• Ep. 298 - Jesse Davenport (USMC & SF)

    · 01:48:21 · SOFREP Radio

    On this episode, we get into some war stories that are certainly not for the faint of heart.  Jesse is a Marine Scout Sniper who served with Jason Delgado, and is one of the names featured in his memoir "Bounty Hunter 4/3."  Jesse also served in the Army with Special Forces, though he seems to look more highly upon his years as a Marine, and he talks about why.We also speak on the massacre in Texas, and the hero of the situation, Stephen Willeford who stopped the shooter in his tracks.  SOFREP has been doing a stellar job covering the situation, and we read from one of the articles on the site digging deeper into the situation written by Green Beret Mark Miller.  We love hearing from our audience, so shoot over any emails to sofrep.radio@sofrep.com.  Your input is always much appreciated.

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  • Ep. 297 - Benghazi hero Kris Paronto reacts to key militant capture

    · 01:17:49 · SOFREP Radio

    We always love hearing from great friend to the show Kris Paronto, but we especially were interested in hearing what he had to say about the capturing of Mustafa al-Imam by special operations forces and FBI agents earlier this week.  al-Imam is being called one of the key militants in the 2012 Benghazi consulate attack that Kris survived.  You'll hear the way that Kris would handle the situation, and if this news gives him any real sense of closure.  Kris has also launched a firearms tactical training company with fellow Benghazi survivor Dave "Boon" Benton, called Battleline Tactical, and they are going all around the country giving their expertise for anyone interested in learning from two experienced veterans and former contractors.Also, to celebrate the 242nd anniversary of the United States Marine Corps, Jason will be at his tattoo shop, Black Attic Tattoo, signing copies of his book "Bounty Hunter 4/3."  He hopes to see some SOFREP supporters come out and hang.  Keep your e-mails coming to sofrep.radio@sofrep.com, and leave a review for us on iTunes.

  • Ep. 296 - Nick "The Reaper" Irving, Army sniper

    · 01:57:45 · SOFREP Radio

    It is safe to call former Army Ranger sniper Nick Irving a very busy man.  He in fact has another book hitting shelves next year co-authored by former Army General and fiction writer A.J. Tata who's joined us before on SOFREP Radio.  "Reaper: Ghost Target" is set to be the first in a series of sniper novels based around protagonist Vick Harwood who may (or my not) be based around a certain sniper you're all familiar with.  Nick also tells us the future of The Reaper TV series we first heard about a couple of years back, and last year learned would be produced by Jay-Z.  You will not want to miss this exclusive announcement he shares with our audience.Nick also dives into sniper mentality, Ranger stories, and putting the past away to start anew.  We also cover some hard-hitting stories in the spec ops world including the killing of Green Beret Staff Sgt. Logan J. Melgar allegedly by two suspected members of SEAL Team 6, as well as the story of Astafa al-Imam, one of the alleged perpetrators of the attack on the Benghazi consulate being captured by U.S. special operations forces and FBI agents in Libya.  Wrapping things up, we give a Jack Murphy approved Throat Punch of the Week.

  • Ep. 295 - Major Show Announcement!

    · 00:35:14 · SOFREP Radio

    Brandon Webb comes on Episode 295 in studio to make a major announcement about SOFREP Radio.  What is this announcement?  You'll have to check out the episode and listen.  Beyond this, we talk about some great upcoming stuff happening at Hurricane Group.  Brandon is working with our design artist Jason Kenitzer on the ultimate tactical travel bag, you'll hear more about that; we also have The Remembrance Rumble coming up.  The Remembrance Rumble of course takes place on Veterans Day/Remembrance Day in The U.K. at York Hall in London, it's U.S. mil VS U.K. mil and tickets are still available on Eventbrite.  You will not want to miss it, and it will also be streamed live on our social media platforms.  For those in the U.S., particularly in New York, our friend Andrew Wilkow will also be holding it down for Veterans Day at Emmett O'Lunney's - 210 West 50th St. in the heart of Times Square for his 2017 Veterans Day Ride.  Money will be donated to some great veterans charities including The Red Circle Foundation and Horses for Heroes, so come out and hang.This is a shorter episode, but we wanted to formerly announce some big changes.  When you're finished, go check out the latest interview with Tim Kennedy on The Power of Thought podcast, and as always be sure to leave us a review on Apple Podcasts.

