• 01:11:23

    The Tacoma Sun

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    On this episode the guys are joined by Josh Jorgensen and Erik Bjornson who are restarting The Tacoma Sun. The Tacoma Sun is a digital news source that is “Working to make Tacoma a more vibrant, healthy and inclusive city using best urban practices.”1:35 – Justin explains their new Patron site, working with Shroom Brothers to make their new logo, and they talk about Castle Security & Protection being their latest business tier contributor. Justin introduces Erik and Josh, they talk about the windstorm issues that happened the day before, and then talk goes to Erik and Josh bringing back the Tacoma Sun. They talk about getting involved in Tacoma, Justin talks about growing up in Tacoma, and they cover the scooter service that’s now offered in Tacoma. 16:30 – The guys talk about public transportation, the Tacoma City Council talking about the communities concern with the scooters, and the cost of parking in Tacoma and Seattle. They talk about the conflict that was around bringing Uber to the Tacoma area, Tacoma’s major focus on putting parking areas downtown in the past, and the groups’ ideas around how Tacoma could improve it. Josh talks about what brought him to Tacoma in 2011 and comparison of Tacoma to other areas he’s been to around the world.31:26 – Justin talks about a recent topic in Reddit around using part of the county jail that isn’t being used for the homeless, how the east coast cities have dealt with the homeless in their communities, and Tacoma’s innovation that came from putting the UWT downtown. Brogan talks about the weird public spaces in Tacoma, the Pacific Ave redesign, and McMenamins make over.45:08 – Conversation turns to elderly people in the Tacoma area’s concern with the city putting in senior and low income housing, Proctor parking, and the extension of the shopping offered in the Proctor area. Brogan brings up Point Ruston, they talk about Tacoma’s long term goal to build a beautiful esplanade from downtown Tacoma to the Point Defiance Park. Chat then goes to downtown Tacoma being almost abandoned in 1978 and the empty space in the area where people can easily start a business in Tacoma.60:54 – Scott talks about The Conservatory in Tacoma, where it’s located, and what other hidden treasures are in the area. They talk about the Chinese Tunnels in the area, Tacoma’s corrupted history, and Tacoma’s continual desire to rebuild and repair the city. This episode comes to a close with how people can get ahold of Erik and Josh and plans for them to return to discuss “The Sins of Tacoma”.Thanks Erik and Josh for an interesting conversation around Tacoma! Special Guests: Erik Bjornson and Joshua Jorgensen.

  • 01:09:05

    NYE 2018

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    Happy New Year!!!! For their first episode of 2019, the guys get together to reflect on 2018 and what they have coming up this year!
    1:46 – The guys reflect on 2018, their new Patreon account, the tiers they offer, and what they provide for each tier. Justin covers the questions they’ll be asking the past guests that have joined them, Brogan covers his year, his run in with the Russian mob guy while on a cruise, and what each of the guys are looking forward to in 2019.
    16:33 – Brogan talks of his 2019 goal to lose 35 pounds, they talk of the risks of having door frame pull up bars in the house, and Scott talks about who they having coming up as guests for 2019. Brogan and Scott talk about early guests they’ve had on, they give props to Jason “bacon savor” for saving Brogans life, and Jason tells the guys about his business Castle Security Protection. Derek from Rolling Misadventures chats about his sticker ‘Mouth Crimes’ and they talk about Rusty’s past visits on the podcast.
    30:30 – Rusty talks about the reviews his restaurant The Church Cantina got in The News Tribune, Derek talks about what’s he’s proud of from 2018, and Scott throws out a few podcast editing questions to Derek. Justin gives tips to people that are planning on making a podcast, Rusty talks about his past podcast, Rated 80’s, and Scott reflects on GCP’s earliest episodes.
    46:14 – Justin explains what the game “shot fighter” is, Rusty reflections on playing Super Nintendo in his teens, and what he’s looking forward to in 2019. Derek talks about what he’s excited for in the upcoming year, what drew him into making a podcast, and Scott talks about Brogans first open mic comedy standup at Malarkeys. James talks about what he’s excited about in 2019, they talk about the new Aquaman movie, they give their shout outs at midnight, and Brogan and Scott’s past fight over who was the owner of the podcast. This first podcast of 2019 comes to a close with the guys giving thanks to their podcast fans. Special Guests: Derek G, James, Jason A. - Castle Security and Protection, and Rusty.

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    Finley Mimbles

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    This time Justin, Jeff, and Scott talk to Amber and Nathan from the production company Finley Mimbles. Finley Mimbles mission is to make films that make you laugh. They were the winners of the Gig Harbor Film Festival 72 Hour Contest in 2012, winners of Best Film 2012 of the 72 Hour Film Competition, and winner for Best Film 2008 in the 827 Film Festival.
    1:36 – Amber talks about what Finley Mimbles does, how long her and Nathan have been making films, where they met, where the name Finley Mimbles came from, and their mockumentary, The Village of Middlevale. Justin talks about various artists they’ve had on the podcast, Nathan talks about the amount of work behind making a movie, Amber discusses how people can see the film, and Nathan talks about Bronson Bragg handwriting the music for the film.
    14:08 – Amber chats about her love for the Tacoma art scene, Finley Mimbles Backyard Theater Festival, Justin talks about their short film Dream Police, and Amber talks about making a movie in 72 hours. Nathan dives deeper into the discussion around the parameters they were given when making the movie in 72 hours and the importance of their process to have everyone in the group have a little bit of themselves in the script before they start writing.
    25:09 – Talk goes to why Finley Mimbles have so long stuck with working with the 253 Film competition, how they’ve blended their normal jobs with making films, and their plans to make three films a year. Justin asks what aspect got them into the business, Nathan shares his love for making movies since he was in the 3rd grade, and Amber talks about being involved in the theater as a kid.
    35:48 – Nathan talks about becoming weirdly intimate with the locations they’ve recorded at in the area, Justin talks about the history behind Stadium High School, Scott talks about the beautiful views in Tacoma, and Justin talks about not going to Puyallup when he was a kid because of the drive between there and Tacoma. They close out talking about what GCP has coming up in the next couple months and people breaking into The Nearsighted Narwhal only to steal one of the Shroom Brothers Shirts.
    Thanks Amber and Nathan for an informative and enjoyable conversation on Finley Mimbles! Special Guest: Finley Mimbles.

