• TRIGGER WARNING: sensitive topics discussed including abuse & sexual assault. Move to minute 24:36 to skip.

    In this week's episode, host Maddy McClain takes us all on a rollercoaster of pop culture events and discussions. Starting with a series of strangers sucker punching young women in NYC, Maddy shares her own similar experience.

    Next, we break down the serious allegations surrounding P. Diddy, delving into lawsuits including accusations from his ex, Cassie, ranging from manipulation to sexual assault, and the recent federal raid on his homes. Shifting gears, Maddie addresses a concerning incident involving Rebel Wilson and Sacha Baron Cohen during the shooting of 'The Brothers Grimsby,' where Wilson alleges inappropriate behavior by Cohen.

    The discussion moves to lighter topics with updates on pop culture phenomena, such as the potential 'Sims' movie and Travis Kelce hosting 'Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader.' Of course we're covering 'The Bachelor,' recapping Joey's season finale, his engagement to Kelsey, and the announcement of the next Bachelorette, Jenn Tran, amidst mixed reactions from fans.

    00:51 The Unsettling Trend of Random Attacks in NYC and Personal Encounters

    05:22 Diving into Allegation Station: Lawsuits and Legal Drama

    07:03 The Shocking Allegations Against P. Diddy: A Deep Dive

    19:06 Rebel Wilson vs. Sacha Baron Cohen: A Memoir Controversy

    24:36 Hollywood Buzz: Upcoming Films and TV Show Rumors

    26:56 Bachelor Nation Update: Joey's Final Choice and Finale Highlights

    40:58 Reflections on the Season and Looking Ahead

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  • In this episode, your fave host Maddy McClain dishes the latest in pop culture news and the entertainment world.

    We kick things off with a rundown of the Oscars - you know, who won what and all the juicy bits. Then, we dive into some intriguing gossip about Kate Middleton's mysterious "disappearance" and get into the nitty-gritty of the drama rocking Netflix's Queer Eye following a revealing article by The Rolling Stone.

    Don't think we forgot about Bravo - yep, there's lawsuit drama there too. Maddy also spills the beans on Ariana Grande's latest album drop and hints at some exciting new music on the horizon, including a surprise announcement from Kanye West's daughter! Plus, we chat about the SXSW festival and wrap up with some personal musings on getting older but staying cool. Stick around for some predictions on Love is Blind and The Bachelor to keep your reality TV needs satisfied. Hit follow and subscribe to keep up with all the pop culture chaos!

    04:36 Oscars Recap: Highlights and Surprises

    10:55 Queer Eye Drama Unveiled

    17:53 The Mystery of Kate Middleton's Disappearance

    29:46 Bravo's Reality TV Legal Battles

    39:44 Ariana Grande's New Album and More Music News

    47:33 Wrapping Up and What's Next

    Resources / Sources Used:
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    - Dark Secrets, Psychological Warefare & Others at Bravo... (The New York Times)
    - Vanderpump Raquel Leviss Sues Costars Ariana Madix & Tom Sandoval (The Rolling Stone)

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  • Gather round homies, a new Easily Entertained episode dropped. And this week we begin with a bit of a venting session...with a little something to do with the most ridiculously lavish Bora Bora influencer trips (*ahem, Tarte*).

    Host Maddy McClain shares this week's pop culture news including a major class action lawsuit against popular dating apps and legal battles involving P. Diddy that could very much be the final nail in the proverbial coffin. And a Florida town leans into the state stereotype, the Florida Man, by hosting the first ever Florida Man Games. It's as bizarre and perfect as it sounds.

    Then, we're breaking down the latest episodes from Love is Blind Season 6 including the alleged rumors regarding secret relationships & more. Whether you've watched the show or not, there's MUCH to be learned about human behavior...and it's entertaining of course.

