• Neste podcast, toquei musica memoráveis de Marcus Intalex alem de classico como de L Side e a novíssima de Futurist e o lançamento da semana do EP The Truth com DJ Andy que saiu pelo selo Tempo Records


    In this podcast, I played memorable music by Marcus Intalex as well as classics like L Side and the brand new one by Futurist and the week's release of the EP The Truth with DJ Andy that came out on the Tempo Records label

    Set list

    Futurist - This Girl Is Mine Vip

    Calibre - Roga Funk

    Motiv & Collette Warren - Cloak & Dagger

    DJ Marky Feat. Lorna King - Changing Moods

    Unkoded - Funky

    LIN000 - LIN001

    Marcus Intalex - Lowlife

    Jenks (UK) & Fernquest - Skatty

    D'Cruze - WATCH OUT (Chimpo Remix)

    Azpect & Lady MC feat. Dj Ss - Free Your Mind (Winter Mix)

    Spirit & Marcus Intalex - Crackdown

    Marcus Intalex - Steady

    L-Side - Astronaut

    T>I & Zombie Cats - Sidestep

    DJ Andy - A Piano, Sun, Drums And Bass

    Degs feat. LSB, Phoebe Freya - Trade Places

    Mista Trick & Arieleno - In the Red

    Artificial Intelligence Feat. Jenna G - Rising

    Conrad Subs - The Get Down (Instrumental)

    Roni Size Reprazent - Trust Me

    Roni Size - Strictly Social

    Breakage - Lickshots for Headtops

    H.M.P - Runin's (Origin Unknown Remix)

    Pengo - Death

    Taxman - M16

    Badman & Marvellous Cain - War For 94 (FreezeUK Remix)

    Zero T - Dream Logic

    Syren Rivers & M:FX - Changes (Alibi Remix)

    Ruth Royall & Makoto - New Love

  • No Past and Future dessa semana, destaque pros lançamento da semana com o novo EP de Nasz que saiu pela Formation Records selo de DJ SS e pro novo Álbum da innerground records de 100 Release do Selo e as musica exclusiva do DJ e Produtor Futurist This Girl Is Mine e Boogie Monster vale a pena conferir aqui " futuristdnb.bandcamp.com"


    In this week's Past and Future, highlights for the week's release with the new Nasz EP that came out on Formation Records label by DJ SS and for the new innerground records album of 100 Release of the Label and exclusive music by DJ and Producer Futurist This Girl Is Mine and Boogie Monster are worth checking out here "futuristdnb.bandcamp.com"

    Set list

    DJ Marky, Collette Warren & Tyler Daley - One Exception (Pola & Bryson Remix)

    Redeyes - What she wants (Lenzman Remix)

    Dash - Golden

    Tyrone - Misconceptions

    Integrate - Lidocaine

    Stillz & Pengo - Distant Planet

    Zero T - Gimme the Loot

    Bare Up - Jamba

    M:FX - Less

    Paul SG - Copa La Cinta

    Logistics - Sleeper Dub

    Bou - Cat Women

    Calibre - Trust

    Zero T - Come & Reprazent

    Nemy       Acapnotic

    Sub Killaz - Bad Ass MF

    Kommz - Trigger

    Blackout JA & Liondub & Anthony Johnson & Mr Quest - Jungle Gunshot

    Lupo - Drop It

    A-Audio - Nothing Serious

    Conrad Subs - Let's Jungle

    Surface - Ronin

    Emba & Catching Cairo - Limbo

    Conrad Subs - Factor 50

    Funkware - Mighty Morris

    Duskee & Disrupta - Blue Moon

    Futurist - This Girl Is Mine

    Ravegenix - High Rise

    Futurist - Boogie Monster

    Nasz & DJ SS - More

    Taxman - M16

    Formula - Cactus

    John Tejada - Night Transit

    DJ Marky Feat. Lorna King - Changing Moods

    Makoto - Inside Your Love

    Cosmonautics Feat. Cleveland Watkiss - Brazilian Nights

    Syndicate - Sandália de Prata

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  • Nesta Edição do podcast, trouxe alguns lançamentos dessa semana, e a novíssima de Nasz com Jah Love e classicos de I Kamanchi , Drumagick, Goldie entre outra, vale a pena conferir.


    In this edition of the podcast, it brought some releases from this week, and the brand new one by Nasz with Jah Love and classics by I Kamanchi, Drumagick, Goldie, among others, is worth checking out.

