• Get up, c*******as, we have Joey “Coco” Diaz in the studio with us today. Joey’s talking about meeting Joe Rogan, the cocaine 80s, kidnapping, prison, Cuban culture and why LA is so corrosive. INDULGE!

    00:00 L.A. Women are weak - couldn’t raise his daughter there
    01:39 No woman like Joey’s mom - GANGSTA
    04:42 Dad ran with the Jews
    08:25 Joey grew up fast + supplying Sticky Charlie
    12:14 Running numbers in the Bronx + collecting up
    14:40 Mom going back to Cuba? + couldn’t get sister out
    16:53 Joey can’t leave + Seattle Troubles
    24:39 Day in the life of criminal Joey
    30:34 Had to leave + 1984 NYC was WILD
    37:06 Scarface changed everything + NYC was on fire
    42:53 Getting locked up - inevitable + “we have to teach you a lesson”
    52:47 Homeless + Credit Card finesse + itchy in Colorado
    58:40 The Kidnapping story
    01:26:24 Rapport with Judge is paramount + petty criminality
    01:30:34 Prison - gangs + hanging outs in Aids facility
    01:41:39 Becoming an entertainer - Pryor + Prison
    01:50:24 Prison takes away your manhood
    01:51:49 Messing with other prisoners
    01:55:19 Meeting Joe Rogan & Mitzi Shore + Comedy Store
    01:59:58 Comics don’t listen - Mitzi, Kinison, Hicks, Handler
    02:09:40 Andrew’s 1st time watching Joey + always learning
    02:15:00 LA is horrible + New York is change
    02:21:02 Water drinkers spoilt NYC + life has changed
    02:22:09 Joey’s daughter is his consigliere
    02:24:27 Being good on stage + Testicle Testaments
    02:30:32 Rogan’s impact + the Podcast was perfect
    02:40:02 Book nearly got cancelled - the story that got taken out
    02:43:01 Getting so paranoid, Joey called cops on himself
    02:44:29 Supplying Whitney Houston
    02:48:35 “Matthew McConaughey, you suck”
    02:53:01 Has Joey got all the juice out of life? Sage advice from Slash

  • Boys’ episode this week. We’re talking Ja Morant flashing his weapon, Donald Trump burying his rivals, Andrew pulling guard in Phoenix and KSI’s Misfit’s KO was a clear accident. INDULGE!00:00 Why’s Ja Morant willing to throw it away?09:35 Stand-ups being in a contract year, every year10:48 Ja can have guns; just don’t show them13:24 Ja Morant ain’t a kid no more AND he signed up for it20:47 They’re gonna humiliate Ja22:40 Ja has to leave Memphis + The Knicks NEED him25:16 Real Gs didn’t throw it up + leaning in too much32:06 It’s all rappers’ fault + having “f*** you money”38:13 Donald Trump has already bodied DeSantis40:50 Hillary was human on Breakfast Club + focus grouped to death42:42 “Unfortunately or fortunately” + Trump saw Andrew’s joke46:18 Can’t be pardoning Jan Sixers + Trump was right on Ukraine/Russia51:41 CNN backlash for Trump Townhall + Fox in a tough position01:06:32 Suga Sean v Schulzy - pulling guard in Phoenix01:13:52 Practice really does make perfect 01:17:47 LeBron’s insane recall01:19:36 Tim tapped out Andrew + Jiu Jitsu cardio is insane01:21:58 Mark gets COMPETITIVE01:25:52 Bad Friends appearance + missing being on the road01:31:44 KSI’s KO - clearly by accident01:37:28 Boxing has forgotten how to promote01:44:32 Fighting across disciplines - kicks are difference maker01:46:42 Seb Maniscalco is unbelievable + Bobby DeNiro is good at acting???01:51:23 Martha Stewart does not care + still a smoke show01:53:31 Feet surgery is coming + Cilantro tortures Andrew + Thai open sex01:58:17 Hotel Manager sucking dem thangs + Al’s SUSPICIOUS02:06:03 Who has the best feet at Flagrant?02:11:08 Jamie Foxx seems to be ok - but does seem off02:13:05 Charla’s bet on Ye - might have to suck toes02:14:18 Ye’s wife is Kim & Amber put together + Ye is back, BABY

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  • Yerrr, Suga Sean O'Malley came by and talked about his start in UFC and the MMA, his meteoric rise, his job driving short buses, side pieces, who is a real Mexican and much much more. INDULGE

