• 00:38:17

    GCP Hangout - Flat Earth Follow Up, B2B

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    On this episode the guys sit down after their recording of the Flat Earth episode to give their review and also talk about their upcoming event Boot To Boot happening on June 29th.
    1:40 – Justin shares where listeners can find them online, Brogan describes the flat earth disc coin that Mark Sargent shared with them on their pervious episode on Flat Earth, and Justin gives Brogan props for his coaster questions. Brogan gives a breakdown of the Flat Earth episode, they discuss the Anton Szandor LaVey movement from the 60’s, and Justin requests that users give their feedback on that episode.
    10:33 – They chat about studies that show everyone believes in something weird, Jeff talks about the weird things that happened during the recording, and Brogan talks about checking out the Seventy 48 event in Tacoma. He shares meeting a racer from Fat Tug team that was participating in the event from Canada and Justin talks about the Lighted Boat Parade on Foss happening in December.
    20:33 – Justin dives into their upcoming Boot To Boot event happening on June 29th, Scott gives props to the Camp Bar, and Brogan offers to buy drinks for anyone who wears a tux to the event. Justin shares a Reddit post reviewing Lime Scooters, Scott gives a breakdown on the pricing of the scooters, and the length of time it took to complete the practice ride.
    31:43 – Brogan reviews his electric bike, Justin talks about seeing two people riding on a Lime Scooter together, and recommends those attending the event to bring a helmet. He gives props again to their Big Foot and Flat Earth episodes, they setup a plan for a backpack drive at the event, and how people can help them out by becoming Patreon subscribers.

  • 01:05:23

    Steve's Drunk History - JBLM

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    Steve Dunkelberger returns on this episode to talk PNW military history. Steve has been a working journalist for more than 20 years at various publications around the Puget Sound. In addition to being a journalist, he is also a judge for the Society of Professional Journalists National Sigma Delta Chi Journalism Awards. He has also has given lectures in the area on issues facing journalists, is a member of the Knights of the Pythias, and offers Drunken History tours of Tacoma. Steve has written two history books on the city of Lakewood and has just published his newest book on McNeil Island. He has also had several of his historical articles published on Historylink.org and in Columbia magazine. His past GCP episodes are Episode 10, a Best Of on Jake Bird, Episode 17 where the guys get to tour The Knights of Pythias’s Commencement Lodge #7, Episode 44 where they discuss The Maury Island Incident, and Episode 61 where they talk Drunk History.
    1:30 – Justin shares information on their Patreon account, talks about the upcoming Boot to Boot event on the 29th, and Jeff explains the rules behind Das Boot. Scott gives props to The Camp Bar, Justin discourages people from buying after market/trunk meet, and Steve shares where people can find him online. Steve then dives into PNW military history, he explains that the first 4th of July celebration happened on the west coast in 1841, and him and Scott debate why the celebration was on the 4th instead of the 5th.
    15:01 – Steve talks about the 1854 war with the Native Americans, Pierce County voters in 1917 voting to float $2,000,000 bonds to buy land in Pierce County and gift it to the government, and the condition behind the vote. He talks about how the base was officially opened 9 months later, the patriotism parade oopsie, and then discusses the Spanish flu epidemic.
    30:05 – He discusses the history behind McChord Air Force Base that started out as Tacoma Fields, it becoming the air force base in 1947, and the first official Air Force casualties being at McChord. Steve talks about how influential the military was on the PNW growth, Tacoma almost going bankrupt in 1898, and Fort Lewis being a WWII POW facility.
    43:40 – Steve talks about the Stars and Stripes newspaper, the liberation edition, and he talks about his newest book on McNeil Island. He discusses Roy Gardner the king of prison escapes, farming that happened on the island, and where people can find his book. He talks about what’s new with the Knights of Pythias, this History Happy Hour at The Swiss on July 18th, and Steve lets listeners know how they can pass story ideas to him.
    Thanks Steve for another great episode!! Special Guest: Steve Dunkelberger.

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    Flat Earth with Mark Sargent

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    This time the guys talk with Mark Sargent on the Flat Earth theory. Mark is a PNW local growing up on South Whidbey Island, Washington. He has been researching Flat Earth since 2014. What was at that time to him the strangest conspiracy ever, after extensive research to debunk it, has turned into a theory he has come to believe and promote. In 2015, he started releasing a series of YouTube videos titled "Flat Earth Clues” which has grown to over 79,000 subscribers today. After being involved in the documentary Behind the Curve, Mark has travelled around the world to speak with other like-minded people on the topic.
    2:08 – Mark discusses how he got involved in the Flat Earth movement in 2014, Jeff talks about watching the recent documentary Mark was in, Behind The Curve, and Mark talks about manufacturing fireworks when he was attending Western in the 80’s. He talks about moving to Boulder, Colorado in the 90’s to working to develop games, the gaming crowd he hung out with in the early days of computer gaming, and he explains the concept of Flat Earth.
    22:19 – Mark talks about the events around the world that he’s attended since the documentary came out, Jeff brings up the weird things that happen at Mount Adams, and Brogan talks about the Titanic conspiracy around insurance fraud. Justin talks about their upcoming pub-crawl, Brogan shares his recent bar discussion of Flat Earth, and Mark shares how climate change can happen in a dome. He explains spending 9 months trying to disprove the Flat Earth theory and answers the question on if people could actually dig to China.
    50:30 – Brogan asks about Star Fish Prime, the ring of fire, and the tides. Mark talks about watching his first video on Flat Earth, the type of atmosphere at the flat earth conventions, and how spirituality is linked with the flat earth concept. Conversation turns to each person’s review on HBO’s Chernobyl, PBS’s NOVA, and Mark talks about his other favorite conspiracy theories, including the Panama Canal. Brogan inquiries about falling stars and Mark breaks down Sandy Hook shooting conspiracy for the group.
    84:23 – Jeff shares his appreciation to Mark for taking all the arrows and slings from people against on this theory, Mark shares how long he’s been doing his YouTube channel, and how people can find it. He talks about his book Flat Earth Clues, The Skies the Limit, his upcoming book Flat Earth Clues, End of the World and he covers the Cruise to the Edge of the World.
    Thanks Mark for an eye opening conversation on Flat Earth! Special Guest: Mark Sargent.

