This week's show is easily one of the most fascinating of my lifetime!

    I doubt anyone has studied the subject of HAPPINESS AND WELL-BEING more than this week’s guest, DR. ROBERT WALDINGER. He is a Professor of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School and the founder and Executive Director of the Lifespan Research Foundation.

    But perhaps his most important work is as the current director of the HARVARD STUDY OF ADULT DEVELOPMENT. This groundbreaking project started in 1938 and is the longest-running study of the same people over time ever conducted.

    What Dr. Waldinger shares with you this week about the study and the nature of relationships will blow you away.

    We start with answers to fundamental questions we’ve all wanted to know for a long time.



    Wealth, achievement, fame, and religion matter, but not in the ways you might think. Having a PURPOSE, working on that purpose, and enjoying HIGH QUALITY, WARM, AND LOVING RELATIONSHIPS matter more…not only to your mental well-being, but your physical well-being, too.

    We also answer the question of the most common REGRET mega-successful people have. You can probably guess what it is, but Dr. Waldinger drives this point home in no uncertain terms.

    Our discussion also touches on several other relationship issues, including…

    🤯 How SOCIAL MEDIA affects the amount and depth of our relationships
    🤯 Why BAD MARRIAGES are worse than breaking up
    🤯 The WISER (Watch, Interpret, Select, Engage, Reflect) Model of Reaction
    🤯 Cultural trends and the impact of wealth in nations on happiness

    One of the most important things you’ll learn are strategies for STRENGTHENING YOUR RELATIONSHIPS and how to make them a priority.

    We wrap up with an extended exchange about our most INTIMATE RELATIONSHIPS, how they change over time, and what we can do to keep them STRONG AND HEALTHY.

  • This is an absolutely astonishing conversation with Stephen A. Smith.

    Stephen A. Smith is the most influential force at ESPN and has built a massive brand and makes a huge impact on sports and culture every day.

    So how did he do it?

    This week, Stephen A. reveals what it takes to get to the TOP of your career… in his case its the sports entertainment world as a producer, podcaster, radio show host, and a New York Times Best Selling author AND one of the most influential voices in sports entertainment.

    Stephen A. reveals his strategies for building confidence and shares how he overcame obstacles such as dyslexia and childhood bullying. He also discusses the importance of mastering every part of your business, combining it with humility, and how to impact social change.

    But that's not all! Stephen A. shares his take on:

    👉🏽 What it takes to maintain confidence

    👉🏽 The power of practice and preparation

    👉🏽 The key to persuasion

    👉🏽 Why he believes in the "I DON'T CARE" factor

    👉🏽 And navigating the challenges of ethnicity and equity in sports

    🚨 PLUS HE REVEALS HIS PICK ON WHO’S THE GOAT: Michael Jordan or LeBron James?!? 🚨

    As a bonus, you'll get to hear about Stephen A.'s experiences working with some of the most genuine and talented people in the world.

    With his unparalleled insight and infectious energy, Stephen A. will keep you engaged from start to finish.

    Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to learn from one of the greatest sports media icons of our time!

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  • The journey to GREATNESS begins with believing YOU ARE ENOUGH.

    LEWIS HOWES is talking to you this week on the Ed Mylett Show about overcoming challenges and tapping into your own GREATNESS.

    Nothing could have prepared him for what he faced after his father’s near-fatal car accident and an injury that ended his pro football career after one season. Lewis has a remarkable story about OVERCOMING ADVERSITY and finding a NEW PURPOSE in life.

    We cover a lot of things this week, including…

    🏆 Subconscious blocks rooted in FEAR, SUCCESS, and JUDGMENT

    🏆 STRATEGIES to process the “I AM NOT ENOUGH” mentality

    🏆 The difference between SUCCESS VS. GREATNESS

    🏆 What are the COURAGEOUS questions to ask ourselves

    🏆 METHODS for inner child healing and SELF-LOVE

    Lewis ends with an emotional story about how his relationship with his dad changed over the years and how it has impacted him to this day, which really touches me as you know my father means the world to me!

