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  • Plaudereien über Datenschutz in der Schweiz und im Rest der Welt: Rechtsanwalt Martin Steiger und Andreas Von Gunten, Co-Gründer von Datenschutzpartner, plaudern über Aktuelles, Bemerkenswertes und Persönliches rund um den Datenschutz. Und was steht eigentlich im neuen schweizerischen Datenschutzgesetz?

  • Throughout history women have changed the world and continue to do so today. This is a podcast centring women’s achievements and contributions to their fields, from science to politics, arts and innovation.

    Hosted by broadcaster and author, Yvonne Eisenring, this is a continuation of a conversation in the context of the 50th anniversary of female suffrage in Switzerland in 2021. With Female Future, the Embassies of Switzerland in Israel and in the UK launch an intercultural dialogue. Because there can be no healthy and sustainable future without women’s empowerment.

    Learn more about "50 Women of Switzerland" here: wakeupnow.ch

  • E-Mobilität, autonomes und vernetztes Fahren, Mobility-as-a-Service: Was bedeutet der Mobilitätswandel für Unternehmen, Kommunen und unseren Alltag? Dieser Frage gehen Andreas Herrmann (Universität St.Gallen), Matthias Ballweg (SYSTEMIQ), Jürgen Stackmann (Ex-CEO SEAT) und Björn Bender (SBB AG) in ihrem gemeinsamen Podcast „Mobility Pioneers“ nach. Aus unterschiedlichen Blickwinkeln und mit wechselnden Gästen aus Wirtschaft, Wissenschaft und Politik sprechen sie darüber, wie die Zukunft der Mobilität nicht nur nachhaltig und effizient sein kann, sondern auch attraktiv für den Standort Deutschland.Der Podcast ist ein Angebot des Instituts für Mobilität der Universität St.Gallen: imo.unisg.ch

  • Welcome to the Forefront podcast. We are pioneers exploring & building at the forefront of the Web3 playground.We’ve dug through the noise and surfaced the signal on the state-of-the-art of tokenized communities in the internet-native economy. Enjoy this biweekly roundup of the latest & greatest in social tokens, DAOs and more.

  • Terminally online? Join hosts Liam and Louise as they unearth the forgotten histories of the early internet.

    Away From Keyboard is an archaeology of the internet, an affectionate retelling of the heady days of web 1.0. Each week, one host powers up the wayback machine for a heavy dose of nostalgia and exploration. Published alternate Mondays.

  • 7 Layers is a weekly podcast produced by SDxCentral, the leading media site for next-generation IT infrastructure. Whether you're a seasoned professional or someone just starting out in the field, 7 Layers covers everything from SDN to 5G to IoT to data security to get you up-to-speed and keep you informed on critic topics and technologies. Every topic is paired with an interview with an industry expert providing the unique insight SDxCentral is known for. Listen now and subscribe on your preferred podcast platform to never miss an episode. Want more? Subscribe to the SDxCentral Weekly Wrap for a weekly 5 minute summary of the weeks biggest technology news and visit sdxcentral.com for daily news, in-depth guides, and exclusive webinars.

  • Der Bitcoin Stammtisch für toxische Bitcoin Plebs und die, die es noch werden.

    In diesem Podcast sprechen wir über Bitcoin. Plebs berichten in Gesprächen aus Ihrem Leben; Neuigkeiten; und diverse andere Themen aus dem Rabbit Hole.

    Also, sei dabei und freu Dich auf ein toxisch, maximalistisches Bitcoin Entertainment-Programm der etwas anderen Art, denn


  • Exploring the defensive side of cybersecurity through the eyes of the experts and innovators.

  • Exploring the nexus of cybersecurity defense and humanity with the mind of a hacker.

  • La chaine de podcasts francophone dédié à l’analyse du Bitcoin, des crypto actifs et de leur écosystème. Chaque semaine, en 21 minutes seulement, nous décryptons les évènements importants, pour tous ceux qui n’ont pas le temps!