    Set list

    Pola & Bryson - Moment's Notice

    Foreign Beggars & Laville - Reveal (Alix Perez Remix)

    Alix Perez feat. Liam Bailey - Moving On (Break Remix)

    EN:VY - Bad Bois

    DJ Hybrid & Liondub & Navigator - Boom In 93 (Hardcore Junglism Mix)

    Incorporate - Tripping

    Goldie - Temper, Temper (Optical Remix)

    I Kamanchi - Never Can Tell (Its a Trap)

    Drumagick - Ragga Style

    Motiv - Shortcuts

    Bcee & Solah - Spirals

    Zar & Sahala - Taking Flight

    Random Movement - Little Treasure

    Nasz - Jah Love

    Document One - Wibble Wobble

    The Skeptics - Insidious

    Dunk - Gun Ball

    AYDN - No Option

    Macca & Loz Contreras - Elastic Love

    Jenks & Bone Slim - Free Rave

    Visages, Laville - About You (Alix Perez 3.AM Mix)

    DJ Marky & XRS - ???

    DLR, Break & MC Gusto - Temperature Is Rising

    Pa - Jigsaw Killer

    NC-17 - Rules of Hell

    Confusious - The Edges of Nowhere (T>I Remix)

    Enei,Frank Carter III - Moment Of Now

    Machinedrum Feat. Jorge Elbrecht - U Just R

    Hugh Hardie - No Compromise

    Satl - Takeshi

    Platinum Breaks & Joe Killington - Changes (Extended Mix)

  • No podcast Past and Future dessa semana, toquei varias musicas incríveis, que anos não toco, sem comprar com os lançamentos dessa semana, vale a pena conferir


    In this week's Past and Future podcast, I played several amazing songs that I haven't played in years, without buying this week's releases, it's worth checking out

    Set list

    Hillsdom & Maddy - Gaslight

    Zero T & Ian Urbina - Modified

    Surreal - Changes

    Random Movement - Patty Melt

    Mystific, Henry, Riya, Bazil MC - Unbalance My Fate

    Problem Central, Majistrate & Eksman - Dancehall Killer

    Jaydan - Say Nothing (Nu Elementz Remix)

    Bladerunner - Lick Shot

    Pa - Wanna Know

    Document One - Wibble Wobble

    Nectax & Tyrone - Outlander

    Artsea feat. Fleur De Mur - Pretending To Know

    Ivy Lab - Options

    Nymfo & Riya - Reflections

    Fluid Form - Lend Me Some Sugar

    Joely & MadRush MC - Backhand (L-Side Remix)

    Levela - Watch Your Step

    Dunk - Bang

    Drumsound & Bassline Smith - Jungle Dreams

    Shadre & Salvage - Don't Be Afraid

    Sub Killaz & Profile - Duppy

    Machinedrum - Braided Leaves (Visages Remix)

    nCamargo - Thoughts Of You

    Aquasky - Baby Its You !

    Spectrasoul - Tender Doubt

    Logistics - Last Years Loss

    Influx Datum - Cosa Buena

    DJ Koloral - Look

    Isaac Maya & Daddy Freddy - Dring Dem (Dunk Remix)

    Benny Page & Origin8a & Propa - You Know How To Love Me (Origin8a & Propa Remix)

    Cosmology - Don't Give it Up

    Alcemist - Us

    Nasz - Everyday

  • Nesta Edição especial do podcast Past and Future, fiz um Back 2 Back com o DJ e produtor Alex DB, que já lançou musicas pelo selo V recordings, Good Looking Records e

    tambem pelo selo de Nookie (Strictly Digital) set tocando o melhor da Atmosphere Drum n Bass.

    vale apena conferir esse set incrivel e bem diferente.


    In this special edition of the Past and Future podcast, I did a Back 2 Back with DJ and producer Alex DB, who has released songs on the V recordings label, Good Looking Records and also on the Nookie label (Strictly Digital) set playing the best of the Atmosphere Drum n Bass. it's worth checking out this amazing and very different set.

    Set list

    Makoto, Pete Simpson - Spread Love (Full Length Mix)

    Hugh Hardie - Learning to Fly

    Moonchild - View Of Life

    Artemis - Desideradi

    Hierogliphix - Rhythm Is Back

    Soulstructure - Lovers & Friends

    Mav - 2 AM On A Sunny Beach

    G-Force & Seiji - Sex In Space (Drum & Bass version)

    Quicksilver - Debut Jazz

    Total Science - Algebra

    Big Bud - Lifeline

    Odissey - Object

    Intersperse - Time Out Of Mind

    Fokus - On Line

    Seba & LoTek - Sonic Winds

    Funky Technicians - Airtight

    Hidden Agenda - Swing Time

  • Nesta Edição do podcast Past and Future, toquei varios lançamentos da semana, como a novo remix de Alix Perez da musica de Visages, Laville e tambem toquei um super classico de Q project com Solar System.

