• What does it take to be a leader in the face of enormous flux, where disruptive change is not an endpoint, but the new daily norm? And what drives leadership ambition in some women and not others? Well, if you’re Trish Bergin, a talented economist and seasoned leader in both the public and private sectors, it’s all about strategic power. Not a quest to own it, but to understand how best to use it in order to shift attitudes, behaviours and ultimately reshape public policy.

    Trish is co-Director of the 50/50 by 2030 Foundation, at the Faculty of Business, Government and Law, University of Canberra. As a passionate gender equality and diversity advocate Trish faced perhaps her toughest assignment ever back in 2018, when as Head of the Office for Women, at the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet, she was required to defend the Australian government’s failure to meet its gender equity obligations under CEDAW, the Convention on the Elimination of all forms of Discrimination Against Women. With her heart pulling in one direction and her head in another, Trish endured a six-hour public UN Committee interrogation in Geneva.

    In this 6th episode of BroadTalk, with its focus on ‘new leadership’ and an emerging feminised style of leadership that is proving more effective in times of crisis, such as the current global pandemic, we unpack leadership traits and styles. And in a surprisingly personal account Trish also shares her own backstory of hardship, poverty and the lessons learned from adversity.


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  • Jane Halton AO PSM has a CV that makes heads spin. A formidable, trailblazing woman in the Australian public service, she’s a giant in health policy leadership and right now the global ‘go-to’ girl on government responses to the COVID-19 Pandemic.

    There is little Jane doesn’t know about leadership: what works, what doesn’t and why women need to strategically navigate those corridors of power normally reserved for men. As former head of the Commonwealth Department of Health and the first woman to head up the Department of Finance, Jane has never shied from a challenge.

    She is Chair of the Gate’s Foundation initiative, CEPI, the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations and one of the few women on the Australian government’s National COVID Coordination Commission. She sits on a number of boards, including ANZ and has held international roles in health governance at the WHO and OECD.

    In BroadTalk Jane speaks openly about what helped shape her ambition and what it’s like to be an ‘outsider’. She shares insights to what makes a good leader great; whether leadership traits are gendered; why women around the globe are leading better than many men right now, and the key skills needed to drive ‘new leadership’ in the 2020’s.

    BroadTalk is hosted by journalist Virginia Haussegger and produced by Martyn Pearce.


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  • In the fourth episode of BroadTalk, journalist Virginia Haussegger challenges former Chief of the Australian Army, Lieutenant General David Morrison, to verbal combat over women, leadership, the power of male command and “that video”.

    David Morrison became a global sensation when his furious video speech calling out sexism among his troops went viral on YouTube, with over two million views. It led to a major shake-up of Defence Force culture.

    Now in demand around the world to speak on leadership, he’s even shared a stage with Hollywood’s Angelina Jolie, where he called on all militaries to increase the participation of women in their ranks.

    Named Australian of the Year by the Prime Minister in 2016, David used his platform to speak tirelessly about gender equality and violence against women. In this robust BroadTalk episode David discusses the gendered nature of leadership, male empathy, the value of diversity, and the absence of women’s stories from the national narrative.

    BroadTalk is hosted by Virginia Haussegger and produced by Martyn Pearce.


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  • In the third episode of BroadTalk, journalist Virginia Haussegger chats with the woman who set tongues wagging when as Australia’s Minister for Sport she dared strut in a figure-hugging leather dress and sky-high Gucci heels.

    Despite being dubbed the “sexiest politician” in parliament, Kate Ellis managed to rise above the media madness and forged an outstanding political career over fifteen years. She was the youngest person to become a Federal Minister and went on to hold portfolios in Employment, Early Education and Childcare, Youth, and the Status of Women.

    In a disarmingly frank discussion Kate reflects on the extraordinary challenges faced by women in politics; the pressure of relentless media trivialisation; the public’s misconception about what leadership looks like … and the need for greater truth and collegiality among women with ambition.

    BroadTalk is hosted by Virginia Haussegger and produced by Martyn Pearce.


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  • In the second episode of BroadTalk, Virginia Haussegger chats with a trailblazing Kiwi political warrior, Dame Annette King, about her extraordinary life in politics and managing the leadership spotlight. Dame Annette is New Zealand’s longest-serving female MP and now NZ High Commissioner to Australia.

    A long-time mentor to New Zealand’s PM Jacinda Ardern, Annette is renowned for being “incredibly committed”, “totally focused” and yet a whole lot of fun. Her ‘cold stare’ (or what Julia Gillard calls the female “resting bitch face”) is legendary, yet those Kiwis Annette served adore her.

    Over three decades in parliament as Minister of various portfolios including Police, Justice, Health, Transport and Deputy Leader of the NZ Labor Party, Annette saw it all. In fact, there is little she didn’t endure, from the heavy drinking of colleagues, sexism and scandal, to accusations she was a closet lesbian, as well as media fascination with her transgender husband. But the funny thing is how much Annette laughs when looking back and marvels at how her life has “just tumbled along!”

    BroadTalk is hosted by Virginia Haussegger and produced by Martyn Pearce.


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  • In the very first episode of BroadTalk, Virginia Haussegger chats to Australia's Foreign Minister, Senator Marise Payne about her journey to the top job, her personal motivations, and her passion for feminisim.

    As Foreign Minister, Senator Marise Payne is currently Australia’s most powerful woman. Her call on where and how Australia pivots, blinks or charges forward on the international stage has a profound impact beyond policy. Her decisions have the power to change people’s lives.

    But women are still a novelty at this level of leadership and their every action is intensely scrutinised. How they fare or fail fascinates not just feminist theorists, but women and girls everywhere. Senator Payne is also Minister for Women and therefore she has an even bigger stake in ensuring women’s success. So, what does she think about her own style of leadership and how has she straddled the hurdles along the way? In this very candid discussion Minister Payne opens up about her journey, motivations and even her passion for feminism. Yes, unlike her predecessor and most of her conservative party colleagues, Marise Payne does call herself a feminist! Virginia asks her why!


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  • BroadTalk is a podcast about women, power, and the wayward world. Presented by Virginia Haussegger, the series casts a razor-sharp gender lens over politics and policy and explores big ideas and imperfect lives.

    The first series focuses on ‘new leadership’ – a ‘feminised’ style of leadership that has emerged during the global coronavirus pandemic as a more successful and sustainable alternative to authoritarian, strongman rule.


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