• An old episode of On Rotation, previously only available as the presented show.
    On this episode I rolled out a mix of some late 90s / early 00s goodness from a few classic albums...

    Calibre - Our Love, Part 1 [Musique Concrete LP - Creative Source]
    Calibre - 3am [Thermal Recordings]
    Calibre - Run Again [Musique Concrete LP - Creative Source]
    Calibre - Version [Musique Concrete LP - Creative Source]
    Sneaker Pimps - Post Modern Sleaze (Reprazent Mix) [Clean Up Records]
    Roni Size - Windrush [Planet V LP - V Recordings]
    Roni Size - Strictly Social [Planet V LP - V Recordings]
    Ed Rush & Optical - Shrinkwrap [Planet V LP - V Recordings]
    Capone - 2 Da 1 [Genetically Unmodified LP - Hard Leaders]
    Capone - Feelings [Genetically Unmodified LP - Hard Leaders]
    Ed Rush & Optical - Funktion (Remix) [Planet V LP - V Recordings]
    Ram Trilogy - System Error (Y2K) [Molten Beats LP - Ram Records]
    Ram Trilogy - Terminal 2 [Molten Beats LP - Ram Records]
    Ram Trilogy - Human Future [Molten Beats LP - Ram Records]
    Ram Trilogy - Evolution [Molten Beats LP - Ram Records]
    Matrix - Temperament [Sleepwalk LP - Virus Recordings]
    Kraken - Side Effects [Blazin LP - Underfire Recordings]
    Stakka + K.Tee - Synthesis [Blazin LP - Underfire Recordings]
    Peshay feat. Co-ordinate - Rotation [Fuzion LP - Cubik Music]
    Blue Sonix - This Feeling [Phuturistic Bluez]
    Die - Slide Away [Planet V LP - V Recordings]
    Beatless - To Expand (DJ Die Remix) [Sirkus]
    Breakbeat Era - Rancid Rinse (Instrumental) [XL Recordings]
    Breakbeat Era - Rancid Rinse [XL Recordings]
    Breakbeat Era - Ultra Obscene [XL Recordings]
    Decoder - Vapour Dub Remix [Hardleaders]
    Capone - Massive [Hardleaders]

  • Remembering a golden time for D&B with a mix of the tracks that I was frequently hearing tear up the dancefloors of Ipswich and London.

    Between the development of Techstep and the emergence of Liquid Funk, these were the hard hitting tracks from the likes of Virus, Ram and Bad Company that were pleasing our ears on a weekly basis, usually played by Andy C, Ed Rush & Optical, Grooverider and more.

    Ram Trilogy - Evolution (Molten Beats LP - Ram Records)
    Jagged Edge - Rock Baby (V Recordings)
    DJ Brockie & Ed Solo - Represents (Undiluted Recordings)
    Q-Project - Trouble (Advance//d Recordings)
    Roni Size/Reprazent - Watching Windows [DJ Die Gnarly Instrumental Mix] (Talkin Loud)
    Breakbeat Era - Our Disease Tera (XL Recordings)
    Ed Rush & Optical - Kerbcrawler (Virus Recordings)
    Moving Fusion - Turbulence (Sound In Motion LP - Ram Records)
    E-Z Rollers - RS2000 (Moving Shadow)
    Skeptic - Tear (East Side Records)
    Total Science - Squash (Sektor One EP - Advance//d Recordings)
    Future Cut - Whiplash (Armageddon LP - Renegade Hardware)
    Ed Rush + Optical - Bacteria (Virus Recordings)
    Bad Company - Planet Dust (Prototype Recordings)
    Digital - Deadline (31 Recordings)
    Ed Rush & Optical - Socom (Virus Recordings)
    Roni Size - 26 Bass (Full Cycle Records)
    Ram Trilogy - Titan (Titan EP - Ram Records)
    Bad Company - The Nine (Bad Company Recordings)
    Ed Rush, Optical & Fierce - Alien Girl (Prototype Recordings)
    Bad Company & Trace - Nitrous (Inside the Machine LP - Bad Company Recordings)
    Dom & Roland - Imagination (Midnight Club EP - Moving Shadow)
    John B - Up All Night (Metalheadz)
    Digital & Spirit - Phantom Force (Phantom Audio)
    Rymetyme & Trace - Move VIP (1210 Recordings)
    Dillinja - Hard Noize (Test Recordings)
    Capone - Tudor Rose (Hardleaders)
    Bad Company - Four Days (The Fear EP - Bad Company Recordings)
    ??? - That Amen Trk !! (Valve Recordings)

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  • For this show I finally undertook something that I have been meaning to for a while, a retrospective mix of Hospital Records.

