• In this episode, we sit down and chat with French freediver and record-holder Thibault Guignes. Thibault is a highly experienced competitive diver, instructor trainer, and business owner. Having dove up to -120 meters on one breath, and known for his impressive hangs at depth, he is one of the most experienced freedivers in the world. I have personally seen him do hangs up to 45 seconds at -90 meters to prepare both mind and body for going even deeper. He is known for doing even more impressive feats, all the while being one of the most safety-focused divers I’ve met. As an instructor trainer, he ran the famous Freedive HQ in Cebu, Philippines, and is now opening his new school, Camotes Freediving, just a short ferry ride from Cebu City.

    I had the pleasure of being stuck on Siquijor Island, Philippines with Thibault for four months during the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic. We ran a training camp there at Siqujior Freedivers, and subsequently got stuck on the island. With no lockdown or quarantine, we dove every day in what will always be one of the most memorable experiences in my freediving career.

    In this episode, I sit down and talk to Thibault about some tough things. With his experience and years in the game, he’s seen quite a few things: major accidents he suffered himself and seen friends suffer and overcome great difficulties. These are things we don’t always see on social media’s glass façade, but there are dark truths behind any performance-based sport at the elite level. Shit happens. How we deal with it, overcome it, and be strengthened by it are the lessons worth knowing and sharing. It’s my pleasure to sit down with my friend and coach Thibault, grab a beer, and chat about some real issues that the freediving community can benefit from listening to.

  • In this episode, we sat down with Carlos Diezel in Dahab, Egypt. Yep, pretty awesome name, suits the guy well. A former Brazilian engineer, Carlos turned his life 180 degrees to pursue his dream and take his family with him. Becoming a professional freediver, instructor, and business owner at the famous Dahab Freedivers school, Carlos is an awesome inspiration to many of us looking to dedicate our lives to this sport. We discussed the harsh realities of changing a life, the difficulties of being a family man, and the beauties of pursuing what you love.

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  • Welcome to the Alchemy Podcast. Please be aware that this is not your regular freediving podcast. My name is Luca Malaguti, and I will be your host. I’ll travel the world to meet the top freediving athletes, coaches, trainers, and generally awesome human beings to pick their brains. We’ll sit down one-on-one, grab a beer or two, and dive into topics related to freediving, most people don’t want to discuss. We’ll chat about ego and freediving, sex, relationships, and self-love in the life of this sport and pain, suffering, and loss. We’ll be aiming for topics in conversations most people look to avoid, some are disturbing, yes, and some may disturb you. Freediving is a deeply mental and emotional sport, and so having the most experienced people opening up is incredibly valuable to all.

    I’d like to start by first thanking all the people that dedicated their time to joining this podcast. Sitting down with us, opening up on conversations, and just being real about things.

    In this first episode, we’ll sit down with Harry Chammas, a well-known freediver, UK national record holder, and much-respect coach based out of Dahab, Egypt. Harry runs his school Freedive Passion from there, where he specializes in teaching students the skills you need for real deep freediving. Make sure to give him a shout if you’re in Dahab.

    For the first episode, Harry and I will chat about what is this love, passion, and addiction for narcosis, the feelings of being really deep, and question "Why The F*** Go Deep"? We’ll also chat about psychedelics, out-of-body experiences, and how these are thought to be - by some - beneficially used in performance sports like freediving.

    Stay tuned and thanks for joining us.