• 00:43:53

    Nourish Pierce County

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    This time the GCP guys talk with Travis Weller from Nourish Pierce County. Nourish Pierce County is a local non-profit whose mission is to provide nutritious food and support services to people in need with compassion, dignity and respect. Established in the early 1970’s after a group of Pierce County churches came together, they have evolved into seven brick-and-mortar locations, as well as ten additional sites served by a ground-breaking mobile unit, one of only a few of its kind in the country. Nourish reaches more people successfully due to its size, the largest network of food banks in Pierce County. From early on, Nourish collaborated with other local organizations. Both to serve those struggling with hunger in the community and also to change the entire food security infrastructure in Pierce County by creating a “food bank for food banks” now known as Emergency Food Network. Those that would like more information and get involved can find them online at https://nourishpc.org.
    1:40 – The guys reflect on Brogans bacon chocking experience, gives props to Castle Security and Protection, and where people can find GCP online. Travis tells the guys about what Nourish Pierce County does, the history behind the business, and their choice the change the name of the business from FISH to Nourish Pierce County. They talk about the struggle for people in the area to get food because of the cost of living, what food insecurity means, and what people can expect the first time they come to one of their nursery banks.
    11:39 – Travis talks about the average times people come to the food bank, the locations where people can donate food, and the two mobile food banks they have in the area. Travis shares how they came up with the idea for mobile food banks, the average age of people they provide assistance to, and where their mobile food banks go. He talks about being from Kansas, relocating to Tacoma in August, and the number of volunteers that help them each year.
    21:48 – Travis explains the various volunteer positions that are available, Brogan brings the guys some tacos, and Travis shares where most of the food they get comes from. He explains how people can hold food drives in the area, what they need the most in terms of donations, and they chat about Tacoma’s meat sellers. Travis shares stories of the clients they provide food to, they discuss the brutal choice some people have to make between medical bills or food, and Brogan shares his appreciation for the business.
    36:40 – Justin brings up the importance for people to get healthy food, Travis explains what ‘complete basket’ means, and how people that have extra garden food can donate to the food banks. They discuss the importance for people to donate items year around, how local businesses can get involved, and Travis explains the annual fund raising auction they have coming up. The show ends with Travis providing statistics behind the number of people they serve and encourages people in the community to get involved.
    Many thanks to Travis for joining the podcast to share information on the amazing work Nourish Pierce County is doing!!! Special Guest: Travis Weller.

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    New Track City

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    Bem, Drui, and Chi Stone from the band New Track City joins the guys on this GCP episode. New Track City is a hip hop band based out of Federal Way. They bring music rich in jazz, soul and alternative style sound with influences that range from Jay-Z, 2pac, Notorious, and Drake, to Green Day, U2, and Cold Play. They’re playing April 7th in Denver, Colorado and May 31st in Seattle. Just as this was being written, they announced on Facebook a second Seattle show happening on May 30th, showing clearly their growing popularity with fans in the PNW area.
    1:52 – The guy’s give info on how fans can support the show through Patreon, give props to Castle Security and Protection owner that saved Brogans life, and Dru, Chi Stone, and Bem introduce themselves and where they’re from. Dru shares that he moved to Federal Way from Kenya, the things that are similar between both places, and how Bem and Chi Stone met Dru. They talk about when they started to collaborate musically together, where people can find them online, and their process around putting out new music.
    14:51 – Bem and Chi Stone talked about the different types of beats that influenced them as a kid, the music they’re listening to now, and how much of a scene there is in Seattle/Tacoma for Hip Hop. Scott mentions different all age venues that are going on in Tacoma, they talk about their “all in” mentality and how long they’ve been putting music out together. Scott gives them props for the hard work they put into their music, they talk about their difficulties in the music industry, and how they built their fan base. Dru talks about the process around performing live, how they connect with the fans, and the high amount of energy tied to their shows.
    30:26 – Scott talks about his love for high energy metal concerts, they talk about the legendary bands that have played at The Crocodile venue in Seattle, and what it’s like to play in Los Angeles. They talk about the incredible people there, the challenge it is to make connections in Seattle, and how open people are for great conversations in Tacoma. Justin discusses Tacoma history, the amazing buildings in the Tacoma area, and plays New Track City’s song “Pride”.
    45:03 – Justin talks about his favorite genre being Steam Punk, going to Seattle’s Steamposium, and the steam punk bar at his house. He plays another one of New Track City’s songs, “Keep It Trill”, Chi Stone explains where the song came from, and where people can find their videos online. Conversation goes to cookie dough cheesecake, Justin gives props to the song, and where people can find New Track City online.
    Thanks Bem, Chi Stone, and Dru for sitting down with the GCP guys and sharing some of your amazing music! Special Guest: New Track City.

