• Have you ever had a difficult day and just asked yourself, "Why can't I get it together?"

    Maybe you lost your temper with your spouse, or you're exhausted from running around after your kids all day. Maybe your work project isn't going how you had hoped, or you feel overwhelmed by every little thing.

    Between the endless list of obligations and responsibilities you have and all the things you're "supposed" to do or be, it's just too much.

    You're trying to “get it together”, but you still feel worlds away from where you think you should be.

    In this episode, Jordan talks with author Jamie Ivey about six areas of our lives that affect our perspectives on success and what the Bible has to say about unrealistic expectations.

    Tune in to learn:

    How the acronym P.O.N.D.E.R. can help you assess the areas of your life that feel out of controlThe difference between an obligation and a responsibilityHow to know when you have taken on too many obligations and what obligations you need to let go ofThe difference between our pursuit of perfectionism and the pursuit of holinessHow your community can help you "get it together"

    Want to dig deeper into this topic? Check out these resources mentioned in the episode:

    Jamie's WebsiteJamie's IG: @jamieiveyJamie's book: Why Can't I Get it TogetherJamie's Podcast: The Happy Hour with Jamie IveyThe Holistic Home Handbook
  • Are you struggling with acne or feeling frustrated with skin issues?

    Maybe you've tried all the things (over-the-counter products, dermatologist-recommended topicals, infomercial supplements etc.), but you still haven't seen any improvement.

    You're feeling overwhelmed by all the information out there and you're even starting to think that nothing will ever help.

    While skin issues can make you feel frustrated and overwhelmed, the good news is there are things that you can do to improve your skin health and decrease inflammation.

    In this episode, Jordan talks with nutritionist Maria Marlowe about how to tackle the root causes of acne and make lifestyle changes to heal acne from the inside out.

    Tune in to learn:

    Why it's important to stop thinking of acne as an outward issueWhy inflammation and not bacteria is to blame for breakoutsThe problem with a lot of harsh acne face washes and skin care products on the market6 diet and lifestyle factors contributing to acne that are often overlooked.How to approach dairy if you're struggling with skin issuesTop 3 skincare tips for improving skin health

    Want to dig deeper into this topic? Check out these resources mentioned in the episode:

    IG: @mariamarlowemariamarlowe.comMaria's Clear Skin PlanWork 1:1 with MariaProbiotics to include for skin health: L. rhamnosus SP1, L. acidophilus, Bifidobacteria, LactobacillusCrunchi (Use THIS LINK for $10 off your first Crunchi order)
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  • Recovering from a C-section can be challenging - especially if you didn't expect your birth to end in a major surgery.

    Between the exhaustion and lack of sleep from the newborn days, the pain from surgery, and concern about your scar healing, it can be overwhelming.

    So what can you do to recover, promote healing, and help support your body during this time?

    In this episode, Jordan shares the things that helped her the most when recovering from a C-section, and what she did to help heal her scar.

    Tune in to learn:

    Tips for supporting your body in the first few weeks after birthThe importance of listening to your body and prioritizing restWhat Bielers broth is and how it helps nourish the body postpartumHow to desensitize your C-section scarHow scar mobilization and physical therapy can improve your scar tissue

    Want to dig deeper into this topic? Check out the resources mentioned in this episode:

    Episode 303: My Birth Plan Went Out the Window Bieler's Broth recipeHow to desensitize your C-section scarHow to mobilize your C-section scarMitigate Stress Master Mineral drinkJordan's book: Embrace Your Almost
  • Are you tired of feeling tired?

    Whether spiritually, emotionally, or mentally, constantly fighting fatigue or exhaustion can be overwhelming.

    Maybe you're trying to juggle a million things and your calendar is full.

    Maybe you feel like you're carrying a mental weight because there's a list of things you "should" be doing and keeping up with.

    Or maybe you're trying to show up and serve everyone else, but you've burned yourself out.

    In this episode, Jordan talks with author Jess Connolly about how to create sustainable rest when you're feeling overwhelmed and tired.

    Tune in to learn:

    Why almost every woman feels tiredDifferent types of exhaustion and how to figure out why you're feeling tiredHow to process your emotions when you're feeling emotionally overwhelmedWhat spiritual exhaustion looks likeHow to create sustainable rest without compromising your responsibilitiesThe importance of resting BEFORE you work

    Want to dig deeper into this topic? Check out these resources mentioned in the episode:

    Tired of Being Tired by Jess ConnollyIG: @jessaconnollyjessconnolly.comJordan's book: Embrace Your Almost
  • If you're a parent, you've probably faced challenges with feeding your children at some point.

