• MartinMax ushers in the weekend vibes with a plethora of Disco, Funk and House.
    Special guest Parker Mills comes flying in from Seattle (US). With residencies on Supernova Seattle and Makes Me Human and with opening gigs for names like Soul Clap, Questlove, Treasure Fingers, Janeret, Satoshi Tomiie, Lp Giobb and Sacha Robotti he's been busting it to fill Seattle with the magic of the Disco ball.

    Hour 1 MartinMax:

    Dina Ögon – Tombola 94 (Funky Loffe Remix) [Playground Music]
    Leslie Lello - Spirito Rivera (Aroop Roy Remix) [The Disco Express]
    LUP INO - Wanna make it good (Rework) [Bandcamp]
    D.C. LaRue - Let Them Dance (Dr Packer's Robotic Dub Mix) [Only Good Vibes]
    C. Da Afro - Chase the Groove [Midnight Riot]
    JLaforteza - The Bootsys Funk [Deepflected]
    Dave Leatherman, Bruce Nolan – Shine [Nouveaudisque]
    Morttimer Snerd III - If UR N Need (Morttaaay's ReRub) [Bandcamp]
    Stav & Ben, Ferry Ultra - San Francisco (Moodena Remix) [Peppermint Jam]
    Jean Aubergine - Disco Numberwang (Jean's Extended Numberwang) [Z Records]
    Coupe Melba & Fritz Carlsen - Coupe On The Juno [theBasement Discos]
    DiscoGram - Tú y yo [Bandcamp]

    Hour 2 Parker Mills:

    Midnight Magic- Beam Me Up (Theo Kottis Remix) [Permanent Vacation]
    Marvin & Guy- Save Me (Disco Mix) feat. Hard Ton [Live at Robert Johnson]
    Kano- IT'S A WAR (Purple Disco Machine & Lorenz Rhode Remix) [Fulltime Production]
    Modern Rocketry- I Feel Love Coming (Original Mix) [Unidisc Music]
    Bionic Boogie- Risky Changes (Extended Version) [Polydor]
    Cratebug- Deputy (Original Mix) [Cratebug Edits]
    Tom Trago- Use Me Again (Carl Craig Rework) [Voyage Direct]
    Mind Enterprises- Girls & Boys ((Extended Mix)) ((Extended Mix)) [DistroKid]
    The Weeknd- Sacrifice (Original Mix) [XO / Republic Records]
    LF System- Bourgie Bourgie (Original Mix) [Roux Records]
    Jacques Renault- Try My Love (Jade adds more Sapin Edit) [On the Prowl]
    Pink Floyd- The Great Gig in the Sky [Harvest]
    Amii Stewart- Light My Fire / 137 Disco Heaven (Original Mix) [BMG Rights Management (US) LLC]

  • Hour 1 Discoholic Ken:

    Those Guys From Athens - She [Too Slow To Disco] PREMIERE
    Ramsey Lewis - Sun Goddess (DoctorSoul Ramsey Re-Therapy) [Bandcamp]
    Dim Zach - Plastic Love [Bandcamp]
    Picossu - Disco Stuff [Lego Funk]
    Run DMC - It’s Tricky (Charly Angelz Sneaker Mix) [Bandcamp]
    Da Lukas - Pick Up The Pieces (Da Lukas Re-Disco) [Bandcamp]
    Igor Gonya & Castle Queenside - Something Big [Discoweey]
    Hotmood - Get Your Own Way [Sundries]
    DJManuel ft. Roberta Howett - Take Me (Instrumental Mix) [Spa Club]
    Delfonic - Bring On The Music [Night Shift Records]
    Jet Boot Jack - This Is Fire! (Ladies On Mars Remix) [Good Custard] PREMIERE

    Hour 2 Charly Angelz:

    1/ Discotronique - Timeless
    2/ Charly Angelz- Pyjama Shuffle
    3/ The Chosen - Buttercup Breaks
    4/ Flow Lab Kid - The Final Thing
    5/ Moodena - Cotton Club
    6/ Cristina - Clean Is Good
    7/ Charly Angelz - Funky Fluorescent Trousers
    8/ Eugenio Fico - Disco Feeling
    9/ Andy Bach - Disco Africa
    10/ Da Lukas - Do The Funky Chicken
    11/ RUN DMC - It's Tricky | Charly Angelz Sneaker Mix

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  • Hour 1 Ezirk:

    Monsieur Van Pratt - Call of the heart
    Ruffneck - The Power - The Rhythm (Backroom Productions Feel The Music Mix)
    First Choice - Let No Man Put Asunder (Dam Swindle Remix)
    Crackazat - Thank You (Original Mix)
    DJ Umbi, Ms Onyie, FAM Disco - Hit & Run (FAM Disco Mix)
    Lup Ino - Want To Put It Together (Original Mix)
    Joey Negro, The Sunburst Band, Moodena - Big Blow (Moodena Remix)
    Arkanoid - Alpha Centuri (Extended Remix)
    Carissa Nicole - Be Patient (Mark Francis & DJ Spen Afro Love Dub)
    Essential I, Relo - The Way I Like It (Extended Vocal Mix)
    Casbah 73 - Let's Invade The Amazon (JKriv Remix)

    Hour 2 RobJamWeb:

  • Hour 1 Discoholic Ken:
    The Found Sound Orchestra - Easter Is A Chocolate Jesus [Slightly Transformed]
    Suzanne Menzel - What A Winter’s Day (DiCE_NZ’s Waiting For The Sun Radio Mix) [Frederiksberg Records]
    Stephane Deschezeaux - Oh! Sugar [Discozilla]
    Mannix - That Summer Track (Lauer Remix) [Daifa]
    Chewy Rubs - Hype Or Right [Bandolier]
    The Magic Track - Rainy Season Safari [Lego Funk]
    Saint Voleur - Shine [Hot Gorilla]
    The Message - Takes Me So High [Furious Mandrill]
    Monsieur Van Pratt - The Power Of Music [Art Of Tones Remix] [Disco Express]
    Musta - El Matador [Tropical Disco]
    Even Funkier - As We Funk Around [Mango Sounds]
    Dumb Dan - Padded Shoulders Marathon [Bevlar]

    Hour 2 MartinMax:
    LUXXURY - Last Night [Bandcamp]
    Luther Vandross - Never Too Much (Michael Gray Remix) [DMC]
    Disco Feelings – Chocolate [Duchesse]
    Eddie C - Everybody Everybody Everybody [Lips & Rhythm Records]
    Tino Casal - Bailar Hasta Morir (Mr Absolutt Class Of 78 Edit) [Bandcamp]
    Barron - Love Go [theBasement Discos]
    Marvin Gaye - Whats Going On (Michael Gray Remix) [DMC]
    Herbie Hancock - Hang Up Your Hang Ups (OPOLOPO Tweak) [GAMM]
    Ohio Players - Ecstasy (Tayo Wink Edit) [Bandcamp]
    Silk - I Cant Stop (Turning You On) (Michael Gray Remix) [DMC]
    Da Lukas - Bossafunk Two [Spa In Disco]
    Mark Picchiotti, Katherine Ellis - Mama's Dubby Little Baby (Mark Picchiotti's Disco Dub) [Funkylove]

  • Hour 1 Ezirk:
    Dominic Balchin - Feel The Funk
    Dave Lee - Play 2 Win (Dave Lee's Taste The Bass Dub)
    Opolopo - The Laketown Stomp
    Monsieur Van Pratt – Luv Fuzz
    Wipe The Needle - On Time
    Stewart Birch - All Day Long
    Ruffneck - The Power - The Rhythm (Backroom Productions Feel The Music Mix)
    Invisable Man's Band - All Night Thing - Keep Schtum Re Edit
    Young Pulse - Dig It (It's Time)
    Stephane Deschezeaux - Oh ! Sugar
    Ezirk - Erotik

    Hour 2 Mauro Vecchi:
    XXXV Edits - /\MORE [Common Series]
    DiscoGram - Hot Sake
    Brothers in Arts - Cafè Cafè [Tropical Disco]
    Dele Sosimi - Lord Have Mercy [Wah Wah 45s]
    Art Of Tones - Lucky Day [Mood Funk Records]
    Harlem Dance Club - Show You How To Move [Springbok Records]
    Jacques Renault - Pumping Velvet (Jacques Renault Bumpin Edit)
    Sam Ruffillo - Chiamami Subito (Extended Version) [Toy Tonics]
    Elado - Spaghetti [Bongosynth]
    Da Funk Junkies - Funk All In Your Mind [Moiss records]
    Azuro - Gentrify My Love [Distrokid]
    Teddy Douglas - Time Waits For No One [Quantize Recordings]
    Mantus - Turn Around Boogie Down [Amour Records]