    00:00 Appearances can be deceiving
    05:18 Using coach’s carnie connections
    05:57 Suga Sean’s origins + taking one for the team
    12:53 Sean drove a short bus + moving to Arizona for realsies
    17:27 Coach Tim was Jehovah’s Witness
    17:59 Took years to get good + hunger
    20:22 Understanding how to be an entertainer
    24:14 Coach Tim’s a bad influence + Xbox Live makes great friends
    26:15 Next generation of athlete - podcasting + social media
    27:47 Akaash’s good question - what is the motivation now?
    30:00 Suga Sean on Bare-knucking boxing
    37:03 Suga Sean fighting Tank Davis & Boxing in general
    38:15 Sean was ready for Petr Yan
    42:08 Predicting Aljo v Cejudo + Henry ain’t a real Mexican
    46:53 Suga Sean v Cory would be GREAT + rematch v Chito
    48:45 Suga Sean doesn’t count his loss
    50:15 Sean going up + weight cutting is scary
    57:27 Alex Volkanovski has unbelievable cardio + Sean at 145
    59:12 Importance of sleep and cold plunging
    01:02:01 New York is antsy + Optimising food
    01:03:30 Smashing side tings = treat your girl like a queen
    01:13:04 Fighters make the best lovers + 3some etiquette
    01:19:36 Understanding Sean’s life is crazy
    01:21:33 Meditation truly prepares you to face the day
    01:24:43 Too dumb to care
    01:26:37 Journaling + reducing all distractions
    01:30:36 Boxing style + listening to your corner
    01:36:36 Venue doesn’t matter if Dana is there
    01:38:41 No-one steps to Sean + Getting the nickname
    01:41:00 Life after fighting
    01:45:37 Fighting is selfish + Danya is incredible
    01:48:43 Coach Tim is really the GOAT
    01:50:20 Mexicans can fight, yo
    01:50:56 Suga Sean gonna box Tank Davis

  • We got the President Roaster Roy Wood Jr in the studio, fresh off his performance at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner. We talk about the jokes he didn’t use, the ones he should have, Trump, Netflix’s Cleopatra and how The Jerry Springer show might look funny in the light. Indulge!

    00:00 Roy Wood Jr squirming
    01:40 Andrew got the Nation of Islam plug
    03:43 Farrakhan the best orator alive?
    05:08 Correspondents’ Dinner background & insight
    07:11 They didn’t know Roy was nice at stand-up
    08:59 Getting selected for the gig - G.S. Warriors involved
    10:44 Roy Wood Jr one of less than 15 + style of comedy
    11:56 How long to prepare? Changing it up
    16:31 Trump was p***y for not turning up
    17:26 The School Sh**ting joke + being strategic
    20:56 Roy didn’t get the Epstein invitation + no-one policed the jokes
    22:28 Roy’s meanest jokes that didn’t make it
    26:52 Flagrant’s jokes for Roy - Disney +, Stormy Daniels, Gaping holes
    36:48 Roy’s appearance on “Inside Jokes”
    38:11 Roy’s scientific style of stand-up - precision
    41:55 Roy’s father - Vietnam, South Africa and CSPAN Crackas
    43:25 Local reporters first to go + Civil Rights era PTSD
    46:32 Kamala got them soft hands + speaking to the attendees
    49:27 Feelings at the start and end + Diana Ross is important
    53:08 Roy Wood Jr new Inside Joke
    54:27 Roy pissing off Industrial Kool-Aid Complex
    55:28 Grandma’s heavies + Peanut Butter & Choc chip cookies are BLACK
    01:06:17 Egyptians upset about Netflix Cleopatra
    01:08:26 White Jesus and untrustworthy White Pastors
    01:11:18 2 girls 1 c**k
    01:13:11 Jerry Springer looks funny in the light BUT we loved it
    01:20:07 NBA - TV dictated the south’s fav. teams
    01:22:28 Alabama ain’t that bad, guys!
    01:25:05 Responsibility of giving back + Roy’s criminal past
    01:37:19 Akaash’s competing identities + repping your set

  • yerrr, today we had on YouTube & NYC's own: Casey Neistat - we talked the state of YouTube, his wild upbringing, his lack of fear of risk, surviving 9/11, being a dad, his never ending hustle and much much more. INDULGE