    vale a pena conferir esse set e não se esqueçam de me seguirem no instagram.com/djtorugo


    In this edition of the Past and Future podcast, I played several releases of the week, such as Alix Perez's new remix of the music by Visages, Laville and also played a super classic Q project with Solar System. this set is worth checking out and don't forget to follow me on instagram.com/djtorugo

    Set List

    Etherwood - I Will Wave To You

    Visages, Laville - About You (Alix Perez 3.AM Mix)

    Qua Rush - Umwelt

    London Elektricity feat. Emer Dineen - Build A Better World (Hugh Hardie Remix)

    Calibre - Instant

    Trex - Murphy's Law (Covert Garden Remix)

    Particle - Silo

    Bredren Feat. T-Man - Inferno (DLR Remix)

    Headroom - Pest Control

    Benny Page - Turn Down The Lights (Benny Page VIP Mix)

    Particle - Silver Crown

    Georgia Phoenix - What You Know About

    DJ Andy - Movement

    Saikon - Guilty Pleasures

    Redeyes & Lenzman - Gotta Change

    Alix Perez - Ain't Nothing

    Soul Method - Throwing Shapes

    Calibre - To And Fro

    Conrad Subs - Cool Off

    Dopplershift feat. Krispy - The Gallow

    Trex - Roller (VIP)

    Alaska - Azarca

    Scar - Unfeeling

    L0G1N - Eugene Belle

    Sunshine Productions - Above The Clouds ('21 Jungle Remix)

    Meloki - Boss Song

    Jedi - You Understand

    Arkaik - Mariana

    Pyxis - Opium

    DJ Marky & Evabee - Love Will Find Its Way

    Nymfo - Head Spinnin

    Dogger, Mindstate, Anile, DRS, [ K S R ] - Don't Hurt Me (Rework)

    Duskee & Disrupta - Yesterday

    Q Project - Solar System

  • Nesta Edição do Past and Future foi um aquecimento, para Live que vai ter domingo dia 19/09/2021, BASS MUSIC ACADEMY RAID TRAIN, começa as 10:00 na Twich no canal do Twitch.tv/t_alien_

    Set list

    Riya, Collette Warren & Sl8r - Showtime

    Dunk - Mambo

    Scar - It's Not Too Late

    Agro - Thuggish (VIP)

    Phuture Assassins - Future Sound (Exile & Mark XTC Remix)

    Kargo - Promised Land

    Meloki - Mother Earth

    Mtox & Evoke - Back Again

    Alix Perez,Ivy Lab - The Last Light

    A Sides & Makoto Feat. Riya - Where Do We Go

    Gen & Ryde - Embers

    DJ Marky & Evabee - Love Will Find Its Way

    Alix Perez feat. Liam Bailey - Moving On (Break Remix)

    Sym:bol - Microbial

    Benny L Feat. Mr Time & Inja - Terminate

    Alix Perez - Trinity (Skeptical Remix)

    Ill Truth - Secrets

    Walk:r,Roxi Yung,Particle - Blue Soul (Particle Remix)

    Drumsound & Bassline Smith - Give It To Me

    Deekline & Ed Solo - No No No (Phibes Remix)

    Shadre & Salvage - Don't Be Afraid

    D*Minds - Listen Again

    Jam Thieves - Bangkok

    Duskee, Disrupta & PAV4N - Radial Waves

    Nasz - Pain

    Top Dolla - L.O.T.C

    Formula - Spook

    Twintone - I Try Bossa

    Syndicate - Sandália de Prata

    Simplification & Translate,Masterwizard - Baby

    Dossa,Locuzzed - Magic

  • Nesta Edição do programa Past and Future, toquei algumas musica dos anos de 2017,18,19,20 e os lançamentos da semana.

    espero que gostem.


    In this edition of the Past and Future program, I played some music from the years 2017,18,19,20 and the releases of the week. Hope you like it.

    Set list

    DJ Zinc Feat. MC Fats - Move That Sound (Mr Joseph Remix)

    Nasz - Simple Jazz

    Voltage - Mood Swings

    Heist Feat Sahala - No Strings

    Scar - Unfeeling

    Ruth Royall & Makoto - New Love

    LTJ Bukem - Flip the Narrative

    Pola & Bryson - Devil

    Particle - The Arrival

    Harley D - What Makes You

    Break - Not Forgotten

    H.M.P - Runnins (Origin Unknown Remix)

    Sound Shifter - Junglist Champion

    L-Side - The Void

    Bou,Haribo - This One

    Workforce - Your Moves

    Halogenix - Shores

    Redeyes, Monty & [ K S R ] - Almond

    Lenzman - String City (Artificial Intelligence Remix)

    Zero T Feat. Steo - This Condition

    Ill Truth - Discover

    Dec James - How To Act

    OZ>ONE - Palace

    Jam Thieves - Sinaloa

    Bou,Niterider - Hounds

    BassBrothers - Bomboclat

    Diemantle, DJ Die, Dismantle, Redders - Harder They Come

    Akemi Fox - Fallin' (Lenzman Remix)

    Visages - Early Morning

    Heist Feat Hannah Collins - Necessities

    Ruth Royall & Blacklab - Mind Over Matter

  • No programa dessa semana, toquei só os lançamentos da cena Drum n Bass

    entre outras exclusiva de Futurist e DJ Andy.

