• The path of a wealthy real estate investor is never a straight line. Often we’ll set up goals we deem worth chasing, then somewhere along the way, we’ll pivot to a more refined goal. Without knowing where we want to go, we can’t get the proper footing to start the journey. This is exactly what snowboarder, skater, real estate investor, and lender, Chris Naugle, talks about with us today.

    Chris grew up in chilly Buffalo, New York and knew he wasn’t the employment type of guy. So, after quitting his first job, he decided to start a clothing company in his basement. Then, with some of the profits from his clothing venture, paired with a loan from his mom’s equity line, he opened up a skateboard shop. Everything was going well, until the dot com crash, prompting him to become an advisor on Wall Street.

    As an advisor, Chris found that more and more of his wealthy clients were investing in real estate. This prompted him to take the leap and start flipping, buying commercial real estate, and investing in rentals. But, Chris wasn’t borrowing the right way, leading him to have to get rid of his 37 unit portfolio or go bankrupt.

    After losing years' worth of work and a massive amount of equity, Chris started to draw up systems and procedures that could work as a safety net for his investments. Now with a smaller portfolio of around 23 units, he works mostly as the bank that lends other investors their money. All of this was made possible when Chris stopped and thought about what his “perfect day” was and what he needed to do to make it a reality.

    In This Episode We Cover:

    Using flipping as an entry point to get into real estate investing

    Buying commercial buildings like strip malls

    Keeping your debt-to-income (DTI) low so you can keep borrowing

    Conventional financing vs. commercial financing for real estate investing

    The “rules of engagement” when it comes to investing

    Trading money for money instead of time for money

    Knowing what your “perfect day” is

    And SO much more!

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    HGTV's Risky Builders


    BiggerPockets Podcast 477: Discomfort & Uncertainty Lead To Victory with BJJ Black Belt Ryron Gracie

    BiggerPockets Podcast 471: What Michael Jordan and Kobe Taught Tim Grover about “Winning”

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  • What happens when you’re pinned to the floor in the middle of a fight? Someone has you in a locked position and you can’t move. You’re sweating, you’re angry, and you start feeling the will to fight flow through your whole body. Although we’re talking about Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu with the legendary trainer and black belt, Ryron Gracie, we could easily be talking about real estate.

    So many new real estate investors come into this space being scared of discomfort, wanting to be hand-held, and feeling like there is no way to hit their investing goals. That is until they’re put in the proper position, scenario, or matched up with a great teacher. These are the exact lessons that Ryron shares with us today.

    As a lifelong Jiu-Jitsu practitioner, and now a teacher himself, Ryron knows that the same lessons applied on the mat should be applied in everyday life. Lessons like: be comfortable with discomfort, never get pulled into anyone else’s fight, and change the game to fit your needs. This not only makes Ryron a financially successful individual, but a master in martial arts. 

    Even if you’ve never done martial arts, had any interest in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, or started real estate investing, this episode will help you change your mindset to thrive in situations where you feel lost and helpless, which is something all of us need throughout our lives.

    In This Episode We Cover

    “Emotional Jiu-Jitsu” and how to find comfort in difficult conversations

    Taking the fight to the ground and changing the game

    The crossovers between martial arts and building wealth through real estate

    Putting your ego and insecurity to the side and doing what’s truly best for you

    Realizing when you’re coming from a place of lack

    And So Much More!

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    David's Instagram

    Gracie University

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  • Normally we have two hosts and one guest, but today we have three hosts, and one of them happens to be a guest as well. We welcome Tony J Robinson, host of the BiggerPockets Real Estate Rookie Podcast, to the show! Tony has grown a respectable following due to his impressive short-term rental portfolio, his ability to scale quickly, and his made-for-radio voice.

    Tony grew up with real estate around him. His dad had a wholesaling company, and when it closed down his father relayed to Tony that his biggest mistake was failing to keep any of the wholesale deals as rentals. With this advice in mind, Tony saw an opportunity to fix up some rental properties in Louisiana. This gave him an intro to real estate funding, and after a few successful deals, he decided to dive in head first.