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    GCP Hangout

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    On this episode Justin, Jeff, and Scott are hanging at the Union Club talking about what is going on with GCP and the haps in the community. They cover Snowmageddon, Emerald City Comic Con, and ideas for upcoming shows. For listeners that know of people or businesses in the PNW that have a great story to tell, e-mail info@gritcitypodcast.com.
    1:55 – Justin shares the different patron levels GCP offers to those that want to support the podcast through Patreon, gives props to Jason with Castle Security and Protection, and Jeff talks about his recent purchase of a base guitar he found on Craigslist. They talk of instruments each of them have, Scotts want for an electric drum set, and Jeff encourages the team to get together and make a funky baseline for the show intro.
    10:11 – Scott brings up a story on YouTube around first amendment audits where a person videotaping in LA was shot, Justin brings up Flatstick Pub opening in downtown Tacoma in late 2019, and the t-shirts and sweatshirts they offer to their supporting Patrons. Jeff gives a shout-out to Puget Sound Pizza’s great job shoveling the sidewalk and street when it snowed, that leads to talk on the recent Snowmageddon, and the challenge of getting around Seattle and Tacoma when it snows.
    20:05 – Justin talks about him and his wife getting involved in the community, watching a Subaru crash in the snow, and Scott talks about the fun of driving in the snow when he was a kid. They discuss ideas around getting a GCP station wagon, Jeff covers being recently stuck in Snoqualmie Pass during the storm, and they talk about the post snow tire chains on the road from people that did not put them on correctly.
    34:31 – Justin shares his plans to attend Emerald City Comic Con, their plan to have another psychic on the show, and the desire to have a ghost hunt with the psychic and Andrew from Tacoma Ghost Tours at the Union Club. Jeff gives a shout out to Mary Mart, they discuss Mary Mart being open during Snowmageddon, and the friendly and helpful atmosphere Mary Mart has. Scott talks about upcoming guests they are going to have on, other creative ideas the guys have around live streams for the show, and how people can help the show out.
    Until next time everyone, thanks for listening!!!

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    Grit City Magazine

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    On this episode the GCP guys talk to Sara Kay and Sierra Hartman from Grit City Magazine, a local Tacoma Magazine founded in 2017. The magazine explores the places that define Tacoma, pays homage to the history that built it, and celebrates the people who make it what it is today. Their first print edition went out September 2018. The print magazine is produced quarterly, in addition they regularly publish Tacoma stories on their website. Those interested in finding out more, how they can contribute, and how to get their hands on a copy can do so by visiting their website: gritcitymag.com.
    2:08 – Justin gives props to Castle Security and Protection, one of the businesses that supports GCP’s Patreon, Sierra explains how long Grit City Mag has been in business, Scott talks about how they came up with the GCP name, and Sierra shares where the idea for the magazine came from. Justin talks about when he joined the GCP team, they talk about the rich history of Tacoma, and the long history of people moving to the area.
    15:02 – Sierra expresses his curiosity of how the revamp of the Clock Tower part of Tacoma’s City Hall will turn out, how they ended up getting to tour City Hall, and they discuss the ghost sightings there. Sara and Sierra share how they get their connections for stories in Tacoma, Justin talks about how the Radio Tacoma people were able to get the station up with help from people they knew, and they cover the recent vandalism of a bakery and home in Tacoma.
    29:31 – Sierra tells the guys the story behind putting together their first print of the magazine, the struggle of figuring out the magic behind the magazines binding, and how they came to the decision of printing 253 for the first print. Scott brings up the Beautiful Angle Project, Sierra explains how Lance and Tom got the project started, and Justin turns the conversation to Snowmageddon Tacoma and the massive amounts of people out shopping before the snow hit.
    43:38 – Sierra shares how people can contribute to the magazine, the effort they put forth in determining the types of stories they print, and Sara shares advice for people that are starting a business. Sara talks about their visit to the roof of the Tacoma Dome, Sierra’s hope to go up in a crane, 270 feet in the air, to take photos for the magazine, and Scott brings up the beautiful pictures Over Tacoma puts out. Sara shares how people can get a magazine subscription, how people can find them online, and their plan to launch a Tacoma calendar where people can see what’s going on in the area.
    Many thanks to Sara and Sierra for joining GCP for a great conversation and look into Grit City Magazine. Special Guests: Sara Kay and Sierra Hartman.

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    GCP Bonus: Archway Consulting Group

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    On this GCP bonus episode, the guys talk with Christina Blocker, Keith Blocker and Dr. Cindy Caldwell from Archway Consulting Group, a full service strategy consulting firm rooted in principles of equity and inclusion. The team is highly recognized for their ability to address the unique needs of their clientele while providing strategic support. Whether you're running for political office, a small business owner, or an organization, they bring extensive experience and professionalism to each client and customize their support to your individual needs and concerns.
    0:57 – Justin gives introduces, Christina explains how Archway Consulting was created with her business partner Dorian Waller, Keith becoming Tacoma city councilman of District 3 in 2015, and when her and Dorian realized the need for political consultants for people of color when Keith ran. She talks of how the political landscape has changed over the years, how people are taking their statement past the protest and running for office, and the different candidates in the community they’ve helped get elected.
    4:46 – Christina talks about the expansion of Archway Consulting that brought Keith and Dr. Caldwell on board and Justin explains how he sees diversity, equity, and inclusion as a complete life style change. Dr. Caldwell highlights the importance of understanding that our nation was setup for white men and that we’re just now starting to dismantle that, Justin talks about how they ran into Christina, Keith, and Dr. Caldwell, and Christina talks about how they came across Union Club.
    10:05 – Christina explains what Tacoma Creates offers the community, Scott shares that the Museum of Glass has a nightly live stream of glassblowing, and Justin gives props to Art on the Ave. He also talks about the new community center in Tacoma that has recording studios which help kids build on their creativity and Scott talks about Real Arts all ages venue. Christina shares how people can get ahold of them, gives information on their upcoming monthly event ‘How To Recruit and Retain Diverse Talent’ (happening this month on the 27th), and their ‘Let’s Talk’ series they hold at the Evergreen Tacoma Campus.
    Thanks Christina, Keith and Dr. Caldwell for the interesting and informative impromptu conversation with GCP! Special Guests: Christina Blocker, Dr. Cindy Caldwell, and Keith Blocker.

