• Today’s guest is Peter Brown, co-author of a book that has really resonated with learning practitioners. Make it Stick was written with one purpose to mind: to find out how we can make learning easier and learnings durable.

    Make it Stick draws on recent breakthroughs in cognitive psychology and explains how knowledge transferred in training is encoded, accessed and retrieved in the minds of learners.

    When you run training programs, you want to impart knowledge but also want that knowledge to be retained so learning gains don’t fade quickly. The science behind successful learning should interest every learning professional.

    In today’s episode:

    What does the latest cognitive science tell us about learning?

    How do we deliver learning so that it sticks and becomes durable?

    How do we create opportunities for retrieval practice

    What does the science tell us about the most effective ways to practice retrieval?

    How spaced-out or far apart should retrieval practice be?

    How do we refresh learning as training

    How do we deal with the illusion of knowing?

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  • If you’re running a business these days, you need to have a web presence.

    You need some kind of home page or landing page where people can find you and find out about you.

    More importantly, they want to learn how you can help them and how you haved helped people like them.

    If you are a consultant, a trainer, a coach, a facilitator you need a digital space where people can find reasons to connect with you and contact you.

    Many people make the mistake of deciding what they want from their website rather than what their prospect needs.

    In fact, you don’t want a website. You want a system that attracts people to engage with you so you can convert them to paying customers

    In today’s episode:

    What the difference is between a web page and a landing page

    How to to convert visitors into prospects

    What you need on the front end and on the back end of your site

    Which kinds of software can capture visitors details

    What lead magnets are and how to use them to attract clients

    What the difference is between organic and paid traffic

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  • Fascinating conversation today with Jonathan Halls author of Confessions of a Corporate Trainer.

    Jonathan is a Master Trainer and has developed his own models to help facilitate great learning experiences.

    I asked Jonathan about how we as learning professionals can flip things around from trainer centric learning to learner-centric learning.

    What does this mean? It means that we become conscious of the need to step back and step out of the way so that our clients become the centre of attention.

    When we do this, amazing things can happen

    In today’s episode:

    How can you get results outside of the classroom

    What is the flipped classroom model

    What does Jonathan mean by the term extended classroom

    How can you get learners to think more for themselves

    What should you be telling learning stakeholders

    Why you need to rethink how learning takes place

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  • Today, we’re talking to Brandon Carson, Director of Learning at Delta Air Lines, author of Learning in the Age of Immediacy from 2017 which focused on five factors transforming the modern workplace; learning technologies like Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality.

    Brandon’s new book L&D’s Playbook for the Digital Age helps makes the case why corporate learning and development needs to reorientate itself for the digital age and lays out a tactical ‘playbook’ that you can apply in your learning & development practice.

    Not least, Brandon is also co-founding director of L&D Cares, a network to help learning professionals like you and me in these difficult pandemic times. And right now, there are plenty of people in our training community who can do with help.

    In today’s episode

    How L&D can prepare itself for the Digital Age

    What’s technologies will shape corporate learning

    Who is L&D Cares for and how can it help you?

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  • I’ve no crystal ball.

    Nobody does but that shouldn’t stop us asking which learning trends will be hot in the workplace of the near future

    Learning Analytics?

    Learning Platforms?

    Augmented Reality?

    Virtual Reality?

    Social Learning?

    More importantly for you, we should be asking ourselves how these L&D trends will impact your talent-development business and those of your clients

    Today’s guest is Don Taylor, Chair of the Learning Technologies Conference, Chair of the Learning & Skills Group and Chair of the board of the Learning & Performance Institute.

    Don is going to share critical results from his annual GSS Global Sentiment Survey which goes our every year to 000’s of Learning & Development stakeholders to help paint a picture of what the talent development community - people like your clients - think are the hot trends in the near future.

    In today’s episode:

    Which are the key findings from the GSS Global Sentiment Survey 2021

    What do they mean for the future of workplace learning?

    How do they affect you and your clients business?