  • 00:51:28

    Boot 2 Boot

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    Today the guys hang at Justin’s bar to talk about what’s coming up on the podcast and promoting their upcoming event on June 29th, The Boot to Boot! Promised to be a fun filled adventure, partygoers will be starting their quest at Flying Boots & Wings on 38th and from there scooting on Lime Scooters, bikes, skateboards, walking, or car, to their final destination Rein Huas, with a couple stops along the way. One of the stops, The Camp Bar, will also have give aways, you can’t miss out!! The gang will be starting the party at 1 pm, attendees are responsible for finding their own transportation, as mentioned, everything is welcome including bikes, skateboards, cars, and on foot. The route is approximately 3 miles long. More information will be available on the Facebook page.
    2:02 – The guys talk about the last time they recorded at Justin’s house, Scott talks about arguing at the bar about Big Foot, and Brogan talks his upcoming high school reunion. They give props to Justin’s wife, Scott talks about Justin recently losing his multi tool, and Justin talks about their t-shirt contest for those that provide GCP reviews on ITunes.
    13:46 – Jeff talks about raising cows when he was a kid, Brogan shares his love for crawfish, and they talk about the fun they had at Justin’s birthday party last month. They give their props to Malarkeys, the cost it would take to update the building it was in, and the growing battle of parking in downtown Tacoma. Justin and Brogan talk about the new McMenamins Elks Temple that has recently opened, Justin brings up the property value rising in Tacoma, and they share what they ate when visiting the Tiki Bar there.
    30:54 – Each gives his review of the food they got from Memo’s, Justin gives listeners information on their Boot 2 Boot coming up at the end of the month, and Scott encourages listeners attending the event to bring their own transportation. Justin shares how people that have questions can get a hold of them, Scott brings up people they should invite to go, and Brogan mentions that anyone attending the event in a tuxedo can drink for free.
    38:29 – Justin talks about the plan to live stream during the event, Scott covers the cost of renting the scooters, and they discuss the hope to possibly setup a party buss for the event. Brogan talks about making the backpack of doom, Justin mentions the upcoming Art on the Ave, and the marijuana business 25 Trees going out of business. Justin talks about Tacoma giving away free trees, how people can get more info on how to do it, and Brogan talks about the past McDonalds Earth Day.
    For people that would like more info on The Boot To Boot, please visit our Facebook page.

  • 01:17:35

    Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization

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    On this episode, Nathan Bronis and Kirk Brandenburg, members of The Bigfoot Field Research Organization, join the guys to talk about their investigations into reports of Bigfoot sightings and also expeditions they host in Washington and New Mexico. BFRO, founded in 1995, is the oldest and largest organization of its kind -- a virtual community of scientists, journalists, and specialists from diverse backgrounds. The researchers who compose the BFRO are engaged in projects, including field and laboratory investigations, designed to address various aspects of the bigfoot phenomenon. Because of the education and experience of its members and the quality of their efforts, the BFRO is widely considered as the most credible and respected investigative network involved in the study of this subject. If you are interested in joining one of BFRO’s expeditions in Washington or other areas around the country, check out their 2019 expeditions page here: http://www.bfro.net/news/roundup/expeds_2019.asp
    1:14 – Justin introduces Nathan and Kirk, Kirk talks about where they were recently camping, and the history of the organization. He talks about the expeditions they offer, their location preferences when exploring, and they cover the basics of sasquatch. Nathan shares how they respond to comments that question sasquatch existence, they discuss the vast wilderness in the PNW still to be explored, and Nathan explains the investigations they do when people report bigfoot sightings to them.
    18:22 – Kirk talks about how he got involved with the BRFO in 2009, Nathan shares his first bigfoot encounter, and his struggle between flight or fight when he had the run in. Jeff asks about their belief in the Patterson tape, Scott brings up the sasquatch video made by Todd Standing from Canada, and Nathan gives his reviews and talks about his interaction with Todd.
    44:08 – Nathan discusses capturing sasquatches on a thermal camera, how his interactions with bigfoot have really normalized his the idea of the creature, and if they have ever had an aggressive contact with them. He talks about the era of time that the idea of bigfoot came along, Jeff talks about the ‘Brown Man’, and they discuss if bigfoot is a nomadic creature.
    57:30 – Scott talks about how people can help the organization without being and investigator, his love for all things weird, and Nathan talks about the amount of time he spends in the woods researching each year. He discusses the long term audio project he did collecting thousands of hours of recorded wildlife sounds, Justin shares his belief in sasquatch, and Scott volunteers to join them on one of their trips. The show ends with Nathan and Kirk giving information on the expeditions they have coming up including here and in New Mexico
    Many thanks to both Nathan and Kirk for an interesting conversation on the study of sasquatch and thanks for your continual work to search them out! Special Guests: Kirk Brandenburg and Nathan Bronis.

