• Welcome to PhotoPhonica!

    For the inaugural episode, I chose a photograph from 2016 that I made of my friend Russ Darling, who I photographed as he was rebuilding a stone wall on a historic property in our small town in northeastern Connecticut. Russ is a Vietnam Era Veteran who has worn many hats over his life: Poet, Artist, former School Bus driver and most recently, Stone Mason.


    *Nord-ovest - Written by Lillo Morreale and performed by Antarte

    *Blue Boy, Bass Instrumental, Crazy Hunger (end credits) all written and performed by Ken Cormier.


    *Russ Darling was recorded in April 2018.

    *This episode of PhotoPhonica was produced by Greg Miller in January 2022.

    *I am so grateful for script editing assistance from my wife Tina Chiappetta-Miller and my daughter Gioia Miller

    *I received special audio help and general encouragement from Tanya Workman, Ken Cormier, Michael Chovan-Dalton and Dan Pilver.

    *The name PhotoPhonica was the brainchild of Richard Kraft.

    *Special thanks to Nicole Werbeck at NPR who gave me the first assignment that combined pictures and audio and started this idea down it’s path.

    *To see my photograph of Russ, a picture of the finished wall and some bonus audio of Russ reading one of his poems visit photophonica.com. While you are there, you can learn more about PhotoPhonica, drop me a line and tell me what you think. I would love to hear from you.

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