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    Mark Levengood 2011

    · Sommar & Vinter i P1

    Programledare och författare Mark Levengood berättar i sitt femte Sommarprogram om sitt händelserika liv. Han börjar om en sommar som han kallar "inte var så god". Året är och det är då Mark Levengood kommer till världen, på en militärbas i North Carolina, USA och om sin far som är amerikansk marinsoldat och som i sin ungdom arbetade för John F. Kennidy Och så berättar han om när han tog miste på sig själv och statsminister Fredrik Reinfeldt som han för ett ögonblick trodde var han själv då han såg ett fotografi av ministern. - Och jag blev så glad och så stolt. Jag ser nästan ut som en statsminister, då har man nog mycket att säga. – Åren går, och jag lär mig mycket lite. Men, jag tror på ödmjukhet.  Man får ha ett öppet sinne och inte fördöma i onödan. För det är som det står i Bibeln: "Har du inga trosor ska du inte stå på huvudet, säger Mark Levengood  Om Mark Levengood Folkkär programledare som bland annat lett Melodifestivalen, Det Kungliga bröllopet och Vi i femman i SVT. Fick sitt genombrott 1991 med tv-programmet Mark och hans värld som också blivit en föreställning som Mark Levengood turnerat med i Sverige. Debuterade som författare 2002 med Gamla tanter lägger inte ägg tillsammans med Unni Lindell och har sedan dess givit ut ytterligare fyra böcker. Var biträdande chef på SVT Drama några år under 1990-talet och utsågs till UNICEF-ambassadör 2008. Uppfattar egentligen fortfarande sig själv som ett vårdbiträde på rymmen. Mark Levengood har varit Sommarvärd 1993, 1996, 1999 och 2007 Producenter: Monika Sandberg & Henrik Johnsson

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    112 Mark Sisson: Primal Living In The Modern World

    · Wellness Force Radio | Discovering Physical & Emotional Intelligence To Live Life Well

    Rediscover Your Intuition Through Primal Living:  Is our modern environment taking a too large of a toll on our physical, emotional, and mental health? Has the digital age led us to lose our primal intuition? JOIN THE FACEBOOK GROUP | REVIEW THIS PODCAST Are we relying on technology too much to the point that we need data to tell us whether or not we've slept well, exercised enough, or become relaxed? From a young age, health and fitness expert, author, and founder of  both Primal Blueprint and Primal Kitchen, Mark Sisson of Mark's Daily Apple, has spent his life actively seeking information to help people live a long, healthy life. Today on Wellness Force Radio, he's sharing what it means to follow a primal life, an insight look into his upcoming book, Go Keto, and how to follow the Ten Guidelines of the Primal Blueprint Ethos. Just because there's an app for anything and everything, it doesn't mean that we have to solely rely on technology to help us improve our mind, body, and emotional wellness. After all, our primal ancestors never had to rely on an app to help them survive so why should we? As humans, it's in our nature to know, intuitively, exactly what we need. Whether it be nutrition, fitness, or sleep, our intuition knows what's best for us. Paleo f(x) In our modern and tech-focused society, this episode could not come at a better time. If you're like me, you've been using technology more and more every day for your wellness, health and fitness, and also online through social media to connect with people. But in this world of online likes, shares, and facebook friends as well as conscious health tracking through wearables, a bigger question arises: have we lost touch with our most primal selves, the part of us that intuitively knows exactly how to form real, face to face personal connections, and in our ways of eating, moving, and sleeping for a life of wellness? Today on the podcast, we're answering these questions and learning about how to create and sustain a primal lifestyle in this modern world from health and fitness expert, Mark Sisson. Get ready for an in-depth and thought-provoking conversation with one of the most popular and profound influencers in our wellness world where we dive into topics like carbohydrate intake, fat adaptation, gene signaling and epigenetics, as well as Mark's personal ethos and story about how he overcame his own health issues to found Mark's Daily Apple, Primal Blueprint, and Primal Kitchen. If you'll be at Paleo f(x) this week, let me know, I'd love to meet you in person this weekend in Austin! If you can't make it to the conference, no worries! Our friends at Paleo f(x)™ are offering a free Livestream where you can learn from world-class speakers like Mark Sisson, Robb Wolf, Dave Asprey and many more to empower yourself to be vibrantly healthy. Just tap your show artwork and sign up for the free Livestream now. Primal Kitchen $200 Giveaway! Enter to win a $200 Giveaway from Primal Kitchen by following both @wellnessforce and @primalkitchenfoods on Instagram and comment or tag a friend. Winners will be chosen at random and tagged on Instagram on June 30th!   Get 10% Off on Your Next Primal Kitchen Order Get 10% off on any Primal Kitchen products by using the code WELLNESSFORCE on your next order. Listen to Episode 112 as Mark Uncovers: Mark's journey and mission to live a healthy life from an early age. Why Mark began to eat a high-complex carbohydrate diet based on the books he was reading around the late 1960s, early 1970s and how that negatively affected his body. How our own, personal intuition can help us create a sense of where our health needs to be at. What skills we can use to help us curb our triggers to not over-eat when there is an abundance of food, but we're not even that hungry. How we know whether or not we're following the primal living path. The benefit of primal living and listening to our intuition compared to the guilt we can feel from app data results. Mark's Ten Guidelines of the Primal Blueprint Ethos: Eat lots of animals, insects and plants Move around a lot at a slow pace Lift heavy objects Sprint once in a while Get plenty of sleep Play often Get plenty of sunlight Avoid trauma and silly mistakes Avoid poisonous things like added sugar Use your brain How scientists are using research about our ancestral genes to look at how different genes are affected by variables. Why our modern environment is taking a toll on our bodies without us even realizing it. What are epigentic studies and which variables can turn on the bad genetics in our bodies? Why 'good' and 'bad' genes are a myth. How inflammation can actually be a good thing for our bodies sometimes. Great workouts to do on the go when you have long working hours or are traveling. What Mark does to help him sleep better when he travels to different time zones. How Mark uses intermittent fasting to his advantage when traveling. What it's like to start following the Primal Blueprint and begin burning fat rather than sugar. Why it only takes 21 days to create a change in how you eat and burn food. What's the typical carbohydrate intake for the Ketogenic diet, weight loss, or effortless weight maintenance? How to prepare your body to follow the Ketogenic Diet and why Mark uses any resource from Dominic D'Agostino as a reference. For a beginner, how often should they be fasting per month? How Mark's upcoming book, Go Keto, will teach us how to becoming intuitive with ourselves and prepare for the Ketogenic Diet. The main differences between the Paleo and Primal ways of eating and living. What Mark has learned from his wife, Carrie, about emotional intelligence and wellness. How Primal Kitchen got its start as a new business for Mark. What's included in the famous Primal Kitchen Mayo recipe. Why coconut butter is a great go-to snack when you're feeling stressed. What Mark plans to talk about at the upcoming 2017 Paleo f(x) event. Top 3 Takeaways From The Show Wellness is not necessarily all about physical health. As Mark explains, wellness is about having a positive mindset and living in the moment. When we stop focusing on the past, we can fully feel contentment and joy. The benefits and facts around Primal, Paleo, Keto, and intermittent fasting. There is no such thing as 'bad' or 'good' genetics. Our genetics are turned on or off by different variables in order to help our bodies survive. Power Quotes From Mark Sisson [tweetthis] "Primal living allows you to develop the skills you need to get in touch with your body and  emotions." - @Mark_Sisson [/tweetthis] "I may have looked fit on the outside, but I was falling apart in the inside. There was this inflammation that was gathering and building inside my body. I had osteoarthritis in my feet, tendinitis in my hips, and even irritable bowl syndrome (IBS) which pretty much dictated my life. I began this diet to be healthy, but all of a sudden, I was at the unhealthiest point of my life. I had no idea about what was going with my body." - Mark Sisson on his personal experience with the negative impact of following high complex carbohydrate diet.  "It fascinates me that there are now 35 different wearable devices that tell you how poorly you slept last night, but there's nothing out there to really address the problem. I try to create an intuitive sense about my body's needs and I try to coach people to do the same." - Mark Sisson on the power of intuitive sense to help us understand our minds and bodies to make beneficial changes for our health.  "Primal living means that you've dialed into several different aspects of your life so that you don't have to stop and ask a device, "What do I do now?" You get to the point when you know what to do and what choices to make. Your intuitive decision making process is going to serve you in that moment and in the best way possible." - Mark Sisson on what primal living means and how our intuitive sense can help us make the best decisions about our health.  "Primal living allows you to develop the skills you need to be in touch with your body, emotions, and everything that draws us in to enjoy life." - Mark Sisson on the benefits of primal living. "I don't want to ascribe genes as being 'good' or 'bad.' Genes are just doing what they're told to do. When you develop Type 2 Diabetes, that's not because of 'bad genetics. That happens because your human genes are addressing a problem that you've created with your eating and moving habits. Your body is just trying to prevent you from dying too soon from too much sugar." - Mark Sisson on why we shouldn't categorize genes as being 'good' or 'bad.' "The Paleo and Primal diets are converging. Initially, the Paleo Diet was only a diet that looked at no dairy, alcohol, very low unsaturated fats, and was fairly restrictive. When I came up with the Primal Blueprint, I wanted to create a place where people could go and not feel excluded, but invited. So we included as many foods that made sense so we don't exclude dairy like cream, butter, artisanal cheese, and even whole milk for some people. Paleo has always been about the diet, but Primal includes the entire lifestyle." - Mark Sisson on the difference between the Primal Blueprint and Paleo Diets and lifestyles.  "Thoughts are just thoughts and they're not reality. What we worry or agonize about only exists in our minds as imagination. My wife, Carrie, keeps reminding me that when I let those thoughts dictate how I feel in the present moment, they actually take me out of the present moment." - Mark Sisson on what he's learned from his wife, Carrie, about emotional wellness and intelligence.  "Wellness is more of a state of mind than a physical presence. Wellness is this feeling of serenity and peace, but also the ability to not be caught up in feelings of worry, anger, or angst. Wellness is not about re-thinking about previous decisions or past mistakes. It's about being in the present moment and therefore being able to extract the greatest amount of contentment, joy, and fulfillment from now." - Mark Sisson on what wellness means to him.  About Mark Sisson Health and fitness expert Mark Sisson is the bestselling author of The Primal Blueprint and several other Primal Blueprint-branded books, and one of the leading voices of the burgeoning Evolutionary Health Movement. His blog,, has paved the way for Primal enthusiasts to challenge conventional wisdom's diet and exercise principles and take personal responsibility for their health and well-being. From its humble - and controversial - beginnings in 2006, Mark's Daily Apple has grown into one of the highest-ranked health information resources on the Internet, with some 3 million unique visitors each month. Mark, 62, has a BA in biology from Williams College and is a former world-class endurance athlete, with a 2:18 marathon and a fourth-place finish in the Hawaii Ironman World Triathlon Championships to his credit. Today, Mark directs his competitive energies into high-stakes Ultimate Frisbee tournaments against competitors decades younger. Besides blogging daily, Mark conducts seminars on the Primal Blueprint way of life and hosted 9 multi-day total immersion retreats called PrimalCon at locations across America and in Mexico from 2010-2014. He operates Primal Blueprint Publishing in Malibu, CA, publishing his own titles as well as work from other authors promoting ancestral health principles. Mark is married to Carrie and they have two children. Resources Mentioned by Mark & Josh Connect with Mark Sisson via: Twitter Facebook Instagram Visit the official blog for Mark's Daily Apple Read Mark's Daily Apple Blog Check out the Primal Blueprint official website Listen to the Primal Blueprint Podcast Connect with Primal Blueprint via: Facebook Pinterest YouTube Instagram Visit the official Primal Kitchen website Buy your own Primal Kitchen Mayo Connect with Primal Kitchen via: Facebook Twitter Instagram YouTube Check out the following Primal Blueprint books including: The New Primal Blueprint by Mark Sisson The Primal Blueprint 21-Day Total Body Transformation by Mark Sisson The Primal Blueprint Cookbook by Jennifer Meier and Mark Sisson Primal Blueprint Quick and Easy Meals by Jennifer Meier and Mark Sisson The Primal Kitchen Cookbook by Mark Sisson The Primal Connection by Mark Sisson Discover what's in Mark's Daily Diet Find a Primal Health Coach near you! Attend Paleo f(x) 2017 Learn more about the Ketogenic Diet from Dominic D'Agostino of KetoNutrition Try Re-Timer to help reset your circadian rhythm Discover Adelle Davis and her books on nutrition Read Aerobics by Kenneth H. Cooper Listen to both WFR episodes 012 and 088 wtih Dan Pardi: Living a Healthy Lifestyle in a Modern World How to Find the Health You're Looking For [spacer height="20px" id="2"] [tweetthis]"Thoughts are just thoughts. What we worry or agonize about only exists in our minds as imagination." - @Mark_Sisson[/tweetthis] [spacer height="20px" id="2"] Get More Wellness In Your Life Join the WFR Community on facebook Send Josh Trent a personal message Tweet me on Twitter: Send us a fun tweet (or a what's up) Comment on the Facebook page Sign up to get an email alert whenever we release a new episode Support This Podcast Leave a 5 star review on iTunes Share this episode with someone you care about Contact Wellness Force Radio for podcast sponsorship and partnership opportunities Rate & Review Wellness Force Aloha! Josh here. Listen, I deeply value your thoughts, now let your voice be heard. I live to serve the Wellness Force even better based on your words, feedback, and requests. (including how these episodes can allow you to break bad habits) Thanks To Our Amazing Sponsor Want to avoid more trips to the store and save hundreds of dollars a year on superfood supplements? Check out Perfect Go to to get your grass-fed collagen from today's show and sign up for a free membership, plus get 10% off your entire order - just enter promo code "wellnessforce" at checkout. Ask A Live Question For The Next Episode Click here to leave a voicemail directly to Josh Trent to be read live on the air.  You May Also Like These Episodes Food Freedom Forever With Melissa Hartwig Nir Eyal:Breaking Bad Habits, Technology Addiction, & Emotional Triggers Healthy, Happy & Harder To Kill w/ Steph Gaudreau of Stupid Easy Paleo Beyond Meditation: How To Get A Better Brain With Ariel Garten Living A Healthy Lifestyle In A Modern World With Dan Pardi Creating A Life Worth Living With Michael Strasner Get More Wellness In Your Life Join the Wellness Force Newsletter: Don't miss next week's show: Subscribe and stay updated Did you like this show? Rate and review Wellness Force on iTunes You read all the way to the bottom? That's what I call love! 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    Mark Levengood 2007