    From start to finish, this is a POWERFUL hour about how you can take Lewis’s learnings around how he has overcome INTERNAL and EXTERNAL challenges and APPLY THEM TO YOUR LIFE.

    This episode will help you develop YOUR GREATNESS MINDSET.

  • “The walls we put up to protect ourselves often turn into prisons instead…”

    This week, I’m genuinely excited to share with you the thoughts of a man I’ve wanted to talk to for a long time. He is KANWER SINGH, but those of you who are familiar with his work know him as HUMBLE THE POET.

    Humble is a modern-day RENAISSANCE MAN who has gained a large following as a spoken word performer, author, hip-hop artist, speaker, and designer. His work is embodied in an ongoing message of LOVE, and that’s what we’re going to focus on in this week’s episode, including excerpts from Humble’s new book, “HOW TO BE LOVE(D).”

    Our goal is to help you gain greater capacity to GIVE AND RECEIVE LOVE as we explore…

    👉🏽 how to increase your ability to LOVE

    👉🏽 How to use NEGATIVE EMOTIONS to HEAL

    👉🏽 The difference between BIG love and SMALL love

    👉🏽 How to overcome your addiction to APPROVAL

    👉🏽 How LOVE is the ULTIMATE emotion and ACTION


    But it’s not always easy to LOVE YOURSELF OR OTHERS the right way.

    Listen to HUMBLE’S WISDOM, and you’ll find a greater capacity to LOVE and enrich your SOUL.

  • “There are so many of us who need to know we have PURPOSE. As long as we have BREATH…with GOD’S help…we have PURPOSE.” - TIM TEBOW

    Tim Tebow needs no introduction! He is a two-time national champion, Heisman Trophy winner, first-round NFL draft pick, former professional baseball player, bestselling author, and philanthropist on a mission to bring faith, hope, and love to those needing a brighter day in their darkest hour of need.

    You know him as a man deeply committed to his FAITH who gained notoriety after kneeling to pray while he was one of the top quarterbacks in the league.

    This interview will leave you feeling INSPIRED, with more FAITH in GOD, and MOTIVATED to #MAXOUT Your Life in EVERY way.

    You’ll learn so many life-CHANGING lessons including;

    🙏🏽 The true POWER of your mindset

    🙏🏽 The ONE THING greater than achieving your GOALS

    🙏🏽 Why WINNING can leave you HOLLOW inside

    🙏🏽 And the KEY to unlocking REAL success…

    You’ll also hear Tim tell a touching story about the fan who changed his LIFE forever.

    This is a LIFE LESSON every single one of you needs to hear.

    From start to finish, Tim delivers POWER and INSPIRATION that will affect your HEART AND SOUL… guaranteed.

    It’s an UPLIFTING hour you won’t want to miss.

  • LOVE is the most POWERFUL EMOTION in the world.

    Today I'm talking about it with the one and only, JAY SHETTY. Who says LOVE is a CHOICE.

    This week, Jay DEFINES LOVE, explaining why the best way to love someone involves liking their PERSONALITY, mutually RESPECTING each other's VALUES, and helping them achieve their GOALS.

    You'll learn how to love OTHERS better, but more importantly how YOU CAN LET MORE LOVE IN!

    Jay also has deep insights on…

    ❤️ Overcoming the ongoing challenges of COMPARING, COMPLAINING, and CRITICIZING your partner.

    ❤️ Why people sometimes GROW APART over time.

    ❤️ The 4 QUESTIONS you should ask to maintain a loving relationship.

    ❤️ The difference between an INTIMATE LOVING relationship and a FRIENDLY LOVING relationship.

    ❤️ The right way to think about “THE ONE” that comes into your life.

    ❤️ 3 WAYS to meet the right people when you’re LOOKING FOR SOMEONE TO LOVE.

    ❤️ Your GIFT and GAP EXPECTATIONS in a loving relationship.

