• Why did Trump's immediately allege the FBI planted evidence IF NOBODY HAS YET SEEN THE EVIDENCE? (00:00) THE A BLOCK: It's obvious: you don't say "anything damning they find was planted" unless you know they're going to find stuff that's damning! (02:12) Why hasn't anybody just said "Trump's innocent"? (03:51) Sean Hannity with an unexpected update on the pee tape (05:12) Trump is suspiciously quiet! (7:15) Democrats have a chance to campaign on the GOP wanting to "Defund The Police" (8:11) And what's this about the FBI grabbing Rep. Scott Perry's phone? (10:54) THE B BLOCK: Every Dog Has Its Day: Please meet Ox (12:45) POSTSCRIPTS TO THE NEWS: Primary results, Facebook helps prosecute a 17-year old for having an abortion, Rudy loses again. (16:31) WORLD OF WIDE SPORTS: Serena! and (18:28) Marshawn Lynch reaches the Mugshot Hall of Fame. (19:45) THE WORST PERSONS IN THE WORLD: Alex Jones, Me, and Mrs. Jones and Dave Barstool Portnoy and Andrew Cuomo vie for the title. (23:14) THINGS I PROMISED NOT TO TELL (26:45) 10 years since Aaron Sorkin put a quote of my Dad's into the mouth of Jeff Daniels' character on "Newsroom" and every woman I ever dated contacted me (28:44) I meet Josh Charles, who played me in Sorkin's "Sports Night" and we swap tales of woe (30:25) At Stephen Colbert's Comedy Central finale I meet Jeff Daniels and we swap the truth - and take a selfie!See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.

  • Cheese it! It's the Feds! When Trump is quoted as asking why "his" generals aren't more like Hitler's generals were and that calls up his 32 years of publicly praising the Nazis, and that's NOT the TOP Trump story that day, it's been a big day! The full implications of the raid at Mar-A-Lago, the possibility the DOJ is going for an 18 USC Code 2071(b) case against Trump, the chances of getting him disqualified from again holding federal office, the dismissal of the charge that the investigation is unprecedented, and the hilarious reaction from the right threatening "war." We'll also review The New Yorker story about Trump and Hitler, and why reporters keep burying important stories to save them for books years later. Plus Sports, Worst Persons In The World, and in Things I Promised Not To Tell: The day I did absolutely no work and broke the greatest story of my career - the trade of hockey superstar Wayne Gretzky.See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.

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  • While you were (completely justifiably) celebrating the passage of the Inflation Reduction Act, the racists of CPAC were telling us who they are - literally announcing "We are all domestic terrorists." And Trump was simply promising a personal takeover of the National Guard, detention camps, and a military dictatorship. We also saw three retiring Republican Senators who could've capped the price of Insulin fail to muster the 1% courage required to do so. Also in this episode: Pete Rose reappears and tips off three separate baseball controversies in one day, the L.A. Times butchers the details of the career of the late Vin Scully, Marco Rubio uses the most modern obvious Antisemitic dog whistle, and I celebrate the 17th anniversary of the day I nearly had to call the police because yet another soon-to-be-ex-president of MSNBC chased me around the studios, threatening to kill me. On that happy note: enjoy our second week on Countdown!See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.

  • TOLD YOU SO! "The Jones Phone" goes to the 1/6 Committee. Alex Jones' attorney was unable to convince the judge in the Sandy Hook trial to walk back the legal team's dramatic dunderheadedness in sending a copy of all of Jones' texts since 2019 to the opposing counsel. Thus, he said, he would turn over that copy to the House January 6th Committee "Immediately." We know there are "intimate messages" between Jones and Roger Stone, but how else will Jones incriminate himself after having taken the 5th nearly 100 times during his testimony before it? But the man who may be covering up missing texts from Secret Service and Homeland Security is being inexplicably protected by President Biden. And more inexplicable still, Dick Cheney, who once called me out by name at a Washington Correspondents' Dinner, issued a two-minute video blasting Trump - and he and I are now completely synched. Meantime my ex-date Kyrsten Sinema has finally consented to the Climate/Inflation bill, and the Cretins of CPAC have roared at the antisemitic dog whistles from their keynote speaker, the strongman of Hungary - and Tucker Carlson just echoed them. There's an extraordinary story from Washington as a city says goodbye to its "Good Morning Man," and another DC question from sports: if the Russians are going to hold Brittney Greiner hostage, why are we letting Putin's buddy and propagandist Alex Ovechkin play for hockey's Washington Capitals? The oddest of couples, Sarah Palin and I, reappear in Worst Persons. And resurrecting a Friday tradition from TV as part of the Friday/Weekend edition of the podcast, I'll read you some of the timeless works of America's greatest humorist, James Thurber. And I'll let the brilliance of musical directors Brian Ray and John Phillip Shenale shine without me talking over it, all on this edition of the Countdown podcast.See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.