  • 01:10:16

    The Studio - Castle Security

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    This time the GCP hosts talk with Jason from Castle Security & Protection. Castle Security Protection is a security firm that provides services to business owners, executives, and VIPs in the greater Seattle area. Castle Security’s goal is to ensure that their clients' daily business operations can run smoothly in a safe and secure environment. 3:03 – The guys talk about the recent closure of Malarkeys in Tacoma where the guys originally recorded GCP, the challenges the bar had, and their favorite memories there. Scott and Brogan reflect back on the New Year’s Eve party they held at Malarkeys a few years ago, the open mikes they had, and Brogans almost fight with the Malarkeys fry cook. They talk about their early supporters, Brogans second year with his business Wizard’s Keep Games, and Jason talks of his new security consulting business. 15:26 – Brogan reflects on his business being broken into a few months ago, the limited resources the police officers have in the area, the fact that Pierce county doesn’t investigating property crimes, and how Jason got started in security. Jason talks about his transition out of the military, getting into the private security sector, and Brogan helping him come up with the name for his business. Jason talks about coming up with his logo, how he got certified as a security body guard, how it’s constantly changing, and his goal to buy a drone to use as security for his clients.30:18 – Scott talks about YouTube videos based on people doing police audits, the emotion behind watching them, they talk about the right for citizens to record in public places, and Jason talks about the occasional difficulty he had with people that had to provide their social security information when visiting the base. Justin lets listeners know where they can find Castle Security online, the guys talk about GCP’s new Patreon account, the different tiers that’s offered, and their partnering with the Shroom Brothers.45:11 – Justin gives props to Tacoma Hops, they talk about how often they will be offering their pre-funk party, the comedian that stutters, and Brogan discusses his experience with 23 and Me. Justin discusses being a non-practicing ginger, the connections each has found with 23 and Me, and the relief it was for Jason to see the health report he received with it. They talk about how 23 and Me is helping solve past unsolved cases, Jason talks of seeing the sad side of humanity when being in security, and live stream police videos.Thanks Jason for joining the guys again for an great conversation and information about Castle Security. Special Guest: Jason A. - Castle Security and Protection.

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    FabLab and Zeva

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    On this episode the guys talk with Steve Tibbitts from FabLab located in Tacoma. FabLab is a makerspace technology workshop that offers premier membership-driven prototyping. Their monthly rate includes access to their prototyping, electronics, woodworking, and metal working tools, which include: carbon 3D printers, laser cutter / engraver, table saw, band saw, MIG welder, drill presses, small mill, sandblaster and much more. For people that are carious about how to utilize the tools they have, FabLab offers a variety of classes to get you started. They’re located at: 1938 Market Street in Tacoma, their hours are Sunday: 1pm- 7pm, closed Monday, Tuesdays: 4pm-9pm, Wednesday and Thursday: Noon-9pm and Fridays: Noon-8pm, and Saturday: Noon-9pm. They can be found online at: fablabtacoma.com.
    2:23 – Steve explains to the guys what FabLab offers, how the inception became to be, their hours of operations, and they talk about the new Lime Scooters running around Tacoma. Steve talks about what he’s recently helped someone make in the lab, a customer that makes dishes in the lab for soap that his wife makes, and how they got it started in Tacoma. Steve talks about their most important customer being the University of Washington, the importance of corporate sponsorship, and how anything’s possible to make in the lab.
    12:06 – Scott and Steve explain what the Raspberry Pi and Arduino are, Steve chats about the number of businesses FabLab has helped launch, his other business, Zeva, and the personal aerial transportation they’re working on, Zero. Steve discusses Uber Elevate, the rules that are in place and changing around flying, Boeing recently announcing plans to launch SkyGrid and the recent news from California where a person was arrested while intoxicated with the auto pilot on in his Tesla.
    24:14 – Steve talks about first getting the idea for Zero in 2004, submitting a proposal to Nasa for a grant, the importance of the personal airplane to vertically takeoff and land, and Boeing’s GoFly competition. They talk about the MIT guys that came out with the first all-electric drive airplane, the green technology Zeva is using with the creation of Zero, and the price they’re planning to charge for the air craft. Steve talks about the limitations of the energy sources for the vehicle, the speed of technology, and the number of competitors in the industry.
    37:12 – Steve explains the challenges they face in the aircraft design, the strict criteria of the contest, the size of aircraft, and what emergency recovery that’s in place in the instance that there is a failure with flying. They talk about the Russian hoverbike, the country whose police are currently using them, and where people can find more information on Zeva. Steve encourages people that are interested to stop by FabLab, what they offer, and Justin discusses what GCP has coming up, including their plans to join Patreon.
    Thanks Steve for joining the guys to share information about FabLab and Zeva and what they offer to the PNW community! Special Guest: Steve Tibbitts.

