• 1938 Drum Newspaper Ad for Gene Krupas "Drum Method" book from the Daily News in New York City. Gene Krupa is one of the god fathers of modern drumming and is responsible for many drummers picking up the sticks in the mid 20th Century.

    His drum book came out in the same year and can still be purchased today, here is a link to it on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Gene-Krupa-Drum-Method/dp/0760400857

    Here are some podcast episodes that I have done about Gene with Krupa expert, Brooks Tegler:

    -A Biography of Gene Krupa: https://youtu.be/mO98TNoNyEw

    -The Utimate Gene Krupa Gear Guide: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wvZ58uqa4Zs

    -Discovering Gene Krupas Lost Drum Collection: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ga7f0sEk1YI

    Thanks for watching and thanks to my friend Jerry Reiman for compiling these articles.

  • This is a classic episode that I am excited to re-release! Charlie Watts purchased Gene Krupas long lost drum collection - what is better than that?! I also announce the start of a new series that I am launching simultaneously with the release of episode. Listen to learn more!
    Original Description: A large collection of Gene Krupa's gear has been in a storage unit since 1973 and has recently been discovered! If that wasn't enough...It was all purchased by the legendary Charlie Watts! Our friend Brooks Tegler was the man who authenticated this collection and shares the story with us.
    Are the myths true about Gene playing a Dynasonic? You'll have to listen to find out! Brooks takes us through the whole story of how this amazing collection was found and what was included, and how it ended up with a Rolling Stone.
    You can find the full report that Brooks created for this collection at his blog:
    Purchase physical GK book here: http://rebeats.com/books.html
    and the Digital copy here: https://hudsonmusic.com/product/gk-the-tools-that-built-the-gene-krupa-legend/

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  • In addition to Pork Pie, Bill has been the man behind the scenes doing work for DW, Tama, Mapex, new Rogers, OCDP, Gruv-X and a number of other brands for over 3 decades. Bill has also been building drums, doing edges, and painting drums for massive artists like Tre Cool, Chad Smith, Mike Bordin, and countless others all out of his small California shop where he has had a huge influence on the drum industry. This episode is full of great information about the full history of Pork Pie, but also things like the brand new Rogers drums that Bill is building in his shop, the Gruv-X brand he created with Russ Miller, and lots of interesting industry stories along the way.


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  • WFL Drums was born in 1937 when William F. Ludwig sold the company and rights to use his name to CG Conn and he became a competitor with Ludwig and Ludwig Drums. Kurt is an expert on this roughly 18-year period where William F. Ludwig and The Chief (William II) operated out of the Damen Ave factory as WFL Drum Co. and created beautiful drum sets and hardware that are still revered today. We discuss the initial opening of the factory, the war-time era, and the eventual purchase of the Ludwig name back from Conn in the mid-1950s. Kurt has a great collection and really knows his stuff - enjoy this episode!

    Here are some other Ludwig related Podcast episodes:
    EP 8 - The History of Ludwig Drums with William F. Ludwig III:
    EP 44 - The History of the Ludwig Black Beauty with Uli Salazar:
    EP 61 - Living a Ludwig Life with Jim Catalano
    EP 95 - The History of Ludwig Bass Drum Pedals with Steve Zemanek
    EP145 - Ludwigs Role in the Development of Plastic Drumheads with Bill Ryder
    EP 153 - Ludwig Supraphonic History with Uli Salazar

  • This episode is all about the musicians who inspired the famous British Invasion drummers of the 1960's well before the music reached American soil. Daniel takes us through the 1950's in England to learn about the circumstances that created the famous Rock and Roll sounds that swept across the world, and we learn the geographic factors such as growing up in the completely bombed out post-WW2 England. Plus the impact that the first wave of touring American Rockstars had on the young impressionable musicians of the UK.
    Here is a link to Daniels Website: https://danielglass.com/
    Here is a link to Daniels latest album, "BAM", on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/3Gze3IBXLi2ThArh5xrqjE?si=-thrE2KNSBGS4EjWaA4_NA
    Be sure to check out the Roots of Rock and Roll book that we discussed: https://hudsonmusic.com/product/the-roots-of-rock-drumming/

  • Cadan takes us through his masters thesis which covers the long and often misunderstood history of the drum kit. His studies included interviews with Thomas Lang, Daniel Glass, Steve White, Matt Brennan and many more which he shares in this episode. The title of his thesis is "From Double Drumming to Double Bass Drums" and we not only discuss many historical elements along the way, but the process in which he researched and documented topics which have no living primary sources and have multiple theories.

