• If you Love food and Ibiza? 

    This weeks guest is going to blow your festive stockings off. 

    As a lady who Loves the festive season and all the trimmings that go with it, Tess Prince aka LOVE FOOD IBIZA, is full of ideas to help you get creative this christmas, as she joins Jo Youle for a farm to table, three course Xmas FEAST in her Ibiza kitchen. 

    Tess found most of  todays food on her dog walk and after stashing her pockets full of goodies, she shared with us, how she finds ZERO KM food for her projects and recipe ideas and why keeping it island local, seasonal, fresh, organic and farm fuelled, is so important not just for our bodies, but to keep the Ibiza farming dream alive. 

    A dream that will see the farm come back to full fruition and furnish tables all around its 252 km circumference. 

    On todays menu, Tess made us: 

    Course 01 : Local quince poached in goodtooth vermouth with cinnamon, bay & star anise, vanilla bean Labneh, Ibiza almond  

    Course 02  - Poshest Ibiza Rarebit: toasted rye soda bread, Manchego cheese, black garlic, chives with nasturtium leaves and black truffle honey  

    Course 03: Ibiza Carob and orange faux Christmas pudding love balls with cashew amaretto cream. 

    Drooling? if you like the show and wish for more of TESS's recipes? We have a brand new IBIZA inspired cookbook to give away.

    Follow us both on instagram 
    @theresetrebel & @lovefoodibiza and drop us a heart <3 and will pop your name in santas Xmas hat and have it with you right before  christmas kicks off so you can dive in and get creative. 

    Dec Podcast dates 14 & 15, more courses info at : www.resetrebelproductions.com 
    Music : Justin Manville 

  • In this week's episode Jo Youle meets Mays Al Ali, an ibiza based fermentation expert, to talk you through making Kombucha, Water Kefir, sauerkraut and Kimchi. 

    If you are someone that struggles with digestion and maybe feels depressed, flat or even anxious a lot it could just be your gut health is totally out of whack. 

    If lockdwon has had you boozing more, eating heavier grain based or processed foods, a simple table spoon sized helping of ferments on each plate can really help you fire up your gut bacteria and get back on the road to health. 

    Mays had the same problem in London as an Ad Exec and even spent a spell in hospital due to her symptoms and shares her story of sorting that out, with some simple lifestyle and diet changes and choices,  that also led her to experiment with fermenting and now running workshops.

    It is also THAT time of year and we are heading towards the festive season....but if your a woman who dreads it, due to the over indulgences that involves, help is at hand. Island resident, Tasha Pyne aka @mindfoodpeace on Instagram has developed a peaceful eating at Christmas time program so she can support you through the whole month of December. We have one FREE spot to give away, but the course, is 99 Euros on her website :
    Pop us an email if you NEED this support for free, this xmas, drop us am email to justthegoodnewsplease@gmail.com with your struggles.

    For Ferment advice and that video workshop on making ferments, pop to https://www.healthymays.com/

    ALSO, if your a lady who wishes to start your own podcast and really find your own voice right now? check our my own event online next week, a 5 day intensive podcast course just for ladies, like me who love to share their message. 


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  • Its Scorpio Season. In case you hadn't noticed!

    This past two weeks has been super intense, emotional and FULL POWER! Just us?

    So we lined up a chat with a lady who eats, sleep and breathes the lunar cycles and has more Astrological knowledge of what's what, than we ever could to tell you whats coming up for the NEW MOON this week in Scorpio -  will it ever end!!? 

    She is also hosting a FREE lunar reading this weekend, which you're welcome to join right here:


    She is also offering you the chance to read your birth chart for FREE so you can get to grips with the work you need to do to remove any blocks holding you back from living your best Life, right NOW. 

    Pop us a line to justthegoodnewsplease@gmail.com for the info to line that UP...... follow us on instagram @theresetrebel and if you want to grab yourself a RR Mug to sip your morning ibiza coffee from cafe Meke, pop into our www.Patreon.com/ibizatheresetrebel account to find out how to get your very own slice of the island into your life. 