    Now, Tony has short-term rentals in Tennessee and Joshua Tree. He’s started multiple partnerships and speaks on the benefits of having reliable, trustworthy partners, plus how to avoid toxic partnerships that will stop you from scaling. He also lets us in on his free and simple method of finding out whether or not a market will work for short-term rentals.

    In This Episode We Cover:

    The importance of having cash-flowing passive incomeWhy you should never treat a rental like your primary residenceBuying in markets that are heavily reliant on tourism How to make a strong, stable, and reliable partnership The risk vs. rewards of short-term rentalsLong-distance real estate investing as a rookie investorAnd SO much more!

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  • You wouldn’t think that a farm boy from Ohio would be spending hundreds of thousands if not millions on expensive clothing, high-priced whiskey, and expensive knife sets, would you? Only, he’s not buying these things for himself, he’s buying them for his clients, many of whom are some of the biggest names in business and entertainment. What does John Ruhlin from Giftology see in gift-giving that we don’t?

    First, John realized that giving regular corporate gifts, like a stress ball or a free pen, wouldn’t cut it when trying to build long-term relationships. He even went as far as to get courtside NBA tickets paired with a $500 steakhouse dinner to get Cameron Herold (a past guest of ours) on his team, only to find that Cameron was severely disappointed. So he started turning up the personalization of his gifts.

    Now, John sends out personally engraved knife sets, world-class food and wine pairings hosted by the best sommelier in the country, and video messages sent in physical boxes (seriously). He’s discovered the art and the science behind gift-giving and wants everyone to know what is, and isn’t an appropriate gift. As he puts it, you need to focus on your ROR (return on relationships) more than your ROI.

    In This Episode We Cover:

    The gifts you SHOULD NOT give to those you want to impressFocusing on ROR (return on relationships) as opposed to ROIHave a “relationship plan” in place for clients, employees, and partnersUsing personalized gifts to stick out from the competitionTaking a warm lead and turning it into a burning fire The best gifts to give based on the occasion, timing, and relationshipAnd So Much More!

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  • Letting go of something successful isn’t easy, but what if you know it’s costing you your dreams? Today we talk to mother, real estate agent, and massive multifamily investor, Pili Yarusi, about doing what it takes to stay focused, engaged, and on top of your life.

    Pili moved out to New York from Hawaii with dreams of becoming a star in theater but ended up working as a bartender. Lucky for her, bartending is where she met her husband and future business partner. Together, they started flipping houses, which taught her not only to systematize investments but also to use her creativity in an efficient way. She and her husband later expanded into wholesaling.

    Pili knew something was missing and she wanted to focus more on growing a multifamily portfolio. With help from some mentors, she realized that the main thing holding her back was her current (and very successful) flipping and wholesaling business. She closed both businesses, got herself systematized, and went head first into multifamily.

    Now this homeschool teacher/mom is sitting on $75,000,000 in real estate, totaling in at 850 units. No small number by ANY means! She gives some incredible advice on what new investors need to do before they can reach their goals of owning big portfolios.

    In This Episode We Cover:

    Limiting your creativity (in a good way) when doing flips and rehabsThe 4-3-2-1 principle and waking up with A.L.O.H.AIdentifying as the person you want to become, and letting go of less useful identitiesThe right (and the wrong) way to train employees and build a team506b vs 506c syndications, plus what to know if you want to start oneAnd SO much more!

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  • There is only one man on the podcast today that has a beard, and no, it’s not the guitar-playing, surfing, 7-foot tall one. David Greene is “seeing Greene” in this episode and gives new and experienced investors advice and answers on their questions. We go through a range of subjects from real estate notes, quitting a W2, scaling, and whether or not to start a property management business.

    With David’s experience as a W2 police officer, agent, broker, investor, and lender, he can give all kinds of great answers related to real estate. So whether you’re a newbie trying to get your first deal done or an experienced landlordclosing on a new house every week, there is probably some question David answers that can help you out!

    All of these questions have been asked by BiggerPockets listeners either via video or from Facebook. If you weren’t able to get a question answered by David this time, you can submit a question at this link.

    In This Episode We Cover:

    Purchasing a property from a wholesalerHow to place properties under an LLC once purchasedIs land worth pursuing or should you stick to properties?When is the right time to quit your W2 and pursue real estateCan you 1031-exchange a flip into a buy and hold rental?And So Much More!