    Whether your child refuses to try new foods, throws all their food, only wants to eat dessert, or struggles to sit at the table, it can be frustrating to know how to help your child get nutritious meals.

    In this episode, Jordan talks with dietition and the founder of @kids.eat.in.color Jennifer Anderson about how to handle picky eating and other common eating struggles.

    Tune in to learn:

    How to set realistic expectations for meal timesTips for kids who won't try new foodsWhy our language around mealtime and food mattersWhat to do when your child throws foodHow to promote a healthy diet without instilling a negative relationship with food

    Want to dig deeper into this topic? Check out these resources mentioned in the episode:

    Jennifer's IG: @kids.eat.in.colorKids Eat in Color website Jordan's Holistic Home Handbook
  • Did you know that our soil's nutrition has been continuously worsening? And poor soil = nutritionally poor food.

    So where you source your food can have a huge impact on its nutrition and your health.

    Finding food that's not just local, but is grown with the right practices and is in season can make a huge difference in our ability to get the nutrients we need.

    But what does this look like?

    How can we create rhythms that help prioritize nutritionally dense foods and support our metabolism?

    And what nutrition principles have we grown up with that we need to unlearn?

    In this episode, Jordan talks with women's health educator and the founder of Simpl Holistic Health, Ashlee Rowland, about how to source nutritionally dense foods, get enough minerals, and support our metabolism.

    Tune in to learn:

    How nutrient-deficient soil leads to nutrient-deficient foodWhy eating local food is important and tips for finding local foodHow to eat food seasonally in a way that's not overwhelmingEasy ways to get more minerals in your dietRhythms to do each week when it comes to preparing and making foodNutrition principles that we need to unlearnWhy skipping meals and fasting is hurting our hormones

    Want to dig deeper? Check out these resources mentioned in the episode:

    Ashlee's Bare Naked Hormones course is open June 1-10, and early birds can enroll for $75Ashlee's Website: Simpl HolisticIG: @simplholisticJordan's Holistic Home Handbooklocalharvest.orgMetabolical book
  • Have you been wanting to create both a beautiful and functional space when it comes to your home?

    Maybe you've been searching Pinterest boards for inspiration on how to redesign a room in your house, but you're not sure how to make an aesthetically pleasing space that also works for your family (and has room for piles of kids' items).

    You want a space that looks beautiful and feels welcoming... but what about the messiness and craziness that comes with having a home? Why doesn't your house look clean and put together like the homes you see on HGTV?

    In this episode, Jordan talks with HGTV designer Jennie Marrs about how to make your house a home and have the grace to embrace the imperfection that comes with it.

    Tune in to learn:

    Why your home shouldn’t be a reflection of the latest trends, but a reflection of the family that lives thereQuestions to ask before working on any space in your homeHow the idea of drop zones can help you create more functional spacesHow to show yourself grace when it comes to mess in the homeTips for creating functional spaces with little kids

    Want to dig deeper? Check out these resources mentioned in the episode:

    IG: @jennymarrsJenny's book: House + Love = HomeJenny's websiteCrunchi (Use THIS LINK for $10 off your first Crunchi order)
  • Are you in a postpartum season?

    Maybe you had a C-section and you want to know how you can help improve mobility and work on your scar.

    Or maybe you're ready to add more movement back into your routine, but you have no idea where to start.

    Perhaps you've heard about the importance of the pelvic floor in postpartum recovery, but you're confused about what it actually looks like to support the pelvic floor after birth.

    In this episode, Jordan chats with Krystle Howald, a physical therapist and the co-founder of the Expecting and Empowered app. Together, they talk about how to recover, improve mobility, and add movement in the postpartum season.

    Tune in to learn:

    Issues and symptoms women often struggle with postpartum What you can do for recovery even before you start working out againThe most beneficial type of movement to do postpartumWhat you can do to help recover and improve mobility after a C-sectionHow to heal and mobilize a C-section scar How to improve core activation after birthWhy consistency with your movement is more important than perfection

    Want to dig deeper? Check out these resources mentioned in the episode:

    IG: @expectingandempoweredExpecting and Empowered app (Use the code SHE to get 20% off!)Embrace Your Almost
  • Did you know that 80% of life's biggest decisions happen between the ages of 25 and 35?

    Decisions like who to marry, what job you want, where to work, where to live, and if you want to have kids are all part of this packed season.

    Author Stephanie May Wilson calls this the "everything era."

    Not only are there huge life decisions to make, but our generation has more options available to us than ever before, and, through social media, we have more opinions burdening us too, making it even more difficult to figure out what we want to do.