    · Sommar & Vinter i P1

    Programledare och författare I sitt fjärde Sommarprogram har Mark Levengood ambitionen att prata om stora och viktiga saker, men säger att han redan på förhand vet att han kommer att misslyckas. Min ambition är att göra ett Sommarprogram som handlar om stora och viktiga saker, ett program som helt undviker "name dropping" och slipprigt skvaller om kända människor. Det är alltså ambitionen. Men jag vet nu redan att jag kommer att misslyckas. Om Mark Levengood Folkkär programledare för bland annat SVT:s Melodifestivalen och Vi i Femman. Hörs också som kåsör i Sveriges Radios God morgon, världen. Var biträdande programchef på SVT 1995-1999. Är också föreläsare och författare, och utbildad radioproducent på Dramatiska Institutet. Skrev 2006 boken Sucka mitt hjärta, men brist dock ej. Mark Levengood har varit Sommarvärd 1993, 1996, 1999, 2007 och 2011. Producent: Jonas Andersson

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    Mark Levengood 1999

    · Sommar & Vinter i P1

    Folkkär journalist och programledare. Om Mark Levengood Uppvuxen i Helsingfors i Finland men sedan 1980-talet verksam i Sverige. Utbildad radioproducent vid Dramatiska institutet i Stockholm. Har synts och hörts som programledare och underhållare på Sveriges Radio och Sveriges Television. Sitt publika genombrott fick han i SVTs Mark och hans vänner 1992, Ah! sa Mark! 1994. Mellan 1995-99 fungerade han som biträdande programchef på SVT. Mark Levengood har varit Sommarvärd 1993, 1996, 1999, 2007 och 2011.