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    The Studio - Amani Taylor - Part 2

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    This episode is the second of the two part chat the guys have when they hang out with their friend and comedian Amani Taylor. Amani hosts weekly comedy shows at The Local 907, Trencher’s, and The Hanger 205. People can find him on Facebook and at his website AmaniTaylor.com.
    1:35 – Justin reminds listeners of their Patron account, gives a shout out to Castle Security and Protection, and talks about the upcoming event at the Museum of Glass, Dare 2 Stair, happening on February 24th. Justin talks about turning his wife onto Quantum Leap, Amani suggests the doing a reboot of the show, and they discuss other shows of the 80’s they loved. Amani brings up A Team, the switch up in movies and shows from serious acting in the 70’s to special effects in the 80’s, and Jean Claude Van Damme’s performance in the original Predator.
    14:12 – Justin talks about other movies Jean Claude Van Damme’s appeared in, they discuss movies in the 80’s that haven’t held up over the years, and the universal hero formula used throughout the 80’s. Scott talks about It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, walking out of the movie Get Shorty, and Justin talks about what drove him to walk out of the movie Speed Racer. Justin reflects on watching Mach, Scott talks about the movie he was most disappointed in, and Justin talks about the comics he collected in the 90’s.
    26:47 – Scott talks about his daughters love for The Watchmen, Justin talks about tha various comic book based things he collects, and they talk about the comic book heroes they love. Amani brings up Marvel Masterpieces, Scott talks about cards where artists made basketball players into super heroes, and Amani reflects on how he felt when he heard Super Man died. The guys talk about recent Marvel Movies that have come out, Justin brings up the Marvel / Fox merger, and Amani and Justin give their review of the movie Logan.
    43:35 – The guys talk about rules of people vomiting at parties, Amani discusses the difference between honor and dignity, and they share stories on fights they’ve been in. Amani shares the most common type of people that he found were fighters while working in private security, Scott talks about how quickly fights can happen, and they finish this episode with Jeff sharing info on Otters.
    Thanks again to Amani for joining them for another interesting conversation! Special Guest: Amani Taylor.

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    The Studio - Amani Taylor

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    This episode is the first of a two part chat the guys have when they hang out with their friend and comedian Amani Taylor. Amani hosts weekly comedy shows at The Local 907, Trencher’s, and The Hanger 205. People can find him on Facebook and at his website AmaniTaylor.com.
    1:33 – They discuss snowpocalypse, Scott shares information on their download numbers, they talk of being put on one of the local Tacoma radio stations, and give props to Castle Security and Protection. Justin explains their new design done by Shroom Brothers, Amani tells the guys about his adventures as a security guard, and Justin shares stores when he and Brogan were security officers. They chat about a recent video online where a man hit young girl after she tried attacking him, Justin talks about local costume visual-ante, Phoenix Jones, and Scott discusses first amendment audit videos.
    17:36 – Jeff continues the conversation around audit videos, Justin discusses road rage, and talk goes to crazy videos taken with car dash cams. They talk about school bus stop rules, states that allow motorcycles to be drive between lanes, and chat goes back to snowpocalypse here and in Colorado. Amani talks about not being able to get up hills in Seattle after the storm, and Justin recommends listeners that have some time to kill to search YouTube for Queen Anne Seattle videos.
    35:05 – Amani talks about his comedy career, the three weekly shows he hosts, and the crazy things that happen during the shows. He discusses people obstructing the comedy show, cut throat comedian’s, and the fun of hosting open mics. Amani talks about the different types of advice comedian’s in the industry give, they give props out to their other comedian friend, Rusty, and they give props to his restaurant The Church Cantina.
    45:20 – Scott mentions the News Tribune no longer being printing in Tacoma, Justin talks about delivering for them when he was younger, and gives a shout out to the podcast Citizen Tacoma. They talk about the challenges newspapers have with going to print in addition to digital, Scott talks about how newspapers are in a way a writing of historical documents, and his recent visit to the Karpeles Manuscript Museum. Amani tells of his love of movies, the movie Dog Soldiers, and Scott talks about in some instances when watching certain movies/shows the need to suspend disbelief to fully enjoy them.
    Next week they finish this great conversation, thanks Amani for joining the guys again! Special Guest: Amani Taylor.

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    Tacoma CERT - Part 2

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    This episode is Part Two of the conversation with Josh from the Tacoma Community Emergency Response Team (CERT). As mentioned in Part One, the CERT Program educates people about disaster preparedness for hazards that may impact their area and trains them in basic disaster response skills, such as fire safety, light search and rescue, utility safety, team organization, and disaster medical operations. Using the training learned in the classroom and during exercises, CERT members can assist others in their neighborhood or workplace following an event when professional responders are not immediately available to help. CERT members also are encouraged to support emergency response agencies by taking a more active role in emergency preparedness projects in their community.
    1:48 – Justin gives listeners information on where they can find GCP online, he gives props to Castle Security and Protection, and shares how listeners can support the podcast. Scott talks about the different places around the world that GCP gets downloads from, Justin discusses how great local information is found on Reddit, and Scott gives a shout out to Church Cantina. They talk about the best places in Tacoma to find delicious mac and cheese, The Valley on Puyallup Ave, and how everyday can be a taco day in Tacoma.
    14:43 – Josh talks about CERT’s biggest worry of disasters that could happen in the PNW area, the research that is going on behind it, and the impact the area would face if it were to happen. They talk about the older buildings and houses in the area, what owners need to do to ensure they are protected as much as possible from things like earthquakes, and Justin talks about the 2001 Nisqually earthquake. Josh gives the guys tips on what to do during an earthquake. Scott discusses the prank videos online where people put emergency broadcasts on people’s TV, and the various prankees reactions.
    28:17 – They talk about ‘grab and go’ bags, what types of things are important to have in them, and how critical it is for people to be prepared. Jeff talks about being evacuated when staying at Hawaii, hurricane parties people have in Florida, and Josh shares information on how people can sign up to get local emergency alerts.
    38:10 – Josh talks about how people can get involved in the community, volunteering with CERT, and CERT’s volunteer training process. He explains that the emergency management groups are all trying to share consistent messages to the community, they talk about the different exercises CERT has, and he encourages people to get the preparedness process started. They close out this episode with information on how people can support the podcast and where listeners can go to submit ideas for people they’d like to have GCP talk to.
    Thanks again Josh for two very informative episodes! Special Guest: Josh Shelton.