    ❤️ The difference between LUST and LOVE and how you’re impacted by each one.

    ❤️ Losing SEXUAL ATTRACTION and how that affects the ways you love someone.

    ❤️ Defining the 4 LEVELS OF INTIMACY.

    ❤️ Why LOVE NEVER DIES, but what happens when other parts of your relationship do.

    ❤️ What you can do to salvage a relationship that’s on LIFE SUPPORT.

    Be sure to listen with your HEAD and your HEART as Jay unlocks answers to questions about your most important relationships.

    I guarantee you… You’re going to LOVE this week’s episode.

    Make sure to WATCH/LISTEN to it and SHARE it with someone YOU LOVE ❤️

    If you want to go even deeper on the nature of love, pick up Jay’s new book, 8 RULES OF LOVE, HOW TO FIND IT, KEEP IT, AND LET IT GO…an insightful read that demystifies what love is and what you can do to love others in RICHER and more NURTURING ways.

  • THIS is a REVOLUTIONARY conversation about the INTERSECTION of YOUR BRAIN, GUT microbiome and FOOD!

    This podcast with Dr. Amy Shah is going to BLOW you away with her CUTTING-EDGE insights about YOUR HEALTH and the connection between your GUT BIOME and YOUR MIND.

    DR. SHAH has written two books and is beyond qualified as a double board-certified doctor and nutritional expert show has studied at Cornell, Harvard, AND Columbia University.

    In a fast-moving hour, DR. SHAH unlocks more mysteries about gut health, your immune system, the brain-gut-bacteria connection, and several other critical things you should know to help you feel and live better, including…

    💪🏽 Fermented food and the link to bacterial DOPAMINE

    💪🏽 How FOOD CRAVINGS are linked to our memories

    💪🏽 Six SUPERFOODS you should eat every day

    💪🏽 How processed foods affect your MOOD

    💪🏽 Why you need to eat MORE PROTEIN for peak health

    💪🏽 The right way and wrong way to fast, and the link to CIRCADIAN RHYTHMS

    💪🏽 Food and female HORMONE health

    💪🏽 What are PREBIOTICS and PSYCHOBIOTICS, and how they interact with your body

    💪🏽 The science behind FECAL TRANSPLANTS

    💪🏽 The link between gut health and EXERCISE

    💪🏽 Things you can do to SLEEP BETTER and should you take CBD or melatonin supplements to help you sleep better

    💪🏽 The truth about how much WATER and COFFEE you should drink

    Dr. Shah does an incredible job of SETTING THE TABLE with a commonsense approach to FOOD and GUT HEALTH.

    That's why you’re going to EAT UP THIS EPISODE if you’re looking for ways to live a more HEALTHY, HAPPY, and LONGER LIFE.

    Make sure you have a notepad open you're going to want to apply these STRATEGIES in your life TODAY so you can be HEALTHIER & HAPPIER tomorrow!

  • If you’ve ever felt like there’s something missing in your life, THIS is for YOU.

    This is all about MINDSET.

    JON GORDON is more than just my friend, he’s my brother and we often share our innermost thoughts with each other. This week, we’re both going to share some of those thoughts with you.

    Privately, he is an ADVISER and a CONFIDANTE. Publicly you know him as one of the most sought-after public speakers in the world who has written 27 BOOKS and sold over 5 MILLION COPIES!

    This INSPIRATIONAL and FAITH-BASED chat between two great friends will guide you to living a more COMPLETE and FULFILLED life, without feeling like you constantly have to prove yourself.

    You’ll learn the keys to adjusting your focus so that you can experience an abundance of LOVE, CLARITY, COURAGE, and CONFIDENCE that will seep into all areas of your life, from being a better friend, spouse, or parent to enhancing your leadership skills, understanding your mind and soul connection, and deepening your faith.

    I consider Jon Gordon family. By the time you finish listening to this episode, you’ll feel a new level of ONENESS with him as well.