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    Alchemy Skateboarding

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    On this episode, the guys talk to Taylor and Terrance from the non-profit Alchemy Skateboarding, Tacoma’s best kept secret. From their website, Alchemy Skateboarding “believes that skateboarding naturally promotes and teaches: confidence, creativity, determination, grit, and the importance of fun. Despite all the good that skateboarding has to offer, it still exists on the fringes of our community, and has not been positively approached, embraced, or encouraged. We are constantly inspired and humbled by the passion that skateboarders share world wide and have made it our goal to support them on their journey and provide a framework and structure for them to improve the quality of their own lives, and the lives of everyone in our communities.” They are currently running a GoFundMe project, looking raise 35,000, listeners can donate here: https://www.gofundme.com/alchemy-is-real.
    2:05 – Taylor tells the guys about who Alchemy Skateboarding is, how long the company has been in business, and what they offer the community. Justin talks about skateboarding in University Place when he was a kid, Taylor discusses the age ranges they’ve taught so far at Alchemy, the partnership with the Big Brothers Little Brothers program, and the how the cost of health care impacts skaters as people age. Taylor talks about opening a skate club at University of Puget Sound and being involved with Space Works.
    11:57 – Terrance converses about moving to Tacoma from Southern California, how the team came to the decision of doing an indoor skate park. Then they go into Alchemy’s ladies night, the stigma around skateboarding, and the importance of parents knowing their kids are in good hands at their center. Taylor expresses how skate boarding is really for anyone, their GoFundMe that’s currently going on, and the partnership the company has with Pierce County Juvenile Court.
    22:41 – Taylor discusses their partnerships with other businesses in Tacoma, the variety of people that are in Tacoma with a drive to do something for the community, part time jobs he held while building the company, and the process they followed with building the non-profit. Taylor shares the great yet simple advice he gives from a fortune cookie proverb, Terrance discusses what it’s like to drive around South Carolina, Taylor chats about the event’s they’ve held in the past, and how skate boarding was illegal in Tacoma from 1992 - 2011.
    36:07 – Taylor explains the 15 rebuilds of the skate part that has happened since they’ve been open, the event series they’re offering to their customers, and the community around skate boarding. He explains how skateboarding has a language of its own, the volunteering opportunities they offer, and where people can find them online. They encourage listeners to like and share the podcast, they wish Terrance a happy birthday, and Terrance discusses teaching preschoolers.
    Thanks Taylor and Terrance for taking the time to sit down with GCP and talk about the great things Alchemy Skateboarding does for the community! Special Guests: Taylor Woodruff and Terrance Lambright.

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    Steve Dunkelberger - The Maury Island Incident

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    On this episode Steve Dunkelberger rejoins the guys for another history lesson. Steve Dunkleberg has been a working journalist for more than 20 years at various publications around the Pugent Sound. In addition to being a journalist, he is also a judge for the Society of Professional Journalists National Sigma Delta Chi Journalism Awards. He has also has given lectures in the area on issues facing journalists, is a member of the Knights of the Pythias, and offers Drunken History tours of Tacoma. Steve has written two history books on the city of Lakewood and is working on one about McNeil Island as well as had several of his historical articles published on Historylink.org and in Columbia magazine. His past GCP episodes are Episode 10, a Best Of on Jake Bird, and Episode 17 where the guys get to tour The Knights of Pythias’s Commencement Lodge #7.
    1:45 – Steve gives the guys on update on where he’s been since the last episode, what’s been going on with the Drunken History, and a recent UFO person that attended his history tour. Steve then dives into the Maury Island Incident that happened on June 21st, 1947. He explains how Harold Dahl was out on his boat gathering wayward wood at Commencement Bay and the collection of donut shaped UFO’s Harold saw.
    12:58 – Steve continues the story, talking of the molten debris from the space ship that hit Harold’s boat which killed his dog, and hit his kid on the shoulder. He explains how Harold called his boss, Fred Crisman, and told him about the damage to his boat. Fred then deciding to go out to Maury Island where he saw 20 tons of debris on the beach, also seeing space ships, and how Fred and Harold then reached out to Ray Palmer from Fate Magazine to tell the story. He then talks about the other person, Kenneth Arnold, a business man from Idaho who also spotted the UFO’s and how everything we know from UFO’s theories and conspiracies came from the Maury Island Incident.
    25:59 – Steve talks about how to the military in WWI didn’t use the term UFO, instead they used the term FOU and how the phrase UFO happened in Tacoma because the term FOU didn’t apply to what had been reported. Jeff then explains how one theory of Maury Island was that the incident was setup by the government to find moles, the other version of how Harold may not have been who he said he was, and when Kenneth Arnold was actually involved with this incident.
    31:12 – Steve’s story comes to an end with discussion of the State’s Legislature celebration of Mauri Incident Day on June 27th, the Mauri Island Incident movie on YouTube, and how three short weeks later, The Roswell incident happened. Steve explains that 46% of people believe that aliens have visited the US, 86-89% of people believe that aliens exist in the universe, what he has coming up, nd how people can find him online.
    Thanks Steve for joining the guys for another great PNW history lesson, we’re looking forward to having you on again soon!
    In the meantime, don't forget to pick up a copy of Steve's Books on Amazon!

    Special Guest: Steve Dunkelberger.