  • 01:07:51

    Walk, Don't Run: The Story of The Ventures

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    This week we talk to Isaac Olsen and Justin Peterson about thier new project: Walk, Don't Run: The Story of The Ventures. A documentary about the surf-rock band and rock and roll hall of famers, The Ventures. Justin started fliming the project almost 10 years ago and recently reconnected with Isaac to pull the film into a cohesive project.
    Who are The Ventures?
    Here's the answer right from their Kickstarter page:
    The Ventures were founded in Tacoma, Washington by Don Wilson and Bob Bogle in 1958 when they met at a used car lot. Nokie Edwards on guitar, Mel Taylor on drums, and later Gerry McGee on guitar rounded out the classic Ventures lineup.
    They were wildly successful during the 60's and constantly re-invented themselves, surviving the tumultuous, ever-changing rock landscape through the 70's, 80's, and 90's.
    They maintain an almost parallel-universe type career in Japan, where they are bigger than Elvis. The term, 'big in Japan' may have originated with the mania surrounding them, which really got going in 1965.
    The Ventures are the biggest instrumental band in the world and this aims to be their first feature length, comprehensive documentary. They are funding through Kickstarter through the end of May. Stop by and check it out at: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/walkdontrunfilm/walk-dont-run-the-story-of-the-ventures
    1:25 – The guys discuss Justin’s food recovery, Justin lets listeners how know they can support GCP through Patreon, and the Isaac shares that Semi Iconic will be playing in Venus Beach at The Fine Arts Festival. Justin gives props to Justin P on his love for The Valley, Justin P talks about what it’s like to run multiple restaurants in Tacoma, and Isaac explains who the instrumental group ‘The Ventures’ are. Justin talks about the kick starter that’s out for the Justin P and Isaac’s documentary ‘Walk, Don't Run: The Story of The Ventures’ and they share how they ended up putting the documentary together.
    16:52 – Justin P talks about teaming with the Haggerty Brothers to start interviewing people with the band, how Teddy Haggerty was the stand in for Alec Baldwin in Beetlejuice, and Teddy being the person that did the art design of Jazzbones remodel. He talks about what got him started with the record label, traveling all over the US and Japan with The Ventures, and what it was like visiting Japan.
    34:53 – Isaac talks about the art they offer to Kickstarter people that do a $50 backing, the benefits of Kickstarter, and the different levels they offer. Justin P talks about the guitars offered in certain tiers, Justin talks about Alice In Chains new video, and they chat about Hologram Zeplin. Justin P talks about the people that run their social media, their want to keep the project slightly secret, and the licensing issues they’ve run into during production. He shares the local collaborators he works with, and the different clubs showing up in Tacoma.
    53:48 – Isaac shares his love to make movies that inspire people to visit the PNW, how people can help them on Kickstarter, and encourages people to share it on social media. Justin P talks about being star struck when interviewing Billy Bob Thornton, GCP guys talk about their upcoming Boot to Boot happening in Tacoma in June on the Live Scooters, and Justin shares where listeners can find Walk Don’t Run online.
    Thanks Justin P and Isaac for joining the guys for a great conversation and sharing how people can help support Walk Don’t Run! Special Guests: Isaac Olsen and Justin Peterson.

  • 00:53:17

    Gutty and Tha Wurm

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    This time the guys talk with local Tacoma artists Gutty and Tha Wurm about their newest project. Each have played in multiple bands in the area over the years including bands like Stay Grounded. Follow them on Facebook and Instagram for updates on their new projects and where they’re playing.
    2:09 – Scott shares how Patreon fans can watch their recording live, Jeff gives shout out to EJ from Die Cut Stickers, and Gutty talks about his love for Tacoma. He covers his music influences, shares info on their current project, and Justin asks about how they are incorporating playing multiple instruments at a time while on stage. Wurm shares their process of putting music together in the studio, Gutty shares the struggle of playing venues when under age 18, and they talk about how long they’ve been playing around Tacoma.
    15:20 – They share their favorite places to play in Tacoma, Wurm brings up collaborating with other bands in the area, and his love of 80’s thrash metal. Justin shares the first tape and CD he bought, Scott shares his sister getting him out of school to listen to Metallica’s album Black, and Wurm talks about listening to his dad’s tapes as a kid. Gutty talks about the first CD he bought in the store, Jeff talks about buying his first record in Sunnyside, Washington, and Gutty talks about his most recent project with Stay Grounded.
    30:40 – Worm expounds on putting out his recent album The Worm - Off the Hook, how he came up with the name of the song Tom Fadey, and playing with The Palmer Squares at Louie G's. Justin talks about his love of the people in Tacoma that have such a great want to help others, their love for The Union Club, and Wurm talks about find Ghost Dog and giving it away to a family in the area. Gutty drops the name of their new collaboration and the types of gear they’ll be using with it.
    46:11 – Gutty discusses the main influences they’ll be playing on with their new project, Wurm talks about his love for funk and 80’s Death Metal, and Justin gives a shout out to the metal bands that played at Hells Kitchen in Tacoma. Wurm talks about playing with a new hard-core medal band Blunt Force, Gutty talks about the band Chromeo being another of their influences, and Justin shares his love of the local band Stoned Evergreen Travelers.
    Thanks to Gutty and Wurm for an awesome conversation and sharing your love of music.
    Special Guests: Gutty and Tha Wurm.