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  • In todays episode, we have a beautiful gift on board, for anyone going through it, that needs some Radical Self Care, check out the link at the end of the show notes....

    But first we pop to the very tip of Dalt Vila  with show hostess Jo Youle to perch beside the Cathedral and hear the iconic bells at various interludes, but also introduce you to city resident Martin Davies, an editor, writer and translator, who moved to Ibiza from North London in 1993. 

    He founded Barbary Press in 2000, and has since brought out a dozen books in various languages which explore the island's little-known cultural heritage. 

    In todays show we hear from Martin about the leanings of belief, that Christopher Columbus was quite possibly from here, how the Romany Gipsies came to reside here, how the island was under siege and at threat of danger in its colourful history and also how it was back in the 60's and 70's before it came to rely so heavily on tourism
    and barely had a road that ran through the island to connect its colourful community.

    We hope you enjoy hearing a little more of the how Dalt vila came to be a world Unesco Heritage site and also, how you can lay your hands on a FREE bottle of  Ibiza's finest aura mist - www.ibizaessence.com   
    Pop on and take a look and use our RESETREBEL10 discount code or write to use at Justthegoodnewsplease@gmail.com and tell us one thing you love about the island for a chance to get your hands on a much needed little bit of morning magic. 

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    Mist : @ibizaessence 

  • Food Glorious food...or is it when only 2% if what we eat in Ibiza is actually grown here.

    That means, 98% travelled thousands of KM's and was imported to get onto the island and when we heard this we were floored and very sad indeed. 

    The good news is this is changing fast, with a new trend of female farmers coming to save the islands ZERO Km food scene and a lot of work now being done to make positive change. 

    We spoke to Ibiza produce director and founder Gabreille Gambina to find out more about the farm industry in ibiza, and why our own produce isn't getting eaten as much and what we can do to make that happen. 


    Insta: @theresetrebel & @ibizaproduce for info on how to get a map of ibizas organic farms.   

    Please drop us a review on itunes and sher this episode with your friends if you enjoyed it or on social media and feel free to become a member of our Patreon account also, www.patreon.com/ibizatheresetrebel  we have some fab festive Reset Rebel mugs coming in the Cala Pada membership for Christmas and soon the T shirts will also arrive !! Exciting!! 

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  • This week, we jump on a rare Zoom call, to catch up with London Yoga teacher, anatomy geek and physiotherapist Celest Pereira.

    As someone who literally lights up and starts bouncing off the walls when she talks about the human body, Celest is someone who is an absolute passionate sharer of her workshops & learnings and makes everything fun while she is at it. 

    It is fair to say she works hard to bring a lot of knowledge to the table in her classes. She goes deep and that is her unique trait, as a teacher, she really cares about her "art". 

    That is how she sees everything she gives to her students and that is what makes her a little bit different to most people we go to for yoga. She is also rebellious and isn't afraid to vocalise her dislike for much of the "yoga culture".

    She was born in South Africa, she left her home and family very young to come to London and Reset her path in life which is precisely what qualifies her to be on todays show, because she walked away from everything she knows into the unknown, like all our guests, and eventually found her craft in wellness through her love/obsessions of/with movement. 

    We hope Celests passion shines brighter than the quality of some of this audio  - which si why we never usually do a zoom podcast, but, she is special, we know you will thinks so too.

