• ‘Hair loss is a disease, just like cardiovascular disease’

    Wait, what? Isn’t hair loss just a natural part of aging? Apparently, the answer is NO, and the solution doesn’t lie in Minoxidil or Rogaine. In today’s Mindvalley Podcast, we’re joined by John Goss to discuss the real cause of hair loss and the real solutions to this common problem. So relax, let your hair down, and enjoy this special podcast...

    Listen out for: What’s the one REAL underlying cause of hair loss

    Why you have to think twice before popping a Propecia pill

    The simple 3 Part Solution to growing your hair back regardless of your age Like this episode?

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  • Tonight I chat with Jo Whitton - the writer behind the very popular food blog 'Quirky Cooking'. On top of this Jo also has a cookbook of the same name, her own podcast called 'A Quirky Journey', over 222,000 followers on Facebook, runs three Facebook chat groups, homeschools her four kids, travels and speaks at wellness seminars and cooking seminars,  organises Quirky Cooking retreats, teaches cooking classes, is developing an online program and writing a second book with a friend, and cooks everything from scratch as her family is on the GAPS diet.  Her life if full of health and wellness and you can follow Jo on Instagram, twitter and Facebook. Jo's Facebook groups are Quirky Cooking and Quirky GAPS. In this episode we discuss the importance of Ancestral eating, The GAP's diet, How to heal a damaged gutline as well as Jo's favourite go to superfoods.


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  • In this episode of The Health Project I’m excited to be talking to Dr. Steven Gundry, renowned heart surgeon, celebrity doctor, medical researcher and a New York Times best-selling author. Dr. Gundry is best known for his NYT best seller “The Plant Paradox: The Hidden Dangers in “Healthy” Food That Cause Disease and Weight Gain.” He’s a leading expert on the lectin-free diet and believes we have the ability to heal ourselves through nutrition when certain dietary obstacles are removed.
    Dr Gundry is now tackling gut health and many of the myths surrounding healthy aging in his latest book “The Longevity Paradox: How to Die Young at a Ripe Old Age.” We cover many facets of the microbiome that are contributing to how we age, and Dr. Gundry gives it to us straight. If your someone who enjoys Peanuts, cashews, raw beans or chia seeds or you are sick and tired of being sick.. you definitely need to hear this episode.  We discuss:

    Difference between a good virus & a bad virus
    The Plant Paradox and how vegetables can be damaging
    Gut Microbiome & gut health
    Human Optimisation


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  • Better Belly Enrollment closes July 13th. Register for the masterclass at and enroll before it closes.Register for the Toxic Mold Summit at to get a few free talks and resources.If you need clinical help, please book a free call with my staff at and let us know whats going on.Dr. Margaret's story is similar to mine. She was running a very busy practice and got so sick from toxic mold.I've seen hundreds of clients suffer with toxic mold and candida.You have to fix the mold to beat the candida. We talked about this in my Candida Summit.Today's podcast is a continuation of that conversation.We discuss:-The toxic mold candida link-How the sympathetic nervous system and limbic system can worsen your symptoms-How Dr. Christensen uses a ''secret tool'' in her clinic to help her clients reset their nervous systems-Head trauma, PTSD, chronic stress, ACEs, and biotoxin exposure-Neuroinflammation and the vagus nerve

  • Tonight I bring to you the uplifting Hugh van Cuylenburg, the mental health pioneer behind The Resilience Project.  The Resilience Project is an organisation that works with schools, sports clubs, and businesses to provide evidence-based, positive mental health strategies to build resilience and happiness. From Australian cricketer Steve Smith, to Brownlow medallist Dusty Martin and Australian netball captain, Caitlin Bassett, Hugh has had an impact on thousands of people all across the country.  I'm also very excited for this episode as Hugh has  had a massive impact on my life. In the interview we dicuss  the pivotal trip to Northern India that changed his life, to the impact his sister’s battle with Anorexia Nervosa had on his perspective. It’s an awesome episode that you defintely wont want to miss. Follow more of the work this great man does at the following links. or on instagram


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  • Today, Rhonda and David discuss seven great questions submitted by podcast fans like you!

    Are depression and anxiety states of self-hypnosis? How do you deal with somatic symptoms in TEAM? Should we forgive Hitler and Stalin? What if a patient feels stuck and unable to identify emotions? Do you still really believe that depression and anxiety, regardless how severe, can be treated even without the use of prescription drugs? Do you have to work on your negative thoughts the moment they appear? What role, from your years of practice, does spirituality have in the psychotherapy? Are depression and anxiety states of self-hypnosis?

    Hi David,

    I have two questions after listening to Corona Cast 7: “My Struggle with Covid-19! Is it REALLY True that only Our Thoughts Can Upset Us?”

    I was struck by thinking of anxiety as the result of hypnotizing ourselves into believing our fears. Can depression by thought of in a similar way, except that we hypnotize ourselves into believing our distorted thoughts about ourselves?

    How do you deal with somatic symptoms in TEAM?

    Can you do an episode about how to deal with unpleasant somatic situations, as Michael was experiencing during the recording, that suggest there might be some psychological distress but don't seem to have thoughts associated with them?


    Hi Derek,

    Another great couple of questions, thanks! Will add these to the next Ask David podcast, but the short story is yes, for sure—both depression and anxiety can be thought of as states of self-hypnosis, or trances, because you believe the messages you give yourself, (eg your negative thoughts) that are not true.

    I think one could add other positive and negative emotions to the list as well, including anger--believing the other person really IS wrong, bad, inferior, and so forth--as well as mania and narcissism, telling yourself that you really ARE a superior person, etc.

