• One of the biggest wake-up calls that came from dealing with my health crisis the past few years, was the fact that I did not have true passive income when I needed it most.
    I would have never imagined ever being in a place where I wasn’t able to physically work for more than two years. It was simply not a part of my reality.

    None-the-less, that’s exactly what happened.

    Dealing with a health crisis was hard enough. Adding financial stress on top of it made it infinitely more challenging.

    As you can imagine, I’ve sworn that I’ll never be in that place again.

    Over the past year, I’ve turned all of my focus towards the creation of truly passive income… This is money that doesn't come from a business, but from assets like dividend stocks and cash flow real estate.

    One of the people I’ve met along the way during this new journey, is our guest today, Justin Donald.

    Justin is a self-made millionaire and has turned himself into one of the smartest people I know when it comes to money and investing.

    He has also come to understand the difference between active income from a business, and lifestyle income from passive investments.

    Today he’s going to share his story with you, and how you can achieve actual financial freedom.

    He’s going to share how he got his start, what he invested in, and how he makes sure he never loses money on any of the investments he makes.

    If you want to learn more, he has a book called The Lifestyle Investor, which is excellent, and I’d highly recommend picking up a copy.


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    The Lifestyle Investor: The 10 Commandments of Cash Flow Investing for Passive Income and Financial Freedom


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  • If you’ve ever suffered from any kind of chronic illness, or if you know someone who has, this episode could change your life, or theirs…

    Our bodies are under assault on a daily basis… We’re eating dead and processed foods that are high in toxins and low in nutrients.

    We’re exposed to toxic chemicals, preservatives, pesticides, EMF radiation, and heavy metals in the air, our water, and what we eat.

    This is putting an unprecedented amount of pressure on our immune systems.

    Autoimmune diseases are skyrocketing, and as a result, there are entire niches in the food industry that are popping up with products designed for the growing number of people who can’t eat foods with wheat, dairy, or nuts because they cause an immune response in the body...

    In addition to that, it’s estimated that over 60 million people are dealing with some form of parasitic infection.

    As this toxin load increases, our immune system’s ability to handle the burden decreases, which opens the door to illnesses like Chronic fatigue, Lyme, toxic mold, and parasites. So what can you do about it?

    How can you detox your body, and strengthen your immune system?

    Well today Dr. Todd Watts, who’s the founder of Microbe Formulas is going to tell you how.

    This isn’t about a juice cleanse or the basics you’ve heard about hundreds of times before.

    Dr. Watts is going to walk you through the body’s detox pathways, how they work, and how you can give your immune system the support it needs now, and into the future.




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  • This has been one of the hardest years in history for a lot of people around the world.

    Maybe it’s been yours…

    Maybe you’ve lost your job, or your business…

    Maybe you lost your relationship or the life of a loved one…

    Maybe you’ve given in to addictions like drugs, sugar, alcohol, or Netflix in order to help you escape the pain, stress, and anxiety you’ve been dealing with on a daily basis…

    Suicide, child abuse, and domestic abuse are at all time highs right now.

    People are in pain and they don’t know what to do about it.

    Well today I get to introduce you to a friend of mine, and a force of nature with one of the most incredible stories you’ll ever hear, Garrain Jones.

    Garrain knows what pain feels like...

    He knows what it’s like to lose his father.

    He knows what it’s like to live in a car for years at a time..

    And he knows what it’s like to go to prison...

    But he also knows how to pull yourself out of any situation you’re in, no matter how bad it might seem, and create a new future that’s filled with purpose, joy, gratitude, success, and abundance.

    You see, your current situation is not who you are...

    It’s just a moment in time combined with the meaning you choose to give it.

    Whether it was when he was in prison, or broke and sleeping in his car, Garrain did not let his situation or circumstances define him as a person.

    So he decided to change his mindset, which then changed his life.

    Today he’s an 8-figure entrepreneur who’s spoken on stages around the world, and a man with an infectious zest for life that the world needs more than ever…

    If you’d like to know how he turned his life around, there are five steps, and he’s going to walk you through each of them here today…


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    The Power of Positive Thinking


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  • How many times have we all heard the saying, “Freedom isn’t free”?

