• What a passionate guest this week, Patricia Lohan - Feng Shui expert, speaker & author was born and bred in Galway in the West of Ireland and is now living her dream travelling and working all over the world.
    Patricia is the creator of Powerhouse Feng Shui and Author of 'The Happy Home - A guide to creating a happy, healthy, wealthy life and become a business powerhouse using Feng Shui'.
    Patricia helps people all over the globe to embrace Feng Shui which creates lasting changes within your life, relationships, business and home.
    Patricia has featured in media all around the world and her passion is helping others to live better and fuller lives.
    You can find her on www.patricialohan.com or on Instagram or join her Free community group on Facebook
    In this episode we spoke about

    Where it all started
    The passion of creating the life you want
    Finding true love
    Creating changes can help bring flow and movement into your life.

    How colour can help or hinder us
    Your home has a personality too!
    Time to clear our the knicker drawer

    A fun filled and informative chat with Patricia today, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.
    Until next time. www.sharonfitzmauricemindfulness.com

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  • Episode 101 and my wonderful guest is Jennifer Woodward who holds a Masters of Science in Integrated Nutrition and is a certified Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner, She is also a board certified Functional Wellness Coach.
    Jennifer is the Executive Director of the Association of Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Professionals, where She is mentored by Reed Davis - another of my former guests.
    Jennifer is the creator of the acclaimed FDN Business School and She loves helping new FDNs thrive professionally.
    She also completed a 3 month long internship with Dr. Kryin Dunston getting hands on training in women's hormones.
    In this episode we spoke about

    What is perimenopause and the hallmark symptoms
    Mood disturbances -heightened anxiety & depression
    Nutrition & re-balancing your mind and body
    Mineral deficiencies & tracking your food intake
    Role of estrogen & progesterone in our bodies
    Essential proteins
    Weight issues & how to stop cravings
    Are you running on an empty tank?
    Practical & Actionable steps to self-care
    What lessons can we learn from our great-great-great Grandmothers?

    Download Jennifer's free guide to 3 recipes for balancing core hormones through her website www.jenniferwoodwardnutrition.com
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  • Episode 100 and my guest this week is Nicolas Rion, a personal and professional relationship coach, who supports individuals to build strong, healthy and sustainable relationships. He started coaching in 2017 and has trained with one of the world's leading coaching schools - The Co-Active Training Institute, accredited by the International Coaching Foundation. Nicolas is also trained in Non violent communication - a framework for resolving conflict through empathy, honesty, strength and compassion.
    In this episode we spoke about

    Growing up in France
    How the loss of a parent shapes your life
    Depression opens the door to finding your true self
    The mechanisms we use can be helping or hurting you
    Values and building a relationship with yourself
    Making hard choices
    Strengthening your boundaries
    Non Violent Communication
    Listening to your needs
    The positive benefits in our life lessons

    You can connect to Nicolas through his website www.nicolasrion.com or through LinkedIn

  • Episode 99 and my guest today is Machiel Klerk, author of Dream Guidance, connecting to the soul through dream incubation.
    Machiel is the founder of the organisation Jung Platform which focuses on providing quality programs for personal development from a soul-centred perspective. He is an internationally recognised and gifted dream-worker and also a mental health therapist, speaker and author.
    You can check out more of Machiel's work through his website www.machielklerk.com
    In this episode we spoke about

    Learning from local cultures and traditions
    Our dream world is just as important as our waking world
    We all have gifts to share
    Creating a sense of curiosity
    Our dreams help us become unstuck and offer us support
    Healing through our dreams
    Listening to your soul's guidance
    Remembering the joy of life
    Guidance and Wisdom is always available
    How a dream became a life vision

    You can connect to Machiel on Instagram Facebook LinkedIn

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  • Episode 98 and my guest is Ryan McDaid - creator and host of The Infinite Creators Podcast. Ryan grew up in a small rural town in Ireland, feeling insecure and caring what others thought. Unsure how to love himself and being part of generational trauma put Ryan on a path of seeking external validation.
    He found success in business only to realise he was poorer and still unable to find happiness, this sent Ryan on an internal journey that led to connecting to his true self. He found peace, joy, happiness, direction and love - something that was and is always there. Follow Ryan over on Instagram
    In this episode we spoke about