  • Hour 1 Discoholic Ken (Balearic special):
    Ragz Nordset - You Started It All (Ron Basejam Rework) [NuNorthern Soul]
    Nu Genea - La Crisi [NG Records]
    Ben Jamin - Afraid To Feel (Slo Version) [Unreleased]
    SIRS - Stambul (The Flowers Of The Garden) [SIRSounds]
    Touchsoul - Love Gone By [Noc Boots]
    Marvin - Rated X (V’s All Over The World Edit) [Vehicle Records]
    Greenwood & Horn - Dust Of Falling Stars (North Street West Stripped Back Remix) [Ramrock Red Records
    Touchsoul - Walking Barefoot (Discoholic Ken’s Balearic Edit) [Discoholics Anonymous Recordings]
    DH7 - Freedom [Hot Digits Music]
    Bianca - Tabu (Ruf Dug’s Extended Caribbean Dub) [NuNorthern Soul]

    Hour 2 MartinMax (Disco/Funk/House):
    XXXV Edits – AMORE [Bandcamp]
    Mindbuster - A Little Miracle [Sound Exhibitions]
    [email protected] - Funky Situation (Original Mix) [B Club Milano]
    DJManuel - Oh Baby [Disco Machine Records]
    Nu Azeite - Bate Macumba (JKriv Remix) [COCADA MUSIC]
    Brothers in Arts - The Ham Jam [Discoweey]
    Dubby Disco Boyz - Summer Wind (Daisuke Miyamoto Remix) [Over The Top]
    DiscoGram – Ocean [Bandcamp]
    Borrowed Identity – You Can’t Change A Man [Homesick]
    Da Lukas - Gimme More Groove (Original Mix) [Re-Loved]
    Chew Fu, Bootsy Collins - Nothing but U on My Mind (Rodney Hunter Remix) [Peppermint Jam]
    Kano - It's a War (Purple Disco Machine & Lorenz Rhode Remix) [FullTime Production]
    Frikardo - Stay for Change (Hotmood Remix) [Fri By Frikardo]

  • Hour 1 Discoholic Ken:

    Fischer & Forde - Free To Be [Calico Of North America] Album It’s Just The Business Premiere
    Afrika System & Moplen - Anikana-O (Moplen Instrumental Dub) [High Fashion]
    Rayko - Express [Rare Wiri] Album I Like It!
    Brothers In Arts - The Ham Jam [Discoweey]
    Da Lukas, The Dukes - You’re The One For Me (Extended Mix) [Purple Disco Records]
    Gledd & The Funk District - New Rising (Art Of Tones Remix) [Editorial Records]
    Disco Lust & Just Martina - Shake Your Body [Dusty Disko Records] Premiere
    The Magic Track - Out Of Space [Hot Digits Music]
    C. Da Afro & De Gama - Sweet Dance [Samosa Records] Premiere
    Andy Bach - I Need You [Midnight Riot!]
    Sammy Deuce - Mutual Feelings [Mango Sounds]

    Hour 2 DiCE_NZ:

    Time (Original Mix) - Micky More, Andy Tee, Angela Johnson
    Dancin' And Prancin' (The Reflex Revision) - Candido, The Reflex
    The Partylife - Stefano Ritteri
    This Beat Is Mine (Michael Gray Dub) - Vicky D, Michael Gray
    I Feel Acid - I Feel Acid
    Back In Da Dayz (Dutchican Soul Remix) - Artone, Jay J, Dutchican Soul
    Is It All Over My Face (Extended Mix) – CASSIMM
    How I Knew (Extended Mix) - Re-Tide
    Inspector Norse (Original Mix) - Todd Terje
    Could Heaven Ever Be Like This [The Reflex Revision] - Idis Muhammed
    Soul Kitchen (Original Mix) – Funkatron
    Samba De Enredo (Original Mix) - Hotmood, Ezirk
    Take Me Back (84Bit Remix) - Michael Gray, 84Bit
    Show Me Love (Emmaculate Remix) - Robin S, Emmaculate
    Positive Vibe (Super Phonics One Night In Esperanza's mix) - BAH SAMBA/ROY AYERS
    Hangin' – CHIC
    Mountains (Joey Negro Live And Direct Extended Mix) - The Vision, Andreya Triana, Joey Negro
    Most Precious Love (Unreleased Michael Gray Dub) - Blaze, UDAUFL, Barbara Tucker, Michael Gray
    I Believe - Happy Clappers