    00:00 Daily Flagrant vlog
    00:46 Casey crashes every car he’s had
    05:56 Bitterness isn’t interesting + 2003 Apple video
    12:10 Having a daily record of my life
    13:35 Becoming a caricature + wife keeps Casey honest
    19:46 Staying away from sensationalism
    21:23 Casey’s next video “YouTube makes me sad”
    24:03 100m views before monetisation - BIG MISTAKE
    25:26 Casey is addicted to Prime energy
    26:41 Influencer monetisation + doing merch right
    28:32 Beme - inspiration & hoodwinking CNN
    33:55 Rejected from the CNN PJ + enjoying his riches
    41:09 Nothingness+ TOUGH upbringing + Trapping
    46:04 Mum gave Casey ultimatum + leaving home
    47:57 Rizzing & impregnating at 15
    54:20 Becoming a parent + Van adopting Casey
    59:21 Moving to New York = from trailer park to tiny studio
    01:05:45 Getting the first break + babysitting cats
    01:08:51 September 11th, 2001
    01:21:20 Oscars + being a sheep isn’t safe
    01:26:49 Raising rebellious children that follow the rules
    01:29:32 Don’t disparage children
    01:35:49 Tasting success - Bill Clinton
    01:41:05 “Science Experiments” - might be the first NFT
    01:44:02 Not asking for permission- making ads
    01:46:11 Failures too
    01:47:08 Vlogging - cable access, HBO, Gonzo journalism
    01:53:33 Working with Van Neistat and their challenging times
    01:55:28 Representing New York + LA feels hollow
    01:57:21 Feeling like a Judas + being in love with NY
    02:00:30 The King of New York
    02:01:35 Misunderstanding New Yorkers
    02:04:42 New York is the best it’s has ever been
    02:06:29 Chinatown is ungentrifiable and we LOVE it
    02:07:46 Half-way houses f-ing up the neighbourhood
    02:09:45 Casey will never leave NY + no regrets moving to LA
    02:11:32 The importance of story - communicating universality
    02:21:58 Doing NY better + finding balance
    02:28:00 The story of the sunglasses
    02:30:11 Most people are awesome + fame helps
    02:34:01 Seldomly saying no to a selfie
    02:41:58 Daughter watching Casey’s vlogs
    02:44:06 ASMR Camping + girls go camping is educational
    02:49:48 Candice is BLESSED + new income avenue?

    –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– dizzy by Joakim Karud https://soundcloud.com/joakimkarud Music promoted by Audio Library • Dizzy – Joakim Ka... ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––

  • What’s up people, y’all know Adam Rowe from his podcast “Have a Word” and his many comedy specials

    0:00 UK and Turkey need to create a master race
    03:27 English cuisine is just adding fries
    04:56 Gordon Ramsey has gone soft
    05:43 British Empire + The Beatles sold out
    08:58 Liverpool are the Italians of the UK
    10:49 Adam’s ranks ethnics + dumbo voters + Constitution is the Goat
    15:48 Liverpool rioting + beefing with everyone + G checking bins
    19:40 Everyone knew Paddy Pimblett was the truth
    22:44 Scouse’s view on Russia - Ukraine + UK hates refugees
    25:56 The sweetheart and the thief
    33:45 Dr Catford is the greatest
    40:03 KSI drama with the Stanis + Whites the best at racism
    52:55 Saying the N word + shout out the Bangos
    58:32 Poles are the Mexicans of UK + Wassup my J*p?
    01:07:58 Black Alan the Taxi Driver
    01:12:38 UK talking funny + dirty Scouse talk
    01:16:41 Akaash backlash from Gujaratis
    01:19:34 Adam loves country music + “I don’t believe White Christians”
    01:22:14 Co-host Dan HATES country music until now
    01:25:41 Adam loves fat MILKERS + CAKES
    01:27:26 Have a Word might come to the US + UK Tour
    01:37:04 Achraf Hakimi finessing + Soccer stars protection
    01:45:20 AI - fun distraction or disruptive?
    01:51:44 ChatGPT’s version of Adam’s comedy
    01:53:10 Banning TikTok + Zuckerberg is our slave + Child Labour
    02:00:42 Freedom to try + “Juicy” + next special
    02:12:52 Edinburgh Fringe audience different to comedy fans

  • Sup everybody, we're back with the Flagrant boys & today we talk about some wild things: Izzy's KNOCKOUT, Schulz should be Waluigi in the next movie, The Dalai Lama doing some wild stuff, how hot your cousin might be and much much more.

    00:00 Israel Adesanya is that guy + fight recap + 1st fight adjustments
    14:25 Dricus du Plessis trolling his way to a fight
    19:47 Great that UFC is buying WWE
    21:27 Trump will become the President in 2024 + needing Black women or gays
    29:51 Rihanna might be the one for Trump + US looking weak
    35:35 Dalai Lama really is wildin’
    37:55 Gandhi wasn’t really on hunger strike?
    42:05 Michael Jackson was better than Gandhi
    44:20 Mr Beast’s newest challenge - Chris
    49:31 Ugly women need to get HRT
    55:15 Waluigi reviews the Super Mario Bros. movie
    59:54 Japanese were racists back in the day…
    01:01:34 Andrew had never heard of Waluigi + Impressions
    01:03:06 The importance of choosing the right role + Chalamet v Holland
    01:16:13 Air with no Jordan
    01:17:53 Dana Carvey turtlely appropriate 9/11 Tribute
    01:19:24 Beverly Hills Cop allowed Eddie to be Eddie + choosing the right role
    01:23:42 Chris Tucker + Fifth Element + what movie sets are really like
    01:30:01 Andrew was too afraid to break acting rules + genius in not knowing
    01:33:53 The Beatles were incredible: they made the 1960s
    01:37:25 Pressure of being a critic + real criticism has value
    01:43:30 Akaash needs an info wala + becoming Dr. Umar Jahangir
    01:49:57 Men getting more cosmetic surgery for other MEN + meat market
    01:58:03 Willing to listen to 1 out of 100s
    01:59:46 Andrew’s Ultimate Feet Theory
    02:01:19 Talking about Barbie’s length
    02:03:55 Mark makes Andrew’s argument better
    02:05:00 Margot Robbie’s arch + foot tattoos are for fat girls
    02:09:58 Would you smash Margot if is she’s your cousin?