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    Tacoma Community Emergency Response Team

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    This time the GCP guys sit down with Josh from the Tacoma Community Emergency Response Team (CERT). The CERT Program educates people about disaster preparedness for hazards that may impact their area and trains them in basic disaster response skills, such as fire safety, light search and rescue, utility safety, team organization, and disaster medical operations. Using the training learned in the classroom and during exercises, CERT members can assist others in their neighborhood or workplace following an event when professional responders are not immediately available to help. CERT members also are encouraged to support emergency response agencies by taking a more active role in emergency preparedness projects in their community.
    1:24 – Justin gives a shout out to Wizard’s Keep Games, gives listeners information on GCP’s social media, and their new Patreon Account. They give a shout out to Castle Security and Protection, Justin talks about a recent Reddit comment on Tacoma’s happening scene in the early 80’s, and it’s downfall in the later 80’s. Jeff gives an update on the ghost activity at the Union Club he found using the I Ovilus ghost hunting app, Josh tells the guys what the Community Emergency Response Team does, and the types of training they offer.
    15:31 – Josh talks about using the ‘All Hazards Approach’ that CERT uses, how long it’s been in place, and the variety of services they offer in the community. He talks about how he got involved, how CERT would assist if a big disaster happened, and what they train community members on in order to sustain themselves if a disaster were to happen. Justin talks about the importance of getting to know your neighbors in case of an emergency, Josh explains what the program ‘Map Your Neighborhood’ does, and how a little bit of training goes a long way if a major situation were to happen.
    24:35 – Josh discusses the importance for local government to provide information to people on what to do if a disaster were to happen, other ways they’re expanding on how they can communicate to people in other languages in a time of disaster, and looking at other countries like Japan as an example of how they can also expand on what they’re doing in terms of emergency communication. Justin expands on the importance of knowing your neighbors, Josh shares where people can find them online, and classes they have coming up.
    33:45 – Conversation goes to what people should carry in their cars in case of an emergency, what Josh recommends for people to keep in their home, and what people should do with their pets in an evacuation scenario. Josh gives information on how people that want to do the training can do so, Justin talks about being involved with the ‘Safe Streets’ in his community, and the group talks about the challenge to get younger people involved. Josh discusses students practicing the Lahar evacuation monthly, Puyallup’s high risk of a Lahar happening if the volcano went off, and how Tacoma is built on top of mood flow from Rainier in the 1500’s.
    Thanks Josh for stopping in for a very informative episode, we look forward to hearing the rest of the episode next week! Special Guest: Josh Shelton.

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    Edibles with Billy

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    This time the guys are joined by a friend of the podcast Billy. Billy is the manager of Mary Mart, he takes care of the day to day operations and has been with the company for four years. Mary Mart is the largest square footage dispensary in the state of Washington that offers a friendly and fun atmosphere with premium cannabis and prices to fit anyone’s budget. They are located on 6th Ave in Tacoma, across the street from Red Hot.
    1:59 – Billy shares Mary Mart's location, Justin gives listeners information on where they can find GCP online, and their new Patreon site that gives listeners the ability to support the podcast. Billy explains how long he’s been with Mary Mart, shares with the guys some of what Mary Mart has to offer, and they discuss ‘The Great Brown Out’. Scott talks about GCP’s livestream hiccup and Brogan explains how to make deep fried pizza.
    13:55 – They chat briefly about the various theories around Santa, Billy talks about ‘The Dope Show’ that’s supported by Mary Mart, and the events Mary Mart offers at the shop that includes ‘Mary Marts Got Talent’ and ‘Mary Mart Educational Hour’. They talk about marijuana bath bombs, Washington State’s hold on their move to ban all marijuana gummies and hard candies, and Billy shares information on the chocolates he’s brought in.
    25:37 – Justin talks about the death of his love of spicy food, quick chat about Chuck Lidell, and conversation goes back to marijuana edibles. Scott talks about his friends’ recent first visit to a weed store being Mary Mart, their review of the visit, and Billy discusses the different ways companies extract marijuana. Billy offers to be Brogan's Sherpa, Brogan talks about his marijuana journey with the in-laws, the medical benefits of it, and ‘The Little Blue Pills’.
    35:38 – Justin discusses Governor Jay Inslee’s plan to offer pardons to thousands of Washington State residents with misdemeanor marijuana convictions, Billy talks about the Blue Roots Cannabis Company that made the chips their trying, and Brogan talks about adding it to his deep fried pizza. They talk about the sparkle lemonade they tasted made by Evergreen Herbal, how they are non-GMO verified, and Brogan talks about business troubles he has going on with the power outage.
    Thanks Billy for joining the guys for another great conversation and an update on what’s happening and Mary Mart! Special Guest: Billy.