    Particularly in the early 00s I was buying much on Hospital as they were at the forefront of the development of the smoother Liquid style.

    This was thoroughly enjoyable to mix and features some much played classics as well as more recent releases, spanning nearly the entirety of Hospital Records existence.

    Many records did not make this mix and a second part is likely...

    Makoto Feat. Pete Simpson - Spread Love (Full Length Mix)
    London Elektricity - The Strangest Secret In The World [Power Ballads LP]
    Logistics - Take Me To The Bridge [City Life EP]
    London Elektricity - Elektric D-Funk
    London Elektricity - Round The Corner (Origin Unknown Vocal Mix)
    London Elektricity versus Robert Owens - My Dreams [Billion Dollar Gravy LP]
    Danny Byrd - Do It Again
    High Contrast - Music Is Everything (Danny Byrd Remix)
    High Contrast - Passion [True Colours LP]
    High Contrast - Make It Tonight [True Colours LP]
    Logistics - Over And Out [Fear Not LP]
    Logistics - As Sure As Sunrise Feat. Hugh Hardie [Polyphony LP]
    Logistics - Together [The Future Sound Of Cambridge EP]
    Makoto + T-AK - Voyager [The Friendly Fire EP]
    Nu:Tone - Balaclava [The Future Sound Of Cambridge 3 EP]
    Nu:Tone Feat. Natalie Williams- System (Matrix & Futurebound Remix)
    Apex Feat. Ayah - Space Beaten [Weapons Of Mass Creation 3 LP]
    Logistics - Inside My Soul [Spacejam EP]
    Logistics - The Trip [Weapons Of Mass Creation 2 LP]
    London Elektricity - Hanging Rock [Power Ballads LP]
    Sonic - Piano Anthem
    High Contrast - Racing Green [High Society LP]
    Birdy - Wings (Nu:Logic Remix) [Hospital: We Are 18 LP]
    Krakota - In The Area Feat. Lifford [Citadels EP]
    SKC + Bratwa - Heart Of Love [Weapons Of Mass Creation LP]
    Villem - Stereogram [Med School: Graduation LP]
    Makoto - Kosa Feat. Keeno [Tomodachi Sessions LP]
    Mitekiss - Tonic [Objects To Push EP]
    Hugh Hardie - Shades Of Blue Feat. Kimani [Colourspace LP]
    Hugh Hardie - Closeness [Colourspace LP]

  • Inspired by the Facebook group https://www.facebook.com/groups/atmosphericdrumandbass
    I've to submit a mix for inclusion on their Soundcloud page https://soundcloud.com/atmosphericdrumandbass
    and for this show I had something of a preparatory mix through some of the records that I pulled from my shelves.

    Intense - Natural Progression [Creative Source]
    Klute - Leo 9 [Cert 18 Records]
    The Funky Technicians - Airtight [Legend Records]
    The Funky Technicians - Airtight (Remix) [Legend Records]
    Spinback & Q. Project - Rikers Island (Dream Mix) [Legend Records]
    Aquarius & Tayla - Bringing Me Down [Good Looking Records]
    Big Bud - Source of Inspiration [Paradox Music]
    Orion - Ol' Janx Spirit [Good Looking Records]
    ASC - Clear Skies [Auxiliary]
    St Etienne - The Sea (PFM Remix) [Artcore 3 - React Music]
    Alaska & Seba - Back from Eternity [Arctic Music]
    Alaska - Azarca [Arctic Music]
    Appaloosa & DJ Dream - Chord Data [Good Looking Records]
    Axis - One In Ten [Good Looking Records]
    Peshay - The Piano Tune [Points In Time 002 - Good Looking Records]
    Universal - Live Session [Looking Good Records]
    Blu Mar Ten - Futureproof [Good Looking Records]
    LTJ Bukem - Rhodes To Freedom [Good Looking Records]
    LTJ Bukem - Orchestral Jam (Vocal) [Mystical Realms EP - Good Looking Records]
    Doc Scott - Tokyo Dawn [Good Looking Records]
    Source Direct - Secret Liaisons [Points In Time 001 - Good Looking Records]

