• 060: Amanda Lee - The Power of Intention

    · 01:12:07 · Live Immediately with mike campbell

    So often you can feel stuck in the overwhelm of life, feeling like you don’t have any option to change your situation. In this episode I talk with a wonderful woman, Amanda Lee, about the power of intention and getting clear on what you want, that is coming from your heart. Listening to your heart and not your head is a recurring theme in this episode. Amanda and I discuss how many of our decisions are based in fear, the need for fulfilment and purpose, cutting the struggle, creating space, and meaningful alignment. Amanda also talks about five key steps to getting in the flow and she uses the acronym LifeRAFT. LIFE - See life in a new picture. Recognise that everything, including you, is just energy, and that you have the ability to work with this in a very powerful way. R- Reveal your real choices. Get clear on what you really want, coming from your heart, not your head. A - Align yourself energetically with what it is you choose. This includes your thoughts, words and actions. F - Free the flow. Remove the blocks within you that are holding you back and stopping you from being in the flow. T - Trust. Deliberately and systematically build your own trust about living in the flow. Become your own laboratory and your own evidence. There is so much in this episode today, and I’ll start by saying, some of the topics might be a little left of centre. But then on the other hand, who wants to live in the middle anyway. This is also a long episode as both Amanda and I go off on some tangents, but there are some great thought provoking gems along the way that I know you will love. I hope you enjoy x www.liveimmediately.com

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  • 059: Craig Kulyk - Create Good Mornings

    · 00:46:08 · Live Immediately with mike campbell

    As sure as the sun will rise in the east, our days start when we wake up and get out of bed. Today I am talking everything mornings with Craig Kulyk, who runs the website creategoodmornings.com. Taking control of my mornings has been a big game changer for me, and the catalyst to so much change in my life. To be honest, without working on, testing, tweaking my mornings, I don’t think Live Immediately would be where it is today and you might not be listening to this podcast Craig and I discuss how to create your own good morning and things to consider when starting out, the importance of doing something you want to do and changing things up or experimenting with your mornings, and focussing on small wins. We also dive into how your mornings are all about building habits, the benefits of tracking your habits, and how your evenings are just as vital as your mornings and how the two are so strongly linked. When you have little ones running around, the thought of owning your mornings can feel like a utopian dream. I completely get it. But once you put a few pieces in place, and understand not every morning will go to plan, it will feel like you’re living a new rejuvenated life. I hope you enjoy x www.liveimmediately.com

  • 058: Hugh Culver - Parenthood and Building Habits

    · 00:43:19 · Live Immediately with mike campbell

    Today on the podcast I’m chatting with Hugh Culver—husband, father of two, business builder and adventure lover. I have always admired Hugh as he moves from work, family and fun each day with the same excited and optimistic step. In this episode Hugh and I discuss the different phases of parenthood and how time commitments change and evolve as your children get older, creating habits in your day that turn into discipline, and cultivating change in your life. We also talk about the importance of one-on-one time with your kids and involving them in the decision process. At the end of the episode Hugh asks everyone to, “look at one simple habit that you can do everyday that’s going to make you feel better.” I’d love for you to email me or leave a comment on Facebook or Instagram and let me know what your one simple habit was. Hugh is a fun guy that works at filling his life with things that he enjoys. And to me, that is something worth working at. I hope you enjoy x www.liveimmediately.com

  • 057: Zoe Kim - Minimalism For Families

    · 00:42:31 · Live Immediately with mike campbell

    Changing your life is always difficult. Throw kids and a family into the mix and it is no wonder that many people stop before they start. Today on the podcast I’m with Zoe Kim, who is a mother of four, the author of the new book Minimalism For Families: Practical Minimalist Living Strategies to Simplify Your Home and Life, and the voice behind TheMinimalistPlate.com. Zoe and I chat about minimalism for families, the challenges when bringing new ideas into the household and how to get your kids and significant other on-board, letting go of sentimental items, the fear of missing out, and the importance of taking action. Zoe also touches on an essential point—that in the beginning of any change, things will be challenging and uncomfortable, but we need to allow ourselves to be uncomfortable with our feelings to progress, grow, and allow the change to take place. This is a great chat and one I know many people have been waiting for. I hope you enjoy x www.liveimmediately.com