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    Mark Manson: Embracing The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck

    · The Bold Life Movement with Kimberly Rich

    Today’s guest, Mark Manson, is a bestselling author, blogger, and internet entrepreneur who writes about “personal development that doesn’t suck.” He recently published his second book, The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck: A Counterintuitive Approach to Living a Good Life, and he regularly writes articles on a blog with over two million monthly readers. “The first book was actually extremely easy … this one was a total bitch.” When Mark started writing his first book, Models: Attract Women Through Honesty, he had already been blogging about relationships for years. It was just a matter of sitting down and getting it all out. When he started writing his second book the pages didn’t pour out of him. He started and threw away two drafts. “When you talk about failures in past-tense it never really feels like a failure, because everybody knows you turned out alright.” When Mark started his third attempt at a second book, he only had a vague idea of the concepts he wanted to cover and he didn’t have an overall vision or theme. Mark thought he was going to self-publish his second book, but he started losing confidence. It took months and months of writing – tens of thousands of words – just to get to the point where Mark had nailed down the theme he wanted to work with. “I realized that maybe I need some help with this.” Mark hit a turning point with his book when he published an article, also titled The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck, that received over seven million page views. He signed on with book publisher HarperOne and they helped him pick the title and focus his writing. They told him some of what he wrote was good and some of it sucked. “It hurt to hear that, but it’s what I needed to hear.” Mark writes about self-improvement and advice, but he does it in a very contrarian manner. For example, Mark touches on the subject of affirmation in the book, which is a popular autosuggestion technique intended to guide one’s own thoughts, feelings and behavior. He sees benefits to the technique, but he believes the benefits are blown out of proportion. His philosophy doesn’t prescribe specific techniques, because different processes work for different people. His self-help philosophy is to provide principles that can be applied to anyone’s life, in nearly any situation. “The book is principle-driven, it’s about discovering new ways of looking at things in life. The way to implement that into your life isn’t doing specific things, it’s simply applying these principles to things you’re already doing.” It was awesome talking to Mark and exploring his unique perspective on the self-improvement and advice industry. He’s hilarious and insightful, and you owe it to yourself to check out some of his writing if you haven’t already. Mark’s new book The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck is available now – even in the Barnes & Noble on 5th Avenue!   SOME QUESTIONS I ASK: What are some challenges you face when writing a book (compared to other forms of writing)? Did Mark approach a book agent once he had figured out the theme for his book, or did they come to him? Mark’s book is in the self-improvement / advice category, but it’s very contrarian. Who does he look up to in that space? What are Mark’s thoughts on autosuggestion and the science behind things like affirmations? When did Mark first consider himself a writer? In the book Mark writes about picking your problems. What are some of the problems and some of the pains that Mark has actively chosen to come with being a NYTimes bestseller? SOME OF YOUR QUESTIONS: Dan Morris - Does Mark have any tips for embedding some of these habits or values into your life? How can he make them actionable so he doesn’t forget? What is one of the biggest decisions that Mark’s made that he was really uncertain of the outcome? IN THIS EPISODE, YOU WILL LEARN: Why Mark ran into more challenges writing his second book than he did writing his first book Why Mark is a contrarian in the self-help and advice industry Why Mark implemented a subscription service on his website How to take the principles in The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck and apply them to your own life Plus much more… DON’T STOP HERE… Guest Links & Resources: Website | Facebook | Twitter ADDITIONAL RESOURCES: The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck by Mark Manson Models: Attract Women Through Honesty by Mark Manson 3 Important Life Skills That Nobody Ever Taught You by Mark Manson Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert   Production & Development for The Bold Life Movement Podcast by Podcast Masters

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    Avsnitt 24 - Mark Levengood

    · Dagens människa

    I 24:e avsnittet av Dagens männi­ska möter vi programledaren och författaren Mark Levengood för ett samtal om gudstron, kändisskapet och konsten att vänta på ett bönesvar.

  • Ulf Elfving möter Mark Levengood

    · Elfving möter

    Världens mest sönderkramade finlandssvensk, Mark Levengood är trött på att bara vara snäll. ”Folk jämför mig med Mumintrollet, en tecknad seriefigur! Jag är ju en vandrande pelare av sex appeal”, säger han till Ulf Elfving på söndag och berättar också om hur elak han kan vara. Mark Levengood är författare, journalist och programledare. Han är gift med komikern och författaren Jonas Gardell, tillsammans har de två barn.

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    A Message to Millennials with Mark Howley

    · WTF Am I Doing With My Life? with Kristy Arnett

    While recording today’s interview, I realized that this episode has the perfect message for millennials. So many of you are wondering what to do with your life and your career. Most of you want to find a purpose and make a difference. My guest today is a very successful man who has the perfect message for today’s episode. Mark Howley is the CEO of Pacific Bag Inc. which is an award winning 30 million dollar packaging company with more than 5000 clients. Mark has also launched an encore career as a professional speaker, and he really loves inspiring young people. His message is especially applicable if you are in a job that isn’t quite right for you. Mark specializes in finding the silver lining in your job and using it to find a career that is fulfilling. He speaks from experience because he has had some difficult times in his past, yet he decided to take the high road and use his experience to grow and help others. Mark not only created a successful business and a successful family, but he found purpose by leading young people through sharing his message. In this episode, Mark shares his story and message with us. You can find Mark here: MVH SpeakingMVH Speaking on FacebookPacific BagPacific Bag on FacebookPacific Bag on Twitter @pacificbag   Show Notes [04:00] Mark shares his story from when he was young and life was fun. He was partying too much. He had a craving to chase something. [05:54] Mark's mother was diagnosed with cancer, and Mark was drinking and doing drugs. He knew he had to stop. Everything seemed glum and he was taking one bad turn after another. [07:55] He went to rehab and it felt humiliating and his friends didn't support it.   [13:15] How Mark realized that his negative thoughts weren't serving him. [14:58] He was able to shift his mindset to work hard and make things better. He knew being the best he could be would make him feel better about himself.  [17:04] Mark found outside sources such as books and exercise to keep him focused and engaged with what he was doing. [14:58] He was able to shift his mindset to work hard and make things better. He knew being the best he could be would make him feel better about himself. [17:04] Mark found outside sources such as books and exercise to keep him focused and engaged with what he was doing. [19:51] Mark became curious and finding out the details of his bag business became interesting. He decided to accept where he was and do the best he could. [21:42] How at a point Mark became ready to grow and further himself in the industry he was in. [25:48] How Mark's top-earning sales representative started as a personal assistant gopher type position for Mark 14 years ago. [27:12] Standing out by having a willingness to learn. Hiring is more about values and character than experience. [28:07] Mark shares the importance of work ethic and taking pride in things we complete. It's not bad to say, "I don't know". [30:06] How Mark doesn't think that the millennials are any different than any generation. [33:54] How millennials want to make a difference and are more open about reaching out for help if needed. [36:11] How it is an honor for Mark to focus on his family. [36:42] How Mark quit his job and started working for Pacific Bag and finally became where he is now.   [37:56] Mark's success wouldn't have happened if he hadn't learned all of his previous lessons. When something good happens, you need to be ready. [39:15] Focusing on the beauty of things and learning and doing while finding your true path. [40:27] Be humble and your day will come.   Links and Resources: Mark Howley on Onward NationMVH SpeakingMVH Speaking on FacebookPacific BagPacific Bag on FacebookPacific Bag on Twitter @pacificbag  

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    Recognizing a Different Way of Doing Business, with Lucy Findlay, Social Enterprise Mark

    · Social Entrepreneur: Conscious Companies | Benefit Corporations | Impact Investing