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    Radio Tacoma

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    This time the guys talk with Louisa Beal and Pam Beal from Radio Tacoma. Radio Tacoma is a low-power FM public access radio station developed to serve Tacoma, Washington, to provide the community with the opportunity for participatory democracy and to provide a voice for progressive groups, union members, minority groups and local talent that might otherwise not get heard. Listeners around Tacoma can find them at 101.9 FM or listeners around the world can listen to them online by visiting their website: radiotacoma.org, and clicking on ‘Listen Live’.
    1:59 - Louisa and Pam introduce themselves and what they do for Radio Tacoma, how they got in the radio business, them partnering with a 501(c)3 in the beginning, and the engineer from Portland that helped them fill out the FCC application. Louisa talks about other local stations that came on when the FCC opened up low-power FM radio access, Radio Tacoma’s social media presence, and Scott talks about how they found them and their upcoming events.
    12:35 - Pam talks about the Audacity classes they offer to the community, Justin talks about the application he uses when editing podcasts, and Louisa talks about how their antenna positioned on a tree vs building a tower. She talks about the FCC deadline they had to get the station on the air, the stress they went through in putting the antenna up, and how they ended up with the two radio stations.
    24:13 - Pam talks about the shows they have on Radio Tacoma, they talk about Radio Tacoma Interviews, and Louisa’s interview with Steve Fossen from Heart. Scott talks about the great people he’s been able to meet with the podcast, Justin talks about growing up in the Tacoma area, and how the face of Tacoma has changed over the years. Louisa talks about how people can reach out to them and the upcoming events they have coming up.
    35:48 - Pam talks about the development committee that she runs, the Welcome Wednesdays they offer, their live broadcast on election night, and Laura and Pam talk about growing up in the Tacoma area and the house they lived in. Pam talks about what she loved about living in Buffalo New York, social capital people, and their invite for people to provide their content to their station.
    Thanks Louisa and Pam for a great conversation on what Radio Tacoma is and how people can get involved! Special Guests: Louisa Beal and Pam Beal.

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    Best Of - Jeff Black

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    This time the guys do a GCFU with Derek Graziano, host of Sometimes Geek podcast, a show that covers all of the major news from the gaming industry in a short and easy to listen format. Derek also co-hosts the newish podcast, Rolling Misadventures, a podcaster collaboration creating short form audio drama with a real play style show playing Fiasco. On this episode they also play one of their Best-Of’s, a very peculiar conversation with Jeff Black, a local comedian.
    1:41 – Justin provides tips to fellow podcasters, his process when editing podcasts, Scott and Derek talk on their editing and Derek tells the guys about what he’s been doing since the last time he was on including his new collaboration, Rolling Misadventures. He talks about some of the storylines behind misadventures and Justin recently joining the podcast as a delusional superhero. They discuss the comic and show The Tick, where people can find Rolling Misadventures, video games each of them have been playing lately, and what the best of is going to be. Scott also talks on GCP’s early days of recording.
    14:01 – Jeff Black talks about being from Aberdeen, what drew him into becoming a comedian, how he was never a child to shut up, and his drive to make people laugh vs making money in comedy. Jeff talks about mindset, cognitive dissonance, and how producing comedy for his mom as a young child became the building blocks to being a comedian. Jeff talks of holding court in church, his appreciation for Bill Maher, and the guys briefly chat about germs.
    32:21 – Brogan comments on Jeff’s unique comedy performance, Jeff talks of, in his opinion, the missing individuality in comedy, Brogan comments on the format of his favorite comedians including Ralphie May, and Scott comments on his appreciation for musicians that play outside of the box. Jeff comments on being poor on purpose, his opinion on why people enjoy silence, and Brogan discusses his plan to have the Drag Queens on the podcast that had recently performed at Malarkeys.
    39:22 – Jeff talks of his want to start performing in the Midwest, where people can find him online, the illusions of humanity speaking to each other, and how he circulates money back to the community to help future children. They close out talking about aliens, Zombies, politics, their support of drones, and realistic self-defense. Special Guests: Derek G and Jeff Black.

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    The Studio - Jeff, Justin, and Scott

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    On this episode, Justin, Jeff, and Scott kick it at Justin’s home studio to talk Tacoma Hops, The Union Club, PNW earthquakes, and ideas for future shows!
    2:28 – The guys kick off the show with giving props to GCP fans that became customers of Tacoma Hops after hearing episode 34 with the owner, LeeAnn. Justin talks about Union Club's (Surge Tacoma) recent win of the Tacoma City Hall Adaptive Reuse bid. They throw around show ideas, discuss the Kill Tony podcast, Grit City Fireside Chat, and how people can get ahold of them at info@gritcitypodcast.com.
    9:20 – Justin discusses TacomaHistory.Live, the guys talk of Tacoma being on the ring of fire, Rainier being one of the top 5 most dangerous volcanoes in the country, and Mt St Helens eruption in 1980. Justin talks about the earthquake that hit Tacoma in 1949, the impact it had on Tacoma, and recent faults that were found in Mt Hood by Portland.
    21:52 – Talk goes to Halloween and trick-or-treaters at Justin and Jeff’s new houses, memories of Halloween when the guys were kids, and Jeff and his wife’s plans to make “parent packs” for next year’s trick-or-treaters. They talks about the Halloween events at The Church Cantina, Jeff’s mom’s opinion on marijuana after her visit with them on a previous podcast, and talk of Tacoma Weed Tours.
    33:20 – The show comes to an end with conversation on the amazing things people can find in Tacoma, where people can find them online, and what GCP offers to people that are interested in doing their own podcast.