  • “Life and death are not opposites. Birth and death are opposites.”

    This week's episode with DR. DEEPAK CHOPRA is going CHANGE the way you think about EVERYTHING in life.

    It's an HONOR to have DR. CHOPRA join me for a wide-ranging chat about the MIND & BODY relationship. We discussed how you can INTEGRATE all of these things to help you live a better life.
    Dr. Chopra’s work has had a PROFOUND IMPACT on my life, and although I’ve followed his work for a long time, I still had so many questions I wanted him to answer...

    We cover…

    🙏🏽 TRANSCENDENCE and the source of all story experiences



    🙏🏽 Dr. Chopra’s experiments with PSYCHEDELICS

    🙏🏽 the nature of the relationship between your MIND / BODY and why it matters

    🙏🏽 a PRACTICAL EXERCISE you can use to CALM your HEART and your BRAIN

    🙏🏽 how LANGUAGE CONSTRUCTS EXPERIENCE and the 4 QUESTIONS you should ask before you speak

    🙏🏽 a frank discussion about BIRTH, DEATH, and why we FEAR DEATH


    It was also one of the GREATEST CONVERSATIONS of my life!

    Like me, you’ll need to go back and listen to this episode two or three times. There are dozens of thought-provoking ideas you should not only hear but take time to think about.

    I guarantee you’ll find greater PEACE and CHALLENGE YOUR BELIEFS about the world and yourself as you listen. DR. CHOPRA will make you think about the relationship between your mind and body for weeks to come.

  • I know many of you are dealing with unprecedented levels of FEAR in your life & are worried about this coming year. You're concerned about how to best SURVIVE in the short term until the economy recovers.

    That's why I've invited TONY ROBBINS back for the THIRD time on my show. He has helped more people lead HAPPIER & SUCCESSFUL lives than any other person in this world… including ME.

    🚨 You don’t want to miss this!! Tony Robbins has an upcoming FREE total immersion event, UNSHAKABLE, taking place over five days on January 24-28, 2023 which teaches you these EXACT STRATEGIES you need to become confident in uncertainty. Get your spot NOW at http://www.jointony100.com🚨

    Tony has got a lot of wisdom on how to use FAITH to overcome the crippling emotion of FEAR. In this episode, he explains why downtimes may be the BEST TIMES to invest in yourself & start something new that ADDS VALUE to other people’s lives.

    Tony and I are big proponents of society’s seasons, and we’re sharing our thoughts on the challenges of being in an UNCERTAIN, LONG, & COLD WINTER.

    In this episode you’ll learn:

    💢 how to master PATTERN RECOGNITION & how to use those patterns to create a MORE COMPELLING FUTURE for yourself.

    💢 the importance of BIO-CHEMICAL CHANGES & how you can use PEAK PHYSIOLOGY to deal with depression & negative thinking as you go

    💢 how GRATITUDE destroys the destructive emotions of fear

    💢 how to create perceived value in YOURSELF

    I tell people to take notes, but this week, don’t bother because EVERYTHING is worth writing down.

    My hour with Tony Robbins is that damn good!

  • 👉🏽 Do you want to put MORE MONEY in your pocket this year?
    👉🏽 Do you want to BE HAPPIER doing the kind of work that brings you JOY?
    👉🏽 Do you want MORE FREEDOM in life?

    Of course, you do! That’s exactly why I invited AMY PORTERFIELD on my show this week. We’re going to learn how to UNBOSS YOURSELF & the STRATEGIES needed to build a life you don’t want to vacation.

    Amy transformed herself from being a successful corporate executive WORKING FOR TONY ROBBINS to one of the top coaches for ENTREPRENEURS who are ready to take it to the next level.

    She’s got a top-ranked business podcast, best-selling online marketing courses, a new book coming out, and more than 250,000 loyal subscribers who are living Amy’s philosophy by moving away from “step-by-step” and into “ACTION-BY-ACTION.”

    Amy and I are going to help you do that in this jam-packed hour-long exchange.