    What we believe brings us happiness
    Soul connection
    Allowing space to be curious
    Seeking validation
    Supressing our shadow
    Claiming your power
    Owning your truth within the darkness
    Plant medicine and seeing our infinite potential
    Trusting the process
    Acknowledging the transformations

  • Episode 97 and my guest is Natasha Whelehan - a life and career coach for cancer survivors. Prior to becoming a coach and setting up her own practice, she worked for over 10 years as a corporate recruiter plus did a stint in HR in Australia and Northern Ireland.
    In 2017 Natasha was diagnosed with breast cancer as a young Mum to 2 kids (4 and 17 months at the time) she was just 39. Her treatment plan included 3 surgeries, chemo and 6 weeks of radiotherapy. Natasha's cancer was hormone driver so she is currently on hormone therapy and will continue to take these drugs for another 5 years.
    Natasha has experienced first hand the emotional and physical impact of a cancer diagnosis and is passionate about supporting her clients in their journey as they navigate life after cancer.
    She works with cancer survivors in a number of ways through general life coaching supporting clients as they discover what is important to them now, what they want to bring forward in to their life after cancer and what they want to leave behind.
    She supports clients as they create a vision for their life after cancer and help them put in place actionable steps towards this 'new normal'.
    Career coaching draws on her extensive experience as a recruiter and can include job search, managing work boundaries, interview preparation right through to supporting someone as they step towards recovery.
    Natasha is offering a Summer special 90 minute focused coaching session for just 50 euro for the month of June.
    In this episode we spoke about the impact and ripple effect of cancer and its treatment. Listening to your body. How it effects you, your life, your relationships and the support you need whilst going through it. Natasha shared how her values changed during and after the treatment and how she followed her passion and is now helping others in her coaching practice. She really shares the real life issues of surviving cancer and that is does get messy but you can get through it.

    You can find out more to Natasha on www.natashawhelehan.com or follow her on Instagram @natasha_coachingafter.cancer

  • Episode 96 and my guest this week is Rob Dudgeon. A personal trainer, mental health and wellbeing coach living in Dublin but haling from Galway.
    His passion for wellbeing stemmed from his own painful struggles and adversity for over 3 decades. His purpose is now to use his experiences and education to help others.
    In this episode we spoke about

    Childhood experiences & learned behaviours
    Struggling with life

    Being a product of your environment
    The simple goals can still be hard when struggling with anxiety
    New love and old patterns
    Self-Reflection and Choices
    No-one is coming to save you
    Holding a mirror up to yourself

    Finding tools that help you
    Looking at your lifestyle for realistic progress
    Self-Compassion & Somatic practices
    Feeling safe within yourself
    Showing up for yourself & others

    You can connect to Rob through Instagram

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  • Episode 95 and my guest this week is Cathy O'Byrne who is an experienced and accredited Child and Adolescent Psychotherapist and Play Therapist, now specialising in Compassionate and Empowering Parent Support.
    Cathy has worked as a primary school teacher, trainer and facilitator and psychotherapist in various settings. She works from a systemic integrative and humanistic perspective, using creative approaches to resource and empower parents towards great awareness, confidence, knowledge and presence in their parenting.
    Cathy has designed and delivered training and workshops for primary and secondary school communities as trauma informed ways of teaching, relating to and supporting young people who have experienced trauma and childhood adversity. Cathy advocates very strongly for the power of the relationship when working with young people and their families. She also lectures part-time on the Masters of Humanistic and Integrative Psychotherapy and Play Therapy at Children's Centre in Limerick.
    In this episode we spoke about

    Feeling the feelings
    Real life parenting
    Children mirror us
    Stay connected to your values
    Anxiety & emotional overwhelm as a parent
    Having a support network
    Having compassion for yourself
    Being honest with yourself & your children
    Quality time
    Parenting Pods - sharing and supporting
    Triggers & Fears

    Well-being & emotional awareness
    The power of acceptance

    You can connect to Cathy through her website www.theswallowstrail.com Follow her on Instagram Facebook & LinkedIn