  • Previously broadcast as part of my On Rotation show, presented here for your listening pleasure is the guest mix I was very happy to receive from OleO, a fine purveyor and mix master of deep, dark and minimal beats...

    Connect with OleO




    Entire & Istota - Tundra (Vykhod Sily)
    Bruno Sanchez - The Blackest Sunday [Ahmad RMX] (Paradise Lost)
    Heatwave - Angel Of The Sun [Out Of Fuel Remix] (Onset Audio)
    Empty Rituals - Elemento (Zodiac Music)
    Empty Rituals & Bereneces - Vodun (Zodiac Music)
    Shinbu - Mountain Witch (Shinbu Bandcamp)
    Missive - Fatikier (Onset Audio)
    Entire & Istota - Taiga (Vykhod Sily)
    dreadmaul - Pyroclast (Dreadmaul Bandcamp)
    TNNL - Amygdala (Onset Audio)
    Øjeblik - Clear (Free)
    Spiritual Voices & Shiza - Cretaceous (Diffuse Reality)
    Pascha Solecci - Subliminal Messages (...)
    Missive - Denouement (Onset Audio)
    Shinbu - Shatter (Shinbu Bandcamp)
    The Untouchables - Warlock (Mutable Beats)
    Last Life - Objects (LLSeries)

  • Inspired by listening to old Jungle mixes from https://www.facebook.com/groups/OldSkoolJungleDnBSetsToDownload I dug out some of my classic 90s Jungle for a bass laden mix.

    Many of these are original, likely sourced 2nd hand as I discovered D&B in 1997, and just as many are represses. It's great that vinyl is still being made available.

    It was interesting to see how varied the recorded tempos were despite these being from a similar time. I travelled the full length of the pitch slider!

    Tribe of Issachar ft. Peter Bouncer - Junglist (No Sell Out Remix)
    Blackstar ft. Top Cat - Champion DJ (Blue Print Mix) / Sound Clash Dub
    Conquering Lion - Code Red (Wild Apachi Mix)
    Mask - Splurt
    Scorpio - Li - Li
    Krust - Set Speed (DJ SS Remix)
    Leviticus - Burial (The Tearing Terrorist Mix)
    Fire Fox & 4-Tree - Warning (Roni Size Mix)
    Mask and Swabe - Came and Conquered
    DJ Die - Something Special
    DJ Die - Play It For Me (Part II)
    Firefox & Survivor - Who Is It
    Firefox - Buck Rogers
    Andy C - Roll On
    Andy C - Cool Down
    DJ Crystl - Warp Drive (Dubplate Mix)
    DJ Crystl - Let It Roll
    Shimon & Andy C - Night Flight
    Mask & Gang Related - Dictation (Michael Caine Mix)
    Prizna ft. Demolition Man - Fire (Urban Shakedown Remix)
    Urban Shakedown - Arsonist Dub Beatz
    DJ SS - Rollige
    Shy FX - This Style
    DJ Rap - Ruffest Gun Ark ft. Top Cat
    Asylum - Da Base II Dark
    MA2 - Hearing Is Believing
    DJ Zinc - Super Sharp Shooter
    The Dream Team - Stamina

  • From a recent show of mine, the music only version of a tribute mix remembering the late, great MC 'Singing' Fats.