    I know I’ve heard it hundreds of times throughout my life, but it’s always been reviewed through the lens of war.

    Yes, I understand that securing our country and its freedoms have required us to go to war and make the ultimate sacrifice such as WWII, but without the context of war, and without a clear enemy, what does that phrase actually mean?

    If freedom isn’t free, then what price have I been paying to keep and protect our freedom?

    And I have to say that after I really thought about it, my answer was, “nothing”.

    Outside of sharing a few posts on social media, I’ve done absolutely nothing.

    And I’ll bet the same goes for you.

    After all, what can we do? What are we supposed to do?

    Well, have you ever seen a pinata at a child’s birthday party?

    You’d blindfold the kiddo so they can’t see what’s happening, spin them around to disorient them, and then give them a stick to flail aimlessly in the air while trying to tell them which way to turn and where to swing?

    Well that my friends, is what we look like.

    The media and social media outlets have put a blindfold over our eyes so we can’t see what’s actually happening, while the media, Mark, and Jack tell us where to look, what to think, and who to blame.

    Whenever given the opportunity, politicians, (and I’m speaking to you Gavin Newsom and Phil Murphy, and Steve Adler), have done everything they can to harm Americans, instead of serving them.

    They have destroyed our cities, and Gavin wins the prize for taking out the entire State of California.

    Marxist organizations like Antifa have been allowed to roam the streets, burn houses and businesses, and murder American citizens without challenge or penalty.

    Small businesses and restaurants have been forced to close, while Walmart and Target remain open and filled with people.

    Family gatherings and Church services have been outlawed, but political marches and protests are just fine.

    When you look at how this situation has been handled over the past year, and if you’re a trusting and optimistic person, you might chalk all of this up to incompetence.

    But when you zoom out, and when you include what just took place in the Presidential Election, what’s really happening becomes incredibly clear.

    If someone is willing to set aside their personal beliefs and bias and look at what just took place on Election Night, the evidence of fraud is absolutely overwhelming.

    Every single day, you and I use encrypted, secure apps from our banks, and services like PayPal, and Venmo.

    But when it comes to voting, nope… We use machines with software developed outside the US with code developed for Hugo Chavez, we use overseas servers in Germany to count the votes, and then we have paper ballots that have been printed by the tens of millions, and that can be used by anyone without any kind of ID verification.


    Because they don’t want free and fair elections… Just the illusion of them. What they actually want is power and control.

    And this is where I draw the line.

    Without free and fair elections, America is dead.

    Our entire country and system of governance is based on voting, so if the voting system gets compromised and controlled, that’s it. The America you and I have loved is gone, and that is what’s at stake and about to happen right now on our watch.

    This is not a political statement. I did not vote for Donald Trump, or Joe Biden, and who you or I want to win is absolutely irrelevant.

    If a compromised election goes through and is allowed to stand, then there’s no turning back.

    The purpose and point of voting will be gone. Our voices will be silenced, and we will never be able to elect our representatives again.

    Do you remember whenever you’d see a Presidential Election in Russia, and Putin would magically win every single time and you’d sit there and kinda laugh at the ridiculousness of the whole spectacle?

    Well, that’s what we’re about to have here.

    This is the moment when you and I have to take off the political party hats, remove the signs from the yard, turn off the propaganda, and come together as one… Not as Republicans or Democrats, but as Americans.

    Today I’m joined by the billionaire founder of OverStock.com, Patrick Byrne.

    Patrick isn’t perfect, but he’s a patriot, and he has also come to realize that if the election system gets compromised, that’s it. Life as we know it will come to an end.

    He doesn’t care if Trump wins or Biden wins. He cares about protecting and preserving America, and he’s speaking out now because this is it... This is the moment.

    When you zoom out far enough, you’ll start to realize we are at war.

    Our political leaders have been compromised, they are being controlled, and so is our election system.

    The American people have been side-lined with irrational fear over a virus with a 99.8% survival rate.

    Our innate ability to come and stand together has been eliminated through the use of masks and social distancing.

    Our mayors have defunded the police, enabling rampant crime in the streets.

    And while we cower in our homes, the enemy has gone to work to take control of the single greatest point of leverage in the country… Our voting system.