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  • Most small business owners don’t think of themselves as content producers but today’s guest Joe Pulizzi, author of the bestselling book Content Inc thinks that you should start thinking that way.

    Strategy is about knowing what people need to read, hear and think so they want to work you and buy from you.

    It doesn’t matter whether you are a coach, consultant or trainer. It doesn’t matter what kind of business you’re in.

    You’re probably already including some kind of blog posts on social media content to people you want to attract clients. But is it the best stuff you have?

    It probably isn’t and that’s a mistake. Joe says that you want to give away your best stuff. You do that by focusing on the content that solves costly problems.

    Check out the rest of Joe’s advice so you can start creating posts and content that makes you stand out.

    In today’s episode:

    What exactly is content marketing

    Why consultants need to create a media brand

    How do you write content that wins subscribers

    What do great articles and posts look like

    Why consistency really matters to your audience

    What Joe means by your ‘content tilt’

    Why should you give your best content away

    How newsletters can help you attract clients

  • When you are running an effectively facilitated remote learning experience, there is all the check-listing beforehand, the technology, the design, the logistics. Sure, you can do that yourself. But is it the most effective use of your time?

    You might have to look after screen-sharing, comments in the chatroom, polling, breakouts, reactions, late-comers, troubleshooting, email in the background. That’s a lot to handle. When it comes to delivering high-value remote training that can be too much to handle.

    This week’s guest is Kassy LaBorie, a virtual classroom master trainer, a former senior trainer at WebEx, and a past Director of Virtual Training Services at Dale Carnegie. Kassy has written a book on it: Producing Virtual Training, Meetings, and Webinars: Master the Technology to Engage Participants.

    Today’s episode is going to shake up your ideas about your role in delivering remotely to your clients, and it’s going to give you some fresh ones as well!

  • Peter Carlin co-founded LogicEarth an e-learning company in the middle of a global recession over 10 years ago. It was a difficult time to launch an online education business but Peter saw a massive gap in the market.

    Working for BT (British Telecom), Peter asked realised that spending on classroom-based training was falling. He asked himself: ’Is face-to-face learning the only option that we can give L&D buyers? Of course not!

    Fast forward more than 10 years and LogicEarth is now part of the Creative Engagement Group following a successful sale of the business led by Peter and his team in Belfast. So what was the journey from there to here?

    Peter has a great story to tell and it’s full of tips and pointers for you if you plan to grow and sell your elearning or facilitation business one day!

    In today’s episode:

    What exactly was the gap in the marketplace that Peter spotted?

    What was it like to start a elearning business in a difficult time?

    How Peter and business partner Paul McKay got their first clients

    What was it like taking on their first employees?

    How Peter and Paul funded their startup early on

    Who approached LogicEarth to acquire the business?

    Why Peter felt some buyers were not right for them

    What convinced LogicEarth to sell to Creative Engagement Group?

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  • My mother was a teacher. The she became a trainer. She absolutely loved it! And both my grandfathers were teachers. So maybe there is something in my genes which I have inherited that makes me a good trainer and facilitator.

    One thing is for sure: teaching, training, facilitation are all closely interlinked. Teachers have learned to be great communicators. Teachers have a passion for helping people to develop. Teachers care about the impact that lessons and guidance have on others.

    What about you? Were you a teacher or Lecturer in a past life? Are you a teacher now and thinking of setting up your own facilitation or training business. Great! Today’s guest, Lisa Spinelli has written a book on the subject and is going to help you succeed! Teachers to Trainers: Apply Your Passion and Skills to a New Career

    In today’s episode:

    Why you might be thinking of transitioning to training from teaching

    What kinds of challenges you may face

    Which transferable skills you can use right away

    Where to find resources to help you make the switch

    Which possible career paths exist for you right now

    How you can get started planning right away

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  • As a facilitator or learning designer, your stories connect you and your subject to your audience. They are about you but not for you according to today’s guest, Hadiya Nuriddin.