    A Sides & MC Fats - A Certain Sound [True Playaz]
    Calibre & MC Fats - Neighbourhood [Liq-Weed Ganja Recordings]
    Blue skin feat. Cleveland Watkiss and Singing Fats - Hold the Moment [Club Sessions EP Part 5 - Liquid V]
    Pendulum - Plastic World (feat. Fats & TC) [Hold Your Colour LP - Breakbeat Kaos]
    DJ Fresh - Babylon Rising feat. Pendulum and Singing Fats [Escape from Planet Monday LP - Breakbeat Kaos]
    Calibre & Singing Fats - Drop it Down [Signature Records]
    A Sides feat. Singing Fats and Regina - What U Don't Know (Extended Mix) [Eastside Records]
    DJ Hype - True Playaz Style feat. MC Fats [Playaz Style EP - True Playaz]
    Dillinja - I Told You How to Rock feat. MC Fats [Cybotron LP - FFRR]
    DJ Hype & Ganja Max - Rinse Out feat. MC Fats & DJ Daddy [Ganja Records]
    DJ Hype feat. MC Fats - Peace Love & Unity [True Playaz]
    A Sides & MC Fats - Bring Dat [True Playaz]
    A Sides feat. MC Fats - Crazy VIP [Eastside Records]
    A Sides - Arctic feat. MC Fats [Fours EP - Sun and Bass Recordings]

  • From a recent show of mine, the music only version of a mid 90s Jungle/D&B mix...

    Goldie - Angel (Peshay Back From Narm Mix) [FFRR]
    Dr. S. Gachet - Remember the Roller [Audio Maze]
    Stakka & K. Tee - Orange Sunshine [The Speed of Sound LP - Ram Records]
    Andy C - Roll On [Ram Records]
    Shimon & Andy C - Quest [Ram Records]
    Origin Unknown - Truly One [Ram Records]
    Origin Unknown - Valley of the Shadows (Long Dark Remix) [Ram Records]
    DJ Zinc - Reach Out [True Playaz]
    DJ Zinc - Reach Out (Remix) [True Playaz]
    Shimon & Andy C - Night Flight [Ram Records]
    Renegade - Dark Soldier Part 1 [Dread Recordings]
    Leviticus - Burial (Chronic 1) [FFRR]

  • An episode of the On Rotation show originally broadcast on https://www.ipswichcommunityradio.com/ which I have enjoyed listening back to recently.

    This is the mix without any presenting, previously unavailable here, for your listening pleasure...

    Nuyorican Soul ft. Jocelyn Brown & Roy Ayers - I Am the Black Gold of the Sun (4 Hero Remix)
    Peshay - Jah VIP Rollers Mix
    Nasty Habits - Prototyped
    Cybotron ft. Dillinja - Got To
    Dr. S. Gachet - Remember the Roller
    T Power - The Mutant Remix ~ Rollers Instinct (DJ Trace Remix)
    Asylum - Da Base II Dark
    Capone - Alaska
    Capone - Voice
    Dom & Roland - Thunder (Remix)
    Doc Scott - The Unofficial Ghost
    Technical Itch - Analysis
    Technical Itch - Deadline
    Technical Itch - LED
    Optical - To Shape the Future Remix
    Moving Fusion - The Beginning
    Moving Fusion - Turbulence
    Pendulum - Back 2 You
    Dom & Roland - Dynamo
    Calibre & Zero Tolerance - Waterfall
    BCee - Consumed
    Zero Tolerance ft. Steo - Refusal
    Calibre - Jane's Twitch
    Alex Reece + Utah Jazz - All Night Long
    Jonny L - Tychonic Cycle
    Krust - Second Movement

  • An episode of the On Rotation show originally broadcast on https://www.ipswichcommunityradio.com/

    For some reason I had only saved and made available the presented version of this show, but having listened back and really enjoyed the mix, I have been able to make a music only version for you to enjoy 🤓