    Russia and China know they can’t win a hot war against America, and once they control our leaders and our elections, they’ll never have to.

    They will have won.

    So what am I doing to pay the price for my freedom?

    This. I’m ending my silence and I’m speaking up and loudly and as often as I can, even if I risk losing customers, or my ability to use the platforms my business relies upon.

    I’m joining JP Sears, Brian Rose, Sean Whalen, Andy Frisella, Patrick Byrne and a growing number of others who are doing the same.

    If you want America to survive, set aside your politics, and stand up for the Constitution, stand up for your rights, and stand against the tyrants who are no longer at our doorstep, but in our homes, on our phones, and in our positions of power.

    If you want to know who the enemy is, they don’t wear military uniforms…

    But they are the ones who are telling you to live in fear, telling you to stay home, telling you what to think about the election, and telling you to close your business down.

    And as you can probably now see, we are surrounded, and they are about to put a knife into the heart of Liberty.

    If you are too afraid to speak out, then they’ve already won. You have been intimidated into obedience, which is all they needed.

    Freedom is not free.

    So what are you willing to sacrifice in order to keep yours?

    Resource DeepCapture.com The Hundred-Year Marathon: China's Secret Strategy to Replace America as the Global Superpower Music: Song: Laminar - Osiris [NCS Release] Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds Free Download/Stream: http://ncs.io/Osiris Watch: http://youtu.be/9JiIXCPfNzo
  • Today’s episode should be a huge dose of ideas and inspiration for you, whether you’re a brand new entrepreneur, or a seasoned vet…

    Geoffrey Setiawan is a young man with a passion for helping people with their relationships…

    Specifically, he helps men save their marriages and from the testimonials I’ve seen, he is very, very good at it.

    Well a few weeks ago, I saw an interview with Geoffrey where he explained that he was making up to $70,000 per month in sales of this program, without paying a dollar in paid ads.

    In fact, 100% of his business was coming from a few YouTube videos he’d been posting.

    So I looked him up on YouTube, and he had less than 5,000 subscribers, and that blew my mind...

    Here’s someone making right around $1MM per year in course sales, and generating over 100 leads per day for free, after posting a few dozen videos online.

    I thought this would be an incredibly valuable story to share with you guys, so I reached out to Geoffrey, and today he’s going to walk you through his entire process, step-by-step…


    Follow Geoffrey on YouTube


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  • Today I have the pleasure of introducing you to Mac Lackey.

    Mac has a pretty incredible history as an entrepreneur…

    In fact, he sold his first business for 8 figures by the age of 27, and since then, he’s started, scaled, and sold 5 additional software companies.

    While a lot of entrepreneurs think about the idea of selling their business for tens of millions of dollars or more as some kind of dream, Mac has turned it into a duplicatable process.

    But what’s really unique about him, is that he doesn’t sell his businesses based on your typical earning formula.

    Instead, he markets and sells his businesses to strategic buyers who are willing to pay 10-20 times more for his company than it would usually sell for.

    A great example of a strategic acquisition would be WhatsApp, which was purchased by Facebook for $19 Billion in 2014, even though Whatsapp didn’t have any revenue at the time.

    Can you imagine selling your business for $19 Billion, even though you’re not making any money yet?

    Well the rules get thrown out the window when you find a strategic buyer, and today Mac is going to teach you how to do that.

    In fact, I was so impressed by Mac and his experiences, as well as the humble leader that he is, I asked him to join my new software company as an advisor a few weeks after we recorded this interview.

    We’ll be launching in Q1 of 2021, so make sure you stay tuned for more news about that in the months to come.

    So if you’ve ever thought about selling your business at some point in the future, get ready to take some notes, and please welcome Mac, Lackey.




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  • One of the most powerful, if not the most powerful, skills in the world, is Neuro Linguistic Programming.

    I’d personally describe NLP as the use of words and phrases designed to intentionally manipulate the human subconscious.

    Your thoughts and expectations determine your physical reality, and your thoughts and expectations are largely a result of the input you receive from the world around you.

    If you are told that a person is good or bad from multiple other people or sources you trust, your brain is designed to accept that belief as true.