  • We are blessed today to be joined by Tiny Meat Gang's very own Noel Miller. We talk about his ongoing ethnicity mystery, going Vine viral, the success of 'That's Cringe' and wanting to move to New York to work on his stand-up comedy! INDULGE

    00:00 Working out Noel's ethnicity
    05:57 Gun to head... we're saying any word
    07:49 White co-hosts memory + The Philips got the rice cakes
    13:32 Noel got the lamb cheeks + Cody wants Noel to be White
    15:48 Larsa Pippen nightly workout regimen + daily nuts
    22:23 Akaash rejected for tutoring + Noel's wife ethnicity
    21:48 Having kids + relationship with moms are tough
    27:50 Crowd's expectations + Noel's start in comedy
    37:40 Vine created internet today
    41:03 That's Cringe, Noel's viral content + Dan Bilzerian posted Noel
    42:21 Impressive Spaceship studio
    45:15 Comedy influences - Comic View, Comedy Central, Dave & Rock
    48:14 Noel's special is coming + getting your reps in + crowd control
    53:45 Putting clips out allowed audience to understand you
    56:40 Expensive item for wifey + appreciating the successes
    01:07:28 Noel owns Honda Civic & Porsche + how to steal cars
    01:12:21 Andrew's flipping his fake Porsche + real one feels different
    01:14:20 Loves go-karting + Helmet nerds + Racing competitively
    01:36:00 Andrew boxing & does Noel box?? + concussions
    01:39:30 Noel been pulled over for speeding + Keys on roof + White privilege
    01:45:25 Noel is Touring = "Everything Is F#&ked"

  • WHATS UP PEOPLE. This week we have the brilliant Whitney Cummings in the studio to discuss the OnlyFans Roast of Bert Kreischer, her mothers recent passing, and her recent love affair with a woman. This episode is a wild ride. INDULGE!

    00:00 Andrew watched the Bert Kreischer roast + Flagrant are dorks
    04:21 Andrew is Hypocrites + Hollywood is alive
    10:35 Whitney is trans + dating a woman
    13:43 Birth control impacts EVERYTHING
    16:06 U Penn didn't take Epstein money + Roasting Prince Andrew's daughter
    28:53 Losing both parents really affects you + child actors is weird
    32:20 Whitney is a great kisser + lingerie etiquette
    36:01 Tuning up the chest + dating tall women and bald men
    38:25 Censoring self because didn't want to hurt parents
    40:46 Workaholism + processing grief + babysitters were molesting
    48:02 Whitney smashed out a virgin + animal activism
    01:00:40 Success early delays growth + processing Hollywood + Shirley Temple
    01:03:16 Taking a hiatus + 2 hobbies = fencing, archery and quilts
    01:15:15 Stand-up growth + we love you, Whitney
    01:24:41 People turning up for Whitney
    01:29:42 Supporting everyone including those that hate you
    01:33:20 Whitney's OnlyFans are for dirty jokes
    01:42:10 The Beatles suck + evolving with your art + Dane Cook was that guy
    01:51:46 Dave Attell is a beast + wanting to repackage nostalgia + references
    02:00:32 Movie theaters + comedy and romcoms won't work in theaters
    02:07:42 Nepobabies + MeToo moments + Chet Hanks handled it the best
    02:14:36 Bring back beating white kids + coping with being humbled
    02:21:21 Women talk too much + wanting to find out bio-age
    02:25:00 Roast of Whitney Cummings is coming

  • Today we’ve got Breaking Point’s Saagar Enjeti in the Flagrant studio. Saagar talks about Joe Rogan’s new Mothership Comedy Club in Austin, how women are now out earning men, Donald Trump’s saga with Stormy “horse-face” Daniels and how negativity in the press might be destroying American patriotism. INDULGE!