    High Contrast - Metamorphosis [Tough Guys Don't Dance LP - Hospital Records]
    Stakka + K.Tee - Synthesis [Blazin LP - Underfire Recordings]
    The Invaderz - Rock [Invaderz Transmissions]
    The Ram Trilogy - No Reality [Chapter One EP - Ram Records]
    Ed Rush + Optical - Watermelon [Virus Recordings]
    Dillinja - Tronik Funk [Test Recordings]
    Jonny L - Trouble [Piranha Records]
    Special Forces - Sidewinder (Hochi & Infiltrata Remix) [Photek Productions]
    Kinnetix - Critical Mass [Underfire Recordings]
    DJ Friction & Nu Balance - Movement [Trouble on Vinyl]
    Dub Phizix & Skeptical feat. Strategy - Marka [Exit Records]
    Pendulum - Vault [Kingz of the Rollers EP Volume Three - 31 Records]
    Pendulum - Back 2 You [Timeless Recordings]
    Drumsound & Simon Bassline Smith - The Odyssey [Prototype Recordings]
    Chase & Status - Take Me Away [Ram Records]
    Brookes Brothers vs Futurebound - Dawn Treader [Breakbeat Kaos]
    Total Science - Squash [Sektor One EP - Advance//d Recordings]
    Natural Mystic - Tuff Talking [Global Thang]
    Alpha Omega - Realism 2000 [Reinforced Records]
    Mr L - This is Hardcore [Mr L Records]
    Digital - Ras 78 [Function Records]
    The Spirit - Fathoms [Fresh 86]
    Splash - Babylon [Deja Vu LP - Ebony Recordings]
    Dark Soldier - Dark Soldier (Back in the Day Mix) [Vintage Dread 2000 LP - Dread Recordings]
    DJ Brockie & Ed Solo - Represents [Undiluted Recordings]
    Trinity - I Feel [Chronic 16 EP - Chronic]
    Capone - Fusion [Hardleaders]
    Souljah - Fade 2 Black [Hardleaders]

  • My latest show broadcast on https://www.ipswichcommunityradio.com/ Friday 10PM - 12 AM
    Listen live via the website, on the app incl. catch up (search ICR UK in your app store) or 105.7 FM in Ipswich.

    For this show I pulled some records at random, without looking, from my shelves to see what selection I might end up with, and whether I could make a cohesive mix with it.

    I ended up with what I think is a good representation of my tastes from 25 years of buying. I discovered a few great tracks that I had overlooked, and I clearly have a lot of Calibre!

    This is the music only mix, if you would like to hear the presented show you can download it here https://www.mediafire.com/file/accl8q7qarbi0yy/On_Rotation_26_May_2023_-_Presented_show.mp3/file

    Goldie - Believe (Grooverider Mix) [FFRR]
    Fellowship - Sidewinder [Hard Leaders]
    Unity - Contact [Listen Up LP - Hard Leaders]
    Phantom Audio - Void [Timeless Recordings]
    Calibre - The Water Carrier [Soul:r]
    Calibre - Run Again [Musique Concrete LP - Creative Source]
    Logistics - Jungle Music [Hospital Records]
    Roni Size - Dayz [V Recordings]
    DJ Hype - Once Again [Playaz Style EP - True Playaz]
    Ed Rush + Optical - Gas Mask [Virus Recordings]
    Goldie feat. KRS One - Digital (Boymerang Mix) [FFRR]
    Calyx - Ascension [The Killa EP - Moving Shadow]
    Calyx - Collision Course [The Killa EP - Moving Shadow]
    UFO! - My Personal Blackmail (Konflict's Negative RMX) [Skunkrock Productions]
    STA & Paul B - The Lick [DSCI4]
    KC - Destroyer [Extreme Steel EP - Human Imprint Recordings]
    Distorted Minds - T-10 [Kaos Recordings]
    Roni Size/Reprazent - Out of the Game [Talkin' Loud]
    UK Apachi & Shy FX - Nuttah VIP [Ebony Recordings]
    Inta Warriors - Inta (Special Forces Remix) [Connexions EP - Prototype Recordings]
    Heist - Sprout (Breakage rmx) [Ninth Wonder LP Part Three - Progress]
    Overlook - Midnight Sun [Lost Souls Club EP - UVB-76 Music]
    Nausika - Dominion [Blu Mar Ten Music]
    John B - The Way I Feel [Creative Source]
    Toro - Amigo (Calibre Remix) [Futuro Flamenco Vol.2 Remix Sampler - Outcaste Records]
    Calibre - Drowning In You [Liquid V]
    Zinc - Show Me (Calibre Remix) [Rinse]
    Synkro - Departure [New Blood 010 - Med School]
    Fanu - Footsteps Concealed [Warm Communications]

  • A Summer themed mix that I did for an American podcast/show.