    Social Enterprise Mark provides accreditation for businesses that enhance the greater good. Accreditation exists everywhere from higher education to medicine. So why should entrepreneurs be any different? Lucy Findlay, managing director at the Social Enterprise Mark Company, helps socially-focused businesses receive accreditation for the work — and the good — that they do.   “We recognize the type of business that is putting the money it makes back into society and the environment rather than using it for shareholder gain,” Findlay said. “Our mark helps them to prove that.” Earning a Social Enterprise Mark The Social Enterprise Mark is modeled after the Fair Trade Organization, Findlay said. The accreditation process begins by submitting an application on the Social Enterprise Mark website along with relevant governance and financial documents.   Applications are professionally assessed and any questions that arise are sent to an independent certification panel. Most businesses that apply receive a mark because those who do not qualify are taken out of the running through conversations with Social Enterprise Mark staff. Once approved, each business is re-evaluated annually.   Over the years, the company has developed what Findlay calls its own “case law” about questions that arise related to social enterprise. Marks are only given to true social enterprise organization, not solo entrepreneurs or companies run by one person.   In addition, the business must have a stated social or environmental objective. It must also generate revenue from trading or selling goods and services, which is what Findlay said separates a social enterprise from a nonprofit or NGO. Findlay’s Journey to Social Enterprise Findlay took an unusual path to arrive at Social Enterprise Mark. Her background is in geography and she initially worked in the field of land use and town planning.   “I soon got very fed up with that because it was all about land use and buildings rather than people,” Findlay said.   That frustration led her to do research on regeneration in urban and rural areas and the people who make it happen. As part of that work, she came across a woman who set up a business based on a town revitalization grant in a rural mining area in Wales. She used government redevelopment funds to buy properties that generated income to further fuel the regeneration — all in the mid-1990s.   Her story inspired Findlay to dig deeper into the area of rural regeneration and how it can be sustained after an initial grant or government funding source runs out.   “She had ensured that regeneration for that community was there in perpetuity and that’s what really inspired me,” Findlay said. “People were talking about the woman who had set up this trust and I thought, ‘What a great model.’”   Around the same time, Tony Blair’s Labor Party had just come into power in England and social enterprise came to the forefront as a business solution. Findlay realized the niche that needed to be filled in helping these businesses promote themselves and the Social Enterprise Mark business was born.   Findlay’s research background also gives her a unique perspective on the history of social enterprise, which she says dates back to the cooperative movement in the 1800s, when it was common for communities to own a stake in their local businesses. That model still exists around the world today. Growing and Expanding The Social Enterprise Mark is available to companies around the world, and Findlay said businesses from Spain to Dubai have already received certification. The company has also worked with China and Russia to set up their own versions of the certification process.   For businesses looking to take things to the next level, the company offers something called the Gold Mark. It moves beyond an online application process and includes an examination of ethics, social value, and stakeholder engagement in the business. This information is gathered through interviews and surveys conducted by Social Enterprise Mark staff.   Findlay sees this as an area for growth moving forward. The company recently launched a pilot for the Gold Mark certification program internationally.   “We’re interested in piloting our Gold Mark outside the UK because that’s something no one else is providing at the moment,” Findlay said. “It’s an onsite assessment we carry out and includes an action plan to help improve areas where there’s not such a high score to be even better.”   The Social Enterprise Mark exists alongside B Corp certification. Any type of business can apply for B Corp certification, but only those that focus on benefitting social or environmental good and direct profits in that direction can earn the Social Enterprise Mark. The Takeaway Findlay has worked with a lot of businesses over the years and has seen people who have great ideas and motivation but not a business model to support it. She now applies that philosophy to her own work as a social entrepreneur.   “You have to be sure that the business has a market and that you’re addressing a need from a customer perspective,” she said. “You might have a great idea but is there a market for that product and is it going to generate enough money to create a business?” Social Entrepreneurship Quotes from Lucy Findlay “The profit from the business must go back into the social or environmental objective.” @LucyFindlay @SE_Mark   “I applied the principles I’d learned about social enterprise and we generated quite a bit of money.” @LucyFindlay @SE_Mark   “I’ve learned so much along the way and am now running my own social enterprise so what goes around comes around.” @LucyFindlay @SE_Mark   “The social Enterprise movement really began in the 1800s with the cooperative movement.” @LucyFindlay @SE_Mark   “This is a movement that has spread around the world.” @LucyFindlay @SE_Mark   “Businesses that weren’t behaving so ethically before are now being challenged.” @LucyFindlay @SE_Mark   “If they can’t make a business out of it and it can’t make money then it can’t be a social enterprise.” @LucyFindlay @SE_Mark Social Entrepreneurship Resources Social Enterprise Mark website: Social Enterprise Mark Twitter: Social Enterprise Mark Facebook: Social Enterprise Mark LinkedIn: Social Enterprise Mark YouTube: Social Enterprise Mark Google+: Book: Crazy Good Advice: 10 Lessons Learned from 150 Leading Social Entrepreneurs:  

  • 【文稿】教你用英文聊星座

    · Round Table 圆桌议事

    Xiaohua: Hello and welcome to Round Table’s Word of the Week. This week, we are talking about one of my favorite topics, astrology, 星座!Mark: Oh, you are interested in astrology, are you?Xiaohua: Yeah!Mark: Not to be confused with astronomy, although of course they are linked, because astrology seeks to determine human characteristics from analysis of star patterns or constellations.Xiaohua:其实在早期的时候,英语里面的astrology和astronomy的意思都是一样的。Do you know that astrology actually used to mean astronomy? It’s only later that they got to mean different things.Mark: I didn’t know that. But we just explained that there is obviously a link between the constellations.Xiaohua: So let’s go through these twelve horoscopes, shall we?Mark: Yep, let’s go through them. There are twelve of them. So there is Capricorn, that’s the goat.Xiaohua: Capricorn是摩羯座。Mark: This comes from the Latin, Capricornus, which means "horned like a goat."Xiaohua: 带角的山羊就是Capricorn的意思。Mark: Then we have the Aquarius, the water carrier, again from the latin meaning "water carrier." Quite straightforward.Xiaohua: 水瓶座拉丁文里面的意思就是水瓶。Mark: Then there is the Pisces the fish. Actually, it’s from the Latin for "fish" .Xiaohua: Pisces , 双鱼座,在拉丁文里面是”鱼”的复数形式。Mark: We have Aries the "ram", another horned animal.Xiaohua: 白羊座是Aries。Mark: Taurus is the "bull".Xiaohua: Taurus金牛座。Mark: And then Gemini the "twins" Xiaohua: 双子座是一对孪生子。Mark: After that is Cancer, the "crab".Xiaohua: Cancer是巨蟹座的意思,因为Cancer在拉丁语里面就是螃蟹。Mark: And then Leo, the "lion".Xiaohua: Leo,狮子座。Mark: Then there is Virgo, "the virgin".Xiaohua: Virgo,处女座。Mark: And Libra. Libra is interesting, it’s the scales. And this comes from the Latin libra, meaning "pound” or “balance".Xiaohua: Libra在拉丁语里面就是”平衡”和”称”的意思,所以它是天秤座的名称。Mark: That’s quite interesting, ‘cause lb, which is short-form of libra, is still used in some countries like the United States and Great Britain, for the weight measurement of pounds, lb. Then there is Scropio, the "scorpion".Xiaohua: 天蝎座。Mark: Finally Sagittarius, which is the "archer."Xiaohua: Sagittarius是拉丁语里的"archer"“射手”的意思。Mark: Now my question is, which one are you, Xiaohua?Xiaohua: Ok, I am a Cancer. And I used to hate this word so much because it also means “malignant tumor”! I always thought “why is it that they have to be the same?”Mark: Well, that’s right. Originally it meant the crab, and later it gained this medical reasoning. I must agree with you. I am quite pleased not to be Cancer as the stars, ‘cause people just don’t like that word these days of course for obvious reasons.Xiaohua: But I have say cancer people are very popular, because people love them.Mark: That’s right. Cancer people are supposed to be complicated and home-loving. And people with the sign love to be in familiar surroundings and nurture relationships. Is that true of you?Xiaohua: Very true, I’m a very typical Cancer. 巨蟹座据说是比较爱家,非常喜欢在熟悉的环境中培养人际关系。That’s who we are. But then Mark, what is your sign?Mark: My star sign is Pisces. And Pisces is the fish. It’s usually depicted as one fish swimming one way and the other fish the other way. In other words, sometimes we can get a little bit scatterbrained, a little bit emotional, and very creative and imaginative people. And I think I do fit the characteristics of a typical Pisces.Xiaohua: I see. 所以双鱼座非常浪漫、非常喜欢想象,有时候有点小分裂的特性,是马克的特质。I agree with that. I always see you with this dreamy look, as if you mind is wandering somewhere else. Mark: I think it’s important to have a good imagination, which is something that Pisces are blessed with. One of the other stars that I must mention…because I must say I don’t believe in any of this, except with one star sign which is Virgo. It does seem that there seems to be some truth. Now I speak as somebody who grew up in a family of Virgos, all of them! These people, the Virgo people, have the characteristics of being very neat and tidy, obsessed with time keeping and punctuality and so forth, and quite picky about their food. Can you imagine someone like me, a Pisces, with my sort of free-spirited ways and never wearing a watch even when people used to wear watches, living with a family of Virgos?Xiaohua: 好吧,像马克这样浪漫又不守时的双鱼座住在一个全部是处女座的家庭里的确是有点奇怪。But although Virgo people like to keep time and are incredibly neat, they are a little bit introverted and shy as well, right?Mark: Yes. But I think it’s true if you went around an office or something like that, and you saw a particularly neat desk, there is a one-in-twelve chance that person is a Virgo!Xiaohua: Hahhah..that’s true. Unfortunately we don’t have all the time to go through the problems of each and every astrological sign.Mark: No. And if there is one thing that astrology proves, it’s that there is one born every minute.Xiaohua: Yes.