  • 056: Mettie Spiess - Suicide Prevention & Mental Health Stigma Crushing

    · 00:40:58 · Live Immediately with mike campbell

    Mental health and suicide are not comfortable topics that we naturally gravitate towards. Which is all the more reason why we should. October is Mental Health month in Australia and on the podcast today I am chatting with Mettie Spiess, an award-winning mental health educator, international keynote speaker and full-time stigma crusher. Mettie empowers students, educators, and parents with skills to safely support individuals who are in crisis to prevent suicide. In this episode Mettie shares her story of how she lost both of her brothers to suicide, how she dealt with battling her own demons, and how we need to help stop people from suffering in silence. Mettie shares tips for parents and the importance of noticing the warning signs, how to help yourself mentally, and dealing with the inner critic and self-talk. This is a powerful episode with a beautiful woman, making it her life’s work to prevent suicide and to crush the stigma around mental health. I hope you enjoy x www.liveimmediately.com

  • 055: Brooke McAlary - SLOW - Live Life Simply

    · 00:55:39 · Live Immediately with mike campbell

    “Be patient with yourself, it does take time.” - Brooke McAlary I am excited to have friend, teacher, and all round beautiful human, Brooke McAlary, back on the podcast this week. Brooke and her husband Ben are the wonderful souls behind the hugely influential Slow Home Podcast, and are two people that have helped, guided, and encouraged Inga and I in many of the big life decisions we have made over the past few years. Brooke’s latest book SLOW has recently been released in Australia and New Zealand. It is part memoir, part practical companion, and provides a fascinating insight into the benefits of slowing down. It will inspire you to forget about the Joneses and create a life filled with the things that really matter to you. Brooke will be doing an Author Talk in my hometown of Newcastle on Wednesday September 27 from 6.30pm at the Hunter Design School. It is set to be a fun evening and I hope to see you there if you’re in the neighbourhood. In this episode Brooke and I really dive deep into this notion of slowing down, being more intentional about your life, and aligning your life with your values. Brooke talks about how she turned her life around to a destination of simple, and how the process is messy and individual for everyone, but how being patient and having faith in the process is fundamental. We also discuss being emotionally available for our children and the people we love, self-worth, and a powerful exercise Brooke did by writing out her eulogy in three sentences. It might sound morbid but it really has nothing to do about death, but everything to do with how you are living, or should be living, your life. Brooke is a kind, insightful, passionate women on a mission to help people change the way they live life—slowly, of course. I hope you enjoy x www.liveimmediately.com

  • 054: Emily Ehlers - Parenthood, Intentional Living & Big Questions

    · 00:51:08 · Live Immediately with mike campbell

    The big questions are often the most important but the hardest to ask, especially when you’re asking yourself. My guest today, Emily Ehlers, started asking herself the big questions—What do I value? What is important to me? — When her mother in-law passed away from brain cancer. My conversation with Emily takes many twists and turns as we discuss parenthood and allowing our children to grow, values and realigning our true north, and the numbness of drifting through life. Emily is an eco warrior and we talk about moving towards zero waste, how we need to be gentle with our partners when bringing new ideas into the household, and Emily also shares some great tips when starting out towards zero waste. We also talk about how we, too often, are chasing that imaginary finishing line—waiting for a magical day to arrive where we can be happy and fulfilled. But how that day we have been waiting for, is today. Emily shares a brilliant Less/More exercise where you write down what you want less of in your life and what you want more of, and I share the art of smiling, which is a simple but powerful exercise I do to help change or improve my mood. I hope you enjoy x www.liveimmediately.com