    London Elektricity – Wishing Well [Danny Byrd remix] (Plastic Surgery 2 LP – Hospital Records)
    Big Bud – Millennium [Carlito remix] (Liquid Funk LP – Creative Source)
    John B – Half Now, Half Later (Soulful Behaviour LP – Defunked)
    Blue Sonix – This Feeling (Phuturistic Bluez)
    DJ Marky & XRS – LK (V Recordings)
    XRS Land – Secrets of the Floating Island (The Brasil EP – V Recordings)
    Marcus Inalex & S.T. Files – Love & Happiness (31 Records)
    Marcus Intalex – Lose Control (Metalheadz)
    Calibre – Mr Right On (Signature)
    Primary Motive – Who Has The Jazz (Liquid Funk LP – Creative Source)
    Influx Datum – Back For More (Formation)
    High Contrast – Make It Tonight (Hospital Records)
    Roni Size/Reprazent – Brown Paper Bag (New Forms LP – Talkin’ Loud)

  • Originally broadcast 8th July 2022 as part of my On Rotation show, this is a special mix of vinyl dubs that I had cut by Henry at www.dubstudio.co.uk/
    This comprises unreleased and digital only tracks, along with a few album tracks that I wanted a louder, DJ friendly copy of.

    Henry had announced that he was to indefinitely cease business, and having had several plates from him over the last 15 years, I wanted to mark his service to the vinyl community. More recently it appears that Dub Studio is set to return.

    Deepcutt - Sarabande (The Sarabande EP - Scion Records)
    The Levels - We Could Be ft. dBridge (The Levels EP - The Levels Music)
    Nu:Tone - Tides ft. Lea Lea (Future History LP - Hospital Records)
    The Cinematic Orchestra - That Home [T:Base Bootleg] (Free download)
    Etherwood - Hold Your Breath [Spectrasoul Remix] (Hospital Mixtape: Etherwood - Hospital Records)
    Birdy - Wings [Nu:Logic Remix] (Hospital: We Are 18 - Hospital Records)
    M.A.N.D.Y. Vs Booka Shade - Donut [Logistics Remix] (Living the Dream)
    Netsky - Give & Take (2 LP - Hospital Records)
    Sam Binga & Rider Shafique - Proud ft. Tiffanie Malvo [Enei Remix - Edit] (Champion EP (Reloaded) - Critical Recordings)
    Black Widow Vs. Talisman P ft. Barrington Levy - Suspicion [2007 Remix] (Unreleased)
    Komatic - Solution (Unreleased)
    Michael Jackson - Human Nature [DJ Roots Remix - Edit] (Free download)

  • Presented on this show is a special Valentine theme mix for you to enjoy :-)

    P.F.M. - One & Only [Looking Good Records]
    Makoto - You Make Me Feel [Musical Message EP - Good Looking Records]
    MC Conrad & Makoto - Golden Girl [Good Looking Records]
    Blue Sonix - You Need Me [Aquasonic Records]
    Special Forces - What I Need [Photek Records]
    Seba - Close To You [Close To You EP - Spearhead Records]
    Seba - Never Let You Go (Blu Mar Ten Remix) [Warm Communications]
    The Black Ghosts - It's Your Touch (Remix) [Not On Label]
    Blue Sonix - This Feeling [Phuturistic Bluez]
    Bebel Gilberto - So Nice (DJ Marky and XRS Remix) [Ziriguiboom]
    DJ Marky, DJ Patife & Esom feat. Fernanda Porto - So Tinha Que Ser Com Voce (Original Lounge Mix) [Movement]
    Blame - Because Of You featuring Selah [720 Degrees]
    Steve Angello & Laidback Luke feat. Robin S - Show Me Love (Blame Remix) [Data Records]
    Total Science - The Bizness [Rebound Recordings]
    Barry White vs. Unknown - Give You Up [Not On Label]
    Matrix vs. Goldtrix - It's Love (Trippin') (Extended Mix) [Serious Records]
    Agent BLK - Feel Good [Ivory Recordings]
    Carlito & Addiction - Perfect Combination [Defunked]
    Carlito & Addiction - Just Wanna Be [Creative Source]
    M.I.S.T. feat. Jenna G - Lover [soul:ution series 1 part 1 - Soul:r]
    Marcus Intalex & S.T. Files - Love & Happiness [31 Records]
    Masters At Work - To Be In Love (Full Vocal Mix) [Not On Label]
    Jenna G - In Love [For Lost Friends LP - Bingo Beats]

  • For my first show of 2023 on https://www.ipswichcommunityradio.com/, I played every vinyl release that I bought in 2022 in order of release date.