    For more on her classes and workshops and one day retreats when "normal" life may resume check her website:  https://www.celestpereira.com/

    Instagram:  @theresetrebel  

  • Ten years of Walking Ibiza and 60,000 Kms hiked around the coasts, forests and woodland paths of the island as founder Toby Clarke set up his passion project to encourage us to get out and explore the magic mountains and stretches of untouched farmland and magic meanderings. We thought that was worth celebrating, so we joined him and his entourage of firm favourites to find out a little more about how this adventure business got lift off, but also managed to keep going, when it started in a time no one seemed interested in anything other then the four walls of the DC10 Terrace. Jo Youle, presenter of the podcast, once upon a time walked around the entire coastline of the island in 2012 on a 12 day camping, hiking & once in a lifetime trip. Todays show, includes cave drumming and performance by Cyd, singing at Tannits shrine from Tobys Wife Belinda, a surprise coast guard rescue as one man became ill at Bills Paradise, two birthday lunches, singing from the gorgeous Nell Shakespeare and a few cheeky beers to catch up with the man himself to finish and find out what ;essons have been learned from a decade immersed in nature. www.theresetrebel.comwww.walkingibiza.com Follow us on instagram : @theresetrebel & @walkingibiza Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/theresetrebel#ibiza #walking #hiking #community #nature #islandlife

  • It was our childhood dream to be the next Phileas Fogg.

    So when Walking Ibiza guide, Simon Reid offered to take us on an around the island adventure, circumnavigating the island on a Sunday Speed boat trip, how could we refuse?

    Little did we know it would turn into quite an unexpected experience...with a few challeneges along the way.

    We got so much amazing material, we had to split the podcast into two parts....the rest is coming next week, including Es Vedra and and a unknown  "secret underwater Es Vedra."

    In Part One, Simon speeds us around the Island, just like Jo did a bit more slowly 8 years ago on the very first Around the Island walking and camping trip with Walking ibiza founder and previous podcast guest, Toby Clarke. 

    Simon and Jo take off from Talamanca Bay, hit playa Den Bossa to discuss the islands history of salt farming, the residence and attack of the Moors and also touch on the island bruish with the criminal underworld back in the 70's when Simon arrives in 1972.

    They then head to Salinas for breakfast at Sa Trinxa, stop off at Cala Llentrisca and finish by taking in the story of Atlantis - where the building blocks were harvested that created World heritage site, Dalt Vila.

    Pop onto our instagram account:  @theresetrebel for footage taken on the trip....and pop back for Part Two of the podcast next week. 

    Please leave us a review if you love the show, and subscribe so you get the next installment when it lands Monday.  

  • In todays Episode Jo Youle follows a trail North to the art den and Ibiza haven to meet some of the members of Parisian Feminist and ecologist group, Gang Of Witches.

    Paola Hiveline is the gangs plastic artist and MC and together with Sophie Rokh - a journalist, writer and musician,  the pair give Jo a guided tour of their brand new Coven in the hills close to San Carlos.

    Through a combination of being parents to 12 cats, their experimental music  and holding of ceremonies and artists residencies, they paint a colourful picture of their transition to island life from the big smoke of the French Capital.

    Their artistic community was born in 2016 and is a  multifaceted project meant to grow during 9 consecutive years. Each one is dedicated to a celestial body, cosmic and archetypal silver lining of this artistic adventure.

    Their major objective is to establish a protected space for reflection, exchange and creation, a bubble undisturbed by any productive constraints, rich in singular propositions, fertile, powerful and committed.

    Join Jo and her guests on todays show to get a little background into witch life in ibiza on todays episode.....for more on the Gang, head to www.gangofwitches.com.

    Podcast made by @resetrebelproductions
    Music from @justinmanville 

  • What is home? What does that word mean to you? 
    Is it a place? A person? A feeling?

    Jo caught up with Lou Rhodes - one half of Lamb this week to chat about how Lou changed he plans from moving to Portugal after Lock down after falling back in Love with her own HOME.

    She also tells Jo how she goes through her "metamorphosis" to become her stage alter ego as part of the band.

    She and Andy both practice Yoga on tour to stay grounded and Lou admits yoga is part of her morning routine, right before she plays Piano over coffee, as she taught herself to play during lockdwon.

    Lou also confesses as an introvert, she has become much more so since lockdown, but has used her time to be creative and enjoy her space in the North of England.

    Our epsidode begins and end with a live rendition of To Build a Home, by the Cinematic Orchestra, which caught Jo's attention, during lockdown, when Lou posted a cover version on Youtube. 