    00:00 Start
    00:13 Saagar's beautiful gnashers + T c** shots + Natty or not
    08:03 Jonah Hill really saving the Jews + we still playing Ye's music
    09:47 American dream is down big + 1998 was peak for US
    15:01 Brokies can't afford gold diggers + Politics has rotted patriotism
    20:01 Negativy drives curiosity + division drives voting
    22:10 Cultural apathy + comedy is free + men are very lonely
    26:06 Women out earn men + Saagar is the cleverest Indian
    33:27 Young people are pole smokers but having less sex
    37:52 Early days of dating apps were meat markets
    39:44 Settling down age is older + Bubble quizzing
    45:01 Internet has created cultural homogeneity
    48:11 Universities are well endowed + generational college attendance
    51:12 Coastal elites are disgusted with the rest + antiestablishment comedy
    55:15 I've been to Austin more!!!
    57:00 Joe Rogan's Mothership comedy club + Austin might BE new comedy scene
    01:11:12 Comedy world is treasonous + Joe Rogan really is unique
    01:12:34 Saagar was right to move away from mainstream
    01:16:23 Most disappointing - networks asks the exact same questions
    01:22:40 Saagar's coverage has impact + celebrating good parts of US
    01:29:47 Poverty - migrant labor in Gulf states + Mumbai Beach Toilet + Cambodia killing fields
    01:34:05 There are right reasons to be patriotic about America
    01:38:14 Civil War - the South are too scared of the North
    01:41:44 Agent provocateurs at January 6th + BLM riots
    01:45:13 Entrapment - ISIS, Gretchen Whitmer and informants allowed to keep wildin'
    01:49:41 9/11 blessed the agencies' cashapps + Agency incompetence
    01:51:15 Donald Trump Stormy Daniels horse face saga is a red herring
    01:56:02 Dems want to run off against Donald Trump
    01:58:01 Joe Biden has made us all happier + Trump anti-vote
    02:03:40 Tech bubble bursting + not all layoffs mean the same
    02:05:05 Shoring up the banks but they play with our money risk free
    02:11:56 We believe Transwomen here + cross-dressers teaching kids to read
    02:22:40 Christian teachers preaching Creationism + "wrong until they're right"
    02:25:13 Andrew attends real, underground Church + Christian music gets Andrew in the feels
    02:29:56 Andrew got got + tithing a lot + loopholes in Judaism and Islam
    02:33:12 Christianity ain't all bad + Gay uncles protected the tribe
    02:36:29 History is just the triumph of the cucks + alpha wolf was a hoax
    02:39:47 L.I. wife blesses husband's gf + cuck shed + cucks are in control
    02:42:11 Childhood trauma creates monsters
    02:44:17 Historical psychos couldn't survive + Catholics HATE + bribing White God

  • Whats up people, we've got The Machine in the building, Bert Kreischer. Schulz reached out to his 2 bears, 1 cave co-host Tom Segura to get some info on some of Berts fears... turns out he hates clowns and balloons. We DID NOT expect it to end up like this. INDULGE!

    00:00 START
    01:27 Rolex boys
    04:59 WHO Picked berts movie wife? + kissing a new woman
    08:42 Why Bert won't cheat + Bert loves to EAT
    12:46 Being honest + earning the ability to talk about yourself
    15:30 Tosh is the greatest + colluding in poker
    20:48 Bert's comedy style + having unbelievable conviction
    30:26 Patrice O'Neal story + insight into their lives
    32:07 Birth of "The Machine" + being protective about personal life
    37:39 Bert LOVES Segura even if Bert gets hurt
    41:54 Music industry infiltrated Comedy + wanting to make Comedy
    45:58 Stand up clips are gonna end comedy but it WORKS
    51:15 Body counts really do count
    59:57 Segura sends his regards + "you can't trust them"
    01:03:53 Flagrant unspiked Bert's beer
    01:04:57 "I can smell them" - Balloon PTSD
    01:09:18 Ari is more trustworthy than Flagrant + can't trust Clowns
    01:15:04 Bert is terrified of flying + blimp panic attack
    01:18:02 Industrial Clown Complex is done
    01:19:17 Deaths, Phobias, panic attacks & spelunking
    01:39:49 Travel show - cave diving or wingsuiting will be your funeral
    01:45:04 Bert is relentless + failure was ultimate blessing
    01:54:26 Early Rogan appearances - impacted EVERYTHING
    02:04:22 Comics used to hate each other
    02:06:41 Blessed to have lived the best life

  • What up people, today we independent researcher and creator of UnchartedX Ben Van Kerkwyk to explain WHY the pyramids couldn't have been built the way archeologists say. He showed us the drilled cores from ancient power tools, perfectly balanced pots that couldn't be made by hand... and even shows what the pyramids could have been used for all along... Limitless energy? INDULGE!