  • Hour 1 MartinMax:
    The Move – Vida [Hive]
    Hotmood - 365 Dias De Sol [Bandcamp]
    Chuy Gomez - Everything Is Love (Original Mix) [Moulton Music]
    Paul Hawkins - Ain't No Love [Good Stuff]
    Jazzy Eyewear - Fantasy Island (Michael Woodruff Remix) [So Sound]
    Avicii - Street Dancer (Sgt Slick's Discotizer 2022 Extended Remix) [Vicious]
    Adrian More - Is It Love Ur After [Seasonal Frequency]
    Sophie Stanke - L'Amour d'une Diva (Pacocha Disco Brigade Mix) [Bandcamp]
    Dr Packer, Sonic Soul Orchestra, Colonel Abrams - You're the One for Me (feat. Colonel Abrams) (Extended Mix) [Tinted Records]
    Gledd - High Life [Bandcamp]
    C. Da Afro - Groove Slider [Boogie Brunch Records]
    Gledd & The Funk District - New Rising( Original) [Editorial]
    Thomas Haak - Lalo Shuffle (ReWork) [Resense]
    Chaka Kenn & LRX - Bum Bum Outro [Good For You]

    Hour 2 Pete Le Freq:
    Black Ivory - Mainline
    Chic - Strike Up the Band
    Ashford & Simpson - It Seems to Hang On
    Lenny Williams - Running to You
    Frisky - Burn Me Up
    Delegation - Put a Little Love on Me
    Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes - Don’t Leave Me this Way
    Surface - Falling In Love
    Donna Washington - Save All your Love for Me
    Herbie Hancock - The Bomb
    (All Refreqed by Pete Le Freq)

  • Hour 1 Discoholic Ken:
    Secret Soul Society - For You And Me [Citizens Of Vice]
    Otros Instrumentos - Calle de Dulcinea (Original Mix) [Citizens Of Vice]
    Da Lukas - Rumors (Re-Disco) [Bandcamp]
    Infrasoul - Quanto Amor [Tropical Disco]
    Lego Edit - Afromaniaco [Samosa]
    Saturday Love, Kon, Fiorious - 2 B Free (Kon's 12" Disco Mix) [Fool’s Gold Records]
    Brothers In Arts & Consentino feat. Coree Matthews - Stay Alive [Dafia]
    Ben Liebrand, Ojam - Running Away (Full Story Mix) [High Fashion Music]
    Carol King - I Feel The Earth Move Under My Feet (Drop Out Orchestra Rework) [Badncamp]
    Bonetti - Buscando (Club Mix) [Native Music Recordings]

    Hour 2 Mauro Vecchi:
    Mystic Jungle - Get Down On It [Periodica Records]
    Sai Galaxy feat. Vanessa Baker - Rendezvous [Soundway Records]
    Dr.Funk - Do It Anyway [Lazy Robot Records]
    Sparkling Attitude feat. Suki Soul - Disco Delight [The Disco Express]
    Gmgn feat. Chas Bronz - Get Up [Sundries]
    Raw Cuts - Red Skies [Chillifunk]
    Crazy P - Barefooted (Soulphiction’s Roller Skating Mix) [Walk Don’t Walk Limited]
    Hot Toddy - Love Music [House Of Disco]
    Disco Secret - San Fernando Valley [BeachGroove Records]
    Bustin' Loose - Swift Lippin' [The Disco Express]
    Gerd Janson & Jacques Renault - Never Saw Never [Let’s Play House]
    Katorzi - Take The Heat [PuzzleProjectsMusic]
    LF System - Afraid To Feel [Warner Records]

  • Hour 1 Ezirk:


    Hour 2 DJ BK:

    01) What's Going On (Purple Disco Machine Re-work) / Marvin Gaye
    02) Vogue (Luxxury Live Edit) / Madonna
    03) Shout (Pavel Svetlove Remix) / Tears For Fears
    04) Ella Elle l'a (MrCØ Rework) / France Gall
    05) Bette Davis Eyes (My Grooves Edit by Afshin & Alex Finkin) / Kim Carnes
    06) Jolene (Todd Terje Remix) / Dolly Parton
    07) Condition (V's Jagged Sky edit) / Kenny Rogers
    08) Eye in the Sky (Nico Castro & JGR Edit) / The Alan Parsons Project
    09) Radio Ga Ga (Shai T Revisit) / Queen
    10) Miss You (Drop Out Orchestra Rework) / Rolling Stones
    11) Once In A Lifetime (LAMADRID Remix) / Talking Heads
    12) Downunder (Chuck Norris Dub - Thomas Jack Edit) / Men At Work