  • 00:40:29

    Schack och mat för vildsvinet, och kan Levengood lyfta kyrkovalet

    · Nordegren & Epstein i P1

    Dessutom: Är grillspett bästa vapnet mot mördarsniglar? Och hur kan man tolka Bildts tweets om eventuellt partiledarskap? Det finns ungefär 300 000 vildsvin i Sverige, de bökar runt och ibland jagar de människor. Skulle man inte kunna göra vildsvinet till en vardagsrätt i Sverige - så att denna stora resurs kom till användning istället för att bara vara en plåga? Vi pratar med Torsten Mörner på Viltmatakademien och Niklas Kälvegård på Ica. Finns det potential för vildsvinet, och vad hindrar annars? Ikväll är det säsongsstart på programmet om präster som söker någon att gosa med. Tro, hopp och kärlek drar igång med Mark Levengood som hjärtats häxmästare. Mark Levengood kommer också att arbeta med en debatt inför kyrkovalet och vi undrar förstås hur han jobbar med dessa olika nivåer - vad är viktigt inför kyrkovalet den 17 september och hur går snacket? Programledare: Louise Epstein Bisittare: Johar Bendjelloul Producent: Jon Jordås

  • 00:35:40

    S5E12: When You’ve Gotta Go - Mark Wolters: YouTuber | Professor | Traveler

    · Travel Stories Podcast

    When should one travel? When they are young, while they are unattached and have all the time in the world? When they are middle-aged, and in the thick of their “normal” lives? When they are old, and it seems that all things have passed them by? The answer, of course, is “yes.” An honest “yes” to all of the above, and Mark Wolters knows better than anybody how important it is to be honest. He believes that you should truly travel right now, because you never know what can happen later. If you get a chance, he thinks you should take it. He offers honest and genuine travel advice on his YouTube channel, Wolters World, and assists people as they begin their own travel adventures through the world. “As they say,” Mark reminds us, “you only live once.”   When You’ve Gotta Go When Mark Wolters studied abroad in Argentina, his goal was to meet locals. Lucky for him, he did, and almost immediately, when he met two local girls who invited him to a gathering outside of town that weekend. Unfortunately for him, though, he abruptly got very sick that week; he managed to get himself under control long enough to go meet these girls for their party that Saturday, but, maybe, he should have just stayed. Having not gone to the bathroom in four days, Mark Wolters arrives at Saturday night with everything hitting him all at once, affecting him to the point of tears. He manages to get on a train (without a bathroom), reach a station (also without a bathroom), and make it into Buenos Aires (where everything is closed - ipso facto, without a bathroom). Everything is closed up except Mark that Sunday morning in Buenos Aires, so he just decides to take matters into his own hands - with a handful of wax napkins, a hole in the ground, and without any clothes. From then on, Mark Wolters made sure to memorize all the maps of a location when he travels, because (in his words): “You never know when you’re gonna have to go.” Mark Wolters’ Travel Soundtrack Mark Wolters made himself into a human guidebook over the course of many years. Like so many travelers, according to Hayden, Mark began with a countercultural attitude. He grew out his long, luxurious hair as an original self-defining statement about himself, gathered a punk-rock attitude that may have contributed to his travel desires, and decided to explore the world in any way that tied into this life. The romantic nature of travel directly ties into the romanticism of rock music, he believes, which leads him to announce that the soundtrack to Mark’s travel life would prominently feature “Why Don't We Get Drunk” by Jimmy Buffett, and “Don’t Stop Believin’” by Journey. Mark gives travel advice by being honest, throwing in little extra tidbits, and reassuring others that anything they do will be worthwhile if they make it so. Mark Wolters even manages to give the much-experienced Hayden advice for his ride through Europe later this year, spreading bike-related advice specific to various locations throughout Europe, flavored with anecdotes and jokes from his life and from his friends. Mark Wolters does love to give genuine, honest advice. Honest Travel Advice from ‘Wolters World’ Mark Wolters is the owner, founder, and star of the YouTube channel Wolters World, telling the honest truth about places - the good, the bad, what to do, what not to do. Having began the channel in 2010 with videos to help the woman who would become his wife learn Portuguese, Mark has only evolved his content since. He decided to do something different with the YouTube channel when he got a guidebook that made a small town sound fantastic - until he got there, and everything was closed, small, and a huge letdown. Mark Wolters sat down, and he thought how horribly disappointing it would be if someone who only had so much vacation time wasted it on places they had only read good lies about. He was inspired by this to create honest travel videos - telling people the truly good and the truly, truly bad things about places he traveled to. He believes in making sure people have the best travel experience possible. To travelers, Mark Wolters is a friend who will be honest and truly help you out. It’s difficult to find truthful stuff out there, he thinks, so he goes out with an open mind and gives his completely honest opinions to others. After all, if you only include the good, you’re just making a commercial. Links and References Come visit our Patreon page. Check out our website at: Travel Stories Podcast Online Email Hayden (he’ll answer everything) at: Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram All musical composition and arrangement for story scores by Cody Crabb, who can be found at his website: All show notes and writing for episodes by Nicole Mello, who can be found at her website: Works By N.L. Mello You can buy Venus on paperback or Kindle on Amazon. Visit Mark’s YouTube channel at Wolters World. Check out Mark’s website, also at Wolters World. Chat with Mark on Facebook, also at Wolters World. Enjoy Mark’s photos on Instagram at, you guessed it, woltersworld. Tweet Mark on Twitter at none other than @woltersworld. Donate to Robert Heaney's fundraiser here!

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    086 Mark Divine: Creating The Unbeatable Mind

    · Wellness Force Radio | Discovering Physical & Emotional Intelligence To Live Life Well

    What does a 20 year Navy Seal Veteran, successful entrepreneur, coach, author, and sought after professional speaker do to cultivate an unbeatable mind?   On episode 086 for Wellness Force Radio we’re learning and growing from the founder of SEALFIT, and the Unbeatable Mind Academy, Commander Mark Divine. Get ready to be inspired from a truly legendary man who just happens to run his business right in Josh's hometown, Encinitas, California.   "The nature of the mammalian mind is to constantly scan for threats and be poised to react to them. Is it any wonder that our minds feel a constant tug toward negativity?" - Mark Divine, from his book "Unbeatable Mind"    Unbeatable Reeve WOD Challenge   Be part of the team effort involved in supporting the Christopher and Dana Reeve foundation. There are 5.4 million Americans living with some form of paralysis. You can make a difference for these individuals by signing up for the Reeve WOD challenge today. Over $30,000 in prizes will be available to top fundraisers and top teams, and you can participate as an individual, or get your gym involved as a team. This event is powered by, Unbeatable Mind, and your generosity in contributions to the Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation.   Creating The Unbeatable Mind   Listen the the podcast above as Mark uncovers the steps on how to create an Unbeatable Mind:   How to live life with your heart and your sword How to change your self narrative How to feed the courage wolf and starve the fear wolf Quieting the monkey mind How to create your personal ethos, including what your passion, purpose, and principles show about the direction and targets that are ahead, as well as learn about his five mountains of mastery Why the physical mountain leads to all others How to avoid "Weapons of Mass Distractions” mentioned before on WFR by Dr. Gay & Katie Hendricks How his Kokoro and 20X physical challenges help to purify the mind How Gratitude can rewire your nueroplasticity in the brain  Why Mark's Box Breathing training is one of his top tools for self-mastery   "The grueling intensity of this event brought me peace. It gave me a place to go within myself that I can be calm. This was unexpected. There are no obstacles that could EVER stand in my way again: physical, mental, emotional, intuitional. I'm able to handle ANYTHING! I'm forever changed & grateful. HOOYAH 32! CMDR Divine, Thank you for being my mentor, my coach, my leader, my friend.” - Danielle Gordon, Health & Wellness Professional, Kokoro 32 Graduate   Mark's Five Mountains of Self-Mastery Physical Mental Emotional (men tend to ignore this mountain) Intuitional Spiritual   "The warrior is committed to two things: one is self-mastery and the other is  service. We can't go serve if we don't work on ourselves every day towards mastery." - Mark Divine on Wellness Force Radio    7 Authentic Answers From Mark Divine Listen to the podcast to hear Mark's authentic answers: How has your personal mediation practice changed as your business and life responsibilities have grown? What is one thing we can do every morning to create an Unbeatable Mind? What makes you laugh out laugh, what cracks you up? What do you think holds coaches, trainers, and health practitioners back from using more Emotional intelligence and mental training in their practices? You recently interviewed Daniel Schmachtenberger from Neurohacker Collective on the Unbeatable Mind Podcast. What do you think is the most powerful mindset for Americans to have as we step into the next 5 years of exponential growth in technology? With your decades of training and cultivating mental toughness, does anything out there or any existential issue cause you fear, and how do you dance with that? What is wellness to you, how do you define wellness?   About Mark Divine   Mark Divine is a highly sought after speaker, coach, and multiple published author of many best-selling books, including 8 Weeks To SEALFIT, The Way of The SEAL, Kokoro Yoga, and Unbeatable Mind, which is soon to have its fourth edition.   He is the creator and developer of cutting edge training programs for warriors athletes and professionals. These innovative programs include the integrated functional fitness program SEALFIT, the life acceleration program Unbeatable Mind, and the integrated yoga system, Warrior Yoga.   SEALFIT has helped thousands transform their lives, both online and on-site in Encinitas, California Mark is a highly sought after speaker, coach, author and makes frequent media appearances to discuss SEALFIT and Unbeatable Mind.   The mission at SEALFIT is to develop mental toughness and promote spiritual growth in their clients – changing their lives and the lives of those they touch in the process.     Unbeatable Mind Podcast With Mark Divine Retired Navy SEAL Commander Mark Divine and his SEALFIT Coaching team take on guests with subject matters that follow along with Mark’s 5 mountain training path of developing your Mental, Physical, Emotional, Intuitive, and Kokoro (Heart) self. Recently listed as the #1 Health Podcast and #30 overall in iTunes.      Links From Today's Show   Sign Up For the 2nd Annual REEVE WOD The Way of The Seal, by Mark Divine 8 Weeks to SEALFIT, by Mark Divine Unbeatable Mind, by Mark Divine Kokoro Yoga, by Mark Divine Mark's Unbeatable Mind Academy Online Training Program Sign up TODAY for the 2016 UM Retreat, December 2nd, 2016 in San Diego, CA Join up with Josh Trent for his birthday in Encinitas, CA for the SEALFIT 20X Challenge 4/29/2017 Peter Diamandis Nuerohacker Collective Personal Gold Film Mindset, by Carol Dweck Box Breathing Wellness Force Radio Episode 086 Listen as Josh tells the story of how he first came across Mark’s work in 2013 at the UCSD CALIT2 Center for an early screening of the quantified self and digital health technology film "Personal Gold”  which eventually inspired him to launch this podcast and explore the powerful intersection between between behavior change, wellness, and technology. In the film, Mark was a key advisor on leadership to one of the first guests on Wellness Force Radio back in 2015, olympians Sky Christopherson and Tamara Jenkins.     Rate & Review Wellness Force Aloha! Josh here. Listen, I deeply value your thoughts, now let your voice be heard. I live to serve the Wellness Force even better based on your words, feedback, and requests. (including how these episodes can allow you to break bad habits)   Thanks To Our Amazing Sponsor Want to avoid more trips to the store and save hundreds of dollars a year on superfood supplements? Check out Perfect Go to to get your grass-fed collagen from today's show and sign up for a free membership, plus get 10% off your entire order - just enter promo code "wellnessforce" at checkout. Ask A Live Question For The Next Episode Click here to leave a voicemail directly to Josh Trent to be read live! Get Your Free Audio Book  You May Also Like These Episodes Food Freedom Forever With Melissa Hartwig Nir Eyal:Breaking Bad Habits, Technology Addiction, & Emotional Triggers Healthy, Happy & Harder To Kill w/ Steph Gaudreau of Stupid Easy Paleo Beyond Meditation: How To Get A Better Brain With Ariel Garten Living A Healthy Lifestyle In A Modern World With Dan Pardi Creating A Life Worth Living With Michael Strasner Get More Wellness In Your Life: Download Your Free Wellness Technology Guide: Don't miss next week's show: Subscribe and stay updated Did you like this show? Rate and review Wellness Force on iTunes So nice! You read all the way to the bottom? That's what I call love! I do the same thing for the people, things, and movements I care about as well. PS: Looks like you and I share the same passion. I'm grateful for you and want to extend you my email address. Write to me and let me know what you'd like to have to get more wellness in your life!

