those by USOC and USA Cycling. 

    Stacy currently holds a Senior Research Associate position with SPRINZ- AUT University, supervises PhD students, writes academic papers, and is on the advisory board of some cutting edge companies including Tonal Strength Institute, WILD.AI, and EXOS. She also has her own business (www.drstacysims.com) where she creates and delivers online learning material focused on women training with their physiology across the lifespan. 

    She currently resides at the beach in Mt. Maunganui, New Zealand with her husband and young daughter.

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