    This is one of the many ways your brain attempts to conserve calories and energy. If it didn’t accept the general consensus, your only other option would be to verify what you’re being told yourself, which could take days, months, or even years to do.

    It would be terribly inefficient.

    This energy-saving mechanism can essentially bypass our conscious minds, and plant thoughts and beliefs directly in our subconscious.

    The bad news is that people and companies can intentionally use NLP to literally brainwash you… To control your thoughts, beliefs, and emotions, without you even realizing what’s happening.

    We have never seen a greater display of this that we have this year during and after the election.

    The good news is that NLP is one of the most powerful tools in the world that you can use to manipulate and reprogram your thoughts, beliefs, and emotions.

    If you’ve ever wanted to change your results in life, the very first step you must take, is to think differently.

    Well today you’re going to learn how to tap into the power of NLP with Brandon and Deb Yager.

    Not only are Bandon and Deb two very good friends of mine here in Austin, but they are Master Certified NLP coaches.

    In this fascinating interview, they’re going show you how all of us are actively being manipulated by the media on a daily basis, and they’re also going to teach you how to use NLP to start creating dramatic changes in your life for the better.

    At the end of the day, your potential in life… What you can accomplish and who you can become, is determined by the subconscious beliefs and stories that each of us have.

    NLP is the key to revealing those stories, and to reprogramming them so that you can become defined by the vision of your future, instead of the stories of your past.

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  • I follow hundreds of crypto companies and experts on Twitter, and a few years ago I came across a Twitter account called @TryLolli.

    It was for a startup based in New York that was doing something pretty smart…

    They were partnering with the world’s biggest online retailers, and giving shoppers free Bitcoin back, whenever they made a purchase.

    So anytime you buy something from BestBuy, Macy’s, Foot Locker, or Sonos for example, you can get back 3-10% of your purchase back in Bitcoin.

    Lolli has started to catch on like wild-fire and it became one of the first mass-market use-cases for Bitcoin because savvy shoppers knew that the Bitcoin they were getting back, could literally end up being worth more than the full price they paid for their purchase.

    For example, if you purchased $1,000 worth of products using Lolli back in February of 2020, and got back 5% in Bitcoin, you’d have $50 in Bitcoin.

    At that time the price of Bitcoin was around $3,500. So you would have received .014 Bitcoin.

    Well today, as the price of Bitcoin hits $18,000, the value of the free Bitcoin you received would now be worth $252.

    If Bitcoin hits $100,000 in the year to come, that free $50 in Bitcoin you got from Lolli would be worth $1,400.

    Using Lolli right now to buy the things you’re already buying, could literally end up covering 100% of the cost of those items within the next 1-2 years.

    It’s brilliant, so I jumped on the phone the Founder, Alex Adelman to talk about Lolli, and how he created the business.

    He is an extremely savvy entrepreneur, and you’re going to go behind the curtain of the entire rebate industry in a way that you’ve never seen before.

    Now before we dive in, I want to let you know that I spent the past week creating a new course called The Beginner’s Guide To Investing In Crypto Assets.

    I can tell from the comments I get online that there are still a lot of you out there who would love to invest in Bitcoin or Ethereum, but you just don’t know how, and you aren’t comfortable.

    I totally get it, so I wanted to help.

    Resources: Lolli.com Follow Lolli on Twitter | Instagram | Facebook
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  • If you’ve been a part of my world for more than a year or two, you know that I’m a huge fan of Bitcoin and crypto assets for years.

    I bought my first Bitcoin in 2013 for $75, and I’ve been continuing to buy more every single year.

    Well, the next Bitcoin bull run has begun, and within the next 12 to 24 months, I predict that Bitcoin will hit $100,000 more.

    Simply put, this is your last chance to make life-changing money by investing in crypto assets.

    That’s not hype or hyperbole.

    That’s simply the timing based on real-world facts and events, and that’s exactly what we’re going to discuss today.

    In 2018, I started shouting from the rooftops that Wall Street is coming to crypto, and when they do, they’re going to bring Trillions of dollars with them.

    A few of you believed me. Many of you didn’t.

    Well, Wall Street is here.