  • 01:11:23

    The Tacoma Sun

    The Grit City Podcast starstarstarstarstar

    On this episode the guys are joined by Josh Jorgensen and Erik Bjornson who are restarting The Tacoma Sun. The Tacoma Sun is a digital news source that is “Working to make Tacoma a more vibrant, healthy and inclusive city using best urban practices.”1:35 – Justin explains their new Patron site, working with Shroom Brothers to make their new logo, and they talk about Castle Security & Protection being their latest business tier contributor. Justin introduces Erik and Josh, they talk about the windstorm issues that happened the day before, and then talk goes to Erik and Josh bringing back the Tacoma Sun. They talk about getting involved in Tacoma, Justin talks about growing up in Tacoma, and they cover the scooter service that’s now offered in Tacoma. 16:30 – The guys talk about public transportation, the Tacoma City Council talking about the communities concern with the scooters, and the cost of parking in Tacoma and Seattle. They talk about the conflict that was around bringing Uber to the Tacoma area, Tacoma’s major focus on putting parking areas downtown in the past, and the groups’ ideas around how Tacoma could improve it. Josh talks about what brought him to Tacoma in 2011 and comparison of Tacoma to other areas he’s been to around the world.31:26 – Justin talks about a recent topic in Reddit around using part of the county jail that isn’t being used for the homeless, how the east coast cities have dealt with the homeless in their communities, and Tacoma’s innovation that came from putting the UWT downtown. Brogan talks about the weird public spaces in Tacoma, the Pacific Ave redesign, and McMenamins make over.45:08 – Conversation turns to elderly people in the Tacoma area’s concern with the city putting in senior and low income housing, Proctor parking, and the extension of the shopping offered in the Proctor area. Brogan brings up Point Ruston, they talk about Tacoma’s long term goal to build a beautiful esplanade from downtown Tacoma to the Point Defiance Park. Chat then goes to downtown Tacoma being almost abandoned in 1978 and the empty space in the area where people can easily start a business in Tacoma.60:54 – Scott talks about The Conservatory in Tacoma, where it’s located, and what other hidden treasures are in the area. They talk about the Chinese Tunnels in the area, Tacoma’s corrupted history, and Tacoma’s continual desire to rebuild and repair the city. This episode comes to a close with how people can get ahold of Erik and Josh and plans for them to return to discuss “The Sins of Tacoma”.Thanks Erik and Josh for an interesting conversation around Tacoma! Special Guests: Erik Bjornson and Joshua Jorgensen.

  • 01:09:05

    NYE 2018

    The Grit City Podcast starstarstarstarstar

    Happy New Year!!!! For their first episode of 2019, the guys get together to reflect on 2018 and what they have coming up this year!
    1:46 – The guys reflect on 2018, their new Patreon account, the tiers they offer, and what they provide for each tier. Justin covers the questions they’ll be asking the past guests that have joined them, Brogan covers his year, his run in with the Russian mob guy while on a cruise, and what each of the guys are looking forward to in 2019.
    16:33 – Brogan talks of his 2019 goal to lose 35 pounds, they talk of the risks of having door frame pull up bars in the house, and Scott talks about who they having coming up as guests for 2019. Brogan and Scott talk about early guests they’ve had on, they give props to Jason “bacon savor” for saving Brogans life, and Jason tells the guys about his business Castle Security Protection. Derek from Rolling Misadventures chats about his sticker ‘Mouth Crimes’ and they talk about Rusty’s past visits on the podcast.
    30:30 – Rusty talks about the reviews his restaurant The Church Cantina got in The News Tribune, Derek talks about what’s he’s proud of from 2018, and Scott throws out a few podcast editing questions to Derek. Justin gives tips to people that are planning on making a podcast, Rusty talks about his past podcast, Rated 80’s, and Scott reflects on GCP’s earliest episodes.
    46:14 – Justin explains what the game “shot fighter” is, Rusty reflections on playing Super Nintendo in his teens, and what he’s looking forward to in 2019. Derek talks about what he’s excited for in the upcoming year, what drew him into making a podcast, and Scott talks about Brogans first open mic comedy standup at Malarkeys. James talks about what he’s excited about in 2019, they talk about the new Aquaman movie, they give their shout outs at midnight, and Brogan and Scott’s past fight over who was the owner of the podcast. This first podcast of 2019 comes to a close with the guys giving thanks to their podcast fans. Special Guests: Derek G, James, Jason A. - Castle Security and Protection, and Rusty.

  • 00:43:09

    Finley Mimbles

    The Grit City Podcast starstarstarstarstar

    This time Justin, Jeff, and Scott talk to Amber and Nathan from the production company Finley Mimbles. Finley Mimbles mission is to make films that make you laugh. They were the winners of the Gig Harbor Film Festival 72 Hour Contest in 2012, winners of Best Film 2012 of the 72 Hour Film Competition, and winner for Best Film 2008 in the 827 Film Festival.
    1:36 – Amber talks about what Finley Mimbles does, how long her and Nathan have been making films, where they met, where the name Finley Mimbles came from, and their mockumentary, The Village of Middlevale. Justin talks about various artists they’ve had on the podcast, Nathan talks about the amount of work behind making a movie, Amber discusses how people can see the film, and Nathan talks about Bronson Bragg handwriting the music for the film.
    14:08 – Amber chats about her love for the Tacoma art scene, Finley Mimbles Backyard Theater Festival, Justin talks about their short film Dream Police, and Amber talks about making a movie in 72 hours. Nathan dives deeper into the discussion around the parameters they were given when making the movie in 72 hours and the importance of their process to have everyone in the group have a little bit of themselves in the script before they start writing.
    25:09 – Talk goes to why Finley Mimbles have so long stuck with working with the 253 Film competition, how they’ve blended their normal jobs with making films, and their plans to make three films a year. Justin asks what aspect got them into the business, Nathan shares his love for making movies since he was in the 3rd grade, and Amber talks about being involved in the theater as a kid.
    35:48 – Nathan talks about becoming weirdly intimate with the locations they’ve recorded at in the area, Justin talks about the history behind Stadium High School, Scott talks about the beautiful views in Tacoma, and Justin talks about not going to Puyallup when he was a kid because of the drive between there and Tacoma. They close out talking about what GCP has coming up in the next couple months and people breaking into The Nearsighted Narwhal only to steal one of the Shroom Brothers Shirts.
    Thanks Amber and Nathan for an informative and enjoyable conversation on Finley Mimbles! Special Guest: Finley Mimbles.