    In that moment, miles away from her own home in India, it struck a special chord and the pair, discuss the feelings home creates, but also how we can find home in others while away....

    Instagram  - @theresetrebel
    Lamb official website : https://lambofficial.com/

  • In todays episode Jo Youle jumps in a taxi to Santa Agnes to pop to the villa of actress, fashion designer, film director, writer, mentor, mother, yogi and true Reset Rebel - Sadie Frost.

    The Primrose Hill resident was staying at our previous shows guests home, Kundalini teacher and healer,  Trish Whelan, so we took the opportunity to set up this chat, thanks to Trish, on the island to hear about her new film she made during lockdown about young people struggle with mental health, Contact.

    Sadie has had her own struggles with mental health and has faced her biggest fear of being locked up and over come her own experience of being Sectioned for 28 days when things deteriorated.

    She tells Jo all about the tools she now has in place to face those fears when they come back and how she has been through Recovery and stayed sober for four years when her anxiety peaked and she hit rock bottom.

    As a mother to four children, Sadie is hugely maternal and even adopted a child in Africa, called Lucky who she mentors and is writing film scripts together with to help give his life a boost.

    She credits her mothers introduction to yoga at a young age as a huge saving grace as well as her meditation practice and time reconnecting to her higher power through the serenity prayer and time on her matt.

    Sadie has also just bought Trish's new 40 days program and new book, The Essential Guide for Soul Adventurers (https://www.souladventures.co.uk/the-essential-guide-book) which she feels will be a huge RESET Tool in her life to keep her sane and also happy in these turbulent times.

    Please support our Reset Rebel podcast...
    Even for 5 euros a month on our Cala Benirras membership  - you can help us keep making the show, so we can keep on reaching out to help people who need a Reset in life, but maybe cant afford it right now. Thank you so much for listening.

    Sadie's New Film Contact (https://www.thelovemagazine.co.uk/video/starring-raff-law-sadie-frosts-short-film-contact-addresses-mental-health-in-lockdown) features her son Rafferty Law and was made in lockdown. She also just shot his new Music Video Bad Times. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6LkM3JcW6Qw)

  • Angaharad Owen is an inspiration and 100% a Reset Rebel. 

    She has had several brushes with death, but has refused to take the traditional medical route to Re-cover from Cancer. 

    She has taken her own life in her hands  and rebelled three times to cheat what felt like a losing battle at times, but she has healed her own way on her own terms. 

    She has lived in ibiza on and off since she was 19 when the first lump appeared, but she turned down the "life saving" operation to take a trip to Thailand instead and after much relaxation, the lump started to shrink, until it left her completely. 

    She tells hostess Jo Youle in todays Podcast, she believes the lump, was caused by the sexual abuse she experienced as a child at the hands of a family member. 

    This took her on a major trip to explore her sexuality and find her path through Tantra, Breathwork, meditation and her faithful Jade Egg.

    Angharad really wishes to help women find their fire in the bedroom, or heal old sexual trauma as she also did and move beyond into sensation, to be comfortable in their own body and feel sexy again and really FEEL. 

    If you think she can help you, she has a course coming up soon.

    Drop us a line for all the details, on justthegoodnewsplease@gmail.com 


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  • What was the effect of Lockdown on Ibiza? 

    How much did the ecosystems of the island get to breathe a sigh of relief?

    How were the farming industries affected? 

    The fishermen? 

    Is the Posedonia healthier now?  

    Is that why there are no jelly fish this year?

    Are the environmentalists jumping for joy the clubs are closed this summer? 

    These are all questions that you may have been pondering since the “new normal” emerged on ibiza. 

    We don’t have all the answers but we attempted to tackle the big issues on this episode of the Reset Rebel, as Jo Youle met up with Sandra Benbeniste from Ibiza Preservation. 

    We were shocked and a bit sad to learn Ibiza is just 0.3% on target to reach the desired 70% renewable energy goal and this is down to a tax on the sun in Spain which meant people couldn’t install solar power sources and farming tools. 

