• Historical words often morph and change to take on new meanings. Today on the podcast, Josh and Chuck sit down and talk about a handful of them, their original meanings, and how they changed over the years to reflect almost nothing about their original use.

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  • Believe it or not, there's a lot more to Emojis than meets the eye. Turns out their history is pretty interesting stuff. Join Josh and Chuck today as they tell the tale of the little faces that we all love to hate.

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  • In one of the funniest Unfiltered interviews to date, James O’Brien meets the whirlwind that is comedian Russell Kane who, as you’re about to discover, has a lot to say.

    The pair cover everything, from Russell’s relationship with his rough ’n’ tough father, to his unique passion for watches; from the stresses and pressures that success put on your relationships, to the realisation that his working class upbringing was going to hold him back, but he wasn’t about to let that happen.

    Russell's new podcast 'Evil Genius' is available now via the BBC.

  • Arguably the best rugby union referee in the world, known for his witty one-liners and no-nonsense attitude, Nigel Owen’s career highs came with some unimaginable lows.

    In this vulnerable and moving interview with James O’Brien, Nigel shares his struggle as a young man in rural Wales coming to terms with his sexuality, surviving a suicide attempt at the age of 26, and his journey of self-acceptance that led him to the top of his game.

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  • Politics is a brutal game, and few politicians know this as well as Nick Clegg. The former Deputy Prime Minister and ex-Liberal Democrats leader gives James O’Brien an in-depth and revealing interview, covering his years in coalition with the Conservatives and his relationship with Prime Minister David Cameron, the Lib Dem massacre at the 2015 election and subsequent decline of the party, and his belief that Brexit can, in fact, be stopped.

  • Stefan has been able to strike a great balance between life and travel. Stefan has a full time job and is married, yet still has managed to travel to 186 countries. Stefan’s passion for the Chinese language in school led him to studying, working, and living in China for eight years. He also managed to visit every province in the country. With detailed planning and with an expertise in travel hacking, Stefan has managed to live a life of travel and exploration. Despite working full time has has managed with business trips and his vacations to methodically travel the world. Listen in as he shares amazing travel stories of exploring Djibouti, dealing with a missing baby in Saudi Arabia, and why Tunisia is his favorite country. Please enjoy this episode of Counting Countries. Subscribe on iTunes today!

    More about Stefan Krasowski: Born in: Minneapolis, Minnesota Passports from: Two, valid US passports Favorite travel book: My first Lonely Planet China book Favorite travel film: I still have not seen Up in the Air. Favorite travel site: for offline navigation around he world. Must carry: Small Chinese umbrella with UV liner for rain and sun, yes, a parasol. Favorite food: If I had to pick one dish to eat every day for the rest of my life, it is Korean bibimbap. Favorite drink: Fruit juices, my favorite is soursop. Favorite Airline: My wife’s favorite is Korean Airlines, when she flies happy, we are both happy Favorite Hotel: Shanghai Holiday Inn Pudong, I used to stay a lot for business, within a 5-minute walk there are a ton of restaurants where I can get all my Shanghai favorites, bubble tea, and even great Xinjiang food; for glamorous in Shanghai, by the way, Hotel Indigo on the Bund is that fantastic boutique style that is cool and fun, like 1920s art deco Shanghai with a colorful modern twist. Website: Rapid Travel Chai Facebook: Rapid Travel Chai Twitter: Rapid Travel Chai Instagram: Rapid Travel Chai Travel Map: Stefan’s Map with The Best Travelled. Travel Hacking Tips: Travel Hacks

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    About Counting Countries

    Counting Countries is the only podcast to bring you the stories from the dedicated few who’ve spent their lives on the singular quest of traveling to every country in the world. Less people have traveled to every country in the world than have been to outer space. Theme music for this podcast is Demeter’s Dance, written, performed, and provided by Mundi.

    About GlobalGaz

    Ric Gazarian is the host of Counting Countries. He is the author of three books: Hit The Road: India, 7000 KM To Go, and Photos From Chernobyl. He is the producer of two travel documentaries: Hit The Road: India and Hit The Road: Cambodia. Ric is also on his own quest to visit every country in the world. You can see where he has traveled so far and keep up with his journey at

    How Many Countries Are There?

    Well… that depends on who you ask!

    The United Nations states that there are 193 member states. The British Foreign and Commonwealth office states that there are 225 countries and territories. The Century Club states that there are 325 sovereign nations, territories, enclaves, and islands. The Most Traveled Person states that there are 875 unique parts of the world. The Best Traveled states that there are 1281 unique places in the world. Me? My goal is the 193 countries that are recognized by the UN, but I am sure I will visit some other places along the way.

