• Savannah Chrisley and her mom, Julie, sit down for a deep and emotional interview in which they discuss Julie’s battle with breast cancer, the importance of family in the hard times, and how their strong faith guides them through completely uncharted territory. Julie is reflective during this time of breast cancer awareness month, and Savannah shares her account of witnessing her parents’ selfless relationship during the illness and how she has learned and grown from their example. The two go on to discuss the fear of the unknown surrounding the legal battle, and Julie wrestles with the devastating possibility of being separated from her family. She also recognizes that throughout this journey her perception of being a good mom has changed, and she sheds some light on her hopes for Savannah in the future, referring to her daughter as “her hustler.” Savannah then speaks transparently about her struggles when it comes to being angry with God when things don’t go as planned, and the duality that “trauma has a way of hardening you” and “trauma has a way of breaking you.” It is clear through this episode that faith is at the heart of who the Chrisleys are, and Julie is comforted by the belief that God will not bring her to anything that He won’t bring her through. In her own words, “you don’t have a testimony without a test.”