    So how do you know what decisions are right for your life? How do you quiet the noise of others? What do you do if you start second-guessing your decisions?

    In this episode, Jordan talks with author Stephanie May Wilson about all these questions and how to hear your own voice so you can make the decisions that are right for you.

    Tune in to this episode to learn:

    What the "everything era" is and why it's more difficult than ever to make decisions about your lifeHow God's will plays a role in making life decisionsThe importance of quieting outside voicesWhy the right decisions are not always the easiest decisionsHow to analyze where you're at and if you need to make a change

    Want to dig deeper into this topic? Check out these resources mentioned in this episode:

    Stephanie's book: Create a Life You Lovestephaniemmaywilson.comStephanie's podcast: Girls Night
  • Did you know that research shows that kids thrive in simplified spaces? And it's not just kids. Having less stuff can have a lot of benefits for adults too, including lowering stress hormones.

    But even if you appreciate the idea of minimalism, it can often feel like it's not possible for you.

    Maybe you're a mom with young kids and ALL the baby gear or you have a lot of sentimental items that you can't imagine narrowing down.

    So how can you practically declutter and simplify your space and what does this look like for the season you're in?

    In this episode, Jordan talks with "The Minimal Mom" Dawn Madsen about practical ways to simplify your home and your life.

    Tune in to learn:

    Why minimalism and having less stuff benefit usWhat minimalism can look like for the mom with young childrenPractical tips for simplifying your spacesHow the concept of your “today body” can help you declutter your closetsWhat to do with sentimental items when declutteringHow the two-minute tidy can help you manage your homeWhat minimalism looks like when it comes to to-do lists and hobbies

    Want to dig deeper? Make sure to check out the resources mentioned in this episode:

    YouTube: @TheMinimalMomIG: @the.minimal.momDawn's Website: theminimalmom.comCourtney Carver's Project 333Teux Deux To Do List AppJordan's Holistic Home Handbook
  • Have you had a C-section and wanted to learn more about having a VBAC?

    With so many opinions and data flying about, it can be difficult to understand the facts and to figure out what the best option is for you.

    Maybe you're wondering things like...

    What's the risk of a VBAC vs. a repeat C-section? Am I a good candidate for a VBAC? Why are a lot of doctors resistant to attempting a VBAC? What does the research actually say?

    In this episode, OBGYN Dr. Christopher Stroud answers all those questions and more!

    Tune in to this episode to learn:

    What a VBAC isWhy many doctors seem to be hesitant to do VBACSThe risks of a VBAC vs. the risks of a repeat C-sectionWho is considered an ideal candidate for a VBACHow VBAC risks change if the patient has had multiple C-sectionsWhat the VBAC calculator is and how accurate is itQuestions a patient can ask themselves to help decide if a VBAC is right for themTips for finding a VBAC-supportive hospital or doctor

    Want to dig deeper into this topic? Check out these resources mentioned in the episode:

    fertilityandmidwifery.comDr. Stroud's podcastvbacfacts.comCrunchi (Use THIS LINK for $10 off your first Crunchi order)
  • Fertility journeys can be painfully difficult to navigate, whether you’re facing infertility, experiencing recurrent miscarriage, or walking through adoption.

    Between endless doctor visits, sad holidays, the difficulty of seeing others have kids, grief, and countless negative tests, the journey is heavy.

    The uncertainty leads you to ask yourself daily, “Will I ever have a child? Will this ever even happen for me?”

    Whether you’re on a fertility journey of your own or a loved one you know is walking through infertility, this episode will give you insight and encouragement to help you along the way.

    Tune in to hear:

    The hardest part of the fertility journeyEncouragement for your fertility journeyWhy family planning can lead to unmet expectationsHow to let go of your expectations for when you will have kidsHow the knowledge of God's sovereignty can help you release control

    And check out these links mentioned in the episode:

    Crunchi (Use THIS LINK for $10 off your first Crunchi order)
  • At one point or another, almost every parent knows how stressful it can be to worry about their child's motor development.

    Maybe you're wondering why your child is doing a janky crawl or why they aren't walking when you thought they would.

    Or maybe you're trying to figure out how to get your newborn to do tummy time when they hate it.

    But what would it look like to take a holistic approach to helping your kids work on gross motor development? And what would it look like to let go of the stress or guilt of your child hitting milestones?

    That's what this episode explores as Jordan talks to Dr. Emily Heisey and Dr. Matt Otteman, the owners of Kinactive Kids - a clinic that combines physical therapy and chiropractic care to help children reach developmental milestones.