    Listen up as we talk about…

    👉🏽 Amy’s struggle of transforming from an EMPLOYEE MINDSET to a BUSINESS OWNER MINDSET…

    👉🏽 The importance and the REALITIES of starting a SIDE HUSTLE, including the “PATHS OF POSSIBILITIES” and your “CAPACITY FOR ZERO”…

    👉🏽 The importance of CHOOSING A DATE CERTAIN EXIT DATE from your life as an employee…

    👉🏽 How you can succeed by developing a 10% EDGE and GIVING YOUR ROADMAP AWAY…

    👉🏽 The keys to setting up your business, including being crystal clear on the “WHY” and where your “SWEET SPOT” is…

    👉🏽 How to CRAFT YOUR OFFER and the importance of building a killer EMAIL LIST. This, more than any other strategy, can spell the difference between failure and success. Big money or pocket change. Confidence and happiness, or not…

    👉🏽 The pros and cons of using SOCIAL MEDIA…

    👉🏽 The right reasons for LEVERAGING other people’s content…

    Finally, the biggest question of all …was it worth it?

    Listen to the end to find out why Amy says all the moments of being uncomfortable, all the pain, doubt, and struggles were WORTH IT.

  • What are the SKILLS and ATTRIBUTES you NEED in order to LIVE OUT YOUR DREAMS?

    Rob Riggle is going to teach you by sharing his story of chasing after his dreams and SUCCESSFULLY changing careers, from serving in Kosovo and Afghanistan as a highly decorated lieutenant colonel to becoming one of the most recognizable and successful comedians today.

    You know him as an actor who’s appeared in dozens of movies and TV shows, including SNL, Dumb and Dumber, the Daily Show, Modern Family, Holey Moley, and many others. But what you may not know is that he retired after 23 years in the MARINES to launch into a full-time comedy career.

    I’ve never met somebody with such a unique career path as Rob’s.

    You're going to learn what it takes, Rob explains how any success comes from doing these things…

    ➡️ Doing the HARD things

    ➡️ Pushing PAST your perceived limits

    ➡️ Not being afraid to LEAVE IT ALL BEHIND and go after something NEW

    ➡️ Having a RELENTLESS work ethic

    ➡️ CULTIVATING your NATURAL talents

    ➡️ Being good to work with, HONEST, KIND, and it doesn't hurt if you have some HUMOR

    ➡️ Rob’s unique take on ABD… ALWAYS BE DEVELOPING. He applies this to his entertainment career, but it’s a STRATEGY you can add to ANY ASPECT OF LIFE.

    ➡️ We also talk about attaching EMOTIONAL MEANING to your goals, which we both use to GENERATE MOMENTUM and accomplish the most important things in our lives.

    ➡️ You’re also going to hear about Rob using improv to create characters that ultimately landed him a gig on SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE. It’s a cool story of how a creative mind, under pressure, responded to an in-your-face challenge when there was a lot on the line.

    ➡️ Rob can teach you a lot about PUNCHLINES.... Punchlines of your life by TAKING CHANCES and BELIEVING IN WHO YOU ARE.

    You’ll be blown away by Rob’s story about how doing hard things in the military created the CONFIDENCE he needed to give acting a try, including how he traded in one BIG DREAM of becoming a naval aviator for an even BIGGER DREAM of becoming a comedian.

    You're not going to want to miss this episode, it's a FUNNY and ENTERTAINING hour. Hearing the UNBELIEVABLE and 100% TRUE story of how Rob chased his dreams.

  • CHANGE is INEVITABLE and in order to live your best life, you’ve got to have EFFECTIVE STRATEGIES in place to get the most out of those changes.

    Some changes YOU CHOOSE and some changes you don't, but you get to CHOOSE HOW TO HANDLE THEM.

    At the beginning of 2022, I decided to make the core message of what I wanted to share with you about EMBRACING CHANGE.