    00:00 Join us on our Ancient Egypt adventure
    01:19 The precision of the Pyramids are insane
    06:40 Tools they claimed Egyptians used doesn’t make sense
    09:20 Engineers’ impact + pyramids represent the precision of the Earth
    16:06 There was a lost civilization + humans have been around for a LONG time
    23:39 Water damage on the Sphinxes
    27:07 Gobekli Tepe discovering changed everything
    28:42 Sphinxes have a peanut head
    33:11 We’re in an ice age + Younger Dryas period was VIOLENT
    40:34 Meteors - Great Chicago Fire + Apocalypse + Bones were decimated
    47:59 Ancient underground cities - Derinkuyu + Gobekli Tepe
    50:28 Impacts in NA caused Younger Dryas
    54:14 Religions across the world talk of a great flood
    59:14 Ancient Egyptian vases having insane precision
    01:11:27 Evidence might be buried + Pyramids across the world
    01:15:46 Why are Pyramids so significant?
    01:18:43 Pyramids had function = energy source?
    01:36:25 Ancient Egyptians talked about a time before them
    01:39:25 Unreal craftsmanship - Giant statues + heritage
    01:44:27 Ancient cities across the world + South American Precision
    01:54:50 Asking for evidence of tools applies to all explanations
    02:02:02 Understanding our history will help properly prioritize
    02:04:13 Drugs helped + Climate Change = cold is real problem
    02:10:48 Dynastic Egyptians deserve credit + hieroglyphs in Australia???
    02:15:02 Scale of mass + hieroglyphs don’t talk about pyramids
    02:22:18 Giants + G. Blacki is the actual name + Neanderthals were lit
    02:29:04 Aliens ayy LMAO + Exodus into space
    02:33:24 Antarctica + Ottoman Maps + Military power
    02:38:11 Challenging your beliefs and being open to change

  • What’s good people we got the Bad Guy himself Chael Sonnen. He stops by to talk about his nemesis Jon Jones, The Art Of The Bad Guy, Floyd Mayweathers money problems, & Lebron James Alleged steroid use. This one gets wild. INDULGE!

    00:00 Chael Sonnen in a wild boy
    01:07 How to be a bad guy - be authentic
    07:44 Andrew’s favourite piece of trashtalking
    10:31 Code of the heel + The crowd will choose their heroes
    17:33 Valentina Shevchenko doesn’t understand her role
    25:39 Chael: Jon Jones v Ciryl Gane is a miss
    29:23 Francis Ngannou just didn’t make money
    34:16 Francis Ngannou v Tyson Fury isn’t a draw
    39:51 Chael just loves fighting & father’s affection
    43:57 Chael was always a heel + first promo
    47:05 Nogueiras won’t talk to Chael to this day
    48:58 Crossing the line - Chael’s regret + Tito Ortiz
    52:25 Breaking character for Wanderlei + understanding the role
    54:52 Andy Kauffman was a genius + Conor is true to the performance
    01:00:29 Jake and Logan Paul deserve respect + WWE’s offer
    01:03:24 Chael: $8.8m from Silva fight + Jones doesn’t know how to negotiate
    01:12:21 Fake news: Mayweather v McGregor + Chael officiated Mayweather
    01:21:20 Floyd never made $100m from a fight + needs the money
    01:28:27 Chael on CTE, mat rats + code speak
    01:31:24 Israel v Pereira is a confusing rematch
    01:35:27 Chael knew couldn’t beat Jon Jones + confidence & failure
    01:38:27 Chael was NOT clean + LeBron James + PEDs
    01:43:33 Bellator 292 - $1m 8 man tournament
    01:49:34 Islam Makhachev IV, scumbag nurse + Lance use of IV
    01:54:42 Chael on Politics: Clinton, Obama, Trump, Romney & Ventura
    02:02:47 “I used to rob banks” + Chael’s wife + D. B. Cooper
    02:20:17 Chael knew there was a phoney in President’s inner circle
    02:22:30 George Santos is like any other politician
    02:24:47 Chael LOVES voting
    02:26:09 JFK story doesn’t make sense
    02:28:42 Pyramids + Rogan doesn’t miss + Netflix saved comedy
    02:33:28 Chael was a virgin until he met Brittany Hottie
    02:37:26 Chael would have holidayed on Epstein’s Island

  • Today we got the one and only Charlamagne Tha God in the building to discuss Kanye & Adidas getting back, Michael B. Jordan confronting bully, and why Jake Pauls loss is actually better for him. INDULGE!

  • Whats up people, today we have Johnny Mitchell to discuss how he got linked up with the Sinaloa cartel, how he eventually got caught, and how he survived 3 years in federal prison. INDULGE!