  • 053: Angela Foong - Designing A Simple Life

    · 00:45:06 · Live Immediately with mike campbell

    The home is so important when it comes to living a simpler life as it depicts many of our daily habits. My guest today is the lovely Angela Foong, one third of the sister trio behind the beautiful High Tea With Mrs Woo label. Angela and her architect husband Matt have built a small home on what used to be their neighbour’s garage plot. This deliberate home is more than a roof over their family’s head, it was a home built to create behavioural change. Angela looked inward and asked the very important question, “What would you like to be doing every day?” Spending time with her family, exploring, camping, cooking, getting outside, creating. So she built a home to allow all that to happen. Angela and I touch on so many topics in this chat; being thoughtful about money, family values and providing a better future for our kids, simple living and being thoughtfully frugal, and Angela’s wonderful empty pantry pot-luck dinner parties. I personally can’t wait for the next one. Like many of us, Angela is on the journey to finding the simple life that works for her. The big takeaway here is that Angela has dedicated the time to think about what is important to her, what she values, and then has gone about designing a life, and a home, to complement it. I hope you enjoy x www.liveimmediately.com

  • 052: Elesha Piper - Decluttering Personal Debt

    · 00:35:54 · Live Immediately with mike campbell

    Personal debt gradually tightens its grip around us, slowly building up and weighing us down emotionally. This is exactly what happened to my guest today, Elesha Piper. It didn’t happen over night but she accumulated $15,000 in credit card and personal loans—a large amount of money, but an amount that is so easily achievable. In this episode Elesha describes how personal debt isn’t a topic we generally like talking about as there is so much shame attached to it. And she hopes that by talking about her debt and how she overcame it, she can help and encourage other people to do the same and free themselves from the emotional rollercoster that debt delivers. Elesha talks about how she decluttered her finances first and then decluttered her stuff, tips when decluttering and where to start, and we discuss the notion of why women tend to be more affected by clutter than men. Stuff and money go hand-in-hand. If you’re holding one you generally have less of the other. I hope you enjoy x www.liveimmediately.com

  • 051: Matthew Bate – Reconnecting With Food & Following Your Heart

    · 00:53:52 · Live Immediately with mike campbell

    Our body is communicating to us all the time but too often we don’t listen. My guest today, Matthew Bate, spent a decade playing Australian Rules Football at the top level for the Melbourne Football Club. For many years he tried to mask what his body was trying to communicate to him by using pharmaceutical drugs, painkillers and sleeping pills, which transformed into an addiction. Life now looks and feels very different for Matthew, as he has reconnected with his body through food. This episode is about holistic health and how being healthy allows you to do the things you love with the people you love. Matthew and I talk about seasonal eating, fitness, and being aware of what we eat. Along with anxiety and stress, vulnerability, shame, following your heart, and dealing with the unknown with big life decisions. Matthew is a wealth of knowledge when is comes to health and food and how our body responds to what we put into it. I hope you enjoy x www.liveimmediately.com

  • 050: Denaye Barahona - Simple Families

    · 00:46:32 · Live Immediately with mike campbell

    Simplifying your own life is one thing, but we all know things start getting challenging when we bring our kids and family into the equation. Today I chat with Denaye Barahona about all things to simplify your family. As a Clinical Social Worker with a specialty in Child and Family Practice and a Ph.D. in Child Development, Denaye is also the voice behind the information packed website simplefamilies.com We dive into many topics in this episode as Denaye and I talk about simplifying your family in terms of clutter, letting go of difficult items, Denaye’s brilliant Toy Detox Program and the difference between open and closed toys, and not over scheduling our lives and our children’s lives. We also chat about how kids learn from their parents, positive discipline in the household and the “first then” principal (works wonders), building confidence in our kids by stepping back and not hovering, and one of my favourites—family meal time. If you have difficulties with food and your little ones eating you might want to try how Denaye feeds her children. Denaye is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to simplifying your family and this is an episode full of great tips and ideas touching on many different topics. I hope you enjoy x www.liveimmediately.com

  • 049: Rachael Kable - The Mindful Kind

    · 00:51:13 · Live Immediately with mike campbell

    My guest today is the lovely Rachael Kable, who is a mindfulness mentor, blogger and host of the wonderful Mindful Kind podcast, where she shares great tips and her journey into mindfulness to help people around the world to live more mindfully. If you’re new to mindfulness, feel like you are always busy being busy, or suffer from anxiety, then I think you will really enjoy this episode, as Rachael opens up about her journey into mindfulness and shares some wonderful tips and resources to help people getting started. In this episode Rachael and I dive into the inner talk that we all have, how we can find ourselves constantly thinking about the future, and planning on always trying to be better. One of the tips I really loved was the Breathing Waltz, which is where you breathe in for three, hold for three, and breathe out for three—so simple but yet so powerful. Rachael is a fun thinker and I love it that she doesn’t take herself too seriously. I hope you enjoy x www.liveimmediately.com