  • 01:10:16

    The Studio - Castle Security

    The Grit City Podcast starstarstarstarstar

    This time the GCP hosts talk with Jason from Castle Security & Protection. Castle Security Protection is a security firm that provides services to business owners, executives, and VIPs in the greater Seattle area. Castle Security’s goal is to ensure that their clients' daily business operations can run smoothly in a safe and secure environment. 3:03 – The guys talk about the recent closure of Malarkeys in Tacoma where the guys originally recorded GCP, the challenges the bar had, and their favorite memories there. Scott and Brogan reflect back on the New Year’s Eve party they held at Malarkeys a few years ago, the open mikes they had, and Brogans almost fight with the Malarkeys fry cook. They talk about their early supporters, Brogans second year with his business Wizard’s Keep Games, and Jason talks of his new security consulting business. 15:26 – Brogan reflects on his business being broken into a few months ago, the limited resources the police officers have in the area, the fact that Pierce county doesn’t investigating property crimes, and how Jason got started in security. Jason talks about his transition out of the military, getting into the private security sector, and Brogan helping him come up with the name for his business. Jason talks about coming up with his logo, how he got certified as a security body guard, how it’s constantly changing, and his goal to buy a drone to use as security for his clients.30:18 – Scott talks about YouTube videos based on people doing police audits, the emotion behind watching them, they talk about the right for citizens to record in public places, and Jason talks about the occasional difficulty he had with people that had to provide their social security information when visiting the base. Justin lets listeners know where they can find Castle Security online, the guys talk about GCP’s new Patreon account, the different tiers that’s offered, and their partnering with the Shroom Brothers.45:11 – Justin gives props to Tacoma Hops, they talk about how often they will be offering their pre-funk party, the comedian that stutters, and Brogan discusses his experience with 23 and Me. Justin discusses being a non-practicing ginger, the connections each has found with 23 and Me, and the relief it was for Jason to see the health report he received with it. They talk about how 23 and Me is helping solve past unsolved cases, Jason talks of seeing the sad side of humanity when being in security, and live stream police videos.Thanks Jason for joining the guys again for an great conversation and information about Castle Security. Special Guest: Jason A. - Castle Security and Protection.

  • 00:45:40

    FabLab and Zeva

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    On this episode the guys talk with Steve Tibbitts from FabLab located in Tacoma. FabLab is a makerspace technology workshop that offers premier membership-driven prototyping. Their monthly rate includes access to their prototyping, electronics, woodworking, and metal working tools, which include: carbon 3D printers, laser cutter / engraver, table saw, band saw, MIG welder, drill presses, small mill, sandblaster and much more. For people that are carious about how to utilize the tools they have, FabLab offers a variety of classes to get you started. They’re located at: 1938 Market Street in Tacoma, their hours are Sunday: 1pm- 7pm, closed Monday, Tuesdays: 4pm-9pm, Wednesday and Thursday: Noon-9pm and Fridays: Noon-8pm, and Saturday: Noon-9pm. They can be found online at: fablabtacoma.com.
    2:23 – Steve explains to the guys what FabLab offers, how the inception became to be, their hours of operations, and they talk about the new Lime Scooters running around Tacoma. Steve talks about what he’s recently helped someone make in the lab, a customer that makes dishes in the lab for soap that his wife makes, and how they got it started in Tacoma. Steve talks about their most important customer being the University of Washington, the importance of corporate sponsorship, and how anything’s possible to make in the lab.
    12:06 – Scott and Steve explain what the Raspberry Pi and Arduino are, Steve chats about the number of businesses FabLab has helped launch, his other business, Zeva, and the personal aerial transportation they’re working on, Zero. Steve discusses Uber Elevate, the rules that are in place and changing around flying, Boeing recently announcing plans to launch SkyGrid and the recent news from California where a person was arrested while intoxicated with the auto pilot on in his Tesla.
    24:14 – Steve talks about first getting the idea for Zero in 2004, submitting a proposal to Nasa for a grant, the importance of the personal airplane to vertically takeoff and land, and Boeing’s GoFly competition. They talk about the MIT guys that came out with the first all-electric drive airplane, the green technology Zeva is using with the creation of Zero, and the price they’re planning to charge for the air craft. Steve talks about the limitations of the energy sources for the vehicle, the speed of technology, and the number of competitors in the industry.
    37:12 – Steve explains the challenges they face in the aircraft design, the strict criteria of the contest, the size of aircraft, and what emergency recovery that’s in place in the instance that there is a failure with flying. They talk about the Russian hoverbike, the country whose police are currently using them, and where people can find more information on Zeva. Steve encourages people that are interested to stop by FabLab, what they offer, and Justin discusses what GCP has coming up, including their plans to join Patreon.
    Thanks Steve for joining the guys to share information about FabLab and Zeva and what they offer to the PNW community! Special Guest: Steve Tibbitts.