  • 00:38:11

    Once Upon a Superhero

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    This time the GCP team talks with Scott Weil, producer of the movie Once Upon a SUPERHERO. The movie is about a homeless wanderer, named Solar Flare, who proclaims to be a real superhero from the Sun who has been exiled to live on Earth without his superpowers for 189 days. From the personal discovery of why he was sent here (to save this planet from an apocalyptic solar flare), to the array of bizarre characters that misguide him, we follow the lost 'superhero' on what quickly becomes a downward spiral journey into the underbelly of Hollywood...a place he comes to realize is not worth saving. The movie has won the Best Sci-Fi Feature Film at the Silver State Film Festival, Best Cinematography Feature Film at the Culver City Film Festival, and Best Sci-Fi Feature Film at the Marina Del Rey Film Festival.
    1:17 – Justin introduces Scott Weil, lets the listeners know how people can reach out to the podcast, and how listeners can support them on Patreon. They move from fungus to Scott W telling the guys what the movie is about, the comments he has receive from people giving him props on how he captured the grit and the feel of Hollywood in the movie, and Justin shares the upcoming playing of the film at the Blue Mouse Theater in Tacoma. Scott W shares that he and John will be there to present the movie and answer people’s questions and Justin brings up PNW’s super hero legacy Phoenix Jones.
    7:58 – Scott W shares that the movie was made over the course of 6 years, their strategy behind recording the movie inconspicuously in downtown Hollywood, and the organic process behind filming. Scott W gives props to the guys for their recording location and them serving beers while recording, his enjoyment of the road trip from LA to Tacoma, and the different phases behind the making of the movie. He shares one of the catastrophic things that happened during the recording and how at times the roadblocks you run into are usually meant for a reason, as hard it is for you to understand it at the time it happens.
    16:32 – Scott W talks about the experience it’s been showing the movie off at different film festivals around the world, Justin talks about superhero movies being at the forefront of Hollywood cinema, and the beauty of how this film is the turning of peoples perspective of superhero movies on it’s head. Scott W shares where they will be ging over the next two weeks in the PNW, going back east next, and gives props to movies cinematographers.
    22:17 – Scott W talks on how actor Adam Marcinowski took ownership of the character, how they ended meeting up with him when they were casting for the role, and Justin shares how he loves the theatrical experience behind watching movies. Scott W talks about the killing of the western movies in the 70’s, Justin gives props to the original Magnificent 7, and Scott T tells their semi-secret behind the movie. Justin gives props to the Blue Mouse Theaters Friday Night Frights and this episode comes to an end with Scott haring his love for the conversations they have after the movie.
    Thanks Scott for joining the guys to share information about the movie and the great conversation! Special Guest: Scott Weil.

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    Chasing Ghosts. On Scooters. In Bars.

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    This time the guys sit down with the two Marks from the podcast Chasing Ghosts. On Scooters. In Bars. With hopes of Amazon Studios picking them up soon, their goal is to ride scooters and go to haunted bars 40 hours a week. Follow them on their social media to find information on their upcoming rides and listen to their show!
    1:35 – Justin shares where listeners can find GCP online, how listeners can help them out online, and give props to Jason from Castle Security and Protection. Mark talks about how their podcast came to be, how they found haunted taverns on their quests, and they talk about their tours with Andrew from Tacoma Ghost Tours. Justin talks about the old, potentially haunted, buildings in Tacoma, the different businesses that have been in The Union Club over the years, and they share their haunted experiences there.
    13:01 – They talk about the difference between Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts, Mark talks about how they got into scooters, and their goal to hit 40 bars in 4 days. They give a shout out to The Sandy Hut bar in Portland, the two new ghost stories they just learned about in Tacoma, and Brogan passes out their roulette drinks. They talk about dealing with other drivers on the road, the crazy drivers in the area, and Mark shares the length of time it takes them to create the episodes.
    27:15 – Justin shares his ghost experience in Wisconsin, Brogan shares his paranormal experience in one of his old houses, and Jeff talks about the recent ghost experience in his new house. Scott chimes in with his ghost story, they talk about the haunting of the Olympus hotel, and Mark shares his most recent ghost encounter in Union Washington. The show ends with conversation about the haunting of the Pythian Temple in Tacoma and Mark talks about how often they record.
    Special thanks you both for joining the guys for great stories and information on your podcast!!!! Special Guest: Chasing Ghosts. On Scooters. In Bars..

  • 00:44:58

    Punk Rock Gumby

    The Grit City Podcast starstarstarstarstar

    On this episode the guys sit down with artist, photographer, and cosplayer Punk Rock Gumby and his sidekick Punk Rock Pokey. You can follow Punk Rock Gumby and his adventures on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/punkrock_gumby/.
    2:31 – Justin gives props to Jason at Castle Security and Protection, Punk Rock Gumby and Punk Rock Pokey introduce themselves, and give a shout out to Friday Night Fights put on by the Blue Mouse Theater. Justin talks about going to watch the 30-year anniversary of Beetle Juice there, the crowd that Friday Night Fights draws, and Brogan passes out Beer Roulette. They all share the beer each of them got, the bar game called ‘Third From the Left’, and PRG discusses his recent experience giving away money to a lady at the McDonalds in Tacoma.
    13:45 – Justin talks about the old Malarkeys, sub Reddit mentions of GCP, and the conversation on Reddit around if people have actually heard Tacoma referred to as ‘The Grit City’. The talk about what ‘Grit City’ means to them, Justin gives props to Grit City Magazine, and PRG shares where you can find him online. He talks about his first picture with Shark Bite Barbie, their favorite venues happening in Tacoma, and Justin gives props to The Grand Cinema’s recent playing of Cat Videos. Scott shares his love of Public Freak Out, Brogan shares how he feels the internet is karma free, and how they are all suckers for the surprise military coming home videos.
    27:17 – PRG shares what he loves about the street artists he runs into, what is fun in doing street art, and peoples incisive need to understand the person behind their art. They discuss what they love about Tacoma, the public executions that happened in the area, and how they would want to go if they had to face execution. They all share if death by drowning or burning is worse, PRG discusses the jackets he makes, and they look up the Bane from Batman jacket. PRG shows the guys his suitcase, explains what the purpose of it is, and how it’s really a test to see how nerdy people are.
    38:08 – Justin talks about watching a screening of Fight Club in Seattle, how PRG embraces the PNW for its differences, and PRG shares his plans for cosplay next year. He gives info on where people can find him online, finishes his story on the making of PRG, and they talk about another closing of a legendary PNW store, Mr Mac’s.
    Many thanks to PRG and PRP for sitting down with the GCP guys to chat about your character and what you love about Tacoma! Special Guest: Punk Rock Gumby.