    E Dedico esse programa pra Luciana, que faz aniversario essa semana parabéns.


    In this week's program, I played only the releases from the Drum n Bass scene among others exclusive to Futurist and DJ Andy. And I dedicate this program to Luciana, who celebrates her birthday this week.

    Set list

    Rudimental & MJ Cole Feat. Josh Barry - Remember Their Names

    Humanature Feat. Alpha Rhythm - Bloom

    Fred V Feat. Vio.let - Morning Eclipse

    Science of Man - It Is What It Is

    Channell - Less Talk

    Mitekiss Feat. Pixie Cola - Seventeen

    Pola & Bryson & Kojo - Closer to Home

    Ruth Royall & Makoto - New Love

    Earth Wind and Fire - Fantasy (Futurist Remix)

    Alibi & Acuna - System Report

    Traumatize - S.a.m

    Drunken Master - Beat You (Mentah Remix)

    Lupo - Lucid

    Cameron - Everything

    Krucial - Live In The Jungle

    Shadre & Salvage - Stay Put (Dunk Remix)

    Nasz - Clash

    Traumatize - Lost Count

    Agro - Dis Mist

    Zero T Feat. Aaliyah Esprit - Something Got Me

    KILLSWSH - Feels So Good (Zero T Remix)

    Emba & [ K S R ] - Lost Within Your Soul

    Break - Don't You Worry

    Jam Thieves - Dark Side

    Traumatize - Milk

    T>I - Let It Go

    Serum - LumberJack (Futurist VIP)

    Rusko & Mozey - Tings

    DJ Andy - Blood Pumping

    Octavate - Free Party

    Athena - Bayside Groove

    Flowanastasia & Nymfo - River Flows

    Ray Keith - Dont Get Me Wrong

    Simply Red - Holding back to years (Futurist Remix)

    Riya, Collette Warren & Whiney - Vices

  • Nesta edição especial do podcast past and future, trouxe um pouco das musica de produtores brasileiros que fizeram e fazem historia de parte da Cena Brasileira de Drum n Bass

    Esta e minha homenagem a esses talentos que acredita neste estilo de musica que amamos tantos.


    In this special edition of the Past and Future podcast, I brought some of the music of Brazilian producers who made and are part of the Brazilian Drum n Bass Scene This is my tribute to these talents who believe in this style of music that we love so much.

    Set List

    DJ Tisso - Pingo De Solda

    Syndicate - Tim Dom Dom (Alex DB Mellow mix)

    XRS Land - Serenata

    Mjazzy - Roda Viva

    Mystific - I Was Wrong

    Simplification & Translate,Masterwizard - Baby

    Unreal - Cold Night

    S.P.Y - ASBO

    L-side & MC GQ - Zaga Dan

    Collette Warren,Dunk - Black Rainbow

    Dunk & Black Opps - Mandetta

    DJ Andy - Blood Pumping

    Lethal Bizzle - Original Nuttah (MJay & DJ Torugo Bootleg Remix)

    Critycal Dub - Recovery

    DJ Tuka - Butterfly Effect

    DJ Roots - Sorriso de Flor

    Duoscience feat. Duda - Rewrite

    nCamargo - Side By Side

    Futurist - Overflow

    BassCodez - Yung Tide

    L-Side & Sl8r - Look At U

    Erbass - One Day Bass

    Dj Andy, Alibi, L-Side, Carasel - Retaliation

    D:Sign & Vangeliez - Echoes

    Bungle - Cocooned

    DRS & Dynamite MC & S.P.Y - Back & Forth

    DJ Nai & T-Alien - Jamdown

    Gilberto Gil - Chiclete com Banana (DJ Will Remix)

  • Nesta edição do programa Past and Future, toquei as novas musicas do Futurist e DJ Nai

    alem de trocar classicos recentes da Drum n Bass Music

    Espero que gostem e não esqueçam de me seguirem no instagram.com/djtorugo


    In this edition of the Past and Future program, I played new songs from Futurist and DJ Nai as well as exchanging recent Drum n Bass Music classics. Hope you like it and don't forget to follow me on instagram.com/djtorugo