  • 00:49:27

    Alchemy Skateboarding

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    On this episode, the guys talk to Taylor and Terrance from the non-profit Alchemy Skateboarding, Tacoma’s best kept secret. From their website, Alchemy Skateboarding “believes that skateboarding naturally promotes and teaches: confidence, creativity, determination, grit, and the importance of fun. Despite all the good that skateboarding has to offer, it still exists on the fringes of our community, and has not been positively approached, embraced, or encouraged. We are constantly inspired and humbled by the passion that skateboarders share world wide and have made it our goal to support them on their journey and provide a framework and structure for them to improve the quality of their own lives, and the lives of everyone in our communities.” They are currently running a GoFundMe project, looking raise 35,000, listeners can donate here: https://www.gofundme.com/alchemy-is-real.
    2:05 – Taylor tells the guys about who Alchemy Skateboarding is, how long the company has been in business, and what they offer the community. Justin talks about skateboarding in University Place when he was a kid, Taylor discusses the age ranges they’ve taught so far at Alchemy, the partnership with the Big Brothers Little Brothers program, and the how the cost of health care impacts skaters as people age. Taylor talks about opening a skate club at University of Puget Sound and being involved with Space Works.
    11:57 – Terrance converses about moving to Tacoma from Southern California, how the team came to the decision of doing an indoor skate park. Then they go into Alchemy’s ladies night, the stigma around skateboarding, and the importance of parents knowing their kids are in good hands at their center. Taylor expresses how skate boarding is really for anyone, their GoFundMe that’s currently going on, and the partnership the company has with Pierce County Juvenile Court.
    22:41 – Taylor discusses their partnerships with other businesses in Tacoma, the variety of people that are in Tacoma with a drive to do something for the community, part time jobs he held while building the company, and the process they followed with building the non-profit. Taylor shares the great yet simple advice he gives from a fortune cookie proverb, Terrance discusses what it’s like to drive around South Carolina, Taylor chats about the event’s they’ve held in the past, and how skate boarding was illegal in Tacoma from 1992 - 2011.
    36:07 – Taylor explains the 15 rebuilds of the skate part that has happened since they’ve been open, the event series they’re offering to their customers, and the community around skate boarding. He explains how skateboarding has a language of its own, the volunteering opportunities they offer, and where people can find them online. They encourage listeners to like and share the podcast, they wish Terrance a happy birthday, and Terrance discusses teaching preschoolers.
    Thanks Taylor and Terrance for taking the time to sit down with GCP and talk about the great things Alchemy Skateboarding does for the community! Special Guests: Taylor Woodruff and Terrance Lambright.

  • 00:37:26

    Steve Dunkelberger - The Maury Island Incident

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    On this episode Steve Dunkelberger rejoins the guys for another history lesson. Steve Dunkleberg has been a working journalist for more than 20 years at various publications around the Pugent Sound. In addition to being a journalist, he is also a judge for the Society of Professional Journalists National Sigma Delta Chi Journalism Awards. He has also has given lectures in the area on issues facing journalists, is a member of the Knights of the Pythias, and offers Drunken History tours of Tacoma. Steve has written two history books on the city of Lakewood and is working on one about McNeil Island as well as had several of his historical articles published on Historylink.org and in Columbia magazine. His past GCP episodes are Episode 10, a Best Of on Jake Bird, and Episode 17 where the guys get to tour The Knights of Pythias’s Commencement Lodge #7.
    1:45 – Steve gives the guys on update on where he’s been since the last episode, what’s been going on with the Drunken History, and a recent UFO person that attended his history tour. Steve then dives into the Maury Island Incident that happened on June 21st, 1947. He explains how Harold Dahl was out on his boat gathering wayward wood at Commencement Bay and the collection of donut shaped UFO’s Harold saw.
    12:58 – Steve continues the story, talking of the molten debris from the space ship that hit Harold’s boat which killed his dog, and hit his kid on the shoulder. He explains how Harold called his boss, Fred Crisman, and told him about the damage to his boat. Fred then deciding to go out to Maury Island where he saw 20 tons of debris on the beach, also seeing space ships, and how Fred and Harold then reached out to Ray Palmer from Fate Magazine to tell the story. He then talks about the other person, Kenneth Arnold, a business man from Idaho who also spotted the UFO’s and how everything we know from UFO’s theories and conspiracies came from the Maury Island Incident.
    25:59 – Steve talks about how to the military in WWI didn’t use the term UFO, instead they used the term FOU and how the phrase UFO happened in Tacoma because the term FOU didn’t apply to what had been reported. Jeff then explains how one theory of Maury Island was that the incident was setup by the government to find moles, the other version of how Harold may not have been who he said he was, and when Kenneth Arnold was actually involved with this incident.
    31:12 – Steve’s story comes to an end with discussion of the State’s Legislature celebration of Mauri Incident Day on June 27th, the Mauri Island Incident movie on YouTube, and how three short weeks later, The Roswell incident happened. Steve explains that 46% of people believe that aliens have visited the US, 86-89% of people believe that aliens exist in the universe, what he has coming up, nd how people can find him online.
    Thanks Steve for joining the guys for another great PNW history lesson, we’re looking forward to having you on again soon!
    In the meantime, don't forget to pick up a copy of Steve's Books on Amazon!

    Special Guest: Steve Dunkelberger.