    I feel that this represents a varied and exciting snapshot of the continuing development and progression of D&B, which I am no less enthused by after 25 years of listening and buying.

    The majority were bought at my local shop https://www.redeyerecords.co.uk/

    Torn - Borderline [Borderline LP - Samurai Music]
    Aural Imbalance - The First Time [Cadence Recordings]
    Bungle - Light Sequence [Slow Fall EP 1 - Okbron Records]
    Clarity - You Alright? ft. Holsten [UVB-76 Music]
    Overlook - Midnight Sun [UVB-76 Music]
    Axis - Barumba Nights [Okbron Records]
    Nothing - Forces of Nature [Okbron Records]
    Presha - Mainliner (Homemade Weapons Remix) [Rats : Infest 1 EP - Samurai Music]
    Big Bud - Madison Heights [Okbron Records]
    Governmentfun - Lost Soul (Nookie Remix) [Resonance]
    DJ Trax - Dark Oceans [Warped Minds EP - Transmute Recordings]
    LSB - Renaissance Song [Renaissance Songs EP - Spearhead Records]
    Bungle - Slow Fall [Slow Fall EP 3 - Okbron Records]
    Nekyia - Breaches (Sam KDC Remix) [In Order to See EP - Detach Recordings]
    Synkro - Information [Information EP - R&S Records]

  • Instra:mental – Photograph
    Kid Drama – Auto State of Mind
    Mako, Villem & McLeod – Inner Revolution
    Villem & McLeod – Another Star
    MJ Cole – Sincere (Eveson Remix)
    Stakka & K. Tee – Auto Ignition
    Skynet & Stakka – Pathogen
    Calibre – Bluetop
    EZ Rollers – Tough at the Top
    Roni Size/Reprazent – Hi-Potent
    Roni Size/Reprazent – Western
    Breakbeat Era – Breakbeat Tera
    Breakbeat Era – Rancid Rinse (Instrumental)
    Breakbeat Era – Rancid Rinse
    Roni Size – Windrush
    Roni Size/Reprazent – Brown Paper Bag (Original)
    Lana Del Rey – West Coast (Camo & Krooked Remix)

  • Presented on this show, a selection of tracks that mean something special to me, gleaned from my 25 years of listening to D&B...

    Intense - Only You [Creative Source]
    Doc Scott - Unofficial Ghost [Platinum Breakz LP - Metalheadz]
    Roni Size / Reprazent - Brown Paper Bag (Roni Size Full Rap Remix) [Talkin' Loud]
    Exocet - Demon Seed [Dirty Mac]
    Ed Rush, Optical & Fierce - Alien Girl [Prototype Recordings]
    Grooverider - Charade (Vocal Mix) [Deep Jungle]
    Breakbeat Era - Our Disease Tera [XL Recordings]
    Digital & Spirit - Phantom Force [Phantom Audio]
    Ed Rush + Optical - Bacteria [Virus Recordings]
    Kosheen - Hide U [Moksha Recordings]
    Klute - Tranceformat [Commercial Suicide]
    Shy FX - Shake Ur Body [Ebony Recordings]
    High Contrast - True Colours [True Colours LP - Hospital Records]
    Amit - Roots [Commercial Suicide]
    Black Widow vs Talisman P. feat. Barrington Levy - Suspicion (2007 Remix) [Dub]
    Komatic - Solution [Dub]
    Instra:mental - Sakura [Darkestral Recordings]
    Ulterior Motive - Yogurt Brainwave [Subtitles]
    Villem & McLeod - Another Star [Samurai Red Seal]
    Alia Fresco - Ordinary Thing [Alia Fresco EP - CNVX]

  • My 2nd guest mix for Vykhod Sily https://soundcloud.com/vykhod_sily

    Atmospheric D&B on this one...