    Set List

    Zara Larsson - Lush Life (Futurist Remix)

    Document One - Girl

    Satl - Never Far

    DJ Andy - A Piano, Sun, Drums And Bass

    Dvice One - Only You

    Dogger & [ K S R ] - Sweet Jungle

    Zoro - System Corrupt

    DRS (feat. Dub Phizix, Strategy, Fox, Skittles, Chimpo, Konny Kon & T Man) - Bun Ya

    DJ Nai & T-Alien - Jamdown

    Anitta - Girl from Rio (Futurist Remix)

    Citrusfly - Thinkin Bout

    GAW - Back & Forth

    Visages - Anecdote

    Terrence & Phillip - Hundred Grand

    BassBrothers - Say Yeah

    Riya, Collette Warren & L-side - All for Something

    Alix Perez - Blank Pages

    Drs, Riya, Villem, Mcleod - Ships

    Strafe & Jess Wiel - Hidden Spirits (Subdue Remix)

    HLZ - Life Force (Trex Remix)

    T>I,Particle - Kill Switch

    Jenks Feat. Natty D - Rise

    Alix Perez - Burning Babylon

    Alix Perez - Empty Words

    Macky Gee Feat. Rahh - Summer Sun

    Dossa,Locuzzed - Magic

    Satl - I Wish

    Mystific - I Was Wrong

    Skuff - Early Doors

    Charli Brix, Visages - Full Circle

    Chimpo, Trigga - One the One

    ZeroZero - Live 'til 86

    OZ>ONE - Lunacy

    Conrad Subs - Gunsmoke Dub

    Instag8 - Dimensions

    Trex & Teej & Pastry Maker - Answers

    DJ Hybrid - No Way (2021 Remix)

    Mozey - Night Buzz

    Futurist & ERBass - In Cog

    Total Science Feat. Riya,S.P.Y,DaM FunK - Piano Funk

  • No programa dessa semana toquei a novíssima de Salt que saiu no novo album pela The North Quarter, alem de classicos como DJ Die e Sonic And Silver vale a pena conferir

    se você curtiu o set me segue no instagram.com/djtorugo


    In this week's show I played the brand new Salt that came out on the new album by The North Quarter, besides classics like DJ Die and Sonic And Silver it's worth checking if you enjoyed the set follow me on instagram.com/djtorugo

    Set list

    Satl feat. Tokyo Prose - Hazards

    DRS x Dogger x Mindstate - When The Sky Falls

    Alix Perez - Blank Pages

    Fox Feat. Blind Mic & FD - Just Chillin'

    Rowney - Pedal To The Metal

    Critycal Dub - Recovery

    T>I,Particle - Kill Switch

    DJ Die - Clear Skyz

    Mozey & Serum - Trench Foot

    Jam Thieves - Sinaloa

    E.R.F - Brothers

    TZ - Persistence

    Jedi - Scoping

    DJ ANDY - You Better Run

    Total Science – Nosher (Technical Itch - The Rukus)

    Yatuza - Motion sickness

    Satl feat. T.R.A.C. - Limin'

    Phaction - Stratos (Total Science Remix)

    Mystific - Into the Motion

    nCamargo - Within Motion

    Satl - Give Up

    Klute - Now Always Forever (Calibre Remix)

    D.Kay - Quiet Earth

    Strafe & Jess Wiel - Hidden Spirits (Subdue Remix)

    Dvice One - Only You

    Un-cut - Fallin (Total Science Dub)

    Instag8 - Crazy

    Minor Forms - Specialist

    CLB Feat. Madrush Mc - Drop Dis

    Veak - Dissin The Don

    Uneak - Wicked Jungle

    Bou - Pon Dem (Filthy Habits Remix)

    Marvellous Cain - Daddy Mac

    Sonic And Silver - Rocket Launcher

  • Nesta Edição do Podcast Past and Future, toquei alguns clássicos que fizeram historia no Drum n Bass aqui no brasil e os lançamentos de DJ Andy, Dunk e M Jay.


    In this edition of the Past and Future Podcast, I played some classics that made history in Drum n Bass here in Brazil and the releases of DJ Andy, Dunk and M Jay.