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    Thought Leadership: How to Become Known to People Who Matter

    · Social Media Marketing Podcast helps your business thrive with social media

    Do you want to be recognized as an expert in your field?Wondering how to make a name for yourself?To explore how to become known, I interview Mark Schaefer.More About This ShowThe Social Media Marketing podcast is an on-demand talk radio show from Social Media Examiner. It's designed to help busy marketers and business owners discover what works with social media marketing.In this episode, I interview Mark Schaefer, a prolific blogger, author, and speaker. He's written Social Media Explained, The Content Code, and The Tao of Twitter. He's also been a frequent guest on this podcast. His newest book is KNOWN: The Handbook for Building and Unleashing Your Personal Brand in the Digital Age.Mark shares how to position yourself as a thought leader.You'll discover the four things it takes to become known.Share your feedback, read the show notes, and get the links mentioned in this episode below.Listen NowYou can also subscribe via iTunes, RSS, or Stitcher.Here are some of the things you'll discover in this show:Thought LeadershipHow Mark Became KnownBefore Mark launched his business, he was a global director of ebusiness at a Fortune 100 company. He had won a bunch of awards and had seven patents, a big global team, stock options, and a company car. After he left that job to start his business, Mark realized everything that he was known for at his previous company no longer mattered. He thought he was known, but he wasn't.As Mark grappled with being the go-to guy for nothing, he learned the only thing that matters in terms of your online presence is to be known. Being known isn't about being famous, but having an appropriate digital presence to help you achieve your goals.Mark says that building expertise and becoming known is a process. Nine years ago, as Mark started to teach and write for his own business, he struggled. Like everyone else, he started at the bottom. For instance, when Mark started blogging, he didn't know anything about it. Later on, Mark wrote a book about blogging. When he started consulting, he knew very little about it, but now he consults for big companies.Mark emphasizes that to start, you don't have to be an expert. You only need to be open and willing to learn continuously.I ask Mark what helped him become known again in the second phase of his career as he was building his own business. Mark says his goals, one of which was speaking at Social Media Marketing World, helped, but enjoying the journey was also important because becoming known takes time.Mark says some people set milestones that unknowingly let other people validate their work. However, as he was interviewing known people for his recent book, they often mentioned the positive impact they have on others. Mark believes this sense of mission is important because it defines who they are from within and motivates them as they put in the time necessary to become known.Listen to the show to discover how many years it takes to become known.What Prompted the BookMark explains the two seeds that led to him write KNOWN.As research for his last book, The Content Code, Mark interviewed Jay Baer. They debated whether just anybody can become known or if you need a certain "it" factor. For three and a half years, this question stayed with Mark and he began wondering whether becoming known involved a process that he could define.The other seed, Mark explains, came from his conversations with consulting clients. People from all over the world ask Mark questions like, "How do I get in a position where I can write a book someday?" "How do I get in a position where I can be a speaker someday?" "How do I get appointed to a board?" "How do I attract more clients in my industry?" "How do I become regarded as a voice of authority?"Mark found himself giving the same answer over and over again: "To do that, you have to be known.

  • 00:37:20

    Ep. 80: Mark Asquith - Straight Talk on Lessons Learned and the Power of Batching

    · Chasing Dreams with Aimee J.

    Welcome, Dream Chasers! I have another terrific show for you today with an international guest. Mark Asquith is a serial entrepreneur who has built globally successful businesses in digital product development, design, and marketing. Mark is a passionate podcaster, hosting the UK’s #1 business podcast, Excellence Expected. Mark explains how he learned that to truly control his lifestyle, he had to work for himself. Mark has built his personal brand with an audience of worldwide fans of his “no fluff” attitude. A perpetual learner with a giant dog and an embarrassing beard, Mark is a regular speaker at technology, business, and media events around the world. Join us! TWEET: “I left my ‘proper #job’ at 23 and have been pretty much #unemployable ever since.”       @MrAsquith   Hard Lessons Learned: Is there such a thing as making “too much” money? Mark says YES! The problem comes from making too much money when you really don’t know what your life’s path should be. Mark’s unconventional path has had some strange twists until he found the freedom to figure out what he wanted to do. He recounts his lessons learned, like “be yourself,” and not trying to be something you aren’t. Those difficult lessons led him to the success he enjoys today! TWEET: “I’m NOT that guy chasing #millions.” @MrAsquith   Birth of the EE brand: Mark describes his approach as “putting people on a road map for validation.” His passion is to help people with their podcasts, listening to what they want within the realms of branding, business coaching, marketing, and web strategies. Mark explains the importance of listening to people and “picking your YESSES.” TWEET: “#Earning BIG #money didn’t bring me #fulfillment!” @MrAsquith   Batching is the KEY Do you often feel like you’re playing “catch up” and running behind your deadlines? Mark shares his secret to success, especially in the world of blog posts and podcasts. He “batches” his content based on what people ask for—and stays many months AHEAD of the game. He explains how this process allows him to keep it simple and sensible as he repurposes content and offers great resources for his clients. Remember, the goal is to get some things OFF your plate, and not to overload it!  TWEET: “Pick your YESSES—you can’t take everything and run with it.” @MrAsquith   GUEST RECOMMENDATION:  Be super clear about what you’re trying to do for your audience.   OUTLINE OF THIS EPISODE: [2:11] Why Mark quit his job at age 23 [3:05] Finding the balance between what I want to do and what I need to do [6:02] Figuring out what the next step is, and how Mark bluffed his way to self-employment [8:51] How Mark REALLY screwed up [11:26] Lessons learned [13:04] The University of Life [14:46] Mark’s beginning in podcasting in 2015, knowing what works, and building a personal brand [17:14] Mark’s approach in developing podcast websites [19:46] Balancing it all? How Mark makes batching work for him! [27:22] How to handle unexpected feedback [28:40] Why content is never wasted if you learn to repurpose it [31:36] Building the perfect audience avatar [33:14] Mark’s recommendation about your long-game purpose   RESOURCES MENTIONED IN THIS EPISODE:  Mark on Facebook Mark on Twitter Mark’s Excellence Expected Website Mark's Podcast Websites Website   TWEETS YOU CAN USE: TWEET: “The ultimate goal in content #marketing is to prove that you’re there.” @MrAsquith TWEET: “Every time you #create anything is just practicing for the NEXT thing.” @MrAsquith  

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    15. När offentligt och privat konkurrerar

    · Konkurrenten

    Ibland kan kommun, stat eller landsting bedriva verksamheter som konkurrerar med privata företag. Men vad händer egentligen när det offentliga och det privata hamnar i konkurrens med varandra? I det här avsnittet av Konkurrenten pratar vi om konkurrensbegränsande offentlig säljverksamhet (KOS).    Tidsangivelser 1:15 – Hur påverkas jag som konsument? 3:15 – Skillnaderna i förutsättningar mellan kommuner och privata företag 4:25 – Var går gränsen för vad en kommun får göra? 6:20 – Stat och landsting 10:00 – Exempel: gym och spa i Strömstad kommuns badhus 12:45 – Exempel: Borås kommuns servicekontor 16:20 – Exempel: Räddningstjänsten Dala Mitt 16:45 – Konkurrensverkets KOS-rapport 22:35 – Kan man tipsa anonymt? 27:00 – KOS i framtiden 30:15 – Vad ska jag tänka på om jag vill tipsa om KOS?