    Cheers homies! Follow us wherever you listen to podcasts and on IG @easilyentertainedpod 🤠

    10:43 Lawsuits: Dating Apps + P. Diddy

    24:48 Florida Man Games

    31:13 Love is Blind Season 6: A Rollercoaster

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  • A very special and very fun episode this week, catching you up on all things Bachelor Nation with host Maddy McClain's very best childhood friend, Caroline Sandall! Say VERY one more time :)
    The Bachelor franchise has been resusitated with Joey as the leading man and we give our very candid thoughts on episodes 1-5, leading up to the Montreal trip. Everything from our top 4 picks for Joey to the best Bachelorettes in franchise history...to the drama on camera & off.
    Host Maddy McClain covers the pop culture news of the week and provides an astrology tidbit because she can't help herself. Hear that and so much more this week on Easily Entertained!

    Cheers homies! Follow on IG @easilyentertainedpod

    Resources/Sources mentioned:
    - Why Astrologers Are Rejoicing (Today)
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    - Nick Viall & Patti Stanger's New Show (Variety)
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    - The Bachelor's Maria Georgas Recalls Nearly Dying in Car Accident (Y! News)

  • Happy Valentine's Week, homies! This episode we're covering everything the Super Bowl gifted us with this week, largely from a pop culture standpoint (NFL has you covered on the dirty deets). We're talking the strangest Super Bowl prop bets including the infamous Drake Curse, commercials, halftime performance and yes, Travis Kelce & Taylor Swift.

    Bach Nation news regarding the Golden variety is shared and discuss why host Maddy McClain thinks this may be the last season of Vanderpump Rules. And in honor of the day of love, Maddy giving us a storytime treat of her very worst date ever...that happens to take place in a stadium.

    Cheers homies! Follow on IG @easilyentertainedpod and share with a friend 🤠

    - Nickelodeon Super Bowl broadcast (The Guardian)
    - The Weirdest and Silliest Super Bowl 2024 Prop Bets (The Athletic)
    - Super Bowl 2024 Coverage (The New York Times)
    - Drake Wins $2.3M To Give Away to Lucky Fan (People)
    - Beyonce Announces New Album, Part II (Pitchfork)

  • This was a doozy of an episode homies. Join host Maddy McClain and guest cohost (and brother / musician of @TheSometimesIsland) Matt Blankenship Jr for your entertainment news breakdown. There's a CHEEKY piece of news that is NSFW to begin with, so please skip to minute 12 if you'd rather avoid :) One that has to do with our good friend Drake.
    Elmo's X/Twitter account lead to the internet dumping on the Sesame Street social media account and people are wearing Apple's new Vision Pro headset to courtside NBA games...
    And of course, we cover all things Grammys 2024 including first-time award winner, Miley Cyrus, Killer Mike's arrest and album announcements. Among other things, all with a musician's perspective!

    Enjoy homies, cheers! Follow on IG @easilyentertainedpod 😜

    Sources / articles mentioned:
    - Apple Vision Pro (The New York Times)
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  • This week, we're covering the Mean Girls reboot, Taylor Swift & Travis Kelce's epic pop culture crossover in which dads, brads and chads are colliding with universal swifties and girlies n’ the gays…bringing a whole bunch of unlikely cast of characters together under one giant football dome/roof (while also essentially being crowned America's homecoming king & queen). Not to mention Taylor Swift's recent legal scares with a stalker and deepfake photos.

    Host Maddy McClain breaks down the ongoing controversy between rappers Nicki Minaj and Megan Thee Stallion and the very questionable diss tracks, internet rants & low blows between the two.

    We're covering all things new in pop culture to help you choose your next binge or Spotify playlist inspo.