    In 2022 two solar parks are being created to help with this, but we are still a long way off and behind the rest of Europe.

    We are also talking Electric cars in this episode and why the island has quite a few large snakes on the loose.

    Drop in to todays show and mail us on justthegoodnewsplease@gmail.com with any comments and please subscribe, rate and reviews us on iTunes, we would be hugely grateful to keep the show at the top of the charts and more visible to those who haven’t heard is yet. 

    Check out the Posedonia Map we mention here:  


  • Home. 
    We all spent a lot of time there during lockdown. Especially in Ibiza with Residents not even allowed out for a walk. 
    But what did this mean for those without a home to go to? For those living on the streets? Those who has no access to sanitation a public bathrooms and refugee for the homeless closed down? 
    In today’s episode we hear the story of Ricardo - an Italian 56 year old living and sleeping rough in Ibiza town. He has been for 6 years. But how was that in this time of Covid 19? 

    We hear the full story from @247ibiza’s Lydie Hampson who has been cooking and looking out for those in her local community in the city since she moved here with her family. 
    She has also documented the lives of those in Sa Penya - the “ghetto” of Ibiza and the roma Gipsys who reside there. 
    Just what changed and how we can help during Covid for those sleeping rough is what we dived into in today’s show. 

    There are many things we can do to help. Just making time and spreading that network of kindness is step one.

    Please follow us on instagram @theresetrebel 
    Email us : justthegoodnewsplease@gmail.com 

  • We Are Back.
    We have missed You!
    Exactly 4 months since we have been in your beautiful ears and we are super excited to share again.
    In todays episode, be warned this is a Jo Youle soliloquy.
    There is no guest, but I felt I owed you a little explanation of where I have been the past four months and during my lockdown journey back to Ibiza via India, UK, Belgium, Holland and beyond.
    It has been quite the ride. 
    It is the reason i didn't feel like making the podcast for a while. 
    Like you, I needed time to gather myself a little and now I am ready. If you are someone that reached out to me during this period, I am so grateful, to know you missed the show as much as i missed making it! You know who you are. 
    So this is the official book mark for the series to Re-Begin.  Many more shows coming up this summer and we hope you will stay with us for this one to one to get  Re-aquainted podcast, before we get back into the juicyness of the islands Reset Rebels. 
    Made by : @Resetrebelproductions 

  • At the close of week number two of Indian lockdown podcast hostess Jo Youle takes a walk to GuruKul  - the place where she met Monty a year ago in Goa - Director of the documentary Magic Medicine about the trials of Psychosilibin on patients with depression in London.
    On this sneaky lunchtime stroll she reflects about the impact of lockdown in India, where 1.3 billion are being held at home - some without even a lock on their door and for  millions, creating a displacement as they battle to get back to their villages across the country. 
    It felt right to introduce todays guest at this moment, Mirella Ingamells, who holds the stance of Strong not skinny for women, which first attracted Jo our podcast hostess to her instagram page, as she holds workout session for Ibiza residents in a bid to knock them physically into shape. 
    What we are noticing from lockdown is that the only way though is to figh the daily mental ups and downs with strong workouts and if anyone does this best it is Mirella, a previous Sports model who has taken to the stage many times, to showcase the incredible physique she has cultivated through pure discipline and strength of will, determination and belief that she will reach her goals.
    If ever there was a time when we need to believe in our own strength? It is now. So we hope you enjpy listening to this chat between Jo - who also got shipped into shape at her workout groups sessions shortly afterwards. 
    We can confirm she is a Demon and huge inspiration to women to get strong, not be skinny and empower themselves.....