  • 【有文稿】男人们是如何口是心非的?

    · Round Table 圆桌议事

    Xiaohua: This week we’re going to talk about something that I think Mark you’re going to be interested in again: what men say when they first start dating and what they actually mean. Mark: You say I’ll be interested. I know what men say when they start dating women, cause I’ve probably said them. But I’d be interested to know what women say and what they mean. But hopefully we’re doing that one next week. But yes. So what men say and what they mean. Listen up girls. You can learn a lot about us here in this bit now. OK. What’s the first one?Xiaohua: I’ve got a lot going on right now, so I’m not really looking for anything serious. Mark: Yes, I think generally you know, from my perspective as a man, we just say what we mean, don’t we? Well, let’s find out. According to the research, and this is not according to my own experience, Xiaohua, this is not me, but apparently it means “I’ve got profiles on a million dating sites. I want to have the option to date you if I want, but I also want to have the option to date 30 other women if I want to.”Xiaohua: OK. 所以当男人说……不太重要。Mark: This is a bit mean, isn’t it, really?Xiaohua: But I think this is to be expected from men when they say they’re not looking for something serious. There’s another thing that I think women don’t quite understand when men say that to them, what they actually mean. That is: I don’t care. You look great in whatever you put on. Mark: Now we’re entering a minefield for men. We have to be very careful with this kind of thing. If a man says “I don’t care. You look great in whatever you put on.” It seems that what we mean is that “We’ve watched you try on 16 or 17 different outfits, and if we have to wait any longer, we’re going to snap!”Xiaohua: Is this true?Mark: Do you know it is true, I mean, eh, now I am speaking from my own point of view. There’re very, very few sorts of clothes that women don’t look great in, whatever the woman actually. In my estimation, anyway, I think women look great in any clothing really.Xiaohua: But you know what they say in China, they say that straight guys usually don’t have a great sense of beauty. So if your boyfriend is kind of impatient at what you choose to wear or what you look great on, that means they’re straight, so you should be happy about that. Mark: Well you know, we’re drifting into the world of general broad stereotypes, and why not, cause we do it so well, don’t we, that sweeping brushstrokes of humanity and so forth. Of course that’s not a general rule, and the thing is, though, you know, why can’t women just choose a bit more quickly? Why?Xiaohua: Because the process of choosing outfits is such a pleasure. But of course, I know maybe not for their boyfriends. Mark: Yes, it’s an activity in itself I suppose, isn’t it?Xiaohua: Let’s move on. The next one that women get fooled all the time is when men say “no you don’t look fat!” what do you guys mean? Mark: Yes, I want to demonstrate something to you. Ask me that question now, go on. Xiaohua: Mark, do I look faaa…Mark: No! So it’s not just about saying no, it’s about how fast you say no.Xiaohua: I barely said the word fat. Alright. Mark: “NO!” If you leave a big gap, oh dear, you’re going to be in trouble. We will have a terrible day and you will make sure we do. Xiaohua: Let’s go to the next one that both men and women have been guilty of. So when men say “sorry, I’m just now seeing your text.”Mark: Oh my goodness, this is a terrible one. This one comes back to haunt me two or three times a week, I think. You get a Wechat message or perhaps a text message or email. And then you think oh yeah…okay…I can’t be bothered to reply to it. I’ll reply to it later. Coz you are not sure how you want to reply maybe. And then just as you are about to reply to it 4 hours later, they call you on the phone. And they say did you get me message? Of course you did. And then you have to lie and say you didn’t, don’t you? What can you say to that question? Yes, I did and I totally ignored it, which is the truth. Or, oh yeah, I just saw it just now. I haven’t checked my messages all day. Xiaohua: So don’t get fooled by that, girls! And guys! I think it can happen on both sides. Mark: Yes, I think that’s a universal one, isn’t it? We’ve all done it. Xiaohua: And the next one I think is strictly limited to guys. Guys like to say “It’s up to you” to girls all the time. Mark: Well, cause we don’t care. What we want is a quiet life. That’s the key golden rule of being a man. We just want a quiet life. We actually couldn’t care less what you wear. We don’t care what we’re having for dinner. And we couldn’t care less what restaurant we go to. But we do care about what TV we watch. Mark: That’s our domain I think really. We can be a bit picky about that. Xiaohua: I guess having slammed men for so much I think we should give them some credit for telling the truth. Shouldn’t we?Mark: Yes. The last one we are going to talk about is what do men mean when we say “I like you”. What do you think that might mean? Xiaohua: I have no idea because I know when women say this it could mean a zillion things. Mark: It could mean anything if a woman said it. When a guy says “I like you,” it means “I like you.” Cause we are straightforward and simple creatures. And we really just generally say what we think. Xiaohua: That makes it a lot easier on us girls, Mark. And I have to say “I like you Mark.” But that could mean anything. Mark: And I like you, which means what it says. Xiaohua: Thank you. And that brings us to the end of this week’s Word of the Week.

  • 01:13:33

    Can Dr. Cucuzzella run sub-3-hour Marathons for 30 Years?

    · Trail Runner Nation

    What Dr. Mark is reading right now: "The Nature Fix: Why Nature Makes us Happier, Healthier and More Creative" by Florence Williams Links to stuff we talked about: The video that we LOVE showing The Principles of Natural Running "The Sports Gene" by Daniel Epstein post on "butter burning" drills and springs 30 years sub 3 pre race Mysterious Rerservoirs of Power at the 2017 Boston Marathon Check out SteadyMD Check out a TrueForm treadmill VIDEO and how it can teach you good form Links to Dr. Cucuzzella's past podcasts: Run Faster & Farther with Less Effort Get on your Mark, Get Set, and listen...mas!  Dr. Mark Dr. Mark Cucuzzella Drops the Knowledge Bomb on the Nation Dr. Mark Cucuzzella 3:  A Smorgasbord of Running Topics Dr. Mark Cucuzzella 4: Train don't Strain Dr. Cucuzzella is BACK! Dr. Cucuzzella's 3 tips for more efficient running Dr. Cucuzzella & Sock Doc: What did you learn in 2012? Dr. Cucuzzella - He can crush you with his knowledge Dr. Mark Cucuzzella: running Comrades & Sports Medical Conference Dr. Cucuzzella's Freedoms Run AND world premier of "In the High Country" October 12 Dr. Mark Cucuzzella: Cadence and Breathing Dr. Mark Cucuzzella - Magic of Human Facia Healthy Eating with Dr. Mark Cucuzzella Impact Moderating Behavior with Dr. Mark Cucuzzella

  • 00:45:49

    Mark Divine: Life Lessons From a Navy Seal & Developing An Unbeatable Mind

    · 180 Nutrition -The Health Sessions.