    The rules and regulations required for institutions to buy, sell, trade, and custody crypto assets have been put in place over the past 24 months.

    You can now buy and sell Bitcoin on Square’s Cash App, and two weeks ago PayPal announced that they will be offering the same ability to their 300 million global customers.

    Last month, banks around the country were given the ability to use crypto as well.

    With the dollar being printed away through trillions in stimulus, anyone and everyone who is paying attention realize that Bitcoin is about to take its legitimate place in the global economy.

    Simply put, if you buy before they do, you win.

    To help bring you up to speed on what’s happening, I’m joined by my friend Teeka Tiwari who’s the Founder of my favorite crypto research publication.

    Teeka has a team of 20 full-time researchers who do nothing but research the crypto market to find the best assets to invest in.

    I’ve been a customer of their work since 2017, and I wouldn’t want to invest in this industry without them.

    Resources: PalmBeachBitcoin.com Music: Song: More Plastic - Let Me Go [NCS Release]
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  • Over the past few years, I’ve had the privilege of witnessing and being a part of something absolutely incredible...

    In fact, it is without a doubt, the single most impactful experience of my life…

    I’m not referring to a specific event, but rather the gathering of an ever increasing number of people I consider, real life superheroes.

    It’s as if Austin has become a source of gravity for people around the world for people who have for lack of a better term, woken up, who have overcome life’s biggest challenges, and who have turned their challenge into a super power they’re now using to change the world for the better.

    Every month, another superhero moves to town, and the pull of its gravity becomes stronger and stronger, and as a result, it pulls even more like-minded leaders here.

    Many of these people have become our best friends, and in many ways we’ve become a family, and I have to say that being a part of a family made up of real life superheroes is about as good as it gets.

    Looking at our tribe from the outside, I can say that everyone has really come together because we share the same values and aspirations...

    Everyone in this group has moved past their ego and has taken off their mask.

    Everyone has done, and continues to do, the deepest, scariest, and most challenging aspects of personal development possible.

    We see each other and accept each other as we are without judgement.

    And each of us has made it our vocation in life, to be of service to others.

    Well today I’d like to introduce you to my friend, and someone I consider to be a real world superhero, Dr. Dan Stickler.

    He and his wife Dr. Mickra Hamilton (whom you’ll be hearing from in a future interview), are the founders of the Aperion Center.

    If you were to gather the world’s smartest experts in health, wellness, and longevity, Dan and Mickra would be among the top 10.

    They are on the cutting edge of medicine today and their purpose is to help the rest of the superheroes around the world, live the longest and most productive lives possible.

    While the rest of the medical industry has become nothing more than a sales office for big pharma, Dan and Mickra’s practice utilize epigenetics, peptides, psychedelics, and cutting edge data-driven analysis of every aspect of your health, mentally, physically, and emotionally.

    In fact I’ll just put it this way…

    If Tony Stark wanted to find a doctor who could help him live forever, he’d call Dan and Mickra.

    So today you’re going to hear about some of the incredible therapies that are now available for people like you and I who want to extend our quality of life for as long as possible, but I think the most important part of this interview is at the end.

    This week, Dan and Mickra have decided to start a mastermind group for people who share the same values as the rest of our tribe here in Austin.

    If you resonate with some of the values that I shared with you earlier, and if you’d like to plug into our tribe and, then I’d highly recommend you take some time today to learn more about the group at the end of today’s interview. They’re only accepting 60 members, and the caliber of people are going to be incredible.




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  • Perry Marshall is one of the most brilliant marketing minds in the world.

    He’s been a mentor to me, and to thousands of other entrepreneurs for nearly two decades.

    I’m going to keep this intro short and sweet, because all I need to tell you is this…

    If you listen to what Perry has to share with you today, and if you implement what you’re about to learn consciously and strategically, you will radically change your life and your business for the better

    This is one of the most valuable interviews we’ve ever had on this show, which is saying a lot.

    So don’t just listen to this interview and walk away with a few ideas.

    Really listen, take notes, make a plan, and implement what you’re about to learn.




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  • When my friend Zach over at Scribe Media hit me up and asked if I’d like to interview the former CEO of Chipotle, I said heck ya, that sounds awesome.