  • Ep. 294 - Alex Hollings (USMC)

    · 01:18:01 · SOFREP Radio

    "I didn't get a job as an internet writer to wear pants."  You'll hear this among some other great words of wisdom on this episode from former Marine and current full-time SOFREP writer Alex Hollings as he talks "Old Man Fitness."  That's the column he's been doing every few days, though I do have to ask Alex as we discuss the articles, why the title as an extremely active and young 32-year-old man? We hear about him attending a screening of the movie "Thank You for Your Service" which he just reviewed, as well as sitting down with writer/director Jason Hall, the film's star Miles Teller, and Adam Schumann, the man who Teller portrayed in the film.  From there, we have an honest conversation about market saturation of military books and films that we'd love to hear your feedback on.  We also get into the JFK assassination files scheduled to become declassified later this month, and check our e-mails sent to sofrep.radio@sofrep.com.  Stay tuned next episode for a major announcement regarding the future of the podcast!

  • Ep. 293 - Remembering Glen Doherty

    · 01:03:43 · SOFREP Radio

    Americans hear the name Glen Doherty and know him as one of the brave Navy SEALs killed while contracting in Benghazi, Libya on September 11th, 2012.  To Sean Lake and Brandon though, they remember their great friend who was an avid skier and put a smile on everyone's face.  Sean, an experienced snowboarder, lived with Glen from 2010 on and acted as the executive to Glen's estate when he was killed, and on this episode we hear the story of both Brandon and Sean's reaction when they heard the devastating news of what happened to their friend that night.  Sean let this tragic event become the catalyst for making change however, when he helped to start the Glen Doherty Memorial Foundation with a simple philosophy in mind borrowed from Glen's way of life, to work hard and play hard.  Glen "Bub" Doherty also became the inspiration for Bub's Naturals, a new company created by Sean that produces their own collagen protein powder.  Sean discusses the benefits of collagen, how it appeals to him as an athlete, and why it's something he could have seen Glen and himself benefiting from during their CrossFit days.  Most importantly, 10% of every sale of Bub's Naturals goes to the Glen Doherty Memoral Foundation.We also talk about the future of Hurricane Group, including charitable work we've done and what we have in the works on that end.  We also let you know what's in store for Crate Club members that you will not want to miss, and look back on the premium crate EDC med kit we did last year that was inspired by Glen.  Last, Brandon and I throat punch Drew Murray again this show for stealing Jack Murphy's work.  As always, follow us on Instagram and Twitter @SOFREPRadio, e-mail your questions to sofrep.radio@sofrep.com, and with us going back to a free format, we need your help, please leave a five star review for us on Apple Podcasts.

  • Ep. 292 - Jeff Gonzales, Navy SEAL & shooting instructor

    · 01:10:34 · SOFREP Radio

    Jason Delgado hangs with me for this episode, as we not only celebrate his birthday, but also interview special guest Jeff Gonzales.  We hear from Jason about what goes into promoting a brand new book, which includes doing a plethora of media interviews, as well as putting together two kick ass release parties that he recaps for us.  Jason talks about the importance of glorifying the men he served with in the Marines Corps, and not being interested in whether or not he was one of the best at his job.Special guest is Jeff Gonzales, a guy we haven't heard from since back at SHOT Show 2015, so it was nice to catch up with an old favorite to our audience.  Jeff is a former SEAL and runs his own firearms training facility, Trident Concepts.  We hear from him, as well as Jason, as to what makes a great shooting instructor, and what he looks for in his guys.  We talk disaster preparedness, and also of course have to ask him about what it was like to shoot with the infamous Alex Jones after he posted a picture with him on Instagram at the range.As always, follow us on Twitter and Instagram @SOFREPRadio, shoot over your questions to sofrep.radio@sofrep.com, and now that we're back to a free format for a wider audience, please leave us a review on Apple Podcasts.  We want to see our ranking go up in order to provide you with as much kick ass content as possible.

