• [CLASSIC TRANCE BREAKS] This installment of Party Rewind brings you back in time to that steamy Saturday evening on June 24th, 2000. This is the first time that "The Light" was to play in Atlanta, so for this special event, I cooked up something quite different than my usual sets. This time, the set would be comprised of mostly trance, progressive and cosmic style breaks, with just a splash of progressive trance to start off the set. With long transitions between most of the songs, the music becomes very intense at times, especially late at night with the monster audio rig. Hope you enjoy! 1. Listen (Remix) – Expansion (DJ D:Fuse & Shane Howard) 2. Ascension – Aria 3. The New Solution (Intervention Remix) – Redanka 4. Lost Worlds – Voyager 5. In The Mind – Friction & Spice 6. Space Manoeuvers (Stage One B) – Quivver 7. The Other Side of the Line (General Midi Mix) – Starecase 8. Listen (Original Mix) - Expansion (DJ D:Fuse & Shane Howard) 9. Prayer (Solarstone Mix) – Sebatu 10. Eruption – Mobile Space Unit 11. Nu Jack 2k (Koma & Bones vs Proteus’ Battlecry Remix) – Cotton Club 12. You – DBJ 13. Tactile (Christian West Breakz Mix) – Hiatus 14. Energy 52 (Hybrid Mix) – Café Del Mar 15. Touched By God (The Light Remix) – Katcha

  • [CLASSIC/EPIC & HARD TRANCE] In this set, I'm going head to head with some of the biggest names in the industry. To keep the theme going for the night, I decided to go a little more hard edge than usual by using more aggressive Hard Trance tracks from my Trance library. With the help of the massive Turbosound sound system, it was the perfect recipe to get the crowd moving prior to the headliners yet to come. (The photos in the cover art were taken by JIVE magazine and are from this party) Tracklist:1. Heaven (Alfonso vs Darren James’ Forward Mix) – Magic Alec2. Pro Toss – Max & Amino3. Beat Dis (OD404 Remix) – OD4044. Acid Conspiracy – Choci, Billy “Daniel” Bunter, & The Geezer5. Whiplash – Weirdo6. Soldier of Love (UK Mix) – Galaxtic Wax7. Get Down 2000 – The Captain & Steve Thomas8. Off The Wagon – Max & Amino9. Techno Harmony – Mario Piu’10. Never Going Back (R.E.Mix) – Rapid Eye11. Phase 2 – The Sneaker12. Time To Burn (Mauro Picotto Remix) – Storm13. Liquid Lunch (Original Mix) – Filter Tip

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  • [CLASSIC/EPIC & HARD TRANCE] At the height of the rave scene in Atlanta, the race was on to find new and exciting venues. Outerlimits did just that when they scored Atlanta's Historic Georgia Freight Depot. With thirty foot ceilings, and a dance floor large enough to house a full size gazebo right in the middle of it, this venue was going to be the place for an incredible dance event. With thousands in attendance, this set proved to be a magical one where the sound and atmosphere coalesced over the next hour and a half, creating one of the most well received sets of the evening. Visit my pasteboard, or look up "DJ Eclypse - Live @ The GA Freight Depot" on youtube to see footage from the event. The cover photo is a revised version of the actual flyer from the party.Tracklist:1. Question (Auroron’s Rapture Mix) – Memnon2. Pulsar (OD404 Remix) - Mauro Picotto3. Between 2 Fires (Armin Van Buuren Rising Star Remix) - Vincent de Moor4. I'm Rushin (Tube Remix) – Pulsedriver5. Push (Ferry Corsten Remix) - Universal Nation '996. Learning To Fly (Mike Koglin Remix) - Mother's Pride7. The Moon & Stars (The Sanctuary Mix) - DJV & Prodigal 18. Iguana (R.A.F. By Picotto Mix) - Mauro Picotto9. T.W.M. (DJ Jam X & De Leon Remix) - Tin Tin Out10. Electric Blue - Mars & Mystre11. Amnezia - Edge 3412. Pro Toss - Max & Amino13. Beat Dis (OD404 Remix) - OD404

  • [CLASSIC/EPIC & HARD TRANCE] Where were you when Deepsky first visited Atlanta? This first episode is going to bring you back in time to that amazing evening put on by Outerlimits Productions Atlanta. The mix you are about to hear is a remastered version of the set that was played before Deepsky took the stage. The cover photo is a revised version of the actual flyer from the partyTracklist:1.Mission - Dawntreader 2.Greece 2000 (Lost Tribe vs Miro Vocal Remix) - Three Drives 3.Kids Go Free - Blag 4.Forever - Ron Hagen & Pascal M. 5.Tranceillusion (Taucher Remix) - VFR 6.Up In the Air - The Captain & Karim 7.Bomb-Jack - K90 8.India (Original Mix) - E-Razor 9.He Chilled Out - LTD.02 10.Solar Cycle (Arrangement One) - Third Man 11.Nightshift (XLC's Trance Mix) - Taucher vs. Talla 2XLC 12.One Earth Beat (Outdare's Dumb + Dumber Remix) - Dum Dum 13.Inside My Soul (Two Moods Mix) - Tim Locke