    As always, cheers & enjoy homies! 🤠 Follow on IG @easilyentertainedpod & TikTok @maddyiseasilyentertained

    00:38 Review of the New Mean Girls Reboot

    07:51 Elon Musk's Neuralink and Twitter X

    12:14 New Releases in Music, TV, and Movies

    18:53 Deep Dive into Taylor Swift and Travis Kelsey's Relationship

    22:55 Travis Kelsey's Reality TV Dating Show

    25:36 Exes Commenting on Taylor Swift's Relationship

    30:42 Parasocial Relationships and the Metaverse

    36:21 Taylor Swift's Stalker and Deepfake Scandal

    39:54 Nicki Minaj and Megan Thee Stallion's Beef

    Sources mentioned/used:
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    - Why Britney Publicly Supported Justin Timberlake's New Single (People)
    - Super Bowl 2024 Guide - 49ers vs. Chiefs (Time)
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  • In this week's episode, host Maddy McClain discusses an array of pop culture topics including the new season of The Bachelor, Oscar nominations & snubs, an upcoming Vanderpump Rules spinoff, and Kim Kardashian's controversial Balenciaga ambassadorship.

    We'll chat one of TikTok's favorite new phrases, the Burnt Toast Theory, coupled with a an example of her own burnt toast. From most common Bachelor jobs to those most likely to make it to the end (a la The Hustle, Hubspot's newsletter)...we're covering it all!

    Cheers & enjoy homies! 🤠 Follow on IG @easilyentertainedpod & TikTok @maddyiseasilyentertained

    09:48 Pop Culture Updates: Oscar Nominations, The Valley, Vanderpump Rules, Kim K

    25:34 The Bachelor Contestant Analysis

    38:04 Job Statistics of Bachelor Contestants

    Sources mentioned / used:
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  • This week, we're covering the marathon of an awards season including Critic's Choice Awards and The Emmys but mostly the entertaining internet moments throughout the shows...like the food served to the celebs & awkward moments.

    Coachella 2024 lineup is out and host Maddy McClain has a bone to pick about it. Followed by the latest TikTok saga and the world's longest cruise on Royal Caribbean that many are following along like a reality TV show. Can't blame 'em!

    Gypsy Rose has been all over headlines & social media after her release from prison and we're feeling conflicted about it...whether you know the story or not, come listen to the latest updates and it's similarity to another case: Maya Kowalski.

    TLDR - prepare to be entertained, homies. Cheers! Follow on IG @easilyentertainedpod

    07:14 Critics Choice Awards Recap

    12:57 Emmys Recap

    17:02 Music Festival Lineups: Coachella vs Bonnaroo

    22:38 The World's Longest Cruise: A TikTok Reality Show

    29:22 The Gypsy Rose Blanchard Case

    36:02 The Maya Kowalski Story

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  • We are BACK, homies. This week we cover the latest news in this New Year including Alaska Airlines' terrifying Boeing mishap and contrastingly, the wild fun fact about those celebrating the new year in NYC...the more you know.

    The 2024 Golden Globes made headlines for quite a few reasons and we're here to talk all about it. From comedian Jo Koy's hosting gig & monologue that didn't appear to really...read the audience right. The internet stirred up potential drama between none other than Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, Kylie Jenner & Timothee Chalamet. Sounds like a fever dream.

    Host Maddy McClain covers the Golden Globes winners as well as upcoming awards show nominees for SAG Awards, Emmys and finally...

    Easily Entertained's very own 2023 Superlatives: Most Unexpected Couple, Best Album Released in 2023, Most Unexpected Cancellation & Reality TV Scandal of the Year.

    4:01 Golden Globes 2024: The Drama and the Winners

    08:22 Airplane Incidents: A Terrifying Start to the Year

    15:04 Golden Globes 2024: The Host Controversy

    22:52 Golden Globes 2024: Winners and Losers

    30:21 SAG Awards

    32:14 2023 SUPERLATIVES

    Cheers homies!!! Follow on IG @easilyentertained & TikTok @maddyiseasilyentertained 🪩🤠

    Sources mentioned/used:
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    - Oxford's 2023 Word of the Year
    - Biggest Celebrity Controversies 2023 (Today)

  • This week on Easily Entertained, host Maddy McClain and returning guest Matt Blankenship Jr. take a breezy, humorous, and occasionally perplexing ride through recent pop culture happenings. And play silly little games as silly little geese do.