  • Ep. 291 - The Odyssean

    · 01:13:12 · SOFREP Radio

    This week marked the annual meetings for Hurricane Group in NYC, discussing the future of the company, and our individual goals with what we do.  One big change I wanted to let you all know about, and that many of you will be happy to hear, we will continue to do two shows each week in their entirety with SOFREP Radio, as well as Brandon Webb's The Power of Thought podcast, but these will now be free to hear immediately on the SOFREP app as well as Apple Podcasts and elsewhere.  We decided on this change for many reasons, but we want to continue to expand on the listener base that we have.  For those who signed up as members of the podcast as we experimented with this format over the past half year, we greatly appreciate it.  I would encourage those of you in that camp to become full fledged Team Room members and check out all of the great content that the guys you hear on SOFREP Radio regularly are working on.  If not, we hope you continue to listen, and if you run into any issues with your current membership, feel free to e-mail me personally at sofrep.radio@sofrep.com, and I'll be sure to forward you over to the right place now that we have an incredible customer service team at the company. With that, our new managing editor, a man of mystery, The Odyssean joined me in studio while he was in town for the meetings.  And believe it or not, we live streamed, which you can check out, but he was sure to keep his identity concealed.  For those not in the know, The Odyssean has worked in Army intelligence, as well as on the private side doing work in Japan for many years.  For this show we discuss how important music can be to the operator working in an unfamiliar environment.  We also hear a story of T.O. creating a go-bag for a friend, and the importance of being prepared.  That's something we always stress to our Crate Club members.

  • Ep. 290 - Big Mountain Heroes premiere

    · 01:37:26 · SOFREP Radio

    This past winter, a group of veterans along with two filmmakers and an avid skier, set out on a journey to ski and snowboard the alps of Europe. This was not just an expedition for fun, but served the purpose of illustrating the concept of “thrills before pills” to combat the prevalence of prescription drug abuse among combat veterans. Brandon Webb wrangled this crew of guys together to set out on the time of their lives, and also create an educational and entertaining documentary that both the veteran and civilian community will really dig. Tonight, these guys are here in New York City to catch the premiere, and see the product of their work for the first time.Director of Media at Hurricane Group Nick Cahill joins us for the whole show as we speak to Leo Jenkins (Army Ranger medic,) Isaiah Burkhart (Army Ranger sniper,) Nick Betts (Army sniper,) Benn Whitney (Skier,) and Matt Hardy (cinematographer.) Each guy joins us for a few minutes at a time and gives us their unique take on “Big Mountain Heroes.” For those who donated on Kickstarter, we’re excited to get out to you the materials for your pledges, and for the rest of you, stay on the lookout for a wider release.

  • Ep. 289 - Scott Kelly (Part 1)

    · 00:47:10 · SOFREP Radio

    Brandon Webb is in studio this show along with a very special guest, Scott Kelly. We start off first though with SOFREP writer Derek Gannon giving a very important update on the recent events in Niger resulting in the tragic death of three U.S. Green Berets. Although U.S. presence in Africa comes as some sort of shock to much of the mainstream media, readers of SOFREP have seen our writers including Derek cover the region for years. Brandon also gives his reaction the mass shooting in Las Vegas.We then bring on Scott Kelly, retired Navy Captain and NASA astronaut, who has an incredible memoir coming out on October 17th entitled “Endurance: A Year in Space, A Lifetime of Discovery.” Kelly set a new record being in space for 520 days in 2015. We ask Scott about his origins, privatization of space exploration, and even have some fun after seeing his response on Twitter to rapper B.O.B. currently setting up a GoFundMe to somehow prove that the earth is flat… good luck with that. Pre-order his book, you will not be disappointed! Part 2 of this interview will be posted next week on Brandon’s The Power of Thought podcast, so be sure to check that out when it drops, and you can find that in the Education category of Apple Podcasts.

  • Ep. 288 - Jason Delgado talks "Bounty Hunter 4/3"

    · 01:37:00 · SOFREP Radio

    It’s been years in the making, but Jason Delgado’s memoir on the SOFREP Books imprint of St. Martin’s Press has finally been released, and we know that all of you are very excited to dig into it. On this episode you’ll hear an uncensored perspective (as only SOFREP Radio can bring it) of all the real life stories and motivations behind the book. We also get into the recent tragic shooting in Las Vegas, and you’ll hear Jason’s take on it, including the comments made by Medal of Honor recipient Dakota Meyer directed at Instagram celebrity Dan Bilzerian who was in attendance.We end with a clip of the latest episode of Brandon Webb’s podcast The Power of Thought with Breaking Benjamin guitarist Jasen Rauch. That’s up in its entirety on The Power of Thought podcast which can be found in the Education category on Apple Podcasts and everywhere else you get your podcasts.Once again, go out and pick up “Bounty Hunter 4/3: My Life in Combat from Marine Scout Sniper to MARSOC,” and if you’re in the Pennsylvania area, there will be a release party for you to come check out and get your book personally signed by Mr. Delgado:Sunday, October 15th from 4-6 PM EST @ Tattered Flag Still Works – 1 S. Union St., Middletown, PAHope to see you all there!