  • 00:39:49

    Streetball Supe

    The Grit City Podcast starstarstarstarstar

    This time the guys are joined by local Seattle rapper Streetball Supe. Streetball Supe is an independent artist from Seattle's Central District. His latest album, The Streetball EP, was released February 13th and can be heard on any of your favorite music streaming service including Apple Music or Spotify.
    1:57 - Justin apologizes to Brogan for hijacking his backpack 22 years ago, Supe introduces himself, and plays Judge Judy determining that Justin needs to buy Brogan a new backpack. He tells the guys how long he’s been rapping, what got him into it, and he gave a shout out to his producer Spaz on the Beat. He shares the want to move to a more positive life after his release from prison, the love of supporting his craft, and gives his reviews of the other amazing hip-hop artists from Seattle.
    10:08 – Supe give a shout out to The Crocodile venue in Seattle, the process he went through to get his latest EP out, and he talks about being hit in the neck with an ax 9 months ago. He shares being in downtown Seattle seeing a guy walking towards him, him looking up and realizing he had been hit in the neck. He gives a shout out to Harborview Hospital, his steps towards recovery, and his quickness to get back into rapping a week after he was out of the hospital.
    19:40 – Supe shares his love for his new song, Name Offa Work, shares how he came up with the name, and his shock on the amount fans that visited him while he was in the hospital. He shares his close connection with his family, talks about his recent video, and where people can find it online.
    29:13 – Supe talks about his want to turn his music into a career, he explains the importance of him networking and promoting fellow artists, and Brogan talks about the power behind simply sharing stories and promotions on social media. Supe talks about his like to meet his listeners in person, Justin gives Supe props for the remarkable message he has to share, and how people can find him online.
    Thanks Supe for stopping in to share your amazing story and how it has changed your life. Special Guest: Streeball Supe.

  • 00:51:18

    Citizen Corps Council of Pierce County

    The Grit City Podcast starstarstarstarstar

    On this episode the teams sits down with Marvin, Melinda, and Stephanie from Citizen Corps Council of Pierce County (CCC-PC). CCC-PC is a recognized 501c3 organization and is one of nearly 2,500 councils across the United States that were created after the 9-11 attacks by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). Each one represents a grass-roots approach to bring together government and community leaders to involve residents in all-hazards emergency preparedness and response programs.
    They like to remind the community that "It starts with you.” If you want to make a difference in our community when disasters happen, CCC-PC may just be your ticket. No matter who you are, we all have a role in helping in our own hometowns. They help you to embrace the personal responsibility to be prepared and respond to emergencies of all kinds.
    1:17 – Justin shares where listeners can find them online, gives props to Castle Security and Protection who supports GCP. Melinda introduces herself, explains what organization she’s from, Stephanie introduces herself, and Marvin explains how he’s involved with the Citizens Core Council of Pierce County. He explains what the primary function of CCPC is, Melinda describes how the council came into being, and Stephanie explains what the Medical Reserve Corps does.
    12:24 – Stephanie talks about the MRC’s involvement with the recent measles outbreak in Washington, explained how people can get information on volunteering, and Melinda shares how non-medical people and get involved. Stephanie explains how she got involved, the flexibility they have with working with the government and being a non-profit, Melinda talks about how she got started, and Marvin shares how he got stated with CCPC.
    24:28 – Marvin shares how frequently they do the cert training, where people can get more information on the training that’s in their community, and Stephanie talks about their Stop The Blood Training. Justin talks about the free CPR training in the area, Brogan talks about his bacon story, and Marvin talks about the basic level courses they offer that would be good for anyone to take. Brogan talks about the training course he took from the local Mountaineering Club and Marvin talks about the impact Fox Island would have if there were an earthquake in the area.
    37:28 – Stephanie talks about the health benefits behind people with social capital and social connectedness, research they have done behind personal preparedness, and Brogan shares his recent experience with the emergency hotline that was setup during this year’s major snowstorm. Marvin talks about their re-structuring with Pierce County, Justin shares going to his neighborhood meeting, and Melinda shares how the community can support them. She explains the importance for anyone who thinks they would want to get involved when an emergency event happened to do so now before the emergence happens and the show ends with Justin sharing how people can find CCPC online.
    Many thanks to Stephanie, Marvin, and Melinda for joining the guys to talk about the amazing things CCPC does and how people can get involved!!! Special Guest: Citizen Corps Council of Pierce County.