    From Kanye West's (Ye) latest controversial antics to the peculiar sponsorship names of college football bowl games, it's a bit of a pop culture/entertainment mixed bag. Adam Neumann's latest venture takes WeWork to the apartment rental space...and it's giving Billy McFarland & Fyre Fest.

    Join us playing 'Yeah No, or No, Yeah', a silly little game approving or shading the latest trends like shaved eye brows and the no-pants look.

    Finally, we play a game guessing the sponsors behind the many bizarre football championship bowl game names. Like the male verison of naming nail polish TBH. As always, enjoy homies! 🤠

    Follow us on IG, @easilyentertainedpod!

    00:16 Introduction and Entertaining Banter (just let me have it)
    06:23 Pop Culture News Nuggets
    32:15 Yeah No or No Yeah Game
    41:17 Surprise Quiz Segment
    58:16 Matthew Perry's Cause of Death Revealed

    Resources mentioned:
    - Adam Neumann's Mystery Startup (Business Insider)
    - Ranking All 41 Bowl Game Names (The Athletic)

  • In this week's episode of Easily Entertained, your host and pop culture sherpa, Maddy McClain dives deep into the 'Reality Reckoning' discussing the psychosocial elements and the impact of reality TV on its viewers and stars.

    We follow Bethenny Frankel, former Real Housewife of New York who is leading the charge for a deeper look into the handlings of reality TV stars & production. From the Vanity Fair exposé to the recent ABC special, she and other costars are sharing their experiences in hopes to create a safer workplace.

    From there, we're discussing the influence of reality TV, the exploitation of reality TV stars and debates the hints of a potential unionization for reality stars, including those from Vanderpump Rules, Love is Blind, Bachelor and more.

    Of course, a bit of pop culture news & tidbits alongside the usual unpretentious, humor of being Easily Entertained.

    Enjoy homies!

    Resources mentioned:
    - https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/love-them-or-leave-them/202307/why-we-love-to-hate-reality-tv-contestants
    - https://www.vanityfair.com/hollywood/2023/10/real-housewives-bravo-reckoning

  • WOOF, today's episode is a rollercoaster and we thank pop culture icons for that. This week host Maddy McClain is raspier and loopier than ever, thanks to sickness. But pop culture stops for no one.

    Hollywood's newest couple is confirmed & has something to do none other than Selena Gomez. Then we break down The Hollywood Reporter article that changes the older gentleman from next door narrative from the Bachelor...or does it? A Golden Bachelor finale recap is in store so buckle up.

    Then, we cover Young Thug's long-awaited trial and the oh-so-creative defense his lawyer is constructing that set TikTok off on a new trend. Followed by an update on A$AP Rocky.

    Lastly, we talk about the latest Taylor Swift in-depth interview in Time Magazine after being declared Time's 2023 Person of the Year. To absolutely no one's surprise.

    As always, enjoy homies!

    Sources mentioned / used:
    - The Golden Bachelor's Not-So-Golden Past (The Hollywood Reporter)
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    - A$AP Rocky & Attorney Joe Tacopina Sued for Defamation (Rolling Stone)

  • This week's episode of Easily Entertained is a pop culture news feast, much like your Thanksgiving meal. We start off ranking Thanksgiving food and giving them a zodiac sign because...it just feels right.

    Matt Rife's Netflix special, Natural Selection, stirs up controversy and pisses off female audience that pushed him into the limelight and host Maddy McClain gives her take on the whole scenario. As well as a quick overview for those unfamiliar with the stand up comedian.

    From Taylor Swift's Brazil tour tragedy to Forbes 30 under 30, P. Diddy's lawsuits from ex-girlfriend Cassie to Alex Murdaugh's latest guilty verdict, we're talking about it all!