  • Ep. 287 - Drew Dwyer's CIA disguises

    · 01:19:34 · SOFREP Radio

    Former CIA Operative and Marine Drew Dwyer is back in studio, and we’re stepping up the visual element of the livestreams as he brings in some really cool disguises he still has from his time in the CIA. If you want to see what these look like, you can check out the show on our Youtube channel, because the visuals really add to this one.Some of you may know that Drew is one of the operators behind our Crate Club, so we hear what he’s been up to on that end of the business, and we talk about the latest premium crate which I thought was incredible. We answer your questions during the livestream as well as your questions sent to sofrep.radio@sofrep.com, and also get into the investigation of Russia’s involvement in buying Facebook ads during the election cycle and how it is not as one-sided as many speculated. This is a surprise to many, but is actually something our writer Coriolanus stated he saw coming on the podcast months ago on Ep. 270. Proving once again that the writers at SOFREP.com are way ahead of the curve in comparison to the mainstream media.

  • Ep. 286 - Terrorism in Ukraine, Sudan, & Afghanistan

    · 01:14:35 · SOFREP Radio

    SOFREP writer Jay jumps on the podcast as we go around the globe and cover a lot of under-reported conflicts going on. We jump into the proposal of U.N. peacekeepers getting involved in Ukraine, long term strategy in Afghanistan, as well as the ongoing violence in Sudan. As a veteran operator of British Army Reconnaissance now working in private security with NordStierna International, these are all areas that Jay has some experience in, and the issue of violence in Sudan is especially personal for Jay. Jay was actually a friend of Christopher Allen, the 25-year-old journalist and photographer killed there last month covering the conflict, and Chris had even photographed Jay.We wrap up talking about some of the homegrown Islamic terrorism happening in Jay’s region, the U.K., solutions to solve it, as well as the differences in U.S. and U.K. culture in regards to firearms. Jay’s very active on Instagram, so be sure to give him a follow @jay_sofrep. We love showcasing the international pool of writers at SOFREP.com, and hope that you enjoy and learn something new.

  • Ep. 285 - Counterinsurgency (COIN) in Afghanistan

    · 00:54:27 · SOFREP Radio

    We have a very special guest in studio, Dr. Daniel R. Green, author of “In the Warlords’ Shadow: Special Operations Forces, the Afghans, and Their Fight Against the Taliban.” The book has received high praise from names like Navy SEAL Dick Couch and Green Beret Scott Mann. Daniel has an extremely impressive and versatile resume between his service as a Navy reserve officer serving in both Iraq and Afghanistan, receiving his Ph. D. in political science from George Washington University, to now working as a Defense Fellow at The Washington Institute. If you want to know the ins and outs of counterinsurgency (better known as COIN) in Afghanistan from a man who’s worked on the ground with both Green Berets and Navy SEALs, you need to pick this up. We discuss the book, some of the differences in tactics from separate branches of special operations, why the U.S. is still maintaining a presence in Afghanistan, and how long we can plan to be there. Daniel’s written for publications such as The Daily Beast and Foreign Policy, and you can follow him on Twitter @FallujahRedux.

  • Ep. 284 - James Powell (CIA/USMC)

    · 01:42:13 · SOFREP Radio

    One might think that after a decade having served in the Marine Corps, you’d have all the confidence in the world to take on whatever job opportunity comes next. When that next job you’re applying for however is in the CIA, and you’re being stacked up against a highly impressive lineup of candidates ranging from special ops veterans to Ivy League educated men and women, you might have your doubts. That’s the position that our writer James Powell found himself in, and he joins us in studio to talk about that process, as well as his time prior in the Marine Corps. James talks about how making a situation right even when it’s someone else’s screw-up could help land you the job, in addition to his personal experience applying for the CIA and having to deal with keeping it a secret from practically everyone but your spouse.We also get into some recent news stories including the mother of Abu Tayeh, the murderer of three U.S. Green Berets, claiming that her son was awarded a medal from the Jordanian government after the killings; as well as the recent death of Stanislav Petrov, the Soviet Officer who made the correct call in hesitating to attack the U.S. after a computer error that could have resulted in annihilation. It’s a fascinating story of cooler heads prevailing that anyone can use in their own life. We’re enjoying having more great guests join us in studio, and as always, welcome your questions and feedback to sofrep.radio@sofrep.com, and of course follow us @SOFREPRadio on Twitter and Instagram for the latest updates.