    This is a hugely important topic, and "emotional reasoning" fuels these trances: I FEEL worthless / inferior, so I must BE worthless / inferior, and so forth.

    With regard to your second question, you might want to listen to yesterday’s live session with Sarah, (Podcast 193, since it focuses on intense somatic sensations generated by emotions, and you can actually hear the exact moment of recovery, when the physical sensations disappeared.


    Should we forgive Hitler and Stalin?

    Hi Dr. Burns,

    Do you honestly think what Hitler and Stalin did should be forgiven?

    Albert Ellis said one should. I disagree!


    Hi Tom,

    I only help people with problems they are asking for help with. I am not an evangelist or moral authority!


    What if a patient feels stuck and unable to identify emotions?

    A new comment on the post "Uncovering Self-Defeating Beliefs (SDBs)--For Therapists (and Interested Patients) Only!"/

    Hi Dr. Burns,

    Awesome blog post! Your accessible and kind demeanor shine through clearly. What if a client feels stuck and unable to identify emotions?


    Do you still really believe that depression and anxiety, regardless how severe can be treated even without the use of prescription drugs?

    Hi Doctor Burns,

    My name is Jasmine, and I just started going back to therapy about a year ago. I have really improved, and both my mom AND my therapist recommended you HIGHLY. I’m a millennial and I’m just happy you are still alive!

    I also wanted to ask, do you still really believe even today that depression and anxiety, regardless how severe can treated even without the use of prescription drugs? I am asking because I just bought about three of your books and want to make sure that your confidence in these theories has not wavered.

    Sometimes I feel like a lost cause because this is the first time in my life that I am truly dealing with and facing my own problems instead of turning the other cheek.

    Also, how are you doing, sir?


    Hi Jasmine,

    Doing great, thanks! The new techniques have added even more power to cognitive therapy. Check out my free Feeling Good Podcasts, free depression class, and more on my website,

    All the best, David

    PS My latest book, Feeling Great, can be pre-ordered on Amazon and will be released in Sept. Check our the link below.

    Do you have to work on your negative thoughts the moment they appear?

    Hello David,

    My name is Shivam,

    I wanted to ask you a question regarding the double column technique for disputing your thoughts. Do we have to work on that moment(upsetting) immediately as it happens or we can work on it later when we get free time?

    How often should we do it?

    Its very effective but consumes a lot of time as I keep writing on and on. Any suggestions? I really appreciate that you reply me back.

    Thanks for everything.



    What role, from your years of practice, does spirituality have in the psychotherapy?

    From: Jerry Souta

    Subject: spirituality in psychotherapy


    Your seminar today (Psychotherapy Leading Voices) was awesome!

    What role, from your years of practice, does spirituality have in the psychotherapy?

    Is there a correlation between spirituality and between feeling good/feeling great?

    Thank you for time taken in response to my in questions!


    Jerry Souta, Jr. (MSW/LCSW/MDIV)

    Thanks, Jerry.

    I will answer this on an Ask David, we will be recording it soon. Your question will be featured on a Feeling Good podcast. The short answer is yes. Deep and rapid change nearly always involves a spiritual dimension, for example, one of the four “Great Deaths” of the self. There’s a whole section on this in my new book, Feeling Great.

  • Kelly is a coach, physical therapist, author and speaker and has been instrumental in revolutionizing how athletes think about human movement and athletic performance. His 2013 book, Becoming a Supple Leopard has become a New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestseller. Kelly’s clients have included Olympic gold-medalists, Tour de France cyclists, world and national record holding Olympic Lifting and Power athletes, Crossfit Games medalists, ballet dancers, military personnel, and competitive age-division athletes.

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  • Record holding powerlifter Mark Bell joins me for tonight's episode. Mark is the millionaire who has leveraged a successful powerlifting career into a multi-million-dollar business empire. He owns and operates the Super Training Gym, dubbed “The Strongest Gym In the West” and largest free gym in the world. Mark also publishes a national fitness magazine, has an impressive YouTube following, and is the host of a Top 50 health and fitness podcast. Much of Mark’s business success has come from his patented invention called the Sling Shot, a widely popular weightlifting device, billed as the greatest invention since the weightlifting belt. Listen in to hear the secretes to building strength, what it takes to become a successful powerlifter, his nutrition philosophy and so much more. This episode is brought to you by Four Simatic who have just created a NEW! Adaptogen Immune Support: With powerful high dose Chaga mushrooms, Oregano, Vitamin C, Elderberry, and Ginger, sip this shot every morning for immune system support. Use code 'HEALTHPROJECT10' at checkout.

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  • Did you know there are things in the environment actively working against your healthy efforts? Chemicals in the water, estrogen coming from plastics, and additives in processed foods are all working against our body’s natural systems. To further add to this, many doctors prescribe medications that can exacerbate issues and even cause side gastrointestinal problems. Tonights guest, Dr. David Minkoff, believes that an organic whole food diet is the key to losing weight, regaining health, and healing our bodies. He is the co-founder of LifeWorks Wellness Center and the founder of BodyHealth Products. During this conversation,  youll discover: How heavy metals and plastics are causing cancer - Detoxifcation and how to do so effectively - The important difference between amino acids, protein powder and food-based protein sources -Why BCAA's and EAA's are much different - How to use EAA's during periods of ketosis or carbohydrate restriction and  much more. Purchase your own EAA'S at with code "HEALTHPROJECT". 


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  • Healing the gut can make all the difference in our quest for living a long, healthy life. Christine Rosche is a world renowned expert on the topic of healing the gut and she's here to tell us about it. She is a board certified functional nutritionist and digestive health expert with 25 years experience in healthcare, including 10 years at Stanford University Medical Center. She is also the author of Light Living, An Integrated Approach to Health and Weight.