    Enjoy homies 🤠

    Follow on IG @easilyentertainedpod

    Sources used / mentioned:
    - Matt Rife's Domestic Violence Joke heard around the world... (Variety)
    - Forbes 30 Under 30
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    - Diddy & Cassie allegations explained (NY Times)

  • In this episode of Easily Entertained, host Maddy McClain takes on a wide range of topics, from 2024 Grammy nominations to Panera's Charged Lemonade leading to a lawsuit, cognitive decline in young adults to Bach Nation news and T Pain & Snoop's new single.

    New music releases & movies to stream including Priscilla, Sofia Coppolla's latest film & Quiz Lady with Awkwafina and Sandra Oh. Pop culture updates to keep you on top of the latest including 2024 Grammy nominations, America's favorite sweetheart couple Taylor Swift & Travis Kelce (briefly, don't worry) and Love is Blind/Bachelor crossover couple is having a baby.

    Maddy McClain recaps the Women Tell All from the Golden Bachelor, who deals with his difficult decision between three remaining ladies. Sprinking in a few cheeky anecdotes and consider this one an ADHD pop culture aficionado's dream.

    Cheers & enjoy homies! 🪩😜
    Follow @easilyentertainedpod on IG for the latest & greatest

    Sources / articles mentioned:
    - Can't Think, Can't Remember: Americans in Cognitive Fog (New York Times)
    - Panera Bread's Charged Lemonade Lawsuit (NBC News)
    - 2024 Grammy Nominess List (Variety)
    - Giannina Gibelli & Blake Horstmann Expecting a Baby (Us Magazine)

  • In this week's episode, host Maddy McClain shares 7 pop culture nuggets including news about Channing Tatum and Zoe Kravitz's engagement, Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker's baby, the renewal of 'The Bear' TV series, and the legal troubles of Tiger King's Doc Antle. Taylor Tomlinson's upcoming late-night show and the expected release of Gypsy Rose Blanchard.

    Easily Entertained will take a short hiatus after next week's episode (Nov. 15, 2023) until the new year, lookin' hotter than ever :)

    Enjoy homies! Follow on IG @easilyentertainedpod

    00:18 Introduction and Episode Format
    01:42 Exciting Plans for Easily Entertained
    02:47 Holiday Break and Revamp Announcement
    04:56 Channing Tatum and Zoe Kravitz Engagement
    08:02 Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker's Baby
    10:15 The Bear Renewed for Third Season
    10:54 SAG AFTRA Actor Strike
    14:41 Taylor Tomlinson's Late Night Show
    15:57 Doc Antle's Guilty Plea
    19:44 Gypsy Rose Blanchard's Release
    23:14 Conclusion and Future Plans

    Sources/articles mentioned:
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    - Gypsy Rose Full History (Oxygen)

  • It's Halloween week and we're talking about the most notable celeb costumes and WHY everyone went above and beyond this year. It's a fact. Which leads us down the Kardashian wormhole, breaking down the latest in the family dynasty businesses including Kylie Jenner's clothing line & SKIMS partnering with the NBA. Lots of money in that deal.

    We dive into Bachelor Nation with Maddy McClain catching us up on the latest in Golden Bachelor as we approach hometown week for the final 3 ladies. And we're not quite ready to let Gerry go... followed by the polar opposite vibe, Bachelor in Paradise! SKIP TO 33:56 to miss any Bachelor spoilers. From there, we talk Dancing with the Stars and Bravo's busy, busy week.

    Finally, we take a moment for Matthew Perry and the legacy he's left behind. For our psychology lesson of the day, we learn WHY we grieve the death of celebrities despite never knowing them personally. And turns out, there's a lot behind it! How spooky.

    Enjoy homies! Follow on IG @easilyentertainedpod

    Sources used/mentioned:
    - Costume Obsession Fuels Halloween Spending (Axios)
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    - Matthew Perry: An Obituary, History + More (New York Times)
    - Why Do People Mourn Celebrities? (Society for Personality and Social Psychology)

  • Dive into the latest episode of Easily Entertained with your host, Maddy McClain! This week, Maddy serves up a mashup of pop culture updates, from latest music releases, the latest reality show on the block, House of Villians, to legal twists and turns and Britney Spears' memoir.