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  • Nick Lamagna wasn’t planning on getting into real estate investing. When he finished college he knew that he wanted to go into law enforcement to help with counter-terrorism. He scored well on all the tests needed to be a great candidate for his dream job, but when he suffered a permanent hand injury, he was disqualified from working in law enforcement.

    During a period where Nick didn’t know what he was going to do, his mom forced him to read Rich Dad Poor Dad, which (like many of our listeners) changed his view on making money and having a career. After the initial interest was sparked, Nick started tackling real estate deals outside of his native state of New York.

    He faced challenges with getting mortgages, so he partnered with other real estate investors. He needed more cash, so he started wholesaling. The 2008 housing market crash happened, so he decided to start flipping. And now, Nick is going into bigger deals like commercial real estate and mobile home parks.

    Nick’s advice to new investors: think creatively, get comfortable with being uncomfortable, be in constant contact with your team, and don’t stick to one strategy.

    In This Episode We Cover:

    Long-distance real estate investing when your local market is too expensive Building a buyers list for wholesaling and networking Partnering with others who can finance real estate purchases Why communication is key when doing long-distance renovations Turning your weaknesses into your greatest strengths And SO much more!

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  • We like to think that we have a lot of winners on the BiggerPockets Real Estate Podcast, whether they are in real estate or not. We may have one of the biggest winners on today's show. Tim Grover, trainer to Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant joins us to talk about overcoming adversity, developing a winning mindset, finding what makes you fail, and his new book, accurately titled Winning: The Unforgiving Race to Greatness. 

    Tim argues that one of the hardest things to succeed in is business since there are so many factors that influence success. When you own or run a business, you’re constantly being thrown curveballs (like a global pandemic tied with government shutdowns). So how do you succeed when there is a constantly changing game plan? You adapt, you overcome, and you mitigate failure.

    These are the exact lessons that Tim taught to his high-profile clients, like Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant, arguably the two greatest basketball players of all time. Before MJ and Kobe became the best, they had to master being average, then being good, then being great. So many people want to take shortcuts to greatness, not understanding that mastering those different levels is what truly puts you on a different stage than those who master the average level and give up.

    In This Episode We Cover:

    What really holds people back when they say they want somethingFocusing on recovery and health before trying to up your abilitiesBecoming a constant reminder to others to win and shoot for successHow to stop performing with emotion and start performing with energyStop confusing “finishing” with “winning”Struggling with balance when succeeding in your career, family life, or anything elseAnd So Much More!

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    BiggerPockets ForumsBiggerPockets Pro MembershipBiggerPockets Youtube ChannelBiggerPockets Podcast 433: You Get Your Standards, Not Your Goals: Ed Mylett on Success, Faith, and Building $100M+ BusinessesBiggerPockets Podcast 457: How Thinking 5 Moves Ahead Can Make You Millions with Patrick Bet-DavidBrandon's BiggerPockets ProfileBrandon's InstagramDavid's BiggerPockets ProfileDavid's Instagram

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  • There has been a great feud between Brittany Arnason and Host of the BiggerPockets Podcast, Brandon Turner. Both of them have done lots of renovations on houses, secured millions in funding, and live right next to the beach in Maui, but only one of them has won a “quickest person to get to 200,000 followers on Instagram” battle. We’re happy to have the winner on our show as a guest today!

    Brittany started out her real estate journey when she was 18 years old, buying her first rental property and tackling a multitude of different DIY projects. If you haven’t heard her story, you can check it out on episode 320. Now she’s back to talk about how she moved to Maui, hired out her employees, secured funding on commercial deals, and used social media to get her deals and connections.

    Her biggest advice to new investors, “jump in before you’re ready”. You won't ever have all the answers, but those who get started will finish far ahead of those who always dream about being an investor. You can also help ease the stress and unforeseen speed bumps by getting in groups with other investors, following those you look up to on social media, and becoming a resource for future mentors.