    My book, THE POWER OF ONE MORE, my television show, CHANGE WITH ED MYLETT and my podcast, The Ed Mylett Show are ALL dedicated to making POSITIVE CHANGES to give you the powerful tactics I have used throughout my life so that YOU CAN TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE.

    This week, I wanted to share some highlights from past episodes focusing on CHANGE to help you lead a better life in 2023 and beyond.

    You’re going to hear great advice from my conversations with…

    ➡️ DR. JOE DISPENZA with practical steps on how to change negative thinking

    ➡️ TONY ROBBINS shares the traits of FULFILLED PEOPLE and the seasons of our lives

    ➡️ JAIME KERN LIMA on handling other people’s limiting beliefs

    ➡️ Why you should look in the mirror to EMPOWER YOURSELF with ERIC THOMAS

    ➡️ Overcoming physical and mental pain with PHIL HEATH

    ➡️ JENNA KUTCHER on balance and the importance of resting well so you can hustle well

    ➡️ Dealing with thoughts of not feeling worthy of your success with DEAN GRAZIOSI

    Here’s to a BLESSED and PRODUCTIVE 2023.

  • This week, Dr. Layne Norton is giving you a NO BS FIT GUIDE for you to take into 2023.

    Think you have heard it all? Know everything there is to know? Think again!

    I’ve been training in the gym for 30 years, and had so many experts on my show… And I was blown away by what I learned in this interview!

    You’re going to learn how to do that as we strip away the guesswork and focus on FACTS, PROVEN STRATEGIES, and SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH to OPTIMIZE how your body works best.

    Your body is a COMPLEX AND FINELY TUNED MACHINE that makes all other parts of your life possible.

    That means if you want to live your BEST LIFE, you must also live your HEALTHIEST LIFE.

    My guest, DR. LAYNE NORTON, is one of the world’s leading authorities on NUTRITION AND EXERCISE science. He is a bestselling author, powerlifting champion, professional bodybuilder, and entrepreneur who has devoted his life to creating peak human health by applying state-of-the-art research to his work.

    You’ve never heard an approach to taking care of yourself quite like what you’re about to hear from Dr. Layne Norton even if you already take great care of yourself.

    This week, no matter how much you already know, you’re going to LEARN how to TAKE YOUR EFFORTS TO THE NEXT LEVEL as we get into…

    ... The truth about diet fads and DIETS like KETOGENIC SYSTEMS and INTERMITTENT FASTING.

    ... How the PLACEBO effect actually produces benefits for you.

    ... The role that TESTOSTERONE and HORMONES play in your health.

    ... The importance of CONSISTENCY, HABITS, and how your individual PSYCHOLOGY and SOCIOLOGY affects how you reach your fitness goals and impacts your APPETITE.

    ... Food and EATING DISORDERS, and fat storage vs. burning fat.

    RESISTANCE TRAINING, going to near failure, and CARDIO exercise facts and myths.

    ... PLATEAUS and why you look the same even though you keep high-level intensity workouts.

    ... What STEPS you can take if you haven’t done much to take care of your physical health before now.

    My conversation with Layne is easily the most dense and fact-filled scientific episodes I’ve ever done. There’s a lot to take away, but the biggest one is this.

    Where there is OPTIMAL HEALTH, there is OPTIMAL LIFE.

  • “Life is about the pursuit of the PERFECT VERSION of yourself…but what happens when you reach that version?”

    We all DREAM about what we think our lives should be, and some of us are fortunate enough to realize those dreams. But what’s that JOURNEY like? And what happens when you get there?

    This week, my good friend ROB DYRDEK and I are going to give you answers to those questions and a lot more.

    Rob has grown far beyond the initial fame he enjoyed as a professional skateboarder. Since that time, he’s become a SERIAL ENTREPRENEUR, ACTOR, and PRODUCER who has been involved in dozens of projects over the years.

    You’ll learn how he has continually reinvented himself over the years using a unique philosophy that combines the VALUE of optimizing intentional TIME MANAGEMENT, finding JOY in every part of your life, and what he calls the RHYTHM OF EXISTENCE.