    I’d love to talk to someone who’s helped build a business that I eat at all the time, and that’s currently valued at $38 billion dollars.

    But this interview with Monty Moran, turned out to be so much more…

    As you’re about to find out, Monty is one of the best conscious leaders in the world.

    I think we all naturally stereo-type people to some degree.

    Well Monty began his career as an attorney, but he ran and grew his law firm in a completely different way than you’d expect.

    Then he became the CEO of Chipotle, and he ran and grew the company in a completely different way that you’d expect.

    And today he is flying around American on a mission to heal the divide that’s been created in this country, in a completely different way than you’d expect.

    And he’s done all of this, but the age of 50.

    If Monty were running for President of the United States, this man would get my vote in a heartbeat, which is why I asked him what he would do in order to turn the country, and our culture around.

    I am going to remember and reference this interview for years to come, and I think you will as well.

    Please help me welcome, Monty Moran.


    Love is Free. Guac is Extra.: How Vulnerability, Empowerment, and Curiosity Built an Unstoppable Team


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  • If you own a business, you’ve probably thought about starting a mastermind group at one point or another.

    You might even have one right now.

    I’ve said for years that there are only two ways to change your circumstances in life, and that’s by acquiring new information or meeting new people.

    Well, a mastermind is without a doubt, the most valuable tool in the world to acquire both at the same time.

    Events are great, but there’s nothing like the connection you can build when you spend 2-3 days with a group of people in an intimate setting.

    The levels of trust, transparency, and connection that can be created in that kind of setting, just can’t be replicated any other way.

    And if you can get paid to host one of your own, well that’s about as good as it gets.

    But with that being said, starting and running a successful mastermind that’s built to stand the test of time isn’t easy.

    I’ve been a part of a few myself, and today I get to introduce you to the Co-Founder of my favorite one… Hollis Carter from Baby Bath Water.

    If you have a successful business, I think you should consider starting a mastermind for your colleagues, and if you do, this an incredibly rare chance to get a behind the curtain look at one of the most dynamic and valuable groups in the world, and how it was built.

    As you’re about to find out, Baby Bath Water is unlike anything else you’ve ever heard of, from the way they vet their potential members, to the amount of time, money, and effort they put into turning all of their events into an unforgettable experience.


    Follow Hollis on Instagram | Facebook


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  • If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably wondered what in the world it must be like to own a prepping business in 2020.

    Good lord, talk about an industry that’s just crushing it right now…

    Well today, you’re going to hear a friend of mine who just happens to own one of the largest prepping companies in the world.

    His name is Byron Walker, and he is the Founder of SurvivalFrog.com.

    Yes, business is crushing it right now, but he almost didn’t make it.

    Just two years ago, Survival Frog was actually on its deathbed Byron was having to manage the company from month to month, despite the fact that they were making millions a year in sales.

    So what in the world was going on?

    They had record-breaking revenue, and were about to go out of business…

    Every business owner, myself included, reaches a point where sales and revenue can no longer cover up bad business management.

    Thankfully, Byron realized this as well.

    That’s when he decided to personally master his company’s books and finances.

    Previously, he’d relied on his accounting team and a CFO to handle that responsibility, which is what you’d expect to see in every company.

    But something was wrong. Something was broken, and no one could future it out, so he did.

    What he discovered not only saved SurvivalFrog, but it allowed profits and growth to soar.

    Today he’s going to teach you how he did it, and yes, we’re definitely going to spend some time talking about the crazy roller coaster ride it’s been, owning a prepping company during the wildest year in our lifetime.


    Connect with Byron on LinkedIn
    Listen to The Turnaround Podcast


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  • I know many of my listeners and readers are interested and invested in Bitcoin and the larger crypto industry, so I wanted to take an opportunity to talk about the industry in general, and the changes we’ve seen take place recently.

    If you have been paying attention to the industry, you’ll know that Bitcoin transitioned into a bull market this year in July for the first time since the market peaked back in December of 2017.

    Every long-term metric that matters, from adoption, to hash rate, to the number of users, and even the financial infrastructure and laws that have been put in place, are all pointing to massive growth potential in the industry.