  • Episode 93 and my guest this week is Damien Quinn -founder of Speire Nua which means New Horizon. It was a college idea that challenged a personal problem area for Damien as he had struggled with addiction issues and criminality which led to imprisonment.
    Most people see prison as a really tough time but Damien saw it as an opportunity to reassess his life, to set goals, get educated and job ready.
    On his release Damien found that all his effort to change went largely invalidated and the historical convictions outweighed all of the progress he had made.
    Damien is now growing a peer mentor network and supporting people to gain a foothold in society. He also works for Galway Rural Development as Co-ordinator and Community Education and Ability Officer. He has also been nominated by Galway Council for Social Enterprise of the year For the All Ireland Community & Council awards.
    In this episode we spoke about

    Life events that affect on your life path.
    Taking responsibility
    Awareness of consequences
    Access to information & support for young people
    Being a Father in prison and hope for the future
    Starting again & Expectations
    Being accountable to others
    Building momentum in life, education and relationships
    Support & Validation
    The incentive to change
    Being the change we want to see in the world
    Aligning your passion and purpose.
    Networking & Connections

    To connect to Damien go to speirenua.org Facebook LinkedIn
    You can also connect to Sharon through www.sharonfitzmauricemindfulness.com

  • Episode 92 and my guest this week is Michelle Steiner from Pennsylvania who lives with an invisible disability. She is a published author, a paraeducator working with school kids with disabilities, she is married and has two cats. Her articles are published in The Mighty, Project Dyscalculia Blog, The Reluctant Spoonie, Imagine the World as One magazine and Word Gathering, She is also a fabulous photographer and her photos are featured in Word Gathering and Independent and Work Ready.
    In this episode we spoke about

    Explaining Dyscalculia

    How we and others view our differences

    Being diagnosed and receiving support
    Social acceptance -exclusion & inclusion
    Self-doubt & encouragement
    Stepping into your strengths
    Creativity is freedom of expression
    Developing trust & focus
    Being comfortable in yourself
    Learning to find solutions
    Celebrating your achievements
    Loving who you are & Finding Happiness

    You can connect to Michelle on Instagram Facebook or check out her blog Michelle's Mission
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  • Episode 91 and my guest this week is Clare Mansfield who currently works as a Primary School Principal & Teacher. She is passionate about writing, teaching and helping others.
    Her first book " Away with the Fairies - A Fairy's Guide to True Love" was published by Seaburn Books in October 2013
    Forthcoming publication this year "Flowering" and She is currently working on "Revelations - How to Receive the Gift of Life" - her purpose & vision for this book is that it helps, encourages, supports and inspires those on difficult path of infertility towards a new path fresh with new possibilities and ideas.
    She is also a qualified Personal & Business Life Coach and a Holistic Therapist. Clare runs regular Integrated Energy Therapy (IET) Practitioner Training Days and "How to Read the Akashic Records" workshops for adults in Glosna House Holistic Centre
    Her proudest achievement has been becoming a Mum to her precious twin daughters Zoe and Lily and their little sister Isabella. She is happily married to Shane and they all live together in the beautiful countryside in County Carlow.

    In this episode we spoke about

    Nurturing your passions
    Prioritising wellbeing in education
    Awareness in listening
    Creating time and space to allow for creative flow
    You are never too old to learn something new about yourself
    Recognition, Understanding & Compassion
    Accessing messages of love and support
    The Soul's Truth
    Choice & Perspective
    Following your intuition even through your challenges - Clare speaks openly about her infertility journey
    Helping others to make a choice of empowerment
    Stress & supporting yourself
    Integrated Energy Therapy
    The art of allowing
    Giving hope & encouragement to others by sharing your experiences
    Opening your mind and exploring other options

    Restorative practise - how to restore harmony

    You can find Clare through Facebook & LinkedIn
    To contact Sharon directly www.sharonfitzmauricemindfulness.com

  • Episode 90 and my guest this week is Janine van Someren a rest, resilience and energy specialist and founder of The Wellbeing Advantage.
    As a professional accredited transformational coach with a PhD in life story research, Janine founded the The Wellbeing Advantage to combine a passion for wellbeing with the skills of high-performance physiological testing to illustrate the path to a healthier lifestyle. She lives in Sligo with her husband Ken and two boys after living in London for over 25 years.
    In this episode we spoke about