    We’re going to reveal a single tip on how to MANAGE MEETINGS that will save you hundreds of hours over a year…creating time better spent doing MORE IMPORTANT and LUCRATIVE things.

    Also, listen to Rob’s take on how everything you do is INTERCONNECTED and why that matters so much. His insights on how to BUILD A BUSINESS using a system based on HARMONY are some of the best advice you’ll ever hear. You’ll gain a better understanding of why it’s sometimes better to pass on deals when they don’t fit the life you’ve designed for yourself.

    Rob also offers some great ideas for building a BETTER RELATIONSHIP with your spouse and family members. It’s BRILLIANT. It’s EASY and it can improve the quality of your home life immeasurably.

    There’s so much to unpack in this hour that flies by.

    Trust me, you won’t want to skate past this one…

  • What does it take to be one of the SHARPEST ENTREPRENEURS in the world?

    How can you apply proven PRACTICAL and TACTICAL business lessons from a person like this to your own start-up ventures?

    This week, you’re going to get answers to these questions and more from my guest BETHENNY FRANKEL. You probably already know Bethanny through her work as a serial entrepreneur, reality television star, podcaster, and best-selling author.

    Bethenny is going to give you an insider’s take on how she applied insights and knowledge to grow several businesses, including the phenomenally successful SKINNY GIRL MARGARITA.

    One of her foundational beliefs is that success is the interaction of INTENTION and LUCK at the same time. Bethenny explains why that involves WORKING SMART instead of just WORKING HARD, and why EMOTIONAL CONTROL is one of the most important keys to business success.

    You’ll learn how SOCIAL MEDIA plays a key role in building an IDENTITY and a BRAND that adds value to your business. Bethanny also explains why paying attention to the SMALLEST DETAILS, and having CONFIDENCE, DECISIVENESS, and PREPARATION are important elements to business success.

    Our conversation is an INTENSE hour based on the REALITY of what it takes to win in business. Pay attention and PREPARE TO PROSPER.

  • “John, do you want to die? It’s your choice, not mine.”

    I thought for a moment and answered, “Mom, I don’t want to die. I WANT TO LIVE!”

    That was the first conversation JOHN O’LEARY had with his mother after a horrific fire burned him across 100% of his body at 9 years old.

    That's right. He was literally burned alive. But what is truly remarkable is what he did next. In this episode, John is going to tell you how he OVERCAME IMPOSSIBLE ODDS and how you can use the things he’s learned to LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE, even in the midst of TRAGEDY.

    John O’Leary is a sought-after inspirational speaker, and podcaster and has published two bestsellers. His mission and his messages are simple. He wants to TEACH YOU how to find ways to awaken you to your life’s POTENTIAL and ENERGIZE you to live more THOUGHTFULLY, BOLDLY and INSPIRED.

    John also gets into how important PERSPECTIVE is in our lives. Instead of focusing on the things he no longer had, John learned a valuable lesson about being called to use the GIFTS and TALENTS he was given and still had despite his physical limitations.

    If you want to know what it takes to go from VICTIM TO VICTOR, listen closely to John’s story.

    It will change the way you think.

    And hopefully, change the way you live.

  • The MENTAL GAME, with an all-time GREAT mindset Athlete!

    It’s time to get into the mind of an ELITE Performer. Imagine going from not even starting on your Freshman High School team to a few years later, being considered the #1 athlete in the WORLD in your sport!

    This week we’re going to spend an hour talking with one of the most talented hitters ever to play baseball.

    However, this show is about MINDSET, not baseball.

    SEAN CASEY is in the studio, and I couldn’t be happier to talk to the guy they call THE MAYOR.

    Most people know Sean from his playing days as a first baseman in Major League Baseball during a career that spanned 12 SEASONS. He finished with more than 1,500 HITS, a .302 LIFETIME BATTING AVERAGE, and as a 3-TIME ALL-STAR.