  • Hour 1 Discoholic Ken:
    The Style Council - Long Hot Summer (The Found Sound Version) [FREE DOWNLOAD]
    Il Fronte Di Mare - Feel The Vibes [Flankup]
    Touchsoul - Playing In Cuba [Bandcamp]
    Prisma Deer - Dancing With You [Mango Sounds]
    Lup Ino - Feel Good - Part 2 [Discoholics Anonymous Recordings]
    Saucy Lady - Reunite Under The Starlight [Big Love]
    Twin Sun - Wild L.O.V.E [Spa In Disco]
    Webster Lewis - El bobo (Lup Ino Rework) [FREE DOWNLOAD]
    Tokyo Groove Jyoshi - Rise Up (Ali Aitken remix) [Only Good Vibes]
    Drop Out Orchestra with Steve Kimber - Heat [Bandcamp]
    Fran Deeper - Sunglasses (Sauco Remix) [Spa In Disco]

    Hour 2 MartinMax:
    DJ Goce - Way Too High [Bandcamp]
    The Brothers Johnson - Strawberry Letter 23 (DJ Disney D re-edit) [Bandcamp]
    Love International - Dance On The Groove And Do The Funk (Marco Fratty & Marco Flash Remix Extended) [Milestone]
    Patto - Black and White (VOCAL) [Fulltime Production]
    DiscoGram – Cristal [Bandcamp]
    Gerardo Falanga - Vai al Diavolo [Bandcamp]
    WEISZ² feat. Aladin Anyebe - Ko Si Eda To Mola (Alex Di Ciò Remix) [Bandcamp]
    LUP INO - Turn Me Loose (Rework) [Bandcamp]
    Da Lukas – Celebration [In It Together Records]
    LRS - Where's the love (Frescoedit) [Bandcamp]
    Jo Paciello, Raffaele Ciavolino - The Big Sun [Shocking Sounds Records]
    Beatkozina - He Baba (Latin Soul Mix) [Nulu]
    Art Of Tones - Lucky Day (original mix) [Mood Funk]

  • Paolo Bardelli, Simone Bardelli - Shubidubidu (Nu Club Mix) [B Club Milano]
    Fabe DJ, Maurizio Sacchi, Walterino Symphony (Walterino Re-Touch) [Purple Disco]
    K.I.D. - It’s Hot (Take It To the Top) (Mark Lower edit) [SAM Records]
    Even Funkier - Party Here Party There [And Friends]
    Sauco - Get Down [Discoweey]
    Il Mare Di Fronte (DJ Rocca ‘Salsedine’ Remix) [Flankup]
    Twin Sun - Fix It [Discoholics Anonymous Recordings]
    Darius - ClubDisco [Casablanca Sunset]
    Lorca - Larry’s Bomb [Live Ones]
    Da Lukas - Sexy Wiggle [Good Stuff]
    Paolo Bardelli, Eugenio Fico, Simone Bardelli - Dancin’ Fever (Nu Club Mix) [B Club Milano]
    Mark Lower - Magnifique [Sakura]
    Stephane Deschezeaux - Breakdancer [Boogie Land]
    Even Funkier - Long And Slender [Hot Gorilla]
    Delfonic & Kapote - Lament [Bandcamp]
    Yuksek - Soleil (Yuksek edit)[Partyfine]
    Ben Jamin - Sometimes [Discoholics Anonymous Recordings]
    Martin Hayes - My Disco Is Your Disco [Whitelabel]
    Nu Genea - Tianate [NG Records]
    Musta - Amore [Wired Music]
    Moonroy - Papaya [Super Spicy]
    Da Lukas - Back For More (Walterino Remix) [Spa Club]
    Moogy Bee & Venessa Jackson - Bring Back The Music [Deponiente]
    Hugh Masekela - Don't Go Lose It Baby (Dim Zach Remix) [Bandcamp]
    Ezirk - Erotik [Daje Funk]
    Uptown Funk - Pilgrimage [Tropical Disco]