  • "The Jones Phone" could become as famous in the language of American Presidential Scandal as "Watergate" or "Teapot Dome." His lawyer's gaffe in the Alex Jones Sandy Hook Defamation obviously impacts that lawsuit. But wait: you're saying ALL of Alex Jones' texts since 2019 are now legally in the hands of a lawyer suing him? So, ALL of any texts Alex Jones sent Trump or Roger Stone or The Oath Keepers or the rest of Trump's January 6th mob are AVAILABLE? If you didn't notice, the House January 6th Committee sure did and reportedly reached out to the Sandy Hook parents' attorney with a simple request: SEND US THE JONES PHONE! Also in this episode: the post-Kansas Vote outlook for Choice and for November, the latest  paper trail of John Eastman's hallucinatory legal advice, 'So what if I finished fourth, I'm not conceding,' and the only moron in America who would defend Alex Jones after the day he had - Joe Rogan - competes for Worst Persons Dishonors. More on the passing of the legendary Vin Scully, and I'll look back on the amazing day in 2005 when MSNBC fired Rachel Maddow. And that's not a typo.See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.

  • My friend of 34 years, the voice of baseball, Vin Scully, has died at the age of 94. He has often been depicted as a saint, but he was better than that: warm, funny, sometimes profane and uncertain and even almost another team's announcer. I'll tell you what I can of a man who didn't know he was a legend, and was always happy to see YOU. In news, we have the Kansas Abortion Vote, the Alex Jones "Guilty By Reason Of Insanity" trial, a "whoops" in the Arizona Fake Electors Scheme, Bill O'Reilly trying to make a TV comeback and Alan Dershowitz getting "cancelled" for the fourth time in four years. Plus, Postscripts to the News, Worst Persons in the World, Every Dog Has Its Day, other sports news, and Things I Promised Not To Tell: My TV career started 42 years ago Wednesday because...Lou Dobbs was rumored to be stepping out on his wife!See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.

  • Even 10 years ago, Republicans ran on a simple platform: Vote For Us Or Al-Qaeda Will Kill You; Discount Terrorism And Your Career Is Over! Yet when we learned Monday night that under President Biden's direction, the architect of 9/11 and successor to Bin Laden had been killed, some Republicans MOCKED IT. The Democrats need to crush the Republicans on this and a dozen other controversies: look what Jon Stewart's public shaming did: the GOP just reversed itself and will support Health Insurance for Veterans exposed to Burn Pits. That's today's commentary. There's also news and sports and why if teams consider dealing stars like Shohei Ohtani and Juan Soto, the Baseball Trade Deadline may be damaging the game itself. Worst Persons features Herschel Walker and Kim Guilfoyle, and in Things I Promised Not To Tell, it's the 43rd anniversary of one of the most shocking tragedies in sports history and I'll tell you what it was like to have to cover it on a 1000-station radio network on your 7th day on the job!See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.

  • IT'S ALIVE! The premiere episode of Countdown With Keith Olbermann steals from a) all his other programs b) Beethoven and Bach and c) Peter Finch as Howard Beale in the film "Network" - only with Olber-Beale screaming "I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take Trump any more! Searing political commentary in Segment One, the news of the day and the Worst Persons In The World in Segment Two including the passing of basketball immortal Bill Russell AND the story of the man who spent years impersonating him. Then in "Things I Promised Not To Tell" in the final segment, the whole history of the Countdown franchise and what really happened at MSNBC all those years ago. Welcome and enjoy: we're starting off with a super-sized premiere edition! Good night and good luck!See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.