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  • Welcome to Designing New Realities, a podcast series exploring the experience side of XR experiences. Why do we need such a specific topic? From our perspective it’s actually not so specific. Depending on your perspective, because of your unique point of view, your experience in an XR application can be vastly different than anyone else’s. And, while the complexity that comes along with adding a third dimension to a solution or application is exciting and inspiring to our creative minds, it wreaks havoc when trying to produce something that can appeal to a mass audience.

    Since the dawn of time, mass dissemination of information has been shared via 2D interfaces – from cave paintings telling the story of the animals we hunted to stone tablets giving us rules for life… to books to newspapers to websites to smartphones. And, over time, intuitive standards and best practices have evolved, which help condition and align audience expectations, ultimately making the information easily digestible, usable. Not so just yet within the 3D/Spatial world. Sure, we can borrow from principles 2D design has developed, but like a Square stuck in Flatland, we don’t know what we don’t know.

    Now, with cloud computing, always-connected ubiquitous devices, the tech is stable, capable and scalable – ready for mass adoption… the last hurdle? Usability. The value pulsing through XR solutions is exponential because where 2D info is locked in box, accessible only when we go to it, XR solutions manifest all around us – something we experience. As industry journalist and this series’ inaugural guest Jesse Damiani notes:

    “XR opens us up to the full 3D reality of the digital world, which we’ll interact with using our whole bodies—marking the single biggest growth opportunity in the history of design.”

    With that, to come full circle, and turn that circle into a sphere, each episode this series will wax philosophy with a guest expert, discuss and dissect the magical, practical and tactical XR examples out there today, and hone in what makes a solution usable. So, join us on this journey as we break through space and experience the Th3rd Dimension…

  • Der Datenbusiness Podcast beleuchtet die wichtigsten Themen rund um Datenwertschöpfung und Data Science Anwendungen in der Wirtschaft mit einem Fokus auf Künstliche Intelligenz. Bernard spricht dazu regelmäßig mit Top-Führungskräften und Entscheider:innen, die mit der Veredelung von Daten zu tun haben. Die Gäste kommen dabei von Großunternehmen, Mittelstand, Startups und Forschung.

  • Every company has a story.

    On the Acquired LP Show, we join the next generation of expert founders and investors — those whose stories are being written in real-time. We go behind the scenes on their journeys and bring back emerging insights and lessons that are useful for anyone in the startup ecosystem.

  • Welcome to In-Orbit, the fortnightly podcast exploring how technology from space is empowering a better world.

  • 20 Fragen an 20 Gäste zum 20. Geburtstag der Hamburger Agentur NEST ONE.
    Ab 01. Dezember 2020: neu auf Spotify, Apple Podcast, Youtube, Soundcloud & Amazon Music.

  • Alex “Podpimp” Wunschel, Doris “Tonjuwel” Hammerschmidt und Frank “Fire” Busch nehmen im “Podcheck” Podcasts von Unternehmen konstruktiv-kritisch “in die Mangel”.
    Die drei stehen zusammen für 45 Jahre Podcasting mit über 1.200 produzierten Podcast-Episoden in 40 verschiedenen Podcasts.
    Mit dieser Erfahrung und den 80 Kriterien des “PIMPS-Score” bewerten sie die Podcasts hinsichtlich Podcast-Marketing, Journalismus und technischer Umsetzung.

  • ConsenSys, the market-leading blockchain technology company, presents "SIGNAL," a podcast to empower the technology ecosystem through stories from the people that are participating in the next generation of the internet.

    Hear from the most captivating Ethereum insiders—from technologists and entrepreneurs to designers and creatives from all around the world—and join us for inspiring conversations on the future of finance, crypto, and what's making the Web3 world.

  • Meet the people who lead their work in cybersecurity and privacy with empathy and who go beyond technology to inspire lasting change.

    Learn how to use cybersecurity and privacy as a lens to understand and improve your online habits so you can make more mindful decisions about your digital life.

    Let's build bridges and genuine human connections and help those who need their guidance the most.