    You’re getting a master class on THE MENTAL TOUGHNESS it takes to achieve PEAK PERFORMANCE on those big fields thousands of times over and over AND how you can apply what Sean knows to YOUR life.

    You’ll recognize many of the things Sean talks about because I also believe they’re critical to SUCCESS in any game you play. That means applying STANDARDS, a POSITIVE MINDSET, GRATITUDE, and being INTENTIONAL at all times. There are NO SHORTCUTS.

    Sean also has a great lesson you must hear about what happened when he started playing OFFENSE instead of DEFENSE when he wanted to set a goal of playing college ball. It’s GOLD GLOVE stuff.

    Sean is also quick to point out that GREATNESS DOESN’T COME NATURALLY. Although it may look that way on the field, what you’re seeing is the result of DEDICATION, PASSION, CONSISTENCY, RESILIENCE, DEALING WITH PRESSURE, and THINKING OUTSIDE THE BOX.

    We’ll wrap up with Sean explaining why you should build GAPS into your life and why GRATITUDE, ACCOUNTABILITY, PERSPECTIVE, AND SERVICE are critical to making you a better person and the world a better place.

    You’ll enjoy listening to the MAYOR for great insights on how to take your LIFE GAME to the highest level!

  • This is going to be DIFFICULT for some of you to hear. And that’s all the more reason to LISTEN.

    Nearly 800,000 people die by suicide in the world EVERY year… and the number continues to rise.

    That means 800k+ of families and friends are impacted and left wondering, “WHY?”

    Odds are, you or someone you love has been impacted by suicide. And so I am URGING you to SHARE this week’s episode with as many people as you can.

    My guest, KEVIN HINES, knows more about suicide than most.‌

    He tried to end his life by jumping off the GOLDEN GATE BRIDGE when he was only 19 years old.

    A jump like that kills virtually everybody who attempts it. But miraculously, Kevin survived. And today, YOU’LL GET TO HEAR HIS TRUTH.

    Kevin’s story and his message will SAVE LIVES and this may be THE MOST meaningful discussions I’ve ever had. I can’t think of a more important topic to talk about than this one.

    We’re going delve into the PAIN AND FEELINGS that surround suicide, how that pain leads to ACTION, suicide PREVENTION tips, GENETICS, and dealing with OUTSIDE NEGATIVE FORCES.

    You’ll also hear Kevin’s THREE QUESTIONS you MUST ask if you think someone is NOT okay and may be thinking about suicide.

    *If you are having a mental health emergency call 911 or reach out to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline by dialing 988.

    Protect yourself and your loved ones.

  • “DID I LIVE?”

    “DID I LOVE?”


    Those are the questions BRENDON BURCHARD asked himself after surviving a horrific car accident when he was 19. He has spent the last 26 years searching for those ANSWERS.

    Those are also a few of the questions we’ll try to answer on this week’s show.

    Brendon’s been on before, and so many of you made it one of the most watched episodes ever that I knew it was only a matter of time before I had to have him back.

    Since the accident, Brendon has become a 3-time New York Times best-selling author and a thriving online teaching pioneer with videos that have racked up 400 MILLION VIEWS and earned hundreds of well-deserved accolades.

    To CHANGE means to GROW!
    In this episode we’re going to dive deep into the NATURE OF CHANGE and how factors like AMBITION, DESIRE, NECESSITY, and ESTEEM can drive YOU to change… or not.

    He reveals the single GREATEST integrated personal development environment I’ve ever seen…

    AND no conversation with Brendon would be complete unless we talk about HIGH PERFORMANCE HABITS and EFFORTS OF IMPACT.

    It’s GREAT WISDOM…simply great wisdom.

    Here’s a huge takeaway from this week’s episode.

    The QUALITY OF THE QUESTIONS we ask ourselves determines the quality of the LIFE we end up living.

    Start by seeking answers to the questions Brendon asks, and then KEEP ASKING other questions that matter most to you.