  • 01:05:58

    Ejay O'Donnell

    The Grit City Podcast starstarstarstarstar

    This time the GCP guys talk to Tacoma resident, Ejay O'Donnell. Ejay is VP of Diecutstickers.com in Tukwila, he founded the peer-to-peer mentorship group ‘Opportunity Has No Offseason’, started the Tacoma Run Club, and is the creator of the @Tacoma_WA Instagram page, which has successfully reached 22.6k followers and has become a staple Instagram page for Tacoma. He has lived in Tacoma since 1987. His end all goal is to continue to inspire and encourage others to get together and know they are not alone on their journey. He feels that focusing on your mind, body and soul and aligning yourself first and being the best version of yourself, makes you better for everything else that you are a part of, including, family, friends, business, etc.
    2:38 – Ejay shares how he found the podcast, he talks about when he started the Instagram page @Tacoma_WA, and Justin talks about growing up in Tacoma. Ejay gives the guys his perspective on Tacoma’s changes over the years, they talk about the cost of living in Seattle vs Tacoma, and they give props to the residents of Tacoma. He shares how the Tacoma community embraced his page, his favorite places in the area, and Justin talks about the recent revamp of Point Defiance Zoo.
    18:38 - Scott shares his love for the state parks in the PNW area, Justin shares his story of getting into a fight with a family of raccoons, and talks about the American Lake in Lakewood. He reflects on being taught to swim at Lake Wapato, Ejay talks about starting the Tacoma Run Club, and Justin talks about getting involved in the community. Ejay tells the guys about the positive influence that was created with the run club, his love of taking on challenges, and Justin discusses what Tacoma has to offer outside the drinking scene.
    37:17 – Ejay shares how him and Daniel started Diecutstickers, answers their questions on what it was like being a garbage man, including the coolest thing he found in the garbage, and how’s it’s something that everyone should try once. Justin shares a dreadful garbage man story from his childhood, Ejay tells how people can contact Diecutstickers, and the content approval process they go through on each order that comes in.
    51:34 – The guys talk about having a podcast battle royal, underground wrestling in the PNW, and how wrestling in the area has blown up over the past few years. Ejay shares where people can find Diecutstickers online, Justin expresses how fans can support the podcast, and Brogan shares what the term ‘twamp’ means. The show ends with Scott sharing how smart octopuses are and they give props to Brogan for the food he made for the show.
    Thanks to Ejay for joining the guys for a great conversation and the amazing things you bring to the community! Special Guest: Ejay O'Donnell.

  • 01:16:48

    Drunk History with Steve!

    The Grit City Podcast starstarstarstarstar

    On this episode, Steve Dunkelberger rejoins the guys to talk Drunk History. Steve Dunkleberg has been a working journalist for more than 20 years at various publications around the Puget Sound. In addition to being a journalist, he is also a judge for the Society of Professional Journalists National Sigma Delta Chi Journalism Awards. He has also has given lectures in the area on issues facing journalists, is a member of the Knights of the Pythias, and offers Drunken History tours of Tacoma. Steve has written two history books on the city of Lakewood and is working on one about McNeil Island as well as had several of his historical articles published on Historylink.org and in Columbia magazine. His past GCP episodes are Episode 10, a Best Of on Jake Bird, Episode 17 where the guys get to tour The Knights of Pythias’s Commencement Lodge #7, and Episode 44 where they discuss The Maury Island Incident.
    1:33 – Brogan kicks off the show greeting Steve with an impromptu jingle, the team shares how people can find them online, and converse about friends they know that still use AOL. Brogan talks about his upcoming trip to Reno, Steve mentions his travel musts being a fanny pack and a bran muffin, and the different types of pens he carries. The groups discusses their opinions on girls allowed in Boy Scouts and Steve talks about his Drunk History tours around Tacoma.
    14:20 – Steve shares his recent bookings of talks at retirement homes around PNW, the legendary musicians that have come from Tacoma, and the reason behind why most songs are 3 – 4 minutes long. Steve shares when his next book will be released, gives a thumbnail sketch of the history behind McNeal Island, and what the state currently uses it for. Brogan preps steak tacos, Steve talks about spending the night in Charles Mansion’s old cell at McNeal Island during the time Steve did prison ministry, and they cover the recent 35th anniversary show of the band Girl Trouble.
    38:34 – Steve talks about what’s been going on at the Knights of the Pythias, what they’re doing on St Patrick’s Day, and they talk about the Hunt A Killer Subscription box. Steve discusses Pythia’s social knights, Brogan describes the steak taco’s he’s cooking up, and Scott talks about Tacoma’s Manuscript Museum. Steve explains how historical documents are preserved, hidden gems in the area of that people may not now about, and chat’s about how Fort Nisqually was moved during the Great Depression from Du Point to Point Defiance.
    58:40 – Steve tells the guys about his recent first time as a substitute teacher, how Tacoma is the city of destiny just as much as it’s the city of tragedy, and dives into the famous ranger shooting that happened September 23rd, 1989. They talk about ‘Safe Streets’ being formed right after that happened, housing disparity going on in Tacoma, and Scott mentions the web series show ‘Hot Ones’. The show ends with Steve sharing where people can find him online.
    Thank you again Steve for joining the guys again and sharing, new, amazing history! Special Guest: Steve Dunkelberger.

  • 00:43:53

    Nourish Pierce County

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    This time the GCP guys talk with Travis Weller from Nourish Pierce County. Nourish Pierce County is a local non-profit whose mission is to provide nutritious food and support services to people in need with compassion, dignity and respect. Established in the early 1970’s after a group of Pierce County churches came together, they have evolved into seven brick-and-mortar locations, as well as ten additional sites served by a ground-breaking mobile unit, one of only a few of its kind in the country. Nourish reaches more people successfully due to its size, the largest network of food banks in Pierce County. From early on, Nourish collaborated with other local organizations. Both to serve those struggling with hunger in the community and also to change the entire food security infrastructure in Pierce County by creating a “food bank for food banks” now known as Emergency Food Network. Those that would like more information and get involved can find them online at https://nourishpc.org.
    1:40 – The guys reflect on Brogans bacon chocking experience, gives props to Castle Security and Protection, and where people can find GCP online. Travis tells the guys about what Nourish Pierce County does, the history behind the business, and their choice the change the name of the business from FISH to Nourish Pierce County. They talk about the struggle for people in the area to get food because of the cost of living, what food insecurity means, and what people can expect the first time they come to one of their nursery banks.
    11:39 – Travis talks about the average times people come to the food bank, the locations where people can donate food, and the two mobile food banks they have in the area. Travis shares how they came up with the idea for mobile food banks, the average age of people they provide assistance to, and where their mobile food banks go. He talks about being from Kansas, relocating to Tacoma in August, and the number of volunteers that help them each year.
    21:48 – Travis explains the various volunteer positions that are available, Brogan brings the guys some tacos, and Travis shares where most of the food they get comes from. He explains how people can hold food drives in the area, what they need the most in terms of donations, and they chat about Tacoma’s meat sellers. Travis shares stories of the clients they provide food to, they discuss the brutal choice some people have to make between medical bills or food, and Brogan shares his appreciation for the business.
    36:40 – Justin brings up the importance for people to get healthy food, Travis explains what ‘complete basket’ means, and how people that have extra garden food can donate to the food banks. They discuss the importance for people to donate items year around, how local businesses can get involved, and Travis explains the annual fund raising auction they have coming up. The show ends with Travis providing statistics behind the number of people they serve and encourages people in the community to get involved.
    Many thanks to Travis for joining the podcast to share information on the amazing work Nourish Pierce County is doing!!! Special Guest: Travis Weller.