  • 00:52:33

    Filmmaker - Matt Esteron

    The Grit City Podcast starstarstarstarstar

    This time the guys sit down with Matt Esteron, film producer and co-creator of Mozaic Studios. Matt’s most recent film, DRONE will be available online in November of 2018. Mozaic Studios has won many awards, including the 2018 winner for Best Actress at the Port Orchard Film Festival, the winning team for Best Editing at the Gig Harbor 72 Hour Film Festival, and Runner Up for Best Film at the South Kitsap District Canned Film Festival. You can check them out online at: www.mozaic-studios.com.
    1:51 – Conversation starts around third breakfast, Matt talks about his screening at Norwescon, and tells the guys about his movie DRONE. Brogan talks about looking through Matt’s YouTube channel, the quality of the movie, the type of technology Matt used in the film, and Brogan's review of the story. Matt tells the guys what inspired him when creating the robot story, the reason why he had the robots wearing Converse, his budget for the film, and the resources he was able to use at no cost to him.
    15:55 – Matt talks about his Blade Runner jacket, DRONE being his first big project, the skits he made before this film, and the awards DRONE has won so far. He talks about recently graduating from college, Scott shares how people can listen to past GCP episodes, they talk about the nerdom coming back, and the movie being a homage to the things Matt loves.
    30:28 – The guys talk about their comfort movies, TV listings in the newspaper back in the day, reflections of Dune, and the different artists that live in the Tacoma area. Matt shares the official release of the movie in November on his YouTube channel, where people can find additional movie information online, and Brogan’s proposal of a new Dune movie. Brogan discusses the movie Pathfinder, Scott talks about his favorite Viking movie, and they chat about the recent reunion of the cast from The Big Lebowski.
    42:44 – The guys give their props to the Higher Side Chats podcast, hollow earth, what Matt’s next projects are, and the Tacoma One Minute File Festival. Matt shares where people can find DRONE online, the streamlining of his branding, and his plans for posting more behind the scenes pieces of the film. He shares how he came up with the name of the business, they also talk about Dead Drift and Jeff’s review of the film.
    Many thanks the Matt for joining the guys to talk about your movie, livelihood, and upcoming plans! Special Guests: Billy and Matt Esteron.

  • 01:00:57

    FAIRWINDS Cannabis

    The Grit City Podcast starstarstarstarstar

    This week Steve from Fairwinds joins the guys and they also have a special guest from Yakima who joins the conversation: Jeff’s Mom! Fairwinds is a cannabis grower whose focus is based on wellness. They work closely with their scientists to develop new products using traditional herbal formulas that have an established history of effectiveness. Based on ancient traditions like Indian herbology (Ayurveda) and Traditional Chinese Medicine (Acupuncture), they use principles like Air/Fire/Water and Yin/Yang to help define the properties of cannabis, allowing them to properly blend it with other herbs to achieve a variety of synergistic effects.
    1:32 – Cohost Billy introduces his friend Steve, Steve tells the guys about what Fairwinds business focus is, and talks about the products he brought in for the guys to sample. Steve discusses his move from Massachusetts, how he got into the cannabis market, the marijuana culture on the east coast, and Billy talks about new customers that come into Mary Mart. Billy tells the guys about Mary Marts 6th Ave Clean-Up, Jeff’s mom talks about marijuana growers that moved in next to them in Yakima, and her first reaction after she found out.
    15:30 – Steve explains the difference between CBD and THC, the medical benefits of CBD, and that 60 -70% of people that purchase their products are between the age of 45 and 70. Jeff’s mom talks about the smell that comes from cannabis when it’s being harvested, Brogan discusses his mom using cannabis in place of medication for pain relief during her later years in life, and his recommendation to his father-in- law about using cannabis bath salts in place of Ambien.
    28:15 – Steve describes what the gel Flow is and how it’s used, what terpenes are, the perception of weed in other countries, and Canada’s recent legalization of marijuana. They discuss the 319 million dollars that Washington made last year in cannabis sales, potential increase in hemp sales because of marijuana legalization, and Coca-Colas consideration to get into the CBD business. Justin brings up recent issues that have come up in the news based on products being appealing to children and the importance for people to voice their opinion to Washington’s Liquor/Cannabis board.
    47:47 – The show winds down with Brogan talking about his recent cruise, what happened to Fish, Fish, Fish in Tacoma, the life hack of all life hacks Brogan learned while on a cruise, and Coco’s chocolate fountain on the ship. Brogan shows the guys pics of the boat, chats about Porta Verde’s poles on the beach, and Billy tells the guys about the sales that are going on at Mary Mart.
    Thanks to Billy for brining Steve on for an insightful conversation around growing cannabis and what CBD's are and thanks Jeff’s mom for the great questions around cannabis. Special Guests: Billy, Jeff's Mom, and Steve .

  • 01:10:21

    Joseph Malik Returns!