  • 00:43:52

    Radio Tacoma

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    This time the guys talk with Louisa Beal and Pam Beal from Radio Tacoma. Radio Tacoma is a low-power FM public access radio station developed to serve Tacoma, Washington, to provide the community with the opportunity for participatory democracy and to provide a voice for progressive groups, union members, minority groups and local talent that might otherwise not get heard. Listeners around Tacoma can find them at 101.9 FM or listeners around the world can listen to them online by visiting their website: radiotacoma.org, and clicking on ‘Listen Live’.
    1:59 - Louisa and Pam introduce themselves and what they do for Radio Tacoma, how they got in the radio business, them partnering with a 501(c)3 in the beginning, and the engineer from Portland that helped them fill out the FCC application. Louisa talks about other local stations that came on when the FCC opened up low-power FM radio access, Radio Tacoma’s social media presence, and Scott talks about how they found them and their upcoming events.
    12:35 - Pam talks about the Audacity classes they offer to the community, Justin talks about the application he uses when editing podcasts, and Louisa talks about how their antenna positioned on a tree vs building a tower. She talks about the FCC deadline they had to get the station on the air, the stress they went through in putting the antenna up, and how they ended up with the two radio stations.
    24:13 - Pam talks about the shows they have on Radio Tacoma, they talk about Radio Tacoma Interviews, and Louisa’s interview with Steve Fossen from Heart. Scott talks about the great people he’s been able to meet with the podcast, Justin talks about growing up in the Tacoma area, and how the face of Tacoma has changed over the years. Louisa talks about how people can reach out to them and the upcoming events they have coming up.
    35:48 - Pam talks about the development committee that she runs, the Welcome Wednesdays they offer, their live broadcast on election night, and Laura and Pam talk about growing up in the Tacoma area and the house they lived in. Pam talks about what she loved about living in Buffalo New York, social capital people, and their invite for people to provide their content to their station.
    Thanks Louisa and Pam for a great conversation on what Radio Tacoma is and how people can get involved! Special Guests: Louisa Beal and Pam Beal.

  • 00:49:32

    Best Of - Jeff Black

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    This time the guys do a GCFU with Derek Graziano, host of Sometimes Geek podcast, a show that covers all of the major news from the gaming industry in a short and easy to listen format. Derek also co-hosts the newish podcast, Rolling Misadventures, a podcaster collaboration creating short form audio drama with a real play style show playing Fiasco. On this episode they also play one of their Best-Of’s, a very peculiar conversation with Jeff Black, a local comedian.
    1:41 – Justin provides tips to fellow podcasters, his process when editing podcasts, Scott and Derek talk on their editing and Derek tells the guys about what he’s been doing since the last time he was on including his new collaboration, Rolling Misadventures. He talks about some of the storylines behind misadventures and Justin recently joining the podcast as a delusional superhero. They discuss the comic and show The Tick, where people can find Rolling Misadventures, video games each of them have been playing lately, and what the best of is going to be. Scott also talks on GCP’s early days of recording.
    14:01 – Jeff Black talks about being from Aberdeen, what drew him into becoming a comedian, how he was never a child to shut up, and his drive to make people laugh vs making money in comedy. Jeff talks about mindset, cognitive dissonance, and how producing comedy for his mom as a young child became the building blocks to being a comedian. Jeff talks of holding court in church, his appreciation for Bill Maher, and the guys briefly chat about germs.
    32:21 – Brogan comments on Jeff’s unique comedy performance, Jeff talks of, in his opinion, the missing individuality in comedy, Brogan comments on the format of his favorite comedians including Ralphie May, and Scott comments on his appreciation for musicians that play outside of the box. Jeff comments on being poor on purpose, his opinion on why people enjoy silence, and Brogan discusses his plan to have the Drag Queens on the podcast that had recently performed at Malarkeys.
    39:22 – Jeff talks of his want to start performing in the Midwest, where people can find him online, the illusions of humanity speaking to each other, and how he circulates money back to the community to help future children. They close out talking about aliens, Zombies, politics, their support of drones, and realistic self-defense. Special Guests: Derek G and Jeff Black.

  • 00:36:39

    The Studio - Jeff, Justin, and Scott

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    On this episode, Justin, Jeff, and Scott kick it at Justin’s home studio to talk Tacoma Hops, The Union Club, PNW earthquakes, and ideas for future shows!
    2:28 – The guys kick off the show with giving props to GCP fans that became customers of Tacoma Hops after hearing episode 34 with the owner, LeeAnn. Justin talks about Union Club's (Surge Tacoma) recent win of the Tacoma City Hall Adaptive Reuse bid. They throw around show ideas, discuss the Kill Tony podcast, Grit City Fireside Chat, and how people can get ahold of them at info@gritcitypodcast.com.
    9:20 – Justin discusses TacomaHistory.Live, the guys talk of Tacoma being on the ring of fire, Rainier being one of the top 5 most dangerous volcanoes in the country, and Mt St Helens eruption in 1980. Justin talks about the earthquake that hit Tacoma in 1949, the impact it had on Tacoma, and recent faults that were found in Mt Hood by Portland.
    21:52 – Talk goes to Halloween and trick-or-treaters at Justin and Jeff’s new houses, memories of Halloween when the guys were kids, and Jeff and his wife’s plans to make “parent packs” for next year’s trick-or-treaters. They talks about the Halloween events at The Church Cantina, Jeff’s mom’s opinion on marijuana after her visit with them on a previous podcast, and talk of Tacoma Weed Tours.
    33:20 – The show comes to an end with conversation on the amazing things people can find in Tacoma, where people can find them online, and what GCP offers to people that are interested in doing their own podcast.