    First up, get the lowdown on LP Giobbi's mesmerizing remix of Taylor Swift's "Cruel Summer" and explore her signature femme house beats that are taking the world by storm. And a moment on artists using creative capitalization in their song titles like Kid Cudi's latest release.

    Then, buckle up for a legal rollercoaster as Maddy delves into the Alec Baldwin saga. Find out how his involuntary manslaughter charges from his film, Rust, are making a comeback, shedding light on a tragic incident that shook Hollywood. Plus, get the inside scoop on Britney Spears' revelatory memoir, "The Woman in Me," as Maddy uncovers surprising details about her past with Justin Timberlake. Lots to unpack...

    Tune in for your weekly dose of entertainment insights, juicy tidbits, and candid commentary. Subscribe now and never miss an episode of Easily Entertained! 🌟

    Enjoy homies! Follow in IG @easilyentertainedpod

    Sources mentioned:
    - LP Giobbi biography (Insomniac)
    - Alec Baldwin Rust manslaughter charges (NY Times - hub containing all articles related to the tragic incident)
    - Britney Spears' Justin Timberlake revelations (Today)
    - Britney Spears memoir 'The Woman in Me' (Harper's Bazaar)

  • Today we're starting off a bit differently with a word on the devastating Israel-Hamas tragedies. Like Pete Davidson on SNL, we're operating as best we can with some of levity and humor so hope you enjoy this moment away from the real life stuff for a bit of entertainment. (Doctors Without Borders - donate here if you'd like)

    Digging into recently released music, including a love letter to Fred again.. and his latest singles as well as Drake's 'For All the Dogs' and Bad Bunny 'nadie sabe lo que va a pasar mañana'. Host Maddy McClain chats about the artists' most recent headlines including relationships and a time off from music.

    Then we cover Saturday Night Live's recent return in its 49th season, opening with Pete Davidson's out of character but well-done cold open.

    Jada Pinkett-Smith is on a PR rampage and the internet is over it :) She drops bombshells that ring as familiar, taking us down the Mandela Effect rabbit hole.

    Lastly, we cover the Carlee Russell kidnapping case and the latest updates in the legal proceedings...and it's not what you expect. .

    Enjoy homies! And as always, please drop a line with any feedback, questions or topics you'd like covered in future episodes.

    Follow in IG @easilyentertainedpod!

    Resources mentioned:
    - Carlee Russell timeline (CBS News)
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    - Carlee Russel guilty in kidnapping hoax (CNN)
    - Jada Pinkett Smith TikTok video (Jane Fondle @janefondle on TikTok)
    - Mandela Effect (CNN)
    - Mandela Effect Popular Examples (Today)

  • We are covering it all today, starting with an Austin City Limits music fest storytime by yours truly, Maddy McClain.

    Then we're hopping into Love is Blind. Renee and Carter, another couple who was filmed all the way through wedding day, was cut out of the show after the pods. But WHY, we ask?! Lots of interesting theories and another lawsuit thrown at the show's production company. A bit of commentary as we await the next batch of episodes.

    The Golden Bachelor continues to put Gen Z/Millennial men to shame as we fall in love with Gerry Turner together. Host Maddy McClain recaps the episode to give you all the highlights and insights, followed by Bachelor in Paradise.

    After the realiTEA, we're talking Sam Bankman-Fried, the crypto CEO whose trial is currently ongoing & getting spicy as his ex-girlfriend takes the stand. A few more updates and BOOM, you've been caught up to speed on all things pop culture.

    Enjoy homies!

    Follow on IG: @easilyentertainedpod

    Resources/articles mentioned:
    - LIB's Renee & Carter Cut from Season 5 (Insider)
    - Renee's PopSugar interview
    - LIB's Second Allegation & Lawsuit (People)