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  • Kay Dougherty was a successful well paid but stressed high heeled member of the Boston financial establishment when the financial crisis hit in 2008 and her company chose to downsize. In her mid 50’s Kay found getting a new job to be a challenge. Always a lover of travel she discovered a new role as a marketing consultant which paid the bills and have her increased freedom to travel more.

    Her travel blog of her adventures with her sister drew attention thanks to Kays contagious humor and led to a large social media following which opened up opportunities for Kay to enjoy sponsored trips from travel companies.

    Nearly 4 years on Kay is able to travel 3-4 months per year but is on the brink of expanding herself further and devoting more time to travel and earning an online income from it. In this interview she shares her take on becoming a travel writer, travelling safely as a woman and what young people should consider before jumping into an expat travel lifestyle.

    If you want travel stories with a sense of humor you’ll love following Kay on

    What I learned from Kay’s interview:

    It does take a lot of followers to make a living from travel blogging. Kay freely admits that despite having a large following on social media circles it’s no guarantee of income. She does get a lot of complementary travel opportunities however and that is certainly a perk worth having!Kay raised a very good point about safety. A lot is written about the dangers of traveling overseas however most trouble spots in foreign countries are easy to identify and stay clear of – more so than is becoming the case in western countries where outbreaks of violence or terrorism are more random.Kay’s development into travel writing was quite slow. She initially went from an employment situation where her limited holidays were an add-on to her work schedule to a consulting situation (admittedly not of her own choice) where she was able to plan her holidays first and fit her consulting around it. This has enabled her to find her feet, increase her travel experiences, build some key relationships with travel boards, cruise ship companies and other travel providers, and develop her blog to the point where she now has a platform to develop a larger income stream and travel more.
  • Gary Arndt is an awarding winning blogger and travel photographer who has been traveling around the world since 2007. His travels have taken him to 190 countries and territories in the Traveler’s Century Club and 120 United Nations countries. He has also visited over 325 UNESCO World Heritage sites and all 50 US states.

    His blog Everything Everywhere is widely considered one of the most popular travel blogs in the world. In 2010 Time Magazine named it one of the Top 25 Blogs on the Internet and it earned a Gold Medal in the Travel Blog category in the North American Travel Journalist Association (NATJA) awards. He is one of the most awarded travel photographers of this decade. He was named the 2014 SATW Travel Photographer of the Year as well as the 2013 and 2015 NATJA Travel Photographer of the Year. He is the only travel photographer to have been named photographer of the year by both organizations. He is also a 3-time Lowell Thomas Award winner in Photo Illustration of Travel and a 2x Northern Lights Award winner in photography.

    Gary is also a 2013 inaugural recipient of a Travel + Leisure SMITTY Award for excellence in social media by a travel journalist.

    His social media following is among the largest among influencers in the travel industry on five different platforms: Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest and Instagram.

    His combined social media audience is over 2,300,000 people.

    Since 2009 he has been the co-host of This Week in Travel, an award winning weekly podcast which covers travel industry news. He is also an associate producer and senior travel correspondent for On Travel, on the American Forces Radio Network. Gary is also an accomplished public speaker and has spoken on topics related to travel and new media all over the world.

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  • The RCP team talk with Clive Ruggles whose daughter, Alice, was stalked and murdered on October 12 2016 in Newcastle. 

    Clive shares key insights about the warning signs and the risks and dangers of stalking, bravely speaking out to ensure that no other family has to pay the price that his family have.

    This important pod marks the start of National Stalking Awareness Week April 16 2018 in the UK.

    "To the living we owe respect; to the dead, only the truth" (Voltaire) 







    6 Golden Rules If You Are Being Stalked 

    R - report it to police. Stalking is a crime. Tell people what's happening to you.

    E - evidence collection. Save and retain all evidence.

    P - practical advice from experts like Paladin and the National Stalking Helpline. 

    O - overview of what's going on. Keep a diary with the time, date, stamp of the behaviour.

    R - risk screening questions. Anderson 12 S-DASH questions.

    T - Trust your instinct. 

    Paladin 0203 866 4107

    National Stalking Helpline 0808 802 0300


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  • Kasi and Lora explain what led them to find healthier ways of life and why they chose their methods of weight loss. Get to know the basics behind their journey before diving in to the world of ketogenic diets and bariatric surgery.