    The Grit City Podcast starstarstarstarstar

    This time the guys are rejoined by local author, Joseph Malik. His first book, Dragon's Trail, was released in September of 2016, and is a #1 international bestseller. His second book, New Magic is the second installment in the Outworlders series, recently released and receiving reviews online that include: "The New Magic is epic portal fantasy at its finest; brutal, hilarious, and with a cutting wit that's practically unmatched in recent fantasy showings." and "Ruthless and yet relentlessly hopeful." The guys first met him at Norwescon 40 and were excited to sit down with him and catch up from the last time they talked.
    1:59 – Justin gives his review of the SPICE show, a local benefit event to raise funds for the TUPAC foundation. He gives props to Denetta and Carol, creators of the event, how users can donation to the foundation and events they have coming up. Jeff talks about his dinner after the show at the Harmon Taproom, the guys welcome comedian Amani back, this time as a guest co-host of the show, and they discuss Amani’s love of UFC.
    14:50 – Amani gives his review of the most recent UFC fight, Tony’s return to fighting after his 6 month hiatus due to injury, the heavy weight fight, and the brawl that happened post Khabib and Conor fight. They discuss various crowd fights in other sports that have broken out over the years, a return of Joseph Malik for a catch up, Amani fills Joseph in on how he’s involved with GCP and where people can find him in the area.
    30:57 – Joseph talks about what’s been going on with his book since he joined them last time, the benefits of independent publishing, and what type of creative process he uses when writing. Joseph talks about learning how to do what most of the characters in the book do in order to write a better book, being a part of a panel at Norwescon discussing celestial navigation, different types of readers that have reached out to him after reading his book, and how he handles negative reviews.
    43:18 – Joseph talks about setting out to write a fantasy action thriller hinged on technical details, how his research led to the stories, his recent trip to Ice Land and Sweden, and the deals you can get to fly to Ice Land from Ice Land air. He talks about touring a tower in Belgium, his second book, The New Magic, how it relates to Dragon Tale, and what in his books he has pulled from history.
    56:48 – Amani asks Joseph about how he picks the endings of his books, Amani read a section from one of them, and they discuss Wrath of the Khans covered on an episode of Dan Carlin’s, Hardcore History. Joseph tells the guys where people can find his books, him and Scott talk about growing up in Elko, Nevada, the mining boom there in the 80’s, and the recent fire at Lamoille Canyon.
    Thanks Joseph for joining the guys again to catch up and filling them in on your latest book! Special Guests: Amani Taylor and Joseph Malik.

  • 00:40:51

    Joshua W. Turner

    The Grit City Podcast starstarstarstarstar

    On this episode, Justin, Scott, and Jeff sit down with Joshua W. Turner, local indie singer/songwriter and producer based out of Tacoma. His music, in his words, is a solid mix between Ed Sheeran, Phil Phillips and Benjamin Francis Leftwich. People wanting to check him out can find him on Soundcloud under joshuawt and Facebook @joshuawturnermusic. Stay tuned to the end of the podcast to hear one of his songs!
    1:20 – The show kicks off talking about Brogan being on a cruise, where fans can find GCP online, and Joshua talks about his new album coming out featuring songs he’s written over the course of the last 10 years. He discusses his overall goal of getting his work placed in television, film, or commercials, him attending Berkley College of Music and Hollywood’s Musician Institute, and starting a family.
    10:28 – Scott talks about the impact Pantera video’s had on him at an early age, Justin talks about being a fan of Korn, Joshua tells the guys about first writing songs in high school, and the culture shock he experienced when he first attended Berkley. Joshua discusses how people built each other up at the college level vs competing against each other, and what made him decide to leave Berkley when he did.
    20:24 – Joshua talks about his experience in Hollyweird, attending the Red Carpet shows, and the famous actors he ran into while there. He talks about playing at the Viper Room in Los Angeles, attending the South by Southwest festival, the importance for him to tell his children about his path in hopes to help them with choosing the paths they take as they age. He talks of his love for Tacoma, being hit by a car as a cyclist, and the benefits of doing music licensing.
    32:06 – Joshua chats about making a children’s album, the different strings of income he has that revolve around music, where people can find him online, and his appreciation for the GCP. Justin sends props out to Joshua for joining the podcast and they end this episode with Joshua’s song, Spotlights.
    Thanks Joshua for joining the guys for a great conversation and sharing you music! Special Guest: Joshua W. Turner.

  • 00:47:57

    The Studio - After Hours with Billy from Mary Mart.

    The Grit City Podcast starstarstarstarstar

    This time the guys hang out with Billy White, a returning guest, from Mary Mart in Tacoma. Mary Mart is a retail marijuana dispensary located nearby in the south Tacoma neighborhood. They’re family-owned and operated and take pride in serving their local community. They pride themselves in being well-versed in their craft and love offering their expertise and insight when it comes to marijuana and its many applications. People can learn more about Mary Mart, their upcoming events, and much more by visiting their website at: www.marymart.com.
    1:50 – Billy catches the guys up on what’s going on at Mary Mart, they talk about Justin’s house warming, and the types of events that have been going on at the store. Billy talks about encouraging his employees to be the positive part of their customer’s day and the impact that can have on people. He also talks about the variety of products on the market and Justin talks about his love for Sriracha.
    12:05 – Justin talks about him and Brogan considering being bartenders in their earlier life and Billy discusses what makes an ideal employee at Mary Mart. Justin talks about his first marijuana experience and Billy talks about plans for the upcoming pumpkin pie eating contest at Mary Mart and what they’ll have going on around Halloween. They guys brainstorm on the design for the pie contest, Justin chats about his house being built for tall people, and Billy talks about his previous house being designed for shorter people.
    24:00 – Discussion goes to if a person’s size has an effect on marijuana, the last time Billy visited the show, and his encouragement for customers to micro dose marijuana if they’re new to using it. They chat about the different types of marijuana, needles in Australia’s strawberries, and Billy taking his child out trick-or-treating this year. Justin talks about hopes of getting a lot of trick-or-treaters this year at his new house, mixing full sized candy bars in with small sized candy on Halloween, Parkland Putters, and they brain storm plans for Mary Mart to sponsor a miniature golf tournament there.
    38:42 – They talk about one of Tacoma’s new additions, Lime scooters, Billy taking one for a spin, and the problem San Francisco has had with them. Scott talks about the Link and Drink in Tacoma, PARK(ing) Day Art Walk, and the show comes to a close with conversation on the new movie Venom.
    Thanks Billy for joining the podcast again for a fun catch up, we’re looking forward to returning as a featured co-host! Special Guest: Billy.