    In This Episode We Cover:

    Using social media to find deals, mentors, employees, and friendsGenerating leads in unorthodox ways Fighting back against imposter syndrome and seeing your strengthsGetting super cheap interest rates when closing on commercial mortgagesWhy the bigger deals tend to be the more passive onesWhy whatever you believe can end up being trueAnd SO much more!

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  • We interview a lot of great guests on our Sunday episodes of the BiggerPockets Real Estate podcast, but we rarely hear from agents, investors, and BiggerPockets listeners who are in an early stage of real estate success. Both Brandon and David know what it’s like to be grinding, day in and day out, to get your real estate business off the ground. That’s why they’re here today to answer questions from live listeners about mindset, mentality, and growth.

    We talk to Brody, Joseph, Wale, and Mike, all in different stages of their real estate journey, and all very committed to success! You’ll hear questions like:

    If given the chance to go back, what would Brandon and David do differently?What deserves more emphasis, mindset or skill set?Is it okay to explore different opportunities at an early stage of investing?How to find balance when SO many opportunities are exciting?How do you make time for family, a job, side businesses, and real estate?Why do investors lie to themselves?

    Thanks again to our guests for coming on and throwing such great questions at Brandon and David!

    In This Episode We Cover:

    Leaving your W2 job to pursue real estate and other opportunitiesHow to harness your mindset to grow your specific skill setThe power of house hacking, and how it pushes your portfolio forwardScaling bigger and faster (even if it’s scary)Developing the ability to adapt, so you can survive any situationHow to stop making promises that you’ll fail to upholdAnd So Much More!

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    BiggerPockets ForumsBiggerPockets Pro MembershipBiggerPockets Youtube ChannelBiggerPockets Podcast 209: Flipping 83 Homes in the Last 18 Months with Kevin CarrollGobundanceGetting Started with Real Estate Investing: An Interview with My Real Estate Mentor

     Click here to check the full show notes: https://www.biggerpockets.com/show469

  • Last time we did a live Q&A, fans from all over came on to ask questions to Brandon and David. Now we’re back, answering the questions that BiggerPockets Real Estate Podcast fans have on their minds. We’ll go over a handful of questions, all from different investors in different parts of their real estate journey. Questions include:

    How can investors offload their unwanted properties to charities?How do I stop analysis paralysis even after so much research?Is it a good idea to buy in an area with a falling population?What metrics should I look for when scaling my portfolio?What’s the best niche to build wealth fastest?Plus other commonly asked questions

    Thanks again to our guests Nicole, Michael, Ryan, Owen, and Emily for throwing their great questions at Brandon and David!

    In This Episode We Cover:

    The biggest regret that most real estate investors haveScaling to bigger and better deals (with higher unit counts)Finding a mentor who can push you to accomplish BIG dealsUsing other people’s money to build your real estate portfolioThe best niches for newbie investors to start out inAnd SO much more!

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    Check the full show notes here: http://biggerpockets.com/show468

  • Everyone wants to be right all the time. We have so many preconceived notions running through our heads at all times, and we always think that we’re the ones standing on the right side of history. What if that train of thought was secretly pushing you to failure, or even death? Adam Grant argues this point in his book Think Again.

    Adam hypothesizes that the main reason so many businesses, relationships, and experiments fail is because those in them tend to be locked in on one view. How many times have you been in a fight with your partner where you realize you maybe wrong, but also realize it would be worse to back down from your original stance?

    This is how businesses like Blockbuster and Blackberry slowly faded away while the likes of Apple and Microsoft flourished. Adam talks through some of the best (and worst) moments in business history when companies thought they were too big to fall. The same goes for political candidates, social movements, and almost any other type of human-to-human interaction. The one way you can be sure you’re coming out with the right conclusion? Think like a scientist! 

    In This Episode We Cover:

    The preacher, prosecutor, and politician mindsets Valuing humility over pride and stopping your ideas from becoming your identity How ego, image, and regret play into the way we actBlackberry vs Apple and how Steve Jobs made the right decision Why you should give people FEWER reasons to back up a proposalWhy “super forecasters” will never let a bias persuade themAnd So Much More!