    Following your passion
    Wellbeing issues trigger life transformations
    The body's warning signs
    Restorative states- what activities allow you to rest, focus and thrive
    Your body's resilience

    Changing your stress response
    Hormonal changes
    The quality of your sleep has the biggest impact on you physically, mentally and emotionally
    Science based data - what gets measured gets managed
    Regulating hormones

    The circadian rhythm reset
    Daily habits done purposefully

    Nurturing yourself
    Consistent waking times
    Start simple

    You can follow Janine on Instagram LinkedIn or through her website

    To connect to Sharon please go to www.sharonfitzmauricemindfulness.com

  • Episode 89 and my guest this week is Lynn Monaghan, owner and founder of Mind Mastery Academy. Lynn has worked for years as a clinical nurse specialist in primary and forensic care in the mental health sector.
    Lynn helps people to construct new patterns of behaving and thinking, thus empowering them to happier and healthier living. She trained as a psychotherapist and also as a health and well-being consultant with the Proctor Gallagher institute and is a magnetic mind coach.
    She offers elite personal transformation coaching workshops and seminars and individual sessions.
    In this episode we spoke about

    What's missing in our mental health system
    Our emotions are key to better choices
    What is behind anxiety and depression
    Changing your story

    Vulnerability is our strength
    Reflecting hope
    Taking the first small step
    Being detached from your own truth
    Believe that you can
    Focus is a practise
    Showing up for yourself
    How well are the old stories serving you?
    We all have the capacity to retrain our mind
    Taking your power back

    You can connect with Lynn on Facebook Instagram LinkedIn or through her website https://www.lynnmonaghan.com

    To connect with Sharon please go to https://www.sharonfitzmauricemindfulness.com

  • Episode 88 and my guest this week may be only 22 years old, but Katie Graden Spence shares an amazing story of resilience and overcoming adversity in her young life. Growing up her foundation was shaky and through the belief of being abandoned by her birth Dad, she took on the belief that it was her fault. This led to severe anxiety and in turn attempting to take her own life. Katie's story is very powerful in that She is the voice of many young people and how they sometimes feel they have to live up to the expectations not just of others, but of themselves. 
    Katie has an amazing future ahead of her as she is now focusing on becoming a clinical psychologist so that she can help others just like her. She is a Master's student in Psychological Science at Queen's University and Service Coordinator for the Eating Disorders Association Northern Ireland. 
    She is engaged to Jordan and they are planning their wedding for July 2025, we wish them both the very best of happiness in their future together. 
    You can follow Katie on Facebook, Instagram & LinkedIn.
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  • Episode 87 and my guest this week is Serena Foster is the CEO and founder of Goddess International, a company that empowers women to find the true power within themselves. 
    After being a VP in the corporate world for over 10 years, Serena realised She had lost herself in the process of this little thing called life. Following a long journey of self-discovery, She realised she was incredibly passionate about helping others who feel just as lost as She was. 
    When She is not playing CEO you can find her somewhere out in nature with her two incredible boys, creating some kind of wild adventure together.
    We spoke about

    You can have more than one dream, but what is your dream now?
    Following the expectations of others
    Falling into playing a role 
    Responsibilities or Burdens?
    Pushing yourself to the limits
    Work does not have to equal hard!
    Communication & Listening 
    Losing our identity - who are you now?
    Sharing our experiences to help others 
    Are you defensive or in denial?
    Mind -body connection 
    Are you finding joy in what you are doing?
    Re-framing your mindset 
    Meditation & Intuition 
    Journaling & Awareness
    Investing in yourself 

    You can find more about Serena or connect to her through her website www.goddessinternational.co 
    She offers 1:1 coaching so you can gain a clear vision on how to achieve everything you want in life. 
    Serena also has a Find Your Purpose Workbook to help you get started. 
    Find her on Social media - Facebook Instagram Podcast
    You can connect to Sharon Fitzmaurice through her website https://www.sharonfitzmauricemindfulness.com 