    Here is Cadans website for more info: https://cgidrummer.com/

  • The Ludwig Supraphonic is known as the most recorded snare drum in history and has an amazing background that dates all the way back to 1914! Uli Salazar is the Senior Marketing and Artist Relations Manager at Ludwig and he gives us a great deep dive into the technology that evolved over a 50 year period leading up to the release of the Supra in 1964. We talk about the lugs, the shell design, the throw-off, and tons of great details about the Supraphonic!
    Check out Uli on Instagram at @damendrums and ervrything Ludwig has to offer at www.ludwig-drums.com
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  • Steve Lauden is the author of "The Forbidden Beat: Perspectives on Punk Drumming" which explores the history of punk percussion with personal essays, interviews and lists featuring their favorite players and biggest influences. Steve breaks down the early history of punk drumming form the 60's proto-punk, through the iconic 70's and 80's, up to the modern pop-punk of the 2000's through today. We dig into some of Steves favorite stories and lessons that he learned from many of the legends he interviewed including D.H. Peligro, Tre Cool, Rat Scabies and many more!
    Check out Steves website here: http://swlauden.com/
    and you can find the book on Amazon here: https://www.amazon.com/Forbidden-Beat-Perspectives-Punk-Drumming/dp/1644282275/ref=asc_df_1644282275/?tag=hyprod-20&linkCode=df0&hvadid=532952235284&hvpos=&hvnetw=g&hvrand=3874806235166674429&hvpone=&hvptwo=&hvqmt=&hvdev=c&hvdvcmdl=&hvlocint=&hvlocphy=9015707&hvtargid=pla-1485259125804&psc=1

  • (Originally released in April 2018) What was it like to be a Trap Drummer in the silent movie era as talking pictures take over and your job was becoming obsolete? Listen as Kelli and I discuss how this great percussion genre became extinct. Trap Drummers were percussionists who performed alongside silent films and performances before the advent of "Talkies" (talking pictures). Using a wide array of instruments and devices (contraptions), Trap Drummers aimed to make audiences believe these sounds were one with the film or performance.
    To dive into the world of Trap Drumming, we listen to real samples performed by legendary William F. Ludwig III. In 1927, Talkies took over popular culture and overshadowed America's once-beloved silent films. This left thousands of talented Trap Drummers jobless, with nothing but a forgotten craft to call their own. So what was it really like to be a Trap Drummer in the silent movie era as talking pictures take over?
    Hear about this and much more on this episode! Check out everything Kelli is up to on her website: www.kelliraetubbs.com

  • Bill is the Music Director on Sesame Street and shares tons of great information on the famous drummers that have played on the show like Questlove, Anderson Paak, Evelyn Glennie, and more - plus we discuss Buddy RIch and his performance with with Animal on The Muppets in the 80's. Bill talks about how it works when a Muppet plays the drums and how it is synced up with a real drummer, and also the importance of music and rhythm on Sesame Street and all kids programming. Bill has worked on many cool things outside of the muppets including Hamilton, Tick Tick Boom, In the Heights, and he co-hosts a podcast with Questlove called "Questlove Supreme"
    Check out BIll's website here: https://www.popmusicmisery.com/
    and listen to Questlove Supreme here: https://www.iheart.com/podcast/1119-questlove-supreme-53194211/