  • What strange strange times we are in! 
    We wished to bring you this very special edition from where Jo youle is in India with 1.3 Billion people staying Home to keep you company.
    How are you doing? How are you feeling? 
    What are you doing to stay sane?  
    We would love to hear from you on justthegoodnewsplease@gmail.com or instagram @theresetrebel with your stories of ways to pass time and stay grounded and Reset.
    We are sending YOU so much love from Goa, in Patnem and are here safe with a lot of others who are also stranded from all over the world who we talk to on todays show.
    So we hope this provides a little place to reset your ears for an hour of entertainment power and gives you a little taste of the trials and tribulations of being here where, most people don't have the kind of door they can lock. 
    Thank you for listening. Thank you for coming back to check this out and we will be back next week once again on a weekly basis.

  • In this episode, Jo Youle explores the London Live Well festival for a sobering edition of todays show. 
    As the wellness industry explodes, there is so much more focus now on no and low alchohol brands and choices for replacement are becoming a lot more interesting than just San Miguel 0.0 and booze free wine. There is a real focus on beautiful Botanicals and  creativity within the this new trend to make drinks that tastse just as good if not better. 
    Jo met La Masion Wellness Healthy Hedonist Camille vidal for a cocktail making master class. As a meditation teacher and yogi, Camille come from the South of France and describes herself as a mindful drinker.   Having worked in the booze industry for 15 year or more, she now says she just does not have time for Hangovers and prefers to stay hydrated and experience the flavours and highs of the produce she uses in her own drinks. 
    Recipe for the cocktails in todays show:
    Our show comes in two parts, as the second half of todays show we catch up with Club Soda Founder, to talk about how she gave up alchohol to make her new community for those who wish take a break, cut down or completely get away from that culture in England that tells us we should BE drinking. 
    Instagram : @theresetrebel 
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    Jo  - your host and EX BBC broadcaster, is running a workshop 21-22 April 2020. Drop her a line if you wish to have your own show:

  • This week Jo Youle travels to sunset session spot,  Hostel La Torre to meet the Japanese director of Born Balearic, Lily Rinae. As some who feels displaced on this planet, Lily found home through the music she dicovered on the island, especially after a trip to Sa Trinxa, home to Jon Sa Trinxa. 
    At the southernmost part of this island, Jon has been playing music all day, everyday at the same beach for 25 years. He arrived on a hippie bus from London. 
    "Living on an island with the ocean and the sun. That was enough to lure me here." He came to Ibiza penniless, and to make matters worse, a fight with a friend was topped off with a car accident. How did he end up being a DJ at some beachside restaurant after so much misfortune? You're about to find out if you watch this film, which premiered at Ibiza Cinefest two weeks ago in Santa Eulalia. 
    This documentary film portrays Ibiza's music scene and the life of "the legendary DJ of Ibiza" Jon Sa Trinxa who devoted his life to music.
    Drop in to todays podcast as we meet Lily and find out how she feel in Love with Ibiza and spent a year away from her home in New York to make it and spend one whole summer with Jon. 
    Instagram : theresetrebel 
    Email us: justthegoodnewsplease@gmail.com 

  • This week Jo Youle explores the Ibiza Cinefest in Santa Eulalia and gives a little review of the new Born Balearic film focussing on our previous podcast guest Jon Sa Trinxa.
    Our main interview this week is the fabulous nutrition brain that is Angela Walker. Having lived here for more then 8 years she is an island girl through and through now and shares with Jo her trials and tribulations of living in Ibiza in a candid and honest sharing on her sofa in Siesta where she lives.
    Jo and Ange are joined on the couch by Maude - Angelas dog, who shakes a tail feather on several occasions during their chat about everything from gut health to cognitive function through nutrition and the bran new book ange has just launched. 
    She is about to run a course on Cognitive function through nutrition for only a few lucky people - in the very first edition of the course - so if you feel a little foggy in the head this could be for you.
    Ange believes deeply that what we eat directly affects out thoughts and what happens in our minds as a result, so join the pair as they into chats about everything from the spanish diet, to keto to intermittent fasting and ways to boost your energy through food. 
    Jo also has two spots left on her GOA RESET REBEL RETREAT - 17-24TH MARCH 2020. Pop us a mail on jo@joyoule.co.uk to jump n board or receive more info.