  • Episode 86 and my guest this week is Doug Gordon a 5x award winning international speaker, coach, consultant, trainer, radio presenter, healer, author and Tedx  speaker.
    Doug spent 21 years in the investment world as an investment sales head for some of the largest fund managers in the world. in 2008 when markets fell, Doug suffered from stress and at the end of 2009 he had two surgical operations that went wrong, after 3 years of chronic pain, he got Nora virus and was rushed to hospital and had a near death experience, since then he has become a master teacher of Reiki, Seichem, Bio energy healing, magnified and quantum healing. 
    He also has many years successfully on the business side helping thousands of individuals and companies in performance, mindset, communication skills, presentation skills, pitching, deal making, negotiating skills, relationship building skills, sales and marketing skills, media training, interview training plus has a massive network of investors as he is a certified fund manager and investment advisor. 
    Doug has training programs, online courses and coaching programs on workplace wellness, energy optimisation, relationships, trauma healing, physical, mental and emotional healing programs.
    His new book CHARGE YOURSELF UP FOR SUCCESS - energising your life, work & relationships is available to BUY NOW on Amazon 
    In this episode we spoke about 

    What drives you
    Wake up call
    Signs from the Universe
    Finding a new path 
    Helping people to connect to their heart self
    Giving without reward
    The joy of connection 
    How our messes become messages
    Reframing trauma through a spiritual perspective
    Creating new patterns through awareness, focus and discipline
    Allowing yourself to Receive
    Everything is energy 
    You are worthy 

    You can follow Doug on Instagram Facebook LinkedIn 
    Check out his website Body Health and Soul - Healer in Dublin, Reiki, Energy healing, Life coach
    Listen to his TEDx talk 
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  • My guest this week is Niamh Doyle, a primary school teacher, author & parent. 
    Through her own parenting journey Niamh has become more aware of her own mindset and in turn has learned, studied and developed a wellbeing practice to help herself, her own children and now shares it in her new book Mighty Mindsets - how mindsets can help your child with life's ups and downs - published by Little Island, which will be released on April 20th 2023 and launched in Charlie Byrne's Bookshop in Galway city on May 5th at 6pm.
    Niamh offers wellbeing workshops online and in person, covering topics such as mindfulness practices to help anxiety, building resilience, the value of gratitude, emotional literacy, breathing techniques to help calm the mind and body, which are also covered in her new book 
    The book can be pre-ordered through Kennys.ie Amazon.co.uk Bookdepository.com
    In this episode we spoke about
    The basic needs of our children
    Building awareness
    Holding space for ourselves as parents & teachers 
    Acknowledging how we feel & listening skills
    Growing and learning with our children 
    Conforming & Expectations
    Learning everyday
    You can contact Niamh on [email protected] 

  • Episode 84 and my guest this week is Jenn Crole. From an early age Jenn recalls communing with nature, the elements, The Unicorn and Faery realms. She has also experienced a few visitations with Jesus. At 8 years old her Papa passed away. She began to communicate with him right after his transition, this led the way to today where Jenn as a Psychic-Medium connects with loved ones in spirit and channels through guidance and messages for her clients. Psychic Starlite was born after years of dealing with depression from her bed which she most often retreated to, wanting to disappear from the pain of being, a little spark grew and called her to shine. Jenn Crole - Psychic Starlite offers a variety of services with the intention to uplift, enlighten and empower. Every session is a unique experience where Jenn will tune in as a Psychic-Medium, Seer, Channel and Mentor to offer her local and international clients tools and guidance to carry on through their journey. Jenn is a lover and seeker of beauty and joy. A few years ago she began an incredible van life journey with her Partner and their Chihuahuas. Jenn is also Tarot Reader, Yogi and Astrologer. A gypsy soul who is ever curious, devoted to self awareness, wellness and discovery. Jenn is currently working on her first book: Natural Intelligence. Encompassing our natural connection to all things. Recalling our abilities to connect intuitively, telepathically and holistically. Jenn can be found on Instagram at:https://instagram.com/jenncrole_psychicstarlite?igshid=NTdlMDg3MTY= And her new website:http://jenncrole-psychic-starlite.square.site/