    Hadiya is a storytelling expert and speaks at national conferences on learning and development topics, specifically storytelling for facilitators and quality control & assurance for learning teams.

    She is the author of StoryTraining: Selecting and Shaping Stories that Connect, published by ATD. Hadiya has so much to share with you to help you use the power of storytelling in your next trainings.

    In today’s episode:

    How to build a story ‘spine’ that works

    What do do to create a storytelling environment

    Why ‘meaning’ really matters in storytelling

    How to get better at getting stories from people

    Why stories create headlights not spotlights

    What to do to generate a better response in facilitation

    How to help people tell their own stories

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  • Have you ever asked your audience how they rate your ability to listen to them?

    Are you conscious of your ability to listen critically? It’s tempting to do all the speaking as a trainer or facilitator, isn’t it?

    Often the best feedback I am given is not based upon something that’s come out of my mouth. It’s because I’ve created an environment where people feel that they can be heard and understood.

    If you want to get people to listen to you, you have to start by listening to them.

    Today’s guest is Julian Treasure, 5 times TED speaker, and he’s going to give you some key tips to speak so people want to listen to you.

    In today’s episode

    How you can learn critical listening

    7 deadly sins of speaking

    4 foundations of powerful speaking

    The importance of sound in your workshops and trainings

    How sound can help your business productivity

    Why you should care about HAIL and RASA

    How you can get money off Julian’s course

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  • Leanne Hughes is a trainer and facilitator based Brisbane Australia

    She is also an experienced facilitator and host of the #first time facilitator podcast

    I’ve asked Leanne on the show today to share 7 things she’s learnt since starting her own training business and facilitation business. It’s a great chat!

    In today’s episode

    Why you don’t have to stay busy all the time

    What constructive delusion means

    Why you need to be agile in your business

    How to ask for a great referral from clients

    Why social proof is King as a facilitator

    How to use LinkedIn to build relationships

    Where you can protect your time and energy

    Why are no screen day every week helps your mind

    We’re also going to mention some resources and great books you can check out to help your facilitation brand

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  • As trainers, coaches and facilitators, we do what we love to do!

    I have always thought of training as a privilege. Do you agree?

    You help people to be the best that they can be and you do this through your programs and workshops.

    But you don’t do it purely because you love it.

    You train and coach because it makes you money. It’s your business, right?

    Your business pays the bills and helps create the lifestyle you aspire to.

    But will you do it forever? When will you take a sabbatical? When will you exit?

    Many of us as trainers aren’t looking to the horizon.

    Instead, we are knee-deep in day-to-day delivery and design.

    So, let me ask you a hard question right now…

    Could your business survive without your for a day or a week (or even a year)?

    For many trainers and facilitators, the honest answer is ‘no’.

    If you are however interested in learning how to building a business you can sell on, you need to listen to today’s guest best-selling author and business-selling expert @johnwarrillow.

    In today’s episode

    What the freedom point for you is Why you need to start thinking about your exit now Why generating recurring subscription revenue is key What a buyer will look for when buying your business The mindset you need to create a business others want Some examples of training companies that sold for millions

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  • How is your remote training / facilitation going?

    What are the guidelines or ‘rules’ to move it from standard training to really radical learning?

    @Joshua Davies is today’s guest and he’s written a book on the subject called Radically Remote.

    The timing is perfect, now that we as facilitators are delivering workshops from behind laptops, desktops and web cams.

    When your learners are meeting family, friends and holding meetings on Zoom, you know you have to be different.

    We can’t deliver training and facilitation like we used to.

    It’s time to rethink the quality of the learner experience and to stretch the paradigm.

    It’s time to get radical!

    In today’s episode

    How to use technology to build authenticity Where to have better breakout sessions 5 ‘dont’s’ for a brilliant remote session How to gameify your facilitation session What to do to creating learner ownership & momentum

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  • Do you every draw when facilitating OR maybe you get your delegates to draw ?