  • 048: Joe Fairleigh - Surfing Through The Connections Of Life

    · 00:46:59 · Live Immediately with mike campbell

    The road less travelled isn’t always an easy one to walk, but it does do wonders for your soul. My guest today, Joe Fairleigh, is a father, surfing guide, and a student of life. I gravitate towards Joe, as I love his outlook on life, the type of questions he asks himself, and the way he approaches parenthood. This is a deep conversation on many levels, and in this episode Joe and I get stuck into many interesting topics including; health and happiness, teaching kids to tackle fear and learn life skills via sport, scaring yourself when you start to feel numb, the simpleness to asking yourself big questions, letting go of control, the importance of movement, the maintenance of physical possessions, and the beautiful lessons of fatherhood. If you have ever asked yourself the question, “What is this life all about?” then I think you’ll really like this episode. You never know, the answer might be quite simple. I hope you enjoy x www.liveimmediately.com

  • 047: Clare Short - Navigating Towards A Simpler Life

    · 00:44:55 · Live Immediately with mike campbell

    Simple living looks different for everyone. What does it look like for you? In this episode I chat with Clare Short who is a wife, mother of two, and someone that is navigating her way through simple living. If that description sounds very similar to you, well that is exactly why I wanted to have Clare on the podcast today. To share the ups and downs, little strategies and resources which have helped her and hopefully will help you. Clare talks about how she first eased her way into simple living by doing the 40 bags in 40 days challenge, a fun game and something I hadn’t heard of before. We also chat about decision fatigue when we don’t know where to start so we just don’t start at all, simple living and parenting, and that natural progression from living more with less to simplifying our food and being more mindful about our waste. Clare also shares many of the resources that she turns to for inspiration and motivation including Marie Kondo, Joshua Becker, Courtney Carver and her project 333, the wonderful Slow Home Podcast and the book Simplicity Parenting by Kim John Payne. This is an episode to really let you know you’re not alone, and however you are personally doing simple living, is the best way. I hope you enjoy x www.liveimmediately.com

  • 046: Emrys Westacott - The Wisdom of Frugality

    · 00:43:54 · Live Immediately with mike campbell

    One of the easiest ways to learn is to listen to people that have done it before you. We often do this when it comes to learning new skills for a profession—we do an apprenticeship, attend university or have a tutor. So why don’t we listen to people about living life, as it seems to be one of the most challenging adventures we are all trying to navigate through. My fun conversation today is with Emrys Westacott, who is the professor of philosophy at New York’s Alfred University. Emrys’ most recent book is titled The Wisdom of Frugality, where he examines why, for more than two millennia, so many philosophers and people with a reputation for wisdom have been advocating frugality and simple living as the key to the good life. In this episode Emrys and I discuss how simple living has changed over the centuries, the role our expectations play, simple pleasures, and holding our materialistic desires in check. Along with the importance friendship has on our happiness and one of Emrys’ classes, Tightwaddery: The Good Life on a Dollar a Day. I thoroughly enjoyed this conversation and tapping into all of Emrys’ wisdom. I hope you enjoy x www.liveimmediately.com

  • 045: Ricki Coleman - Tackling Fear, Creating Change & Losing 45 Kilograms

    · 00:39:31 · Live Immediately with mike campbell

    What changes can you make in your life today that will enable you to live immediately? That is really the essence of the episode this week. My guest today is Ricki Coleman, a man, who at his heaviest, weighted 130 kilograms. Ricki lost his father at a young age, he turned to excessive eating and alcohol to numb the feeling, to the point where his weight had paralysed him from living the life he truly wanted to live. But Ricki’s story is so much more than lost kilograms. It is about taking control of your life, making the decision to change and allowing that change to slowly happen. Ricki talks about the importance of a support network, getting back on the pushbike to clear his head, and learning patience. The change we need to make can often be simple, but that doesn’t make it easy. Every change will come with its own challenges, it will push us and make us question if we really want the change to take place, even if we know we will benefit from the outcome of the change. We might not all have 45 kilograms to lose, but I am sure we all have self-limiting beliefs or fears that are holding us back just as much. What change will you make today? I hope you enjoy x www.liveimmediately.com