  • 00:40:53

    SPICE! Dances of the African and Arab Diaspora

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    This time the guys talk with Denetta Uzzell(who dances under the name Nafiah) and Carol The Belly Dancer, about the Tacoma event SPICE! Carol created SPICE! in 2017. SPICE! is a powerful, exciting showcase of dance styles from around the world with origins in the African and Arab diaspora, including North African and Middle Eastern folkloric, Afro-Latin, African-American, and Afro-Caribbean genres. Sometimes it’s glitzy, sometimes abrasive. Sometimes it’s brooding, sometimes ecstatic. Sometimes it’s sexy, always passionate. Sometimes political, but always powerful. Proceeds from the event will go to the SPICE world class artists and Tacoma Urban Performing Arts Center (T.U.P.A.C), a 501(c)3 that offers classical ballet and multicultural dance instruction for children and teens ages 6-18. The T.U.P.A.C mission is to provide their most deserving racially and socioeconomically diverse youth with world class opportunities to achieve Artistic Excellence in the performing arts. The all age’s event is on Saturday, October 6, 2018, at the Landmark Convention Center in Tacoma. Doors open at 6:30 pm with a cocktail hour and a 7:30 pm show. General Admission is $30 in advance or $35 at the door. There is also balcony and VIP seating available. You can purchase tickets at spicetacoma.bpt.me.
    2:16 – The show kicks off with discussion on the GCP guys recording at the Union Club, info on how fans that are wanting to download older episodes can do so, and Carol explains what Spice is and the 15+ different styles of dance that will be showcased at the event. Carol explains that the benefit show is to raise funds for the nonprofit T.U.P.A.C, how T.U.P.A.C is modeled off the Dance Theater of Harlem, and Denetta talks about the two different types of dance she’ll be performing at the event.
    9:43 – Carol explains the performance piece she’ll be doing, when she got started, and how hip-hop is pulling some of it’s current styles from classic styles of the past. Carol explains how SPICE celebrates the roots of each of the dances, it’s past corruption from western culture, and Scott talks about how one of his favorite parts of Tacoma is the diversity in the area.
    20:08 – Justin touches on how the event is an all ages event, Carol talks on the history of twerking, the different styles of dance it came from, and the new ‘flossing’ dance style. They talk on how new dances spread quickly with globalization, if it’s good to have information spread so quickly with technology today, how important it is for people to get involved with the community, and the need for kids to get involved in things like dance.
    33:37 – Carol talks about the type of dance classes T.U.P.A.C offer to adults, dabke dance style, rhythmic tap that is offered at Northwest Tap connection in Seattle, how cross cultures in the past created different types of dance throughout history, and how they came up with the idea of the show. Justin shares info on where people can find more info and buy tickets online.
    Thanks Denetta and Carol for joining the guys to talk about SPICE! and for the amazing work you do to raise money for T.U.P.A.C! Special Guests: Carol the Belly Dancer and Denetta.

  • 00:56:53

    Tacoma Hops

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    On this fun episode, the guys talk with LeeAnn McGhie-Stoermer, the owner of Tacoma Hops. Tacoma Hops offers a walking tour of Tacoma's breweries and feature a fantastic beer and local food pairing at each stop. Their 2 ½ - 3 hour tour features information on Tacoma, its brewing, the history of beer, and prohibition. They also feature beer and food pairing tips and share information about other attractions and destinations in Tacoma. They’ve done all the planning, your job is just to enjoy yourself...and bring an umbrella! They offer tours every Saturday and happy hour tours every other week on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Check their webpage: tacomahops.com for their schedule and upcoming events!
    2:20 – LeeAnn explains what Tacoma Hops is and what go her into beer and food pairing. She talks about how her pairing starts off with the appetizer, main meal, and finishes off pairing beer and desert. LeeAnn chats about how versatile beer is with food, how she learned about the many cities she traveled to through the food they featured there, her not having a pallet for beer at the beginning, and how she finally came to the conclusion that there is a beer for everyone. She then dives into what brought her to Tacoma from Canada.
    14:17 – LeeAnn tells the guys about the tours Tacoma Hopps offers every Saturday, the happy hour tours that are offered every other week on Wednesday and Thursday nights, her hope to add additional tours in the future, and the private booking tours she offers. They talk about meeting on Twitter, the importance for business to have a social media presence, Tacoma Hop’s FAQ’s, and the Blooms and Brews event coming up in November.
    27:45 – LeeAnn talks about where she got the podcast pickles she brought to the recording, her husband joining the team as the tour Sherpa, and they do their first taste pairing with a farmhouse ale from Mollusk Brewing in Seattle paired with smoked fish in a crème fraiche spread on a fig and hazelnut cracker from Art of Crunch. She also guides them through the proper way to get the full experience with pairing of beer and food.
    45:15 – They try their last pairing that consists of Wingman’s coconut porter paired with a double chocolate donut from Tacoma’s Top Pot Donuts. LeeAnn discusses that customers that may have food allergies should contact her prior to the tour, the guys talk about Brogan’s trip to urgent care, and Wingman’s peanut butter and Nutella porters. Justin talks about working as security guard back in the day at the Park and Ride across from where Wingman is located and how the food actually changes flavor with the paring of the two. The show comes to a close with LeeAnn talking about the challenges she has with choosing the food that’s easy to bring along on the trip.
    Thanks LeeAnn for joining the guys to discuss what Tacoma Hops does and giving them a delicious look at your beer and food pairing!
    Special Guest: Lee Ann.