    Links from the Show

    BiggerPockets ForumsBiggerPockets Pro MembershipBiggerPockets Podcast 254: Tim Ferriss on Real Estate, Becoming a Top Performer and His Tribe of Mentors

    Click here to check the full show notes: https://www.biggerpockets.com/show467

  • Alan Corey has had an interesting career to say the least. He’s been an IT worker, a comedian, an author, a real estate investor, and even a reality TV star. Alan has always been fascinated with making passive income in a frugal, but very intelligent way. He’s so frugal in fact, that he made up a crazy story to be on the Jerry Springer show, just to get a free trip to Chicago out of it. Talk about being committed!

    Alan’s real estate story starts off with buying a 1 bedroom apartment in Brooklyn, New York, hanging up a curtain in the living room, and house hacking. He then repeated this strategy over and over again, becoming a millionaire before 30 years old, with a lot of property and “good debt”. Alan is part of the FIRE (financial independence retire early) community, but instead of investing mainly in stocks, he does so in real estate.

    His strategy is simple: buy a rental property for every bill you have, then start inventing “fun bills” as excuses to buy more rental property. Whether you’re looking to pay off your phone bill every month, or finance your brand new Tesla, this strategy will work for you. Alan also “hides money from himself” so he can be better off in the future. Right now he’s sitting on around $8,000,000 of real estate solely from his own investments.

    His new book House FIRE teaches you everything you need to know about retiring early with real estate!

    In This Episode We Cover:

    Chasing financial independence and early retirement with real estateTaking on “good debt” so you can grow you real estate portfolio fasterThinking of each property you buy as a “lottery ticket”Alan’s books: A Million Bucks By 30 and House FIREThe danger of high-interest consumer debt (like credit card debt)Seller financing and zero cash-flow triple net leasesAnd SO much more!

    Links from the Show

    BiggerPockets ForumsBiggerPockets Pro MembershipBiggerPockets Youtube ChannelAlan Corey's Video SamplerDave RamseyBiggerPockets Podcast 344: “No Money” Real Estate Investing with Gabriel HamelBiggerPockets Business Podcast 13: 3 Rules for Crushing It in Business with ‘Shark Tank’ Star Barbara CorcoranShark Tank

    Check the full show notes here: https://www.biggerpockets.com/show466

  • If you don’t feel amped up to accomplish your goals, you definitely will after this episode. Today we talk to real estate agent, entrepreneur, author, and Million Dollar Listing New York star, Ryan Serhant. You’ve probably seen Ryan selling ridiculously nice (and expensive) homes on TV, but today you’ll be the private audience to hear his backstory, his work ethic, and how he developed his big confidence.

    Ryan moved to New York to become the next big star in theatre, but after seeing the financial position of those “successful” actors he looked up to, he made a pivot. Ryan got his real estate license and started listing apartments to pay his bills, but was given a golden opportunity when an foreign buyer specifically chose him to find her next multi-million dollar home in New York City. Ryan still remembers the lack of confidence he felt when he got the listing, and knew the only thing to do was educate himself and practice his pitch. Long story short, he helped the buyer find her dream home, and the rest is history.

    You’ll hear Ryan talk about the importance of confidence, not only in this podcast, but in his new book Big Money Energy. Brandon and David both agree with Ryan on how important, and often undervalued, having confidence is. Not just confidence in your work, but confidence that you’ll be able to accomplish the most challenging tasks you set for yourself!

    In This Episode We Cover:

    Selling the most expensive home in FloridaUsing the pandemic to springboard a new career or venture Taking on a task, developing the confidence, and succeeding Leaning to own the things that make you different from everyone elseStop focusing on the deals and start focusing on “the work”Many, many multi-million dollar deal storiesAnd So Much More!

    Links from the Show

    BiggerPockets ForumsBiggerPockets WebinarsBiggerPockets BlogBiggerPockets BookstoreBiggerPockets PodcastSerhant BrokerageRyan's personal website

    Click here to check the full show notes: https://www.biggerpockets.com/show465

  • Many, many people give up on real estate after just one bad deal, one bad tenant, or one bad flip. But what if you lost all you had from real estate deals, would you still be willing to bet on real estate? What if you lost it all twice? Welby Accely, has been in that position. He lost all he had, two separate times through dicey real estate deals. He never did give up on real estate, and now he’s sitting on 50 rentals and over 70 completed flips.