    Tune in to learn:

    What purposeful play is and how it can be helpfulTips for babies who hate tummy timeA PT's thoughts on baby containers like bouncers, jumpers, seats, etc., and which ones are best for baby developmentWhy kids may develop abnormal crawling patterns and when to seek helpHow reflux can affect motor development How chiropractic adjustments can be helpful for kidsAdvice for the parent who feels overwhelmed or guilty that their child is not hitting milestonesWhy the design of our kids' shoes is important and the best shoe brands for kids

    Want to dig deeper? Check out these resources mentioned in the episode:

    IG: @kinactive_kids IG: @dr_otto_dc Website: kinactivekids.com Kinactive Community Kinactive Kids' Gross Motor Checklist Stride Rite Shoe Measuring Guide Crunchi (Use THIS LINK for $10 off your first Crunchi order)
  • Have you ever heard the phrase "don't let your emotions get the best of you"? While it may feel more comfortable to try and stuff our feelings away and push through, what would it look like to actually feel our emotions and find healing?

    We could all probably agree that it's easier said than done! Feeling your feelings can be extremely uncomfortable.

    But feelings aren't something to fix. God designed us with emotions and as we discover how to name and navigate those emotions, we’ll learn how they can draw us closer to God.

    In this episode, Jordan talks with bestselling author and national speaker Jennie Allen about how to untangle your emotions and draw nearer to God in the process.

    Tune in to learn:

    What “revved-up reactions” are and what we can do to regulate our emotionsWhy grief isn't linear and why we can't put it in a formulaWhat the Bible says about denying our emotions and what God says to us about our emotionsThe importance of feeling our feelings instead of fixing themHow learning about your feelings can impact your parenting

    Want to dig deeper into this topic? Check out these resources mentioned in the episode:

    Jennie's book: Untangle Your EmotionsJennie's website: jennieallen.comJennie's IG: @jennieallenJordan's book: Embrace Your Almost
  • If you went to a cardiologist and complained of chest pain, you likely wouldn't be satisfied if they gave you a painkiller and sent you on your way. The doctor would be treating the symptom, but not addressing the underlying disease causing it.

    In the same way, infertility is a symptom that there is an underlying issue, or issues, that need to be explored.

    So what does it look like to take a disease-based approach to infertility? What kinds of tests and treatments can be done to get to the bottom of infertility issues?

    In this episode, Jordan talks with Dr. Christopher Stroud, an OBGYN who uses NaProTechnology to address infertility issues. Together, they discuss what it looks like to take a root cause approach to infertility.

    Tune in to learn:

    What NaProTechnology is and how it differs from other approaches to infertility and women's healthWhat it means to take a disease-based approach to infertilityWhy infertility is not an individual problem, but a couple's problemTypes of testing that can be done to explore the cause of infertilityHow NaPro Tech can identify and address endometriosisTypes of treatments that can help address infertility issuesHow to find a doctor who will explore the root cause of infertility

    Want to dig deeper into this topic? Explore these resources mentioned in the episode:

    fertilityandmidwifery.comDr. Stroud's podcastSaint Paul VI InstituteThe Holistic Home Handbook
  • We often have seasons in our lives that are full of waiting - whether we’re waiting for a spouse, a child, healing, a job, or something else.

    Waiting for the things we want most, uncertain if it will ever happen for us, can make us feel stuck, discouraged, or even a little lost.

    And so the challenge is: how can we make the most of a waiting season and intentionally use it to grow and fill our cups even while we yearn for our circumstances to change?

    How can we ensure that we don’t let a waiting season become a wasted season?

    That’s what Jordan explores in this episode. Tune in for ideas on how you can make the most of your waiting season, including:

    Embracing new hobbiesTravelingSupporting your physical and mental healthIntentionally learning new thingsFinishing projectsPouring into friendshipsAnd so much more!

    Want to dig deeper into this topic? Grab a copy of Jordan’s book, Embrace Your Almost.

  • At some point, you’ve probably heard that screen time is bad or that you should limit screen time for your children.

    Maybe you’ve even felt criticized for allowing your child to watch TV or felt stressed trying to find alternatives.

    But what would it look like to take a grace-based approach to screen time? To explore alternatives to screen time, find less stimulating shows, and learn how to make it work for your family?

    That’s what this episode dives into. Jordan talks to educator Jayme Yannuzzi from @teachtalkinspire about how to have a grace-based approach to screen time, and what that can practically look like for your family.