    This week welcome to the show Mark Divine. He is an expert in human performance as it is displayed in mental toughness, leadership and physical readiness. His work is based on an integral warrior-leader model that he developed and tested on over a thousand special operations candidates worldwide. The integrated training, which involves physical, mental, emotional, intuitional and spiritual training, has resulted in over a 90% success rate for the Spec Ops candidates. It is now taught to executives and corporate teams, tops sports teams, top athletes, professionals, first responders and warriors from all walks of life. Mark is the founder and leader of several highly successful enterprises including SEALFIT (Physical and mental training), Unbeatable Mind, LLC (Executive Mastery Development), and USCrossFit. He also co-founded the Coronado Brewing Company in Coronado, CA. Mark served as Adjunct Professor of Leadership at the University of San Diego and has authored four books: “The Way of the SEAL,” published by Reader’s Digest Publishing, “8 Weeks to SEALFIT” and “Kokoro Yoga” by St. Martin’s Press, “Unbeatable Mind” and the “SEALFIT Training Guide,” both self-published. Questions we ask in this episode: I’ve heard you say the career change (accountant to Navy Seal) came from the silence. Please explain. For anyone wanting to create change in their life and be their authentic self, what advice would you give them? How do they ‘qualify’ someone to become a seal? What is Sealfit? You’re passionate about breath work. Why? Shop: Our awesome guest this week is Mr. Mark Divine. Mark was exceptional on the show. It was a shame we just couldn’t get more time with him. What he has to say, there’s always so much wisdom and depth of knowledge there. [00:01:00] Obviously we’ll get into with Mark, what he does and who he is, but the small synopsis version was essentially, he is an ex-Navy SEAL, but more important as well, what I was fascinated with Mark was his transition from being an accountant and actually wanting to be more congruent with who he was and what he wanted to do in life. He made that change and moved and became a Navy SEAL, and from there after the SEALS he [came on 00:01:01]. He’s written a couple of bestselling books called Unbeatable Mind, and The Way of the Seal. He is a sought after speaker for corporations. He also runs an Unbeatable Mind program and events and seminars. I’m certainly going to try and get there next year. We do discuss that at the beginning of the show as well. [00:01:30] Essentially, Mark Divine has been there, done it, worn the t-shirt, and he practices what he preaches on a daily basis, and it’s no accident why he is so successful in every endeavor, but on top of that why he is so humble with it. It was a pleasure to sit down with Mark for 45 minutes and be able to share this with you today, guys. I’m sure you’re going to enjoy. I will mention that his WiFi for some reason dropped out at one moment, so we were in mid-flow of conversation and it dropped out, so we’ve done an edit. It just picks up the conversation again, so it’s still in the same context, but if you’re wondering what the hell was going on there, that’s why. You know why now. [00:02:00] As always, guys, share the love if you can. If you’re enjoying our episodes, just simply subscribe to it, five star it, and if you can figure out how to leave a review, please leave us a review. Honest review, of course, if you’re enjoying the podcast, because it just helps us get the word out there and also get picked up internationally as well. Anyway guys, thanks. Thanks for listening, giving us 45 minutes of your [inaudible 00:02:21]. Did I say that right too? Anyway, oh my god, I’m going to have a meltdown. Let’s go over to Mark Divine. Enjoy. [00:02:30] Hi, this is Guy Lawrence. I’m joined with Stuart Cooke, as always. Good morning, Stuart. Stu Good morning, Guy. Guy Our fantastic guest today is Mark Divine. Mark, welcome to the podcast. Mark Hi, guys. Thanks for having me. Nice to meet you. Guy I appreciate it, mate. It’s a pleasure. Going off on a tangent as well, I saw you had the seminar last weekend. Is that correct, The Unbeatable Mind? How was that, by the way? Mark Annual Unbeatable Mind summit, which is like our tribal gathering. It was epic. Man, unbelievable. Guy Yeah, it looked amazing. I actually only discovered that a few weeks ago, and I thought, “Boy, I would really love to go to that.” I’m going to make sure that gets on my hit list. Mark [00:03:30] Definitely worth a trip. We’ve got some amazing thought leaders who come, and we do some great training. We integrate practice with inspiration with planning to make the next year amazing. That’s why we do it in December, which we acknowledge is an awkward time for some people, but we figure it’s important to do your planning before the end of the year and just really go in with a lot of momentum. That helps people to maintain that momentum, too. Guy Yeah. Mark It’s a pretty neat event. Guy Yeah, I have no doubt. Yeah, I was impressed with the lineup. Anyway Mark, look, we ask one question on the show to every new guest that comes on, and that is if you were greeted by a complete stranger on the street and they asked you what you did for a living, what would you say? Mark Well, it would be kind of awkward for a complete stranger in the United States to ask that. Usually they’re busy avoiding you [and avoiding 00:04:06] distraction [inaudible 00:04:07], but I would say that my passion is to train people to transform. What I mean by that is everyone’s got the raw material to literally transform themselves to do anything they want in life, and to perform at levels that are unknown to them today, and all the tools are with you right now. I can help you unlock that. That’s part of our training. That’s part of what I do. I love doing that. Full Transcript & Video Version:

  • 恰克与飞鸟&On your mark

    · 跟taxi学日语

    《ON YOUR MARK》是1995年的一个MV,为了日本一个流行音乐乐队“恰克和飞鸟”而制作的。 核辐射布满地面的未来,阳光依旧明媚,屡屡金丝撒向大地。散落的绿茵却是如此的萧条,与天空中偶尔经过的一片云对视,然后目送它远去。于是,再次转移目光,凝视周围的一切,没有动物没有人类,甚至连风都微得无法吹动树枝发出一点声音,那是怎样的一种死寂。人类无奈地抛下了他们生存了几万年的家园,离开那文明滥觞之地,栖身于地下,继续生活着。地下的“天空”永远都是黑的,不灭的霓虹彩灯却映得人眼刺痛,这里有可控的温度和天气,一切都在科学的掌握之中。恰克和飞鸟是两位青年特工。他们在一次袭击邪教组织的任务中发现了一位将要死亡的天使般的有翼少女,设法挽救少女生命之后,她就被无情的组织抓去研究。于是,恰克和飞鸟不惜背叛组织,救出了少女。在通过各种艰险之后,终于,车子开上了前往地面的隧道。转瞬即逝的牌子上用警告的红色写着“注意阳光”,“不保障生命”但这些都已不再重要。阳光照射到三人身上,汽车开起也带起了风,女孩儿恢复了精神,绿色的头发在风中飘动,不由得身体向上飘起,一只手抓着恰克,扇动着白色的羽翼,接着风带动她白色的衣襟,这一刻一切都是那么美好。女孩远远的飞向高空,车子停在草地上,留下的两人心情是从未有过的欢畅。原来那天蓝和草绿才是世上最美的色彩。恰克与飞鸟 一对组合。简称C&A或CA,是成立于1979年的日本重量级二人组合,迄今已有超过三十年的历史。そして仆らは いつもの笑颜と姿で埃にまみれた服を払ったこの手を离せば 音さえたてないOn Your MarkOn Your Mark落ちていくコインは 二度と帰らない君と仆 并んで夜明けを追い抜いてみたい 自転车On Your Mark いつも走りだせば流行の风邪にやられたOn Your Mark 仆らがそれでも止めないのは梦の斜面见上げて 行けそうな気がするからそして仆らは 心の小さな空き地で互いに振り落とした 言叶の夕立答えを出さない それが答えのような针の消えた时计の 文字を読むような君と仆 全てを认めてしまうにはまだ 若すぎる动画设定动画设定 (20张)On Your Mark いつも走りだせば流行の风邪にやられたOn Your Mark 仆らがこれを无くせないのは梦の心臓めがけて 仆らと呼び合うためそして仆らはOn Your Mark いつも走りだせば流行の风邪にやられたOn Your Mark 仆らがそれでも止めないのは梦の斜面见上げて 行けそうな気がするからOn Your Mark いつも走りだせば流行の风邪にやられたOn Your Mark 仆らがこれを无くせないのは梦の心臓めがけて 仆らと呼び合うためOh... そして仆らは译然后 我俩便用着一如往常的笑容与姿势拍打身上满布着的尘埃而那枚从手中滑落的铜板连声音也没有地 就那样静静地滚远消失了你和我 肩并着肩想要用自己的力量来奔越过黎明ON YOUR MARK 但是每当我俩踏上旅程却又总是被已经可以算是一种流行性感冒的风潮所困扰ON YOUR MARK 就算是这样我俩也并没有停下脚步那是因为每当我们抬头仰望梦的斜面时都总觉得终有一天我们可以到达顶端的缘故然后 我们便站在自己内心中小小的空地上彼此抖干身上那些从人们的言语中落下的雷阵雨我们并不急着去寻找出答案然而 又感到这一切好像便已经是答案这是一种仿佛像是想要用失去指针的时钟来读出时下的时间般地感觉而 你和我对于要马上就去承认这世界便是这般如此而言实在还算是太年轻了ON YOUR MARK 但是每当我俩踏上旅程却又总是被已经可以算是一种流行性感冒的风潮所困扰ON YOUR MARK 就算是这样我俩也并没有放弃了希望那是因为我们总是互相招唤着对方好一起去朝着梦想的心脏去狙击的缘故我们俩便.......ON YOUR MARK 但是每当我俩踏上旅程却又总是被已经可以算是一种流行性感冒的风潮所困扰ON YOUR MARK 就算是这样我俩也并没有停下脚步那是因为每当我们抬头仰望梦的斜面时都总觉得终有一天我们可以到达顶端的缘故ON YOUR MARK 但是每当我俩踏上旅程却又总是被已经可以算是一种流行性感冒的风潮所困扰ON YOUR MARK 就算是这样我俩也并没有放弃了希望那是因为我们总是互相招唤着对方好一起去朝着梦想的心脏去狙击的缘故oh 我们俩便......