  • 00:54:47

    New Track City

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    Bem, Drui, and Chi Stone from the band New Track City joins the guys on this GCP episode. New Track City is a hip hop band based out of Federal Way. They bring music rich in jazz, soul and alternative style sound with influences that range from Jay-Z, 2pac, Notorious, and Drake, to Green Day, U2, and Cold Play. They’re playing April 7th in Denver, Colorado and May 31st in Seattle. Just as this was being written, they announced on Facebook a second Seattle show happening on May 30th, showing clearly their growing popularity with fans in the PNW area.
    1:52 – The guy’s give info on how fans can support the show through Patreon, give props to Castle Security and Protection owner that saved Brogans life, and Dru, Chi Stone, and Bem introduce themselves and where they’re from. Dru shares that he moved to Federal Way from Kenya, the things that are similar between both places, and how Bem and Chi Stone met Dru. They talk about when they started to collaborate musically together, where people can find them online, and their process around putting out new music.
    14:51 – Bem and Chi Stone talked about the different types of beats that influenced them as a kid, the music they’re listening to now, and how much of a scene there is in Seattle/Tacoma for Hip Hop. Scott mentions different all age venues that are going on in Tacoma, they talk about their “all in” mentality and how long they’ve been putting music out together. Scott gives them props for the hard work they put into their music, they talk about their difficulties in the music industry, and how they built their fan base. Dru talks about the process around performing live, how they connect with the fans, and the high amount of energy tied to their shows.
    30:26 – Scott talks about his love for high energy metal concerts, they talk about the legendary bands that have played at The Crocodile venue in Seattle, and what it’s like to play in Los Angeles. They talk about the incredible people there, the challenge it is to make connections in Seattle, and how open people are for great conversations in Tacoma. Justin discusses Tacoma history, the amazing buildings in the Tacoma area, and plays New Track City’s song “Pride”.
    45:03 – Justin talks about his favorite genre being Steam Punk, going to Seattle’s Steamposium, and the steam punk bar at his house. He plays another one of New Track City’s songs, “Keep It Trill”, Chi Stone explains where the song came from, and where people can find their videos online. Conversation goes to cookie dough cheesecake, Justin gives props to the song, and where people can find New Track City online.
    Thanks Bem, Chi Stone, and Dru for sitting down with the GCP guys and sharing some of your amazing music! Special Guest: New Track City.

  • 00:49:57

    GCP Hangout

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    On this episode Justin, Jeff, and Scott are hanging at the Union Club talking about what is going on with GCP and the haps in the community. They cover Snowmageddon, Emerald City Comic Con, and ideas for upcoming shows. For listeners that know of people or businesses in the PNW that have a great story to tell, e-mail info@gritcitypodcast.com.
    1:55 – Justin shares the different patron levels GCP offers to those that want to support the podcast through Patreon, gives props to Jason with Castle Security and Protection, and Jeff talks about his recent purchase of a base guitar he found on Craigslist. They talk of instruments each of them have, Scotts want for an electric drum set, and Jeff encourages the team to get together and make a funky baseline for the show intro.
    10:11 – Scott brings up a story on YouTube around first amendment audits where a person videotaping in LA was shot, Justin brings up Flatstick Pub opening in downtown Tacoma in late 2019, and the t-shirts and sweatshirts they offer to their supporting Patrons. Jeff gives a shout-out to Puget Sound Pizza’s great job shoveling the sidewalk and street when it snowed, that leads to talk on the recent Snowmageddon, and the challenge of getting around Seattle and Tacoma when it snows.
    20:05 – Justin talks about him and his wife getting involved in the community, watching a Subaru crash in the snow, and Scott talks about the fun of driving in the snow when he was a kid. They discuss ideas around getting a GCP station wagon, Jeff covers being recently stuck in Snoqualmie Pass during the storm, and they talk about the post snow tire chains on the road from people that did not put them on correctly.
    34:31 – Justin shares his plans to attend Emerald City Comic Con, their plan to have another psychic on the show, and the desire to have a ghost hunt with the psychic and Andrew from Tacoma Ghost Tours at the Union Club. Jeff gives a shout out to Mary Mart, they discuss Mary Mart being open during Snowmageddon, and the friendly and helpful atmosphere Mary Mart has. Scott talks about upcoming guests they are going to have on, other creative ideas the guys have around live streams for the show, and how people can help the show out.
    Until next time everyone, thanks for listening!!!