    Tune in to learn:

    What the research says about screen timeThe importance of taking a grace-based approach to screen timeAlternatives to screen time and how to implement them in your familyExamples of children’s podcasts and less stimulating TV show optionsHow to utilize a morning basket and a TV choices menuTips for how to encourage independent playWhat a toy rotation is and how it can be helpful

    Want to dig deeper into this topic? Check out these resources mentioned in the episode:

    Jayme's IG: @teachtalkinspireJayme's Tik Tok: @teachtalkinspireJayme's website: teachtalkinspire.comEmail Jayme at [email protected] (Use THIS LINK for $10 off your first Crunchi order)
  • For today's episode, we're bringing back a fan favorite! One of our most popular episodes from 2022, this episode explores the topic of metabolic health.

    With a society that’s obsessed with diet culture, even “healing” diets like Whole 30, Paleo, and Keto, we often love having easy-to-follow lists that tell us exactly what to eat and not eat in order to be healthy.

    But this has led to nutrition becoming overly black and white, with people often demonizing certain foods. Unfortunately, this way of thinking can lead to restrictive dieting, food fear, and even malnutrition and worsening health conditions.

    So how do we nourish and heal our bodies without succumbing to restriction and fear? How can we enjoy food freedom while also fueling our body with the appropriate nutrients that will help us thrive?

    That’s what Jordan explores in this episode with Kori Meloy and Fallon Danae as they discuss what it really looks like to nourish your body, restore your metabolism, and experience food freedom.

    Tune in to this powerful episode to learn about:

    Kori and Fallon’s own healing journey through endometriosis, Hashimoto’s, and restrictive eatingThe importance of nourishing your body to support your metabolismWhat it looks like to fuel your body with biologically available and restorative foodsThe harm of diet culture and following popular dietsHow many calories we really need and why most women aren’t getting enough

    For more information, visit rewildculture.com and fallonstable.com.

    Links from the episode:

    Westin A. Price’s research on dairyBreaking down popular dietsCalorie counter and pro-metabolic meal plans
  • In a world with beautiful photos and Instagram posts, social media can often romanticize pregnancy and birth and create high expectations for what your experience will or *should* be like.

    And while birth is a beautiful and miraculous thing, it can also be intense, uncertain, and scary - despite even our best efforts to prepare, educate, and advocate.

    Whether your birth went exactly as you dreamed it would, or your birth plans were thrown out the window, every birth is a miracle and your birth story holds its own unique beauty.

    In this episode, Jordan shares her story of giving birth to her son, Shepherd, and talks about how she navigated a birth experience that didn't align with what she had originally imagined, but ultimately brought her the best blessing.

    After walking through multiple pregnancy losses, and through the fear of this pregnancy being yet another loss, God was faithful and gave not only a healthy baby but TWO babies. 🌈🌈

    Tune in to this episode to hear:

    How previous miscarriages affected her expectations for pregnancy and birthWhat Jordan did to educate herself about birth and advocate for herself in the hospitalWays she navigated decisions as unexpected challenges came up How she processed having a different birth experience than she had imaginedWhat it was like to have two boys born in the same year

  • When a child is diagnosed with an oral restriction, such as a tongue tie, there is often a lot of pressure to get a frenectomy done as soon as possible.

    Parents are told that if they don't do a frenectomy, their child will have issues down the road with breastfeeding, solids, sleep apnea, etc. ​​

    But many parents aren't given the time or resources to explore other options of care.

    So the question is: what can be done holistically to help address oral restrictions and breastfeeding problems - whether it's instead of doing a frenectomy, or in addition to doing one?​

    This episode explores the answer to that question as Jordan speaks with Midline Revolution - a group that combines chiropractic care, myofascial cranial therapy, and lactation consultation to help mothers and babies navigate issues like oral restrictions and breastfeeding in the first year of life.

    Together, they explore how to holistically treat tongue and lip ties.

    Tune in to learn:

    What an oral restriction isWhy a lot of medical advice is heavily focused on immediately doing a frenectomy and why might this not be the best first solutionHolistic approaches to dealing with oral restrictionsWhy many people aren't getting the outcomes they want from a frenectomyHow information overload is impacting motherhood and the decisions we makeWhat can be done to holistically support someone who has already gotten a frenectomy

    Want to dig deeper into this episode? Check out these resources mentioned in the episode:

    IG: @midlinerevolutionmidlinerevolution.mykajabi.comEvolution of Lip and Tongue Tie courseGenerative Habits: Breastfeeding Edition courseMidline Revolution Kajabi Community Rooted FamiliesThe Holistic Home Handbook