    LTJ Bukem - Rhodes to Freedom (Good Looking Records)
    ASC - Clear Skies (Auxiliary)
    LTJ Bukem - Orchestral Jam (Mystical Realms EP - Good Looking Records)
    PFM - The Western [Mike's Ricochet Mix] (Good Looking Records)
    LTJ Bukem - Music [Peshay Rework] (Nexus Records)
    Seba & Lotek - So Long (Looking Good Records)
    PFM - The Mystics (Good Looking Records)
    Alaska & Seba - Back from Eternity (Arctic Music)
    Alaska - Azarca (Arctic Music)

  • My first guest mix for Vykhod Sily https://soundcloud.com/vykhod_sily

    Autonomic vibes and some other deep beats...

    01. Dominic Ridgway ft. Suree - White Lies (Synth Sense remix)
    02. Eusebeia - Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction
    03. Poison Arrow - Casa Show (Heart Drive's Slow Bleed Mix)
    04. dBridge - Decayed
    05. Lewis James - Worth the Pain ft. Alia Fresco
    06. Kid Drama - Luv ft. Skeptical
    07. dBridge - Void Response
    08. Blu Mar Ten - If I Could Tell You
    09. ES9 - Free Your Mind (dBridge remix)
    10. Ulterior Motive - Yogurt Brainwave
    11. Photek - Knitevision
    12. Bigga Star - Ghost
    >>> Digital & Spirit - Phantom Force (Fracture's Astrophonica Edit)
    13. Instra:mental - End Credits
    14. Instra:mental vs D Bridge - Translucent

  • My latest episode of the On Rotation show, broadcast on https://www.ipswichcommunityradio.com/

    This show I played a full on mix of Summer vibes.

    Nuyorican Soul featuring Jocelyn Brown & Roy Ayers - I Am the Black Gold of the Sun (4 Hero Remix) [Talkin' Loud]
    Blue Sonix - This Feeling [Phuturistic Bluez]
    M.I.S.T. v Marky & XRS - Sunshine (Touch Me) [Soul:ution Series 1 Part 2 EP - Soul:R]
    DJ Marky & XRS - LK (Full Length Instrumental Version) [V Recordings]
    DJ Marky & XRS - LK (M.I.S.T Remix) [V Recordings]
    Fernanda Porto - Sambassim (DJ Patife Remix) [The Brasil EP - V Recordings]
    XRS Land - Secrets of the Floating Island [The Brasil EP - V Recordings]
    Roy Ayers Ubiquity - Everybody Loves the Sunshine (Cybass & Qumulus Remix) [White Label]
    Nitin Sawhney - Sunset (London Elektricity Remix) [V2]
    Utah Jazz - Runaway (Liquid V)
    Morcheeba - Otherwise (Un-Cut Remix) [China Records]
    Screamheads featuring Camila Andrade - Under the Sun [Spin Recordings]
    Childish Gambino - Feels Like Summer (Villem & McLeod Remix) [Fokuz Recordings]
    Michael Jackson - Human Nature (VIP Vocal Mix) [Fokuz Recordings]
    Total Science & MC Conrad - Soul Patrol (Sunny Side Up Mix) [CIA Records]
    High Contrast - Racing Green [Hospital Records]
    D.Kay & Epsilon featuring Stamina MC - Barcelona [BC Authorised]
    D.Kay & Epsilon featuring Stamina MC - Barcelona (High Contrast Mix) [BC Authorised]
    Twisted Anger featuring Danny C - The Latin Thing [Dread Recordings]
    DJ Marky & XRS - Real Good [Soul:ution Series 1 Part 3 EP - Soul:R]
    High Contrast - Music Is Everything (Danny Byrd Remix) [Hospital Records]
    London Elektricity - Wishing Well (Danny Byrd Remix) [Plastic Surgery 2 LP - Hospital Records]
    Makoto feat. Pete Simpson - Spread Love [Hospital Records]
    DJ Fresh feat. Adam F - When the Sun Goes Down (Commix Remix) [Breakbeat Kaos]
    Roni Size / Reprazent - Brown Paper Bag [New Forms LP - Talkin' Loud]