  • Hour 1 MartinMax:
    Don High & Mighty Low - Too Close (Dj Laurel Disco Dub Remix) [ELECTRIC FRIENDS MUSIC]
    Marley - To Be Loved (V's Nothing Like Acid edit) [Vehicle]
    Fruit - If You Feel It, Say Yeah (Dj Vas Edit) [Bandcamp]
    B.B. King - Get Off My Back Woman (Goji Berry Remix) [Bandcamp]
    Disco Pinz, JLaforteza - Feelin' Fine (Groove Mix) [Deepflected Music]
    Groovemasta - Love Of My Life [Midnight Riot]
    Butch le Butch - Shoulda Went Dancin' [Bandcamp]
    The Brothers Johnson - Welcome to the Club (2022 House Fusion Remix) [Bandcamp]
    Jacques Renault - Marilyn's Gold [Hand Of God]
    Micky More & Andy Tee, Cevin Fisher - All About The Culture [Groove Culture]
    Marvin & Guy - Save Me (Disco Mix) [Live at Robert Johnson]
    Trimtone - Independent [Cruise Music]
    Nachtbraker - Hamdi (Original Mix) [Heist Recordings]

    Hour 2 Mauro Vecchi:
    P Sol - Sunnin’ [Slightly Transformed]
    Assal - Can't Stop [Plaizir Music]
    HOLDtight - Hot Groove [Too Slow To Disco]
    Zibadan. Sax And Sun [kluBaisc Records]
    Disco and Co - Disco Free [Tubetracks]
    Kapote - Pleasure Edit [Toy Tonics]
    DESTIINO - Hey [Partyfine]
    Lego Edit - Ma Che Mina (Lego Re-edit)
    Harvey Ross - Sunshine People [Nu Monkey Records]
    Satin Jackets - Girl, Forever [Eskimo]
    DJ EQ - Phoenix [Stardust Records]
    Souleance - GUILI (Art Of Tones Remix) [First Word Records]
    Jay Airiness - Spirit Of 70s (Original Mix) [45 Loves]

  • Check out La Fusa:


    Check out Ezirk:

    Hour 1 Ezirk:

    Donell Jones - U know what's up
    Pete Simpson – I’m Left Dreaming
    Reel People feat. Omar – Outta Love (4hero Remix)
    Diplomats Of Soul, Incognito, Vanessa Haynes, Atjazz - Sweet Power Your Embrace (Atjazz Love Soul Remix)
    Dabeull, Holybrune - DX7
    Pete Simpson – Look A Little Further
    Steve Arrington - Nobody Else but You (Opolopo Remix)
    JKriv feat. Adeline - Yo Love (feat. Adeline) (Club Mix)
    Mistura - If You Ever Need Somebody
    Pete Simpson – Ain’t No Fool
    Situation - Beyond Compare (feat. Andre Espeut) [Laroye & Espeut Vocal Mix]
    Sunlightsquare - I believe in miracles (broken party animal mix)
    Mark Picchiotti, JKriv - Pump The Boogie (JKriv Extended Remix)
    Pete Simpson – It Won’t Mean A Thing

    Hour 2 La Fusa:

  • Check out more about Picossu:

    Hour 1 Discoholic Ken:

    Marvin - Rated X (V’s All Over The World edit) [Vehicle Records]
    Picossu - Name And Number [Discoholics Anonymous Recordings]
    Sparkling Attitude ft. Suki Soul - Disco Delight (Extended Mix) [The Disco Express]
    Jisco Dazz - Virtual [Hot Digits Music]
    Lup Ino - Oiha Eu Aqui (Rework) [Bandcamp]
    Kokoro Disco San - Sunshine (JKriv Beach Burn Mix) [Razor-N-Tape]
    Moonroy - Papaya [Super Spicy]
    Brothers In Arts & Consentino feat. Coree Matthews - Stay Alive (Mannix Primetime Disco Dub) [Dafia Records]
    Musta - Where Wild Things Are [Super Spicy]
    The Doors - Light My Fire (Sgt. Slick’s Filtered ReCut) [Bootleg]
    Black Box - Strike It Up (Monsieur Van Pratt Re Groove) [FREE DOWNLOAD]
    Nu Genea - Tienaté [NG Records]

    Hour 2 Picossu:

    1 - Central PiCOSSU Edit ( Fourthcoming Nicegroove Recording )
    2 - Winp PiCOSSU Edit ( Fourthcoming Nicegroove Recording )
    3 - Black Queen Lego ReFunk( LegoFunk Recording )
    4 - Musta Reggae (Vision of Love Recording)
    5 - ZONE - The Rhythm Maker
    6 - YAM Lego ReEdit ( Fourthcoming Nicegroove Recording )
    7 - Name and Number PiCOSSU Edit. ( Fourthcoming Dischoolics Anonimous )
    8 - Ma Che Mina - Lego ReFunk ( Colpo Grosso Edits Recording )
    9 - Cumbuco - Musta (Maracuja EP - Samosa Recording )
    10 - Strange - Keep On ( Slam Dunk Vol.3 Daje Funk Recording )
    11 - Get up - MUSTA ( Fourthcoming Nicegroove Recording )

  • Stunning new vibes grooves and vibes from MartinMax and Fray Bentos this week. You sure you're ready for this amount of energy? Buckle up!

    Check out Fray Bentos here:

    Hour 1 MartinMax:

    HOLDTight - Casa Del Sol [Bandcamp]
    Diogo Strausz - Flight of Sagittarius [Bandcamp]
    LAZYWAX - Vai No [Bandcamp]
    Q - The Voice Of Q (The Reflex Revision) [Discolidays]
    LUP INO - Always There (Rework) [Bandcamp]
    Herr Krank - French Crush [Helios Records]
    Risk Assessment - Can You Digit [stereo:type]
    Mark Lower - Magnifique (Original Mix) [Sakura Music]
    Fontrodona - I wANnA [Katakana]
    Moar – JJ [Bandcamp]
    Cisco Barcelo, Roberto Mocha - Conmigo (Original Mix) [Hive]
    Hall & Oats - I Can’t Go For Menergy (Mamba Edit) [White Label]

    Hour 2 Fray Bentos:

  • Hour 1 Discoholic Ken:

    Dexter Jones - Feel Good [Discoholics Anonymous Recordings]
    Lup Ino - Always There [Bandcamp]
    Even Funkier - Party On The Move [And Friends]
    Ezirk - Karaoke Syndrome [Mango Sounds]
    Ben Jamin - Sometimes [Discoholics Anonymous Recordings]
    Kornum - Don’t go Away [Hot Digits Music]
    Lego Edit - It’s Just Begun (Hansi Remix) [Lego Funk]
    Moogy Bee - El Señor Mago (Luisen Deponiente remix) [Deponiente Records]
    Fray Bentos ft. Katty Heath - Missing(Somethin’ Sanctified Mix) [Hot Gorilla Records]
    Hugh Masekela - Don’t Go Lose It Baby (Dim Zach Remix)[Bandcamp]
    LH - Desire (G Prajekt Extended Boogie Mix) [Soundcloud]
    Raw Underground - Disco Will Never Be Gone [Lisztomania Records]

    Hour 2 Mauro Vecchi:

    Cho & Random Impetus - Brother Sister (Ray Mang Remix) [Gouranga Music]
    Das Komplex - Pillow Stories [Internasjonal]
    Giovanni D’amico - The Sound Of Revolution [Lumberjacks In Hell]
    Nu Genea - Tienaté [NG Records]
    Rafael Cancian - Fascino Di Milano [Razor-N-Tape]
    Tonica & Dominante - Gennarino O'Sioux (Vocal Dub by Leo Mas & Fabrice) [Archeo Recordings]
    George Dke - Cravo E Canela (Opolopo Tweak) [GAMM]
    Emmaculate - Voodoo [T’S Crates]
    Underground System - Desnuda (Yuksek Remix) [Heavenly Sweetness]
    Arpadys - Monkey Star [Polydor]
    DiscoGram - Party [Discogram]
    East Coast Love Affair feat. United Spiritual Singers - A Minute Too Late [Athens of the North]

  • Swashbuckling Romanian DJ and producer Ezirk is back on the air with a mix to sweeten the weekend! With him he's got Mexican DJ/producer Kristoff MX who's had a powerful series of releases over the past two years on labels like: Slightly Transformed, Discoholics Anonymous Recordings, Hive, Masterworks, Super Spicy Records and Furious Mandrill to name a few. Here he's in perfect shape for a divine guest mix, exclusively on Hot To The Touch.
    Check out Kristoff MX here:

    Hour 1 Ezirk:
    Twice Movement - Bound to the Beat
    Clyde - Roll Of The Beast (Atjazz Remix)
    Mark De Clive-Lowe, Anthony Nicholson - Another Story (Original Mix)
    Spencer Morales, Tasha LaRae, Opolopo - I Need Your Lovin' (Opolopo Remix)
    Inkswel & Harvey Sutherland - Outer Space Connection (feat. Steve Spacek) [The Mixtapers Remix]
    Shazz - El Camino Part 1
    Albert Retamero & DJ Cocodil - Power of Love
    Enea DJ - Soul Fish (Ezio Centanni Regroove)
    Secret Value Orchestra - Serious Intentions
    Shaka - New Relationship (Original Mix)
    Barabass & The Happy Few - Luca Rossi (Original Mix)

    Hour 2 Kristoff MX:
    Kristoff MX - Groove Sensación
    Jack Tennis - Jorge's Pipa
    Hotmood - Let's Ride
    Kristoff MX - Dizzy But Funky
    Mannix - Struggle & Progress
    Kristoff MX - Dance 2 Da Groove
    The Magic Track - Applegate Scandal
    Jobs MX - Disco Heartbreak
    Disco Lust - Lust Decade
    Vincent Galgo - Ain't No Way
    Oldchap - So Good Inside

  • There's a certain tangy vibe in the air this week as Discoholic Ken lifts off the mothership and steers it towards the holy skies that are the weekend. With him he's got his wingman Faz (Steve Farrell) who's donning a spectacular guest mix in the second hour.

    Check out Faz:

    Hour 1 Discoholic Ken:
    G Prajekt - Juicy Flute
    Even Funkier - Moon To Medina
    Yuksek - Soleil (Yuksek edit)
    DiCE_NZ - The Situation (Andy Buchan Sax Remix)
    Ennio Morricone - Dance On (Paul Older Edit)
    Groovemasta - Sweet Temptation
    Ferdinand Debeaufort - Someday
    Uptown Funk - Pilgrimage
    Mannix ft. Lisa Shaw - So Much Time (Opolopo remix)
    Lup Ino - Feel Good
    Herbie Hancock - I thought it was you (Mikeandtess edit)

    Hour 2 Faz:
    Manuel Costela - Catching Up Ur Smile
    [email protected] - Dance The Night Away
    Chris Grubizna - Miami Vice
    Disco Lust - Feels so good (Original Mix)
    Stacy Lattisaw - Jump to the Beat (Pete Le Freq Refreq)
    Down Under Disco - The way i feel
    HP Vince - A Funky Ass Track
    Platinum City - Can You Dig It
    All Good Funk Alliance - That Chord
    Strange - Keep On
    Marc Roberts - 1&0
    John Davis & The Monster Orchestra - Up Jumped The Devil (Moodena Remix)

  • MartinMax razzles the dazzles and shakes his booty with this week's fine, fine, fiiiiiine selection of tracks before French editing duke, Mikeandtess takes over the decks with a set ablaze with sunshine and cocktail scents. All the tracks played in Mikeandtess’ guest mix were edited by himself.

    Check out Mikeandtess:

    Hour 1 MartinMax:

    James Rod - You Are Me Dream (Sambasoul Re-Edit) [Golden Soul Records]
    Mr. Gee - Come On Dance My Music (Original Mix) [Super Spicy]
    BOHANNON - New York Is Red Hot (Mo Saxxy ... CMAN Edit) [Bandcamp]
    Morlack - If You Lookin'4 Night of Fun [Katakana]
    Faze Action - Body To Body (FA Boogie Down Re Rub) [FAR]
    DOCTORSOUL - Could I Be Dreamin' (DoctorSoul Parteee Extended Re - Therapy) [Bandcamp]
    Bohannon  - Let's Start to Dance Again (Dimitri From Paris Super Disco Blend) [Unidisc Music]
    Lego Edit - Ma Che Mina (Lego Re-edit) [Bandcamp]
    Da Lukas – BossaFunk [Spa In Disco]
    Hotmood - Born 2 Boogie (Original Mix) [Discoweey]
    Sammy Deuce - She's Killing Me [Midnight Riot]
    Bonatti - Funk On [B Club Milano]

    Hour 2 Mikeandtess:

    1) Change - you are my melody
    2) Ritchie Family - I’ll do my best
    3) Leon Haywood - don’t push it don’t force it
    4) Tavares - loveline
    5) South Shore Commission - we’re on the right track
    6) Idris Muhammad - could heaven ever be like this
    7) Herbie Hancock - I thought it was you
    8) The Isley Brothers - harvest the world
    9 Direct Disco Vs The Sunburst Band - the disco fly away