  • Ronn discusses his new acquisition of the classic Canadian brand, Milestone Percussion! Milestone was founded in the 1970's by Michael Clapham, and became a beloved brand of Fiberglass drums that hold a special place in many drummers hearts. Now, in 2022, Ronn has brought the original brand back to life and is relaunching with the extreme attention to detail that we have all come to expect from all Dunnett products. Ron doesn't spare any details of what he thinks went wrong with the original run of the company and what he is doing to improve and make it a long lasting Canadian brand. We also learn about Ronn's work process and great info on all of his brands - Dunnett Classic Drums, George Way Drums, and now Milestone Percussion.
    Keep up with Ronn on social media and at https://www.dunnett.com/
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  • Randy takes us through the decades of rare finishes including Leedy's "Autographs of the Stars", Ludwig's "Top Hat and Cain", all sorts of Pearl and Oyster finishes, and through the psychedelic 60 and 70's with Citrus Mod, Psych Red, and Mod Orange. Randy is a longtime collector and restorer of vintage drums and shares stories of many kits that have come through his hands, and discusses many ultra rare kits that he has seen and learned about in the vintage community.
    Be sure to find Randy at the Chicago Drum Show and find him on Facebook to get in touch.
    Watch this video interview on YouTube here: https://youtu.be/xkgrq4BqMM4

  • Richard King has been collecting and dealing with high end drums since the 1980's, which has led him to be a dealer and broker for celebrities and also provided drum kits for a number of films. He has a very long running business that specializes in rare and hard to find drum hardware that he has meticulously cleaned, categorized and ready to sell out of his house. Richard shares information on his background on collecting, but also the vintage drum industry and drum shows as a whole. He has built up a sparkling reputation on eBay and to other dealers and collectors around the world so tune in if you want to hear Richards secrets to have a long career in vintage drums!
    Here is Richard eBay store where you can keep up with what he has for sale: https://www.ebay.com/str/kingsmusic

  • Dr. John Owens shares the vibrant lineage of street drumming, the lives of urban percussionists, and the rhythms that make it all happen! He has a history as a street drummer in Washington DC, a performer at Disney, and a member of the US Army Band. He is the author of "Street Drumming: The People, History, and Grooves" which is a soup to nuts guide on everything there is to know about Street Drumming!
    You can find his book for sale here: https://www.amazon.com/dp/1954270135/ref=sr_1_2
    Here is John's website: https://www.www.johnowensdrums.com

  • Bill Ryder is a longtime listener of the podcast that decided to do extensive research on Ludwig drumheads and the important role that they played in the history of modern plastic drumheads and present it on the podcast. Ludwig's crimped style of drumhead was unique and different from how Remo and Evans connected Mylar to the flesh hoop with a resin epoxy and how they arrived at the use of Mylar is an huge part of drumhead history. The crimped style was quickly stolen by Slingerland which may be the catalyst that started the legendary feud between Slingerland and Ludwig. Bill got help from Jim Catalano (former Ludwig dir. of Marketing) and Herbie May (Remo R&D Director) on this episode which helped create a very thoroughly researched and fun episode.
    Here are the other Drumhead related episodes that I mentioned:
    History of Remo with Herbie May - https://www.drumhistorypodcast.com/post/ep-26-the-history-of-remo-drumheads-with-herbie-may
    A Look at Animal Skin Drumheads with Jeff Stern - https://www.drumhistorypodcast.com/post/ep-115-a-look-at-animal-skin-drumheads-with-jeff-stern
    The History of Drumheads with Ben O'bryon Smith - https://www.drumhistorypodcast.com/post/ep-15-the-history-of-drumheads-with-ben-o-brien-smith

    Check out Bills written version of this story on my site:

  • Louis Bernstein not only had a large, high-end drum collection but he also had a true passion for hunting down many of the original famous drum films and tapes that we all enjoy on YouTube today - but Louis was faced with the challenge of moving to a Condo in 2013 and sell off the majority of his collection. He shares the process of how downsizing a collection of 140+ snares, 4 kits, countless rare tapes, Buddy Rich Memorabilia, and all sorts of other things worked and what he learned from the process.
    Louis also did a really cool Patreon bonus video episode where he shows us his Buddy Rich Big Band original music stand, and his Buddy Rich owned Canister throne. Check it out at patreon.com/drumhistorypodcast