    The SEC and CFTC are officially on board, Wall Street is on board, banks were given the green light to hold crypto assets last week, and the Federal Reserve is printing trillions of dollars in stimulus.

    This is creating a perfect storm for the price of Bitcoin in the years to come.

    To help me bring you up to speed on the industry today and these changes, I’m joined by Kyle Samani, who’s a managing partner at Multicoin.Capital.

    Multicoin is a crypto investment firm based here in Austin Texas, with offices in New York and Beijing.

    They currently manage a venture fund and a hedge fund for their clients with a sole focus on crypto assets and related companies.

    Now to clarify my headline, I have no idea how much crypto Kyle personally owns, but Multicoin.Capital has raised over $100,000,000 to invest in the industry from various clients that include Andressen Horowitz, and the Co-Founder of PayPal, David Sacks.

    They are extremely knowledgeable when it comes to this market. I find Kyle’s insights incredibly valuable, and I think you will as well.

    In full disclosure, I do not have any kind of official relationship with Multicoin.Capital, and I have not invested in their fund.

    With that being said, please help me welcome Kyle Samani.


    Follow Kyle on Twitter


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  • You’re about to meet one of the most inspiring and driven people on the planet.

    Her name is Bethany Hamilton, and I discovered Bethany during family movie night last year when the kids wanted to watch a movie called, Unstoppable.

    At the age of 13, Bethany was one of the top female professional surfers in the world.

    Back in 2003 on Halloween morning, Bethany went for a morning surf session with her best friend Alana like they always did.

    But this time was different. As you can imagine, there are only two things a strong surfer might fear… Shallow coral reefs, and sharks.

    Well that morning, fate stepped in as a 14 foot tiger shark attacked Bethany, severing her left arm in the process.

    She obviously survived, but now she had a choice to make…

    As Tony Robbins likes to say, you can let things happen to you in life, or you can let them happen for you.

    Thankfully, Bethany chose to accept, to adapt, and to fight for what she wanted as she always had.

    One year later, she took home first place at her next professional event and by doing so, she became a role model to millions around the world.

    She has shared her story on Oprah, Ellen, and the Tonight show, and today she’s generously offered her time to share it with you.

    And I’d highly recommend that you gather the family together and watch her incredibly inspiring move, Unstoppable, on Netflix, iTunes, and Amazon.

    With all of the negativity surrounding us today online and offline, this is one movie that will make an unforgettable impact on you and your kids.

    Today, Bethany is a wife and mother of two, and she and her husband have dedicated their lives to mentoring and inspiring as many people as they can through an awesome online program you can learn more about at BethanyHamilton.com.

    Now on a personal note, I wanted to share some thoughts about this interview that I think about often...

    Bethany has reached a point in her life where she doesn’t want to talk about the shark attack any more, and that was the case during this interview as well.

    On one hand, I completely understand where she’s coming from. That event took place 17 years ago, and it has to be incredibly difficult to have a moment in time, define the rest of your life.

    You’re going to reach a point when it’s time to move on.

    There are chapters in my life that are over and that I don’t want to discuss either.

    But at the same time, I’m torn because this part of her life’s story is the catalyst for everything good that’s taken place since then.

    It’s given her the opportunity to make a positive impact on millions of young adults and athletes and around the world, and this part of her story is the reason why she’s been on Oprah, and Ellen, and all of the biggest platforms in the world.

    This is obviously an incredibly personal decision that is largely driven by your personal priorities in life.

    But if you want to build a business, that process starts with getting attention, and I think it’s a mistake to throw away the story that’s literally grabbed the attention of the world for nearly two decades.

    Either way, Bethany is a rock star in life and one of the rare role models in the world today who you can safely point your children towards.

    So watch Unstoppable tonight, and please help me welcome Bethany Hamilton.


    Follow Bethany on Facebook | Instagram | Twitter
    Watch Unstoppable


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  • Most online entrepreneurs rely on traffic agencies to run and manage their ad campaigns, and those ad campaigns are typically responsible for 90% of a company’s revenue.

    Hiring a great agency isn’t cheap…

    In fact, it can cost up to $10,000 or more per month, per marketing channel.

    So if you want someone to manage your marketing campaigns on Facebook and YouTube, that’s $20,000 per month before you’ve even spent $1.00 on the ads themselves.