    How are your artistic skills?

    My drawing skills are not the greatest but that’s no excuse not to draw.

    As qualified facilitators, we know that adults need visual information to learn.

    infographics, charts, mindmaps, sticky notes, wordclouds: these are all visual tools.

    You can use them to bring your training to life.

    But what about livescribing and richdrawing?

    I had never heard of them until I spoke with today’s podcast guest, Hannah Williams.

    Hannah works with clients to capture their spoken ideas and transform them into pictures.

    She helps facilitators and consultants to offer a visual service to their workshops.

    Unique, bespoke story graphs of customer journeys, strategic plans, the sky is the limit.

    In today’s episode:

    What is the value to you and your clients of offering powerful livescribing?

    Why should you as a facilitator create visual information?

    How more than ever, remote facilitation needs images and pictures

    Check out the episode now!

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  • Businesses now have different expectations of training delivery.

    Before the pandemic, your clients were happy to pay you to spend a day or a half-day on site with their people, right?

    But you now have to deliver a training and facilitation experience under a completely different set of circumstances.

    You and everyone else is behind a laptop screen or camera these days.

    So because your customers are more open than ever before to remote collaboration, you need to master tools like Miro.

    I was blown away when I first saw Miro in action!

    My students were not expecting anything like it.

    This is why we have Isman Tanuri, a Miro specialist on the show today!

    Isman is going to help you get started with Miro so you can absolutely revolutionise your workshop delivery.

    Check out the episode now!

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  • You are a faciliator. You are a coach. You are a trainer.

    You are an expert and you know your subject.

    But do you design your own content? Your workshops? Your programs?

    Can you design your own content?

    Can you come up with ideas on your own?

    Do you need help to translate them into a product you can sell?

    A lot of us don’t find it easy to come up with ideas and to convert them into reality.

    I am putting my hand up here!

    So do you need help with that?

    Today’s guest, Cat Hase helps people like you and me to come up with great ideas, co-create ideas and get them into a workable product.

    Check out the episode now!

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  • For a long time, I have meant to have a guest on to talk about values.

    Not just personal values but professional values.

    What are your business and personal values?

    How did you discover them?

    Why do they matter and why should you share them?

    You might wonder what your values to do with your business.

    The answer is that they matter a lot actually

    Today’s guest is Mark Hughes who runs his own consultancy in the UK.

    Mark left the corporate world as a consultant with McKinsey and decided to become a trainer working with social enterprises.

    Listen now to find out how your values can have a significant influence on your choice of work and the success you enjoy.

    This is episode 126 of the TB

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  • According to Gartner only 17% of buyers’ time is spent speaking directly with suppliers.

    What this means is that the people who buy training, coaching and facilitation do so when you are not there.

    What they really want is to learn from people who are in the same job as them or the same industry as them.

    They want to learn from their peers, from industry leaders, from thought-leaders.

    What if you could facilitate an event where you get to learn exactly what your prospects and their peers are thinking?

    This is where running a virtual round table for your facilitation business comes in

    A virtual round table is not for your prospects and customers to learn from you

    It’s for your prospects to learn from each other and for you to learn from them.

    When the time is right, you can use this network and influence to help you sell your products and services.

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  • Have you plans for your business this year?

    Are they still in your head or have you written them down?

    Have you a list of goals and a clear idea of how you are going to achieve them?

    You need a system to decide your revenue goals, marketing goals, development goals and relationship goals.

    Annie Clarke of Annies Training Company in the UK has a system which she follows every year.

    She launched her training business 6 years ago and has seen it grow

    Annie now has help from virtual assistants and a team of associates who deliver on her behalf.


    Which valuable lessons she learned in the first 6 years

    Which method Annie uses to devise her goals

    How Annie’s ‘WOOP’ and ‘POOP’ system helps

    Which tasks she allocates to a VA to free her up

    How Annie got into the training business

    How Annie has managed to take every Friday off

    Check out the episode now!

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