    Welby grew up in Brooklyn, and knew that his godfather was doing well in real estate, so when he got older, he decided to give it a shot. He invested in a multifamily deal in Atlanta, overleveraged himself, and had it foreclosed on him. A few years later, he had another Atlanta property taken from home. Welby was wiped out. He got scammed, lied to, and dove in too deep a couple times.

    After these tough experiences, he knew he had to do whatever he could to make sure his due diligence was top notch. He was later told about Connecticut, and decided to take some serious time exploring the market, building relationships, and networking. Then, he started flipping. 1 house a year, 2 houses a year, then 15 houses a year, and now 20 houses a year.

    Now, Welby takes young and aspiring real estate investors on “ride alongs” so they can see exactly what it’s like to be a real estate investor!

    In This Episode We Cover:

    How crucial it is to understand your market before you investNever trusting a new partnership without proof of concept and contractsPulling yourself back up after losing tens of thousands of dollarsPutting in offers everyday so you can secure a dealHard money loans vs. using your own capitalHelping build other’s businesses so they stay loyal to yoursAnd SO much more!

    Links from the Show

    BiggerPockets ForumsWater Park ScamBiggerPockets WebinarsBiggerPockets Blog

     Check the full show notes here: http://biggerpockets.com/show464

  • We often have famous guests come on the BiggerPockets podcast and talk about their deals, their businesses, and their journey. Today you’ll hear from one of the biggest real estate celebrities, Brandon Turner, as he goes through the 90-day challenge, preparing you to buy your first (or next) real estate deal in the next 90 days.

    You’ll hear Brandon’s story on why he went into real estate, how he grew his portfolio, and the exact steps he took to reach financial freedom and grow his portfolio to over 1,000 units! We’ll go through developing a real estate strategy, picking a niche, finding your “why”, finding a deal, marketing, financing, and calculating a real deal live on the (pre-recorded) webinar!

    This is the hand-down best place to start as a newbie investor or an investor who just wants to grab some more deals in the next 90 days. These actionable steps have helped hundreds of investors across the BiggerPockets forums, and can help make you a successful real estate investor sooner!

    In This Episode We Cover:

    Discovering your “why” behind investing, real estate, financial freedomHow to find deals even in competitive markets Going over a live deal using the BiggerPockets rental property calculatorHow to find your “home run number” that makes a deal greatUsing the L.A.P.S funnel to never run out of dealsFinancing and funding your first property (even with no or low money down)And So Much More!

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    BiggerPockets Pro MembershipBiggerPockets BookstoreBiggerPockets PodcastOpen Door CapitalThe 90 Days ChallengeReal Estate Investment Calculators

    Click here to check the full show notes: https://www.biggerpockets.com/show463

  • Some would call Terrance Doyle a “baller”. Not because he’s done hundreds of millions of dollars in real estate transactions, or because he has done over 600 flips, or because he helps lead the Tribe of Multifamily Mentors. Terrance played college basketball, which grew into working as an NBA sports agent, garnering him access to famous coaches, players, and executives.

    Terrance and a couple of his college teammates started a franchise after college, and needed somewhere to park cash. Another teammate helped Terrance buy a foreclosure at a public trustee sale, which he flipped for a sizable profit. This is when he knew that the real money was made in real estate. Between 2008 and 2014, Terrance did over 600 flips, in multiple different areas of the country.

    As he learnt to build relationships and rapport with buyers, sellers, lenders, and contractors, Terrance started taking on bigger and better deals. He’s done $35,000,000 in transactions since the start of the pandemic and relies on the five basic fundamentals of real estate: know your market, be aggressive, be faster than the competition, have solid lenders, and make sure your ducks are in a row.

    In This Episode We Cover:

    The 5 fundamentals of successful real estate investingGoing from NBA agent to full-time real estate professional Finding your competitive edge and knowing where you can add valueHow to invest in a very expensive market (like Denver!)Cap rates, NOI, cash on cash return, and other important metricsHow to run your organization more efficiently, so you can do moreAnd SO much more!