    Well what if I told you there was a company that would do all of your marketing for free, and they’d only take a portion of every sale they made just like a standard affiliate?

    But they’re not an affiliate who might make a few sales per day or per month…

    They’re some of the best marketers in the world, and they can literally generate millions in sales for your product on a monthly basis.

    Well that company exists…

    It’s called GiddyUp.io, and today I’m going to introduce you to the Co-Founder, Eric Schechter.

    GiddyUp manages your entire marketing campaign… From creative, to analytics, and media buying, and they only get paid when they sell your product or service.

    This is called performance-based marketing, and it’s quickly gaining steam in our industry.

    This is a massive opportunity for product owners, and for ambitious marketers who have an interest in starting their own agency.

    If you’d like to hear how it all works behind the scenes, please welcome Eric Schechter.


    Connect with Eric on LinkedIn


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  • I’m going to give you the names a few very successful companies real quick because all of them have one single thing in common…

    AT&T, Baskin Robbins, Boeing, Coldwell Banker, Fed Ex, Microsoft, New York Life, Shell Oil, Century 21, Chevron, IBM, HBO, Toyota, GE, Levis, Kawasaki, Lockheed Martin, Merrill Lynch, Holiday Inn, Planet Fitness, and Tony Robbins…

    So what do these massive companies have in common?

    They’re all clients who’ve hired our guest today, Jay Abraham for consulting.

    If you’ve spent any time at all in the marketing industry, you know that Jay is the most well-known, and most successful marketing consultant in the world today.

    I’ve followed Jay’s career for more than a decade, and I’ve always wondered how he built his consulting practice.

    Well this week I finally had the incredible opportunity to interview Jay, and ask him those questions directly.

    As you’re about to find out, Jay is literally a genius. His vocabulary alone blew me away, and you quickly realize that he’s forgotten more about business, than you or I have ever known.

    He was also gracious enough to dive into his personal life when it comes to his relationships, his children, and his finances, which makes this an incredibly special interview.


    Ultimate Entrepreneur Podcast


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  • In our previous episode, I interviewed my friend Aaron Parkinson who owns 7-Mile Media, which is a very successful online marketing agency.

    During that interview, he mentioned that they helped one of their clients go from $0, to more than $2 million per month in revenue in less than 2 years.

    Well today, our guest is the founder of that company.

    His name is Jeff Lerner, and as you’re about to hear, Jeff has an incredible rags to riches story.

    But what you should really be excited about, is the fact that he’s going to walk you through their entire marketing strategy and business model that’s producing $2 million in sales per month right now.

    We’ve talked about this strategy before, but Jeff is one of the few people who actually put it into action, and the results speak for themselves.

    This exact same opportunity is available to you, right now, in whatever industry you’re in, if you’ll simply take action.

    So what is the strategy and how do you get started?

    Please help me welcome Jeff, Lerner.




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  • There are a lot of new people who are coming into the online business space right now and they’re in the process of figuring out the puzzle just like we’ve all had to do at one point or another.

    Well today I wanted to help shorten that learning curve for everyone along with the help of one of my oldest friends and colleagues, Aaron Parkinson.

    Believe it or not, Aaron and I have both been marketing online, longer than Google as existed.

    We’ve seen every trend, every change, and every evolution, including the one taking place today.

    So if you’re building a business online right now, what’s working?

    Well that’s exactly what we’re going to share with you today.

    Over the past two years, Aaron has built the fastest growing marketing agency in the industry, 7 Mile Media.

    Today, he and his team manage over 40 clients.

    They are a Preferred Marketing Partner with Facebook, and they spend more than $25 million dollars per year on advertising for their clients on Facebook, Instagram, Google, and YouTube.

    They build funnels, manage split-testing, provide consulting, and run ad campaigns for e-commerce and digital information businesses.

    And they’re extremely good at it…

    Their average return on ad spend for their e-commerce clients is 290%, and their average return for digital product businesses is 520%.

    In other words, they know exactly what’s working right now, and today Aaron’s going to bring you up to speed…


    Follow Aaron on Facebook | LinkedIn | Twitter


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