    Set List

    Mutt - Lets Get Away

    Oli Lewis - Hurt Me

    Foreign Beggers Feat. Laville - Reveal (Alix Perez Remix)

    Lynx - Whistlestop

    Lovell - Joan's Theme

    Halogenix - Crooner 2074

    Chimpo - Only You

    Nymfo - Do Me No Good

    Villem, Zero T - Talk Loud (Instrumental Mix)

    Dunk & Mjay - Too Bad

    Teej,Scepticz - Faith

    Subtle Element - Good Old Days

    Wings (DJ Die, DJ Krust & Roni Size) - Wings

    T>I,Jakes - Ribcut

    Qua Rush - On Da Floor

    Futurist,Barral - Red Shoes

    Dunk, DJ Andy - My Baby

    Minor Forms - Udon

    Collette Warren,Dunk - Black Rainbow

    Workforce - Without You

    Survival - Friendly Fire

    Origin Unknown - Truly One

    Chimpo, Salo, Rolla, Strategy - Find a Way

    Amplify - Thirsty

    Seba Feat. Jenna G - Sweet Magnolia

    Disrupta - Play It Cool

    Qua Rush - All Night Long

    TZ - Ion

    Soul Intent & Chromatic - Summertime Blues

    Random Movement - Believe No Other

    Cyba Space featuring Shanie - Life (Dom and Roland Remix)

  • No Programa dessa semana, toquei as novas musica do álbum de Fox Mc que saiu pelo selo The North Quarter e o classico de Motta com True Romance (Brazilian Job)

    que saiu pelo selo brasileiro DNBB Records entre outras musicas como a nova de Chimpo,Sâlo, Alix Perez, entre outros.


    In this week's program, I played the new songs from Fox Mc's album that came out on The North Quarter label and the classic by Motta with True Romance (Brazilian Job) that came out on the Brazilian DNBB Records label, among other songs like Chimpo's new Sâlo , Alix Perez, among others.

    Set List

    Chimpo,Sâlo - Keep U Round

    Bcee & [ K S R ] - Life, Money

    Safire & DRS - Holding On

    Viewer - Searching

    Blade (Dnb) - Fading

    Furney - Atmospheric Conntroller

    FarFlow - No Respect

    Furniss - Is It Possible

    High Contrast Feat. Kae Tempest & Anita Blay - Time Is Hardcore (Breakage's Hardcore Bubblers Mix)

    Champion Sound - No Soundbwoi Don't Cry

    Dr Meaker Feat. Sian Evans - Right Back (Break Remix)

    Sl8r & Slay & Chimpo - Falling

    Deekline, Specimen A & Warrior Queen - Ride Pon It (T>I Remix)

    Mjay - S.O.S (Oh My God)

    Twisted Individual - Gimp Mask

    Black Opps - Genosha

    Fox Feat. Lenzman - Lion Ting

    Motta - True Romance (Brazilian Job)

    DJ Zinc Feat. MC Fats - Move That Sound (Mr Joseph Remix)

    Serum,The Sauce - Got The Money

    Kings Of The Rollers, Chimpo - Shella (Halogenix Remix)

    BassBrothers & Replicant - Bounce

    DRS Feat. Enei - Count to Ten

    Aries, Nicky Blackmarket & Deekline - Back In the Day

    Dopplershift - Demi Sound (Krispy Remix)

    Data 3 - Tric City [Waeys Remix]

    Black Barrel - Dark Blocks

    Alix Perez - Blank Pages

    QZB & Charli Brix - We Pretend

    Qua Rush - Serial Chiller

  • Na edição do programa, trouxe como convidado o DJ Marcio Dnb trazendo um set especial só com clássicos da Jungle music e no meu bloco toquei 1 horas de Jungle novo

    espero que curtam

    e não esqueçam de me seguir no instagram.com/djtorugo


    In the edition of the program, I brought as a guest DJ Marcio Dnb bringing a special set only with Jungle music classics and on my block I played 1 hour of new Jungle I hope you enjoy it and don't forget to follow me on instagram.com/djtorugo

    Set List

    DJ Marcio Dnb

    Baraka - Nutty Bass

    The Invisible Man - The Bell Tunes ( Photek - Presha 3)

    Dextrous and Teebone - Charged Vip ( Pacoal Bad Man)

    Devous D - Time of our Lives - (jungle vip)

    Brainkillers - Screwface

    Maximu Style - Damage

    Rutheless Production - Lover so Real

    Bad Light - The Burial

    R Type - Love is Blind

    Bagga Worries - Legalize

    Dj Dextrous - The Dreams

    Jungle Warrior - Jungle Jesus

    Mafia 4 - Black Hand

    Pascal - P Funk rmx

    Tom and jerry - Air freshneir rmx

    L Double - Break in down remix

    Therapy - Looser - Phoetek remix

    Goldie - Chico - Death Of A Rockstar

    Tango - Spellbound ( 4 Hero Universal Love Rmx)

    DJ Torugo

    Unglued feat. MC Conrad - Born In '94 [Pirate Radio Mix]