    00:00 Intro
    00:43 Johnny didn’t snitch
    01:55 Johnny freelanced for the cartel
    03:44 Did anyone try to climb Johnny’s tree?
    05:53 Johnny’s first fight in prison
    07:35 Different types of jail
    08:28 Swedish jail is like summer camp
    10:08 Schulz obeys the law because he’s scared of a booty bandits
    14:07 Scariest person he met in jail is a dude with a tiny pecker
    20:11 Scariest thing about prison is male pattern baldness
    22:07 How Johnny became a professional dealer
    26:30 Coke is where the money is
    29:31 Johnny got robbed while playing Mario kart
    35:20 Sinaloa - home of Weed + Speaking Spanish is worse
    41:30 Johnny was making $80k a month
    46:19 How CNN taught Johnny to traffick drugs
    56:31 Everybody wants to be seen, including the cartel
    01:01:08 Nobody wants to be the boss anymore
    01:03:36 How freelancing led to Fentanyl
    01:08:05 Comedy is like drug dealing
    01:09:11 Dealing with mafia nepo-babies
    01:13:20 Johnny is 0/1 with bribes
    01:21:35 Johnny made $1 million selling
    01:23:48 Where do you hide that much money?
    01:30:33 Laundering money though gifts
    01:32:20 Middlemen drug dealers + Business acumen
    01:38:51 Embracing your past
    01:41:40 How Johnny would start again…
    01:46:31 Paying US Border agents + Legalisation
    01:55:18 Portland Whites are weird
    02:00:09 European Mafias + Bootlegging created Presidents
    02:09:13 Crack + crime + overcorrection
    02:13:45 Moving guns + Cartels wanted the wall
    02:19:17 Narco-states built around Tourism
    02:21:36 This is a lonely life + adjusting to civilian life
    02:25:45 Moving drugs in prison + Racial lines aren’t as strict
    02:33:00 Solitary confinement is torture + time flies in prison
    02:40:02 Working in the kitchen + Real camaraderie
    02:43:38 Difference between Snitch and Rat
    02:45:26 Family impact - mom, dad and Jimmy
    02:50:44 Comedy in prison is the best
    02:54:53 Every prisoner has a gf
    02:56:30 Taliban contacted Johnny for consulting
    02:57:41 Being the last bootlegger - “no regrets”
    02:59:26 Smashing out Cartel’s girl + Risk taking

  • Whats up people, we got Ralph Barbosa in the studio today to talk about the recent comments from George Lopez & growing up in a cartel family. And THEN, we got just the boys chopping up about Ohio train conspiracies, UFC conspiracies, and why The Last Of Us is the greatest game ever.

    00:00 Beef with George Lopez?
    06:22 George Lopez called Ralph to apologize
    08:32 OGs need their love too
    10:50 Ralph doesn’t even think George was being personal
    13:50 Andrew Schulz’s Slideshow Pain
    15:16 Ralph is stuck in Dallas
    17:46 Ralph - bum at heart + getting pum pum
    21:41 Ralph’s family involvement with Cartels
    27:52 Ralph’s dad and uncle did their time
    33:15 Feeling like Michael Corleone
    38:18 Ralph leaves before it gets too good
    29:14 Dave Chappelle is Ralph’s entry into comedy
    41:51 Eddie Murphy + Chris Rock + Patrice are special
    44:37 Online will let the talented succeed
    48:42 People being nice is suspicious
    55:02 Check Ralph Barbosa on Entrenos [HBO]
    58:19 Ralph Leaves - Elon Musk jelly of Joe Biden?
    01:00:47 Andrew’s mom kissed another man?
    01:03:53 Moms weren’t getting RINSED
    01:07:03 Back to Biden - fake humble
    01:09:50 Control your troops - shouldn’t be leaking
    01:11:40 Did Islam Makhachev use an IV?
    01:17:49 Incredible fight: scoring + pound for pound
    01:26:14 Billboard’s Rap list + Nicki Minaj might deserve her place
    01:38:37 Super Bowl was rigged
    01:40:13 Trains should never crash
    01:42:58 Are there more poison cargo or people trains?
    01:54:20 Andrew watching and playing The Last of Us
    01:56:18 TLoU Episode 5 discussion
    02:00:50 Best place to hide during Zombie outbreak?
    02:01:23 Camp Gagnon’s next episode - free diver insane story
    02:03:00 Raiding camps or hurricanes - which would you pick?
    02:05:25 Alexx would rather become a zombie + The Bloater

  • Yerrrrr, we're back with Yeonmi Park where we got her opinion & personal stories on North Korea, her love for America, Joe Rogan, her harrowing time at Columbia University & much much more. INDULGE!