  • 01:01:37

    Grit City Magazine

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    On this episode the GCP guys talk to Sara Kay and Sierra Hartman from Grit City Magazine, a local Tacoma Magazine founded in 2017. The magazine explores the places that define Tacoma, pays homage to the history that built it, and celebrates the people who make it what it is today. Their first print edition went out September 2018. The print magazine is produced quarterly, in addition they regularly publish Tacoma stories on their website. Those interested in finding out more, how they can contribute, and how to get their hands on a copy can do so by visiting their website: gritcitymag.com.
    2:08 – Justin gives props to Castle Security and Protection, one of the businesses that supports GCP’s Patreon, Sierra explains how long Grit City Mag has been in business, Scott talks about how they came up with the GCP name, and Sierra shares where the idea for the magazine came from. Justin talks about when he joined the GCP team, they talk about the rich history of Tacoma, and the long history of people moving to the area.
    15:02 – Sierra expresses his curiosity of how the revamp of the Clock Tower part of Tacoma’s City Hall will turn out, how they ended up getting to tour City Hall, and they discuss the ghost sightings there. Sara and Sierra share how they get their connections for stories in Tacoma, Justin talks about how the Radio Tacoma people were able to get the station up with help from people they knew, and they cover the recent vandalism of a bakery and home in Tacoma.
    29:31 – Sierra tells the guys the story behind putting together their first print of the magazine, the struggle of figuring out the magic behind the magazines binding, and how they came to the decision of printing 253 for the first print. Scott brings up the Beautiful Angle Project, Sierra explains how Lance and Tom got the project started, and Justin turns the conversation to Snowmageddon Tacoma and the massive amounts of people out shopping before the snow hit.
    43:38 – Sierra shares how people can contribute to the magazine, the effort they put forth in determining the types of stories they print, and Sara shares advice for people that are starting a business. Sara talks about their visit to the roof of the Tacoma Dome, Sierra’s hope to go up in a crane, 270 feet in the air, to take photos for the magazine, and Scott brings up the beautiful pictures Over Tacoma puts out. Sara shares how people can get a magazine subscription, how people can find them online, and their plan to launch a Tacoma calendar where people can see what’s going on in the area.
    Many thanks to Sara and Sierra for joining GCP for a great conversation and look into Grit City Magazine. Special Guests: Sara Kay and Sierra Hartman.

  • 00:16:52

    GCP Bonus: Archway Consulting Group

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    On this GCP bonus episode, the guys talk with Christina Blocker, Keith Blocker and Dr. Cindy Caldwell from Archway Consulting Group, a full service strategy consulting firm rooted in principles of equity and inclusion. The team is highly recognized for their ability to address the unique needs of their clientele while providing strategic support. Whether you're running for political office, a small business owner, or an organization, they bring extensive experience and professionalism to each client and customize their support to your individual needs and concerns.
    0:57 – Justin gives introduces, Christina explains how Archway Consulting was created with her business partner Dorian Waller, Keith becoming Tacoma city councilman of District 3 in 2015, and when her and Dorian realized the need for political consultants for people of color when Keith ran. She talks of how the political landscape has changed over the years, how people are taking their statement past the protest and running for office, and the different candidates in the community they’ve helped get elected.
    4:46 – Christina talks about the expansion of Archway Consulting that brought Keith and Dr. Caldwell on board and Justin explains how he sees diversity, equity, and inclusion as a complete life style change. Dr. Caldwell highlights the importance of understanding that our nation was setup for white men and that we’re just now starting to dismantle that, Justin talks about how they ran into Christina, Keith, and Dr. Caldwell, and Christina talks about how they came across Union Club.
    10:05 – Christina explains what Tacoma Creates offers the community, Scott shares that the Museum of Glass has a nightly live stream of glassblowing, and Justin gives props to Art on the Ave. He also talks about the new community center in Tacoma that has recording studios which help kids build on their creativity and Scott talks about Real Arts all ages venue. Christina shares how people can get ahold of them, gives information on their upcoming monthly event ‘How To Recruit and Retain Diverse Talent’ (happening this month on the 27th), and their ‘Let’s Talk’ series they hold at the Evergreen Tacoma Campus.
    Thanks Christina, Keith and Dr. Caldwell for the interesting and informative impromptu conversation with GCP! Special Guests: Christina Blocker, Dr. Cindy Caldwell, and Keith Blocker.

  • 00:53:53

    The Studio - Amani Taylor - Part 2

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    This episode is the second of the two part chat the guys have when they hang out with their friend and comedian Amani Taylor. Amani hosts weekly comedy shows at The Local 907, Trencher’s, and The Hanger 205. People can find him on Facebook and at his website AmaniTaylor.com.
    1:35 – Justin reminds listeners of their Patron account, gives a shout out to Castle Security and Protection, and talks about the upcoming event at the Museum of Glass, Dare 2 Stair, happening on February 24th. Justin talks about turning his wife onto Quantum Leap, Amani suggests the doing a reboot of the show, and they discuss other shows of the 80’s they loved. Amani brings up A Team, the switch up in movies and shows from serious acting in the 70’s to special effects in the 80’s, and Jean Claude Van Damme’s performance in the original Predator.
    14:12 – Justin talks about other movies Jean Claude Van Damme’s appeared in, they discuss movies in the 80’s that haven’t held up over the years, and the universal hero formula used throughout the 80’s. Scott talks about It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, walking out of the movie Get Shorty, and Justin talks about what drove him to walk out of the movie Speed Racer. Justin reflects on watching Mach, Scott talks about the movie he was most disappointed in, and Justin talks about the comics he collected in the 90’s.
    26:47 – Scott talks about his daughters love for The Watchmen, Justin talks about tha various comic book based things he collects, and they talk about the comic book heroes they love. Amani brings up Marvel Masterpieces, Scott talks about cards where artists made basketball players into super heroes, and Amani reflects on how he felt when he heard Super Man died. The guys talk about recent Marvel Movies that have come out, Justin brings up the Marvel / Fox merger, and Amani and Justin give their review of the movie Logan.
    43:35 – The guys talk about rules of people vomiting at parties, Amani discusses the difference between honor and dignity, and they share stories on fights they’ve been in. Amani shares the most common type of people that he found were fighters while working in private security, Scott talks about how quickly fights can happen, and they finish this episode with Jeff sharing info on Otters.
    Thanks again to Amani for joining them for another interesting conversation! Special Guest: Amani Taylor.