    Sl8r - Back To Me

    Aries & Kelvin 373 feat. Navigator - Dubplate Massive

    The Dream Team feat. Daddy Freddy - Stamina (Aries ,Stivs & Kelvin 373 Remix)

    Tim Reaper & Devnull - Anytime

    Harmony - Who Are You

    Kyo, Total Science - Murder Tonight

    IJO - Melody Blues

    OmniRhythm - Tellin' It

    Marcus Visionary - Real Warrior (L-Side Remix)

    Speaker Louis - Heatwave

    Acid Lab - Touch Me

    Brian Brainstorm - Hand Inna Di Air (VIP)

    Coco Bryce - The Cosmic Muffin

    Danny Byrd - Salute

    Ray Keith - Renegade (T I Minimal VIP)

    Cutty Ranks - Limb by Limb (DJ Hybrid Remix)

    Breakage - Yeah

    Harka,Walters - Lights Up

    GR - Holding You

    Blade - Lunar Landing

    Escape Roots feat. Dark Angel - Turn Ya Lights On (Champion Sound Remix)

    AkAs - Big Sound

  • Nesta Edição do programa Past and future, toquei algumas musica lançamento da semana, com destaque a nova musica de S.P.Y e Fox,Satl,[ K S R ] e classico como a raríssima musica de Peshay e o remix de Marcus Intalex & S.T Files, espero que gostem.

    me seguem no instagram.com/djtorugo


    In this edition of the Past and future program, I played some music release of the week, highlighting the new song by SPY and Fox, Satl, [ KSR ] and classic as the very rare music by Peshay and the remix by Marcus Intalex & ST Files, I hope that like it. follow me on instagram.com/djtorugo

    Set list

    Fox,Satl,[ K S R ] - Sunshine Blues

    S.P.Y - I've Been Missing You    

    Lovell - The Feeling

    State Of Play - Stranger Days (Marcus Intalex & S.T. Files Mix)

    London Elektricity - Hectic

    L-side - Spellbound (Spirit Remix)

    Harley D - Dangerous

    aBLe - Closer Then

    Thing - Stuck With Waves

    Lethal Bizzle - Original Nuttah (MJay & DJ Torugo Bootleg Remix)

    Nemy - Armbar

    imo-Lu - Circle

    Skitty - Rickits

    L-Side – Astronaut

    Marcus Intalex – Lowlife

    Inja - Smile & Wave

    Erbman - Hear This

    Dunk feat. DJ Andy - Sex Drive

    Wrekka - One Finished

    aLr - Faceless

    RISE - Less Talk

    Erbass - One Day Bass

    JDizz - Soundboy Ya Hear Me

    Surreal - To Me

    Genic - Disposal [ALBUM SAMPLER EXCLUSIVE]

    Haxby - Blenheim

    Formula - You & Me

    Bad Company - Riptide

    aBLe - Saag

    Safire Feat. DRS - Holding On

    D:Sing, Vangeliez, Feat. DRS - All or Not

    A:D - Little Breaths

    DJ Marnel – Illusion

    Peshay - Deep House (Red Light - Thankful Drum & Bass Bootleg)

  • Set Especial de Liquid Drum n Bass, trazendo varios lançamentos de 2021 e muito clássicos e ficaram na historia espero que gostem

    me sigam instagram.com/djtorugo


    Liquid Drum n Bass Special Set, bringing several releases from 2021 and very classics and stayed in history hope you like it follow me instagram.com/djtorugo

    Set List

    D Kay - Serenade Re-Interpretated

    Intersoul - T.S.O.B

    Alix Perez, Benabu - Numbers

    Justin Timberlake - Suit & Tie (L-Side bootleg)

    Atlantic Connection - Shades

    DRS & Dynamite MC feat. LSB - Adoration

    Drumagick - Tempo Fechado

    Hugh Hardie - No Compromise

    Goldie - Run Run Run (Calibre Remix)

    Alix Perez & Spectrasoul Feat. Peven Everett - Forsaken

    Calibre - The Way You Move

    Akemi Fox - Fallin' (Lenzman Remix)

    Mystic Trip - Retrospect

    Nu Tone - Work

    Atlantic Connection - Bluelines

    Phat Playaz - Don't Look Down

    Ben Soundscape - The Everything

    Alix Perez, Workforce - Distant Figures

    Surreal & Sl8r - Three Stripes

    Chimpo,Sâlo - Keep U Round

    Duoscience - Rose

    Calibre & High Contrast - The Other Side

    Calculon, Dave Owen, Christina Tamayo - Ben Carlos (Lenzman Remix)

    Rezilient - Higher

    Workforce & Javeon - Show You Something New

    Flava D feat. DRS & Paige Eliza - All We Ever Do

    AI feat Jenna G - Rising

    Charli Brix, QZB - Kintsugi (Satl Remix)