  • Ep. 283 - Vasilis Chronopoulos (Greek SOF)

    · 00:38:57 · SOFREP Radio

    It’s been over 100 episodes since we’ve had our Greek SOF veteran writer Vasilis A.K.A. Bill on. Coincidentally, the last time we covered Turkey shooting down a Russian plane, and we start this episode off with the news of Turkey buying the S-400 missile system from Russia in a deal for nearly $2 billion. From there we get the Greek perspective on news that Vasilis has been covering, including the rise of self-described “anti-fascist” groups in America which Europe has seen the spread of for decades prior, as well as what Vasilis would describe as the myth that Europe is somehow less racist than the U.S. We also debate his article which received both positive and critical feedback from SOFREP readers, “Nazis are leftists? Not so fast.”The SOF community is more than just the U.S. and Britain, so it’s great to get a perspective that we don’t often hear. We also get into Bill’s background serving in both the 35th Mountain Raiders Battalion, and the Zeta amphibious raiders battalion, with Bill going on to work in private security after that. From there, we dig into some of the tradition of Greek military service from mandatory conscription, to their state-wide religion being a part of the Greek Orthodox Church, and how that injects itself into military culture. We hope that you enjoy hearing an outside view, and be sure to follow Bill on Twitter @billxronopoulos and Instagram @billchron.

  • Ep. 282 - National Preparedness Month

    · 01:23:20 · SOFREP Radio

    Yes, National Preparedness Month is in fact a thing, and although there certainly are an abundance of national holidays and months where we recognize all sorts of things in America, it actually makes perfect sense to get the public on board with being prepared for the month of September. Between commemorating the anniversary of the terrorist attacks that took place on 9/11/01, and the current ongoing national disasters happening right now, it is very important to drive home the message of being prepared in any emergency scenario. Scott Witner, Marine Corps veteran and editor of The Loadout Room (which is a part of Hurricane Group,) has a lot of experience with disaster preparation, and the site is giving you some expert advice when it comes to getting on board. If you’re a gear guy, The Loadout Room is your site, and we get a full update from the man in charge with what they have going on.

  • Ep. 281 - A Photographer Among Forces Fighting ISIS

    · 01:07:23 · SOFREP Radio

    In studio with us is Joey L., you may have read his photo essay “Welcome to Raqqa” here a few months back, which got a lot of love from readers of the site. Joey is a professional portrait photographer who’s done a lot of his own work shooting the action happening in Syria, and getting to know those on the ground fighting. You’ve probably even seen some great shots he’s taken of Jack Murphy when he’s been over there. What we get into specifically though, is Joey’s documentary “Born From Urgency” which is free to check out, and contains some truly mind-blowing footage.

  • Ep. 280 - Benedetta Argentieri

    · 01:40:40 · SOFREP Radio

    Back on SOFREP Radio is journalist/filmmaker (and as many of you may know, fiancé of Jack Murphy) Benedetta “Benni” Argentieri. Benni has contributed her work to some of the most well-known news agencies and publications ranging from Reuters to Al Jazeera, and most recently wrote a piece on female soldiers in Iraq and Syria for The Telegraph (titled "Meet the female soldiers in Syria and Iraq fighting for gender equality as much as freedom.") It’s always a kick having Jack and Benni in studio, because face it, how many couples do you know with in-depth knowledge and on-the-ground experience as journalists in combat zones? We get into subjects ranging from the heated rhetoric regarding nuclear war coming out of North Korea and the Trump administration, self-described “anarchist” protesters and warfighters and volunteer fighters for groups like the YPG in Syria (something Benni covered in-depth in her film “Our War,” which we hope to have a wider release in the near future.)Be sure to follow Benni on Twitter @BenArgentieri and keep up with her work on her website at benedetta-argentieri.com.

  • Ep. 279 - Q&A w/ SOFREP.com editor-in-chief Jack Murphy

    · 01:14:04 · SOFREP Radio

    With our growing audience as we stream live on Facebook and YouTube for select in studio episodes, Jack Murphy and I decided to give you the listeners a chance to interact with us, and ask any questions you had for the editor-in-chief on the spot. We also get into the guilty verdict on a very disturbing case involving VA physician’s assistant Mark Wisner, who was accused of sexual molestation by male veterans using the Dwight D. Eisenhower VA Medical Facility in Leavenworth, Kansas. Jack previously wrote about this in his article “Former Ranger: Mark Wisner was ‘the Jerry Sandusky of Veterans Affairs.” We intend to bring on the source of that article in the near future when he’s legally advised that it’s okay to do so at that time. We’re hoping to do more of these soon, so be on the lookout on our Facebook and YouTube pages.You can always ask questions when we're not livestreaming as well at sofrep.radio@sofrep.com