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  • Kun saman pöydän ääreen laittaa kaksi ammattimuusikkoa, jotka sattuvat molemmat olemaan myös terapeutteja, puheenaiheet kimpoilevat musiikin ja elämän rajapinnoilla, joskus hieman ohikin. Jussi Kinnunen ja Markus Raivio ovat molemmat pitkän linjan ammattimuusikoita ja mielenterveys - ja päihdealan terapeutteja. Kuuntele mitä kaikkea tästä yhdistelmästä syntyy!

  • Musarunkkarit on sarja, jossa käsitellään musiikkiin liittyvää nippelitietoa – yleisellä ja yksityisellä tasolla. Tarpeettoman perinpohjaisesti.

    Äänessä ovat Jarkko ”Jii” Luoma ja Antti ”Letku” Lehtinen.

    Löydät Spotifyista jaksokohtaiset musalistat, joista voit fiilistellä jaksoissa mainittuja biisejä:

  • Are you a fan of concept albums? Do you prefer to listen to records start to finish? Join Brad, Dave, Jon, and Scott as they discuss some of music's most interesting albums, and the weird tales they tell. Please follow us on twitter, facebook, or myspace and let us know what albums we should cover!

  • The latest new releases; underground artists and songs in Christian Funk, Hip-Hop & Pop

    TOP 10 CHART: Trending Songs of the Week

  • One of the best DJs in Russia, he can rightly be called a top producer.
    Official DJ, Best Commercial Club People Awards Award, Best DJ, Best Radio Show, Best Night People Awards Party, Best Geometria Awards DJ.
    Author and host of the electronic dance show "LUXURY TIME"

  • my music biography
    I was born (Markus Jann) in a city called Winterthur, Switzerland in 1977. By the time I was 7 years old, I discovered my passion for the electronic music. In 1983, I heard the soundtrack to „Beverly Hills Cop“. Though I wasn’t allowed to see the movie, my interest in music grew from there. Every Sunday, I had my tape recorder and started listening to „New Wave“ and the „Neue Deutsche Welle“ and taped it. This is also the time when Depeche Mode was coming into scene. In 1990, I bought my first „techno“ mixed tape. Though I was still too young to go clubbing, I was able to hear this new music from Zurich. In 1995, I lived in England and France and frequented clubs like „Ministery Of Sound“ or the „Rex“ in Paris. Back in Switzerland I became a regular guest at OXA and Sensor in Zurich. I started DJing at a bar called „Joy“ but stopped in 2005 so I could go back to school and concentrate on being with my family. After the timeout, I decided 2018 to go back into the scene and I start my own „YouTube“ Channel. It is called „mja music switzerland“. I now have over 5 thousand followers who are enjoying my weekly new mix sets. The music you will hear is my evolution into the music of today, from early influences such as Kraftwerk, Jam & Spoon, Carl Cox, DJ Mas Ricardo, Dj Gogo, Dj Noise, Jeff Mills, Laurent Garnier and many others. Techno, deep, dark and melodic progressive house music are my passions today.

  • «روایتِ تاریخِ سرگذشتِ موسیقیِ ایران»

  • Best Relaxing Music with Nature Sounds Perfect for Meditation, Sleeping and Studying.

  • Name 3 Songs was created to challenge sexism in the music industry and empower fangirls. Co-hosts Sara Feigin and Jenna Million have had conversations like these countless times with other women over the past decade, both as fans and professionals. Now they’re bringing the conversation to a wider audience.

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    This is an opinion based podcast, based off of in depth research and personal opinions of the podcast hosts based on 10+ years of music industry experience.

  • Check out the newest episode of the popular podcast, Music & Memories with Vince Moreno Visit for more info!

  • Just my opinion on music 🎶 Mainly criticizing new songs, albums, and artists.

  • Get psyched for the premier festival in the PNW with The Official Sasquatch! Festival Podcast. Running up to Sasquatch, our host John Norris brings you artist interviews, behind the scenes news, captivating discussions with Seattle music insiders, and then reports direct from the festival. Listen to exclusive content you won’t find anywhere else.

  • Welcome to The Mixdown! A podcast where we serve up a full course meal of tasty discussions each week! Join us as Adam and Caleb offer commentary for life's most perplexing questions! Join us for a byte!

  • Exploring the art of singing and the best of the vocal music scene from the Bay Area and beyond.

  • further informations and music on my website

  • SuomiRockin Artistitunti -sarjassa Radio SuomiRockin Aamun Henkka Laukka ja Iltapäivän Matti Mäki-Kokkila jututtavat suomalaisen rockskenen tähtiä.

  • Talking everything Zimbabwe, from music to nostalgic and sometimes sad stories of back when we were young. I try to be positive most of the times, okay some of the times, alright alright just a tiny bit.
    You can find me on
    Facebook: podcast yevanhu
    twitter : @GreatZimbabwe2
    snapchat: sly_bte

  • Tanssitaanko? -podcastissa pyörähdellään tanssilavakulttuurin ytimessä. Joonas Hepolan ja Suvi Hiltusen vieraaksi saapuu vaihtuvin tanssiaskelin mielenkiintoisia vieraita. Mitä on tämän päivän iskelmämusiikki? Millainen on iskelmämusiikin ja tanssilavakulttuurin nykytila ja tulevaisuus? Kuuntele, mitä alan tunnetut ammattilaiset kertovat!

  • Gain Records is a label founded by Sisko Electrofanatik, based on a modern techno music project.


    Demo (Only Soundcloud Link):

  • NuDirections radio show and Mix Podcasts are hosted and produced by My Cousin Ray on Vandelay Radio, an independent all music internet radio station with DJ's hosting non-mainstream music from all around the world .

    NuDirections is broadcast on Sunday nights 9 pm to 12 midnight (UK time) every fourth week starting Sunday 15th November, (next show Sunday 10th January 2021), then uploaded to our podcast platforms joining out non-radio broadcast one hour mix podcasts.

    NuDirections brings together music from many different cultural, ethnic and diverse styles, Music that's both uncompromising and bold. NuDirections music content can only be described by the generic name, Jazz. Every show is a journey linking new, favourites, standards, experimental, vintage, obscure and sometimes challenging music.

    Ray has been an avid music collector from the mid-'60s, Also a former DJ, Promoter, club owner and live music venue owner. No real Musical Styles as such, with a massive soft spot for Jazz, Ray has always been searching for the extreme and hard-to-categorize sound, that has often fallen between the cracks.

    NuDirections started broadcasting on local radio early 2020, and the response has been simply, overwhelming. Due to the response after 18 shows, it was decided to podcast our shows on various podcast platforms, also support NuDirections with Facebook, Instagram and this web site.

    Enjoy the music.