    Eveson - Nothing More

    DJ Marky And Xrs - Hunny

    Lenzman - Zusterliefde

    DRS & Dynamite MC feat. DJ Marky - A Song For You

    Phat Playaz - Who Am I Baby

    Surreal - Dont You Dare

    QZB & Charli Brix - We Pretend

    Rita Lee - Caso Sério (DJ Marky Drum And Bass Remix)

    Unkoded - Run Dis

    BCee - Out In The Cold

    Degs feat. LSB, Phoebe Freya - Trade Places

    Eveson - Get Your Swerve On

    LSB & DRS - Faded (Calibre Remix)

  • Neste programa Past and Future, fiz uma pequena homenagem a uns dos maiores produtores de Drum n Bass da Historia, Marcus Intalex e nos deixou precocemente, porem deixou seu legado na musica e nossos corações que depois de 4 anos da sua partida ainda deixa saudades em nossos corações.


    In this Past and Future program, I made a small tribute to one of the greatest Drum n Bass producers in history, Marcus Intalex and he left us early, but he left his legacy in music and our hearts that after 4 years of his departure still leaves us missed in our hearts.

    Set List

    DJ Marky And XRS Feat. Stamina MC - LK (Marcus Intalex & St Files Remix)

    Walk:r - Golden Hour

    K Motionz - One Night Only

    In:Most feat. Saikon - Cloudburst

    Toez - The Joy of Sax

    Bruno Mars, Anderson .Paak, Silk Sonic - Leave The Door Open (Futurist & Moranes Remix)

    Erbass - One Day Bass

    Kasra - Us

    Inner Terrain & Wreckless - Big Drama

    Marvellous Cain - Dubplate Style (VIP Remix)

    Marvellous Cain Feat. Cutty Ranks - Hit Man (T.I Remix)

    L-Side & MC Fats - High Times (Break Remix)

    DLR, Script & MC Fokus - Perception (After Hours Remix)

    D*Minds & T>I - Charged

    Blame - Hindsight (DJ Marky Remix)

    J:Rover & Phoebe Train - No More

    Surreal - You'll Find Someone

    Lenzman - Old Times' Sake

    Finnadrift - Never Lackin

    Duoscience - It Has To Be

    Jungie - Contra

    Ray Keith - Renegade vs Limb By Limb (Aries Remix)

    Mis:t:ical - Time To Fly

    Taelimb - Lemongrass

    Critical Impact feat. Carasel - Headtop Champion

    D*Minds - Unified

    Ego Trippin - Air Head

    Serial Killaz - Mind Games

    Drumsound & Bassline Smith feat. MC Navigator - Let the Bass Kick

    DJ Andy - GIRL

    T>I - Optimist

    Workforce - Reasons

    Villem - 96'

    Mist:i:cal - Memory Jog

  • Nesta edição do programa Past and Future, toquei a nova musica de Lenzman que saiu no Ep pelo Selo The North Quarter e classicos do Dillinja em homenagem a Alessandra Soares.

    Esquero que gostem e não esqueça de me seguir no instagram.com/djtorugo


    In this edition of the Past and Future program, I played the new music by Lenzman that came out on Ep by the label The North Quarter and Dillinja classics in honor of Alessandra Soares.

    I hope you like it and don't forget to follow me on instagram.com/djtorugo

    Set List

    DRS feat. S.P.Y. & Jenna G - Star Voyager

    Bachelors of Science - Satisfy

    Voyager - Shields Down

    Harmony - I Like It

    Cnof - Banner VIP

    QZB & Rider Shafique - Perfectly Aligned

    Filthy Habits - Mirage

    RISE - The Funk

    High Demand - Confession

    Kaloa - Should've Listened

    nCamargo - Trusting Love

    Lenzman - Yasukuni

    LSB, DRS - Rise & Fall

    Phaction - Fantasy (Spectrasoul Remix)

    Edlan feat. Joan de Bruyn - Lone Pine (Macca Remix)

    Dj Andy - This Sound

    DJ Andy - A Piano, Sun, Drums And Bass

    Calibre - Spirit Catcher

    Speaker Louis & Blackout JÁ - The City Is Burning (S.P.Y Remix)

    Lion uk - Love Dove

    DLR - U.D.O

    One Mindz - Rockin and Groovin

    Alex Slk - Bombaclaat

    Serum - Tokyo Rose (Bou, Inja - Cous Cous)

    Hugh Hardie - No Compromise

    Lally - All The Time

    Artificial Intelligence - Thirsty

    Nu:Tone - The Way That You Move

    Dillinja - All The Things

    Dynamite MC - Ride (Dillinja Remix)