  • 044: Frances Trussell - Mindfully Happy

    · 00:45:27 · Live Immediately with mike campbell

    My guest today, Frances Trussell, is one of the leading mindfulness and meditation teachers in the UK and I personally had an absolute blast chatting with her. We cover so much in this conversation including, mindful eating, being mindfully happy, how we always wait for the perfect conditions in life, travelling through life with our blinkers on, and the relationship between mental health and mindfulness. Frances gives some great mindfulness tips when dealing with teenage kids, mindfulness and being a parent, and how our bad days filter through to our kids. We also touch on Paradise Syndrome, which is when we achieve everything but we’re still not happy. If you are new to meditation or simply want a different guided meditation, then please check out Frances’ podcast, Mindfully Happy, in the show notes below. She has a bunch of little series and in each there are five and ten minute meditations.  I love my morning meditation with Frances. There are so many great takeaways in this episode and Frances has such a beautiful and fun vibe. I hope you enjoy x www.liveimmediately.com

  • 043: Samantha Doove - The Rich Life

    · 00:48:37 · Live Immediately with mike campbell

    Money is an interesting element in our society—we seem to work so hard to acquire it, often not knowing why we want it, and simply believing we need more of it. In today’s episode I have a wonderful chat with Samantha Doove about the rich life and how money is only a small ingredient of it. We cover a lot in this episode as Sam and I discuss the real cost of things, not just the money cost but also the time and mental costs, the balancing dance between money and time, the benefits of experimenting and testing things in your own life, and the juggle between kids and work. Sam also touches on this notion of knowing your number, that financial dollar amount that you need to live on each year, that once you know “the number” it can help with making other life decisions. Sam also talks about the importance of recording what you spend, analysing what you spend your money on, and then comparing that with your values. This was a fun chat and I love it that Sam has made some financial decisions that might not have been the best financially but they have allowed her to enjoy her kids again, which is the best kind of decision in my book. I hope you enjoy x www.liveimmediately.com

  • 042: Three Simple Ways To Take Back Your Time

    · 00:16:14 · Live Immediately with mike campbell

    If you are a long time listener of the Live Immediately Podcast or even if you’ve only listened to a handful of episodes, I am certain that you’ve heard me say, many times, that “time is the true currency”. It really is the cornerstone of Live Immediately. That we only have this moment, right now, to do the things we love with people we love. Many people have asked me about this notion of time, as they continuously feel busy. Through all their questions, the underlining theme is, “How can I reclaim some of my time back.” In this episode I talk about three simple ways to take back your time, three simple techniques that I learnt, or was forced to lean, that have been huge game changers for me. All three of these techniques are free and you could implement them into your daily life starting today. Let me know how you go and what you end up doing with all your additional available time. I hope you enjoy x www.liveimmediately.com

  • 041: Innovation Through Simplicity (Idea Bombing Newcastle Talk)

    · 00:17:23 · Live Immediately with mike campbell

    I had a blast talking at the Idea Bombing Newcastle event last week to kick off the Hunter Innovation Festival. It was exciting to hear so many ideas being passed around the room, and to meet a wonderful collection of people that want to create change.  The change I created in my life started when I purged the excess, the items and stuff that I mindlessly accumulated over the years. The interesting thing is, I didn’t start purging items to change, I didn’t start purging items so we could slow travel around North America for a year, I didn’t start purging items so I could spend more time doing the things I love with people I love. But all of that, and more, happened because I let go of things I didn’t need in my life. All those wonderful changes and experiences were bi products of living more with less. I try to cover a lot in a short amount of time and there is a bit of background noise as the Edwards was quite full. But hopefully this talk will help you create change in your life. Just send me an email if you have any questions or an event you’d like me to speak at. I’d be happy to help. I hope you enjoy x www.liveimmediately.com