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  • It’s daunting to wake up every day and try your best at whatever it is that you do. Maybe it’s your job, maybe it’s real estate, maybe it’s writing a book. When you sit down at your desk, there’s that little voice that says “get another cup of coffee” or “just take a little email break before you start” or “you’re not going to get anything done, who are you kidding?”

    This is the voice of resistance, and to author Steven Pressfield, it’s a voice that needs to be silenced and controlled at all costs. Steven should know, he wrote the book on fighting resistance, The War of Art, where he talks about how to keep up inspiration, even when there isn’t any to be found. As Steven puts it “an amateur does things when they feel like it, a professional doesn’t care how they feel, they just do it.”

    This is something many real estate investors struggle with. We want to buy another property, but we get stuck in analysis paralysis, or scared off by some new type of financing, or don’t want to take on another rehab. Professionals don’t let their environment (or their own mind) tell them what they should and shouldn’t do. Professionals do what has to be done.

    We also talk with Steven about his latest book A Man At Arms and why the ancient world of nobility and strength intrigued him so much. If you’ve seen any of Steven’s films, read any of Steven’s books, or just want to push through to success, you’ll love his take on writing, success, and failure.

    In This Episode We Cover:

    How to push past failure, regardless of the line of work you’re inOvercoming the “analysis” phase of any new venture or life dreamHow resistance plays a role in failure for many real estate investorsHow to fight resistance so you can push through to your goalsThe villain on the outside, and the villain within youAnd So Much More!

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  • If you’re listening to the BiggerPockets podcast, you know that the only way to reach financial success is to climb the corporate ladder, right? Nope! Yet, many people still believe that the only way for them to get rich is by going above and beyond for a job, only to be let go when the company is sold or merged. This is exactly what Ayoka Moss and Robert Charles thought, until they were put in a situation where entrepreneurialism and real estate was the only option.

    Ayoka had serious drive, especially after reading Rich Dad Poor Dad (a favorite of the BP community). Robert, on the other hand, was working as hard as he could, selling cars, breaking sales records, but once he was let go due to his company being bought out, he had open ears for Ayoka’s proposal. Ayoka and Robert decided to start wholesaling real estate, and had 6 failed deals before they finally found themselves making a profit. Once the money came in, they knew they had to do whatever it takes to reach success in real estate.

    Now, only a couple years later, Ayoka and Robert are living rent free, with 20 units, and 35 deals done! That’s some serious change when compared to their old W2 lifestyles. Ayoka and Robert go through how they got deals done, found mentors, and most importantly, changed mindsets to tackle what really matters.

    In This Episode We Cover:

    How real estate wholesaling worksWhy the corporate lifestyle doesn’t last forever for most peopleUnderstanding real estate before you jump in head first “Un-Labelling” yourself so you can accomplish anythingBalancing wholesale fees with cash flowing rental properties Finding mentors and providing value so they trust youAnd SO much more!

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  • Have you ever been in a conversation where someone has had to ask you to repeat something multiple times? It’sfrustrating when you’re trying to tell someone something and they just won’t listen, but what about all the times you’ve been distracted in a conversation? There are a handful of reasons why humans aren’t great at listening, but the benefits to becoming a true listener are off the charts. Better connections, more trust, and happier relationships just to tout a few.

    In her book, Listen Like You Mean It, Ximena Vengoechea talks about why listening is so important, and why we often get it wrong. Being a great listener is almost like having a super-power, you’ll be able to tell what a person wants and needs faster and more accurately. This can help in almost any business, but especially in a people-first business like real estate when you’re constantly talking to tenants, management, sellers, buyers, or agents.

    Ximena goes through the 3 qualities that are most needed when becoming a great listener and how you can put yourself into “listening mode”. She also walks through how to have difficult conversations or conversations with people who aren’t the best listeners, plus what you can do to make sure that the person talking to you really feels heard. This isn’t just a crucial trait for anyone in real estate, but for anyone who wants successful relationships with the ones they love.

    In This Episode We Cover:

    How user research prompted Ximena to write about listeningAsking good questions that help people open up moreCutting out the distractions and being present and mindful in a conversation Why attention tends to waver in day-to-day conversationsThe 3 most important qualities you can adopt to become a better listenerHow to be more extraverted in conversationsAnd So Much More!

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