  • Daniel is a professor at the Federal University of São Carlos in Brazil, along with being a contributor to "The Cambridge Companion to the Drum Kit". Daniels history for this episode goes back to 1917 in Brazil and takes us through the amazing history of drum sets, drumming styles, and iconic drummers which has many parallels to the American and European histories we usually hear on the show - but this is uniquely Brazilian!
    Here is a link to Daniels website: https://danielgohn.wixsite.com/website

    A Link to my book: https://hudsonmusic.com/product/no-mundo-da-bateria/

    Link to the Cambridge book: https://www.cambridge.org/core/books/cambridge-

    Here is a resource of names that Daniel mentioned in this episode that he provided to help English speakers easily find the players and records easily:
    - Luciano Perrone (father of Brazilian drumming)
    - first drum solo in the song Faceira (1931)
    - 50 years partnership with Radamés Gnatalli
    - Recording of the song Aquarela do Brasil in 1939
    - Oscar Bolão: author of “Batuque is a privilege”
    - Edison Machado – creator of samba no prato
    - Or was Hildofredo Correa?
    - Antonio Carlos Jobim (record in 1963): The composer of Desafinado, plays
    and the only record of Edison Machado as a leader: É Samba novo (1963)
    - Milton Banana played in the João Gilberto record Chega de Saudade (1959). He also
    played in Getz / Gilberto (1963)
    - Dom Um Romão played in the Jobim / Sinatra record (1967)
    - Airto Moreira played with Sambalanço Trio and Sambrasa Trio, then in Quarteto
    Novo (1967)
    - When discussing recording technologies, I mentioned the drummer Wilson das Neves
    and suggested listening to his work with Chico Buarque
    - Modern players: Marcio Bahia, Nenê, Zé Eduardo Nazário, Celso de Almeida, Ramon
    Montagner, Edu Ribeiro, Kiko Freitas
    - I mentioned Hermeto Pascoal and Egberto Gismonti as important references

  • Don Lombardi is the founder of DW Drums and he shares the full story of this legendary American drum brand. Drum Workshop has amazing origins in Don's garage where he recycled the name from his drum teaching business and turned his garage into a workshop where he and his student, John Good, created canister thrones that could raise and lower - and the rest is history! I learned so much about the Camco story, the 5000 pedal, and everything I never knew about DW and Don's background as a professional drummers.
    DW's website: http://www.dwdrums.com/
    Drum Channel YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/drumchannel
    Masters of Resonance documentary: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gzt-PaR0XUw&t=67s

  • Barry James was a student of George Lawrence Stone in the 1950's and is continuing on his teachings to this day by releasing two new books that he worked on with Joe Morello that are finally ready to be released! Barry's new book's are called "Counting the Exercises in Stick Control" which supplements "Stick Control" and teaches how to read it the way Stone originally intended, and the second is "Future Rudiments" which is a concept that Stone created towards the end of his life. Barry is a wealth of knowledge and is working very hard to teach the Stone method at its truest form!
    Contact Barry to get a copy of either book before the Kindle release by emailing [email protected] or calling him at (321) 297-3042, and also Barry is an a great teacher who I highly recommend for remote lessons.
    Here is a link to Barrys original episode on the podcast: https://www.drumhistorypodcast.com/post/ep-52-legendary-teachers-george-l-stone-with-barry-james

  • Gary Astridge is Ringo Starr's historian and curator of his equipment who does talks around the world about all things Ringo! He shares tons of great information about the recent documentary, "Get Back", including his equipment, the relationship of the band, and what happened to Ringo's drums after the album was finished. I also ask Gary a bunch of great questions that were sent in from listeners on social media. We also learn some very exciting news about Ringos "Let It Be" drums that are coming out of the vault and making an appearance at the Rock Hall!
    Follow along and learn everything there is to know about Ringo's gear at Gary's website - www.ringosbeatlekits.com