    00:00 Do you know about the heavies?
    00:54 Andrew squirming while explaining the heavies
    04:32 Yeonmi Park - eating bugs, rats and NYC rats
    13:47 The horrors of escaping to China
    17:17 N. Korea will arrest 3-8 generations of your family
    19:30 Crossing a desert into salvation
    21:42 Becoming a mother made her believe in God
    22:30 N. Korea resorts and Pleasure Squad Members
    23:45 Pyongyang Propaganda
    27:07 China uses N. Korea to look good
    33:31 Takes an operation to stay in contact with N. Korea
    39:28 South Koreans discrimination + stereotypes
    41:44 Kim Jung-il myths + Dictator of Soho
    49:55 Yeonmi meeting her first Black Man
    51:12 Yeonmi takes the Asian test
    53:57 Meeting gay people in San Francisco
    56:44 More difficult - NK or marriage? Whites are weird
    59:06 Dating in America + too soft on men
    01:06:07 Being robbed in Chicago + Florida freedom
    01:10:38 Yeonmi on Weed, MDMA + Psilocybin
    01:12:52 Gays are the best with drugs
    01:13:35 Yeonmi - Burning Man might be too much
    01:15:55 American food that puts Yeonmi off
    01:21:38 Yeonmi dating history - Whites, Persians but no Koreans
    01:25:08 Jews loves Asians
    01:27:48 Yeonmi - abroad is dangerous + guns
    01:32:22 “The Interview” - first movie Yeonmi saw in US
    01:33:08 Guard against being used + people scared of China
    01:36:10 NK Prisons v US - who loves the meats?
    01:39:22 Christians were the only ones that cared
    01:42:03 Universities are woke or manufactured?
    01:47:33 Elon Musk’s Mars will North Korea
    01:50:01 Must tolerate all viewpoints including Marxism
    01:52:43 Instilling values + Caste system + Food for sex
    02:01:00 Meeting Harvey Weinstein
    02:01:56 Nearly meeting Leo DiCaprio + Hottest guy in the world
    02:08:44 Importance of movies + no one cares about North Korea
    02:11:01 Answering the critics of Yeonmi Park
    02:17:50 Black money funding Yeonmi?
    02:19:36 Andrew was never invited to cookouts
    02:27:17 Only way to stop Marxism: make everyone millionaires
    02:33:10 Things Yeonmi wants to try + Freedom is painful
    02:38:20 Gangnam Style was MASSIVE + Korean Names
    02:43:59 All Yeonmi’s girlfriends are in open relationships
    02:45:43 “Don’t tell me what to do” - White men are weird

  • What up people, Schulzy reacts to the media drama around the "You People" kiss, Leo Dicaprio's new girlfriend, and the Chinese spy balloon that got shot down. INDULGE!

    00:00 Schulz and Akaash kiss
    00:47 “You People” respects people’s boundaries
    06:33 Matt Dillon is the original Champagne Papi
    08:39 Supporting local charity case
    13:46 Ep. 4 of The Last of Us
    16:18 DiCaprio’s new teenage friend
    32:36 Tom Brady has a new girlfriend?
    34:11 DiCaprio is a true talent scout
    36:31 Sliding on Chinese Spy Balloon
    41:35 Favorite rabbit and being washed
    44:22 Sam Smith exploiting Christian outrage?
    49:01 Being a cat and peanut butter lover
    51:22 Francis Ngannou will fight Tyson Fury
    01:01:43 Conor McGregor coming back
    01:07:56 Gareth Reynolds joins - no-one wanted Akaash
    01:12:43 Gareth’s standup + Weeeeeed
    01:16:06 Ayahuasca opens up EVERYTHING
    01:23:37 Gareth’s podcast + being a cracker
    01:32:29 Which minority would you sacrifice for success?
    01:36:55 Ayanhuasca and grandma’s peach
    01:43:01 Can you name the BTS members?
    01:51:07 Cracker music time + new special

  • What's up people, Stephen A. Smith joins the boys to discuss the Greatest athlete of all time (It's NOT Michael Jordan), if Tom Brady is even considered an athlete, and how he curves so many ESPN Groupies. His Book Straight Shooter is OUT NOW. INDULGE!

  • What up people, Schulz was so moved by MrBeast curing 1000 people of blindness, he chose to help 1 person see again too.

    00:00 Alexx copying Andrew’s swag
    11:13 Mr Beast really might be Jesus
    20:15 Flagrant wants to help the needy
    36:25 Superbowl + Texas v NY + Roasting Akaash’s fit
    57:19 LeBron meltdown - fans are more embarrassing
    01:06:05 Atrioc Deepfake Twitch Controversy
    01:18:44 Prime sponsoring UFC
    01:20:19 Sky Bri’s Poo Cleaning Services
    01:24:24 Nike suing Bape - streetwear gone too far?