  • 00:44:29

    Tacoma Film Festival

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    On this episode, the guys sit down with Wade Neal and David Dinnell from the Tacoma Grand Cinema. Wade and David stoped by to talk about the Tacoma Film Festival that’s going on Thursday October 4th – 11th, starting at the Grand Cinema. The film festival was established in 2006 and presents a lively week of films, workshops, events, and discussions. Tacoma Film Festival programming is a unique blend of audience and industry programming that empowers all who attend to connect with creators.
    2:11 – The show kicks off with talk of Weird Elephant and the upcoming Tacoma Film Festival. David talks about how many films they’ll be showing, how the event will kick off, and how many years the Grand Cinema has been doing this event. Wade discusses brining David on board this year, David discusses taking on the new position, and where people can find more information about the festival online. David talks about the kick-off independent film made by two Seattle based directors and the actors in the film.
    14:44 – Talk goes to gold that came through Tacoma from Alaska during the gold rush and Steven Dunkelberger’s Tacoma Drunk Tours. Wade talks about the documentary film about John McEnroe that will be playing at the festival and the guys talk about tennis drinking games. David talks about the film he’s most excited about and Justin discusses the importance of having film festivals where people can show movies made outside of ‘big studio’ movies. Talk then goes to the parties that will be going on during the festival and the band, The Sonics, from Tacoma.
    29:23 – The guys talk about the type of people that typically attend the festival, the revamp of downtown Tacoma, and the different workshops at the festival that are open and free to the public. The guys give props to the bar Eleven Eleven and the great food they offer there. Conversation then goes to virtual reality being offered for the third year at the festival and what spot in Tacoma that part of the festival will be held.
    40:13 – The show comes to and end with Justin talking about getting motion sickness and him and Brogan getting married. David and Wade finish up with talking about showing the 16mm film in the castle room at the Tacoma Pythian Temple on Wednesday, October 10th, at 7pm.
    Thanks David and Wade for stopping by and filling the guys in on what to expect at the upcoming Tacoma Film Festival! Special Guests: David Dinnell and Wade and Kathlyn.

  • 01:28:32

    Best of - Shroom Brothers

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    This time the guys play a best of from 2015 where they talked with husband and wife, Bob and Carrie and Bob from Shroom Brothers. Beginning in 2012, Shroom Brothers is a company that sells beautiful originally made art that includes wearable and hangable art in the Tacoma area. All of the art is hand drawn by Carrie and screen printing is done by Bob. People can find their art in 9 different locations around the Tacoma area and check them out online at: shrooombrothers.com.1:55 – Before the guys dive into the best of, they talk about Brogans visit to the hospital, where fans can find them online, and Jeff’s recent move into his new house. They chat about the upcoming ghost tours, Justin’s weird Tacoma experience when driving into record, and their annoyances with driving. Scott expresses his interest in having the person from The Bounty Hunter Boot Camp on the podcast and where he found them online. 22:03 – Bob gives a detailed description of what the business does, how the two met and got started working together, and the types of media Carrie uses in her art. Carrie discusses creating their first octopus shirt, Bob talks about creating their newest t-shirt, and working with Crimson Graphics of Tacoma. Carrie talks about the different types of art mediums she works in and Bob talks about the first event they sold their shirts at. 34:32 – Bob tells the guys about their recent experience with Spaceworks, their search for a local storefront in Tacoma, and Carrie describes being an artist since she was a child. She talks about her father being a leather worker, winning her first art contest, getting into college, and the importance of having other create people around you. Bob talks about where the Shroom Brothers name came from, other businesses that also have racy names, and what the name means to them today.57:23 –Bob talks about moving from Main to Tacoma, his favorite places around the area, including Three Bridges District and Opera Alley. They cover the businesses that carry their merchandise, that include: American Ritual Tattoo & Wunderkammer Curiosity Shoppe at Freight House Square, Hotel Murano, Washington State History Museum gift shop, Crimson Wraps and Graphics, Grit City Grind House, The Nearsighted Narwhal, and the Blue Octopus. This great best of show finishes with info on where people can find them online. Special Guest: Shroom Brothers.

  • 00:22:06

    GCFU - The Church Cantina

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    This episode is a Grit City Follow UP with Rusty, longtime friend of the podcast, and one of the owners of The Church Cantina. The Church Cantina is located at 5240 South Tacoma Way in Tacoma. Their grand opening is on September 8th at 5 PM where the kitchen will be open and the drinks will be flowin!!! Make sure to check them out, they’re planning to be open also on Sunday the 9th so people have an opportunity to catch them all weekend!
    1:20 – Justin discusses The Church Cantina’s grand opening, the guys checking out the bar/restaurant, and other businesses that it’s surrounded by. Rusty chats about his soft opening a few weeks ago, the Family and Friends’ day on Sept. 7th, and their review of the different dishes the guys try.
    8:38 – Rusty talks about giving the chef full reign to develop the Cuban menu, the arcade and ski ball machines setup at the bar, and the employees ski ball rivalry. Rusty chats about the different music choices he makes on the juke box and the guys discuss hacking other juke box systems on their phones to liven up various bar atmospheres.
    16:03 – Rusty gives information on where people can find them online, the theme of the restaurant, and the art they chose for the décor. The talk about the apartments above the place and pros and cons of living above a bar. This GCFU comes to a close with the guys giving their congrats and making a toast to The Church Cantina. Special Guest: Rusty.